Webcam POV

by "Bookguy"

Webcams are cool. Every so often, I surf onto one of the rings and check out some of the sites. Most of them are pretty much the same, but sometimes you get surprised. Have you seen the refrigerator cam? It seems like 99% of people with webcams either put them all the way across the room or right at the top of the monitor and never move the cams.

Well, today, I hit upon a cam that I could see was different right away. The first thing I saw when I got to the site was a hand. As the view refreshed, the hand moved away and I could see that the cam had been put right at the edge of this person's mousepad and the hand would move closer or farther as they did their own thing at the computer. The cam was just slightly angled up so the next time the hand moved away from the cam, I could see the owner. It was a boy of about 15 with short, almost curly blond hair. I was fascinated. The angle that the cam was placed at made him look like a giant.

I kept coming back to his site to look at my 'giant' from time to time. One day, it was different. I surfed on as normal, seeing his hand move back and forth. Then, he put his hand down off to the side of the camera and looked right in it. I could swear he was looking right at me. The next time it refreshed, I saw him push a button on his keyboard. There was a flash from my screen and I blanked out.

When I awoke, all I could see was eyes! Two huge eyes were staring at me. They were about the size of footballs. I tried to scream; tried to push myself back and away, but I couldn't move. I saw the corners crinkle and the huge face pulled away from me, smiling. I recognized the face - it was the boy I had been watching on the webcam!

'Hey, you're awake,' he said. 'You won't be able to move for another minute or two. The transfer process is very taxing on your body.' He moved his head up and down the length of my body, looking me over. From the size of him, I guessed I was about 8 or 9 inches tall. I was still wearing the clothes I had on when I was working on the computer. I finally was able to move and tried to move back, but I bumped into something. As I turned my head to the right, I saw his arm and realized that I had bumped my head onto his curved fingers.

'I saw that you had been visiting my site a lot, and thought that you would like to come in person,' the boy continued, also continuing his survey of me. 'Now you don't have to pretend that I'm a giant-- now I am one.'

So there I was, I was lying on some kid's desk, shrunk to about 8 inches tall and I just backed into his hand! The kid was sitting alongside the desk his computer was on with his left side to the monitor. I was lying on the desk with his left arm next to me. He squeezed his hand toward his palm, immobilizing me while he continued to check me over.

'I just have to make sure that you're stable,' he told me and rattled off some Star Trek-sounding technobabble about the furnion particles he'd used to shrink me and bring me here. He finally introduced himself, too. His name was Ben and I was 'lucky' enough to be the first person he had ever brought through. He had brought other objects through, before. He used a special program to see through to the rooms that were viewing his through his webcam. He was then able to transfer objects through at the size they seemed in his monitor. That meant I could have come through bigger or smaller!

He finally let me go and I sat up. 'What are you going to do with me?,' I asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

'I thought that you could visit for a while. Isn't it cool to be little?,' he answered, standing up and putting away a few tools he had by the computer. He was dressed in jean shorts and a t-shirt and was wearing ankle-length white socks. His room, now that I had a chance to look around, was the typical chaos all boys' rooms are at his age. Their rooms reflected their own states, halfway out of childhood and halfway to being an adult, so there were Little League trophies right next to Stephen King and Isaac Asimov books, pictures of his family and pictures of his friends.

I had to admit, giants had always fascinated me, but the reality was a bit much.

He came back to the computer desk and started typing away. I had to look up to see his face from where I was sitting on the edge of his desk, his keyboard right under my feet. His fingers occasionally hit my feet as he typed away.

He shut down the computer and then reached toward me. I stood up and tried to back away, but there wasn't much room between me and the monitor. He wrapped his hand around my torso and lifted me off the desk.

'This is so cool,' he said as he lifted me up. He was heading, with me still in his hand, over to his CD player when a voice rang out from outside the closed door of his room. He walked over to the door and opened it slightly, making sure to keep the hand with me in it away from the opening.

'What!,' he yelled back.
'Dinner,' came the answer.

He closed the door and looked at me, trying to decide what to do. He brought me over to his bed and put me down on it.

'I'll bring you something up,' he said and began to head out. He paused and looked back. 'Don't try to get yourself back,' he warned; 'if you don't do it right, you'll go back at that size, and then I won't be able to undo it.'

Understood. He seemed to be a good kid, and I'm was pretty sure that he would return me after the fascination with his 'little' friend had warn off.

It was kind of boring; the only thing I could do was explore the flat expanse of the bed, which was actually made! The nightstand was even too far away. What kind of kid doesn't leave a book or comic on their bed during the day?

I heard someone bounding up the stairs and stood up, waiting for Ben to open the door. Maybe after he gave me some dinner, he'd be ready to send me back.

Imagine my surprise when a boy of about 10 opened the door, obviously looking for something in Ben's room. He was a little darker than Ben and had straight black hair (a step-brother, maybe?)He got about three steps inside the door when he spotted me on the bed. He walked slowly over, not quite believing what he was seeing.

'Whoa,' he said.

There's no place to hide, I realized. I was right in the middle of Ben's bed and this new kid's coming my way. The boy continued to creep towards the bed, probably thinking that I'll disappear if he moved too fast.

Finally, he could stand it no longer and he grabbed for me. I jumped out of the way, but not by enough; his fingers clipped me and I fell. The chase was over. He put one hand on either side of me and lifted me off the bed, my arms in the space between each thumb and index finger, my legs dangling down past his wrists. I could feel the excited beat of his heart through the thumbs on my chest.

'Wow, where did Ben get you?,' he asked. I assumed that he wasn't talking to me directly. A little man is one thing; one that can talk could be a novelty he couldn't bear to give up.

Luckily, I didn't have to decide whether to answer or not. Ben came into the room and immediately tried to grab me from the younger boy. I held on to the boy's thumbs as he danced away from Ben and got the bed between them.

'Jason, put him down,' Ben told him, closing the door so no one would hear the argument that was about to begin and come to investigate.

'No way, he's too cool,' Jason answered. 'Where'd you get him?'

'Never mind,' Ben told him; 'he's a real person, not a toy. Put him down.'

'Can't I just play with him for a little while?,' Jason asked. I looked over at Ben, mentally pleading with him to get me away from the boy, who could only imagine me as a toy. It was fine to hang out with Ben for a while, but I didn't relish the thought of leaving the room with Jason, putting me farther away from returning to my own life -- and size.

'No, I've got to put him back where I found him,' Ben replied, trying to sound firm. It wasn't really working. One look up into Jason's face told me that he knew he had the upper hand on his older brother/stepbrother or whatever.

'I'll tell,' he said, the only argument that he had and the only one that would work.
'But they'll take him away and put him in a zoo or something...,' Ben almost pleaded.

'Then just let me play with him for a while and then you can have him back,' Jason answered and pulled me against his t-shirt. I tried to push away, but he wasn't having any of it; 'though why you wouldn't want to keep him....'
'Fine. One hour.'

'The whole weekend,' Jason countered. NO WAY!, I thought. It was only early Friday evening.
'One day.' Ben bargained.

'Till Sunday morning,' Jason answered.
'Till Saturday night,' Ben tried.
'No, Sunday, or I'll tell.'

'OK, Sunday, but he gets to spend some time with me tomorrow. I promise I won't send him back.'
'OK,' Jason answered and turned me up to face him again. He was thrilled. I was devastated. My little adventure now was turning into almost two days as a ten year old's toy.

Jason walked toward the door. He turned me around to face Ben. 'Say bye!,' he said, sarcastically.
'Jay, hide him!' Ben warned.
Jason then shifted his grip on me and held me only with his left hand. He quickly slipped it under his t-shirt and sideways against his middle. He carried me like that for about 8 or 10 steps and then I heard a door close. He took me out again and put me down on his desk.

'This is going to be so cool!,' he beamed.

A toy for the weekend - that had definitely not been in my plans. I had been shrunk by some high school kid as some sort of project, which was bad enough. At least he knew that I was a real person and had planned to return me. Now his little brother had found me and threatened to tell if he didn't get to 'play' with me until Sunday!

Jason sat staring at me for a while. I could see he and Ben were related, but Jason was totally different. He was pretty skinny with short hair that had just the smallest hint of a spike. His huge smile (even to someone normal size) lit up his face. He had a living toy.

He moved up to the desk he had put me on and put out his hand.

'Come here, boy,' he called. Boy! First a toy, now a pet. There was no way that I was moving.

'I said come here,' he said, sounding annoyed. 'You have to do what I say.' No way. I crossed my arms. That was not my smartest move of the weekend.

Jason reached out and wrapped his right fist around my legs. He lifted me off the desk and towards his face. I couldn't keep my balance and kept flopping over to one side or the other. I wasn't going to fall--his grip was too strong for that, but it was very uncomfortable. He sighed out through his nose and I felt my hair blow in the breeze. He held me, not in front of his eyes, but in front of his mouth, slightly tilted up so I could see his eyes, but feel everything he was saying.

'You have to do what I say. If you don't then I won't give you back to Ben on Sunday. I'll give you to the grown ups or maybe just let you loose outside. The Parkers have a cat.' Jason explained and waited for my response.

'OK.' I said.
'You talked,' he said, now even more amazed.
'Of course I talked. I'm real, just like Ben said. I'm not a toy. Please be careful with me.'

'Sure,' he said, realizing that if he 'broke' me, I'd really be hurt. His grip loosened a little on my legs. I sat down on the top of his fist. 'My name is Adam. I know I have to stay with you, but just ask, OK? Don't talk to me like I'm a dog or something.'

'Cool,' Jason agreed, 'Hey Adam, want to go for a ride?,' he asked, but before I could answer (though maybe I made a little progress), he got up and then I was rushing down towards the ground and into -- a car. It was a remote control car of course and he spent quite a long time driving me around his room. He would pause occasionally to set up obstacles for the car to go around. Nothing too bad, but after being rocked back and forth with each little move of his finger on the control, I was very happy when he had had enough driving. He took me out of the car and sat on his bed, cross-legged. 'That was cool.'

We looked at a magazine for a while (a little more relaxing) until he looked at the clock.

'Wait here,' he said and grabbed some clothes off of the back of his door, putting me down on his bed side table. He came back a few minutes later and had changed into shorts and a t-shirt for bed.

'I gotta go to bed now,' he told me, explaining the obvious. He walked across the room in his bare feet and got into the double bed, switching off the main light as he passed the switch. He had a little lamp on the table which shed just enough light for me to see him get under the covers. I assumed I was to sleep on the table and lay down myself, grateful for the night-long break from Jason. He settled in, sitting up a bit and then began to reach for me.

'Jason, no, wait; what are you doing?,' I asked him and backed up, being careful to watch for the edge of the small table.

'Time for bed,' he said, his hand coming after me.

'I'm going to sleep here,' I said
'No way,' he said and pulled on my arm with his thumb and forefinger, just playing of course.

'Way,' I said and pulled back. He giggled; he was enjoying this. We played tug of war for a minute and then he gave one good tug and I flew into his open hand. He cupped me in it and carried me across the gap between the table and the bed, past himself and onto the other pillow. 'You can sleep here,' he explained, dumping me out of his hand. I quickly figured that I had better humor him. Maybe when he fell to sleep I could make my way back to the table or something. I laid down. He smiled, turned off the light and lay down himself, the bed shaking like a small earthquake to me until he was finished. He turned on his side. 'Good night Adam,' he said. 'Good night Jason,' I answered. Maybe he would go to sleep fast, and then I could.... but then even those hopes were dashed as he brought over one hand and laid it down on top of me. He smiled and closed his eyes. I may not be going anywhere tonight.

I couldn't even think about sleeping. Jason had his hand on top of me and so I couldn't get comfortable. First of all, it was hot and second of all, if I moved, his hand moved. At first, while he was still falling asleep his eyes would fly open and he pushed his hand down, thinking that I was trying to leave. I wasn't; I was just trying to get comfortable. After he fell asleep, though, I did try to move around a bit, trying to find a way out from under his hand, but even in his sleep he wasn't going to let me get away. Every little movement I made hit some part of his palm or fingers and they would tighten a little in his sleep. Eventually, his hand would relax again but I didn't think that I would get very far if I tried to get away.

Also, Jason was a mover. Some people sleep very calm and still -- not Jason. Even little movements of his hand would wake me up when I thought that I could doze off. First he moved his hand higher on me so the ball of his thumb was pressing right into my face. Later, he moved his hand almost off of me, but part of his wrist and arm still weighed me down. Some time in the middle of the night, he finally picked his hand off me and rolled back onto his back. I was free!

I stood up immediately and looked at my options. I knew that I couldn't get out of the room or even down to the floor. If Jason couldn't find me right away when he got up, he wouldn't leave me alone at all until Sunday when he promised to give me back to Ben so he could send me home. I would try to get back on the table which I had planned to sleep on anyway.

Again, I examined my options. I couldn't go left-- Jason's bed was right up against the wall. I didn't want to go forward. Jason was enough of a mover, that I had visions of walking down towards the foot of the bed and having him roll over on top of me. I couldn't go straight over him either. If he felt me moving across his legs or chest, that would at least be enough to have him roll or move or at worst, have him wake up and grab me. I decided to try to work my way along the top of his pillow to the table.

I wondered whether or not I should wait for a 'calm' moment but soon realized that the longer I waited, the more chance that he would move again and I'd be stuck. I crawled to the edge of 'my' pillow and started to psyche myself up to get onto his. I started to crawl across to the other pillow when Jason started to move in his sleep again and I fell between the pillows, lengthwise, with my body filling the space between. I had just enough time to poke my head up to see where Jason was when I was knocked back down and was now totally in the dark.

There was something wrinkled and soft just above my face and chest. It took me a minute to realize that Jason had just moved over and his face was resting on me in the space between in the pillows. His head was turned to the side and it was his ear that was on top of my head and chest, his cheek covering most of the rest of me. I just about panicked then, but was worried if I woke him up and he felt something on his face, human instinct is to pick that thing up and toss it away. Why couldn't I have stayed where I was?

After an eternity - probably about half an hour, he pushed himself back onto his own pillow and I could get up. I stood up right away and found myself facing his face. He was still asleep and his slow, regular breath washed over my lower body. He must have been having a restless night because his brow furrowed and his nose twitched. I realized what that meant too late and was hit in the back by his hand coming up to rub his face. He still rubbed it, but rubbed it with me firmly caught in his grip now. He kept me in his hand and flung it back onto the other pillow, with me on top of his palm, his thumb holding me down. I actually got a little sleep after that and was woken up by Jason, seeing me in his hand and leaning down over it.
'Have a good sleep?,' he asked.

He got up and then put me down on the bed. He left to use the bathroom and came back and took off his t-shirt. He stood over the bed and dropped it on top of me. It was like trying to get out from under four king size sheets (doubled) and by the time I made it out from under his shirt, he had changed. He picked me up again and started to walk out into the hallway. 'Jason, no!,' I begged; 'someone will see me.'

'No, they won't. Mom and Dad always play golf all Saturday morning. They won't be back until some time this afternoon.'

We went down to the living room and he perched me on the arm of a chair while he got breakfast. He brought back a bowl of cereal and a muffin and put on a cartoon. He gave me pieces from time to time but still didn't seem to get the whole 'not a pet' thing. Ben came down soon and came over to check on how I was.

'He's fine,' Jason said, putting his hand over me protectively, 'but he's mine now. You can have him later.' Ben shrugged at me and saw to his own breakfast.

Jason finished eating and turned off the TV. 'Want to see my treehouse?,' he asked and, not waiting for an answer, picked me up again and walked outside. He realized that he had better hide me and put my legs into his front pants pocket and pulled his shirt out and over the rest of me. I crouched down and held onto the sides of the pocket as he climbed up a ladder to the treehouse. He took great pleasure in showing me around, literally.

He continued to hold onto me and brought me to the item in question. We spent the morning playing army with his figures which were smaller than I was and so I could move them myself. His tan army had just beaten my green one and we were just about to go down for lunch when another boy's head poked up into the treehouse. He was Jason's age, but had a little lighter hair and a little darker skin. His name was Kyle. His eyes widened when he saw me standing near the trap door opening, obviously alive and moving on my own.

'Cool,' he said and jumped up into the treehouse. He looked over at Jason and then back to me and then back to Jason again.

'My brother shrunk him and I get to keep him until Sunday,' Jason summarized.

'Can I touch him?,' Kyle asked.
Jason didn't even wait to consult me. 'Sure'

Kyle turned back towards me and put his index finger out. I started to back up, but backed into one of the boxes/seats/tables. He poked and prodded for a while and then grabbed me around the waist with a thumb and two fingers. This was very uncomfortable and I told him to stop, but he was beyond listening to anything I had to say. He turned me over a few times and then cupped me in his hand as he continued to explore and experiment.

'This is so cool,' Kyle said, 'Can I stay over so we can play with him?'

'Sure.' My pal Jason.

Kyle continued to hold on to me as the boys made plans for that night's sleepover. From what I could make out, they had made a regular thing of sleeping at each other's house and it was an odd weekend when it didn't happen. They didn't even need to ask each other's parents. As they reviewed video game and toy inventories, Kyle would give me a pat on the head from time to time. I finally got sick of it and tried to push his hand away. He looked down at me in his hand, not even remembering that I could protest and pushed my arms under the fingers that were holding me so I couldn't push his hand away again.

Jason told Kyle that I 'had to' spend some time with Ben during the day, so he should come back right after dinner. He'd given me to Ben for part of the afternoon so I could be there the whole time when Kyle was there. Joy.

Kyle got a great idea and held me away from him while he whispered something in Jason's ear. Jason also thought it was a great idea and told him to bring 'it'. Kyle gave me another pat on the head and put me down on the floor of the tree house. I got away from him as quickly as I could, but the treehouse wasn't all that small to begin with. They played with the army men for most of the rest of the morning, content with the prospect of having me to amuse them all night. I constantly found myself having to duck their hands, arms, legs, feet and bodies as they positioned the figures around the treehouse.

Kyle left for his house for lunch and to prepare for the evening. Jason put me back in his pocket and brought me inside to Ben. He tossed me down on the bed. 'You can have him until after dinner, then Kyle's coming over,' Jason said and walked out of the room.

Ben came over from his computer to see how I was. He was so much bigger than Jason, but I felt so much safer around him since he knew that I was a real person and treated me that way. He asked if he could get me anything and I realized that I hadn't eaten since he had taken me and asked for lunch. He apologized for not realizing and went down to get me something. He came back with a corner of bread, some meat, and water in a shot glass. He turned back to his computer while I ate.

I asked him if there was any way that he could send me back early. I didn't want to go back to Jason, especially with Kyle coming over. He said no, Jason would make up a lie to his parents and they would take his computer. Not even a day left, he reminded me. I asked him to bring me over to the computer and we surfed the net for a while and I helped him win on an online trivia game. Why couldn't Jason treat me like this?

Just before dinner, Jason came in to retrieve me. I reached for Ben as he picked me up, but he moved too fast. He put me down on the floor inside his room and told me to wait there until after dinner. Why couldn't he leave me in Ben's room? At least I had the computer there. I wandered around for a while, not looking for a place to hide, just exploring. I turned back to the door when I saw it opening, expecting Jason, but it was Kyle by himself. He had come early and so had been told to go right up to Jason's room. He spotted me on the floor and walked over. He stopped right in front of me, his sneakers on either side of me. I forced myself to look up at him, his t-shirt not tucked into his jeans.

He put down his bag next to Jason's desk and kneeled down. I backed up. He told me to stop. I backed up. Finally, he stood up and walked over to me. He kicked off his sneakers and pushed me down with his socked foot. He put it on top of the lower half of my body and held me down. 'You're going to do what we say.' he told me. I nodded and he let up on the pressure. He left it there for a few more seconds, enjoying the picture of a grown man under his foot. He stepped away and sat down on Jason's bed as we both turned to the door to see Jason come in.

'Did you bring it?,' he asked.

'You bet,' Kyle answered. Kyle crossed to his bag and pulled out a video camera. 'We're going to make our own movie, starring you!,' Jason told me with enthusiasm. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

Jason got some big plastic thing out of his closet. It was a model WWF wrestling ring. He got out some of his 'oversized' figures (they were my size) while Kyle set up the camera. 'Let's get ready to rumble,' he said.

Jason picked out two of the wrestlers and put them next to the ring. He then turned to me and picked me up with both hands. 'It's the mighty Adam in a two on one match,' he announced. He didn't have anything to put on me to make me look more like a wrestler, so he pulled my shirt off over my head and that would have to serve. He put me down in one corner and told Kyle to start the camera. Kyle brought it down right next to me as I was 'announced' and then Jason brought one of the other figures into the ring. He did a passable announcer's voice and then the match was underway.

I must not have moved fast enough, so Kyle prodded me from behind with one of his fingers (out of camera range). Jason brought the figure over and pushed it into me. It wasn't that heavy, but it had the weight of his hand behind it and I was pushed back into the ropes.

I bounced back and right back into the wrestler. He made it flip and brought it down behind me. He brought its arms down and brought the tips of his fingers forward so he could hold it and me as we were pulled backward. I turned around and pushed away. The boys cheered; they were enjoying this. This wasn't so bad, so I let myself go. We must have had three or four matches in that first hour or so. I would jump down onto the figures, sneak around Jason's wrist and play up to the camera. They loved it.

Finally, I told them I needed a break and they actually listened. Jason got out the sleeping bag for Kyle and rolled it out next to his bed, while I got a breather. They both sat down on the ground to play video games for while.

Only 18 more hours to go.

Well, I thought that I'd get a break when the boys started to play video games. They were absorbed with a two player game at first, but then they moved on to one where they needed to take turns. I lay resting near the wrestling ring, trying to keep quiet so they wouldn't notice me. Before long though, Kyle got bored with Jason playing. He looked around for something to do and spotted me. He leaned back and grabbed me around the waist. He lifted me up and then sat me down on his leg, patting me while Jason played. When it was Kyle's turn, he traded me for the controller and then it was Jason petting me while Kyle played. I hadn't even gotten a chance to get my shirt back on and so that provided them with something else to do.

Eventually, petting wasn't enough. Jason shifted his hand so he was holding me from behind and started to tickle, his fingers all over my arms, chest and back. With his hand behind me, I had no way to retreat and his fingers would always get through not matter how I tried to push them away. So for a second time, I was exhausted.

It began to get late and the boys didn't want anyone to come in to remind them, so they each took turns going out to the bathroom to change and get ready for bed. They even each went down to say goodnight so they wouldn't be interrupted. Each came back in shorts, a t-shirt and socks.

Kyle stuck the tape from the video camera into Jason's VCR so they could watch the wrestling match we had taped earlier. They sat down on the edge of the bed so they could see every detail. When Kyle saw that I wasn't interested, he asked, 'Don't you want to see your wrestling debut?'. He reached down and picked me up. He sat me down between them on the edge of the bed. I moved back a little. They were so thrilled with the movie, they kept jumping up to point out something to the other which caused me to bounce around. I wasn't going to take the chance of falling off the bed.

The video wasn't half bad. You could still see that one of the wrestlers in the video was being held by a giant hand, but Kyle managed to keep Jason's hand out of the shot a lot of the time.

I looked up at each of them. They weren't bad kids, they just couldn't get past the fact that a real person could be as small as a toy and not be a toy. When it was finally time to turn in, I walked up the bed and hopped onto the table I had wanted to sleep on last night. It looked like Jason wasn't going to argue because then Kyle would want to have me with him for part of the night, too.

I overheard something that made my skin crawl as Jason got up to turn off the light. He told Kyle that he wasn't going to give me back to Ben to return home --- that he was going to find some way tttto keep me! Kyle, of course, thought that was a great idea and asked if he could borrow me next weekend. Jason was bad enough, but there was no way I was going to spend another week here and then go to Kyle's. Who knew what he'd do if he had me to himself?

I waited for the boys to settle down, stop giggling and telling jokes and grossing each other out. I thought that they were both asleep. I stood up quietly and looked over at Jason. Good, his back was to me and he was turned away. I looked down at Kyle. This was going to be a problem. His sleeping bag was between me and the door. I slid down the table leg like a fireman's pole and started to make my way all the way down the length of his sleeping bag to go around him and then to the door. I had just begun to move when he moved in his sleep. He turned on his side so instead of open bedroom floor in front of me, I ran right into the opening of his sleeping bag.

I didn't dare move. He was on his side, facing me and his right hand was hanging directly in front of me, his left arm was under his side. We stayed like that for a few minutes. I didn't know what to do.

There was no room between the side of Jason's bed and the sleeping bag now and he would surely feel me climbing over him if I went over. There wasn't even that much room to back out of my little cave here since he had moved his head down and it was practically right behind me. I moaned a little and Kyle sat up in his sleep. I then dropped down his side and deeper into his sleeping bag. He lay back down and I was in total darkness.

I tried to stay still. I didn't even know where in Kyle's sleeping bag I was or how close to him I was. Finally, I figured it was safer to move than to stay still and wind up crushed by him when he turned over. I put my hand out and felt nothing. Then I felt something hard and then another something lower down. I realized that they were Kyle's bare knees. He was still on his side and they were on top of each other.

Now that I had a reference, I figured that I could walk down and around his feet and up along his back to get out behind him. Then there would be a clear shot to the door.

Of course, I didn't know if his legs were bent or straight and so how long it would take me to move around him. I started to move down his leg and took one last touch to assure myself of where he was. He must have felt it though since his leg twiched and one leg came up momentarily. I didn't expect it and fell forward onto his other leg. The top one came down and I was stuck between his shins, about half way between his knees and ankle. I panicked and tried to pull myself out, but then realized that if I woke him up, he'd probably keep me with him all night and I'd never have a chance to get back to Ben.

I tried to repeat the touch that made him move so I could slip out, but I was afraid to push too hard. Finally, little movements by him allowed me to work my way down towards his ankles where there was a gap between his legs. I pulled myself out and sat down to rest. I then decided that it was time to try to make my way around to his other side and quickly along his back. I started to move around him when he made a major move in his sleep. He turned onto his back and straightened out his legs, stretching in his sleep. I had the bad luck to have just made the turn and so his socked feet pushed me back against the bottom of his sleeping bag, and he stayed that way.

I was just slightly taller than his feet and so grabbed onto his toes through the socks to steady myself. He felt that alright, and so first one foot and then the other twitched and one knocked me in the face.

It must have knocked me out for a little while, because I woke up still in the same position, head lolled in the small gap between his feet. I couldn't tell how much time had passed and so how long I had to get out of here. I stretched my right hand over his toes and scratched the top of his foot. He moved his other foot to scratch this itch and I took the opportunity to get out of the trap. I felt his foot come back down just behind me.

I moved along his side, but now that he was on his back, I needed to find the opening. I saw it in the distance. I had to crawl, since I could feel his arms on his chest on the outside of the bag. I crawled to the light, got out and stood up! Then I realized I was still stuck. With his arms like that, the opening led right to a space between the top of his left arm and his chest, his arm rested on the rest of the bag.

What was I going to do? It's the middle of the night and here I am trapped by a 10 year old's arm. I'm in the little space between the side of his chest and his bent elbow. There's no place to go, but I can't stay here. If he moves left, he'll roll on his side and I'll be trapped by his arm. It will be worse if he rolls right-- I'll be under him as he rolls. Even if he straightens out his arm, I'll be stuck and worse, he'll feel me there and maybe wake up. The last thing I want is for Kyle to think that I want to go with him like he and Jason are planning. Even if I try to go over his arm, he'll feel that, and there's no way I'm going back in that sleeping bag again.

My only hope is that he'll move his arm totally out of my way so I can get away quickly, like if he raises his arms and stretches. Why couldn't I have stayed on my nice safe table?

Continuing my run of bad luck, Kyle starts to move his arm toward his side, straightening it out. I moved toward the elbow where the most room is and backed up as near as I dared to his side. Then his arm moved back again. I relaxed momentarily and then it moved towards his side again. This happened two more times before I feel his chest jumping behind me. I turn and look up at his face. He's got his eyes closed, but he's trying to stifle a laugh. He was awake and knew that was going on. He opens his eyes.

'Did you have fun?,' he whispered. 'How was my sleeping bag?' He was awake the whole time. He knew he was squishing me against the end of the bag with his feet, he knew I had been trapped between his shins. The hand that was behind me swings in front of me and lifts me up, depositing me on Kyle's chest and then makes me sit down. I'm looking right into his eyes, not really liking what I'm seeing.

'I can't wait till Jason lets me take you to my house,' he says. 'I've got a cage all ready for you.'

A cage!!! These kids just don't get it. I try to get up, but he saw that and brought one of his hands back up to keep me in my place.

'Now, how are we going to make sure you stay this time?,' he asks. He reached under Jason's bed and pulled out some string. He tied one end around my waist and the other to one wrist. I wondered for a minute where he was expecting me to stay, when both hands came up and pushed me down onto his chest. He left them there and closed his eyes. Ah. And I thought one hand had been bad the previous night. Jason was a pleasure compared to this kid. This time, Kyle didn't move at all so I had no choice but to get some sleep.

I woke up in the morning to find Jason looking down at Kyle and I.

'What's he doing there?,' he asked.

'He did some exploring last night and I made sure he didn't go anywhere else,' Kyle said, holding up the wrist with the string attached.

'Why didn't I think of that?,' Jason said, 'I'll remember that for tonight.'

'Jason, you're giving me back to Ben tonight,' I said.
'No, I'm not,' he said. 'You're going to stay with me. You're the best toy I've ever had,' he said.

'Jay, when can I borrow him?,' Kyle asked. My mind reeled. How could I convince these kids to give me to Ben so I could go home?

'Maybe next weekend?'

'That long? Can't I have him one night this week?' And so on. Kyle had sat up and put me down on the ground next to him. I tried to undo the knot around my waist while they were talking. It was pretty easy since it was a huge knot to me and I could work my fingers in to loosen it. I did it and started to move toward the door.

'Kyle,' Jason said and pointed at me.

Kyle went to grab me and the door opened. I looked up. It was Ben, still in his pajamas, but the most welcome sight of all for me. He had something in his hand.

'Ok Jason, I'm here for Adam,' he said.

'No way. I'm keeping him,' Jason said.

'I thought you'd say that. See this?,' he said. 'This is my webcam and it's set just like it was when I brought Adam here. All I have to do is hit the button on the back and you'll be zapped to someone's house at his size,' Ben said, pointing at me.

Jason and Kyle both looked scared.

'OK,' Jason said, still looking longingly at me, 'but I still don't see why you don't want to keep him.'

Ben bent at the knees and picked me up in his free hand. He took me across the hall to his room and put me on the desk.

'Thanks,' I said, 'You don't know how much better I feel.'

'I promised you could go back,' he said, ' but maybe you'll come and visit again one day. When Jason's not home, though, ' he added with a laugh.

He pushed a button on the keyboard and I was back at my house, full size and looking at Ben through the webcam. He still looked like a giant. He bent down and waved in the next shot. I shut off the computer and went to bed. I had a lot of sleep to catch up on.