My name is Melina Sanjino and I'm a Liliputan, though I wasn't born one. I was originally born and raised in Raviras, Blefuscu. Raviras was a small town on a fishing port. My father was a fisherman and my mother was a seamstress and our family wasn't rich, but they made enough money for us to survivie on. When the civil war between the aristocracy and the plebeans began, I left with my uncle's family. I didn't want to leave my parents and my twin brother, Adam behind, but I had to we had to survive. Eventually I got used to living in Liliput and went to school like normal children do. Every day, my uncle reminds us, that we're lucky.

"I know." I said.

Every time I heard him say that, I know it was true. There's something I will tell you that no one knows. When I was four years old, I developed psychic abilities that enabled me to see through a person. I kept those under wraps until I was 18. I got married to my husband, Vicos Mariner and had a daughter named, Sydney. After five years, we were in a custody battle the minute after he was found cheating on me and we divorced. When the weeks of the custody battle ended, I gained custody of my daughter and Vicos was denied visitation rights. That is when I decided to start over fresh and leave Mildendo for good. On a rainy day, my daughter, Sydney and I were heading to Macaros for a fresh start. As we slept, we heard the conductor voice on the train.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen." the conductor said. "In a few hours, we'll arrive in Macaros. We hope you enjoy riding with us on Liliputan Railways."

Sydney turned to me and held on to her teddy bear, I bought her for her fourth birthday and hugged it.

"Sydney." I said. "We're almost here."

"I know." Sydney said.

After we arrived in Macaros, we left the train station and headed towards our new house which took two minutes. As we settled in, there were shouts of sorts.

"Mom." Sydney said. "What's going on?"

"I don't know." I said.

I managed to pull someone hand and took him to our house. Once there Sydney and I closed off the curtains, barricaded the windows, and locked the doors. Once we did that, I took out some candles and lit them. After that, I opened the refridgerator and pulled out some milk. I pulled out three glasses and poured it into each cup. Once I did that, I put the milk away and served one of the glasses to the man before giving it to my daughter and I sat down.

"So." I said. "What is all the fuss about?"

The man didn't answer me, but pulled out the curtain to see what looks like a man, but much bigger than we ever seen. As Sydney and I tried to keep our cool by drinking our milk.

"We have a giant here in Liliput." he said.

"What?" I said. "How?"

"He just washed ashore here." The man continued. "The emperor has ordered the men to hive him tied down."

As the people outside were pulling him in, via cart and horses, we had an even closer view of him. He was easily 200 feet tall and his shirt was torn off completely, affording us a view of his nicely toned chest and his arms. His jeans looked tattered and his sneakers had holes in them. I looked over to his face and he was asleep. It was well defined and handsome. His hair was dark brown and short. I wished I could see what kind of color are his eyes. Now bear in mind that I've learned about the whole story of Gulliver's arrival to Liliput and the war between the two nations, I won't divulge into the rest. As Sydney looked out, she looked at him with a combination of fear and curiousity in her eyes. As soon as the men left, the guards did a search on him, unaware that he was about to wake up. The search began and they were being careful in not waking up the giant as they were afraid that he'll hurt them and the people. As the search began some of the guards pushed out a huge wallet and it dropped onto the ground with a loud crash. It woke him up and he slowly opened his eyes. His eyes has a nice brownish-green shade to them. Before I could get lost in my thoughts, Sydney, the man and I stared out as he was trying to break out of his binds. The man and I started to back away from the window just in case he broke it. My daughter stood there, looking up at him.

"Sydney." I said. "Get away from the window."

Sydney looked at me and slowly got away from the window to join us. It wasn't a moment too soon as the giant's fingers broke the window in breaking out of his binds of rope. He was now in a sitting position as he stared at the many people who took shelter in their house. He turned his attention to freeing his legs from their bind. Once the giant was free, he slowly stood up to his full frame and took his wallet from the ground. He stared around, wondering why the people were so afraid of him. He didn't mean any harm to anyone. Sydney looked up through the window and stared up at him, even though she knows it's wrong. She didn't look fearful of him, more curious than fear and left the house.

"Sydney." I said. "Get back here! He's dangerous."

I found myself chasing after her as she got near the giant's sneakers. When I caught up to her, we looked up as he knelt down and lowered his huge hand in the palm up position. I couldn't help but wonder whether he's doesn't mean any harm or not. I guess there was only one way to figure it out. Sydney climbed onto his hand first and I slowly followed her. Once we were on, we felt him carefully, slowly and gently lift his hand to his face and stood up to his full height. As he stood up to his full height, it was as though we were on a roller coaster and I disliked roller coasters. Finally it stopped and we were face to face with the giant's face. He looked down at us with a gentle smile on his lips. I was still nervous and scared for not only my life but my daughter's life. The giant looked down and noticed my fear. He decided to calm me down.

"Please don't be frightened." he said with a gentle, booming voice. "I know my size scares you, but I mean you no harm."

When he spoke gently to us, my fears started to go away slowly, but I was still concerned for Sydney's life. At the same time, I couldn't help, but see her smile at the giant as he gently scratch her head with his huge finger. In the end, it made me smile and I started to feel less apprehensive around him. I stood up on his palm and smoothed my skirt.

"Um...Mr.Giant." I said. "My name is Melina and this is my daughter, Sydney."

"Hello." Sydney said.

He looked down at us and smiled again. I could tell he really didn't mean any harm to us at all.

"Hello." he said. "My name is Daniel. Daniel Gulliver. It's nice to meet you both."

"Same here." I said.

That is when the last name Gulliver was mentioned. He was a descendant of Lemuel Gulliver. The only difference was that his ancestor was middle aged and Daniel was a few years older than me. Yet this didn't bother me at all. It could bother our emperor to ever mention the name.

"Mom." Sydney said. "What are you thinking about?"

"I don't know." I said. "I was thinking if...."

Daniel looked down at me and could imagine what I was going to ask him. I just wanted to know if he was a relative of the Gulliver in the Liliputan history. He knew it and I could tell.

"Before you ask something." Daniel said. "I will say that I am the decendant of Gulliver."

We looked at him as he revealed a few pages of his ancestor's journal about his trip to Liliput. It was also revealed that like his ancestor, Daniel was from England as well. Whatever his reasons for coming, I'm sure it'll work our for the best. I looked over to see the emperor's limosuine pull up near my neighbor's house. Fortunately, Daniel noticed and knelt down towards him as gently as he could. As I could remember since late 1699, his ancestor was 70 feet tall to the Liliputans in earlier times. It was either that we've gotten smaller or the humans have gotten bigger. Whichever the case, I could see the emperor, Quentin Lanstrom, was calm about Daniel holding us in his hand without harming us.

"Mommy." Sydney said. "Is that our emperor?"

"Yes." I said.

Now our Emperor Lanstrom, he's great descendant to the emperor of Liliput. He was sworn in as emperor after the death of his father. Since he became emperor, he's been working hard in keeping law and order in place for Liliput. He's worked hard to keep the army away from the chaotic nature of Blefuscu's civil war. Anyway, the emperor looked up to Daniel and noiced him gently lowering his hand to the ground for us to get off. When we did, we saw our emperor climb in and watch him get lifted towards his face. Our emperor was good at climbing and therefore heights aren't a problem for him. As the two talked, I turned to Sydney who seemed to like having Daniel around.

"We need to go inside our house." I said.

Sydney nodded and followed me inside my house where the man stayed hiding underneath the table. When we saw him resurfaced from the table, he asked us a bunch of questions whether he was evil or not.

"No." I said. "He was a gentlemen and he didn't hurt us. He didn't even hurt the emperor. He didn't hurt anyone."

The man looked at us and looked outside. He was still scared and thought Daniel was a monster. I do agree that no one should be fooled with his size. The man decided to go home using our backyard and left. I had to admit, I've never seen Sydney happier with Daniel than she was with her father. After a while, we ate dinner and and took a bath together. When we were getting ready to go to bed, I carried Sydney to the first floor. The emperor payed for our window to be fixed as to avoid other damages and I cleaned up the remaining shards of glass in the living room and washed the dishes. When I came into my daughter's room to read to her. We felt a gentle knock on the window. We turned around to see Daniel peering inside the window with his brown-green eyes. We saw him smiling the same sweet smile that we've seen before. Sydney was the most happiest to see him and this time I followed her down the stairs. We went ouside to talk to him. Once he saw us outside, he lowered his hand next to us and we climbed in. Then we felt him gently lift us closer to his face.

"Daniel." I said. "What's going on?"

He didn't answer until he stood up to his full frame. We noticed the house that his ancestor stayed in. The emperor told him, he was going to stay there when he's here. It didn't mind us a bit as he was allowed to visit the cities as long as he doesn't trample on anyone.

"I'm going to stay house as my ancestor did." He said. "By tomorrow, I'll have new clothes to wear.

"That's great." I said, hugging my daughter.

I moved out of the way as his huge finger gently petted my daughter. I was wondering why until I realized that he loves kids. Then I saw his finger gave me the same treatment as well. He really likes being around us. Daniel looked down at us with a smile on his face, knowing that we're happy. He withdrew his finger and brought us closer to his huge lips for a good night kiss. This was unexpected from him, but at the same time he was a sweetheart. He broke the kiss and gently set us down to the ground. We jumped off his palm and watched him stand up to his full height. We watched him turn around and walk away. Fortunately no one was on the streets and I didn't have to worry about him crushing anyone below him. We went inside the house and I locked the doors. I proceeded to carry Sydney, into her room and tucked her in. Before I turned off the lights, I knew she wanted to ask me something.

"Mom." Sydney said. "Do you like Daniel?"

"I do." I said. "but I want to get to know him before I say something."

I kissed my daughter's cheek and sat down to read her a few pages of her book. Once she fell asleep, I placed her teddy bear in her arms and turned off the lights. I went into my room and headed into bed. Between being kissed by Daniel and wanting to sleep. I didn't know, but maybe Sydney's right, he's a gentlemen. I should get to know him and I know the best way to do it. By the next morning, I woke up and waked into Sydney's room.

"Sydney." I said. "You need to wake up and get ready for school."

Sydney woke up and changed out of her pajamas. She got dressed in her new school uniform and walked down the stairs. for some breakfast. Then she walked into the bathroom and brushed her hair and teeth. When she left for school, I packed her lunch in her Hello Kitty bag. The school uniforms of Mildendo are white blouses with black sailor neckline and black bow tie and a long black skirt. The ones in Macaros are light blue with white neckline with a red tie and light blue skirt. I got ready for work as usual. I locked up the house and walked to my workplace. I arrived not a moment to soon as my boss was lecturing on the sales of the clothes and wants to make sure nothing went wrong. As the meeting ended I got placed towards the make up counter as usual. I went to my station and set up the make up products. While I was doing do, I tried to busy myself away from Daniel's kiss, yet I still couldn't. Before I knew it, I was blushing and my cousin, Clarissa saw it.

"What?" I asked.

"Lena." Clarissa said. "I think you're in love."

"I know." I said.

"Who's the lucky guy?" she asked. "Can I meet him?"

I had to think up ways as to tell her about Daniel and had to convince her that his 200 foot frame won't be a problem. I mean, it shouldn't but somehow she'd might be worried that he could be a monster to her, due to the size difference. Before I could say anything, we felt the ground tremble and I knew this was Daniel. He was in a blue tank with black jeans and this time he was wearing sandals. Clarissa looked over to me and I looked back towards her.

"If you want to know." I said. "His name is Daniel and he washed ashore here yesterday."

"Oh." she said.

"And before you ask." I said. "Let me say, yes, he's cute. I mean you just gotta love those big brown-green eyes, his short dark hair, and his toned chest."

Clarissa was looking at me starry eyed. But she wasn't the only one, Daniel knelt down and noticed me the same way. I left for a break and ran outside to meet him. I noticed my cousin following me. As much as Clarissa likes to meet him, she knows pretty well to keep her composture. She's married to Timo and has two boys with him. Therefore she doesn't flirt with other guys. Especially, the fact that she doesn't want to go through a custody battle with him, like I did with Vicos for my daughter, Sydney. We stopped and turned to each other.

"Syd likes him." I said

"I see." Clarissa said. "He'd make a great father figure to Sydney. And Milly, I won't be flirting with him."

"Thank you." I said.

Milly and Lena were two of my nicknames from my first name. Another one of my nicknames is, Milla and Mel. Anyway Daniel noticed us together and I knew right away Clair, short for Clarissa, was nervous as heck. She hid behind me like she did when we were kids. She was three centimeters shorter than I am so it was easier for her to hide behind me.

"Aren't we a little too old for it, Clair?" I asked.

Before Clarissa got a chance to answer, Daniel looked down at us and lowered his hand next to us. I moved away from my cousin and climbed in his palm immediately. I knew Clair was still nervous due to his huge frame.

"Please don't be shy." Daniel said. "I won't hurt you."

Clair remained nervous for a few moments before mustering up the courage to climb onto his palm. Once she was on, Daniel slowly and carefully lifted his hand towards his face. He stood up to his full height. He easily lifted us as though we didn't weigh an ounce. He was a giant to us, but he was careful in holding us in his hand without letting us fall. I turned to Clair who was nervous as heck, especially being 200 feet up in the air.

"Take it easy, Clair." I said. "He's not going to let us fall."

"I know." Clarissa said. "It's just that I'm not used to being above the ground."

I knew what she was going through because I wasn't used to it the first time around when Daniel held me and my daughter in his palm. Yet the difference was that Sydney was a lot braver than I was and I was a nervous wreck. I was trying to come up with ways to calm Clair down until he beat me to it.

"Don't be scared." Daniel said. "I won't let you fall."

"Thank you." Clair said, relieved. "My name is Clarissa. I go by Clair."

Daniel looked down and gently smiled at us.

"Hello, Clair." he said. "My name's Daniel."

He's making sure that my cousin doesn't feel very uncomfortable around him. Who could blame her, especially her fear of heights hadn't gone away. I noticed Clair, trying to hide behind me again, just in case Daniel sees her blush. He noticed it immediately and used his huge finger to block her from doing so.

"What's wrong." Daniel asked.

"You didn't do anything wrong." I said. "Clair always blush."

Clair gave me some sort of dirty look and I knew what that meant very well. It didn't last long though as she noticed him moving his finger away. By that time, she was starting to feel comfortable around him, yet she kept her composure. As soon as she felt comfortable, we heard our boss yell.

"Clarissa, Melina!" our boss said. "Get back from break and go to work."

She and I groaned in disgust at out boss, Mr.Terwill. He looked like a normal boss, except he has a bad fuse whenever none of the employees go back to work on time. We better get back to work soon. When Daniel lowered his hand down and let us go back to work.

"I see you like him." Clair said.

We walked inside the shop and got back to work immediately, but we kept talking.

"Yes I do." I said, smiling. "I apologize for being starry eyed."

"Don't worry about it, Milly." Clair said.

Then he walked away and continued to explore Macaros. While he was doing so, he heard screams and headed towards my daughter's school. Once there he crept closer and saw, my ex-husband, Vicos trying to take her.

"You mother isn't taking you away from me." Vicos said. "You're my kid too."

"Mother told me never go back with you." Sydney said. "You were denied visiting rights."

Vicos was my ex-husband who was verbally and emotionally abusive to both me and Sydney over the five years that we were married. Ever since he lost custody of her, he began stalking us in Mildendo and he had a restraining order against him.

"I wasn't here to visit you." he said. "I was here to steal you away from your mother. Now get in the car or I'll...."

This was more than Daniel could take. He knocked Vicos away from Sydney with his finger and stood up. Then he pinned him down with his foot long enough for the police to show up and take him away. Once they left, he lowered his hand down and let Sydney climb in his palm. He slowly and carefully lifted her his face. He stood up to his full height. Sydney held on to her Hello Kitty bag as she felt Daniel walk away. He was careful not crushing on anything or anyone below him. Once he found a safe clearing from Macaros, yet close to his house. He slowly sat down and noticed that she had never felt so scared in her life, especially when her father tried to take her away from me. When he saw her in tears, he gently lowered his hand towards his chest to comfort her.

"It's ok, Syd." he said. "I won't let anyone else hurt you or take you away from your mother. Especially your crazed father."

She could only nod as he gently pet her back. I knew it was the paternal instincts that got Daniel to protect my daughter from Vicos. I know many of my co-workers thought I was crazy for marrying him. I'm not crazy to bail him out any time soon. I left work for the day and I thought about heading home until I got a good idea where Sydney and Daniel are at. I headed over to the clearing and found him comforting her, his hand on his chest. He looked down and noticed me on the ground. In impulse he lowered his other hand to the ground and I climbed in immediately. He gently lifted me up to my daughter who was still crying. He moved his left hand towards me and she gently slid into his right hand. Once she was there, I cradled her into my arms.

"Sydney." I said. "Are you ok?"

Sydney nodded and hugged me while I took her book bag. I was relieved she was ok, but I was also mad at the same time. Vicos knew he wasn't allowed visitation rights and yet he the nerve to take my daughter away from me.

"It'll be ok." I said. "Daniel and I won't let this happen again."

I looked up at him as he used one of his huge fingers pet her back. Before I got the chance to ask him, he slowly stood up to his full frame and headed inside the house. Once inside he gently set us down the table and headed into the kitchen to cook some food. A few years ago a couple of scientists created a growth modulator which can grow food and not eat out the whole country. Daniel was completely surprised by that, and very accepting of it. That means he can cook his own meals without problems. Sydney looked up at me and sat up.

"Mommy." she said. "Daddy went to my school in the hopes of stealing me away from you. I managed to run for a bit until he caught me at the front entrance. He took me outside and told me to shut up with the screaming. He violated the restraining order and demanded me to get in the car."

"Then what happened." I asked.

"Daniel overheard him threaten me." she continued. "He was upset and used one of his finger to knock him away from me. When daddy tried to escape, he was pinned down with his sandal. When the police showed up, they questioned him about what happened. He told them everyting about what my dad did."

I was glad Daniel was there to rescue my daughter. I couldn't imagine what could've happened if he wasn't around for us. Clair was right, he'd make a great father figure to Sydney. While we waited for him to come back with the food, I looked inside her bag and saw her teddy bear on top of her finished homework. Meanwhile, I got a call from my cousin and she told me that Vicos will be detained for the evening before moving to Mildendo's maximum security prison. I also heard that she'll confront him while he's still there. I'll go with her, but I can't leave Sydney alone in the house. My other option was to grab her some clothes for her to sleep in and a few other clothes. So I teleported to my house and grabbed the necessary items for her and returned not a moment to soon as Daniel came back with the food. When we ate, I noticed Sydney looking at me and I realized that she knew about Clarissa.

"Mom." she said. "Are you gonna confront him?"

"I have to." I said. "There is no way I'm gonna let him take you away from me."

I really wanted answers from Vicos on why he'd have the audacity to steal my daughter from me. He knew very well that he can't have her due to the custody order. He was making me mad by violating the restraining order I had set up against him. As I slowly ate, I looked up and noticed Daniel has this concerned look in his brown-green eyes. He gently scooped me from the table and took me into his room. He knew I was concerned and I didn't even bother to hide it.

"What is it?" Daniel asked.

"I got a call from my cousin." I said. "She was planning to confront my ex-husband before they move him to the maximum security prison in Mildendo. I wanted answers from him in why he was trying to take my daughter away from me."

I'm going to need that strength as I'll be confronting Vicos with Clarissa. He needs to know hat his actions doesn't come without consequences especially taking my daughter away from me. He can't get away with it. I know for a fact that bringing Sydney to the holding cell where her father is staying, is out of the question. He'd demand custody of her from me. I can't keep her inside our house because of the recent things that happened. This left me with only one option, with Daniel. I'll have her stay with him for the night until this is over. I need to ask her if it's ok though that she stays with him. I noticed him looking down at me and it was like he knew what I was going to ask him.

"So how long will it take?" Daniel asked.

"As long as it takes." I said. "Vicos needs to know the full extent of his consequences in taking Sydney from my custody by force."

"You're probably going to leave her with me." he said.

"Just for tonight." I said. "I can't risk bringing her to the holding cell. I know what he'd demand her to do and he'll attempt it with verbal abuse."

Daniel got disgusted by this as I told him what it was like living with Vicos. He was even more angered with the fact my ex-husband treated us badly. When he calmed down, he held me close to his chest and gave me a one handed hug. It was the closest thing I could get because I couldn't hug his neck. I could hug one of his fingers. As much as I hated to leave Sydney behind, I had to think about her safety.

"Ok." Daniel said. "She'll stay here. I just have to find a way to make a bed for her."

"You can have her sleep on a pillow." I suggested. "I mean it could double as a bed and a pillow for her. Just worry about the blanket."

Daniel looked down towards me and slowly lifted me from the chest. I felt him walk back to the dining table and gently set me down there. I decided to eat more food. It helped as I gotten more of the strength that I'll need for my confrontation with Vicos, my ex-husband. Sydney looked at me and understood what was going on.

"Listen to me." I said, to her. "I'm going to confront your father and I need you to be a good girl while I'm gone. Can you do that for me?"

Sydney nodded her head and I looked over to Daniel as he gently picked me up and headed to the doorway. Once there he gently set me down to the ground.

"I'll be back." I said. "And make sure Syd's in bed by 9 o'clock."

"Ok." Daniel said.

I walked away as soon as he closed the door. I headed to my house and headed to the shower. I washed up and changed clothes. A few minutes later, Clarissa showed up and we were on our way to the holding cell. When we arrived, the guard asked who we want to see.

"I want to speak to Vicos Mariner." I said.

He led us to the visitation room. Once inside the visitation room, the warden explained the rules and that we had to stay behind the plexiglass while speaking to the prisoners. As soon as it's done, we sat down on the vistor's side of the room. The guards showed up with Vicos in handcuffs. His dirty blonde hair was cut off and his dark eyes glared at me in anger. He sat down on the prisoner's side of the visitation room. I had to remain strong for Sydney's sake.

"You had some nerve in stealing my daughter." I said. "How could you do this to me?"

"You're the one who started this." Vicos said. "I lost custody of my child because of you."

"Vicos." Clarissa said. "You lost custody of Sydney, due to your verbal and emotional abuse to my cousin and her."

"You had no right to take her away from me." I said.

Vicos was really angry and he had no right to take her away from me. He tried to stare me down, hoping I would break down. It didn't work this time as I had thought about Sydney and Daniel. My grey eyes stared back at him and before anyone knew it, Vicos found himself being levitated.

"Put me down." he yelled.

I did so with my abilites. He went back to the ground, but he was still in shock. My psychic abilities were levitation and soul seeing. He realized that he had bitten more than what he can chew.

"Melina." he said. "We can negotiate."

I wanted to believe him, but I couldn't. I knew he just wanted me to lower my guard. Remember how I told you I could see into a person's soul and weigh in the good from the bad. I used it on Vicos and what I saw wasn't pretty good. He wanted nothing more than to satisfy his own greedy self. This was why I didn't believe him.

"You're just trying to get me to fall for your trap." I said. "Well no way. I want the truth now."

"Melina, please." Vicos said. "I tried to steal her to hurt you. I didn't take in account how much you're trying to help her. I'm sorry. I won't bother you again."

And for that moment, I actually saw a hint of honesty in his eyes as he couldn't take more of my abilities. It made me stop the attack, but I kept my ground.

"If you just follow the restraining order in the first place, Vicos." I said. "You wouldn't end up here."

He agreed and the guards took him away as visiting hours were over. Clair and I left the holding cell and headed towards the car. Once inside, we headed on our way home.

"So what do we do now?" she asked.

"Vicos admitted he was sorry." I said. "But he still needs to learn that his actions doesn't come without consequences."
"I can't argue with that." Clair said.

She drove back to my house where I got out and wished her good night. After she left, I headed inside my house to grab a few things. When I was done, I headed to Daniel's house. As I walked closer to his house, I noticed him being outside the house, instead of being inside. I wanted to ask if Sydney's in bed already. I'll find out from him soon. I walked closer to him and noticed him looking down at me. He knelt down and offered a hand to me. I climbed in immediately and felt him carefully lifted me to his huge, handsome face. I'm already used to being in his hand that my fear of heights doesn't affect me, especially him standing up to his full height.

"So what happened?" Daniel asked me.

I proceeded to explain to him about Vicos and what he said. During his defiance, I had to use my abilities to keep him in his place. Finally he apologized for his actions, but I was still convinced that he needs to change if he wants to spend time with Sydney and respect the restraining order.

"At least he was put in his place." he said.

"I know." I said. "Is Syd in bed?"

"Yes." he said. "I put her to bed."

I wanted to get to know him and find out what kind of person he is without my daughter waking up. I noticed Daniel looking down at me as though he knew what I wanted to ask him.
"I see you want to get to know me." he said.

I nodded my head and blushed right away. I felt him lift me closer to his chest and slowly walked inside the house. Once inside, he gently set me down on the table and sat down. In between the wine and getting to know him, there was something inside of him that he didn't want me to know about. As usual, my abilities allows me to see a lot of things the person doesn't want to see. By the time I stopped, it was apparent he knew about what I saw. Instead of turning away from me, he scooped me into his chest and headed towards his bedroom. Once we're inside the room, he lied down on the bed and I turned to see Sydney sleeping on the nightstand in a bed that looked like a doll's bed to him.

"When I was in London." Daniel said. "I had a fiancee named Anna Dalton. Three days before we were supposed to marry, I caught her with my brother. I was mad that I left and called off the wedding. Before I arrived here, I was thinking about suicide on my boat."

"You didn't follow through on it." I said.

"No." Daniel said. "A storm hit my boat before I could do the deed. During the time, I saw my boat sank due to the high waves and swam towards the nearest island I could see. When I arrived here, I fell asleep. ..."

He silently wept for what happened. I walked up to his neck and hugged him the best way that I could at this size. I noticed his finger next to me and gently petted me as if he was hugging me back. It helped a lot, especially all the trauma he went through before arriving here.

"If you did commit suicide." I said. "Sydney and I would've been more traumatized with the divorce and the custody battle with Vicos. You helped lower that for us."

I felt Daniel slowly wipe his tears and looked up to see him smile. He knew I was right, he did keep us going on with our lives. Pretty soon, he gently picked me off his neck and placed me onto the pillow where I climbed into the blanket and fell asleep. During the night, I woke up and noticed Daniel asleep. I got up, climbed off the pillow and walked towards him. He looked very innocent sleeping there, despite his huge frame. I shook off the feeling and climbed up the pillows up to the top. When I arrived, I took in the sight of his huge and handsome face. I walked over to his huge lips and planted a sweet kiss on them. Once I was done, I was ready to head back until I felt him wake up and sat up. He looked down on the pillow and saw me there. He lowered his hand next to me and I climbed in. Once on, he gently lifted me to his face.

"Was that my good night kiss?" Daniel asked.

I blushed and nodded my head. Then I felt him bringing me closer to his lips for a kiss. I remembered him planting a good night kiss on both me and Sydney after he arrived here. I didn't say anything even after he broke the kiss. I knew I was sopping wet, but he gave out a pretty good kiss.

"Thank you." I said.

Daniel looked down at me with a sweet smile on his face. He continued planting kisses on me. After that, he gently lowered me onto the pillow. He was lying down once again.

"Daniel." I said.

"Yes." Daniel said, lying down.

"Do you want to know how I had those abilities?" I said.

Before I could answer, I saw him sleeping once more and decided to go back to sleep as well. By the next morning, I woke up and noticed Daniel waking up as well. He was still in a lying position, but he was up. I felt his finger gently rubbing my face.

"How did you get them?" he asked.

"I was born with them." I said. "I had them since I was a child. I had to hide them because I didn't want to be rejected. It resurfaced when I was 18 and I first got married."

"I see." He said. "Do you and Syd want breakfast?"

"Sure." I said. "Just be sure to wake her up."

"Ok." Daniel said.

He sat up and turned to Sydney. He gently poked her with one of his huge fingers. When she woke up, she noticed Daniel looking down at her with a smile on his face.

"Morning." Sydney said.

She got up and noticed Daniel lowering his hand down next to her. He felt her climb into his palm and gently lifted her towards his chest. He turned his attention towards me. He used two of his fingers from his other hand and gently picked me up from the pillow and towards his palm. When I joined Syd in his palm, we felt him slowly stand up to his full height and walked out of the room. We could feel the trembing footsteps he took. When we got into the living room, he gently set us down onto the table and walked into the kitchen. When he did, I turned to Sydney.

"Were you being a good girl for me while I was gone?" I asked.

"Yes mom." Sydney said. "I got my homework done and everything."

I was glad that she was being such a good girl. It was a weekend and I didn't have work today. I'm really looking forward top spending time with my family and having them get to know Daniel. I don't know how they're going to react to him at all. I guess it beats not try to have them get to know him.

"I wonder Grandfather and the rest of the family would react to him." Sydney said.

"I don't know." I said. "We're going let them have a chance to get to know Daniel."

Daniel returned with a plate of food and drinks. When he set the plate and cups down, he moved the chair and sat down. Before we got a chance to eat, we heard screaming outside.

"What's that all about?" I asked.

"I'll find out." Daniel said. "You two, just stay here."

Daniel headed outside the house and closed the door, behind him, leaving us to eat this nice breakfast. We'll save most of it for him. When he headed outside he noticed a man similar to his height but shorter, tormenting the people below him. With one quick and careful move, he punched the man in the face. The man fell onto the ground away from Macaros. He had an angry look on his face as he saw Daniel.

"What do you think you're doing?" Daniel asked.

The man responded by getting up and punching him in the face. He saw Daniel kneel down, but is still standing.

"Those little people wronged me." The man shouted. "They're gong to pay and you're joining me."

Daniel shook his head and punched him back in the face. He didn't want to hurt the Liliputans and told them to get to safety. He turned his attention to the man.

"You'll have to come through me first." He said.

The man glared at him and they began fighting. Between the punches and keeping the fight away from Liliput, the man was wounded and glared at Daniel, before getting on his boat. When the man left Liliput, he headed back to shore, dripping wet. By now no one feared him anymore and were willing to bond with him. Once he headed back to the house, he closed the door and sat down on the chair.

"What happened?" I asked him.

Daniel explained to us exactly what happened. It was evident that he fought the man for us and we couldn't be more happier. As the morning continued on, we finished breakfast and then Sydney and I had to leave the house to get washed up and changed. My relatives are still coming and we needed to look our best. I want them to meet Daniel and think of him as a gentle giant, not a monster. I know this would be a reaction to my family. As we're getting ready in our best, Sydney looked out the window of her room.

"Mom." she said. "They're here."

"I know." I said.

Our family arrived and greeted us as they arrived. It was nice to bond with my relatives, especially for this. My uncle and aunt had raised me ever since our arrival here to Liliput. During that time, my uncle Paclos, looked out the window. Before we could say anything, we heard the ground shake. Sydney and I both knew this was Daniel coming here. Our relatives gotten more nervous as the trembling stopped. My aunt, Siba joined Paclos and noticed Daniel kneeling down. I knew they were nervous right away just seeing him tower this house and them. At the same time they were glad to see him as they watched him fight with the man. Some of my younger cousins headed outside the house along with Sydney and Clair's sons. Daniel looked down at them near his sneakers with a smile on his face and lowered his huge hand to the ground. He felt them climb into his hand. He slowly and carefully lifted them to his face and stood up to his full height. My aunts, uncles and my grandparents looked over in amazement that he was really gentle to Sydney, Clair's boys and their kids.

"Would he hurt us?" Paclos asked.

"No." I said. "Daniel didn't hurt me, Sydney, the kids and Clair. He has no reason to hurt the rest of the family as well."

Siba looked over to me after seeing Daniel's brown-green eyes sparkle in the sunlight. She knew this reminded her of my father's eyes.

"His eyes remind me of your father's eyes." Siba said.

This was true to all of us. My father, Vadio has brown-green eyes and he was a working hard father. More often than not, my father's eyes sparkle more green than brown. This was quite the opposite of Daniel's eyes which sparkled more brown than green. My eyes are blue-grey, like my mother, Kitara's and Adam's.

"I know." I said. "When you guys get on his hand, don't be nervous about getting to know him."

"We'll try not to Milly." My grandfather said. "Before we do, I just want to let you know that your parents and Adam are coming here soon."

I was excited about the news of my parents and Adam coming here. This is the first time I'll be seeing my parents in such a long time. It'll be a very sweet moment to finally see them. My aunts, uncles and my grandparents knew that I haven't seen them in 19 years since we left for Liliput. It was a burden for me, especially leaving behind my family in Blefuscu. Now I might have a chance to make up for lost time with them.

"Isn't that exciting?" Clair said.

"Yes." I said. "I'm going to be happy to see them soon."

"I know." Clair said. "I'm refering to seeing my sons and Sydney, bonding with Daniel."

"I know." I said.

We looked up as Daniel gently knelt down and let the kids down. They were upset about for a moment, but they knew that he wanted to get to know the rest of the family. My grandparents were extremely nervous, especially since they're not used to seeing a man the size of a giant. My aunts and uncles were also nervous as well, but I told them I'll go with them. It made them feel a lot better as we headed downstairs to the front. Once there, Daniel was ready with his hand on the ground. Still they were nervous about him.

"Don't be nervous." he said. "I won't hurt you."

They felt relieved as they slowly climbed into his hand. I went with them just in case, they got nervous. When they felt him slowly, carefully and gently lifting his hand his face. He stood up to his full height.

"He won't let us fall." I said to my relatives and grandparents. "He'll catch us."

As they got to know him, they were less afraid of him. Even my grandparents weren't being hostile to him after knowing that he meant no harm to the family.

"I see you've met Melina." Paclos said.

"Yes." Daniel said. "Her and Sydney."

"They seem to like you." my grandfather said.

"If they like you." my grandmother said. "Then we really don't have anything against you."

Daniel smiled at what my grandparents said. It didn't take my aunts and uncles long to get to know him. Unlike Vicos, who treated us like property, they saw him as a gentle giant. He protected us from my ex-husband and the man who tried to destroy us. I hope my parents and Adam like him as well. It'll take them time to get used to being here in Liliput and Daniel at the same time. It'll work out in the end. One of my aunts, Siba, looked at me. She's my mother, Kitara's twin sister and many people tend to mistake her for my mother before and vice versa. My other aunt is Alisha, my father's youngest sister and Clair's mother.

"Melina's told me you were pretty." Daniel said. "I'd never imagine you both as beautiful as her."

Both of my aunts and I had blushed immediately when he mentioned that. By the time this was over, my aunts, uncles and my grandparents left with my cousins. I was glad this turned out for the best as they got to know Daniel without calling him a monster. They know that he loves kids and enjoyed being around them.
As another day passes, Daniel returned to his house and we head into ours. During that time, we watched the news and they were replaying the scenes of him fighting the man who tried to kill us. It was evident that he fought for us and Emperor Lanstrom was to give out a huge celebration for him.

"Daniel did fight for us." Sydney said.

"I know." I agreed. "Not just us, but for Liliput as well."

I can't imagine what could've happened if he wasn't around to stop that evil man. It was something, neither one of us wanted to think about. I turned off the tv and cooked dinner for the both of us. During dinner, I kept thinking about what was going on and how much I appreciate what Daniel did for us. Sometimes I feel like I should've done more for him, beside comforting him.

"You're feeling bad about something." Sydney said. "You feel like you're making him stay."

I looked over to Sydney and she was right. I never used to feel like this before and it was tearing me up from the inside. I managed to eat for a bit and just did the dishes. After that, I just headed out to the backyard and I promised myself never to cry even if times were tough. It just hurts to stay strong for my family, especially for my daughter. When I headed inside, I took Sydney into her room and read to her. When she went to sleep, I headed into my own room and wept. I was overcome with such a rush that when I walked out of my room, I felt myself get gently picked off the balcony. I knew this was Daniel and he brought me closer to his chest to comfort me.

"Melina." he said, in his gentle voice. "What's wrong?"

I told him everything that I felt from the inside and how much guilt I had for not doing more for him. As he continued to comfort me, he told me I did nothing wrong and that his only reward was seeing us happy. When I heard Daniel say that, I felt a lot better. In fact I stood up on his palm and smiled up at him.

"Thank you." I said.

He smiled as he continued to hug me on his bare chest. Then he moved me away from the chest and brought me closer to his lips. I knew what this meant and I didn't need to say more as he kissed me. This one was more tender than before as he continued his kiss. This in more ways than one warmed my face up and I blushed even after he broke the kiss. I couldn't help it as I returned one back at him on his bottom lip. I was amazed that he felt that despite the fact he's what we call a Man-Mountain. It made him blush and smiled at me further.

"That was your good night kiss." I said.

"I know." Daniel said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I said.

I wanted to ask him what he was doing over at my house at night. I mean how did he know I was upset without me knowing it. I suppose I should tell him about what happened. It wouldn't feel right just keeping it bottled up inside me. Before I got the chance to do so, he looked down at me and knew what I was thinking.

"I saw you upset." Daniel said. "I wanted to come over to make you feel better. I guess I should've put a shirt on first."

"No." I said. "You look better without one."

I felt myself blush further as he planted a kiss on my cheek. When he broke the kiss, I was warmed and he gently set me down onto the balcony of my room. I wondered if he was leaving or not. I got my answer he decided to lie down on the ground, next to the house. Fortunately, there was a lot of room in my backyard for him to sleep at his full length.

"Are you sure you'd be comfortable there?" I asked. "The ground looks hard."

"I'll be fine." Daniel said. "Just get some, sleep Melina."

"Ok." I said.

We bid each other good night and I headed into my room to sleep in my bed. I felt a lot better talking to Daniel about what I felt from earlier tonight. He was not only a handsome giant, he was a kind, considerate, and a gentlemen. I was glad he liked spending time with my younger cousins and my daughter, Sydney. I hope my parents and my twin brother like him too. I know for a fact they'd be scared of him, due to the size differences, but he won't hurt them. By the next morning, I woke up and noticed Daniel was gone. I guess he just left to shower and change clothes, before he eats breakfast. Before I knew it, I saw Sydney trying to jump on my bed.

"Syd, I'm up." I said.

"Morning mom." she said. "How are you?"

"I feel better today." I said. "Daniel and I had a talk about what was going on with me."

She didn't ask anymore and I went downstairs with her. I went to cook breakfast for the both of us. It was only 8:30 in the morning and we ate. I know for a fact that my parents and my twin, Adam won't be here until next week.

"You're feeling a lot better than before mom." Sydney said.

"How did you know?" I said, eating one of my eggs.

"You're not hurting, unlike last night." she said. "You're finishing your food."

I agreed with her and continued eating. Last night I felt guilty for not doing more for him. Talking to Daniel about what was going on, helped me out and I didn't feel any signs of depression. In fact, when we're done with breakfast and got dressed. Then we decided to visit my aunt, Siba's clothing store. She started her own business years after our arrival to Liliput.

"Auntie Siba." I said.

"Melina, Sydney." Siba said. "Nice timing."

She hugged us and we headed into her sewing room where she was designing dresses. She must've heard about Emperor Lanstrom's formal celebration and decided to design the dresses. No one else would've gone to a better store than her's.

"So." I said. "Why are we here?"

"I need you two to try on something for me." she said.
"How come?" I asked. "I mean can't you ask...."

"Clarissa can't go." Siba said. "She and her husband has to stay with their three boys. Plus this is a formal party for anyone 18 or older."

I knew what Siba meant right away. I knew for a fact that anyone younger than 18 weren't allowed to go and I had to make arrangements with Clair in asking her to watch Sydney for me if I go to this party. She showed me a sleveless blue gown, she's been working on for weeks. It was beautiful and it had clear crystals in the right places.

"I'll try it on for you." I said

I tried it on for her in another room and I have to say it really looked great on me. It accentuated the blue-grey eyes I have and it made my eyes more blue. I knew she worked this hard for the fit. I'll have to ask my other cousin, Selima to curl my long black hair. Anyway I changed back into the jeans and the t-shirt I was wearing. When we left Siba's store with the dress, we headed to Selima's store and asked her to curl my hair. She's the daughter of my aunt Siba and she had done my hair before.

"Melina, Sydney." Selima said. "How are you?"

"Good." I said.

"I know." Selima said. "You want me to do curls in your hair."

I knew she'd do curls every time but this time I wanted an updo and asked her to do one that I picked. It took nearly an hour and a half as she prided herself into detail, including washing my hair. When she was done, I still paid for my stuff. Then we headed back into our house for a quick lunch. To my surprise, Clair and her family showed up and I told them exactly what was going on.

"I know." Clair said. "Timo and I would be here all night and beginning of tomorrow."

"Just remember what time Sydney has to go to bed." I said.

Clarissa reassured me it'll be ok and we ate lunch. I needed some time into my bathroom for a nice bath. I have to be ready within five hours. Before I did so, I noticed the same cart and horses that pulled Daniel in on the day he arived. This time it was carrying what looked like a black tuxedo. I knew this was for him and headed back anyway. As soon as I stepped inside my bedroom, I headed into the bathroom and locked the door for a bubble bath. I put the plug in for the tub and ran warm water. Then I put the soap in, removed my clothes and stepped into the bath. Once inside, I relaxed as the warm bubbles soothe me. During that time, I wondered about how the tuxedo fitting was going for Daniel. I hope it goes ok especially the black leather dress shoes.

"I hope they go right with him." I said.

After staying there for a while, I unplugged the stopper from the tub and got up. I dried myself off and covered myself with my cotton bathrobe. When I got out, I headed to my closet and pulled out the undergarments I need for my dress. I started getting dressed into the sleveless blue gown, my aunt, Siba worked on. I guess I took her up on her offer by wearing this dress. Soon after, I asked Clarissa to zip me up.

"OH my god." she said. "You loook pretty."

"Thank you." I said.

Clair did my make up and she does a better job with the make up she picks to soften my features. I appreciated the help I got from her as I put on the jewelry Siba gave me from my mother. As soon as this was done, I grabbed my shoes that I worn from prom and studied myself in the mirror. I looked very beautiful in ths dress. I just wished my parents and Adam was there to see this. I brushed this aside as I got my silver purse and placed my wallet, keys and cell phone in there. I looked over to Sydney and hugged her.

"Will you promise me to be good." I said.

"I will." Sydney said. "By the way mom."

"Yes." I said.

"You look beautiful in the dress." she said.

"Thank you." I said.

I headed outside and noticed the sun was setting. This was an indication that the party will start soon and I took in account how beautiful it was. This was a nice opportunity to see it. Then I felt the ground tremble and I turned around to see a pair of black leather patent shoes. I knew right away it was Daniel. The tremblings stopped and I saw him kneel down in front of me. Then he lowered his palm next to me. When I climbed into his hand, I felt him lift me closer to his face and stood up to his full height. I noticed him looking at my dress and saw him blush right away. This didn't come without me blushing the same way when I saw him in a tuxedo. He looked even more handsome than I've seen. I stood up on his soft palm.

"Hi Daniel." I said.

"Melina." Daniel said.

"Yes." I said. "What is it?"

"You look beautiful in the dress." he said.

I was flattered when he said that. It was worth wearing the dress Siba worked on for me. Daniel lifted me towards his shoulder and gently placed me there. Once on his shoulder, I felt him walk. This was the first time, I've sat on his shoulders other than sitting on his palm. He was careful in not crushing anything or anyone below him. I wanted to ask him about how he knew about his ancestor's arrival. I decided not to ask him until after the celebration. Apparently, he knew what I wanted to ask him.

"I'll tell you later." Daniel said.

"Ok." I said. "It's wierd."

"What." he said.

"I have psychic abilities." I said. "And every time I push something out of my mind, you pick up on it easy. I feel strange about this."

"I know." Daniel said. "I always picked up on it. I suppose, no matter how much you wanted to push away your thoughts, I pick up on it easily."

"I guess I'm not the only one with that ability." I said. "I never seem to think about that."

Daniel continued to walk towards Mildendo. When we arrived many women, looked up at me in jealousy as they saw me with him. Not that it didn't matter to me anyway. The celebration started and I was having fun with him. After we arrived, we both noticed a table the same length as the one Daniel's ancestor. As he sat down on the chair, he gently picked me off his shoulder and lowered me to the table away from the edge.

"I don't want you to fall off the shoulder." Daniel said.

"I know." I said.

I didn't say anything else as the celebration continued. I knew for a fact many women that saw us together were jealous. I mean not that it did phase me, but I can understand why. I didn't think about it as much as I drank more champagne. Nearing the end of the celebration, I noticed Emperor Lanstrom securing a neck wear medal onto his huge ring finger.

"That giant you fought off from yesterday." he said. "For the past few years he's used his size and tried to conquer us. When you arrived here, we didn't know if you'd fight for us or not. You proved us wrong when we saw you fight with him."

"I didn't want you hurt." Daniel said. "I won't let this happen again."

"Thank you, Daniel." Emperor Lanstrom.

Once the celebration ended, many returned home except for Daniel and myself. Once alone, we decided to head towards the beach for a talk. When we got there, he gently sat down on a unused hill and scooped me off his shoulder. I found myself in his palm and he gently lifted me to his face.

"It's about time you knew what happened." Daniel said. "Don't say anythng until I'm done."

He explained to me about the pieces of his ancestor's journal. While I listened, he continued on with the fact that he began reading it and got intrigued, even though his parents thought he was insane. As he continued to speak, I remember reading about this before, up to his ancestor's trial and departure from both Liliput and Blefuscu. Well it took over 300 years for our emperor and Liliput to realize how much we took for granted in his ancestor's kindness. Between then and now, I knew that I finally had some questions answered.

"There's more to it." I said.

Daniel looked at me with a confused look on his handsome face as I stood up on his huge and soft palm. Ever since he arrived here, I was first afraid of him due to his height. He didn't let his height fool us, especially when he was careful in holding Sydney, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my grandparents and me in his hand without hurting us. I was glad he was here and it's the only thing that counts.

"What do you mean, Melina?" he asked me.

"After I confessed to you about my guilt." I said. "I didn't even mention that I was harboring a love for you in the days that you arrived here."

That when I blushed again. It was embarrassing that I mentioned that and probably wished I didn't say that. I looked up at Daniel who stood up to his full height. I was wondering what he was doing. Eventually, I got my answer soon enough as he gently planted a kiss on my cheek. I suppose it didn't matter as much as he felt the same way as I did. He broke the kiss and held me closer to him.

"I know." Daniel said. "I saw you blush. It wouldn't matter as much. You've been through so much and remained strong."

"True." I said.

I told him about my rough times with my ex-husband, Vicos and leaving behind my parents and twin brother in Blefuscu. I know he'll have a chance to meet them soon. I figured that because I remembered my grandfather and uncle Paclos mentioning that my family would be here within a week.

"We should head back." Daniel said.

I agreed and this time he gently lowered me into his breast pocket. Once I was inside, I felt him walk back to Macaros. He was careful in not crushing on anything or anyone below him. As I saw him walk past my house, I realized what was going on. I knew he and I would be sleeping together in his bed again. I knew why this was the case. I left my nightgown in his house and I didn't want to go back for the night. After we arrived in his house, Daniel closed the door and walked into the kitchen. I knew he would've wanted me to wash my face off from my make up. Which is why he filled up water in a bottle cap.

"I'll be back soon." he said. "I need to change out of this."

"Ok." I said.

When I began washing my face, I knew he left to give me privacy. It helped a bunch and soon my face was cleared of all the makeup I've worn. I waked over to the paer towel and torn off a picece big enough for me to dry off. Once done, I grabbed my nightgown and changed out of the dress I worn. I felt more relaxed in my puple nightgown and walked out, holding my dress and undergarments in my arms. Then I looked up to see Daniel in his pajama pants. I tried hard not to blush but it's hard not to. I knew that he saw that from me and gently lowered his hand down next to me. I climbed in and felt him lift me to his face.

"Ready." Daniel said.

I noded and felt him walk into the bedroom. Once inside, I gently dropped my stuff on the nightstand and felt him sat down on the bed. I wanted to know what is going on inside his thoughts.

"Daniel." I said. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Well." he said. "Two days ago, I had a hard decision to think about. I know if I stay here, I'd have to sacrifice everything I had left in England to give Sydney what she needs the most."

I figured that would come up sooner or later. Somehow I knew that Daniel was thinking about wheter or not he should stay with us or return to England.

"And if you decide to return?" I asked.

He stayed silent for a moment as I looked up at him thinking. If he did return to his home, it was his decision. I didn't want my guilt returning at all and I felt like it would hurt me again. Fortunately he looked down at me with a smile on his face and I knew my guilt wouldn't affect me.

"I only have a few things there left of me." Daniel said. "And I felt if I left for England, I'd make a bigger mistake in leaving you and Sydney victims to your ex-husband."

I knew he mean that he'll be staying to give both me and my daughter a sense of peace. I couldn't be more happier and wanted to hug him. Instead, I felt him lift me to his face. I stood up and kissed his lips. Pretty soon I felt him return the kiss back to me and I just relaxed. Soon after, he broke the kiss and lowered me to the pillow, next to his. I climbed into the sheet and felt him do the same. Finally, we went to sleep. By the next morning, I woke up again and looked over to see Daniel still asleep on his side of his bed. I thought of ways in trying to wake him up. Before I could execute any of the ideas I have in my head, I noticed him wake up. He turned around to face me and lowered his hand next to me. Whein I climbed in his palm, he gently lifted me to his face and slowly stood up to his frame.

"Morning, Melina." Daniel said.

"Morning, Daniel." I said. "How was your sleep?"

"It was good." he said.

I figured we'll have breakfast before he has to take me back to my house to change. I knew this was coming and he'd probably wants to spend time with both me and Sydney. Before we get that chance we heard the knock on the door.

"I'll see who it is." Daniel said.

It's probably Sydney whose wondering where I was since I didn't return home. We'll see soon as he headed towards the door and opened it. I looked down to see my daughter in her jeans and t-shirt. Then I noticed her carrying a spare change of clothes and my sandals.

"Mom." Sydney said. "Daniel."

I looked over to see him lower his hand next to her. I noticed her having a bit of trouble climbing into his hand due to holding my clothes. She figured out that dropping the clothes and my sandals into his hand is probably a good idea and did so. It worked and she was able to climb into his hand. Once she climbed into his hand to join me, he gently lifted her to his face and stood up to his full frame. Then he walked towards the table and gently set us and my clothes down. When we're safely on the table, headed off to make breakfast. I hope this time, there wasn't going to be another attempted giant attack, like last time. Sydney looked at me after Daniel left.

"Mom." she said. "What happened after the celebration?"

"I'll tell you later." I said. "I wil tell you though that the medal that is usually used as neck wear is being used as a ring."

"I saw that last night." Sydney said. "Didn't you come home last night."

"I got tired last night." I said. "I crashed at Daniel's house."

I started to blush as I replayed last night when I finally confessed to him that I was in love with him. As Daniel continued to cook, I headed to a place big enough to hide me as I changed into the clothes Sydney brought me. I would have to carry my dress and my heels back to our house to put away in my room. I'd also take a quick shower and clean house for the arrival of my family. Once I emerged in the clothes my daughter picked out for me, we noticed Daniel coming towards the table with breakfast. We moved out of the way as he gently set the plate down and headed back into the kitchen to grab something to drink. I mean we have a giant who can cook and quick to protect us from Vicos and the other giant.

"Mom." Sydney said. "Can he see you blush?"

"He can." I said. "I won't deny it."

After he returned with the drinks, he sat down and we ate breakfast. During that time, I wanted to ask him about the giant he fought with a while back. I'll wait until after we're done eating. Unfortunately for me, he knew what I was going to ask him and decided against asking me until after Sydney leaves. Once breakfast was done, I noticed Daniel wiping his mouth with his napkin. Then he lowered his huge hand next to Sydney. Even though she's used to climbing into his hand, she still looks up at him and asks for permission to do so.

"You can climb in." Daniel said. "I won't hurt you."

She climbs onto his hand and settles herself on one of his fingers. He gently smiles as he lifts her to his face. He's pretty much used to holding us on his palm. He gently lowered his finger from his other hand towards her and gently rubbed her forehead. Sydney giggled as Daniel continued to pet her with his finger. She was smiling which made him smile further. I watched her enjoying her time with him. I enjoyed spending time with him too. After a few mintues, he stopped petting her.

"You like that." Daniel said. "I know."

"Yes I do." Sydney said, looking up at him.

She noticed him smile more and planted a small kiss to her forehead. Unlike the times where he had kiss me, this on was more fatherly. He broke the kiss and gently set her down on the table. I knew what he's going to do, he picked up the plate and headed into the kitchen to wash it along with the cups and silverware. Once he was done, he headed into his room to change clothes. During that time, I turned to Sydney who looked pretty wet. It was evident that Daniel kissed her, although it was a wet one.

"Let me dry you." I said.

We headed towards the parts of the napkin that was unused and proceeded to dry her off of his saliva. It took a while, but I managed to get her dry. Once done, we noticed Daniel emerging from his room in a grey tank, blue shorts and sandals. Holding a white shirt with buttons, I noticed it had pocket, so my dress and shoes were inside. He gently took my nightgown and put it in the same pocket.

"Would you two like to spend more time with me?" he asked.

Sydney and I looked at each other and nodded our heads. I was evident Daniel lowered his hand next to us and we climbed in immediately. I looked over to his ring finger and noticed the medal still there. He probably decided to wear it as a ring. We felt him put us inside his other pocket and headed to the kitchen to pack a drink and a sandwich, we could get hungry along the way. The he headed outside his house. We knew he was walking and peered out of the pocket. It was a nice day to spend time with him and Sydney.

"Mom." she said.

"Yes." I said. "Where is Clair and her family?"

"They left." Sydney said. "After I arrived in Daniel's house."

I knew that too, since Clair said she and her family were leaving in the morning. As we slid back into the pocket, we felt him stop and we heard shouts of help coming from another town called Kalinta. Daniel heard the shouts and headed towards the town, being careful in not crushing the cars, houses or the people below them.

"Mom." Sydney said. "What is it?"

"Someone wants help." I said. "We'll find out soon."

As we arrived in Kalinta, Daniel smelled smoke coming from one of the apartment complexes. It was on fire and the fire fighters were battling the blaze, while the people watched in horror. During that time, Sydney and I saw a small boy hanging on the railings of the balcony. We didn't need to tell Daniel about the boy, because he noticed him there. He also knew the ladders used in the rescue isn't long enough to reach him. He didn't waste any time as he walked towards the boy, who was on the verge of losing his grip and held his hand underneath him.

"It's ok, little one." He said, gently. "You can let go."

The tiny boy was nervous when he saw Daniel's gentle smile on his face. He later calmed down and let go of the railing. The boy fell two feet and landed onto his huge palm. We breathed a huge sigh of relief and the people cheered as he lowered the boy down to be reunited with his mother.

"Thank you." she said.

Daniel smiled and knelt down to see the boy holding one of his fingers to hug. He was grateful for being saved and removed himself off the hug. After that we felt him stand up and we continued our way, back to Macaros. Once we arrived near his house, we felt him stop as he gently lowered himself onto the ground without crushing anyone below him. He gently reached into his pocket and gently pulled us out. He gently lowered us to his hand.

"Why did he had to put us in his pocket?" Sydney asked me.

"He doesn't want us to fall off his hand while he walks." I told her. "He just want us to be safe."

As we continued to spend time with Daniel, my cell phone rang and I knew this was Uncle Paclos. As I talked to my uncle, he told me there was a problem with immigration.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Your parents are under quarrantine." Paclos said. "Due to the outbreak from Blefuscu."

Once I heard the words Quarrantine under my parents, it schocked me right away. I was looking forward to introducing Sydney to them for a long time and now there a delay in that.

"For how long?" I asked, shaking. "And what about Adam?"

"For a month." Paclos said. "Adam's fine. He and his wife were the only ones who weren't put under Quarrantine."

No. I thought to myself. Quarrantined for a month. This isn't fair. Even though I was happy that Adam was ok and he'll be meeting Sydney soon, I was upset at the same time that my parents would be confined in a room for a month. While I hung up, I tried to act like everything was ok. Sydney didn't seem to notice but Daniel knew something was up. I knew that he'd sense something was up and probably lowered his hand down to let Sydney out to play with her friends. Once he saw her leave, Daniel turned his attention to me and once more lifted me to his face. I knew he wanted to talk to me about something.

"What is it Melina?" he asked. "I know you're trying hard not to show sadness. I can see it thought."

"I know." I said.

How can I tell him about my parents under quarrantine because of some infectious outbreak they have gotten from Blefuscu? I mean this isn't something I didn't want to tell him, but I know I had to since I couldn't had a lot from him. I held my breath in for a second before.

"My uncle called me." I said. "My parents and my brother arrived here in Liliput."

"That great." he said. "But why are you sad?"

"Daniel." I said. "My parents are under quarrantine for a month because of the infection from Blefuscu. My brother, Adam and his wife didn't have that and therefore they was cleared."

He understood why I was upset about what happened, but there was nothing we could do about it. The government had ordered that there's to be no contact with the people in the quarrantine holding cells until this had passed. He was also happy that he'll be meeting my twin brother for the first time. It'll be nice for him to bond with Adam. I thought. As I looked away I noticed Sydney walking towards a man in a green polo shirt and blue jeans with dark hair in spikes. I asked Daniel to let me down so I could confront the man. When he did, I headed towards the direction where my daughter was at. Once I arrived there, I was about to go to defense mode.

"Look." I said. "Stay away from my daughter. I don't want...."

This was until he took off his sunglasses and revealed his blue-grey to me.

"Adam." I said.

"I thought you recognized me." Adam said. "I haven't seen you since...."

"19 years." I said. "It's been a long time."

"I know." Adam said.

We hugged each other and I was glad he was ok. I broke the hug and introduced him to Sydney.

"I already met her." Adam said. "She's your daughter."

"I know." I said. "I'm sorry for screaming at you. I thought you were my ex-husband, Vicos."

Adam didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. So I ended up telling him about the whole thing about my ex-husband and how he was emotionally and verbally abusive to Sydney and I. As I finished my story, I could tell that he was upset at Vicos' mistreatment towards us.

"He had no right to treat you this way." Adam said. "Where is he?"

"In the Mildendo Maximum Security Prison." I said. "He's going to remain there for the rest of his life."

I looked over to Sydney as she ran towards Daniel with his hand in the palm up position. Then I turned my attention to Adam who has fear in his blue eyes. I wasn't surprised by this at all. I knew all along that he would be afraid of him.

"Would he hurt me?" Adam asked me, nervous.

"No." I said. "Daniel's a gentle giant. He wouldn't hurt a person. He thinks it's too barbaric to do that."

Adam and I walked towards Daniel with Sydney in hand. He looked down at us with a smile on his face. I walked closer to him without any fear around him. My brother slowly followed and I could tell that he was nervous. Daniel looked down at him and immediately knew why Adam was nervous with him. To all of Liliput and Blefuscu, he was a 200 foot tall giant.

"I'm not here to hurt you." he said. "I know my size scares you, but I don't mean any harm."

Adam nodded his head and finally climbed into Daniel's huge hand. Then he gently lifted us towards his face. I knew Adam was nervous as heck upon meeting Daniel for the first time. I couldn't blame him for being this way. I was nervous too when I met him on the first day he arrived in Liliput. On the other hand, Sydney displayed no fear around him and she climbed into his hand without problems. When he gently lifted us closer to his face, we felt him slowly stand to his full height. Once he stood at his size, he looked towards Adam who was trying to hide from him, via me.

"I'm" Adam sputtered. "Are you going to eat us?"

I didn't get a chance to answer him as Daniel asked me to move away from my brother. I had a hard time trying to convince him that he should let go of me. When he did, I moved closer to my daughter and Adam was trying to be brave.

"My name's Daniel." he said. "I don't eat people or hurt others. It's too barbaric."

Adam nooded and finally calmed down after hearing that Daniel thinks hurting and eating others were too barbaric for him. It was something that he didn't want to be. As they got to know one another, his fear for Daniel finally dissapated. Adam turned away for a few minutes and noticed a medal on his ring finger.

"When did you get this?" he asked.

"I got this during the celebration." Daniel said. "That was after my fight with the other giant. He tried using his size to conquer this place before."

"We saw him fight on tv." I said.

Adam nodded his head as he smiled up at Daniel. He saw him smile back and knelt down so he can get off his hand. I heard him telling me, he's staying with Paclos until he can find a suitable house to live in. I can only hope that our parents can get out of the quarrantine within a month. My mind was with my daughter and Daniel, but my heart was on my parents. Later on that night, I told Sydney about her grandparents in quarrantine. She was upset but understood right away.

"We'll get through this." I told her. "I know we will."

We can only pray for a miracle to help us through our time of need. My parents were in quarrantine and my uncle, Paclos is fighting for their early release. For now, I can try convincing him to wait out the month until they're released. By the next few weeks, I recieved a letter from the Department of Health and Immigration. We're relieved with the progress my parents were showing. Maybe there is hope for their release.

"You're finally going to meet your grandparents." I told her.

Sydney nodded her head and headed off to school with Adam with her. He settled in his new home and currently he and his wife, Evane got jobs to make money to pay for their loft. I had to work again today and as usual I packed up a snack to eat and water to drink. When I got to work, I put my stuff away and went to work with the sorting. As I pulled up the new fashions to put on a mannequin, Clair showed up with a bottle of beer in hand. I studied her face and it looked like she hadn't slept for weeks. Her blue eyes were bloodshot and her strawberry blonde hair was a mess. She was definitely pale around her face and her entire body. She almost looked like she'd lost weight, despite seeing her slender figure.

"Clair." I said. "You know Mr.Terwill's going to have a fit with you if you don't get rid of the beer bottle."

"Who cares." she said. "My life's a living hell."

"Would you like to tell me about it?" I asked her, as I finished with dressing the mannequin.

As I grabbed a red wig to put on it, Clair looked like she was going to throw up soon. When I finished putting the wig on the mannequin, I grabbed her and took her to the ladies room. I gave her privacy as she threw up in one of the toilets. During that time I saw my friend, Flembin walk towards me. He has been nice to me since I helped him choose a tie for his client to try in. Needless to say he was impressed and recommended him and me again.

"Melina." he said. "How are you?"

"I'm good." I said. "My parents are recovering in quarrantine and Syd's finally going to meet her grandparents for the first time."

"That's great." he said.

Flembin and I turn for a few seconds to hear Clair throw up. We turned away clearly disgusted on what we heard. It was obvious that he saw her walk in with a bottle of beer to work. His dark eyes told me, he didn't like what he heard.

"I've never seen her at her worst." Flembin said. "I mean she was always groomed and dressed for business. Just seeing her like this surprised me."

"I know." I said. "She was always dressed in her best, ready for work. This isn't the first time I saw her like this. I mean when she's at home, not work. I'll find out from her cow of a friend Luann."

"Lulu hates it when anyone make fun of her weight." he said. "Especially when someone at work say 'Moo' behind her back."

"I know." I said. "But I meant that in a ditzy manner, not her weight problems. My ex-husband, Vicos alway poked fun at her with insults about her weight."

Clair comes out the bathroom after flushing the toilet. I ended up convincing our boss, Mr.Terwill to let her go home and my uncle to drive her there to sleep it off at his house. I went back to work for the rest of the morning. During my break, Luann walked up to me and said we need to talk. She suggested we go to Macaros Pizza Kitchen to eat. So I grabbed my purse and followed her there. After we ordered our food and drinks, I faced her.

"What is this about?" I asked her.

"Clair's husband and her sons left her." Luann said. "For four days, she's been drinking and her house became a total mess. She was evicted out of there due to her refusal to pay her fines and is living in her father's house."

"That's bad." I said. "I couldn't imagine her homeless at all. She didn't want to talk about it with me. I guess I was overexcited with my parents and my brother, Adam arriving here, that I didn't pay attention to Clair."

"I know." Luann said. "I would be if my family had arrived from Blefuscu. You remember your ex-husband Vicos."

"How can I forget?" I said. "He abused me and our daughter verbally and emotionally. Why did you ask?"

"He insulted my weight." she said.

How can I forget? Vicos was always notorious for poking fun at plus size people and it was not funny at all. Well we didn't talk about Vicos anymore as we ate lunch. I looked over to Luann who ordered water and a salad which tells me that she wants to lose weight for herself and her boyfriend, Quentin. I had the same salad with peach iced tea. After, we're done, we headed back to work. As I continued to work, downstairs with another mannequin in another dress, my co-workers and I felt the ground tremble. I knew this was Daniel because who else, but the other giant who came here made those footsteps. Ran to the second floor to get a better look as he continued to walk. He stopped to notice me through the glass and smiled at me. I smiled back as he continued to walk around. My guess is he's going to head south to look at another town called Navko, another city-port.

"You like him." Flembin said.

"Yes." I said. "He's a good man and he's great around my daughter."

"I know." he said. "Clair has just lost it completely."

"What happened?" I asked him.

He told me that after Clair slept at my uncle's house, she showed up to work and screamed at Mr.Terwill for not giving her money. Now with living with her father, it has gotten worse as the government began cleaning the house up from it's mess, due to the complaints from her former neighbors. I've dealt with different kinds of depression before, but I wouldn't let my house be a mess. I keep my house in order the same way that everyone else including Daniel has done before. Clair needs to find a way through this and soon. Regardless of that case, I had to talk to her when she calmed down. So that night I thought up ways to talk to her as my uncle Paclos brought Clair here for the night. She started to feel a lot better about herself although he and Mr.Terwill prefer that she get some help to stable herself until then. That means I'll have to work overtime and cover both her and my shifts and Daniel will have to watch Sydney for the a couple of nights.

"So have you started to seek professional help?" I asked her.

"I'm trying." Clair said. "Although I have to convince the government that they should give me my house back."

"The key factor is sobering up." I said. "I've had depression on me for the previous five years I was married to Vicos. I didn't submit to depression because it didn't do me and Sydney any good to be hurt. I try and remember that I have a family that loves me."

"That true." Clair said. "Let's not forget Daniel's arrival here. He actually made you and her feel better about yourselves."

I nodded my head as she began crying her eyes off. She confessed that she had cheated on her husband with a co-worker for six weeks without him knowing about it. A few days ago, he found out about the affair, via Adam and filed for divorce from her. I just found out about that eariler from Luann. I comforted her for a while and she started to feel better about herself. She still has a long way to go and she sought out professional help. On the other hand, I worked overtime doing both Clair and my shifts. Mr.Terwill couldn't be happier as I showed him progress. He later promoted me from the stocks to saleswoman to the latest fashions, which was fortunate as I love helping women try on the clothes. I came home with a bigger paycheck to see Sydney finishing up her homeowrk with Adam. When she finished, she ran towards me and hugged me.

"Hi Mom." she said.

"Hi Sydney." I said. "Guess what. I just got promoted to saleswoman."

"You got promoted." Adam said. "That's great."

As we celebrated for the night, I got word that mom and dad has an early release and we were happy about it. It means that Sydney would finally meet her grandparents and they'll also meet Daniel. By the next morning, Sydney and I awaken to another scream. Who'd be screaming at six o'clock in the morning? I'm trying to get some sleep as this is my day off and Clair's back to work. I ran down the stairs to investigate. When I did, I turn on the t.v and saw another giant arrive on Liliputan soil. He was a lot older than Daniel was. His hair was gray and he was tied down. I wondered if he knew this giant. I'll find out from him soon. Then I heard a gentle knock on my daughter's window. I opened the door to find him there.

"Daniel." I said. "It's six in the morning. I don't work today."

"Ohh." he said.

"Do you know about another giant that arrived here?" I asked. "The one with the gray hair."

Daniel looked down at me before gently picking me up into his hand. He raised me closer to his face and I didn't have to look around. I knew I was sitting on his palm without looking down to see it. I wanted to ask why he did that without asking me. I decided against it, not wanting to upset him. I hoped he didn't noticed what I was thinking and answer my question. To my dismay, he peered down at me and knew what I was wanting to ask him. Oh boy. I thought. He saw that again. I suppose we're both connected somehow though my abilities.

"I don't feel comfortable talking to you on the ground." Daniel said. "I can't see and hear you, that's why I picked you up. and the man you saw on the tv was my father."

"Your father is here in Liliput." I said. "How did he arrived here?"

"We'll find out soon." he said.

He held onto me as he stood up to his full height. Sydney closed the door of the house and peered out of her bedroom window. We didn't wait long as we heard thundering footsteps coming from the city and his father was coming closer to us after breaking out of his binds. I know Daniel would be happy to see his father again. One thing has been bothering me though, how is he going to react around us. I was going to get my answer soon enough as he arrived here. He was easily the same height as Daniel is, except he's middle-aged. For an instant, I was expecting him to ignore me and talk to his son. I was surprised that he looked down at me with a gentle smile on his face.

"It's ok, little one." he said. "I won't hurt you."

His father lowered a hand closer to Daniel's hand, motioning me to climb in. I was nervous as heck and huddled near his fingers for comfort. Daniel noticed me very nervous, brought me closer to his chest and comforted me. His father looked at him while he was comforting me.

"Dad." Daniel said. "Melina's very nervous about being held in your hand. Just give her a few minutes with me. Her daughter, Sydney is a lot braver and she is."

Sydney came out of the house, via the balcony door and sat down on the table as his father peered down at her tiny form. As usual, she displayed no fear and got closer to him. I looked over to Daniel as we both saw his father gently kneel down towards Sydney. He lowered his hand next to her, motioning her to climb in. We saw her climb into his hand without any fear in her eyes.

"Aren't you an adorable child?" he said.

Syndney blushed at his father's compliment. It was a long time since someone had called her adorable, after my ex-husband called her a waste of his time. She stood up and faced him.

"Thank you." she said

Daniel can still tell that I was scared for her life as well as mine. He lifted me away from his chest so I could face him. Or at least his huge, handsome face. I turned away from his four tree like fingers that I used to turn away from his father's glance.

"I know you're afraid of my dad." he said. "But he means you or anyone else no harm."

"But how?" I asked him, still nervous around his father.

He gently lifted me closer to his lips and planted a soft, comforting kiss. It helped out as I was losing some of my nervousness towards his father. His breath was warm and it tickled me. Eventually I'm going to have to get over my fears of him soon if I want to be with him.

"Daniel." I said, after he broke his kiss.

He looked down at me as he knelt down. As I wanted to ask him about why his father was here on Liliput, I saw his father knelt down to his level. I didn't have to look for long as he held Sydney in his palm. I stood up as she felt very comfortable around him, which made me feel less nervous. Eventually, I climbed onto his father's hand as she jumped on Daniel. As soon as I looked over to Daniel's father, Gary. I turned away and tried to hide behind his fingers. As I was doing so, he gently lowered his finger to rub my back. As he rubbed my back, I shot a few glances at him and kept my distance. Sometimes I wished I could be brave, like my daughter, Sydney. She didn't have a lot of fear of him and climbed in immediately. It didn't bother her that Daniel and him were giants.

"You don't need to hide from me." Gary said. "I mean you no harm."

I look up at him and felt much better. I slowly turned away from his fingers. I knew he wanted to gain my trust. I touched the tip of his finger. I looked up to see him smile and this also made Daniel smile as well. Finally I stood up on his hand.

"I'm glad you're starting to trust me." Gary said. "What did you do for a living?"

"Well, I work at a clothing store." I said. "I spent my college major in business. I used to work at a pub as a waitress, since I had to help pay the bills for me and Sydney to survive living with my ex-husband."

"Your ex-husband sound bad." he said.

"Vicos was horrible." Daniel said. "He verbally and emotionally abused both Melina and Sydney. When he lost custody, he stalked them. He tried to take her daughter away."

Gary was surpised on how much his son knew about what happened to us. Like his son, he was also upset at our mistreatment and didn't want to be the same way. He told me about his relationship with his son. He revealed that since Daniel read about their ancestor's journal, he wanted to see Liliput. Other than that, they were close and didn't approve of Anna's current cheating with his brother, Nick.

"I was born in Raviras, Blefuscu." I said. "I have a twin brother named Adam and my parents here. My father made a living as a businessman in a fishing market and my mother was a doctor. It was good times until the Blefuscudian Civil War began. I left with my relatives and their families. This was 19 years since I saw them."

I look over as Daniel caressed my face with his finger. I know that he and I have a connection with each other. Not only with my abilities but it was also with Sydney as well.

"I see you and my son like each other, Melina." Gary said.

I blushed as he looked at me and to Daniel, then back at me. Then I remembered what I was going to tell Gary about my ex-husband, Vicos Mariner. Even though I knew he felt the same anger on him as his son did, especially after he mention about his attempt to take Sydney away from me. I looked over to him, fully trusting him enough to let him hold me in his hand.

"That isn't all." I said. "When Vicos and I were married and living in Mildendo, he worked as a shoe salesman. He took pleasure out of insulting plus sized people."

When I was married to Vicos, he was working at the shoe store as a shoe salesman. The word that I can only describe him is a misanthrope. He hated his job and took some of his hate on plus sized men and women comes into to the store to try on some shoes. He grab out the shoe size that she claims that she wears and he tries to put the shoe on her feet. He ends up jamming it in and she looks impressed. Then Vicos had the nerve to say fat insults that made the plus sized customers file complaints on him. When he came home in the loft, I looked over to him with complaint mail about his fat insults to the customers. He made comments about a plus sized woman that wanted to try on shoes.

"I said it'll be a long time before I help you out." Vicos said. "Then she filed another complaint form and insert into the complaint box. Then she said, I rather take my business somewhere I'm treated with respect. I said like the moon."

"Vicos, that's what I wanted to talk to you about." I said. "For the past few years, I've been receiving dozens of complaint mail from your boss and your customers."

"Oh." Vicos said "You mean the mail you're looking at."

I looked at him in anger as he continuously looked at the complaints I recieved from the mail. There was no doubt other didn't have a lot of disrespect for me, but they hated Vicos for being a misanthropic shoe salesman that make fat insults to get him through the day.

"This is the kind of thing that'll get you fired from your job." I said. "Vicos, I have to work, go to school, and take care of Sydney at the same time. I can't stand it if we lose the loft because of you insulting plus sized women. I can't stand it every time you do that."

As I ended my storyline about his pleasure on insulting his customers, Gary and Daniel were even more disgusted with Vicos. I can tell that if Vicos saw them nearby the Mildendo Maximum Security Prison, he'd be scared of them. He was already scared of Daniel and for a good reason, he had the power to hurt him.

"I just can't believe it." Gary said.

"What." I said. "What do you mean?"

"I can't believe that a beautiful girl like yourself with an adorable daughter." he said. "Had to put up with your ex-husband's abuse."

"I was upset about that." Daniel said. "But Melina didn't wait to divorce Vicos, win custody of Sydney and leave him. She just couldn't put up with it anymore. Once I arrived here, shipwrecked, she trusted me with Sydney. I was surprised that she didn't have any fear of me."

I look over to Daniel and smiled at him as he gently petted Sydney's head. It was no wonder that she didn't fear him in the first place. She thought of him pretty much as a friend and a father figure to her more than Vicos ever was.

"It was because, you were more like a father to her than Vicos was." I said. "She felt much safer with you."

Daniel bushed as Sydney grabbed one of his fingers to hug. I know she's young, but she's a very brave in trusting Daniel and his father. That was why I trusted him around her. His father, Gary, it took me a while to get used to him. I hope my parents can come soon. I'd love the whole family to meet them. Before we knew it, both of them gently put us on the ground. When they walked away, I ushered Sydney and myself in our house. I wanted to get dressed and eat breakfast.

"Mom." Sydney said.

"Yes, Syd." I said, opening the refridgerator.

I grabbed two eggs, hollandaise sauce and leftover grilled crab cakes. When I set the stuff down on the counter, I closed the fridge door and cooked up a crab cake benedict breakfast. As I set the plates down on the table. Sydney grabbed the orange juice and set it near the two cups.

"What do you think about Daniel's father?" she asked me.

"I don't know." I said. "I was unnerved by him. When I saw you climb into his hand, he didn't hurt you and I was relieved by that. It took me a while to calm down."

As we ate breakfast, I could imagine Daniel helping his father settle in and hopefully have him change clothes. I admit he's a nice guy and he didn't hurt me. I was accustomed to having him as the only 200 foot giant, that Gary's arrival surprised me. I'm sure the rest of the Liliputans will be used to having two giants in the country. The morning wears on as I turned on the tv for the news. I heard more bad news on Blefuscudian Civil War. It doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. I wondered to myseld on why didn't Adam and our parents leave the same day I left with my relatives. I'll find out from them when they're out of quarrantine. To take my mind off the civil war, I looked over as Sydney was rechecking her homework for school. She's always focused on her school, especially when she finishes homework before the school ends. I heard knocking on my door. I got up, turned off the t.v an opened the door. When I did, I saw Luann standing there.

"Lulu." I said.

"Melina." Luann said. "May I come in?"

"Sure." I said.

I let Luann in the house as Sydney stopped working on her homework and walked out of her room. I introduced Sydney to her. She liked my daughter's manners and headed back into her room to put her homeowrk away.

"Sydney's such a good girl." I said. "She's much better off with me than her father. Daniel's been sweet to her, my relatives and me."

"I know." Luann said. "I just don't understand how you two put up with Mr.I-Make-Fat-Insults-To-Get Me-Through-The-Day."

"Luann." I said. "Vicos is Sydney's biological father, but he doesn't have joint custody."

"I don't want him to." she said. "Look at what he did to my friendship with Beckie. If it hadn't been for you and Clair, I wouldn't have survived."

We sat there in silence as I tried to come up with something else to say. During that time, Beckie and Luann used to be great friends. They did a lot of things together like Marquina and I did. One time, Luann found out her friend worked at Ceci's Shoe store with Vicos, who insulted her weight. Ever since then, Clair and I helped pick up the broken pieces of her friendship and moved on.

"So what brings you here?" I asked her.

She told me exactly what she needed for Mr.Terwill's costume party. Unfortunately, I had to stay home for Sydney's sake. I helped her out the door and she left. With each day, the Liliputans got accustomed to having two giants in Liliput. Considering the previous giant attacks, we know we can sleep better with them around. One month later, my parents were released from quarrantine and they were happy about it. Thye're currently staying with Sydney and me due to Paclos' house being full and Siba already has Selima, Adam and his family living in her loft. My house had more space for them to live in. Sydney looked over at her grandparents, for the first time in her life. She already knows her paternal grandparents. She hasn't see or known her grandparents on my side of the family. Sure she knew her Great-Aunts, Great-Uncles and Great-Grandparents. This here might be her first time to meet them.

"Mom, dad." I said. "This is your granddaughter, Sydney. Syd, these are your grandparents, Vadio and Kitara."

At first, it was a bit nerve racking, but my parents calmed down to get to know her. I explained to them about the situation with Vicos Mariner. My dad was angered that he would treat us that way and my mother wanted to use her abilities to hurt him.

"Melly." Kitara said. "Vicos wasn't a man I would've prefered you to be with. You should've used your abilities to hurt him."

"Mom." I said. "I didn't want others to percieve me as a freak. I eventually did use it."

As the next day comes, my parents got to know their granddaughter better. I still have another hurdle to face. How can I introduce them to Daniel and Gary? Thye'll be nervous around them right away, just like I was when I first met Daniel. Who could blame my parents for being scared of them? They're 200 feet tall, but don't let their size fool them. They have no intention on hurting others smaller than them for their own gain and eating them are to barbaric.

"Mom, dad." I said. "What's wrong?"

"Are those...." My mom began.

She didn't get a chance to finish up what she was going to ask me. We felt the ground tremble, but Sydney and I knew who were making those trembles. My parents just wanted to turn around and run inside the safety of the building. Sydney and I knew this was Daniel and his father coming towards us. My parents were nervous as heck the trembling footsteps came closer to us. I know they just wanted to run away from them, but I want them to know that neither he or Gary have any intention of hurting them. As the tremblings my parents looked up at them with gentle smiles on their faces. This caused my parents freaked out continuously.

"Mom." I said. "That's Daniel and Gary."

"Melina, they're giants." Kitara said.

My parents looked at me and Sydney. I know their scared and wanted to run from them. They looked over at us, wondering why we and everyone else werent scared of them.

"Grandma." Sydney said. "We know, but thet didn't hurt us or anyone else below them. So you have no reason to fear them."

"Are you sure they won't hurt us?" Vadio asked.

Before I got a chance to respond, I looked up at Daniel as he knelt down next to my parents and gently lowered his hand next to them in the palm up position. He still had his gentle look on his handsome face, the same look he had when he met Sydney and I when he first arrived here.

"We mean you no harm." he said. "Hurting and eating people are to barbaric in our case."

This helped my parents calm down as they climbed into Daniel's hand. It's helping them to know that there are some giants that won't hurt anyone for their own gain. He was a sweet, gentle giant who would rather help anyone below him than use his size for his gain. Sydney glomps one of his father's fingers.

"Sydney." I said. "No glomping on his finger."

Sydney let go of Gary's finger and felt him pet her head. I walked over to him, not feeling nervous around him, unlike the last time. That was only because I was a pessimistic and scared for my life. My daughter on the other hand has no fear of trusting gentle giants and climbs on their hand.

"Oh mom." Sydney said. "Why not?!

I look at her for a few seconds.

"I don't know why not." I said, laughing to myself.

Her dark eyes reminds me of my ancestor Nitaka Motara. She once had brown eyes and brown hair. Her eyes turned blue due to an accident from the lightning in the storm. She lived through Liliput's war with Blefuscu for an argument on how to eat a boiled egg. The Liliputans suggested from the sharp end and Blefuscu suggested from the rounded end. I thought it was stupid of them to go to war just because of disagreements on how to eat a boiled egg.

"Looks like your parents are comfortable around us." Gary said.

I looked over to my parents who was indeed comfortable around Daniel and smiled. I wanted to find a better place for my parents to get comfortable around them without stirring up a scene. Sydney looked up and then suggested we head back to their house. It'll help my parents get more comfortable around them. We felt them walk away from the Downtown Macaros and towards where the giant house.

"We'll be there soon." Daniel said.

My parents were amazed that both him and Gary were careful in watching where they were walking without crusing anything or anyone. All a while I had to come up with ways to tell them about my relationship with Daniel. I know they'll be upset about it at first, but they understand that Vicos treated us horribly.

"I just don't understand why you didn't marry her." Kitara said. "You're a wonderful guy, Daniel."

My face turned red when mom mentioned that. It wasn't the most embarrasing thing she said, but still I want to wait a while. I turned to Daniel who too was blushing furiously. I was surprised that my parents actually like him and didn't think the size difference was a problem.

"I didn't want you guys to reject me." Daniel said. "I mean due to me being a giant to you."

"We won't." Kitara said, reassuring Daniel.

I shot a glance at mom for a few minutes.

"Mom." I said. "I want to wait a while."

I didn't want to marry Daniel right away, not when the entire family hasn't gotten to know his father, Gary. There was a good reason for it. I don't want Uncle Paclos and the rest of my family to be upset at me for marrying again, like my first time. I still had some issues that I wanted to resolve with my ex-husband, Vicos about the custody. I looked down as the mailman dropped the mail into my mailbox. There one letter signed to me by my ex-husband. I used my levitation ability to bring today's mail to me and put his letter away to read later on. I don't want anyone to know that Vicos had wrote to me.

"Mom." Sydney said. "Is that a letter from dad?"

"Probably." I said. "I'll have to read it later on."

As we rrived to the house we noticed Adam and the rest of the family there. They must've found out as well and wanted to get to know them. As they did, I managed to sneak away for a few moments to read Vicos' letter. The only place I could read it is in Daniel's room. When I went into his room, I levitated up to his bed and opened the letter, assuming I was going to get another letter that says Melina, give me back my child. Signed, Vicos. What I read was a suprise to me.

"And a big one." I said to myself.

Melina and Sydney,
I don't know I could start this letter, but I should anyway. I'm really sorry for the way I treated you both, emotionally and verbally. I was always so angry not only at work, but also at my home. I hated the way my father wanted both me and my sibling to compete for his respect. I took my anger out on you for believing you were getting in my way. When in fact you were trying to help me. I hated how I looked at myself, serving time in jail. I didn't want to kidnap Sydney, just spend time with her. I should've asked you first if I could do that instead of trying to steal her away. I was so upset at losing custody of her, that I wanted to hurt you badly. I didn't think about the consequences until my first time confrontation with the giant Daniel. He hated how I mistreated you and Syd, with emotional and verbal abuse. I want you to have full custody of Sydney. She's much better off with you than me. I hope you will forgive me for what I did. Cordially Yours, Vicos Mariner.

As I read the letter, my face went pale for a few seconds. Vicos actually apologized to me in the letter. I didn't think he had feeling in him, considering that he had abused us before.

"Vicos." I said.

I know it was crazy, but he did show a human side of him that didn't make him a complete misanthrope. I've moved on from this and Daniel was more a father to Sydney than Vicos was. After a few months, I finally found closure that made me sigh with relief. I'll tell Sydney and the rest of the family later. As I put away Vicos' letter to me, I had a lot of thinking to do for the moment and I didn't want them to know about the letter, especially not in front of Daniel and Gary. At the same time, if I don't tell them about what my ex-husband wrote. I know for a fact it will eat me away like my guilt of not doing more for Daniel did the first time around. I didn't want to be angry with Vicos anymore so I'll head to Mildendo to forgive him. On the other hand, I learned that Adam headed to Mildendo and visited Vicos the other day. He told him that he didn't want anything to do with him, after what he did to us. I decided not to tell him about the letter. If I did, he'll have an even worse grudge against him.

"This is hard." I said to myself. "How can I tell my family without Adam reacting like a loose cannon? I'll have to figure it out soon."

"I'm not a loose cannon, Mel." Adam said.

I looked down from the floor and saw my brother on the floor. I didn't even have to guess how did he find me here. He followed me here and we both knew that, via silent communication. For those who weren't born twins, it is a psychic connection that is formed within twins. Adam and I are identical twins, but he's taller than me by six centimeters and he was born six minutes ahead of me. Being six minutes younger than him didn't mean I had disadvantages. I developed my abilities before him, plus I remembered where Pier 55 was in Raviras. He levitated up to Daniel's bed, next to me.

"Well I suppose I can't hide it from you." I said. "I got a letter from Vicos."

"Did he apologize?" Adam asked me.

"Yes, he did." I said.

Adam nodded his head as I told him what went on with Vicos while he was in jail, not that he didn't already know. Still I found closure in my life. I looked over to him as he mentioned that mom and dad was interested in seeing Daniel and I married.

"You just want to take it day by day." Adam said.

I nodded my head and put the letter away in my purse. I saw him head back to the living room with the rest of the family. I slowly wanted to come back to them and eat. That was until I saw Daniel come into his room to change his shirt into a cleaner one. He took off the soiled shirt and tossed it into the laundry basket. This was the first time I actually saw his nicely toned chest, since he arrived here, shirtless. As I looked up, I noticed his abs were well defined. His arms and legs had muscles in the right places. Just looking at him change clothes made me blush immediately. He grabbed a clean shirt and turned his attention to me. This made me blush further and turn away or at least I tried to. He knelt down to my level.

"I saw that, Mel." Daniel said.

"I suppose I can't hide that." I said.

"Nope." Daniel said. "We're connected. Anyway Adam told me you got a letter from your misanthropic ex-husband."

I nodded my head. There was no point in denying that, especially when he's right about us connected. Whereas Vicos and I weren't connected so he had no way of telling wheter or not I'm thinking about him. On the other hand, Daniel pretty much figured me out right away and I don't reject him for it. I guess we're pretty flawed in our own way, but he's very sweet.

"I did." I said. "He said he was sorry about what he did to us and he knows that wasn't right of him to do so. He also confessed on why he tried to take Sydney away. He is her biological father with me and he wanted to spend time with her. He admitted he should've asked me instead of hurt me. Honestly, I expected him to say 'Give me my daughter back.'"

Daniel looked down at me and know for a very good reason why Vicos was afraid of him. The last time, they saw each other, my ex-husband knew that he has all the power to crush him without a second thought. I'll only write to my ex-husband only once, but other than that, he know now that he has to keep his distance. I looked up at him, uncomfortable of being on the bed with him staring down at me.

"I don't want to be rude." I said. "But can you pick me up please? My neck hurts."

He quickly puts on his shirt and lowers his upturned hand onto the bed, next to me. I climb into his hand, holding onto my purse. He lifts me closer to his face and stands up to his full frame.

"Thank you." I said, sitting on his soft palm.

Daniel smiled and gently brought me closer to his face for a kiss. I blushed even further despite his lips engulfing me. I guess I never told him about my moonlight dream I had before he came here to Liliput. I had that dream when I was living in my uncle's house with Sydney. During that dream, I was standing in a clear night with a man taller than me with dark hair and dark eyes, more warmer. We embraced for a long time and it ended. Now to think about it, I realised that this was Daniel I dreamed about. Despite the size difference, I know that my family and Liliput does accept him for his kind personality. The kiss is broken and I'm wet once again. It didn't matter as much as he was a good kisser. I know about the hardships Daniel went throughm especially with his ex-fiancee cheating on him with his own brother. At one point, he wanted to end his life and didn't go through with it. I know that he realise that his life isn't over when he got shipwrecked. I gave him a chance to live again and he helped with lowering the scars that were inflicted up Sydney and I by the custody battle and from Vicos.

"I should give you something to dry yourself off." Daniel said.

"That'll be great." I said. "I don't think I want to go back out being wet with kisses."

He hands me a small towel and I dry myself off the best I can. It'll take me a while until I can get my hair dry. As I manage to dry off, I could hear his dad chatting on with my father about what went on in their childhood. I heard his father mention his friendship with Flirtatia and that threw me off. I wasn't the only one though, Daniel was thrown off by it too.

"Who was Flirtatia?" he asked me.

"Our Crowned Empress of Liliput." I said.

I wasn't exactly thown off the fact she was an empress, but at the fact that Gary knew her in his youth. I'm sure we'll find out more as this goes on. He looked at his father, obviously surprised by what he heard from him.

"He never told me." Daniel said.

"Just ask him about what he knows." I said. "I know you're upset, but don't be that angered around me."

He looked down at me and realised I was right. His anger had scared Vicos before and I don't want it to be around me. Gentlly he petted my forehead for a few minutes.

"I won't be upset." he said.

We headed out of his room and acted like everything's ok. My family didn't suspect anything wrong and it continued on. Later on, they went home. As they left, my parents mentioned that they're going to live in the new loft, two days from now. That my aunt, Siba purchased during the success of her couture dress, fashion show. Therefore it'll be just me and Sydney again. After they left, Daniel gently put me down on the tabe with Sydney and turned around to face his father.

"Can I talk to you alone?" Daniel said.

Gary looked over to him and then me and back at him. He knew there was no point in hiding what we just heard. I've seen him angry before and I want him to keep his cool.

"You want to know who Flirtatia was." Gary said.

"She's the crowned empress of Liliput." I said. "Biologically Emperor Pompellio's daughter."

Daniel looked down at me and I turned away immediately. I decided to keep myself busy with food.

"Not only that." Gary said. "I washed ashore on Liliput in late 1970, searching for my father. While my friends and I searched for him, the emperor's daughter, Flirtatia, became my closest friend. She wasn't in love with me, as you and Melina are. She was betrothed to Quentin Lanstrom, a prince from Topania. I didn't want it to interfere with her engagement."

As we heard the story, Daniel understood why his father never mentioned her before. He knew what kind of trouble it would cause among his new friends. It was why he kept thinking about his father and his fiancee back home. When Gary found his father, he took him out of Liliput and home to England. He hasn't been back for 37 years.

"Was it that dangerous to be in a relationship with her?" Daniel asked him.

"Yes." his father said. "I didn't want it to cause conflict with them. It was why I kept my distance with her and not touched her as much. I didn't want to hurt your mother too."

"I see." Daniel said, gently picking me and Sydney up. "This wasn't what I expected, but thank you for being honest."

Gary nodded his head and looked over to us. Normally in the circumstances, he would've told him to be careful about having a relationship. After meeting us and hearing what we went through with Vicos, he decided with getting him and I marred soon. Before Daniel could ask him, we heard the door knock and he answered the door. When he opened the door, it was my parents and they wanted Sydney to come over to our house and sleep. She has school tomorrow and he let them take her home. Once they left, he closed the door as his father faced us.

"Flirtatia and I met on the day I arrived here." Gary said. "She was the crowned daughter of Pompellio. She was kind, caring and respectful. She was willing to make friends and decided to help me find my father. During the search, we got closer with one another. There was a catch though as our relationship grew."

Daniel looked over to me as his father explained how it was forbidden for him to love her due to her engagement to her future husband and current emperor, Lanstrom. He had to keep his new feelings about her to a minimum, due to his relationship to his wife, Lisa.

"I understand dad." Daniel said.

As his father headed cleaned up from the dinner, I looked up at Daniel. I tried to hold back the tears about the story. It was obvious I didn't do too much of good job as he lifted me closer to his chest to hug me. He headed into his room and closed the door. As he lied down on the bed, I felt his heart beat.

"I never knew too." he said. "We'll get through this somehow."

"I know." I said. "But it was sad that he never had the chance to love her. I know it wasn't going to happen, but..."

"They don't love each other." Daniel said. "Not like my parents do and just like you and me. We'll be ok Melina. I know you're usually strong, but it's ok to cry."

I looked up at him and nodded my head. He was right about what he said. His father was in a relationship and Flirtatia was engaged. It was just not meant to be, unlike us. Daniel was here longer than his father was. I was glad that he understood.

"Daniel." I said.

"Hmm." was all he can say.

"I love you." I said.

"I know." Daniel said.

He picked up me up from his chest and sat up on his bed. He raised me to his face, puckered up his lips and planted kisses all over my face. I blushed as he continued kissing me. Soon after, he broke the kiss and I was once again wet from his kisses. I didn't mind him kissing me, despite him being a giant. It was apparent that he saw me blushing.

"I saw you blushing." he said.

"I know." I said. "But you're a good kisser."

There goes the blushing again, but I didn't mind that. He was generally intelligent, kind, handsome. My family like him and definitely want us to marry. Now that I got closure from Vicos, Sydney and I can move on with our lives.

"I suppose you need a bath." Daniel said.

"Only if you join me in it." I said, untying my hair.

He nods his head and carries me into the bathroom. Once there, Daniel closes the door so no one sees us take a bath, nude. He turned on the water while we undressed. After it filled up, he plugged so nothing drips. Then he turned his attention to me and gently picks me up. He steps into the tub and immediately I find myself in between his arms and abs. The bath's helping me as I dunked my head in so I can get rid of the drool that got stuck in my black hair. I've been thinking about what my parents said to Daniel about him and I getting married.

"Melina." he said.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Well...." he said. "You remembered hearing your mother telling me that we should marry."

"Yes." I said.

I looked up at him and sensed he was blushing. Unfortunately I couldn't see his face unless I leviated close enough to do that. Even then I'll feel the cold from being out the warm water.

"That was a lot to take in." he said. "But I'd like to marry you."

I heard him say the words that he'd like to marry me. I blushed even further as he carressed my face with his fingers. I just need something to distract my mind from this. I jumped into the water to clear my thoughts. It helped a little bit, but not as much as I jumped out of the water and climbed back into his arms.

"You would." I said.

Daniel nodded his head as I snuggled his chest. He smiled as he cuddled me in the tub. This was the first time I felt happy to be around him alone in the tub. Eventually I felt him get up and pulled the plug. He continued to cradle me in his arms. I'm not a baby, but somehow it felt right to be around him. He grabbed a small towel. It was big enough to dry his face, but he dried me off first. Then he gently wrapped it around my body and put me down on the sink. He grabbed a bigger towel and wrapped it around his torso. After that he grabbed his dirty laundry basket and tossed his clothes in there. I watched him take them into the laundry room. When he came back he gently picked me up and carried me into his room where closed the door.

"Yes." Daniel said. "I would like for you to marry me."

"I'd love to." I said. "But where's the ring?"

"I'll got the ring for you." he said. "You'll have to wait until I can shrink it down. By the way, you aunt let some pajamas for you."

"I know." I said. "I saw them on your nightstand."

He hands me the parcel containing pajamas. I'd figure that my aunt, Siba knows about the few times I've spent the night at Daniel's house. I'll have to thank her in the morning, but for now I'll just get dressed and walked towards a cranny private enough for me to untie the towel and get dressed. I put on the spare underwear on my body and then the pajamas. When I got out, I saw that he was nowhere to be found.

"Daniel." I said.

"Hmmm..." was all he said as he managed to put some shorts on, but left his chest bare. "Melina, are you ok?

"I'm fine." I said. "I thought you left."

He petted my forehead and reassured me that he'll never leave without letting me know where he's going. I felt much better about it and I know Sydney will be happy to hear that Daniel propsed to me. We decided to go to bed for the night. Tomorrow will be another interesting day for us. As Daniel fell asleep on his side of the bed, I made sure he was fully asleep and snuck out of the room to write my letter to Vicos. I needed him to comply about him seeking professional help with his problems. I know for a fact he'll look for me here in the living room so I have to write it quickly.

"I'll have to get this done soon." I said.

I began writing my letter to my ex-husband. I have some things I need to get off my chest with him before I go to bed. As I wrote the letter, I felt much better about it. Although, I still don't forgive Vicos for what he put us through, but I do accept his apology for what happened. I signed the letter and sealed the envelope. and stuffed it in my purse. I headed back into the room and levitated back onto the bed. I used my ability to put my purse on the nightstand and climbed into my pillow bed. When I finally closed my eyes for a minute, I found myself having an urge to kiss Daniel's lips while he slept. I promised myself no more, but I couldn't resist.

"That will be my last one." I said. "Until we're married."

I climbed up his pillow and planted a kiss on his lips. Then I headed back to my side of the bed. I was unaware that he awaken and scooped me into his hand. Then he sat up on his bed and faced me.

"That was your good night kiss." I said.

"I figured." Daniel said.

He brought me closer to his face and planted kisses all over my face. I blushed furiously as he continued kissing me. The room is too dark for him to see me blush. Although I know for a fact that he can sense it and therefore there's no point in hiding it from him. He breaks the kiss and lowers me closer to his chest for a quick hug.

"That was your good night kiss." he said.

I nodded and he gently lowerd me back onto the pillow. We finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling how I how I usually am. I levitated up to the window. It was raining and I have to go to work today. That means Sydney had to go to school in the rain. So I grabbed my stuff and headed towards the end of the bed. As I was thinking of climbing down, Daniel's father Gary walks in and notices me.

"Morning." he said.

"Good morning, Mr.Gulliver." I said

"You don't have to call me that." he said. "I'm going to be your future father-in-law."

"I know." I said. "I have to get home and get myself ready for work."

He nods his head and Daniel wakes up. He looked over to his father and me. Then he got up to go to the bathroom to relieve himself. I looked over to Gary and he looked back at me.

"Do you even want to see her again?" I asked.

"I'm going to visit the palace later on." Gary said. "I'll drop you off at your house. You need to work and pay bills."

"I know." I said. "I don't want Mr.Terwill having a fit with me being late."

Gary nods his head and got dressed, even though I could walk back on my own. I have only an hour to get ready to go to work and I don't want to disappoint. He picked me up and headed out of the house to my own.

"I don't want you wet and sick." Gary said.

I nodded as he cupped his left hand over me and his right one, so I don't get wet. Once he dropped me off at his house, I thanked him and headed indoors with my stuff. My parents showed up with breakfast on the table for me. I ended up eating wha they cooked.

"Melina." my mother said. "Adam took Syd to school. Did you sleep over there?"

"Mom." I said. "Just for last night, with Daniel."

"He proposed, didn't he." my father said, in Blittu (Blefucuadian language)

"He did." I said as I ate..

When I was done, I got ready for work and walked out in my black suit ready for work. I walked into my car and drove off to work. I normally walk to work, but due to the rain, I decided to drive my car. As I arrived to work, I mailed my letter to Vicos, whose in the Mildendo Maximum Security Prison. I arrived at the store and began unloading when Mr.Terwill snuck up behind me.

"Melina." Mr.Terwill said. "I got something to show you and the employees."

I didn't ask him as the employees and I looked a normal screener and then another one. No one was impressed with it and wanted to go back to work. This was until I saw Vicos in his prison garb from Mildendo strapped up in a chair. Let's just say my friend, Luann, wasn't exactly thrilled to see him again. Clair and I weren't thrilled as well.

"Vicos." I said.

"Why is he here?" Luann asked, obviously upset. "That man is a disrespectful, misanthropic, abusing loon."

Mr.Terwill looked over to us and the others who weren't thrilled to see him again. He explained about the previous times Vicos has made insults at his rival's shoe store that he came up with a way to filter out any fat insults that'll come their way. He also said he'll borrow him for today and return him to Mildendo in the afternoon. We looked over as Vicos made another negative comment about Luann's weight that got him jolted with electricity as a warning for him and a few others who would make some jokes about plus-sized customers. Most laughed at his expense for every attempt for a fat insult. No one said anything else as we went to work. I could tell that most of his former co-workers weren't exactly thrilled to see him again.

"Melina." Flembin said.

"Flembin" I said. "What's going on?"

"I take it no one's happy to see Vicos." he said.

"I know that." I said. "I'm not either. Lulu doesn't want anything to do with him because he insulted her weight."

It wasn't all, he was also rude to his co-workers from the shoe store they used to work for. This is why no one was happy to see him in the first place. They were glad to see him gone lin the late morning as we continued working. As I helped out the clothes and purse accessories. I thought about Daniel and the fact that he propsed to me really would suprise Liliput.

"Melina." I heard Clair call me.

"Clair." I said. "How are you?"

"I'm ok." I said. "I was just thinking about something."

"Let's talk it over lunch." Clair said.

I nodded my head as she, Luann and I headed out to lunch for today. They talked about what was going on with everyone in their own lives. Then I told them about Daniel telling me to marry him, but not out loud.

"Oh my." Clair said.

"Where's the ring?" Luann asked.

I told them about Daniel and the two rings one with his ex-fiancee's name was left in London and the one he showed me, he was going to shrink it down for me to wear it. As we ate lunch I could tell that Luann was tensed up about what happened earlier. Clair looked over to her as she tried to eat her lunch. She was upset about seeing Vicos once again. I knew it all too well.

"You're tensed up about Vicos aren't you." I said.

"Melly." Luann said. "This was something about him that didn't make me trust him."

"I know." I said. "But he's keeping his distance."

He should anyway, now that he knows about my abilities and Daniel's disgust for him. He'll just keep his distance. We changed the topic about Vicos. Both Clair and Luann were indded happy about Daniel and me. As I got back to work, Mr.Terwill looked over at me as I continued accessorising.

"I need to talk about what happened." Mr.Terwill said.

"Mr.Terwill." I said. "I need to tell you that bringing Vicos here was a bad idea. I know more than half of the employees here weren't thrilled to see him again."

"That's true." Mr.Terwill said. "I had to bring him here, for my invention."

"Yes." I said. "But I speak for most of them when I say, this was a bad idea to bring my ex-husband here."

He nodded his head as I punched in my time card to go home for the day. I know for one thing that is when I go home later on, I can spend time with my family and put in an extra hour with Daniel. He's very handsome, intelligent and sweet. I got into my car and drove off for the night. As I drove off, my mind goes though what happened. No one was surprised or happy to see my ex-husband again. They just thought Mr.Terwill was out of his mind in bringing him here. I got home ready to relax, but I still felt over the edge about what happened. There were a lot of thoughts in my mind that bothered me for today. I'll have to tell Daniel about it. He does understand what I feel about this.

"I bet he would." I said.

I headed inside the house and put my purse on the coat hanger. Sydney was watching cartoons with my parents. The looked up at me as I took off my jacket. I just want to take a nice bath before hand. My mother told me Adam came here and heard about Vicos at your work.

"I know." I said. "Most of his former co-workers aren't exactly happy to see him again."

"That man should stay locked up in jail." my father said. "Adam attacked Vicos for what he did to you and Sydney."

"With his powers." I said.

I knew something was up and now I know why. Adam really has gotten into a fight with Vicos as payback for what he did to us. As much as I hated Vicos in the past, I told him I forgive him for what happened. He accepted that, but not my brother and it took five security guards to hold him back. This was despite his abilites that I have as well.

"Where is he right now?" I asked.

"At home." my mother said as she got up and retrieved the dinner. "Mr.Terwill and the officers are willing to drop the charges if he attends 40 hours of anger management."

I wasn't surprised by that at all. Sure I was angry, but I had a better way to hide it from everyone else. Except for Daniel, who can tell something's wrong and not let anyone know it. That's why I've given up on it, because I know I couldn't hide my own feelings from him. I headed upstairs to take a bubble bath. As I relaxed in my own bathroom, door locked. I untied my black hair from it's circular dumpling shape. I kept my thoughts about Daniel as I relaxed. I liked being around him and wouldn't change it for anyone else. I got out of the tub after the bubbles in the bath receded into the drain. I felt more better about the time in there by myself. Soon after I got dressed into my nightgown and headed downstairs to eat. We didn't talk about much as we ate dinner. As we continued to eat, I heard my cell phone ring and I excused myself to answer it. There was no doubt in my mind that this was Adam.

"Adam, you caught us during dinner." I said, in Blittu.

"They're ordering me to undergo 40 hours of anger management classes." Adam said, in Blittu. "I said no, I won't go and I'll fight them in court."

"Adam." I said. "You're being unreasonable. You'll find yourself in jail as well."

"So you want me to go through anger management." Adam said.

"That will help." I said. "It's better than giving mom and dad a heart attack with you locked up with Vicos."

Finally Adam relented and decided to go to anger management for our parents sake. I came inside the house and my parents didn't even ask who it was on my cell phone. They just knew it was Adam on the phone. I convinced him to just go to anger management instead of fighting with my boss in court. It wouldn't have done us any good and he'd be locked up with my ex-husband, Vicos for a long time. Not even he would last a long with my brother. Sydney headed into her room to finish her homework and my parents cleaned up the table enough for me to pay bills to my house. They were surprised that I made a nice income despite me being a divorced mother. It was better than what I dealt with before. My parents were sleeping in the guest rooms. My father being a fisherman in Blefuscu, got a job as one here in Liliput. He recently purchased a boat where he and mom will live at. They wanted to be closer to the sea and Macaros is one of the largest fishing ports. Once I was done with that, I tucked her into bed and headed into my own bedroom. What I noticed on my bed stand was the black velvet box. When I opened it, I found a 20kt gold heart cut diamond ring with my name on it.

"Daniel." I said.

I'll thank him in the morning and tell him how much I love him more than that. Frankly I kept telling myself he knows that and enjoys spending his time with us.

"I probably will too." I said as I climbed into my bed with the lights off.

I headed into bed for the night. Even though I don't have work, I have to help my parents move out of the house and into their new home which is their house boat. As I started to sleep, I felt a light tap on my window. When I turned around, I saw Daniel peer into the window with a smile on his face. I got up from my bed and walked out to the balcony.

"Daniel." I said.

He smiled down at me and lowered his hand. I climbed in and felt him lift me closer to his face. As he did so, he noticed the ring on my finger. I know he caught me at a bad time as I wanted to sleep and it was cold. But it forgivable as I stood up and kissed his lips.

"Thank you for my wedding ring." I said.

Daniel smiled and kissed me back. His kisses were undeniably sweet and warm. He broke the kiss and tried drying me off despite the rain. Then I noticed a gold band on his finger and I wanted to ask him about it. I'll ask him in the morning.

"You're welcome." he said. "As for the gold band, I'll tell you in the morning. Good night Mela."

"Good night Dan." I said, as he gently set me down.

As soon as he left, I headed back inside and closed the door. Once I did that, I headed off to sleep. By the next morning, I noticed my face flustered and blushing. It was from Daniel's good night kiss. I was pretty much used to his kisses that it doesn't bother me at all.

"And it feels great." I said.

"Mama. "Sydney said. "Time to wake up.

I got up and noticed Sydney next to me on my bed. My guess was she was probably scared of the thunder from last night that she came in here. I sat up and hugged her the best I could. She moved away from the hug and noticed the wedding ring on my finger.

"Mama. "she said. "Did Daniel propose to you?"

"He did." I said, blushing.

"Thst's great." she said. "But mama, I noticed dad's letter to us."

I told her about her father writing to us. Vicos did regret the things he put us through. I even talked to him as well and forgave him. Sydney looked at me and told me that she did forgive her father as well. I told her that Adam doesn't feel the same way and hates him for it. I told my brother that he can hate Vicos all he wants, but he won't show it in front of Sydney. I don't want dissension in this family.

"So what do we do now?" she asked me.

"Move on from it and see where it takes us." I said. "You're going to have a wonderful step-father in Daniel."

I noticed my mother coming into my room with my father. From the look of it, their plans to move into their boat are cancelled for the moment due to the bad weather. They're going to stay there until it is over. It worked out for the better as we all knew it was dangerous.

"Adam called last night, didn't he." my mom said.

"Yes, he did." I said. "He said he was going to fight off Mr.Terwill in court. I said just do the 40 hours of anger management classes instead. I told him that if he fights my boss in court, he'll land himself in jail with Vicos and I don't think my ex-husband will last a minute with him. Plus I don't want him giving both of you a heart attack."

They nodded their heads as they noticed my wedding ring on my finger. I told them that Daniel had a gold band on his as well, indicating that we're officially engaged. The first part is the acutal planning of the wedding. Then the first part we have to do is decide who'll do what in the form of the wedding. This was easier said than done as we had to think about that. I mean with the money so tight with the bills and everything else. I know Siba would do something young and elegant with the wedding dress.

"I talked about the dress with Siba." mom said. "But I want you to decide what you want."

I looked at her for a few minutes as I kept my mind occupied with housework. I didn't want to start planning my wedding now. I wanted to take it day by day. I don't want a big wedding, just one with family and friends. I thought up ways to keep my mind occupied for a while. Then the phone rings again and I picked up the phone.

"Hello." I said.

"Melina." Clair said. "Did you tell him to go to anger management, last night?"

"Yes!" I said. "I don't want my parents having heart attacks."

"He ranted something about Terwill holding him back from hurting Vicos." Clair said. "He's there at anger management."

I said to her that I had convince Adam to go to anger management instead of challenging Mr.Terwill in court. He said, he'll do it and lower our parents chances of having a heart attack on their part. I know I wanted to tell Clair I was engaged, but I had to think about Adam first. I know if I hadn't convinced him not to fight Terwill in court, he'd be in jail right now. I hung up the phone and faced my parents and Sydney.

"That was Clair on the phone." I said.

"We know." mom said. "We heard your converstion with her."

"You and Clair were so close with each other." dad said. "She was four years older than you."

"I know." I said. "She was always like an older sister to me when I didn't have Adam to talk to."

I looked away and noticed our empress, Flirtatia out in a robin hood type of outfit. Her hair was silver and tied in lower pigtails instead of my circular dumpling shape and Sydney's bunny ones. She looked distressed and I headed out in my nightgown to retrieve her. I ran towards her in my nightgown. I know the rain is trying to slow me down but I didn't let it. As I continued my way to the empress, I sensed something was wrong. Sure enough I could sense anger from the same giant, Daniel fought off.

"Kitara Bacchio." the giant said, glaring in anger.

Mother knew who he was right away. He was Captain Leech's son, Luke. She knows one day he would seek revenge on her for what she did to his father. I stood up in anger and faced him. He may be Leech's son, but it doesn't mean I won't let him hurt, Empress Flirtatia for his own selfish needs.

"The name's Melina Sanjino." I said. "And you'll stop there."

"Why, you imp..." was all Leech's son said.

Daniel tackled him to the ground once again. From the look of it, it looks like he wasn't too pleased to see him again. He didn't like seeing us hurt and we knew it.

"I told you never to return here." Daniel said.

Luke responded by punching him in the face. It didn't deter him at all as the fight continued. During the fight, I saw Gary pick us up and brought us into the house that they're sharing.

"What is going on here?" Flirtatia said. "Why is Leech back?"

"That isn't Captain Leech." I said. "My mother poisoned him by putting arsenic poison in his food when he captured her in Blefuscu. That is his son, Luke."

"How did you...." Flirtatia asked.

"I'll explain later." I said. "Right now, we need to think about this."

Flirtatia looked over to me as she realized that I was my mother's child. I didn't deny that fact at all, as she faced me. I realized I didn't have any shoes on and I felt Gary massaging my foot with his finger.

"I hope you're all right." he said. "I had to get both of you out of there."

"We're fine." I said. "Thank you."

Flirtatia looked over to Gary and she hugged his finger. Right then and there I know she still has some feelings to him. I didn't ask why or how. I know it's just like how Daniel and I feel around each other.

"It's been a long time, Flirtatia." Gary said.

"I know." Flirtatia said, as Daniel entered the house.

I noticed his cuts and bruises from his fight with Luke, but he drove him out for good once more. I looked up at him and levitated up close to him. For an instant, I hugged his neck tightly and began concentrating on my healing powers. When it was all done, Daniel looked over to me with a smile to his face. It worked as though he didn't bear any cuts or bruises from his fight with Luke.

"Thank you Mela." he said.

"Mela?" Flirtatia asked, confused.

"It's short for Melina." I said.

Daniel walks into his room with me hugging his neck. I knew I was weakened with healing his wounds, but it was worth it. Once inside his room, I feel myself letting go of his neck for a second. Instead of falling to the floor, he held up his hand and caught me without hesitation. I didn't even mind that I was on the soft flesh which is his palm.

"Are you ok? "Daniel asked me, concerned.

"I'm fine." I said. "Just a little....."

I attempted to sit up on the first try, but I couldn't manage it. I was to weakened to even get into a sitting position and stayed in a lying position. Daniel looked over to me and knew why I was weakened. I've used my healing power to heal up his scars and bruises. He held me closer to his huge, handsome face.

"Perhaps you should rest it off." he said.

"Ok." I said, not wanting to fight with him. "But can you stay with me for a while?"

"Sure." Daniel said, sitting down on his bed.

He gently placed me on one of his pillows. As I fell asleep once again, he stayed with me and wrapped his huge finger around me. I began to feel a lot better about it and relaxed through out that. It helped knowing, he was there for me when I need him the most. He stood up and gently closed the door, as not to disturb my rest. Flirtatia looked over to Gary after she saw Daniel close the door.

"His fiancee passed out." he said.

"I don't think I need to know why." Flirtatia said. "Gary, the reason I came here was because of my secret feelings for you. We both know we're both married and...."

"I know we are." Gary said. "But ...."

"Gary." Flirtatia said. "I had to supress my feelings for you because of my engagement to Quentin. At times I wanted to give in to them and tell you I love you."

"I know that feeling." Gary said. "But I was seeing someone else and I didn't want my feelings for you to interfere with it."

"So you know how we both felt." Flirtatia said.

Gary nodded his head as he told her about Lisa, Daniel's mother. As I slept, I heard him telling the empress about her. I never got the chance to meet her as I heard him say that she died in an airplane accident. It was that fatal accident that made Daniel upset about it, aside his own brother sleeping with his ex-fiancee, Anna. Now that he thought about it, maybe she never did love him at all. It didn't matter as he loves me and I returned his love.

"Mela." Daniel said, tapping my shoulder lightly.

"Huh!" was all I said.

"Are you thirsty?" he asked.

I looked over him, groggily before I realised I was indeed thirsty. As I rested, I forgotten that I was thirsty at all.

"Maybe some water." I said.

"Ok." Daniel said. "I'll come back with it."

"Thank you." I said, lying down.

Daniel headed out of his room to get me some water. He walked past his father who was talking to Flirtatia and into the kitchen to retrieve a water bottle. Once he did, he headed back to his room and filled the cap of the bottle with water. I managed to sit up and took the cap filled water he handed me. Then I began drinking it and it helped me heal from my exaustion when I healed his cuts and bruises.

"Feeling better now." Daniel said.

"Yes." I said. "Thank you."

I felt Daniel gently took the bottle cap from me and placed it on the table. The next thing that happened, is that he lowered his hand on the pillow which is next to me. I climbed into his palm and felt him lift me closer to his face. Instead of talking, he planted a sweet kiss on my face and smiled down at me after it. I stood up and faced him.

"So can I return the kiss?" I said.

"Sure." Daniel said, with a smile on his face.

He lowered his face towards me and I planted a big kiss on his huge lips. It felt real good to return the kisses to him. Once I was done, he gently set me onto the bed and removed his shirt once again. This in turn made me blush, just to see him like this. I don't think I could turn away and not have him noticed that. He would've noticed it anyway and I didn't even bother to turn away.

"Mela. "he said. "I saw that."

"I know." I said. "But you look good without a shirt."

I raised my hand over my mouth and clamped it. I didn't exactly wanted to say that, but I did anyway. Now I felt like a total idiot when I said it. I mean I've seen some guys with their shirts off but not one whose 200 feet tall. It didn't deter Daniel as he scooped me into his hand and raised me to his chest for a hug. As he continued hugging me, I felt a sense of psychic ability coming from him. It felt nce that my family and I weren't the only one who felt it. I noticed his gold ring band on his finger.

"Can you tell me about the ring band?" I asked him. "I've already told you about my moonlight dream about you."

"I know you did." Daniel said. "This gold band was what I found during the time I was on my father's boat. At the time, I was still thinking of committing suicide due to Anna's cheating on me with Nick. Unknowingly enough, that storm and the ring were the ones that brought me here to you, Melina."

I recieved a surge of remembrance on the first day before he arrived here. I bought a gold wedding band and sent it away from here in Macaros, when I was dealing with the aftermath of Vicos' anger since he lost custody of Sydney. I never expected to find out that Daniel was the man I was looking for a long time. I was the one who prevented him from committing suicide. For a while, we didn't say anything to each other.

"I'm glad you told me that." I said. "I didn't want you committing suicide just for what happened. I've had my share of break ups before. It's only human to express that emotion."

Daniel stopped hugging me and brought me closer to his face. Once again, he was planting kisses all over me. This time, I didn't stop him and kissed him back. I was blushing even harder than before. Daniel knew how to make me blush as the kisses continued. One way or another I helped him get through his ordeal. At the same time, he helped me through mine. He was everything that every woman wanted even though he's a giant. He's kind, intelligent, handsome and gentle. Anyway the kisses stopped and I was wet again. It didn't matter as much as he give great kisses.

"I suppose I should dry you off." Daniel said.

"Thank you." I said. "But you give out great kisses."

I blushed again as he grabbed a towel and helped me dry off from the kisses. As he was doing that, I turned away to noticed my daughter next to his sneakers. Her hair was up in her bunny style as usual, but she wasn't wearing her school uniform. Then it dawned on me that she didn't have school today and she must've followed Daniel here inside the house.

"Mama." Sydney said.

"Syd. "I said.

Daniel turned around and noticed Sydney near his sneakers. He knelt down and gently picked her up from the ground. I moved the towel out of the way as he gently put her in the same hand as I'm on right now.

"Did my father let you in?" he asked her.

"No." Sydney said. "I followed you in here."

"Why?" I asked her.

"Mama." she said. "Grandma got worried that you might've been killed and she wanted you safe."

"I understand that." I said.

Daniel looked down at Sydney as he gently pet her head. I wasn't surprised that she followed him here. She was worried about me, but I also knew another reason. It was besides the fact that she had started to tap into her abilities and my aunt coming to the house to see if I wanted a dress fitting. It was something else, I should've known that. For the moment though, I didn't stop him petting her. He loves kids and doesn't like abusing them for no reason.

"You don't need to tell me." I said. "It's your uncle Adam."

"Mama." Sydney said. "Clair was on the phone and Adam got into a fight with dad again."

I knew very well Adam had always wanted to get back at Vicos for all the torment he put us through. What astounded me was the fact that Vicos was trying to get his life together in another city and he had the nerve to make negative comments about him. I'm already angry with my brother as it is for losing control of himself. When Sydney told me about Luke being shrunken down to Liliput size and in jail with him. It sent me over the edge further and I struggled with my composure.

"I'll be back." I said.

"Mama." Sydney said.

I teleported outside of the house and sat down on the porch even more mad at Adam by the second. I can't believe he did that again. I forgave Vicos and he didn't like that at all. I put myself in my ex-husband's shoes and I realised that he wanted to be with Sydney as a father. As I was angry, I didn't noticed Daniel stepped out of the house in jeans and a sweatshirt.

"He lost it." he said, stepping outside.

"Adam did." I said. "I forgive my ex-husband and what do I get. My own brother wanting revenge against him. I understand he's angry at Vicos for what happened, but the last thing I wanted was him to be a sociopath."

"I know that." Daniel said. "I saw you leave, upset about it. Although I do understand why Adam's upset with Vicos. He abused you emotionally and verbally and it causes your brother to fight with him. At the same time it's also embarrassing for you and your family to go through this with him.

"Thank you." I said, shivering.

He gently scooped me into his hand and put me inside his pocket with Sydney. It helped warm me up as he turned his attention to the rain. He was in thought as I hugged Sydney in my arms. My thought were the fact he was thinking about his mother. Even though she passed on I know she's still watching him. As for Adam, I'll have to confront him later on at night. He's really setting a bad example for our family and his own.

Mama." Sydney said. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." I said. "I'm just thinking about things."

I never got the chance to tell him the dream I had when his mother came into my house in my size. It kept recurring through out the nights I slept in my house. One night, I woke up to find his mother, Lisa's spirit, in front of my bed. She was wearing a pink sheath dress with white wings on her back. Her golden hair was loose and wavy. Her aquamarine eyes sparkled and shined beautifully. Her smile is that of a mother and a friend's warm smile.

"Melina." Lisa said. "I want to thank you for preventing Daniel from committing suicide. I didn't want him on the path of killing himself."

"Neither did I." I said. "Daniel is a sweet man and I appreciate him for that. I also came out of an abusive marriage with my ex-husband."

"I know that." Lisa said. "Not many people found the courage to get out of anything. You persevered through it all. Daniel's didn't have a good relationship with Anna. She always cheated on him and her true love was with Nick. You were more of my choice and he loves kids."

I nodded my head as I told her about Sydney. She showed no fear aound Daniel and didn't hesitate to be around him. I took a while longer, but I calmed down. As she looked at me further, she knew I prevented his suicide and now he's living in Liliput, engaged to marry me. I may be a Liliputan by natualization, but I'm Blefuscudian by birth. Before his mother left, she wanted me to tell him that she still loves him and she'll always be there for him in spirit. I understood what Lisa said to me that night and I decided to muster up the courage to tell him what she said to me.

"Mama." Sydney said.

"Yes." I said. "What is it?"

"Grandma want to know if you want to try on the dresses." she said.

"She need to consult with me first." I said.

I looked over at Sydney as Daniel slowly stood up to his full frame. He walked into the house for a minute and his dad faced him. He decided to gently kiss Empress Flirtatia's hand in a dry matter. Fortunately, he didn't get her hand wet unlike the first time. It was forgivable as he forgot to wipe his mouth.

"You kissed her and didn't get it wet." Gary said.

"Dad, it's out of respect." Daniel said. "Melina's used to my wet kisses. I didn't want to get her hand wet."

Anyway I'm used to his wet kisses so it wouldn't matter. He later headed out of the house to take us home. I have to go to my aunt's store after work. Apparently we bid good night to Daniel and headed inside our house. Adam was relased and was sent to the Anger Management program after apologizing to Vicos. As usual we went to bed for the night, after dinner. By the next morning I got up to go to work, when I sneezed. My mom was the first to wake up and took my temperature.

"Melina." mom said. "You're running a 102 degress. You have a fever. I told you not to go out in the rain."

"I know mama." I said, running into the bathroom. "I have to go to work."

"Not today." mom said. "Sydney doesn't have school for Winter break and she's sick. I'm going to your work as you.

"How." I said. "Mr.Terwill can tell us....."

In an instant, my mother transformed from a 49-year-old woman to a younger version of me with my circular dumpling buns. Mother was always in good shape but I doubted if she could pass off as me just in case Mr.Terwill asked what happened. She put on my work clothes and my shoes. Then she headed off to where I worked at, as Sydney and I stayed at home due to the flu. My father was good at making chicken noodle soup and it was all we ate.

"I take it that your mother is passing off as you at Terwill's department store." my father said.

"She is." I said. "Although I do doubt that she can fool Mr.Terwill."

"Mel-Mel." my father said. "Please don't underestimate your mother. Kitara has fooled many people before."

What happened next was shocking to me as my mother successfully passed off as me. I was even surprised that my boss, Mr.Terwill didn't pick up what was going on and therefore my daughter and I were able to recover from the flu. Although I knew Daniel could tell my mother and I apart by the age difference. He has the same abilites as we do and knows when something's up. Adam showed up with the pills for me to take and the childrens pills for Sydney to take.

"You're sick, aren't you." Adam said. "Mother decided to go to your place of work as you."

"I know." I said. "She didn't want me to call in sick and lose money in my check. She decided that I should stay home to rest up as she goes to work as me."

We recovered for the night as mom returned home as herself and not me. I was relieved that no one picked up on it. Well, except Clair, but then again she was just as confused. I know for a fact that Daniel will figure it out. He's a descendant to Lemuel Gulliver, but he's not at naive and gullible. Speaking of him, mom got an angry look on her face.

"Mom, what happened?" I asked.

"My day was fine." she said. "It was going real fine until, Daniel peered throught the window and saw me there, not you at work. Fortunately he didn't tell anyone about this."

"I say he shouldn't then." I said. "I mean he didn't do it on purpose."

I know." Kitara said. "But I got through the day though without him telling anyone."

I was glad she managed to not look at him while she worked, although he's already knows that Syd and I were sick. Now to mention it, I've always wanted to have a winter wedding. We'll just have to see as when plannning progresses. In Liliput, we've begun our winter season where as other places, it's summer. This will be my first Christmas with my complete family in 19 years, since the seperation in Blefuscu. Well for both me and Sydney since they're her family. At least we're not having Vicos come over, despite the fact that he is her biological father.

"Melina, Sydney." my father said. "Go to bed."

"Yes, dad." I said as we headed into our own rooms.

Before heading into bed, I picked up some things and bundled myself up for warmth. Finally I went to bed as dad helped with keep Sydney and myself warm. As he left the rooms, he saw my mother standing there as Adam. I looked out and I noticed how much snow has fallen. It covered the streets and the lawns of my neighbors and our own.

"This is the holiday season." I said.

As I was about to turn away, I noticed Daniel peering inside with a smile on his face. I turned around and smiled back at him. Quickly I grabbed my winter boots and put it on, before heading out. Then I headed outside to see him. He was wearing enough to keep himself warm.

"Daniel." I said.

"Mela." Daniel said, gently picking me up into his hand.

"Well....." was all I managed to say.

He slowly and carefully held me close to his chest. Then he gently stood up to his full frame. Just for a second, I wanted to tell him that I want to get changed. Then again, I couldn't make myself move away from the hug. I've always been used to getting hugs by my family and a few of my closest friends. Being hugged by a giant such as Daniel was a new expirence for me. I'm already used to his hugs, especially when he brings me closer to his chest to that. I just love touching it with each time he hugs me. Suddenly I felt him bring me closer to his huge, handsome face.

"You didn't go to work, yesterday." he said. "Were you sick?"

"Sydney and I were both sick with the flu." I said. "I didn't want to get everyone else sick at work. That's why mom went to work as me. She didn't want me calling in sick and risking me losing money in my paycheck."

"Oh, I get it." Daniel said. "Because Clair noticed that you never wear green to work. And the way your mother looked at me was more maternal than they way you have."

"That's true." I said, blushing as my long black hair breeze with the wind. "Mine's was more loving than maternal. Except when my daughter's around. I know you're worried about us. I can tell that. We're exactly the same way with you."

Then he brought me closer to his face as I lost my balance and collasped on his warm and soft flesh that is his palm. It didn't hurt at all, as he planted a sweet kiss on me. It more than warmed my face up for a while. He broke the kiss and I returned the kiss back to him, on his lips. As I was kissing him back, I noticed him blushing as well.

"You're blushing as well, Danie." I said.

"I know, Mela." he said, bringing me closer to his cheek.

He began rubbing his cheek on me. It shows that he's very affectionate and he does love me for me. I returned his love for him. He's the perfect man for me and a great father figure for Sydney. I don't let his size fool me at all. He's a gentleman, charismatic, intelligent, and handsome. As he continued rubbing his cheek on me, I planted a kiss on it, knowing he will feel that. He did and brought me closer to his face again for a kiss. It was true when Daniel said, I was used to his kisses, wet and dry. That one didn't take a while as he kissed me and Syd good night when he first arrived here in Liliput. Normally I wouldn't be used to it, but I managed to do so. He broke the kiss and gently knelt down.

"Mama." Sydney said, looking into my room for me.

She walked into my room hoping to find me in my bedsheets. I was tempted to call her outside, but I didn't want to at the same time. It didn't take long for her to look outside to see Daniel and me. She headed outside after bundling up to see us and closed the door. Her brown hair was loose and she looked up at him with a smile on her face.

"Morning Daniel." she said.

Daniel smiled down at her and gently scooped her into the same hand I'm on. Then he stood up and gently stepped over the fence without crushing it. Then he slowly sat down on the snow covered ground and cuddled us. When we hugged him back, he blushed and smiled at that.

"You're enjoying this." Daniel said. "I could tell."

We blushed at his comment for a second. I don't need to deny the fact that we can't hide how we feel. He can pick up on it easily unlike my ex-husband. I was thinking of how to throw him off for a minute there.

"Nuh uh." Sydney said. "You shouldn't know that."

"Well he does, Syd. "I said. "He has that ability, unlike your father."

Daniel responded by gently petting her head with his huge finger. She responded by grabbing his finger and hugs it. It was when my parents looked outside and saw us with him. They weren't too surprised to see him there with us and looked out. As they did, my father noticed that Daniel's eyes were similar to his own. Except my father's eyes turned green more than brown.

"Melina and Sydney are with Daniel." my mother said.

"I know." my father said. "But Kitara, Melina's a grown woman and she knows how to take responsibility."

"I know, Vadio." my mother said. "But our main concern is Adam. He's out of control and he's less rational than Melina is. He could put his own family in danger."

"Well." was all dad said. "Adam knows his limits, but can't control his anger."

"Kitara, we don't have much choice." my father said. "He needs two months behind Anger Management."

"I know." my mother said. "But I can't bear to see him behind bars, Vadio. At the same time, he needs to know his place."

My parents agreed as Sydney and I entered the house. Daniel left soon after and we had breakfast with them. As we ate, I told how much I would like a winter wedding. The wedding I never had a chance to have with my ex-husband because he wanted the summer instead.

"I do like the idea." my mother said. "But what are we going to do about Thanksgiving?"

"We'll have the wedding before Christmas." I said. "I don't want too many people we don't know."

"That's true." my father said. "But we need to talk to you about Adam."

Here we go again with my twin brother, Adam. He has his own family to feed and raise. Unfortunately, he hasn't been exactly a good role model for them due to the induced fighting with my ex-husband. I understand why he's mad at him, but his anger is too out of control. My father thinks having him locked up in Anger Management would straighten him out. I don't want him to miss out on my wedding.

"I'm kinda having mix feeling about him being locked up." I said. "Adam doesn't do well being locked up in one place. He's claustropohbic when in one place alone."

"We don't have much choice." mother said. "Adam is too out of control."

"I know why he's mad." I said. "I told him about Vicos' mistreatemnt towards us and he wasn't thrilled by that. If you ask him to calm down and talk to him. Maybe he'll try to change his attitude for the better."

My parents thought it over as I drank my coffee and Syd drank her hot chocolate. As much it'll do good to have him go to anger management and be locked up in there. At the same time, he'll think that it's a jail cell and get claustrophobic. Finally I finished up my food and headed into my bedroom to change for work. Clair will probably ask why my mother, her aunt went to work as me. I'll just tell her only and she can keep a secret like Daniel could. My parents will stay with my daughter for the time being. As I bundled up for work, Adam came by the house with an anger management shirt and pants.

"I have to go to work." I said. "So you need to talk to me later."

"MeLe, wait." Adam said, calling me by my childhood nickname from him. "I know what I did was embarrassing but I'm really sorry about it. I know Vicos admitted to what he did was wrong and I didn't believe him at first. Later on, I do believe him."

"I'm glad you did." I said. "But I have to go to work."

I headed outside my bedroom in my suit and bundled up for the winter. As I headed outside the house to go to work, my mother sat in the car, door open. She's holding a lit cigarette in her right hand and she was in jeans and a winter coat. I know I shouldn't be late to work, but I want to know what's wrong with her. She looked like she was in an array of messes. Her black hair was always brushed to a shine was ratted and it was a mess.

"Mom." I said. "What's wrong? Why are you smoking?"

For a moment, my mother doesn't answer me as she took in another drag of her cigarette. Eventually, she looks over to me and puts out her cigarette in the snow covered parking space. She didn't want to ask me anything and wanted to return indoors. Finally, she decided to say something to me.

"Milae." my mother said. "Is there anything you did that made you regret some of the things you shouldn't do?"

"No." I said. "I mean aside marrying Vicos and putting up with his fat insults for five years."

"I killed Luke's father." my mother said. "It haunted me for years because I never expected the poision I made to be very effective."

She continued her story as I drove my car off to work. I was glad that my neighbor chained my tires. She met Gary, Daniel's father, when she willingly surrendered herself over letting Flirtatia get hurt by Captain Leech. She claimed she knew where the treasure was and falsely lead Leech and his crew north, giving him time to escape and find his father and the treasure.

"He said, he'll keep me around." my mother said. "Despite the fact I'm Blefuscudian and I have a family back home."

During the voyage, my mother took out the poison she made in her bag and sparingly spreaded all over Leech's food. He ate his food regulary until one of his crew members spots her deception. Before long, she teleported back to Blefuscu and Leech wasn't able to find her. Eventually he returned to his native home, without the treasure and a few months later dies.

"So that's what happened." I said. "Mom, you did what you did to protect a friend. If I was in your position, I'd do the same as well."

"I know." my mother said. "I just couldn't get over the shock in finding out the giant who attacked Liliput the other day was indeed Leech's son."

"I know." I said. "He mistaken me for you. We do look alike, but I was more willing to protect Empress Flirtatia over seeing her hurt."

"She was my friend." my mother said. "I should've stopped you from going outside, because of Syd."

I told her it wasn't her fault. Captain Leech and his son were ignorant selfish men with one purpose. To find the treasures and wrech havok on whoever stands in their way.

"I know." my mother said. "I regretted it, but at the same time I didn't regret it."

"Mom." I said. "What do you feel more, Relief or Regret?"

"Both." my mother said. "If either one it's relief that Captain Leech is dead. But at the same time, it's regret, because I never anticipated that his son, Luke would be bent on revenge."

I didn't anticipate it as well, but he had to see that there's more to life than vengeance. Adam and mom will visit him at the Mildendo maximum security prison, while I work. As soon as I parked my car at work, he took mom to Mildendo. Anyway I headed inside and began working. While I worked, Clair looked over to me as Mr.Terwill looked away and headed back to the office.

"Aunt Kitara was at work as you." she said. Instead of pulling attention towards her, I took her into the storage room."

"I know." I said. "Clair, Sydney and I were both sick and mom decided to go to work as me."

"No one noticed anything wrong and thought you worked hard." Clair said. "I mean Daniel and I could tell you two apart."

"Yes." I said. "Mom didn't have buns in her hair like I do."

Clair nodded her head as we continued working. She told me about the situation with her ex-husband and her sons and if she can remain sober, she can be in their lives. I told her about the situation with Adam and his problems to control his temper. As we continued helping the customers, Mr.Terwill's security tream tossed someone who was applying for the job as a shoe salesman for a fat insult.

"He reminds me of Vicos." Clair said.

"That is Vicos." I said, seeing Mr.Terwill outside.

We weren't surprised that he didn't get the job here. Vicos was notorious for his fat insults and didn't bother to reapply for the job as a shoe salesman. He has a better job in Mildendo and was only here to annoy Mr.Terwill.

"Don't ever come back into this store again until you've learned manners." Mr.Terwill said, closing the door. "You're applying for the shoe salesman job, come into my office."

"Melina." Clair said. "Mr.Terwill lost three shoe salesmen. Gladys and Loretta quit and he had to fire Rigoh."

"He stole shoes from the store." I said.

"When Terwill was giving him a handshake." she said. "Auntie, showed up and removed Rigoh's jacket. She revealed seven pairs of high heels, two pairs of boots and five sneakers in his pockets."

"I know why Gladys and Loretta quit." I said. "They recently applied for jobs as personal shoppers for celebrities, models, even fashion designers. They got the jobs and quit soon after."

As work dragged on, Clair and I headed to lunch as usual. As we ate lunch, she turned around and nearly attempted to order an alcoholic drink. She decided against it and faced me. I looked over to her as our drinks arrived. I told her what the situation was with mom and how she killed Leech. She said she does regret killing him because she never knew he had a son. At the same time she was relieved to do.

"Melly." Clair said. "You mom has conflicting emotions. But at the same time, she's coming to terms with what happened years ago. I was surprised that Uncle Vadio didn't know about this."

"Clair." I said. "He knew about it. He hid it better than anyone else would."

She didn't say anything else as the food came. While we ate I tried to come up with something new to distract her from what she was about to do. I know for a fact that she misses her sons and she's trying to change for their sake. I didn't need alcohol to relieve stress from me. I have my family, Sydney and Daniel to talk to whenever I need them.

"Have you figured out what kind of wedding you want?" Clair said.

"I was thinking of a winter wedding." I said. "I don't want too many people to be there, just family and friends."

She nodded her head as I payed for lunch. I can tell she was still uneasy about the incident with Luke Leech, the captain's son. I didn't ask why as we headed back to work. During that time, I kept myself busy helping out with the customers. Clair only looked over at them and then the cashier. While I kept myself busy, my mind was with Adam and mom. At the same time, I didn't let that bother me at all. I rung up some of the customers for their stuff. While I did so, Clair was definitely distracted with what was going on with my mother and Adam visiting Leech's son in jail. At the same time she was also thinking about her sons. I had to do something to keep her mind on her work and not somewhere else.

"Oh for the love of...." I said. "Clair, you have customers waiting to pay for their stuff."

"Hun?!" was all Clair said.

She turn to me and then she saw many impatient and angry female customers, waiting to pay for their clothes and bags. She apologized to them and ring up their purchase prices. That was the only way to keep her mind off something else other than work. I'm not trying to lose my job and I certantly don't want her losing her job as well. As the last customers was ringed up, Mr.Terwill headed towards our station. From the look of it, he doesn't look too happy with what was going on with her.

"Clarissa Sanjino." Mr.Terwill said. "Come to my office, now."

"What did I do wrong?" Clair asked.

"You'll find out soon." he said, turning his attention from her to me. "Melina, you shift ends within another hour. Luann and Audrine are coming into take over your shift. By the way, you did a great job with the customers."

"Ok." I said, finishing up with the final customer. "Thank you."

I headed into the worker's room to retirve my boots and my winter coat. I wore my scarf on my suit and my purse on my shoulder. I changed my high heels into my black suede boots, that my mother picked out as a reward for catching Rigoh. I should buy her the purse that she was looking at, while she visted me at work. I put on my my jacket and bundled up for the cold. I headed out of the store when the snow came falling down at a normal rate. I'm not a shopaholic, I have priorities with my family, work and my bills to pay. Which reminds me, I have to do Christmas shopping.

"Mama, wait." I heard a childs voice.

It can't be Sydney, she's at home with my father. As I turned around, it was another child with her mother. I breathed a sigh of relief as I arrived to my car and got in. I know I won't lose my job for anything. I'll be glad to be with them soon. I started the engine and drove off to my house. As I drove home, I felt the ground tremble, but I didn't stop until I parked my car in the driveway of my house.

"This is Daniel." I said to myself.

I got out of my car and sure enough the tremblings stop. I turned around to find him sitting down on the snow. I wasn't surprised that Daniel followed me home from work. I mean I noticed his boots on my way coming out of the parking lot. I don't even want to ask why, but I walked towards him.

"I saw you following me home from work." I said.

"I know." Daniel said, gently scooping me into his hand. "My father saw your mother at the Mildeno Maximum Security prison. Did she confront Captain Leech's son?"

"She and Adam both did." I said. "She wanted him to understand the extent of both his and his father's consequences for being selfish."

He didn't say much as he brought me closer to his chest and hugged me. I didn't reject it as much as I hugged him back. Pretty much on what went on today, we could use this moment. Then I remembered, that I wanted to get changed and asked him if I could change out of my work clothes. He didn't reject as he lowered me to the ground and I headed inside my house to change clothes.

"Mama." Sydney said. "How was your day at work?"

"It was fine." I said. "Why did you ask?"

"Grandpa and I picked out the Christmas Tree." she said.

"Ohh." I said. "I got to get changed."

I headed into my room to change out of my work clothes and into something more casual. My daughter looked outside to see Daniel there and ran out after bundling up. When I finished up, I grabbed a few things as mother came into my room. My mother told me what went on with her and Adam's confrontation with Luke. After a while mom managed to convince him to find another path to life other than revenge. In turn, he grudgingly admitted to them, that his father, Captain Leech, wasn't exactly a good dad to him during his first six years of life.

"I hate him for what he become." Luke said. "He was so infatuated with being a pirate captain searching for the treasure that he has forgotten who we were and left us."

He abandoned him and his mother for treasures and gold. It was his lust for power of the seven seas that drove him into insanity. Luke also admitted that he at one point wanted to control Liliput for himself and didn't intend on Daniel stopping him. His second attempt is what got him shrunk and in jail. He wanted revenge on my mother for killing his own father until she revealed to him why she did that. She didn't want Luke ending up selfish and ignorant like his father. He eventually accepts her forgiveness after a few minutes of Adam using his abilites on him.

"Melina." mother said. "How was your day at work?"

"It was fine. "I said. "Although I had to distract Clair in getting her mind back at task for work."

"That could get her fired." my mother said and left my room.

I finally decided to put on a burgundy turtleneck with black jeans and zipped up my black suede boots. Then I bundled up again and headed outside the house. When I did, I saw Sydney snuggling up an Daniel's chest. I headed towards them as he gently scooped me into his gloved hand. Once he did, he placed me into his pocket with my daughter and stood up to his full frame. He began walking around Liliput without crushing anyone or anything in his path.

"Did you go to Daniel's house after Christmas Tree shopping?" I asked Sydney.

"I did." she said. "But it was for some hot chocolate. Grandma was visiting jail with Uncle Adam and grandpa didnt know how to make some."

"You could've bought some." I said. "There was a coffee shop close by my work."

We felt him walking around Liliput without crushing anything or anyone. I wanted to know where is he taking us to and why. We're about to get our answer soon enough as he stopped. We take a peek out and it was preperations for the Madaloban parade. It was a traditonal parade for every thanksgiving. Daniel looked over at it, before walking on.

"He probably didn't know what that was." Sydney said.

"Well." I said. "We can never tell."

We felt his heart beat steadily as he continued walking on. He never gave anyone a reason to fear him and his father, despite their gigantic height. Sydney peeked out and looked up at him with a smile on her face. He kept looking straight on as he walked on. Once more he stopped, but to only climb up onto the cliff that over looks Liliput. Once on the top, he headed inside the cave where the hot springs were.

"Oh my." I said, peeking out.

"Mama." Sydney said.

He looked down at us with a smile on his face and gently picked us up from his pocket and into his palm. From the look of it, he didn't tell us where he was taking us. My guess was, he wanted to keep it a secret for a while.

"You're surprised aren't you." Daniel said.

"We are." I said.

I wanted to ask him how did he know about this place and I didn't for a while. I never seen what it was before, just looked at it and heard stories about it. Before i could pop the question, Daniel looked at me and I figured he didn't need me to ask him why or how.

"I looked over the place." he said. "While you were working. I wanted to find the springs here. When I did, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over. That's why I followed you home from work. I wanted to know if you wanted to come."

"You know I would." I said.

We blushed as he brought us closer to his lips for a kiss. He really did surprised us with that considering that my thoughts were a drive-in movie. Well maybe not that considering his size, much bigger than the max. Or maybe an amusement park, but I'll take Sydney there one day. He breaks the kiss and lower his hand down to let us down.

"What are you going to do?" I asked him.

"I'll wait." Daniel said. "Look around."

"We'll stay with you." I said. "Besides we don't want to stay long."

Sydney looked over to me as she headed towards the cave. It has stopped snowing for a while and we could see the full moon. It was a nice night to be out in Liliput without worry. My parents are probably enjoying their evening indoors. We felt him gently scoop us into his hand and sat down on the cliff.

"Nice night." I said.

I could feel myself going back to the first time I had my moonlight dream. It was while I was still married to Vicos that I dreamed about him, not my ex. Apparently my ex-husband never noticed it at the time. But little did I know that the dream eventually lead to me divorcing Vicos, winning custody of my daughter and Daniel's arrival.

"I know, Mela." Daniel said.

Apparently I warped out of my mind because of the moonlight dream and he knew it. I wasn't all to shocked about it unlike last time. We have a connection between both of us. I mean he knows what I'm feeling before I could hide it. It's pretty much the same thing with me and him. As for the moonlight dream, I explained it before to him.

"Thank you." I said, blushing.

Daniel smiled at us and and planted kisses once again. His kisses were as big as us. Then again it wasn't overwhelming as the first tme he did when he first arrived here, completely shirtess and his jeans tattered. All in all, he is good looking and gentle for a giant. The kiss broke and he gently slid us into his jacket pocket again, indicating that he was going to climb down and continue walking around Liliput.

"Mama." Sydney said.

"Yes." I said. "what is it?"

"I'm actually having a good time." she said.

"I'm glad." I said.

Every so often I'd peek out of the pocket to look around some of the building there. A few times before, I looked down to see his black boots. But it isn't all that often I'll do it. I just want to see what it's like to see this at his perespective. Walking around Mildendo wasn't as bad, but heading to Karuma was one of the best times we had so far. The town was known for it's best barbeque. Before long, my daughter looked over to me.

"Mama." Sydney said. "I'm getting a little hungry."

"Well we are a little hungry." I said.

So we ended up staying In Karuma to eat over there. I had to admit it was their best meat at hand. As I eat with Daniel and Syd, my mind goes through with my friend, Marquina. She told me she was from Karuma. She was witty, a comedian and a great friend all around. I still keep in touch with her though. As we had a good time, my cell phone rings. I knew it was Adam on the phone because one thing he asks me is for money.

"Mela." Daniel said. "Where are you going?"

"Just somewhere away from the crowd." I said. "My brother is on the phone"

I headed away from them for a second to talk to him. I know if I screamed at him in front of others, they would get the wrong idea of me. I won't live this down for a while.

"Absolutely not, Adam." I said, in Blittu.

"Melina, you're being unreasonable" Adam said, in Blittu.

"Adam, you have a job." I said, in Blittu. "It's up to Evana to find herself one too."

"I know." Adam said, in Blittu. "But you...."

I told him there were no excuses for her laziness. It was either she got a job or she and I are going to have problems. Evana opted in getting a job instead of dealing with me. The last time she angered me, she was paralyzed for a three days. I wasn't afraid to tell people what is on my mind and they can respect it or not. I headed back to Daniel and Sydney from my call with Adam about his wife wanting money. She has to pay her dues before I respect her again.

"Mama, where did you go?" Sydney asked me. "I thought you left."

"Your uncle was on the phone." I said. "He had problems with your aunt's laziness."

They didn't ask me as we continued to eat dinner. I put my phone back into my pocket and finished my food. This was the first time Daniel didn't have to cook for us. It was great after we're done eating. He wiped his face off from the sauce with his napkin and stands up to his full height. Then he gently picked us up into his hand, bid the locals good night and left. I had to admit it it was a nice outing for us to go on.

"Are you both enjoying yourselves? "Daniel asked us.

"Of course we are." I said, smiling and blushing.

He gently put us in his pocket and headed back to Macaros. During the night, he walked past Mildendo and back to Macaros. Once back in our town, he stopped at am office building, that was near the same height as him and peered inside the near empty office. It was the same man that my daughter and I pulled aside into our house on the day Daniel arrived here. He works here in the building and we knew it. The man turned around and saw his hige brown-green eyes peering at him. It made him nervous, thinking he was going to be eaten alive and tried jumping out the window in hopes that he'd hit the ground. It didn't happen as he fell right into Daniel's gloved palm. The man got nervous in his hand as he found himself face to face with him.

"Now what is wrong with you?" he asked. "I don't mean you any harm."

"Well." the man said. "Aren't you going...."

"No. "Daniel said. "Just because I'm only a giant, doesn't mean I'll hurt you. Eating people like you is too barbaric."

The man calmed down and got to know him better. He felt much more comfortable knowing that Daniel doesn't mean any harm as we peeked out. The man knew us right away and realized that he was my fiance.

"Umm, Miss Sanjino." he said.

"Yes." I said. "He and I enjoy spending time with each other. He's also likes being around my daughter."

Daniel gently set him down on the roof of the building and used his power to repair the window that was shattered when the man tried to commit suicide. Once the thing was finished, the man bid us good night and headed back into his office for one final work. As another hour transcended for the night, I looked over my watch and it was beyond Sydney's bed time. Daniel took her home for the night and kept me with him. It was probably because he wanted to take me out for dancing, but I felt tired for the night. He looked over at me with concern.

"What is wrong?" he asked me.

"Maybe I'm tired for the night to go..." Was all I managed to say before yawning.

"Ohh" Daniel said. "Just crash at my house."

I nodded my head as he walked inisde his house for the night and closed the door. It may sound wierd, but I've been used to being inside his house that it doesn't bother me at all. Little did I know that, Daniel made me something that wasn't to over the top for a nightgown. I was real surprised that he'd do something for me. At the same time I was all flattered by the gesture.

"Thank you." I said.

He gently picked me up and kissed me once again. I returned the kisses to him and hugged his face. Once he was all done, he gently placed me on the nightstand and I changed into my nightgown for the night. I figured Daniel changed in the bathroom because he knew I'd feel wierd with him gawking at me. Once he returned to the room, he took off his shirt and turned on the heater for the night. I took my spot on the pillow and found him scooping me onto his bare chest.

"Daniel." I said, blushing.

"Sorry." Daniel said.

"I can get used to it." I said, curling up on his chest. "So I can get used to it. Good night."

I felt him looking at me as I curled up on his chest. As much as I didn't mind him hugging me and having to sleep on it, I had my concerns about it. He gently put his hand on me, on his huge chest.

"Good Night" Daniel said.

"I hope you don't turn around in sleep." I said.

"I won't" he said.

We went to sleep for the night and this was the first time I slept on his chest. My only concern were indeed him rolling in his sleep and crushing me. At the same time, I know he wouldn't do it. He'd move me before he'd toss and turn in his sleep. During the first few hours, I'd wake up to see if he moved at all. He hasn't moved and I curled back to sleep on his chest. As we slept, I felt Daniel waking up and gently puttng on the pillow. I didn't ask why, he had to go to the bathroom and I still slept. Then as I got comfortable, he came back into bed and gently kissed me.

"Daniel." I said. "What are you doing?"

Well..." Was all Daniel said.

He gently scooped me into his hand and hugs me for a while. It was real sweet of him to do so, but at the same time, I just wanted to go to sleep. Eventually he stopped and we went back to sleep. Especially when I was put back on his chest. By the next few hours, I looked over at him and kissed his chest.

"I felt that Mela." Daniel said.

"Well, I thought you're sleeping." I said.

I felt myself blush in an instant as Daniel mentioned that. I mean I was glad he didn't see it due to it being dark, otherwise that'll been hard to let go. Still he did feel me blush and it was a problem for me at times. At the same time it wasn't a problem.

"You might think wrong." he said.

"Ohh." I said.

I curled up on his chest in hopes I could at least stay warm. He pulled his blanket to me and smiled at me. I smiled back as continued being comfortable on his chest.

"Just get some sleep." Daniel said. "I don't want to wake up being tired."

I nodded my head and went back to sleep. I felt him going back to sleep as well. He is normally a heavy sleeper except when I move onto his side of his bed to hug or kiss him. I wonder if he has something planned for us. I'll find out tomorrow morning when we wake up. I felt him gently put his hand on top of me, not only to stay warm. He put it there as his way of hugging me considering that he was a giant.


As I slept at Daniel's house, I had a feeling that my parents would argue about how many people to invite to my wedding. I didn't even bother to know why they would. It's just simple for them to know that I don't want people I don't know to be there, I don't even want my ex-husband to be there as well. That part, they comprehend as they remember me mentioning Vicos.

"Kitara." my father said. "Why don't you want too many people?"

"It's out of respect for Melina and Daniel." my mother said. "I don't want people making a big deal of their wedding. Luann is invited as she is friends with both Clair and Melly."

"Not Vicos." my father said. "Adam would kill him on target."

"I know, Vadio." my mother said.

Daniel smiled as he slept on his bed, with me sleeping on his chest. I never seen him this happy before in his life. This in turn made me happy too as we felt very flawed in our lives. It was nice that he was here in Liliput and not dead in an ocean. I wouldn't live with myself it that was the case and would bear the hurt of the custody battle with Vicos.

"And I don't want to live throught that again." I said to myself. It was hard enough Vicos put me through all that, especially hurting my daughter and me emotionally."

I was tempted to kiss his chest once more if he stayed asleep without seeing me. I know it's a long shot, understanding that Daniel can feel me move and therefore I don't want to take the risk of it. I ended up kissing his chest and went back to sleep. Before long I felt him wake up and scooped me into his hand as he sat up.

"I felt that Mela." Daniel said.

"I thought you were sleeping." I said. "I thought I'd be ok to do that."

"Well I was half-asleep." he said.

"Ohhh. I.." Was all I said.

I felt him planting kisses all over me as he held me in his hand. Some were dry kisses, but most of it were indeed wet. I just didn't mind as much as he got up from his bed to grab something to drink in the kitchen. As he did so, we looked out to see more snow and some apples.

"We'll do that later on." Daniel said. "I made some hot cider."

I looked over at Daniel and nodded my head as he scooped me into his hand. I mean when was the last time I had hot apple cider. I didn't have it since I left my aunts house when I married Vicos and had Sydney. As I thought about it, I began to shiver. Daniel looked over to me on the table and picked me up from there. Then he put me in his sweat pocket and he carried the mug containing the hot cider on his hand. I didn't wonder why as I knew the hot beverage would've scalded me if he held me in his hand. He walked into his room after turning off the lights into the kitchen. Once we returned to his bedroom, I didn't feel as cold as he turned on the lamp, in low beam. He put the mug on the nightstand and pulled me out as well to join the mug. As I sat down on the nightstand, he picked up the bottle cap and filled it up for me to drink.

"Thank you." I said.

"You're welcome." Daniel said.

We drank the hot cider and continued to talk about the wedding. As I mentioned it, he turned away for a second. He was concerned that Vicos, my ex-husband may try to stop the wedding if he wanted to. I turned to him as I finished my first cup of my cider.

"Adam won't let him." I said. "Vicos isn't stupid to try and stop the wedding. He knows my brother won't give him the opportunity to stop it and kill him. Besides he doesn't know where the wedding is."

Daniel nodded as he refilled my bottle cap for another one. He was grateful for me, my family and his father for being with him. I admitted that I was more apprehensive around his father for a reason. I was afraid he would hurt me and wouldn't regret it. Gary proved me wrong on the first day that he means no harm and wouldn't allow anyone else to do so.

"Well I need to tell you something though about your mother." I said."

"Go ahead." Daniel said, drinking some of his cider.

"I saw her in my dreams." I said. "I was sleeping in my room in my house and it was a reccuring dream. One night I saw her on the front of my bed. She was in a pink sheath dress and had white wings. She was blonde with aquamarine eyes."

"What did she say?" Daniel said.

"She thanked me for saving you from commiting suicide." I said, sipping my cider. "I didn't want you dead, it'll make the aftermath of my custody battle harder for Sydney and me to cope. She's still watching out for you and she wanted me to tell you that she'll alway be in your heart no matter what happens to you."

Daniel finished up his drink as I finished my second one. I think he was trying to distract himself from what I said even though I know he couldn't do so. I knew he was dumbfounded about it for an instant. I began to feel bad about mentioning it to him and wanted to apologize for it. I had to think about it as mentioning his mother was a delicate thing I did and I know I was wrong for it.

"Umm Daniel." I said.

Before I got a chance to apologize to him about what I said, I felt him gently picking me up to his chest. I figured he noticed me feeling guilty about telling him about seeing his mother in my dreams.

"You don't need to apoligize to me." Daniel said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I said.

I felt him hugging me on his chest. I hugged back the best way I could as he lied down on his bed. I realized that he wasn't angry in me mentioning his mother to him. I think he would've been more upset if I didn't tell him about her. His anger I could understand well, as we're connected in ways that my parents are. I ran up his neck and hugged it continuously.

"Aren't you sweet." Daniel said, holding his hand on me as he slowly sits on his bed.

"Thank you." I said, blushing and stand up on his palm.

I felt him continue cuddling me during that time. Despite that time, he felt a lot better about me telling him about his mother. I felt him stop hugging me. Then I felt him planting kisses all over me once more. He continued kissing me all over my face and didn't stop for at least a while until he broke the kiss. I didn't have open my eyes to know I'm wet from his kiss. I could feel it and when I did, my entire body was wet. When a kiss takes half of someone's body, it's usually embarassing. Then again, I've been used to being kissed by Daniel, that I didn't mind the wet kisses.

"Wet." I said.

"Sorry." Daniel said.

He grabbed a small towel and dried me off from the kiss. It took him a while to wipe the saliva off from me. He managed to do so as he dried off me off completely. I grabbed his chin and hugged it the best way I could at my size.

"It's ok." I said, blushing. "You're a good kisser."

Daniel smiled and gently rubbed his chin on me. Normally, he has no facial hair on his chin. My guess is that he recently began growing a beard and kept his hair short. Anyway it started to tickle me so much, I couldn't contain my laughter and let go of his chin. I didn't even stop as Daniel gently tickled my body.

"Enjoying yourself." he said.

"Sure." I said. "Umm, don't you think we sould go to bed soon."

"We will." Daniel said. "But I'm going to refill the mug with more cider."

"Ok" I said.

I felt him gently sit me down on his nightstand once more as he left to refill his cup. During that time, I looked over to see more snow falling. I also distracted myself by leviatating up for a few seconds before he returned.

"Mela." Daniel said. "Are you leviating again?"

"Yes." I said. "I needed to distract myself with waiting for you."

"I know." Daniel said. "But drink some more."

So we drank more cider before going back to bed. It was nice to finish off something warm. When we finished up, Daniel turned off the light and placed me back on his bare chest to sleep. It felt nice to sleep once again, knowing we'd be happy together.

"Such a sweet guy." I said, to myself. "I love you, Dan."

"Thank you, Mela." Daniel said."

"You're welcome." I said

I smiled as we continued sleeping throughout the night and into the morning hours. It didn't bother us as we sleep as we were tired from the night before and we knew it. It was my day off and I will work overtime for more money. Anyway we continued to sleep and didn't noticed Gary gone from the house. I pretty much thought he went out for a few hours. I woke up a few hours later and sat down on Daniel's chest.

"Man." I said to myself. "What happened?"

I asked myself that for a while. Eventually I just stood up and jumped off his chest and onto his bed. Then I moved over to a spot that'll allow me to think for a while. As I remembered the first time we met, I thought about all the times that he spent with us. One time we went to a lake that was far from Liliput and it's city limits. In that moment, Sydney and I went swimming in the lake, we didn't notice it was a lake that granted us eternal youth. Daniel however noticed it, and still he joined in on the fun. It was nice though, and then the fall season. He solved Liliput's problem of the over grown apple trees. They were overwatered which was the cause the apples excellerated growth. It as why they were falling down and trying to crush the people in it's path. As he picked up the apples and headed home with us in his pocket. I remembered asking him if his ancestor, Lemuel ever thought about his wife and children.

"No." Daniel said. "He never mentions or thinks of his wife and family. He was gullible and misanthropic. He has no drive and was always too passive."

"I see." I said, thinking about the next question. "You asserted yourself in way even those who had attacked us before couldn't see."

As I cleared my mind, I felt Daniel wake up and turned around to face me. He probably knew I moved off his chest and onto the bed to recollect my thoughts. As I finished up, I felt him gently scooped me into his hand and gently lifted me to his face.

"Morning Mela." he said.

"Morning." I said. "So......."

"I better get some breakfast cooked" Daniel said.

I didn't disguise the fact I was hungry. He knew it considering we both were hungry after all and got up from his bed. He turned off the heater in his room and walked out of his room to cook breakfast for us. As Daniel finished preparing breakfast for us to eat, I distracted myself by looking over and walking around the table. It was then I noticed a couple of papers going to Nemakia. I had a bad feeling about this and for good reasons. The giants there aren't really kind to leave and I'm afraid that they'll do something bad to him.

"I don't want to lose him at all." I said, to myself "I love him too much to see him die and Sydney adores him as a father to her."

I turned away from the papers and tried to distract myself from my own thoughts. I noticed him looking over to me as he gently placed the pancakes on the table.

"I saw that, Mela." Daniel said.

"Well..." Was all I could say.

"I know you're concerned." he said. "Well I'm going to go soon."

"I know." I said, eating some pancakes. "I'm just afraid that they might do somethign bad to you and...."

"I'll be fine." Daniel said. "I'll come home in time for thanksgiving and then our wedding."

"Ok." I said. "Just come back to me soon."

As we finished breakfast, I got dressed and went home for the weeks to come as he left for Nemakia. I distracted myself into doing other things which worked for a couple of days. This was until my parents had a heart to heart talk to Gary. Late one night, I headed over to my fiance's house and I just lost it completely as I gave my insights on what I want going on.

"You've been absorbed about what's going to happen." Gary said. "As a father I'm concerned for my son too."

"I know." I said. "Every time I try going on with my life it's so....."

I felt him gently pick me up into his hand to hug me on his chest. The tears that I held up from with came spilling out so much that I didn't bother to stop them. I've been hugged by my own family and Daniel, but I've never been hugged by Gary before. This was just a new expirence for me, especially when he's being a father to me. I didn't expect him to continue hugging me, but he did.

"It's ok Melina." Gary said. "I know what it feels like to wait for someone."

"Daniel's your son." I said. "I tried to be strong for him but I feel like it isn't good enough for me."

"I know how that feels." Gary said.

"You do?" I said.

"I am a father." he said. "There isn't a day I go without thinking about my friends. Especially my family, my other son, Nick and my daughter, Julie. My main concern is Daniel. He's smart, but I can't help but wish I was there instead of him."

"He needs you to stay here." I said. "We need you just in case of another giant attack Liliput again."

He nodded as he continued hugging me. In that instant of missing his daughter, I became his child for a while. I know I'm going to be his daughter-in-law and I'm getting used to having him around like a father to me. Well he took me home after the heart-to-heart talk with him. It was when I told my family why I was acting like nothing was wrong with me.

"You should've told us." my mother said.

"I know." I said. "I didn't want you to worry too much about me enough to stress you out."

As we talked into the night, I actually felt a lot better about myself and it was the drive that wanted to continue on despite the times I wanted to give up. I kept waiting for Daniel to come home. He promised to be there for Thanksgiving for the rest of our lives. Two weeks later, as I slept throughout the morning in my room, I felt the ground tremble. This time, it was something familiar as I got up from bed and got dressed to look outside. I was relieved that Daniel was finally home from being in Nemakia for a long time. I decided to wait to ask him about what happened during his time there.

"Mela." Daniel said.

"Daniel." I said.

I felt him pick me up from the snow covered ground and hugged me for the first time since he left for Nemakia. i was relieved to have him home and I hope it will be the last time that will happen. As he got comfortable in his home again, he told me about the giants who was tormenting the inhabitants living there. One of them did try to get Daniel to join them and tell them how to get off the island for Liliput. Knowing this put us in jepoardy, he showed his smart side and lied to them by telling them to head west and not north.

"I'm not stupid." he said. "I know what they'd do if I actually told them where Liliput was. That's why I lied to them about where it was."

"Ohh." was all I said.

"I was stuck there due to the choppy seas." he continued on. "But I never stopped thinking about you, Mela. At times I wanted to give up, but I though about you not giving up for me."

"I know." I said. "I felt like giving up too at times when you were gone, but your father helped me through it all."

Daniel continued on with how switched the boxes containing the Nemakians in there with the doll versions of them. The giants who belived him weren't very smart at all to know his deception. He made sure that no one else was taken away from their homes again. It sure changed their perspective on how they viewed giant humans. Some are indeed evil, who only think of themselves over others. But some were also gentle giants and very protective of other much tinier to them. Daniel and his father both fit into more of the gentle giants

"He told me about what happened." Daniel said. "The thing that matters is that I'm home."

"I know." I said.

I felt him hugging me on his chest once more. This time, he was lying down on his bed, with me on top of him. This made me blush as he gently rubbed my back. At times I would, sneak away from the chest and climb up his pillow to kiss him. He felt me and sat up rightaway after scooping me into his hand.

"Caught you." Daniel said.

"Huh?!" Was all I said.

I didn't have to think about where this was going at all. I knew it very well without being told. He lifted me closer to his lips and puckered up. Then I felt him planting kisses all over me. This was getting me wet once more, but at the same time it was still very sweet. It was a sure sign that I was glad he is home again for the rest of our lives. Once Daniel stopped kissing me, he got up and dried me off again.

"Thank you." I said.

"You're welcome, Mela. "Daniel said.

He smiled as he continued drying me off his wet kisses which he gave out to me. In all that time away, I had hidden how depressed I was when he was gone. I kept thinking about him despite keeping my mind occupied on work, my family, my bills on my house, even our wedding. During the time that he was at Nemakia, I tried out the wedding dress that Siba made and I have to admit it actually looked beautiful. Pink for the pearls, the top and for the fairy like bow, wasn't my idea at all. My original one was light blue, but that one made me change my mind after that. I held onto his chin as I returned the kiss back to him.

"I saw that Mela." Daniel said.

"Ohh." I said. "I...."

He gently rubbed his chin on me and there he went tickling me with his beard again. This caused me to laugh again as the thick hair gently tickled me in a matter that made me give into laughing as I'm ticklish.

"You're enjoing this." Daniel said.

"Yes." I said, as he continued tickling me.

After a while, I felt him stop tickling me, which allowed me to catch my breath. I mean, after I have been laughing for so long. due to being tickled.

"Thank you." I said. "Now I need some water."

"Ok." Daniel said, setting me down on the bed. "I'll be right back, Mela."

I nodded my head as I recovered from my tickle session. As I did so, the converstion that he had with me made me reflect on Lemuel, his own ancestor. He was nothing like his ancestor in a lot of ways. Daniel constantly thought about me while he was gone and he's shown his intelligent side in interesting manners. He also had a gentle and protective side to him that we're aware off and will fight off anyone who comes within a radius of five miles of Liliput. His ancestor, Lemuel, has more of a dull personality. He is intelligent, but he's on the passive side. Thus anyone can take advantage of his passive, gullible nature. He never thinks of his wife and children. In doing so, this put him at a disadvantage in self-reflection, personal interaction and wisdom that would've helped him develop an inner life.

"I bet this guy never gave himself a chance to think about himself." I said to myself. "If only he interacted with his wife and his children, he could've been a different person back then. It was too late for him, he had to learn the hard way and this lead him to a path where he shouldn't have gone to. He spent the rest of his life as a cynical and bitter misanthrope."

This had made me think of a lot since Daniel mentioned his ancestor. His interaction with me, my family, and his. This strengthened his inner life and he can reflect on himself more. I was glad he wasn't like his ancestor, at all. I felt the footsteps walk in from the kitchen. I looked over as Daniel returned with the water for me to drink. He poured it into the empty bottle cap and gently picked me up from the bed to the nightstand for me to drink the water. As soon as I started drinking the water, I felt much better from my laughing session. It was a great relief for me to drink the water as Daniel sat down on the bed with a smile to his face.

"Felling better." he said.

"Thank you." I said. "You beard does tickle me."

"Well..." Daniel said, blushing. "I could shave it off."

"If you want to." I said.

I drank more water as I saw him blush for the first time. It was really shocking for me to see him blushing. At the same, it was actually cute to see him be bashful once in a while.

"I tried on a couple of wedding dresses." I said. "I was still confused during the time you were gone."

"I figured." he said. "But you did stuck it out in the end with my father's help."

"I know." I said.

After that, he took me for for the night because tomorrow will be Thanksgiving and I won't work for a couple of days due to it. Daniel must be tired from his long journey from Nemakia and probably wanted to sleep it off which mean I should too for the night. My relatives, my family and I are going to spent Thanksgiving with him and Gary that we too are preparing for that as well. I came into the house and noticed my mother worried as she could be.

"Melina" my mother said. "Where did you go? We were worried about you."

"Mama." I said. "I'm really sorry I left without telling you, but Daniel came back today and I wanted to see him."

"You could've let us know." my father said. "That way, we know where you were."

"I'll let you know next time." I said.

"Thank you." my mother said.

I headed upstairs to my room to sleep it off. I can understand why they were upset about the fact that I didn't tell them where I went. I could've given them and my daughter a heart attack. I didn't want to do that to them and apologized again before going to bed. I got dressed into my nightgown again and climbed into the bedsheets, until I saw Sydney standing there on my bedroom doorway.

"Mama." Sydney said.

"Sydney, what is it?" I said.

"Where did you go?" she asked me. "We got worried about you when you didn't answer your phone."

"I'm sorry, Syd." I said. "It's just that Daniel returned and I wanted to see him for today. I know you do to, but wait until the Thanksgiving dinner."

"I would've understood, mama." she said. "Don't do that again. You had us worried for a while."

"I won't do it anymore." I said. "I'll make sure it won't happen to anyone else again."

I walked over to her and knelt down to her level. I held her in my arms and hugged her. She didn't want to let go of me for a while until she headed to the door and face me.

"Good night, mama." Sydney said.

"Good night, Syd." I said.

I closed the door and headed off to bed for the night. I was glad I got my depression off my chest to Daniel. It made me fel better about having him here. I continued thinking about the weeks until we're married. I mean It's been the talk of Liliput lately. It seemed like no one else away from Liliput was aware of our engagement before. I'm to going to think about it though and concentrated more on the thanksgiving dinner with my parents, Syd, Adam and his family, my relatives and them at Daniel's house for the meal. I went to sleep for the night. I was just glad that Daniel was home for good. I thought about who should be my maid of honor for a while, but I decided that either Marquina or Clair would be great as one.

"I'll have to ask them tomorrow." I said.

As the morning rolled around, I felt numb for a few seconds until I got up to shower. I have to get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner as it came today. It was all slow motion at first as my mom and I cooked a dessert well known in Blefuscu. Creme brunlage, is well known in Blefuscu. It isn't sold here and you have to make it yourself with the ingredients you can find. Anyway as we did the desert, mom asked me to wake Sydney up and get her ready.

"What about dad?" I said.

"He'll wake up when he's ready." my mother said

"Try not messing anything up." I said.

I headed upstairs to my daughter's room to wake her up, just to find her already awaken and heading into my bathroom to use the shower. I headed into my room to talk to her about the clothes to wear. I don't want her dressing up something that could embarrass us immediately.

"Sydney." I said. "Don't be long in there. I need to talk to you."

"Ok mama." Sydney said.

She shut off the water and I came into the bathroom. I closed the door and talked to her about wearing something casual, but a little formal. I don't want her dressing up in something embarrassing. That'll make them think I'm not raising my daughter properly. As she got dressed, I began wondering about where in England did Daniel come from. Because back then we used to belive that giants came from the moon and stars until three Liliputan sailor made a voyage away from Liliput by another emperor. During the journey to the other nations, the sailors realized they're from the same planet as we are. The lands were at least a lot bigger and more massive suitied for them to live in, not a place for our own kind. We've had giant attacks on Liliput for over 300 years, but it ended when Daniel arrived here and warded off his own kind. Soon after his father, Gary, arrived here as well. He turned out as friendly as his son.

"Mama." Sydney said, coming out of her room in jeans and a buttoned shirt. "Is this ok?"

"It's fine." I said. "But bundle up and put some boots on."

She went into her closet to pull out a pair Ugg boots and bundled up right away. As I walked down the stairs, I saw my father putting on a suit, which I haven't seen him in one in 19 years that I went with my relatives to Liliput. Anyway, I headed into the kitchen to see, my mother, still not dressed, but finished with the desserts. She looked over to me and sheepishly turned away as she was our relatives heading to retrieve us. After she finished up, with the cleaning of the house and the dishes, she faced me.

"I better get dressed then." my mother said.

"Please do so." I said. "Our relatives bout some plastic utensils for us to use that way we don't need to eat with giant ones."

My mother headed into the shower and washed herself. Then she got out of the bathroom and got dressed in the outfit she picked out which was a puple buttoned shirt, brown pants and brown boots. She bundled up after I did put on my black suede boots. I was wearing a blue silk shirt to accentuate my eyes and black pants. Our relatives came into our house and by that time, we got the necessary items out of the house. Then we headed into Daniel's house to have Thanksgiving with them. Once we got in his house, the Thanksgiving party began. We started eating, although Clair wasn't allowed to have any alcoholic drink in her system. I had wine and apple cider.

"So how's the alcoholic anonymous going for you?" I asked.

"Bad." Clair said "I'm even more tempted to drink alcohol. I'm trying to quit, but it seems so hard."

"I know." Adam said. "It's just like anger management. I'm tempted to get mad more, but I stuck through it. You have to stick though not drinking alcohol. That where it got you in the first place with your ex-husband."

"Even our boss, Mr.Terwill." I said.

Was we ate, my parents wanted to mention where Daniel and I should go on our honeymoon. I haven't thought that far and blushed right away. Not even Daniel did too until he face them.

"Well I was thinking Nemakia." he said. "Then Mela and I could go to Jaivon."

Even thought I was excited about it, I wanted to withhold it for a while.

"Nemakia and Jaivon." Adam said. "How would you guys cope there?"

"We'll find a way." I said. "As long as we enjoy our honeymoon, then it won't be a problem."

"Wow." Clair said. "At least you'll enjoy yourself."

Daniel looked down at us as Gary walked in with some pie made for us to eat. As we continued on with the festivities, I looked over to them. We still wanted to know where he and his father came from as it still held a hole in our heart to know. Daniel did mention that he and his father were from England. Which city they were from, we don't know. It was then in the moment that he looked down at us and decided to tell us everything.

"I was born in Northhampton, England." Daniel said. "I was born on time while Nick was 12 minutes behind me. We moved to London when I was six because my mother had a job as a nurse in the hospital. My sister, Julie, I was close to as my brother and I didn't get along. My mother died when I was 15 and in high school. When I turned 18, I was a soap actor for English soap opera called Eastville Enders. Then...."

As I heard Eastville Enders, I remember watching the show in secret as I had to pretend actually hate the show and act like I never heard of it before. I did it for Vicos' sake, as he kept bragging that I never would watch the show. Daniel was only on the show for three years and left the show at 22. He mentioned that he was engaged to his ex-fiancee, Anna before she cheated on him with Nick. His father did warn him that she was no good and he didn't listen. It did help knowing that I prevented Daniel from comitting suicide and now he's my fiance.

"Syd's going to have a giant for a father." my mother said.

"Mom." Adam said. "Did you even have to....."

My mother used her extended hairpiece to hold him in place as punishment for talking back to her. He knows not to make her mad and yet he did so just to see her ticked. I shook my head as she let him go.

"Adam, don't do it again." I said. "You made mom mad."

"I'll keep it in mind, Melee." Adam said.

"Please do so, Dama." I said.

As Thanksgiving ended, our family headed back home for the night. During the night, I kept thinking about the weeks until Daniel and I are married. The weeks were counting down and everything was prepared for the wedding night. Two nights before the wedding, I walked in on the decorations and I saw Vicos sitting on the pew not very happy about something.

"Vicos." I said. "What is it?"

"I lost my job." he said. "I didn't know where we went wrong during our marriage.."

"Technically you do know, Vicos." I said. "We married too young, plus we weren't ready to have children and you were verbally and emotionally abusive to us."

"That part I get." he said. "But why does Adam hate me? I didn't do anything to him."

"Adam hates you for what you did to me and Syd." I said. "That's why he's very aggressive to you."

"I know." Vicos said, finally. "Enjoy your wedding to Daniel."

Vicos turned around and left the temple for Mildendo. It gave him a lot to think about what happened. He lost his job due to a fight with his boss and now his girlfriend has left him after what happened. Back then, he would've run away from his problems like he did when he and I were married. The only positve on is that he's now sorting out his life and thinking twice before hurting someone else again.

"Vicos was here." Adam said.

I nodded my head as I explained to him what happened. Vicos has moved back to Mildendo and is living with his brother until he can find a suitable job without insulting others. Adam still hates him for what happened, but is worried about his wife. I told him don't worry about my ex too much and concentrate on his wife. We headed out for the night. Adam headed home to his wife and his children as I headed home to my daughter and my parents. I went to sleep for the night as the rehearsals were done.

"Melina." my mother said. "It's time for your wedding."

I woke up very nervous and excited the day is finally here. As my mom, and the women of my family helped me into my wedding dress. My father and the men were deciding what they should do just in case someone is stupid enough to stop my wedding.

"Mena." Selima said. "Are you excited about it?"

"I am." I said. "Also nervous at the same time."

Clair showed up and got dressed in her maid of honor dress. I was real glad she isn't drunk and is back to her normal self. As it would be expecited, it was hectic going through this. I had to think about the bright side of this. We're going to enjoy each other company for the rest of our lives. Sydney held my hand as I stood up to put on my glass version of high heels. Finally we headed out to the temple, my veil over my face and got the nervousness over my face.

"You be fine, Melly." Clair said.

"I know, just nervous." I said.

While we headed into the temple first, I didn't see Daniel during the preparation as it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before hand and vice versa.

"Dad." Daniel said, in the other room. "I'll be fine."

"I know." Gary said.

I'm going through this, regardless of my nervous behavior. Some of Daniel's friends had just arrived from Nemakia to see us married. Eventually he and his father arrived and headed to the opposite direction. I suppose he does know iabout the wedding customs.

"Are you ok, Mimi." I heard a familliar voice.

"Marquina." I said, hugging her. "How are you?"

"I'm fine." Marquina said. "I'm just here for your wedding."

I was glad Quinna (short for Marquina) was here to support me. It just made my nervousness a lot easier just to have her here. As expected more of my friends arrived from their hometowns just to see my wedding. Luann and Audrine from work are here too. It's will turn out for the better as I got up and decided to go through with the wedding. Once our guest were seated, my father and Adam closed the temple doors as to keep outside wedding crashers out and discourage anyone else to stop my wedding.

"Nervous." my father asked.

"A little bit." I said. "I'll be fine though."

Finally the ceremony started as Sydney walked in dropping flowers on the ground. She's the flower girl for my wedding. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen were next until me and my father. As I walked down the aisle with my father, I looked towards nothing else and kept calm. Finally My dad gave me away and sat down. The ceremony began when my mother and Daniel's father, Gary both lit the candles indicating our lives seperated. Then it was our turn to light the big candle uniting us as one. It's a long process as we had to sit down on. Soon after it was all over we were married. While everyone else headed to the reception Daniel and I stayed behind for a bit.

"Were you nervous about it?" he asked me.

"I was nervous about it." I said. "I got through with it in the end."

We headed to our reception anyway and we were glad the final process was over which legalizeed that we're now married. During the time, Evana looked over to me and asked me if I was going to throw the bouqet

"Ok I'm going to throw the bouqet now." I said.

I turned around and tossed the bouqet. I found out Flembin caught the bouqet and faced Clair. They've been dating a few weeks and he's been real supportive to her since opening up his own men's store. He's helped her through the divorce.

"Rissa." Flembin said.

"Yes Flem." Clair said, seeing him hold the bouqet.

"I figure since Daniel and Melina got married." he said. "Why not us next?"

Clair got little apprehensive at first then nods her head in agreement. It would be nice to see how they go from there. Anyway once the reception was done and now I was happy. Our honeymoon would start after Christmas because of the family traditions. Now a few weeks coming into the New Year, we set sail to Nemakia before heading into Jaivon. We'll have so many years happy together.