Titan In The Mist

by Tim Lacey

"When the concerns of man is only in preperation for defense against himself---he is not prepared for the dire consquences that (sadly) follow."

"Behold, I extend my hand. Life giving waters that flows out in torrents to feed my people...Mighty like a giant thus God preserves..." from the Dead Sea Scrolls


Susan's fingers bleed from the hours she spent digging through the debris for food. Her brother Carlos joined her. "Any luck?"

"Nothing yet."

It angered Carlos that his seven year old sister had to dig through trash like an animal for food. Two days ago Carlos had gathererd enough food for himself and his sister, but the special police set up by Bush had come and stolen their food. Several friends of Carlos had been shot as an example by Cheney's secret guards. And others taken to the Republican death camps. Thus was the world Carlos and his sister lived in.

Carlos climbing to the top of a toppled building looked out at the bleak landscape. It was a strange landscape of jaggered patterns created from the remains of the once great city.

The Pack and Fight At The Water Hole

Carlos with Susan in hand joined up with the pack of the south-eastern part of the city. The leader of the pack a sixteen year old named Serge stood with folded arms on top of a block of cement as the rest of the pack gathered down around him. His red bandana that he wore around his neck fluttered in the warm evening wind. Once the full pack had gathered Serge told his people, "For the last three days my boys have driven away the pack from the west- side. Lets go and drink up!!" Everyone cheered.

Carlos and Susan ran up to the water hole created by a broken water-main on the corner of Nelson and Gray. Dropping to their knees the pack gathered the most valued water into their dirty and dried hands.

Slowly and with great care the pack from the west-side surrounded Serge's gang by hiding among the large pieces of buildings that had fallen from neglect and mob violence.

"Carlos it hurts my stomach," spoke Susan with tears in her eyes.

"Thats because your drinking too fast. Ease up."

The harsh sound of horn echoed around Serge's pack. "Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Serge. Picking up an old rusty pipe, Sege broke it in two to make a weapon. From all around came the pack of the west-side. Violent fighting took place. "Keep the young ones surrounded," shouted Serge.

Carlos pushed Susan into the circle who cried out to her brother in fear. "You will be safe there," hollowered Carlos over the din of shouting and screaming.

Pack leader Serge took his pipe and used its jaggered edges to ward off his assailant. The battle was long and bloody. Carlos took a savage blow to the head. Darkness swirled through the fourteen year old's mind. "Are you the one?" questioned a voice.

"Huh," responded Carlos in a dreamy state. "The pain...my sister!"

"Your sister is fine."

"Who are you?" asked Carlos who opened his eyes. Carlos tried to take in what he saw or more to the point he did not see---a face to the voice that beckoned to him. A call and a call Carlos who couldn't fathom what was transpiring.

"My name is Paxcel."

"Paxcel?" questioned Carlos who saw appeare in the blue mist that surrounded his body a immense form. In what appeared to be a massive chest was a blue glowing orb. Carlos opened his eyes in wonder as a gigantic face appeared. The Mount Rushmore size face was a smooth featureless gray. Something like a nose defined by sharp lines also made up the giants mouth and mouth. The most striking feature was the two slanted, oval shaped brightly glowing eyes that gazed down upon Carlos with power and wisdom. A wisdom Carlos felt in his soul he could trust. Creating a crest on this alien face was a gray or silver fin that curved backwards.

"I sense the fear you have had has fallen from you," spoke Paxcel.

"What are you? Are you God? Have I-I-died?"

"No you have not died. You are in an Ultra Dimension."

"What!?" said Carlos very, very confused.

I am an Ultra Guardian. I am Ultraman Paxcel. I need your help."

"I don't understand."

"First Carlos quiet your soul. Yes, thats it. From your quiet you will draw much energy that the creator has given all his creations. To your question: I am from a people that have preserved life throught out the universe years before your race crawled out of the sea. I have come to help your people. To do this I need your life."

"You need to kill me. I mean---I don't know what I mean. What the !$#@ you talking about!"

"Relax Carlos. I can't operate in Earth's atmosphere without the life force of a human to work through me and I through them---you Carlos."

"Me? Why me?"

"I sense a deep good in you. A good that remains strong because of your love for your sister and friends. A love that binds life and leads it to safety."

Floating in the blue mist before the great being Carlos replied, "I don't know. I don't know---if I could do as you tell me."

"You will know when the time comes."

Ultraman Paxcel what if I can't." There was silence.

"PLEASE! Ultraman Paxcel tell me!"

The Night Watcher

When Carlos opened his eyes he was back with his pack. Under his breath he said, "Was it a dream?"

"Carlos!" shouted Susan who wrapped her arms around her brother. "You have been out all day. I was so scared."

"Don't be scared Susan," responded Carlos holding his sister. "Don't be scared."

"We lost Mark and Carol," said a pack member to Carlos. Carlos let out a sigh.

Pack leader Serge appointed a night sentry to keep guard while the rest of the pack slept for the night. Looking up at the night sky the watcher studied a bright red and silver light light that shoot through the heavens. Off in the distance the watcher heard the sound of metal or of some sort of engine.

The Stone Giant

"Wake up! Wake up!" screamed the watcher. No one needed to ask the reason for their fellow Pack member's distress and agitation. Standing before them big as a skyscraper was this gray, giant stone figure. The pack memebers gaining courage ran around the massive feet of the object.

Carlos bending his head as far back as he could tried to look upon the titan. He thought, "It was no dream."

Pack leader Serge extended a hand and touched the gray surface. He slid his hand up and down over the strange feeling stone. Soon all the other pack members ran up to the gigantic feet and slid their hands over the surface.

From behind a slightly tilting office building came a gut renching sound.........

Ultraman Paxcel

The already crippled building fell with a loud ear peircing thud. Breaking through the debris of twisted metal and concrete was a giant metal robot. "Look!! Its the death crushing machine from the corporation. They have come to kill us!" shouted a frightened pack memeber.

Carlos felt a warm tingling sensation around his neck. He found a dark purple disc attached to a red chain.

Members of the West-Side gang came running toward the South-Eastern gang. "They have killed many members of my gang!" shouted the leader.

Carlos looking up at the heroic looking statue said, "I'm ready Ultraman Paxcel." Going behind some debris, Carlos took the orb off from around his neck and extending his fist that enclosed the disc yelled, "ULTRAMAN PAXCEL!" Carlos turned into a ball of light. The light entered the chest of the silent titan.

A giant metal foot was about to come crashing down on the group of teens, when a giant purple foot stopped it. "What's that!" shouted pack leader Serge. Everyone gasped at the sight of the second giant. A great living purple and silver giant.

Carlos whose life force brought the ancient giant warrior to life saved his friends. Ultraman Paxcel grabbing the robot by its shoulders flung it over his head. The robot landed on the ground sending a shock wave through the dead city. The robot slowly started to get up. As this metal monster of mayhem stood erect, it sent out a volley of missels. Ultraman Paxcel taking his left hand and positioning it in an vertical position, next took his right hand and placed it in a horizontal psition sent out a powerful force of light that ripped in two the metal monster of death. Several of the human pilots that controled this creation of a warped mind was blown out into the air. With one hand Ultraman Paxcel caught and saved these corporate thugs. He gently placed his hand on the ground. The frightened humans ran off.

With the monster destroyed Ultraman Paxcel looked down at the grateful humans. He then looked up at the sky and with a mighty roar flew into the blue morning sky.