The Three Wishes

by John

Mike was your normal 15 year old all American teenaged boy. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He enjoyed playing basketball with his friends. Mike wanted to play on the high school basketball team but the coach always turned him down.

One day after school while walking home, he came across a bottle. The bottle was made out of different colored class and it had some writing on it. But Mike couldn't understand the writing because it was in another language. When he got home he then decided to wash the bottle.

While he was clearing the bottle some purple smoke can out from the top of the bottle. Then the figure of a man appeared in front of him. "Who are you?," asked Mike.
"I'm the genie of the bottle and I will grant you three wishes. What will your first wish be for?" said the genie.

Mike then wished to be on the high school basketball team and then the genie disappeared. The next day at school the coach saw Mike and told him that he was now a member of the team. He couldn't believe what he was hearing and then after school he rubbed the bottle again. Again the man appeared and was going to grant Mike another wish.

Mike then wished for that he would grow a few more inches taller so he would stand at 6 feet tall. With in a few seconds he grow from 5 foot 6 to 6 feet tall. Then the genie disappeared back into his bottle. Mike thought that this was great. Two of the things he always wanted for himself happened and all because he found this bottle.

He now only had one more wish and he was going to save it for the last basketball game of the season. For Mike his last wish was to have the best game of his life.

A month later it was the night of the last game of the season. Mike put on his uniform and then went out to the gym to play the last game of the season. In the last period of the game he was sitting on the bench and thinking about the 50 point lead he gave his team. This was turning out to be the best game of basketball he ever played. Mike then started to talk to another team mate. Unknown to him the genie was set free from the bottle and was in his gym bag.

As he was talking to his friend Brad. Brad said "Wouldn't it be cool to if you could grow taller just by thinking aboutit?".

"Wouldn't have to do that. I would just wish I was BIGGER, I mean really BIG," said Mike. The coach then told Mike to go out and play. When he went to get up he noticed his gym bag was open and he saw the genie inside. Then he disappeared into thin air. This strange feeling then came over him and the coach yelled at him, "Get out there Mike". Mike walked out onto the basketball court and up to the free throw line. He was about to throw the ball when the strange feeling got stronger and stronger. It started to work its way throughout whole body. It felt as if his whole body was expanding in size. The players watched as Mike grew and grew bigger in size. At around 10 feet tall the players and everyone in the gym ran out of the gym screaming. A few minutes later Mike then stopped growing and he now stood 25 feet tall.

Part 2

Mike just stood there stunned and didn't know what to do now. "I'm going to stay a giant for the rest of my life. Why has this happened to me?" he said out loud. His voice boomed through out the gym and then down the school hallway. Brad was running down the hallway when he heared the loud voice. He then stopped running, turned around, and ran back the gym. When Brad reached the open gym doors he stopped and peeked inside. He still couldn't believe his eyes.

Mike then starting to feel that strange feeling again and his head hit the gym ceiling. "OH NO, It can't be happening again" he cried.

Mike sat on the gym floor and he started growing again. Brad watched from behind the gym door as Mike's body got bigger and bigger. As Mike got bigger, his legs and sneakered feet moved across the gym floor toward the other side of the gym. Brad watched as he saw these already huge feet getting bigger and coming right at him. He quickly got into the gym as Mike's giant sneakers came to rest up against the gym wall and now were blocking the gym door entrance.

Mike's sneakers towered over Brad as he found himself standing next to one of them. He then looked at Mike whose head was only an inch or so way from the gym ceiling. Mike had stopped growing, but for how long? Brad then walked along the side of the now mountain-sized Mike. When he reached the other end of the gym Brad yelled up at Mike. "Mike, it's me Brad--I'm down here". Mike looked down at Brad who looked like a toy action figure.

"It looks like your wish came true," said Brad.

"But I don't want to be a giant for now or the rest of my life".

In a questionable voice, Brad said,"Why don't you wish to shrink back to your normal size?"

"I can't--I used up my third wish the genie of bottle granted me". Mike then noticed his tiny gym bag on the gym floor next to the bench. "Go get my gym bag over there. I think the genie's bottle is still inside my bag".

Brad then ran over, picked up the bag, and ran back over to Mike. He looked inside the bag and saw the weird looking bottle. "Is this it?," he said as he pulled it out of the bag. The bottle rubbed against the gym bag and some green smoke came out of the top of the bottle.

Then appeared a genie, but this genie was a different one from the one before. "Thats a different genie then the one I had," Mike said.

"That's right, giant one. After a genie grants three wishes to someone he then goes to another bottle and another genie takes his place," said the genie.

"Then you can reverse my wish?," Mike asked the genie."

"No, I can not. I only can grant wishes to the one who rubbed the bottle".

"That would be me," said Brad. Mike then started to feel that strange feeling throughout his whole body. His sneakers started pushing their way through the gym wall.

"Hey, Brad make a wish to shrink me back to normal size". Brad then made his wish. "I wish that we would go back in time before this all happened and Mike would shrink smaller in size". Within a second they found themselves sitting back on the bench and the gym filled with people. Mike looked down at his gym bag and saw the genie he had before.

"What is your third wish" said the genie.

"I wish that I could make this basket". said Mike with a smile. He got up, went to the free through line, throw the ball, and made the basket. The buzzer rang and the game was over. Brad and Mike then went into the lockeroom to change out of their uniforms. After the rest of the players left the lockeroom Mike started to feel dizzy. He then started shrinking smaller and smaller in size.

"OH NO, not again!".

Part 3

After Mike stopped shrinking he stood 2 inches tall. He then looked up at Brad who now towered over him. "How come you shrunk so small," said Brad.

"It's because when you make your wish you said 'I wish Mike would shrink smaller in size', not back to normal size," answered Mike. Brad then pulled out the bottle and rubbed it. Once again the genie appeared and ready to grant Brad's second wish. Brad wished for Mike to grow back to his normal size. Mike then grew back to his normal 5 foot 6 inches in size. Brad and Mike then looked up at the clock and saw it was getting late.

So they quickly picked up their things and left the lockeroom. But since they were both in a hurry they forgot to pick up the genie's bottle. On their way out, they were stopped by Kevin the school bully. "Where do you think you're going?," he said to them.

"We have to get home --it's getting late," said Mike.

"Doesn't your mommy let you stay out late?," asked Kevin. Kevin was two years older then Mike and Brad and he really enjoyed picking on kids who are younger then he is. He then stepped out of their way and let them go by.

Once Mike and Brad got outside they waited for Mike's older brother Tom to come and pick them up. Tom is 17 years old and is the greatest big brother Mike could ever have.

Inside the lockeroom Kevin found the bottle, picked it up, and took it wit him. He had no idea that the bottle contained a genie.

A few minutes later Tom drove up in his new red car. Mike and Brad got in the car and closed the doors. Ten minutes later they reached their house and got out of Tom's car. Brad walked over to his house and went up to bed. Mike and Tom also went up stairs to their bed rooms and went to sleep. At Kevin's house he put the bottle on his desk and also fell asleep. The next morning Kevin woke up and got dressed for the day. He picked up the bottle and saw a dirty spot on the bottle. Kevin then rubbed the spot to clean the bottle.

Then some smoke came out the top and he then dropped the bottle on the floor. The genie then appeared and asked Kevin what his first wish would be. Kevin thought for a minute and when he thought of what he'd wish for a smile came to his face. "I wish that I could make anyone as big as I want or as small as I want just by saying it" said Kevin with a evil grin on his face.

Then the genie went back into the bottle. He then went outside and ran toward Mike's house. When he reached Mike's house, Kevin hid behind some bushes across the street. Then he saw Tom come out of the house and get in his new car. Kevin was jealous of Tom's car because it was nicer than his was. He wanted so much to do something to Tom's car but he couldn't, or could he.

Tom was inside the car looking at something and this was Kevin's chance. He then said to himself"I want Tom to start growing bigger in size". Inside the car Tom was looking at some baseball cards he had bought earlier. As he was looking at the cards Tom felt an odd sensation pushing through his body. His legs started feeling cramped and the steering wheel suddenly seemed much closer to him than usual. He looked down at his sneakers and saw they were getting bigger in size. His arms were rested on the steering wheel like it was a toy and eventually, they grew so much that they busted through the car windows. As Tom's legs became bigger & longer, they soon pushed through the floor of his car like it was made of tin foil!

Then Tom's head pushed its way through the top of the car. As he grew bigger his car fell apart and the pieces fell to the ground around him. After the car had come all apart Kevin said for Tom to stop growing. Tom stood there just looking down at what used to be his new car He then heared crashing sounds coming from next door and from his own house. A minute later Brad's head came crashing through the roof of the garage and fell apart as Brad got bigger in size. Where was still crashing sounds coming from Tom's house. Oh No, could Mike be growing too?

Inside the house Mike's head was now touching the ceiling and was starting to push its way through it. Then his head pushed its way through the ceiling and up through the roof of the house.

"Im growing again" said Mike. By now Brad's feet were as big as the garage and were pushing up against the garage door. Then his feet pushed their way through the door and out onto the driveway. Tom watched as his younger brother keep growing bigger and bigger. Inside the house as Mike's feet got larger they knocked over the furniture as they grew in size. Tom and Brad both watched as more and more of Mike's body showed out of the top of the house as he grew. Then Mike's feet pushed their way through the front of the house and onto the front lawn.

Kevin then said for them to stop growing and when they did stop they stood 100 feet tall. Kevin then started to laugh out loud and Tom, Mike, and Brad heared him. They all then started walking toward him and when they reached the other side of the street they stopped walking. Kevin then looked up at them and started backing away in fear. "So you think thats funny" said Tom. "No, don't hurt me. I'll shrink you back to normal just don't hurt me" said Kevin.

He then said for them to shrink back to there normal size. Mike, Tom , and Brad then shrunk back to their normal size. Kevin had already started running and as he was running he fell to the ground. When he fell the bottle broke and the genie disappeared. Then Tom, Mike, and Brad saw what was a giant sneaker and leg coming down the street. The sneaker and leg got bigger as it moved its way down the street. It was coming strait at them and getting bigger as it came. "Herry lets get in my house" said Brad. All three of them ran into Brad's house and looked out the window. They could only see the bottom of gigantic sneaker coming at them. As the sneaker got closer and bigger they backed away from the window. A few minutes later the sneaker was up against the window and about to destroy the house. The giant sneaker then started to push its way into the house. That is when.... Mike then wakes up from sleeping. "That was the weirdest dream I have ever had" Mike says to himself.

He looks over at the clock and notices that it is two in the morning. The moonlight is shinning into his bedroom and is lighting up his room. Mike then lays back down on the bed and notices that his bed seems smaller. Mike then sits on the edge of his bed and when he goes to stand up his head goes through the roof of the house. "Oh No, Im growing into a giant"! The End.