Teen Giants

by Megamax

Ethan was your everyday regular teen. He had a lovely black mop of hair and was considered a dream guy. Ethan and his best friend Wesley were at the beach. The beach was isolated, because it was somewhere off the coast of South America. Ethan’s dad studied ancient civilizations, so they made a trip here. Ethan then decided to take a dip at the seaside. He was quite an expert at swimming. Ethan, who would celebrate his 15th birthday next week, jumped into the sea with his navy blue shirt on.

Wesley watched him. He was Ethan’s best friend, and in the same class. He had blond hair and wore a white shirt with blue jeans. He was slightly taller than Ethan, and loved working out. All of a sudden, Ethan swam to shore.

“Hey, Wes, you’ll never guess what I found!”


Ethan held out a small purple bottle. “Don’t pick up junk!” said Wesley. The bottle had some curious liquid in it.

Ethan said, “You’re probably right,” He then threw it back into the sea. Strangely enough, the bottle boomeranged back and unleashed its contents on to them.

“Now look what you’ve done!” scolded Wesley.

Ethan mumbled apologies and went to wash off in the sea. Wesley followed suit. Wesley was not as good as Ethan in swimming. He just went into shallow waters and attempted to wash the purple liquid of him. The liquid however, just stuck on. He then felt a rumbling in the water. Ocean earthquake? He remembered that Ethan dived in into extremely deep waters, so Wesley went in to look for him.

Just then, Wesley felt like he was lifted up by…. seaweed. It wasn’t seaweed; it was Ethan’s hair! Ethan said, “Hey, what the….!”

“Oh it’s you!” said Ethan.

“What happened to you?” asked the scared Wes.

Ethan must have been about 22’ tall. His hands were a huge 3’ feet! Ethan replied, “I don’t know. I was just swimming and then…” His voice trailed off once more. “The purple goop! It must’ve made me grow!” He said, smacking his hands that sounded like cannons.

“That’s not good,” said Wesley.


“Because I got some too!”

Then Wesley felt it. His shirt seemed to stretch a little. Wesley felt himself expanding. The trees brushed him. Then he felt it stop. He was now 33’ 5”! He was a good 10’ away from Ethan. He said, “We’re in big trouble!” Ethan seemed like a toddler to him.

But Ethan and Wesley didn’t stop there. Ethan felt his insides churn. He slowly grew. His titanic feet were 32 feet long by the time the growth spurt finished. Ethan felt like he was on top of a tower. He was over 200 feet tall (218’ to be exact). The hair on his head was about 6 feet long. That is, until Wesley joined him at his height.

Wesley took a longer time growing. He first reached 50 feet, then 100, then 150, then 223 feet. He was towering over Ethan. (considering the size). The ridges in his boots could have fit a baby. His massive chest could have been mistaken for a billboard.

Now, a pair of 15-year-old giants was looming over the South American landscape. Their weight was equivalent to 20, 000 mature elephants put together. “Whoa,” said Ethan. The word echoed through the valley.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Ethan.

“Have some fun!” was the reply.

Wesley could easily have beaten up Ethan. His massive body spanned for metres. They went into the sea. The deepest area that Ethan ventured in before was just neck deep for him now. “Uh, this isn’t any fun,” mumbled Wes. The deep end of the sea was like a kid’s pool to him. “You’re right. Let’s get back to shore.” But before they began moving, they grew again.

This time, they grew at the same time, pushing each other over as they growth spurt continued. Wesley reached shore, his 13 metre long feet crushing the surroundings. His shirt didn’t maintain his growing frame, and it stretched uncomfortably as he stopped growing. Ethan groped back to shore, a 440’ giant teen now. His eyebrow hair itself was as long as a toddler. Wesley soon stopped growing, reaching twice his original ‘giant’ height. He slapped Ethan on the shoulder, booming, “What are we to do now?”

“I don’t know,”

“See those pyramids over there? Let’s crush ‘em!”

Ethan hesitated. It didn’t seem right. His hand could cover 8 basketball players snugly, but he wouldn’t want to use his newfound height for destruction. “I don’t think so,” came his loud reply.

“Huh?” responded Wesley.

“We oughta find a way to get back to normal,” said Ethan.

But before Wesley could say anything, there was gunfire in the distance. “What was that?” asked Wes. They slowly crawled their way there, careful to avoid detection. Poachers! There were about 20 of them and they were aiming at the exotic birds.

“Hey,” said Ethan. “I don’t think that’s right,” came the thunderous voice. The poachers realised that two 440’ teens were looking down at them. They cowered in fear. “What shall we have them for, breakfast or lunch?” joked Wesley, puffing up his colossal body. The poachers mumbled something, but Ethan shouted “Poachers!” Without knowing it, he breathed out deeply. The poachers were struck by a gale. They were slammed into trees and left unconscious.


Ethan and Wesley were forced to move before the police arrived. The police couldn’t think why so many trees were bent later on. Ethan and Wes slowly shrank back to their normal height, back to where they started.

“You’re right, Ethan. It’s much better helping out when you’re the size of an observation tower.”

Ethan’s dad came back. He said that poachers were captured. Said something about giant shadows. Ethan winked at Wes. You just never know…