Taylor The God Dude

by Timothy

The early morning fog swept across the green athelic field. The leaves of the trees rustled. The needles of the Pines seemed to hum a lament. Robby even though it was Saturday, rose early in order to do a few laps. Stopping and bending over, Robby placed his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. The water droplets mixed with the cool fog rejuvernated both his body and spirit.

Running past Robbie's feet was a rather large racoon. Robby was surprised to find it had come so close. They usually stay clear of humans. It did however, remind Robby of the great God of Olympus: Taylor.Taylor had been rendered many times in paintings with a racoon by his side. Robby had prayed often in the temples to the teen God.

As the racoon ran off into the fog, Robby heard a sound. The sound which increased with each second sounded like footstepts.

Coming out of the gray fog were the outlines of mishappen beings. Robbie stood up, "Oh please may it not be them."

The racoon stopped and turned toward the vague, mist shrouded outline of Robbie; it twitched its nose.

Becoming clearer as they emerged from the fog, the deformed outlines took shape into the Hera High School football team. Its star player Cliff walked infront of his team. The football team made a heavy clanking sound with their kleats and heavy football gear. The sound stoppped.

Standing in the mist Robbie was face to face with Cliff. "What have I told you about a non-player using this field," said Cliff.

"I have every right to be here. I'm a student too, " replied Robbie.

Going right up to Robbie's face, Cliff replied, "Yeah, but I'm the schools top player which makes me favored from the Goddess Hera who the school is named after. Cliff spat in Robbies face. He then sent a savage pounch to Robbies stomach. Robbie fell to the ground.

Spitting blood from out of his mouth Robbie spoke, "Taylor wouldn't approve of your actions."

Cliff pushed Robbie down with his sneaker. Lifting up his helmet Cliff shouted, "Hear me O great Gods of Olympus. Every game I have won I did for your honor."

The racoon shook its head and said, "Not for the honor of the Gods you play, for your own inflated ego." The racoon sprouted wings. It flew off into the clouds above.

The rest of the team as they passed Robbie spat on him. Robbie whispered in prayer, "Please great Taylor help me."

The racoon as it neared the great mountain of Olympus transformed itself back into that of a man. An Olympus attendant greeted the messenger. "Welcome back home Bob was your trip ampong the mortals eventful?"

"Yes, thank you. I now must speak with my lord Taylor," replied Bob, a stocky red haired, beared servant of the King of Olympus.

"He has won many a game for us here at Olympus," spoke the beautiful Hera before Taylor's throne.

The great blond haired blue eyed Taylor from his throne of stars replied, "Is it honor he plays. Or the honor to say he plays for us?"

"My Lord Taylor, I have news for you," spoke Bob.

"Speak Dude."

Kneeling before the greatness of Taylor, "Your loyal mortal servant Robbie has been brutalized again from the mortal Cliff." Turning toward Hera, "He's the schools top player."

"I am aware. And I am aware this mortal dare uses the honor of Olympus to cover his brutal bullying. This will stop." Looking at Hera, "I now he is your special mortal soul. But the dude is is completly not with it when it comes to honor."

"Micromegas, approach the throne," said Taylor God. A slender woman in a long flowing white robe that sparkled as she moved gracefully a cross the floor approached the God. She bowed. "Yes my lord, what is your bidding?"

"I want you to send one of your Metamorph Chicks of Care down to Earth---to Robbie."

"It will be done as you command my great God."

Stepping off his throne, Taylor God left his audience chamber.

Back down among the mortals, Robbie limped his way to the Temple of Taylor that was at the entrance to the city. Entering the fifteen story white marble struture, Robbie entered. Before him stood the grand giant statue of Taylor God. Sitting on a bamboo chair was the temple's hunched over, robed covered temple guardian Ivor. Going over to the cloaked figure, "Taylor is the God man."

The hunched figure Ivor replied, "Taylor is the main man of mortals. Hehe-(caugh)-(gag)-(cough) are you hear my young boy to pray to Taylor God?"


Ivor with great strain lifted his body, which made an amorphous form beneath his robes, slowly off of the bamboo chair. "Before you pray you must lite a votive candle from the Flame of Life given to man by Taylor God," Sweeping his hand through the air and stopping with an extended index finger, Ivor pointed to the great flame that flickered brightly between the giant statue's feet. Robbie as he walked over, Ivor sounded, "Ah---(cough)-(gag)-(cough) young man."

Robbie turned back toward Ivor whose face was lost in the shaodw of the hood. "Oh yeah, the offering." Digging into the pocket of his jeans Robbie took out a few coins. "Sorry old dude. This is all I have."

"This is fine hehe-(caugh)-(gag)-(cough). Youngman your face really looks !@#$. What happened?" Robbie just turned and went to the Flame of Life. Picking up a wick, Robbie lit it from The Flame of Life. And walking over to a black cast iron candle holder lit a candle. Kneeling down on a cushion Robbie began to pray. As he formed his thoughts he heard, "My tiny mortal come approach me." Robbie lifted his head up and looked around. All he heard was Ivor going, "Hehe-(cough)-(gag)-(cough)."

A light appeared over the right giant foot to the statue of the teen god. The light extended til the white marble turned to the color of flesh. "Approach with no freaky feelings my mortal friend."

"A sign from the Gods," thought Robbie as he approached the colossal sandaled foot. Robbie hoisted himself up on the front lip to the light brown sandle and crawled up onto the big toe. Walking up the incline of the giant foot Robbie stopped and knealt down on the warm flesh below the ankle. Looking up, Robbie was in awe of the great statue that extended over a hundred foot into the dark ceiling. Even this great statue was no where near the great God Taylor's true height. The dark marble sunglasses that covered the eyes seem to sparkle to Robbie.

Lowering his head down Robbie prayed, "Its getting harder all the time to attend school because of that goon Cliff. He's always beating on me. I know he's the school's top athlete which makes him favored by the Goddess Hera..."

The voice interrupted, "That is no excuse. Cliff misses the point of being an athlete. What do you want me to do to him?"

Robbie lifted his head up looking at the botom of the huge and handsome devine face of Taylor God, "Do to him?" Robbie thought, "If I asked you to turn him into a frog you would?"

"Yes," replied the noble voice.

"Tempting, but I just want him to stop and-and grow up."

"For a mortal you have unusually high degree of honor. Let me think over this Robbie. And Robbie."

"Yes, O Great Taylor God."

"You will be under my protection."

"Thanks!" Robbie's face went into a question, "What will you do?"


The warm, living colossal foot beneath Robbie returned to marble. Robbie stood up. Turning around, he saw the cloaked figure of Ivor approaching. "Never question hehe-(cough)-(gag)-(cough) the gift from the Gods."

Climbing down and off the giant foot, Robbie nodded his head. He left the temple. On his way home, Robbie couldn't believe his stars.; he actually heard from the King of the God's Taylor.

Upon reaching home Robbies little sister Clara ran up to him, "Robbie some stranger left a gift hear for you."


Entering the front hall, Robbies father replied, "Yes son. Its upstairs in your room in a cage."

"A cage?"

Going up to his son, the father asked, "What happened? Was it that Cliff again?"

"Its ok dad."

"No its not ok. I don't care if he is the school's top athlete or who his father is I'm going to..."

Cutting his father off, "Its ok dad. Just leave it---please." Robbie quickly went upstairs. Entering his room and shutting the door, Robbie put a hand to where he had gotten beatened. On top of his desk desk, Robbie spotted the cage. He went over to it. Bending down Robbie observed a small creature that resembled a mouse. Though, not like any mouse he had seen before. This mouse had a light red and brown colored fur. The tail was long with a brown color ball of fur at its end. The ears where like that of a rabbit. Its most striking feature was its eyes. Instead of small beady pink eyes, they were aqua. On the side of the cage was a note:

"This is Rentha. She is to be your tiny companion. You need not keep her caged. For you to reap the benefits of this special creature all you need is to be kind and yourself---a friend."

With open mouth Robbie thought, "A gift from Taylor God."

Robbie unlatched the cage and opened the front. The Rentha/mouse creature hopped out. Putting his hand down, Robbie watched it crawl up onto his hand. Lifting his hand up closer to his face, Robbie with fascination studied the little creature. As hee did, Rentha turned and lifting its tail brushing the side of Robbie's fcae with it. "Hey, that tickles," chuckled Robbie. His face began to tiingle. The pain was beginning to subside. In seconds the pain left Robbie's face. He lowered his hand down and to the side of his chest that was in pain. Rentha brushed her tail against the area. It tingled as before; folowed by the release from pain.

Stroking the top of Rentha's head with his index finger Robbie spoke to the tiny creature, "Thank you."

Rentha made a cooing sound.

Cliff, dressed in his expensive hanging around threads and with his pack just behind him, walked down through the center of town. "You honor Hera, Cliff," said one citzen as he passed by. Others too saluted Cliff and his team.

Going down the street Cliff and the team were passing an old man standing in rags and holding with his time weathered hand, a dented steel cane. This old waif of the city had false legs. False legs that were broken off at the bottom. Where some form of foot or shoe should be, was only jagged ends. Just as Cliff and his group were going by the old man rattled his can full of loose coins. "Some change," spoke the old man.

"Sorry old man, maybe next time," said Cliff hardly looking at the person.

The old beggar replied, "Your lies are old. But you tell them pretty good."

Coming down into the kitchen with Rentha on his shoulder, Robbie looked into the frig for something to eat. "Don't have that thing near our food," said Robbie's mother a bit annoyed.

"Its ok mom. I think maybe it could be a gift from Taylor God."

The mother gave her son a thoughtful gaze. "Would be nice to think."

Gathering slices of meat and slabs of bread, Robbie put together a sandwich for himself. He also placed food on a paper plate for Rentha to eat off of. Before partaking in his treat, Robbie went over to a small statue of Taylor God. Robbie lite a small candle. Saying a few prayers of thanks, Robbie sat down to eat. "I hope you like stuff," said Robbie to Renthra. The little mouse creature wiggled its whiskers.

Eating Robbie began to sense something. He put his sandwich down. Looking over toward the window over the sink, Cliff noticed a haze driffting by. This white haze began to encircle the kitchen table. Robbie started to become concern. Leaving her plate Rentha jumped onto Robbie's arm and scampered up onto his shoulder. She brushed her tail up against Robbie's face which calmed his soul.

The mist faded. Instead of the kitchen, Robbie found himself, without being aware of the change---standing. The great floor and at first Robbie thought it was a floor, scratched his head. This floor took shape with many deep indentations and puffy rolling mounds. It radiated a warmth. Slowly turning around and gazing upward, Robbie gave out a quick, short bursts of laughter. He looked upon the huge flesh colored obelisks that towered over him. "I don't believe this," Robbie said outloud with kind of a joy. "I'm in his hand!" Turning back around Robbie bending his head back looked up at the devine face of Taylor God that filled the very sky. Like harvest moons, the deep, clear blue eyes glowed downward at Robbie. "O great Taylor God. I should fall to my knees burying my face in your hand. Me a puny mortal but I can't."

"Your devoton has always been a strong and honest one my mortal dude."

Bowing, Robbie ask, "Why am I given such an honor?"

"As I told you my dear mortal soul you are under my protection. I will be asking for your trust."

"O great Taylor God. I know you don't need to ask me, a mortal anything. And I have always trusted you." As he spoke, Robbie noticed angel like beings flying out from among the huge locks to Taylor God's gold and blond hair. Many held harps. Others sprinkled star dust around the great teen God's sparkling, life giving hair.

"I know Robbie. That is why you have found favor with me. I will be sending messengers from the clear waters for you. They will take you to their dwellings at the waters base." One of the angels cut off a strand to Taylor God's hair. The glowing being flew down to Robbie and with out stretch arms presented the thick cord like strand of hair to Robbie. The mortal teen backed away. The angel being's sweet face changed one of that of a question. Taylor God spoke, "My tiny dude what are you troubled by?"

"I can't dare touch a strand of your devine hair. I'm nothing," responded Robbie. "It is my wish---its my---commandment that you should have it Robbie." Making a profound bow, "My apologies my God." Robbie with shaking hands took the several foot thick strand of blond hair into his own. "Robbie, mark me well. This strand of hair is of limited power. Each time you use it, its stregnth diminishes. Use it wisely. I have faith in you my tiny human speck." Robbie wrapped the strand of hair around his waist. That haze of white formed once more around Robbie. When it faded, Robbie was at the table in his chair. Robbie sat in his chair staring blankly at the kitchen window. Slowly, he moved himself back in his chair. Robbie looked downward. Seeing the sparkling strand of hair around his waist, Robbie knew it was no dream. Come Monday, Robbie went to school. He carried in his shirt pocket Rentha. Robbie tied the strand of hair from Taylor God around his tee-shirt shirt, hidden beneath the golf shirt he wore. Meeting up with several friends, Robbie went down the hallway to their first class. Robbie kept secret about the strand of devine hair and his meeting with Taylor God. Part of Robbie wanted to tell his friends, who he liked and respected, about all that had transpired. Robbie knew it would sour the noble task that he was to play. Entering class, Robbie and his pals sat down at their desks. One of his pals, Bryan looked around. Bryan looked over at the window that was partly opened. He leaned over to Robbie, "Hey, I don't see Koonga." "Maybe, he's out with the flew. It is larva time. You know they get sick around this time." Bryan nodded his head, "Yeah, if I see Preston I'll ask him. Hey, whats that?" asked Bryan spotting Rentha's little ears sticking out of Robbie's shirt pocket. Whispering back, Robbie told Bryan, "This is my new pet." The teacher made a loud "Ah-Umm," sound as a signal class has begun. From Mount Olympus, Taylor God looked on with folded arms that bulged with his mighty mountain size like muscles. Micromegas joining Taylor God commented, "I admire Robbie's strength not to betray the trust you have given him. You know how weak mortals are in handling power and ego of self." "Yes, I know. This one, however, is void of any pretention." Entering the room of souls, Hera said, "For the moment." Turning toward Hera, Taylor God asked with amusement in his voice, "Do you doubt my choice?" Slightly bowing, Hera responded, "No my lord. Robbie, is, still, a mortal." "Not all mortals are as full of self as Cliff," said Micromegas. Hera just gave her a slight and cold glance. During period break, Robbie and his friends went outside to the recreation garden. Sitting next to a gray statue of Taylor God, Robbie saw Helen across the way sitting next to a fountain of the Goddess Aphrodite. The two exchanged a few lambs eyes. Robbie's gaze into beauty was broken when Bryan shouted, Yo! Preston, over here!" Bryan extended his arm and index finger. The half Dragonfly and half human Preston hovered for a moment over the teen's finger. He then made a gentle landing on the finger. Bringing his finger up to his face Bryan asked, "Have you seen Koonga?" In his airy, high pitch voice, Preston replied, "I saw him flying on his way to school this morning." From the furthest end of the garden, there was the sound of unruly laughter. Rentha, in Robbie's pocket made a few little urgent squeaks. Standing up Robbie told his pals, "Ill be right back." Going over to the place where the laughter was coming from, Robbie said to his pet, "You picking up on trouble?" "Squeak-squeak-cooooo." Huddled over in a circle was Cliff and his band of jockish goons. Very carefully Robbie, who was beginning to sweat with a little fear, looked over the broad shoulders of one of the teen's. In the middle of the circle was a glass jar. And trapped in the jar was Koonga who buzzed angrily from inside. The teen's were kicking the jar from foot to foot. One of the goons from the circle feeling the presence of another said, "Hey, its that pile of crap." Cliff turned around. Robbie felt weak. Standing up, "Get out of here before I give you another beating." "I just came for my friend." Cliff looked down at the jar. He placed his sneaker on top of it, "Where playing with Koonga right now." The jockish goons chuckled. "OUCH!!" shouted Cliff who suddenly started hopping around on one foot. There was a muted sound of thunder in the air. And there came another sound which was followed by the sound of breaking glass. Shooting up out of the broken jar was Koonga, who flew over to Robbie landing on his shoulder. "Thanks Robbie. But we better get out of here." "Way ahead of you," replied Robbie quickly leaving the scene as Cliff contiued to hop around on one foot while holding the other. Hera asked, "Was that necessary my lord? To strike Cliff with those lightening bolts." Dark storm clouds appeared over the top of Taylor God's head. The angels flying around his head darted into the thick forest of his hair for cover. "They were just tiny bits of energy. And it was unmanly of Cliff to trap another being." Pointing his finger at Hera, "You are his protectress, start speaking to him in his dreams and through omens. I am losing my patience with that foolish mortal." "Still my lord," added Hera, "Do you think it was..." Cutting her off, Taylor God replied angrily, "Indulge me!" Hera bowed. When Robbie came back and seeing his friend, Preston flew off of Bryan's finger to join Koonga. "The big ape said he had a math question he wanted to ask me. When I flew in, Cliff snatched me up in his hand and placed me in a jar. He nearly broke one of my wings." Looking up at Robbie, Koonga asked, "How did you get me out?" "It wasn't me," responded Robbie who looked at the small statue of Taylor God. The chimes of Hera High School sounded. It was time for the students to return to their classes. Bryan with his two flying friends on his shoulder left for his class. Seeing Robbie about to enter the doorway, Helen ran up to him. He turned and smiled slightly. Holding her books close to her chest, Helen turning from side to side; giving Robbie a rather coquettish smile, "Can I walk with you to class?" "Yeah, sure." "That was very of the God's what you did for Koonga," said Helen. Robbie lowered his head in a shy jerky way, "Yeah, thanks." "I have heard Cliff has been picking on you." Trying to be positive, "I'm sure it will end soon." "I hope." "Hey, what's that in your pocket?" asked Helen. "Oh its my new pet Rentha." "Its cute. Can I pet it?" "Sure." As Helen was about to pet the top of Rentha's head, the little mouse creature snarled and began to make growling sounds. It also made a swipe of its paw towards Helen's finger. "Cool it Rentha. I'm sorry Helen. I guess she's a one man pet." "Its cool Robbie. If I was her, (helen lowered her voice) I wouldn't want anyone else to have you." About to enter his class, Robbie told Helen, "I'll see you around." "Please the God's," replied Helen. Entering his class, Robbie tapped his pocket, "What's wrong with you? Don't act that way." Rentha crossing her paws, settled at the bottom of the pocket. She gave gave out a frustrated sigh. Rentha was starting to fall for Robbie. And she wished she could tell Robbie that she was not a pet, instead, a servant of the God's. Robbie thanked his stars that for the remainder of the day, he didn't run into Cliff. After school and on his way home Koonga and several of his fellow half Dragonfly and human pals circled Robbie's head. "Thanks again Robbie," shouted down Koonga. "Glad to help a friend." Koonga and his pals left and flew off to their homes. In Robbie's pocket, Rentha thought, "Around his waist is a strand of our great Taylor God's hair. Does Robbie realize the power that is in his grasp? Instead of jumping to use it, he as himself, a mere mortal, wanted to solve the problem. And at his own risk. I wonder what his path is?" At home, holding Rentha in his hand and shaking his finger at her, "Rentha, that was very bad. Don't snap at a friend of mine again." Playfully, Rentha swung at Robbie's finger with her tiny paws. "Ha (chuckle) ha, don't try to charm my thoughts away from what you did. (chuckle) Ok, ok, all is forgiven." Robbie pressed Rentha up against the side of his cheek. "Robbie," shouted his father's voice from downstairs. Yeah?" "Come down, you have visitors." Robbie looked down at Rentha, "Hmm, wonder who it is? Leaving his room, Robbie went downatairs. In the front hall, buzzing around of vase of fresh flowers were two dragonfly/humans. Seeing Robbie they flew over to him. Hovering infront of his face, "Thank you for rescuing our son from Cliff and his friends," said the father. "Yes, we are very grateful," added the mother. Robbie replied, "Thanks. But your thanks should really go to Taylor God." "After we leave, we will be going to the Temple of Taylor to give offerings of thanks. Still Robbie, it was brave of you to go over and stick up for Koonga. And we wanted to tell you and your parents," said the father in his high pitch voice. Robbie's father commented, "Someone has to talk to Cliff's father. His son is just out of control." "He won't listen. He is just as arrogant as his son," replied the dargonfly/human mother. "I have also a message for you," said Koonga's father. "Friday, at the end of school three messengers from the clear waters will come to take you to their underwater dwellings." "Cool," responded Robbie. "Is it ok. Can I go?" Robbie's parents gave their consent. "Robbie," said Koonga's mother. "Just want you to be aware they do give off a slimy scent which at first can be very overwhelming. However, I think you will enjoy your stay with them. They're very nice people." Saying goodbye, the tiny dragonfly/humans flew out the door. Back in his bedroom, Robbie told Rentha, "I'll be going to the underwater dwellings of the Frogurians." Rentha started making chirping sounds. "I want to take you. But I don't know if that would be a good idea. I will have to go down through the waters depth." Pointing with her paw toward Robbie's chest, Rentha began to chirp again. "Oh yeah. It does have powers. And you are suppose to be my companion. You can come." Rentha wiggled her tail up and under Robbie's nose. He chuckled. Robbie looked up at the clock. There was just twenty minutes of class left. He was excited about his trip to the underwater dwellerings of the Frogurians. Meanwhile, out in the school's hallways, students stood in silence staring. They looked, many with open mouths, at the three black Trench-Coat cloaked figures walking down the hall. There faces were lost in the shadow created by the brim to the black caps they wore. The only part of their anatomy that shone, were their bulbous eyes that glinted from the overhead fluorescent lights. Walking, their hidden feet made a wet, rubbery, squishy sound. The dark cloaked figures left a pungent odor that left many a student gagging. When the chimes went off, Robbie quickly stood up. Leaving the classroom, Robbie saw standing side by side, the three black Trench-Coat cladded messengers. Going up to them, "Hi, I'm Robb... whoa." Robbie stepped back. Just as Koonga's mother had said, the stench they gave off was overwhelming. From inside his shirt pocket, Rentha poked at Robbie. He remembered the devine hair of Taylor God that was around his waist. Robbie pushed his hand against his shirt. All at once the stench subsided. Extending a hand, "Hi, I'm Robbie." A large webbed, aquatic version of a human hand wrapped itself around and engulfed Robbie's hand. It was cool, wet and a bit slimy. Robbie tried to clear his mind of the repulsion he was feeling. He then spotted a true slime---Cliff. Down the hallway was the gawking jock with his team. They all had idiotic, arrogant, twisted smirks on their faces. Robbie then turned his attention back to the Frogurian. A wet, gurgling sound of a response came from the aquatic cloaked figure, "Robbie I'm Minopea. And these (gurgle-croak) are my friends. And felllow messengers that do the bidding of the Gods. Are you ready to (gurgle-croak) come?" Clearing his throat, Robbie replied, "Yep." As they walked passed Cliff and his team, Cliff said, "Hmm, I just love cooked Frog legs covered in hot butter." "Hey, watch it Cliff those Frogurians are tough guys. We don't want any problems with them," spoke a team member looking cautiously at the three figures. "They wouldn't dare. This school is under the protection of the Goddess Hera. And I'm the star player favored by Hera." Walking down the hallway, Robbie thought it was kind of cool how everybody moved out of the way and stood up against the walls. Robbie felt as if he was in some sort of solemn procession. Once out of the school, Robbie asked, "What's this all about?" "You (gurgle-croak) have found favor with Taylor God himself." "Yeah, I know I have been honored. Not quite sure why?" "Never question (gurgle-croak) the Gods." Robbie nodded his head. Up high and hidden among the clouds, Mount Olympus---the God's of man performed their many devine duties. Bob entered the throne room of the great God Taylor. Going up to a beautiful handmaiden he asked, "Where is our Lord Taylor God?" She responded, "He is creating another beautiful heaven for the young mortal children spirits." Bob gave a polite nod of the head and left. Floating around Taylor God like so many stars were the souls of mortal children. With a sweep of his devine hand, Taylor God created new and beautiful, fields, mountains and waterfalls for the children to play among." "My Lord Taylor. I have news about the young mortal Robbie." "Speak it dude." "Robbie is with the Frogurian messengers about to embark to their clear water dwellings." Enjoying the happiness of the tiny, young mortal souls, Taylor God spoke, "Very good." Bob was silent for a moment. "My great lord. If I may." "Speak your mind." Thank you my lord. I worry about Hera. I know she plots. Hera holds Cliff very dear." "I am aware. Hera spoils her mortal charge Cliff. And herself." "I just wonder what she could do to Robbie?" Taylor God," replied, "I'm aware how her vanity corrupts her. I'm looking after Robbie." At another location, outside the city limits, on the side of a gentle slope stands the white and gray marble temple to the Goddess Hera. Inside, kneeling down before a statue of the Goddess was Cliff's father. "Thank you my Goddess for endowing my son with great gifts. In return, I have built a grand corporation in your honor. I pray you look over Cliff and make him stronger. It is my wish he shall oneday rule this city. Give me your devine wisdom in how I may make this a true reality and wipe away anything that would stand in the way of this great wish inspired from you O Great Queen." Robbie and the three messengers approached the shore to the great lake of the Frogurians. Are you ready dry-lander (gurgle-croak) Robbie?" asked the Frogurian messenger. "I guess so." Robbie thought for a moment. "Rentha, will you be ok underwater?" From his shirt pocket the tiny mouse creature nodded her furry head. From a field of large water reeds came a half man and pig. Huffing and puffing the squat pig/man hurried on his short hoven like feet. "Sorry I wasn't hear to great you my watery friends." "Its good to (gurgle-croack) see you again," said the lead messenger. The three Frogurians took off their caps and Trench-Coats. And handed them down to the pig/man. "This is (gurgle-croak) our long time friend Melvin." "Hi Melvin," said Robbie. The pig/man gave a polite bow. Robbie, now observed for the first time, the true appearences of the Frogurians. They had the features of frogs though elongated. They seemed to Robbie, to be able to stand upright on their thin skeletal legs with ease. Their color was green with two wide stripes of yellow and black that ran down both their belly and back. The back was covered with four rows of grape-fruit size, gray and green like nodulars. "Robbie, Robbie!" shouted a voice. Running up was Helen from school. "What are you doing here?" "I heard about the Frogurians. I had a feeling you would be here. And I wanted to-to see you off." Robbie shyly replied, "Ah, thanks." The lead Frogurian came up to Robbie, "I 'm called Mariko." "Mariko I'm honored to know your name." "Robbie, my dry-lander friend (gurgle-croak) climb onto my back and place your arms around my neck." The idea at first was repugnant to Robbie. He then had to clear his mind of the looks and try to think of the Frogurian Mariko who seemed like a cool dude. Mariko stooped down and hunched over. As Robbie slowly climbed on, Rentha crawled out of Robbie's shirt pocket; up and around to the back of his neck. She placed the long talons of her paws around a neck chain that Robbie wore. "The devine strand of Taylor God's hair should let us breath underwater," said Robbie to Rentha "Hold (gurgle-croak) tightly," spoke Mariko. Leaning forward Robbie was ready. Taking several large hops, Mariko plunged into the lake. Robbie blinked his eyes and made several air filled bubbles as he chuckled from the fact he could breath underwater with such ease. "You ok back there?" asked Robbie with gurgling speech to Rentha. She replied with little gurgling sounds and bubbles. From Mount Olympus, Hera watched with cold eyes Robbie's prograss. "What are your plans for this mortal Taylor," thought Hera. Robbie was in utter awe of this fresh water world. All sorts of strange fish and crab like people passed him. One small crab tried to attach itself to Rentha's tail. Rentha quickly whipped it away, even underwater from the claws of the crab. Hera knowing Taylor God wasn't in the chamber of mortals, went to this portal from which the Gods could intervine. Hera bent over a small round circle of water set upon a white marble pedestal. She slowly lowered an index finger and began to stir her finger around. A deadly current descended upon the band. "Hold (gurgle-croack) on," said Mariko. The band was tossed around. They were approaching a large outcrop of rock. They were slammed into. Robbiewas flung off of Miriko's back. He found himself lost in a furry of bubbles. Hearing the voice of Taylor God approaching, Hera quickly removed her finger. She retreated to behind a large column. "Lets see how Robbie is doing," spoke Taylor God to Micromegas and Bob. When the rush of bubbles and current slowly subsided, Robbie first felt the back of his neck to see if Rentha was still there. He felt his stomach loosen, somewhat, to find she was ok. Next, Robbie wanted to find Miriko and the others. "I hope they 're ok," said Robbie to Rentha. Spotted bubbles coming up behind several large blocks of granite, Robbie swam around to the otherside. Two of the Frogurians; Miriko who was not among them, were trying to lift up a jagged piece. As he neared it, Robbie to his horror saw, that sent a coldness through his body, the webbed hand of Mirko's sticking out from beneath the block. Robbie touched his chest, that had the strand of hair from Taylor God wrapped around his chest. He felt a strength go through his being. Moving in along side the Frogurians, Robbie lifted up on the rock. Bits of debris began to spread out and up as the burden of death began to comply to the valiant efforts from Mariko's friends. Tossing the boulder aside, the friends went to Miriko's aid. He didn't seem to be moving. One of the Frogurian's pointed to an area of Mariko's chest that was caved in. "They came to help me. This strand must-must be able to help," thought Robbie. He quickly lifted his shirt up and began to remove the strand of golden hair from around his waist. Rentha knew each time Robbie used the devine hair, the less power it had. She made several gurgled squeaks. "I know-I know. But I'm not going to let him die if I have a way to save him," replied Robbie. Once in hand, Robbie placed an end of the strand of hair against the damaged chest. Robbie was finding fast, he was losing the ability to breath underwater. Slowly, Mariko began to stir. Robbie felt a deep pain in his lungs. Darkness began to fill his vision.Rentha seeing the limp body of Robbie circling downward to the waters depth---was in distress. She was going to transform herself into a mermaid when the affects of the devine strand of hair was wearing off of her. The three Frogurians, including Mariko, took the two unconscious dry-landers into their aquatic arms. "I think my Lord Taylor," said Bob with urgency, "Robbie and our metamorph are in danger." "I will save them," responded Micromegas. Taylor God spoke, "No. I will." As the three Frogurians headed for their underwater dwelling they feared the worst for Robbie and Rentha. One of the Frogurians felt a presence. Turning, he saw a colossal hand reaching for them. "Why does Taylor God choose to rescue the mortal himself?" asked Micromegas. Bob replied thoughtfully, "Because he holds this mortal dude Robbie highly. And he knows something a-foul-is-a-foot." All the Frogruians rushed around and many fell to their knobby knees as the immense form of taylor God approached and dwarfed their city. "Great God Taylor!!" the Frogurians shouted as the great teen God's hand came through the domed citadel without creating a mark. The gigantic hand opened up. Using ladders, the Frogurians climbed up onto the massive hand. Frogurian children ran up and touched the sides of the pillor size fingers. Many children threw flowers at the hand and sang songs. Rushing to the aid of the dry-landers, Frogurian healers found the two land dwellers coming to. Robbie started to cough as he opened his eyes. "Rentha!? Wheres Rentha?" said Robbie with alarm. "She's safe and on your chest,"replied a Frogurian healer. Stroking her furry head, Robbie said, "Man, glad to see your ok too." Robbie was surprised to find he and Rentha were dry. It then dawned on him where he was. "My God Taylor," spoke Robbie looking up at the devine face of Taylor that shown through the citadel's walls of glass. "My tiny mortal. Try and be more careful." Robbie smiled up at his handsome God, "I will." When everyone stepped off the giant hand, Taylor God pulled it back out, without damaging their glass wall. Everyone waved as the colossal form of Taylor God vanished. Mariko went up to Robbie and knealt, "This life of (gurgle-croak) mine is in your heart and at your service." "Oh thats ok Mariko, I couldn't stand by when it was in my power to help you." "Still my friend (gurgle-croak) no---brother. I will always be their for you." A tall slender Frogurian came up to Robbie, I' am Didious your trainer." "My what?" questioned Robbie. Sizing Robbie up with his huge bulging eyes, "Your trainer in the ways of defense and honor." "I'm not a warrior. Nor do I want to be one..." Robbie stopped when a powerful voice commenced to speak. "My mortal friend. Do as the noble Didious asks. And what I command," spoke the voice of Taylor God that echoed everywhere and from nowhere. Robbie bowed. Hera hiding behind a pillor listened to all that had transpired. "Somehow, this-this mortal Robbie," thought Hera with didain toward the teen mortal. "Must not get in the way of my plans for Cliff." Cliff returned home. He went up to a servant. “Have you seen dad?” “Your father is in his private temple communing with the Goddess Hera. He asked not to be disturbed.” “That foolish girl Helen defamed me in my own temple. She committed a grave act of sacrilege against me.” “Would you like me to punish her my queen?” “Agents of Taylor God have hidden her. I will find her you can be sure. During that time, I want her family to suffer.” Cliff’s father smiled. In the forest, Bob had transformed Helen into a Dragonfly. “You will be safe here among the dragonfly community.” Hovering above Bob’s snout, Helen asked, “Could I visit Robbie.? I want to see he’s ok. I miss him so.” Bob wiggled his whiskers, “No, you would be endangering both yourself and Robbie.” “Your right. That was a stupid thought. But---my family. I’m worried about them. They will be greatly troubled over my disappearance.” “Don’t worry about that. It has been taken care of.” Helen flew up to the tip to Bob’s gray furry ear and kissed it. After Bob left, Helen went to hers and Robbie’s friend’s house Koonga where she would be staying. She went up to his bedroom. “While I’m here, I want to be of any help I can Koonga. Your family is very sweet in putting me up,” she told him. “Thanks.” “I do wish Bob had transformed me into a bird though.” “Why?” “If I was a bird, I would fly over the school. Once I spotted Cliff, I would drop a surprise on top of his fool head.” They both laughed. Cliff sat back in his black leather computer chair. He had a sports magazine in his lap. “I have my people searching the city for Helen. I also have spies in the hedges surrounding Robbie’s house. I doubt she would be as foolish as to go there. We will find her,” said Nixus. Rolling up the magazine, Cliff leaned forward, “I hope so Nixus.” Cliff banged the rolled up magazine down next to Nixus who backed away on his six legs in fright. “Trust me. We will find her,” spoke Nixus wiping the sweat with four hands off his forehead. Cliff replied, “I hope you really do. I mean it. I hate to see you splattered all over one of my magazines.” At home Robbie called Helen’s home. Her father informed Robbie that she was being kept in a place of safety. The father explained about the incident at the Temple of Hera. Robbie, while glad Helen was being looked after still worried. Stretched out on his bed with Rentha on his chest, “I trust Taylor God. But it all seems so complicated.” Rentha, using her tiny claws began to tickle Robbie to try and make him smile. On the way to school, a group of people rushed past him. There were several large groups. Catching one child, Robbie asked, ”What’s going on?” “The corporation has sent huge steam rollers to destroy the Henderson’s house. The family is still inside,” replied the little boy who ran off to join the others. “Henderson’s. That’s Helen’s family,” said Robbie to Rentha. Robbie ran to her home. A crowd had gathered around the home. Five story size steam rollers encircled the house. From inside Helen’s family looked out of the windows in fright. Helen’s little sister wrapped her arms around her mother, “I’m scared.” “Man this can’t be happening,” spoke Robbie. “Please hear me O Great Taylor God.” Cliff’s father dressed in his best pin-stripped suit, stood behind the circle of steam rollers and smirked. From above came a sound. It first sounded like the rushing of a freight train. The sound increased as did the pressure of air. Smashing down in a field next to the Henderson house was a pair of gigantic oat meal colored sandals. The great multitude of people looked up at the colossal crouching form. When the giant began to stand up, several people shouted, “Its Taylor God!” Cliff’s father left the scene. With tears filling his eyes, Robbie said with joy in his voice, “Somehow, I knew you wouldn’t let us down.” With fists on his massive hips, Taylor God marched over toward the house. Stooping over, Taylor God blew on the five steam rollers. The steam rollers began to shrink. And shrink. Everyone moved up closer to the shrinking machinery. The men inside of the rollers looked around with freaky expressions. Soon the rollers were the size of small toys. The frightened drivers rode their machines between the giant legs of the spectators. The children ran after the toy size trucks. Looking down upon the mass, Taylor God swept a hand over them dispelling any fear. The Henderson’s came out of the house, knelt giving praise to Taylor God. The great teen God walked over to the side of a mountain and sat down. Deer came up and played around his giant sandaled feet. Taylor God closed his fist when he opened it up again, Robbie was standing in his palm. “Thank you my God,” said Robbie. Taylor God nodded his head where his angels flew around playing music on their harps. And souls of children frolicked about in his forest of wavy golden hair. “What about Hera? Cliffs father is still in control.. This evil confuses me.” “As for those you mentioned---the evil. It will cave-in on them. It does take brave souls to confront evil which is really very cowardly.” “Taylor God. I’m still confused. I thought Right was right and wrong was wrong?” questioned Robbie. “It is. If people choose to confront it. Robbie, I have set a burden on you. A burden I have faith you can carry and shine with. I have plans for you and this city. For it to be real the people’s responses must be also. I can interfere so much. Please try to have faith.” “I do Taylor God.” “Robbie, I will have to go back to Olympus now.” Robbie lowered his head. A spirit child flew out of Taylor God’s hair and down to Robbie. It lifted his chin up. With its shimmering finger, glowing with the goodness inherent in all of creation; pushed on the side of Robbie’s mouth. “My child is telling you not to be sad. And remind you that your not left alone down here.” Rentha, in Robbie’s pocket squeaked in agreement. “Thank you my great Taylor God. Helen. I almost forgot to ask. Is she ok?” “Helen is quite safe. Oh Robbie.” “Yes my God.” “When you return home, you should spray your hedges.” Robbie wrinkled up his brow. He thought that was a rather strange request. Taylor God closed his hand. Opening his hand, Robbie was gone. Taylor God slowly vanished back to Olympus. Robbie found himself back where he had been standing. He went to pay his regards to Helen’s family. They invited him to pray with them giving thanks to Taylor God. Upon returning home, Robbie went to the garage. Taking a canister of bug spray, Robbie strapping it to his back, did as Taylor God instructed. “Ok, Rentha, here goes.” Robbie began spraying. Shortly, high pitch wailing sounds resonated from out of the hedges. This started to creep Robbie out. Small spiders began to fall from behind the small green leaves down to the ground. On close examination, Robbie saw these weren’t ordinary spiders. They appeared to have the heads that resembled, in part, that of humans. Robbie became uneasy by this. They all appeared to be dead. Squinting his eyes, Robbie saw all were not dead. There was one that tried to push itself up with its four semi-human looking hands. Robbie placed his sneaker next to it. Robby could see it struggling to live. His heart was moved. Robbie, slowly went to reach for it. Rentha squeaked several times. “I’ll be careful.” With cautious fingers Robbie picked it up and placed it in his hand. He lifted his hand up. The spider made a serious of piping , coughing sounds. Going over to a garden hose, Robbie turned it on and wetted a leaf with it. He placed it on his hand before the little gray spider. Crawling up to it with effort, the spider sucked up the liquid. After several minutes the spider in its high pitch voice thanked Robbie. “Your welcome for the water. But why are you here?” asked Robbie sternly. “I was with the others sent to spy on you.” “Why?” “To see if this female named Helen would come and visit you.” “Who sent you?” The spider replied weakly, ”My squad leader. My squad are they---?” “Yeah, I’m sorry.” The little gray spider lifted its head up to Robbie, “And what will you do to me?” Robbie let out a breath of indecision, “I’ll let you go. Just don’t come back.” “Please don’t tell anyone,” squeaked the spider. “I told you what we were doing here. I would be executed.” “I won’t. But are you sure you are telling me everything?” “I am.” “What kind of spider are you? I know you are a spy. What else?” “I’m just a third grade soldier. My dream has been to be a dark spinner.” “A dark spinner?” “Yes. A Dark Spinner can weave webs to control people. Make them ill…” “Ok, well just take your spinner out of here,.” interrupted Robbie. Placing the spider on the ground, Robbie told it, “Instead of praying to Hera, if that’s who you pray to, you should pray to Taylor God. And thank him that you leave here alive today.” The spider crawled off of Robbie’s hand and into the bushes. As Robbie was leaving, it came back out. “Thank you Robbie for the water,” it said softly. Hera observing the conversation between Robbie and the spider remarked, “How touching. But I still will crush them, ha-ha (diabolical laughter) ha-ha.“ In the house, Robbie who trusted Taylor God still thought of Helen. Leaning on his desk, Robbie stroked Rentha’s back. “I felt bad seeing all those dead spiders. Not that I like spiders. You think Rentha that little spider dude might change?” Rentha squeaked a few times. “Yeah, I guess only Taylor God would know. Things sure have changed in my life. Miss the plain old days.” Whipping her tail into Robbie’s face , Rentha tickled his nose. “Ok, my little friend. I don’t mean you. I like ya. Nah, that’s not true I don’t like you.” Rentha turned around and gave Robbie big, aqua colored, soulful eyes. “Yep, don’t like ya. I love you.” “A short time ago that would have made me sick,” said the little gray spider looking through Robbie’s bedroom window. In the great citadel of the Frogurians, Didious sat on a chair with folded webbed hands. One of the younger Frogurians who had met Robbie asked, “How’s our Dry-Lander doing?” “He’s doing well. Robbie has many supporters and several powerful evil foes. I am happy to sense an increase in heart expansive.” “In Robbie?” Didious stood up and placing a fatherly hand on the young Frogurian’s shoulder, “No, from another.” Cliff’s dad met with his son, “This morning was a complete fiasco. I let down Hera. And you my son.” “No dad. You didn’t. Nixus says he can find Helen. He says she has been transformed. Nixus is making a web that will counter act the spell. Once transformed, maybe I can convince Helen she belongs with me.” “Do what you must son. I have to now report to Hera.” Cliff watched his father leave. He then thought, “That little bug had better start bringing me results.” Going into his private temple, Cliff’s dad knelt before a bust of Hera. “My queen I failed you. My attempt to make Helen’s family suffer failed. Your agent the dark spinner told my son he can track down Helen. Cliff has hopes of convincing her he’s the better man.” “I saw all that had taken place. It’s a pity about Cliff.” “What do you mean Hera?” “Helen blasphemed me in my own temple. She must die. I want her chained to the great rock at the end of the city. And I want you to release your K-156.“ Letting out a gasp, Cliff’s father replied, “Release the K-156?” “Bu-but Cliff?” “I will find a way to smooth his soul. Just make ready the K-156 my loyal and trusted mortal.” “It will be as you command my queen.” Helen enjoyed herself as she buzzed around with the other Dragonfly girls. They quizzed her about Robbie. “Well, he hasn’t given me his baby tooth. But after this is over I think he will.” High above hanging from a silk strand, one of Nixus spies became very interested in what he was hearing. “This is good news indeed. The human Cliff was losing patience with me. I really won’t forget this. When we are done, I will see you are promoted,” said Nixus to the spy who gave him the location of Helen. Nixus waited for Cliff to come back. Returning to his room, Cliff heard the high pitch call of of mthe spider. “So, my easily squished pal; anything to report?” asked Cliff in a menacing tone. “Yes! One of my spies found Helen.” “What? Cool! Where is she?” “First you must know she has been transformed into a Dragonfly.” Dragonfly?” Nixus held up several legs trying to calm down Cliff’s excitement. “Yes, yes. She’s been hiding out among the Dragonfly people.” “Cool. When this thing is over, I would like to mow that whole bunch down and sell their trees.” “I have a reversing spell web all arrange.” Cliff stood up. “I want nothing to happen to Helen. Is the process safe?” “Yes.” Going over to his closet, Cliff pulled out an old butterfly net. “So lets go.” Nixus crawled up Cliff’s hand, up his arm and finally onto his shoulder. “I never doubted you,” remarked Cliff. Nixus rolled his many eyes. “I will gather a few of my friends,” said Cliff. “No. That will attract attention. Instead, going alone you can show you good faith to Helen. She will more readily believe you if a lone,” instructed Nixus. Cliff replied, “Dude, ain’t you a conniving genius.” “We try-we try,” responded the Dark Spinner. From Mount Olympus, Taylor God watching the mortals below thought, “Now my tiny mortal Robbie, comes the most crucial part. The trial of trails. Stay tough and faithful.” “My lord, I still don’t understand?” questioned Micromegas. “So soft and full of care as always,” Taylor God commented. “Soon you will understand.” “And Hera? She plots to kill Helen. Can Robbie stand up to so much strain. He is after all just a mortal.” “Yeah, I know.” Lifting up his hand Taylor looked down at the tiny speck in his palm that was Robbie. “I think he can. And for Hera, when the time is right. Leaver her to me.” Taylor God resumed to observing his mortals. The little gray spider that Robbie had let live came across several of his kind. “We wondered what happened to you and the squad,” asked a spider named Mesen. “They got destroyed by pesticide. I only survived,” replied the gray spider. “Any news?” “They found that Helen chick,” replied Mesen. “Cliff is going to the Dragonfly people to get her. And Nixus will return her back to human form.” “Oh yeah. She was turned into a Dragonfly,” replied the little gray spider acting as if he knew. “I better report to squadron leader.” And the gray spider left. As he scurried along the ground, he thought. Cliff with Nixus on his shoulder headed for the forest of the Dragonfly people. Robbie was leaving his home when in front of him several tiny white balloons floated up. Looking down he spotted that gray spider. “I thought I told you never to come back.” The gray spider tried to cal up to Robbie. Not hearing what the spider was saying, Robbie knelt down. “Your Helen has been kept safe at the Dragonfly. She was transformed into one.” Took a moment for Robbie to process the information. After which he asked, “Then she’s ok?” “No, Helen’s in danger. Human Cliff is going to get her. And Nixus will return her to her natural form.” “Whose Nixus?” The gray spider replied, “The master of the Dark Spinner Arts. He can do it too.” Rentha from Robbie’s pocket squeaked. “Ok, thanks Rentha.” Looking intently at the spider, “You could be lying?” “I’m not.” Robbie question, “Why help me?” “You didn’t kill me. You gave me water. I sense a joy in you I never had. I thought maybe there’s another way.” Robbie thought for a moment. “Do you know when Cliff and this Nixus had left?” “No.” “I’ll trust you. But don’t doubt, I won’t squash you if you are betraying me.” “I understand.” Robbie put his hand down. The little gray spider crawled up his hand, up his arm and on to his shoulder. “Ok, lets rock,” said Robbie. Cliff was getting nearer to the forest of the Dragonfly people. Bob sensing the danger went to Robbie’s house to warn him. “Ha-ha (diabolical and wacko laughter) ha-ha, my plan is coming together. Ha-ha,” laughed on Hera from Olympus. The hives became active when Cliff entered the Dragonfly village. He kept the butterfly net behind him. “I sense she is near,” said Nixus. “How can you tell?” “Even in transformed states humans give off an energy.” With his keen eyes, Nixus spotted a group of Dragonfly people buzzing their way. “Cliff, call for Helen.” “Helen, its me---Cliff.” One Dragonfly flew away from the group. Whipping around his net, Cliff caught Helen. He lifted the net with the struggling Dragonfly at its bottom. Robbie hurried his way to the Dragonfly people. He hoped he could get their before Cliff did. The gray spider informed Robbie, “Must be careful of Nixus. He may seem small and no threat to you but he is very powerful in the ways of weaving spells and poisons.” “I’ll will be.” Bob ran up to Robbie’s home. He transformed back into the form of a man. Ringing the doorbell Bob waited anxiously. Opening the door was Robbie’s father. “I’m looking for Robbie,” said Bob. “He’s not here.” “You know where he went?” The father gave Bob a questioning glance, “Who are you?” “My name is Bob. I’m a friend of your son. And lets say I have special connections to Taylor God.” “I see. No, Robbie just left without a word.” Before the father could say another word, Bob left. Holding the net in his hand, Cliff told the struggling Helen, “You can’t escape. And you don’t have to. I don’t want to hurt you. I want to love you.” Cliff reached into the net and gathered gently with his hand the fragile form of Helen. A group of Dragonfly’s came bombing down at Cliff’s head telling him to release Helen. “While I’m here, I think I’ll show you whose boss.” He reached down to pick up a large rock. “No Cliff. Leave them alone. You have me.” Calling to her friends. “I’ll be ok. Just leave---please.” They sadly flew away. Cliff walked out of the Dragonfly village. He instructed Nixus, “Return her to normal.” “Place her on the ground.” Cliff very slowly put Helen on the ground. “Don’t try to make a rush for it. I still have my net.” Nixus from Cliff’s shoulder threw a white pellet down at Helen. Before it reached her, it opened up to form a white, silky form that covered her. The tiny wiggling form beneath it began to grow. And grow. Cliff with restless eyes watched as Helen returned to her former self. Cliff helped Helen remove the silky substance off of her. “Helen I have many plans for you and I.” “Those plans have been cancelled!” Turning, Cliff saw Robbie. “You!” exclaimed Cliff almost vomiting out the words. Robbie removed Rentha from his pocket and the gray spider from off his shoulder; placing them on the ground. He made a mad dash for Cliff, knocking him to the ground. Nixus quickly made a parachute for himself and floated safely to the ground. As Robbie and Cliff battled it out, he clapped his many hands together, “Good-good. Hurt him Cliff.” Taking his mind off the fighting, Nixus began working on another pellet. “Stop it!” exclaimed Helen. From Mount Olympus, Hera called on her subterranean disciples the Worites. As the fighting continued, the ground around Helen began to shake and blister. Springing up through the soil, three dark brown worm like creatures coiled themselves around Helen. Screaming, both Robbie and Cliff stopped their fighting Helen was being pulled down into the ground. Rentha transformed herself into a combination gorilla and octopus. She tried using two of her tentacles to keep the Worites from dragging Helen down. They just were too powerful. Rentha lost her grip. Helen vanished into the ground. Cliff screamed and ran back to the city. Nixus, completing his silk pellet hurled it at Robbie who was getting up to help Helen. The pellet exploded in front of Robbie’s face. Putting his hands to his face, Robbie fell to his knees. Rentha transformed back into her true self---a maiden from Olympus. She hurried to Robbie’s side. The gray spider ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Nixus made a glider for himself to follow after Cliff. “I thought we had almost made it---you and---I,” spoke Robbie weakly.” He closed his eyes. “You can’t die,” wept Rentha rocking Robbie’s head in her lap. The gray spider shouted up to Rentha, “Maybe I can help.” Helen was brought to the far end of the city were corporate guards were waiting for her. After the Worites released Helen, Cliff’s father commanded, “Secure her to the rock.” The town’s people seeing the gentle and lovely Helen secured to the rock, began to talk. They wondered about the act that was unfolding before their very eyes. Bob, entering the forest of the Dragon people, raced his way over the leaf and pine-needled covered surface. “I’m not a Dark Spinner but my grandmother had taught me certain skills. I will try and weave a counter-agent to the poison,” said the gray spider to Rentha. Wiping her face with her hands, “Please, anything you can try. And, I never caught your name.” “They call me Artemis.” Concentrating, Artemis began to weave his silken pellet. Racing as hard as he could, Bob the Raccoon, spoke to himself, “By all heavenly stars and greatness of Taylor God, I got to make it.” Hera, looking down from Olympus, relished the sight as Helen was chained to the great rock. Many towns people gathered near full of sorrow. Helen’s parents broke through the horde of onlookers. “Oh-yes-yes, I can feel their pain. And the surging of their anger,” Hera repeated to herself with closed eyes and a quickening of heart beats. “How transcendent.” “My Lord?” asked Micromegas. “They have started the sacrifice. How can we? How can you allow this-this-farce?” With his back to her, Taylor God simply replied, “Trust me.” “Whoa, that smarted,” said Artemis as he finished creating the silken pellet of life. Taking the tiny white, silk pellet in four hands he threw it at Robbie where it opened, creating a netting over the teen’s face. Seeing the sullen trio, Bob quickened his stride. “Robbie! What happened to Robbie?” “A Dark Spinner has poisoned Robbie. But this little spider is trying to save him.” Rentha, Bob and Artemis waited. Above the great rock was a great siren. A member of the Royal Corporate Guard turned it on. Everyone in the city hearing this siren knew what it meant---sacrifice. Even in the forest, the Dragonfly people heard and trembled. After the customary six minutes of the sounding of the horn, the dreaded din stopped. Cliff’s father, over an intercom system and standing in front of the chained Helen, spoke, “This woman has been found guilty by the God’s of the great crime of sacrilege. In accordance of our laws and the most perfect wisdom of Hera who looks over our great city---this woman Helen must die.” Entering the outer-circle of the great crowd, Cliff hearing this shouted, “Noooo!!!” “Who dares question the authority of the Gods?” “I’m Cliff, my father runs this city. Fool, stand aside.” The guard looking around was confused in what he should do. He decided to let the son pass. Many minutes had passed and still no signs of movement from Robbie. Lifting a gold plated pole with a small marble figure of Hera on its top, Cliff’s father shouted, “Release the K-156!!” “My father what are you doing?” said Cliff to himself in disbelief. Everyone, turned in the direction of the great ancient road. Far in the distance, the sight of disturbed earth could be seen in the appearance of a great dust cloud. Helen, as she struggled rattled her chains. Looking down, she saw her family. The grief on their faces was the greatest pain she felt. Looking back up over the heads of the multitude, Helen saw the dust storm that carried whatever horror coming closer. Helen muttered, “Robbie.” Cliff made his way to his father. “Bring Helen down. This has to be a mistake.” “I can’t. Its Hera’s wish.” “Hera?” Glancing back up at Helen, Cliff then gazed up at the sky, “Hera, how could you do this to me!?” “My son,” said the father going up to Cliff. “Try and…” “Get away from me,” replied Cliff with great fury. He turned and rushed away. Robbie began to stir. “Its working!” exclaimed Rentha. Slowly, Robbie began to awaken. Opening his eyes, he saw a lovely woman with Aqua colored eyes staring tenderly down at him. Robbie asked, “Who are you?” Rentha didn’t tell Robbie her true identity and just said, “A friend.” “I don’t remember what happened.” “A dark Spinner poisoned you. And we reversed it,” answered Rentha. Robbie blinking his eyes asked, “Did you save me?” Robbie started looking around frantically, “Rentha, what happened to Rentha?” “Its ok, She safe.” Looking at Rentha, Bob nodded and told Robbie, “She had to go.” “But who helped me?” “I did,” replied Artemis. “You did?“ The little gray spider bowed. “Thank you. Oh my God! Helen, I must get to Helen!.” Bob looked to Rentha, “In his condition, he will never make it in time.” “What happened to Helen?” questioned Robbie. “Robbie,” responded Bob. “She has been chained up at the great rock waiting to be sacrificed.” “Sacrificed! I must get to her.” Robbie found it hard to get up. Turning to Rentha Bob asked, “Can you get him there?” “I’ll try.” Rentha was about to transform when she too felt weak. “The affect of the poison must have affected you. At least temporally,” spoke Artemis.. “Maybe I can get him there,” said Bob. Sitting up and rubbing his black paws together, Bob began shimmer. His raccoon body began to expand. Standing before Robbie was a raccoon as big as an elephant. From out of the side came wings. “Robbie if you can, climb on, we have a friend to rescue. Robbie with weak steps staggered over to the side of Bob. Grabbing hold to the gray fur, he began to climb up the side. Many of the towns folk grumbled. “Release her-release-here!” “Get back!! You rabble!” shouted back the corporate guard. The ground began to shake. Coming out of the dust cloud was a giant bulldozer with several silver metal tentacles that waved threateningly in the air. Helen’s parents looked on in horror. “May the grace of Taylor God grant success to your mission,” said Rentha. Both Robbie and Bob nodded. Beating his great wings, Bob began to leave the ground. More and more town folk was seeing just how unfair this was. And began to challenge the authority of corporate guards. Cliff with tears and sweat running down his face, ran up the marble stairs to the Temple of Hera. Stumbling in on tired legs, Cliff yelled, “Why Hera? I have served you well.” Nixus on his silken parachute floated down before Cliff, “There is a reason.” “I don’t want to hear your reasons,” roared back Cliff who squished Nixus between his two hands. The tattered remains of Nixus floated down to the floor. Above Cliff’s head, was a squadron of Nixus’s followers who descended down upon him. Flying over the treetops, Robbie and Bob made their way for the city. Taylor God seeing the people taking responsibility turned to Micromegas, “Prepare my flying limo.” “With pleasure,” nodded a smiling Micromegas. The gigantic bulldozer of death drew nearer. People had to jump out of the way of its ten story high metal treads. Helen shook and shook her chains. Women lowered their heads in sorrow. Men lowered their heads in shame. Cliff’s father smiled. Little children were the only ones who chanted any words of hope. Helen, if she was going to die, wasn’t going to flinch She would look death right in the face. A small object appeared behind one of the tentacles that waved mindlessly around. “Robbie!” Bob had to make all sorts of maneuvers to avoid the three gray snake like tentacles. “What’s you plan Robbie?” asked Bob. If you can get me to Helen I have a pocket knife I’m sure will open the lock to the chain.” Many of Helen’s Dragonfly friends came, trying to pick the lock. Corporate guards tried to chase them away. From out of the clear water came Master Didious. With full speed he hopped his way to the city. Down at the citadel, meanwhile, Robbie’s Frogurian pals prayed for him. Cliff’s father laughed at Robbie’s futile attempts to get passed the bulldozer. Robbie’s parents just stared stunned in the crowd, realizing what they were watching was their son. “Its not working, its almost there!” shouted Robbie over the racket made by the machine of darkness. As it drew closer, it raised its front metal bucket. Robbie and Bob flew in around. A tentacle struck the side Bob who plummeted to earth. Landed in a field not far from Helen. Robbie’s parents seeing the dreadful descent of their son, tried to get to him. “Bob-bob are you ok?” The great raccoon just moaned. In a whisper of a voice, “Get to Helen.” On a broken leg Robbie began to painfully make his way to the great rock. As if time had stand stilled, people froze as the great bulldozer stopped before Helen. She could feel the hot breath of its motor. Helen closed her eyes. She wanted her last thoughts to be of Robbie. Limping, Robbie continued through the high grass. Didious came and saw what was transpiring. Joining him was Rentha and on her shoulder Artemis. Helen’s parents turned as the great bucket began to fall. A gigantic object glided swiftly over the crowds creating an immense shadow. The children gazing upward, sang out cheerfully, “Its Taylor God.” The adults opened their eyes and hearts. High above them was the colossal arm of Taylor God. His giant hand caught the bucket. Taylor God flung the bulldozer of doom backwards. The crowds cheered. The monster bulldozer was not done. Using a serious of rockets, the monster machine turned itself erect. The great teen god Taylor floated down upon the Earth. The bulldozer of doom charged at Taylor God. Taylor God jumped and made a graceful flip in the air. Coming down with a thud that rocked the city, Taylor God grabbed one of the tentacles the reached around for him, in his mighty hand. As Taylor God battled the mechanized terror, Robbie approached the great rock. All who saw shouted with deafening applauds. Taylor God began to whirl the monstrous monstrosity over his head. Letting go, the bulldozer shot into the sky. Taylor God separating his two hands created a spear of light. With his right hand, Taylor God flung the spear at the still ascending mechanical horror. A great burst of light appeared in the sky as the Bulldozer erupted into a spray of harmless sparks. Robbie too weak couldn’t climb the rock. Helen from above shouted down, “Its ok now. Taylor God destroyed the machine.” The whole town jumped up and down with excitement. A group of men picked up Robbie so he could reach Helen. With trembling fingers, Robbie set Helen free. Taylor God who reduced his height to several hundred feet walked into the city. The city came and gave homage to their God. Children jumped around his feet. Didious croaked in joy. With Helen in his arms, both kissed. Taylor God knelt on one knee, “My tiny mortal did well.” “Taylor God!” shouted up Robbie. Hera screamed in rage. “What’s wrong? Asked Micromegas.” “GET OUT Of HERE!” screamed Hera. “No, you are now stripped of the title goddess. Taylor God when he comes back will decide your fate.” Olympian guards came and took Hera away. Cliff’s father tried to slip away. However, the people stopped him. “Taylor God, Bob is hurt in a field,” said Robbie. Taylor God smiled. Lowering a closed fist before Robbie, he opened it up. Standing in the middle of the gigantic hand, was a portly jovial man with red hair and a thin beard. “You’re Bob the raccoon?” The man nodded. Cliff, meanwhile, injected with all the spider venom became insane and ran into the rocky hills that stood outside of the city---never to be seen again. A great festival was held. Taylor God stood over the city. The metropolis was decorated with colored lights and streamers. Vendors sold delicious delicacies. Music filled the air. And Cliff’s father had somehow vanished from the jail. The people knocked down the corporate headquarters that had for too long enslaved them. Robbie inquired about Rentha. Taylor God told him, “She was sent to watch over you. She has gone now.” “I wish I could have thanked her and tell her I love her. And I always will.” Taylor God nodded his great head. “I think she knows.” In the crowd was Rentha who looked on with a sad and heavy heart. “Oh excuse me.” Rentha turned. A young handsome man came up to her. “I see you have nothing to eat. I thought you might like this.” The handsome man offered a very ornate dish of food to Rentha. “Thank you.” Seeing this, Taylor God sent a mind message to Micromegas. “Thanks for bringing them together.” Near the end of the happy festivities, Taylor God told Robbie, “Time for me to leave.” “Before you go. I wondered if we could talk. If I’m not assuming too much O great God.” Taylor God moved a hand over Robbie who found himself standing in the teen god’s hand. “I think I owe you explanations Robbie.” In a second Robbie found himself flying through the air with Taylor God. “Why did this madness have to take place?” “Robbie for the people to change, it had to be their choice. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been real or lasted. And, it was part of your training.” “Training?” “Yes, it is my wish for you to lead this city. And I need someone to look after the Dragonfly people.” Robbie crawled up one of the fingers to Taylor God’s hand and looked out at the world below. Shouting, Robbie said hellos down to boats they flew over. Robbie waved at airplanes they passed. It was just great being with his God. It was getting near nightfall when Taylor God returned Robbie back home. Jumping off a giant finger, Robbie asked, What about Cliff’s father? I heard he’s missing.” Taylor God told Robbie, “Make a fist. Now open it up.” When Robbie did as instructed, he saw a very tiny person in his hand. Squinting his eyes, Robbie saw it was Cliff’s father. “I will let you decide what you want to do with him.” With that, Taylor God vanished. At Mount Olympus, Taylor God decided on Hera’s fate. Fireflies had all but vanished on earth due to pollution. Taylor God turned Hera into a ball of light. Hurtling the ball down upon earth, Taylor God willed it to explode into millions of fireflies to entertain and give joy to children world wide. Robbie’s and Helen’s love for each other grew. Robbie’s Dragonfly pal Koonga grew back another wing and was happily flying around again. Robbie and Helen also had a new friend in the form of a tiny gray spider. A spider named Artemis who lived with Robbie. Robbie took regular trips down to the citadel of the Frogurians to receive more instructions from Master Didious. Taylor God still kept a close eye on his special mortal friend Robbie. THE END