He Really Came! Taylor God!

by Tim Lacey

The boy was sad that he had to leave his even younger sister alone. He and his sister had lost their parents some great time before. Water filled his eyes as the boy was rushed into the waiting car. Standing in the doorway to their one room apartment was his sister, still holding tightly her prized and time worn Teddy Bear.

The little girl retreated back into the shadows of the apartment as the car pulled away.

The boy found himseld driven to a big, clean modern looking struture. Inside, he found many other children. The boy's eyes widden as he saw carts with fresh food on them. All the other children, with big eyes, gathered around the fine smelling, welcoming food.

As he placed the food that melted in his mouth, the boy wished his sister could be with him enjoying this-this feast.

After the meal, the children were given baths. Cleaned, the children were given matching clothing to wear. Even with the new finery he wore, the little boy worried about his sister all alone. Alone in a cold apartment made colder by the unseasonable cold weather they had been having.

The little girl in the drafty apartment held her Teddy Bear while she looked at the flowers around her. She loved flowers. The flowers she had were fake, plastic. It still, however, reminded her of the real ones she saw outside of rich people's homes.

The boy and the others were instructed in how to act and what to say. Their leader was going to be present with others from different countries.

Big red banners proclaimed to visiting dignitaries how well the country was doing. It was then, the stunted dictator of this Eastern country paraded out the children.

Back in the apartment, snow-flakes began to drift through the glass-less windows. The boy's little sister's fingers grew numb as she held her Teddy-Bear close to her chest.

During the ceremony, the boy saw glinting on the gray cement ground; a small object. The boy picked it up. It was a silver medal. On its surface was the outline of a strong and gentle face. In the language of the boy was inscribed on the medal: Taylor God. The boy put the medal in his pocket.

After the ceremonies the children were commanded to change out of their new clothing back into their old rags. The boy kept the medal he found.

When the the same car that had picked the boy up, had dropped him off, the boy ran into his apartment. He found his sister all covered with ice, still clutching her Teddy-Bear. All around her were the plastic flowers she had loved and watered with all her young tears.

The boy fell to his knees in dispair. He remembered the medal he had found. Taking it out, he prayed to Taylor God.

Several months later there was another ceremony in the country's capital. The boy was once more pressed into serice of this human mockery.

Halfway throught the pagent, a rumbling sound commenced from way up in the sky. It stopped. A stronger sound began, however this took the form of thunder. An ever increasing shadow fell over the capital. Everyone, including the stunted dictator looked up. What appeared, was the bottom to a pair of gigantic sandals came rushing down.

"BOOM_CRASH!" Sounded as the colossal sandals came smashing down on the capital building, reducing it to rubble. Everyone from the Grand Stands stood silent as the dust and smoke began to clear. A huge outline started to take shape. Clearing even more, the giant shape of a crouched figure emerged.

The boy clearing bits of debris from his eyes said with joy, "He really came!"

"Who came?" asked another chiild. The boy pointed to the giant who remained crouched over and motionless.

Slowly, the great form stood upright. As the giant stood up, the people in the stands bent their heads back as the living mountain expanded skyward. What was before them was an awe inspiring sight. An immense giant in tan Khaki shorts, with side-cargo pockets the size of houses and wore over his cliff like chest, a gray tank top. Sunlight glinted off the thick gold chain around his neck. The face that stared down sternly from many, many, many stories was a strong, handsome one. Two thoughtful harvest blue moons for eyes seem to radiate wisdom. A forest of wavy blond hair crowned the top.

The Earth began to move. For the giant had begun to.

The crowd held tightly to their chairs has the earthquake grew in intensity. Thundering up to a large office building, Taylor God put his two mighty fist together. Swinging his massive arms, Taylor God slammed them against the building as if it was made of match sticks. The empty office building became billowing fragments.

Marching over to another empty high rise, the great teen God sent a right leg up and into the building cracking it in two.

Everyone in the dictaor's stand huddled together in fear when Taylor God's shadow glided over and stopping over them. The stunted dictator wiped the dust off and tried to look unshaken. Taylor God lowered his hand and extended an index finger. A golden color light appeared around the dictator. The dictor's face twisted into one of horror. The glow intensified. The dictator vanished inside of the glowing sphere of light.

It began to float up. And up. The glowing golden sphere floated up and to Taylor God's golden neck chain. When the sphere vanished, attached to Taylor God's neck chain was the dictator who was solid gold.

Taylor God turned and walked over gently to the children. The boy rushed out of line and up to the colossal sandals. "I knew you would come," said the boy. His face went sad. "I still very much miss my sister," shouted the boy up to Taylor God.

Coming down from above like gentle rain were flower pedals. All the children ran and made happy circles beneath the sweet smelling flowers. From high above came a voice. A voice the boy knew. It was his little sister. From way up high, the boy saw waving from the top to the right-cargo pocket to Taylor God's Khaki shorts was the boy's sister---throwing down flower pedals---real ones!

"I'm taking your sister back to heaven where she lives happily in my field of flowers," said the strong and sweet sounding voice of Taylor God. His ister waved from the pocket.

Taylor God asscended back up into the heavens. From above and for evermore graces were rained down upon the boy. Rained down, until, the day he would be reunited with his sister.

THE END--added 10/21/06