Shrinkees 3:Protect The Shrinkees!!

By Tim Lacey

Mike could feel a cold pit in the center of his stomach. Down on the floor, several feet from him, was a silver and brown spotted snake. The sight made Mike want to get sick. Sticking out of the jaws of the viper, was a Shrinkee. And the person was still alive! In the shadows near the snake were other Shrinkees, who started to call to Mike.

"Don't say a word or move!" shouted Mike. Mike put the Shrinkee he had in his hand, in his shirt pocket. Slowly he walked around the four foot long snake. Mike was trying to figure how to save the little person, who was trapped in the monster's jaw. He knew he hadn't much time, if he was going to save the Shrinkee.

The Shrinkee turned his head and saw the front of Mike's shoes and called for help. Mike said, "I will try." Mike reached into the front pocket of his jeans and pulled out a pocket knife. It was one his grandfather had given him, when he had turned sixteen. Gathering strength, Mike throwing all his weight on to his left foot, stepped on the snake. Bending over the snake, with his knife, Mike yelled and cut the head of the snake off. His fear was, would the random motions of the muscles to the snakes jaws crush the Shrinkee. With bloody knife in hand, Mike used the blade of the knife to force the jaw open. Calling to the Shrinkees, who were in the shadows, "Pull him out while you can." Two Shrinkees, ran and pulled their comrade out of the jaws of death. "Is he ok?" asked Mike.

"He's in shock, but---yes alive," said one male Shrinkee. Mike closed the door. He resumed his search for the other Shrinkees and any stray snakes. A little boy ran out from a hole in the wall and was crying. Mike put his hand down and the little boy jumped on. The boy in tears, grabbed on to Mike's thumb.

The boy said between sobs, "I know you are a friendly giant." And he looked up into Mike's kind green eyes.

For an instant, Mike thought it was strange anyone would consider him a giant, being only five feet and four inches tall. But whatever his size, Mike was glad to be of help. Mike asked the tiny boy, "What is your name?"


"Nice to meet you Roger." Mike squinted his eyes and could see the boy was trying to hold back his tears. "It's ok to cry. Sometimes you have too." Roger curled up tighter against Mike's thumb. Mike cupped his other hand over Roger and brought his hand closer to his chest.

Meanwhile, Marc and Steve were closing in on the black van. Both Marc and Steve had walkie-talkies. "Marc, I am going to blow out the tires, but with a shrinking dart. After the van stops be careful they may have guns. So shoot your shrinking dart the minute you see one." Steve also said, "Just make sure you don't shoot me."

"I won't," replied Marc.

Steve shot at the wheels. He felt proud of his shooting, since it was just about pitch black out. When the van stopped, Marc got his dart gun ready. Steve also was ready. Two large hulking shapes appeared. One from the drivers side, the other from the passenger side. Before they knew what hit them, the two thugs were mere inches tall. Steve pulled out of his pocket, a pen-light. Seeing the tiny figure, Steve snatched him up and tossed him into a pocket. Marc came around the van and whispered, "Steve." Steve came and asked Marc, as quietly as he could, if he had gotten the other man. "He's safe in my shirt pocket," whispered Marc.

"There's still one more," whispered Steve. The two went to back of the van. After several minutes, the rear door slowly opened. The moment Steve saw the man in the light that flooded out of the van, he fired his dart. As Steve went to find the tiny assailant, Marc jumped into the van. In two large plastic containers were the missing Shrinkees. All the Shrinkees were jumping up and down cheering. To Marc's surprise, Andre was among them.

Marc started to get anxious, when he didn't see Grace. "Do you know what happened to Grace?" he asked.

The nurse said, "She must be back at the center. We dispersed, when the men arrived."

When Mike heard the sound of the dirt bikes, he went out to meet Steve and Marc. "WE have them safe and sound, " said Steve.

"We also have the four creeps," added Marc.

Gathered in the recreation room, Steve was so happy to see everyone was safe. Marc spotting Grace, picked her up and rubbed her against the side of his cheek. She gave her giant boy friend many, many kisses.

The joyful homecoming was short lived, when Steve and Marc saw the tiny wrapped body. "Wh-wh-what happened?" asked Steve.

Skippy, with a lomg face, said, "Bud was attacked by a snake that had wondered in through an open door."

"Bud!" exclaimed Marc.

Steve calmed Marc down and asked Skippy to continue. "Mike killed the snake and rescued Bud. However, the wounds afflicted upon our member was beyond anything we could do. But he did live long enough, thanks to Mike, to die with peace and be among his Shrinkee family." Skippy then lowered his head.

Marc went to where the four men were kept. "I am going to crush you! With my hands!" Steve and Mike grabbed Marc. "Let me go! They are going die for what they did."

"Marc---Marc, I know how you feel. But we must find out if others have been told about the Shrinkees." Marc wasn't listening, instead was trying to break free of Steve and Mike's grasp.

"Steve's right. You must find out if others know about the Shrinkees. Marc, you have the others safty to consider too," said Mike. Marc backed off.

Crime and Punishment

Steve placed the four little hoodlums before him, Marc and Mike. "Now---does anyone else know about the Shrinkees." The four little prisoners told Steve no, that they were the only ones.

Mike asked, "What about any information. You must have this stored somewhere?" They became silent.

Steve picked the four men roughly up in one hand and asked them, "I must know, where I can find any records you have on my community." Seeing they were stalling, Steve said, "You leave me no other choice. Here take and do as you will to them." He handed them over to Marc.

"I am really going to have fun with you," said Marc, to Andre. Marc placed two fingers on either side of Andre's head.

"Please don't hurt me," said Andre.

"Shut up you fool," said one of the other men.

"It is true, we are the only ones who know. We do have a radio link to a homebase computer, that---that, has recorded all we know about you, said Andre.

"What is the code?" asked Steve.

The four men were put back into a box to wait for their trial. Steve meanwhile, connected with their computer, infected it with a virus. A virus that would totally erase the computers memory.

Before the trial of the four men, the entire Shrinkee community put their fallen comrade to rest. During the funeral, Mike held in his hands the little boy Roger, who felt close to Mike.

The four men were brought before the Shrinkee community. It was decided, they would be left out in the desert, and take their chances. Just as the Shrinkees had to do, when the door was left open and left to the mercy of random chance.

Skippy ran up to Steve, before the end of the trial and told him of another course of action to take. Steve cleared it with the rest of the Shrinkee community. Everyone agreed.

A week later, Mike Joined Steve on a cliff, that looked over the entire valley. "What's wrong my friend?" he asked.

"Why must human blood, always be spilled, anytime people get together to start something," said Steve, who sighed.

"Oh I don't know. Yes, you lost Bud. But that's all. You also found away to non-physically punish the criminals. Can so called society," Mike pointed a finger to the horizon; "claim as much."

Steve responded, "Skippy should get the credit. It was his idea."

"It is a great one. Shrinking the bad guys down, until they were mere inches even to the Shrinkees," said Mike.

Steve turned to Mike, "In case I hadn't said it, thank you for saving the Shrinkees that night."

"I was glad I was there."

And the Shrinkee's saga continues!

Subject: Shrinkee Three saga continue...

Never Easy Decisions

"Good evening all," said the voice, over the inter-com. "A most pleasent good night," continued the voice. Slowly, the entire Shrinkee community started fall off to sleep.

Mike Ingerson, who, with the permission of Steve, was going to stay a few extra weeks. As he was fading off to sleep, Mike felt something leaning up against his head. Slowly lifting and turning his head, Mike saw the little boy Roger on his pillow. Mike smiled at the little figure that started to stir. "Why hello little guy," said Mike; "When did you crawl up on to my pillow?"

Rubbing his tired eyes, with his tiny hands, Roger replied, "Just now. I had a bad dream. I felt safe with you."

Mike was touched. "What was it about?" asked Mike.

"Big scary monsters were coming for me."

Mike placed his hand down in front of Roger, who then climbed on. "Oh, big scary monsters aye." Mike looked around the large room. "Nope, don't see any monsters."

"Can I stay here with you tonight?" asked Roger, who started to fall asleep in Mike's hand.

"Well, sure you can." Mike moved his hand closer to his chest. Soon both fell off to a peaceful sleep.

The next day, Marc and Steve, place electronic sensores around the perimeter of Shrinkees buildings. It would give an early warning alarm of any appraoaching intruder. After what had happened with Andre and the other three men, they wanted a safe guard.

Mike was with the Shrinkees children. He was given them a class on history. The children loved Mike. He would let them jump over his foot or play around his giant fingers. Roger felt very attached to Mike. During break, Roger went up to Mike. Mike took him into his huge hand. Roger looked up at him and asked, "Will you stay here forever as a giant guardian?"

"Oh I would love to. But I will have to leave in a few weeks."

"Maybe you could take me with you." Mike gave Roger a gentle tap to the top of the boy's head. "Part of me would like to. Your place though, is here with your fellow Shrinkees. But that doesn't mean I will stop caring for you. And I will come back for visits."

Roger's face dropped. "I guess. But---I like having you here."

Steve and Marc returned to the Shrinkee warehouse. Steve asked Mike if he would join him on a trip into town. Mike told him he would. Steve brought several of the Shrinkees with him. However, they rode with Mike, in the front pocket of his baggy denims. After they arrived at Terra Nova Pass, they went and did their errands. Mike took a peek in his front pocket. At the base of his pocket, were three Shrinkees. They were surrounded by the faded white material of the inner-pocket. It was strange for Mike to think that there were little people in his pocket. It was a strange feeling. Not bad. It was just the thought, there was people in his pocket. Pocket size people, who trusted him with their lives. It truly made him feel like a giant guardian.

On the way back home, Steve took a long way home. "Hey, this isn't the way home," remarked Mike.

The three Shrinkees, who were now sitting on Mike's knee, told him, "Sometimes Steve likes to enjoy the scenery."

Mike, who kept a hand cupped behind the Shrinkees, incase the pick-up hit a bump or something, said, "It sure is beautiful here."

When they arrived home, Mike put the Shrinkees back into the front pocket of his jeans as they entered the main building. Steve told Mike they had to go to the recreation room. When Steve opened the door, the whole Shrinkee community was there, with Guardian Marc standing in the middle of them shouting surprise. "Whats this?" asked a surprised Mike.

"It is a little surprise party for you Mike. To thank you for helping to save the Shrinkees," said Steve. Music was then turned on. Steve, Marc and Mike sat on the floor with the Shrinkees to have their special dinner. After the food was passed around, Steve made a toast. "To our special Giant Guardian Mike." Steve and Marc lifted their glasses, as the Shrinkees lifted their thimbles full of wine and beer to Mike.

Marc, who was enjoying himself, also couldn't help and feel sad. Sad he couldn't have saved his friend Bud. He knew it really wasn't his fault. But still, Marc thought, maybe he should have acted sooner about his feelings about Andre. Marc got up and walked out of the room. Grace saw him leave and hoped he was ok.

Marc went to the grave of his friend. Marc said out loud, "Forgive me for letting you down my friend. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a giant guardian. I love the Shrinkees, Steve and Grace." Marc's heart was hurting.

A gentle breeze blew over the valley and Marc. Marc felt the breeze. It was pure. He looked up at the starry sky. "Marc have peace," said an inner voice; "Your place is with the Shrinkees. Your love for them will help support them. Just like mine does for you." At that moment a swarm of fireflies flew around Marc. They then swooped into the sky, where to Marc, formed for a second, the outline of Bud's face.

Grace's face lighted up, when she saw Marc re-enter the room. She ran up to the base of his sneakers. Marc picked her up and placed her in the palm of his hand. "My love are you ok?" asked Grace.

Marc gave her a kiss on the top of her head and told her, "Yeah, I'm ok."

Mike was enjoying himself. Little Roger came up to Mike, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor. He wanted to lift his thimble to Mike but couldn't. Mike took Roger's thimble and said, "To friends big and small." He took just a tiny sip and handed it back to Roger's waiting hands.

Roger took it and said, "Friends forever." He then took a sip.

Love is a stranger, who beckons you on. Don't be afraid of the danger or the strange is gone.

One Moment Of Humanity

"No, get out," said Mike, his eyes beaming with surprise.

"Really. I think you should be shrunk down for a few days and have more time with the Shrinkkee's children," replied Steve.

Mike looked down at the children, who were jumping around his feet. Roger was pulling on a shoe string. "Ok, lets do it."

Marc was in Terra Nova Pass, picking up supplies. Coming out of a store, a person bumped into him. It was a man around twenty four years old. The bags he was holding were knocked out of his hands. Reaching down to pick them up, Marc felt something hard and round pressed up against his back. "Pick up your stuff and go to your car or whatever you have. I'm coming with you," said the stranger.

"What do you want?" asked Marc.

"Shut up and do as I say."

Marc did as the stranger said. He was however, thinking how to break free of the stranger. Marc, for all he knew, the guy could just be pressing a toy gun or something into his back, but he didn't know if he should take the chance. Marc and the man got into the jeep. The stranger showed Marc his gun. It was real.

"I don't want to hurt you. I need to get out of here. If you do what I say, you will be ok."

All the children ran up to Mike and hugged him. One small girl wrapped her arms around his leg. "Ok, ok, I love you all too," said Mike, as he tried to walk. Steve looking down, was getting a kick, as the children swarmed around Mike.

"Where do you want me to take you?" asked Marc.

The man looking nervous, said, "Take me to where you are going."

"Damn," thought Marc.

"Can I ride on your shoulders?" asked Roger.

"Ah, ok," responded Mike. Mike was use to picking up Roger in his hand, but picking him up now in his shrunken state, was more of a chore. Mike squated down and Roger ran and jumped up on to Mike's shoulders. With a huff and a puff, Mike slowly lifted himself straight. Mike hung on to Roger's tiny little shoes, while Roger placed his arms around Mike's neck.

"Now I feel like a giant," said Roger, letting out a few joyful hoots. He then said, "I wish you were my daddy." Mike's heart melted.

The Shrinkee's warehouse was coming into view. Marc was trying to think what to do. He didn't want to bring him there. Taking in a breath, Marc made a sharp turn on the sandy road. The stranger was smacked into the passenger door. His gun flew out of his hand. It fell and dropped over onto Marcs side of the seat. Marc put a hand on the gun, but the hand of the dtranger stopped him. "Stupid! Do that again, and it will be your last mistake."

"Then why don't you shoot now," said Marc.

The stranger narrowed his eyes on Marc. His face then softened a bit. "Just get this crap-box moving."

Soon all the other children wanted a ride. "Now give Mike a rest," said Grace. Grace handed Mike a thimble of cold water. "Your good with the kids. Roger really is taken with."

"Roger is a good kid. What happened to his parents?" inquired Mike.

"Little is known about them. Steve found him sleeping in a box behind a store in Westonville, a town between Terra Nova Pass and the airport. He was under-nurished and looked like he had been beat up."

"Poor kid. But he seems to be getting along," said Mike.

"He is."

Steve was just in the doorway to the back door, when Marc was pulling up, he saw the extra passenger. Steve had in his pocket, a shrink dart. He pulled it out and kept it hidden in his hand. If there was any problem---he was ready.

Marc Stepped out of the jeep. Steve kept his eyes on the stranger. Seeing the guy was holding a gun, Steve hid behind a door. He heard their voices and footsteps. He saw Marc walked by. When the stranget appeared, he shouted. The stranger turned. Marc grabbed the gun, as Steve jabbed the dart into the strangers arm.

"Who are you?" asked Steve. The starnger, now shrunken, was standing on a round table with Steve on one side and Marc on the other. He was still groggy from being shrunken. "You are not dreaming. I have shrunken you. Now tell me, why did you force, by gun point, my friend to bring you here."

The little stranger cleared his throat a couple of times and said, "I ran away from a chain gang back at Oak Ridge."

"Where's that?" asked Marc.

"About seventy miles south of here," answered the stranger.

"What was your crime?" asked Steve.

"Stealing and dealing in drugs."

A short time later, Steve, Marc and Skippy, met together and talked about what they should do with the stranger. Marc did say, "He could have killed me. But he didn't."

At that moment, a call came for Steve over the inter-com system. There was a problem in one of the Shrinkees common rooms. Steve tossed the stranger down the front pocket of his jeans. Marc placed Skippy in his shirt pocket and they left for the common room.

When they arrived at the scene, Grace told Steve and the others what had happened, "A supporting beam that ran high above the newly built Shrinkees room had started to crumble. This happened when the children were playing. Mike had started to hear a creaking sound and quickly got the children out. However, one small chunk of wood fell, pinning Mike."

The large beam that the small piece had come from, was dangling over Mike. Mike was in a smaller room built just for the Shrinkees. Steve could only fit an arm through. At the entrance was Roger. Grace tried to pull him away. "No! I want to help Mike," he screamed.

Steve knelt down, but before he did, he took the stranger out of his pocket. "What happened?" asked the stranger. Grace explained it to him.

A rumbling sound had commenced. Bits of wood and dust started to fall. "Mike!" yelled Roger, who broke free of Grace and ran in. At that moment, a large piece had broken through the ceiling. The stranger saw it coming down toward Roger. He ran and pushed Roger out of the way. The piece of timber fell on the stranger. Steve shoved his arm through the small opening, tearing skin in the process, he pulled out Roger. Marc then shoved in his arm. which was thinner than Steve's and tried, as best he could, to lift the small piece of beam that was on Mike off.

Mike feeling the pressure that was on him lessen, inched his way out from under the beam and from Marc's gigantic arm. After Mike was through, Marc pulled his arm out. The rest of the beam fell. But no one was hurt. Except the stranger.

Roger ran up to Mike and hugged him. "Who was that man?" asked Mike.

Marc lifted the tiny limp body up and placed it in the palm of his hand. "This was a man who re-found his humanity."

Shrinkees Saga continues.....

This part of the Shrinkees saga, is dedicated to all those who save and provide safety for children.

Children of Shrinkees

Ivor turned around in the darkness. It was dark and quiet. He heard foot-steps. He reconized the sound. "Anton!" Standing before Ivor in a pale blue light, was his little brother Anton. Ivor rushed up and put his arms around his brother's waist. He closed his eyes, as he brought his brother up against his chest. He picked him up. When Ivor opened his eyes up, he saw a stream of blood running down Anton's gray tee-shirt.

"Nooo!" screamed Ivor, who woke up. It took him several minutes to regain his breath.

"Bad dreams?" asked his little sister Sasha.

"Yeah. It was about that night at home."

Sasha placed her little hands over her tiny ears and said, in a tired voice, "I don't want to hear."

Ivor let out a sigh. He put his arm around his sister. "You don't have to. Just sleep, we will be landing in America in a few hours. Things will be better, you'll see." After a while, Ivor drifted back off to a trouble sleep.

"Wake up, wake up Sasha. We are hear." Ivor with Sasha in hand, left the airplane. He took out of his back pocket, a piece of paper that had instructions written on it. Ivor and Sasha, went out of the airport and got a cab.

"I'm hungry Ivor," said Sasha, with a grumpy face.

"After we arrive at Mr. Trent's place, we will eat." Ivor tickled his sister until her grumpy face gave-way to a smile and a giggle. "And we will have clean warm beds to sleep in too."

"Hey Pal," said the cab-driver; "You look kinda young. Who's going to pay for this." As the cab took them deeper into the city, Ivor and Sasha looked wide-eyed at all the many and huge buildings.

The cab pulled up to a lot, where a blue van was waiting. A man in his thirties walked over to the drivers side of the cab. The man paid the driver. Going over to the back passenger door, the man smiled at the two children.

Ivor thought the man had such white teeth. They almost appeared fake. The man said, through the closed window, "Are you Ivor and Sasha? I'm Mr. Trent."

Ivor and Sasha climbed out of the car. Ivor studied the man in the tan shirt and pants, who kept smiling. Several other children came out of the van. They lined up next to Mr. Trent. One girl observed Ivor, had red lips and wore make-up. She was dressed in short tight pants. All her cloth, appeared tight. A boy who looked around Ivor's age, also wore tight fitting clothes and had rings in his ears. These kids felt Ivor, didn't look healthy. Something wasn't right.

Mr. Trent, looked Ivor and Sasha over with his eyes. "What a couple of cute looking kids." He stept closer to Ivor; "My your a handsome one. That brown curly hair. Your dark eyes. That smooth skin."

Ivor was getting anxious. He didn't know what to do. And what could he do. He was a stranger in a strange land. Mr. Trent, then aimed his gaze at Sasha. He ran his hand through her hair. "Please stop," said Sasha. Mr. Trent kept moving his hand through her auburn colored-hair.

"My sister said stop!" yelled Ivor, who gave a hard kick to Mr. Trent's groin. Mr. Trent bent over in pain. A black wallet fell out of his side trouser pocket. Ivor picked it up and his sister and ran. The other children circled Mr. Trent, who ordered them to go after Ivor and Sasha.

Ivor ran. He headed into the crouded mass of people. Ivor looked behind him, he saw the other kids coming for him. He ducked into an alley. "I'm scared Ivor," said Sasha, trembling.

Tired and almost in tears, Ivor responded, "We'll be ok." Ivor put down Sasha and looked at the contents of the wallet. There was close to a thousand dollars. Ivor learned about American currency, by an American soldier, who was stationed in his country several years ago. He also had picked up part of the language.

Looking toward the other end of the alley, Ivor saw a bus. He picked up Sasha and went toward the bus. It was a bus station. Glancing around for those other kids, and when he thought the coast was clear, entered the station. He didn't know where to go, but Ivor knew it would be better than staying in this city. He looked up at the tv monitor. There was a bus leaving in thirty minutes for a place called, Terra Nova Pass.

Ivor bought the two tickets. He and his sister boarded the bus. It would be a long trip.

Children of Shrinkees: Part two

Dark and quiet. Ivor was in darkness. Light came. He saw his little brother Anton. Joy turned into horror. And horror into grief. Ivor woke up. His face, wet with tears.

After over a day of traveling, their journey came to an end. They arrived at Terra Nova Pass. It was so strange to Ivor and Sasha. It was wide and flat open spaces. "It is like one of those westerns, we use to see with father and mother on the television," remarked Ivor. After Ivor finished his sentence, a tumbleweed rolled by. "Cool," he thought.

"I'm hungry," said Sasha.

"I bet you are sister." Ivor took his sister by the hand. He looked down at his sister, "You're such a good kid. Hardly complain."

"Where do we go now?" asked Sasha.

Ivor's face went firm, "Lets worry about that later."
They entered a place called, GOOD EATS DINER. Ivor and Sasha went to a booth. A short time later, a plump middle-aged woman, with pink hair and a lovely face came over and said, "Whats you having."

"Me and my sister will have the lunch special."

"I love your accent. Yous twos from Germany?" asked the waitress.

"No," replied Ivor.

Both Ivor's and Sasha's eyes beamed with delight when the food arrived. "Mighty lord declare. If you two weren't hungry. Think you both will have room for desert?" asked the waitress.

"YES!" said the two children. The waitress smiled and left.

When they had finished, they left the diner. Ivor was looking toward the long expanse of land, when he walked into someone. The golden-haired teen fell on to his side. Ivor went up to the teen and was about to say something, when he saw a tiny little person roll out of the teens shirt pocket. The little person was coughing. Ivor, wanting to help and look closer at the little person, reached out for it. A large strong hand grabbed Ivor's.

Ivor looked into the teens serious but noble face and said, "Is it yours."

"It is not an it. It is a person. A person named Mike." Steve then picked up mike. "You ok Mike," whispered Steve.

"Ok," said Mike. "Glad you hadn't had any in your side pockets Steve. Could have been serious."

Ivor heard the little voice. "You have other little people?" questioned Ivor.

"Hmm," said Steve; "We better be going Mike, before we draw attention." Steve then put Mike back into his shirt pocket.

As Steve started to walk away, he heard the little girl say, "Ivor where will we go."

Steve turned around and asked Ivor, "Where are your parents?" Before Ivor could respond, Sasha said, "Our parents are dead."

"Hush Sasha," said Ivor, harshly. Tears started to fill Sasha's eyes. Ivor's heart fell. "I'm sorry. We have to becareful."

From out of Steve's pocket, came Mike's tiny voice. "Maybe we should take them home with us."

Steve asked, "Ivor, are you and your sister alone?"

"Yeah, but I can take care of us."

Steve smiled. He liked Ivors direct and spunky spirit. "I'm sure you can. But, the world is no place for children to be alone. Let me and my little friend take you two back with us."

Mike jumped up and grabbed hold of the lip to the pocket, and said, "Yes, come back with us. You can have a clean place to sleep and be safe."

Ivor chuckled, when Mike lost his grip and fell to the bottom of the pocket. He then asked, "I hope the tiny man is ok?"

"Sure he is," responded Steve. "Would you like to hold him Ivor?"

Ivor scratched his head and in a voice that was a combination of a giggle and laugh said, "Yeah."

"I want to hold him too," said Sasha.

"Well, you look tired Sasha. Let your brother hold him for now," said Steve. Sasha made a pouty face.

"Sasha behave," said Ivor. Sasha's face then lightened up.

Steve took Mike out of his pocket. Ivor was transfixed on the tiny man that was lowered into his hands. Ivor brought Mike up close to his face. Ivor gently took his index finger and patted Mike on top of the head. When he saw the little man smile and straighten up his hair, he smiled.

Mike looked up at the smiling face of Ivor, which was very engaging. Yet Mike saw the circles of worry and bad times under Ivor's eyes. Mike placed a hand on Ivor's thumb and said to him, "You'll be safe with us." Ivor just gave out an endearing laugh.

Steve picked up Sasha and placed her on his shoulders. Ivor followed Steve at his side, with his cupped hand close to his chest. They went and climbed into Steve's jeep. Steve kept Sasha on his lap. And Ivor looked down at the little passenger in his hand. They drove off toward home. Home of the Shrinkees.

Children of Shrinkees: Part three It was a world only to be found in a story. But it was real. Ivor and Sasha watched, as the tiny people gathered around the feet of Steve and Marc. "Who are these little people? asked Ivor. "These are the Shrinkees," said Mike. "Yes---Shrinkees," spoke Steve, with affection in his voice. "Well, I think you two should get cleaned up. Ivor there is a bathroom you and your sister can use. I will show you." "Ok," responded Ivor. Ivor put down Mike and followed behind Steve, glancing back at all the tiny people. The Shrinkees wanted to know from Marc, who these kids were. Marc explained what had happen at Terra Nova Pass. After Ivor and Sasha had cleaned up, the Shrinkees cut the two children's hair. Sasha giggled, as seven Shrinkee woman started cutting and grooming her hair. Ivor could feel the tiny feet of the men climbing about his head. While he was resting, as the men combed and cut his hair, a Shrinkee climbed up on to Ivor's chest. "Who are you? asked Ivor. "My name is Adam. I am the official spokesperson for the Shrinkees. And welcome! Young boy. I am sure our great leader Steve will set things right for you and your sister." Ivor watched with fascination, the little man give him a bow, and then jump off his chest on to the floor. Four Shrinkees carried over a mirror to Ivor, for him to look into. One shrinkee, who had helped in the cutting of his hair, said, "We hope you like the job." "Oh sure. It's neat," replied Ivor. Just then, Steve came back over to him. "Where did these little people come from?" Steve told him, "I shrunk them down." Steve saw Ivor's face getting tense. "No one is forced to stay here or come. We are a tiny community of people trying to live a life full of fellowship and humanity." "But why shrunken people?" inquired Ivor. "That's a story for another time. It is almost time for supper. Lets go to the Shrinkees common room." Steve, Ivor and Sasha walked through a pair of swinging doors into a large square room. There was four normal size cushions and about forty tiny cushions. Ivor and Sasha sat down on two and Steve and Marc on the other two. "I know you are the leader, but who is Marc?" asked Ivor. "Marc had recently come here and became a Giant Guardian." Steve tapped on Ivor's shoulder, as the boy stared at the tiny people getting their food off of tiny tables. "Marc was shrunk down for a while before becoming a guardian of the Shrinkees." "Why." "Because Ivor, I wanted him to see they were more than just tiny looking people. But real people." "Huh," said Ivor. "Since they are so small, it is easy to see them as toys or think of them as pets. Rather, than people with feelings like you and I." Ivor nodded his head. A look of surprise crossed his face, when he saw a group of children. The group came up to the base of his and Sasha's feet. Grace was with them. "Hi Ivor," said Grace, in a Shrinkee high pitch voice. Sasha started to reach for the children. Ivor gently took her hand and told her, "There kids like us. Just small." Ivor turned to Steve and winked. Steve gave him an approving nod of the head. After the children had met Ivor and Sasha, they had their dinner. When they were clearing up, Ivor asked Marc if he could watch Sasha. Marc agreed. Ivor followed Steve around asking him all sorts of questions. Steve figured, it must have been a while since Ivor had someone older than himself to turn to. Meanwhile, Sasha got to know more the other children and under Marc's supervision, let her old several of the older children in her hands. Before re-joining the community, Steve asked Ivor how he wound up in America alone. Ivor was reluctant at first. However, part of him wanted to relieve himself of the weight. "My parents got killed by enemy gun-fire. For several weeks after, I took care of my sister and five year old brother." "You had a brother?" asked Steve. "Yes," responded Ivor, whose lips started to quiver. "I don't want to talk anymore. I'm tired." "Yeah, I think you have a right to be," said Steve, who picked up Ivor in his arms. Walking back through the hallway, Ivor started to fall to sleep. Before he did, he wrapped his arms around Steve's neck. Steve brought him to the Shrinkee sleeping quarters. Steve saw that Sasha was all ready asleep. Steve took Ivor's shoes and shirt off and covered him with a blanket. Once again like so many nights, Ivor had his dream. A dream of his brother Anton covered in blood. Ivor woke up screaming. "What is it!?" asked Steve. "It was my brother Anton." "Yes, what about Anton?" asked Steve, trying to get Ivor to unburden his mind. Ivor said no more and turned on to his side. Several Shrinkees came and wiped the sweat from off of Ivor's brow. The next day, Ivor stayed with Steve. Marc with Grace, looked after Sasha. When Ivor was having a mid-morning snack with Sasha, Steve, Skippy and Marc talked about the children. "Ivor's really drawn to you Steve," said Marc. "Yes, you are father figure for him. God knows how long the poor child had to be the parent. A eleven year old parent," spoke Skippy. While they were eating, one of the Shrinkees children, when Grace wasn't looking left the other children and ventured up to the base of Ivor's sneaker. "Look a Shrinkee kid," said Sasha, clapping her hands together. The boy backed up. "Careful Sasha, we don't want to scare him," said Ivor. The little boy looked up at Ivor and yelled, "I'm not scared." Ivor didn't know what to do. He wanted to pick up the tiny boy, but he didn't want to scare him either. Rubbing his two hands together, Ivor reached for the little boy. He tried to be as gentle as he could, as he wrapped his hand around the tiny body. He brought up his closed hand and opened it up. The boy, sitting cross-legged in the center of his hand said, "My name is Nick." Ivor thought the boy looked a bit like his brother Anton. The same trusting nature, the round apple-shape face. "How come you're not having lunch." "I wanted to see you. I never saw a giant boy before."

"I never saw, well, not until yesterday that is, a tiny boy," replied Ivor. "You have any brothers and sisters?" then asked Ivor.

The boy lowered his voice, as he said, "I lost my family some time ago." His face lighted up; "I have a new family with the Shrinkees."

"Well, you better be getting back, I don't want to see you getting into any trouble." Ivor then lowered his hand. As he did, he saw Grace and Mike. "Please don't get mad at Nick." He lifted the hand that had Nick in it, back up and covered it with his other hand, bringing it close to his chest.

"Nick is not in trouble Ivor. Though he should have told us, where he had gone," said Grace.

Ivor uncovered his hand and told Nick, "Don't go away without telling people where you are going. Can you do that pal."

"I can," said Nick. Ivor lowered his hand and watch Nick run off of it to Grace and Mike.

After Grace and Nick left, Mike told Ivor, "You are very good with children." Ivor gave Mike a tired sliver of a smile.

The next several days, saw the two children getting more involved with the Shrinkees. Ivor did like to spend as much time with Steve. He also took an interest with the children and Nick. Nick seemed to find a special friend in Ivor. Though, Nick liked to run off and hide. One afternoon, when the children were outside, Nick ran off among several large rocks. Grace was getting worried and used a walkie talkie that was at that section, Steve came followed by Ivor. They started to search. Ivor was starting to get worried and mad. He was gently walking around a gray stone that had a marker on it, when he heard laughter. Popping up from behind it was Nick. Ivor knelt on one knee before him and shook his head. With two fingers he picked up Nick by the waist. "What were you doing Nick. Being bad."

Nick didn't know what to say, when he saw how angry Ivor was. "If you can't be good, I guess you have to be watched like a baby. In you go." Ivor placed Nick in the pocket of his denim shorts.

"I don't want to go in. It is all dark. Don't please," pleaded Nick. Ivor shoved his hand all the way in his pocket and opened it up. He could hear Nick, beneath the pocket material crying and saying he had him. Ivor got up and went back inside. He could feel Nick's little body squirming around at the base of the pocket. When he saw Steve he told him he found Nick. But he wanted to talk with him first, Steve told him he could. Ivor went to the Shrinkee common room and pulled out Nick from his pocket. Nick wouldn't look at him. Using his index finger, he turned Nick's head toward him. He had to do this several times. Ivor told Nick, "You can hate me if you want. But, when you where hiding on us, it was like when...I mean, I was scared something happened to you. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. But you can hate me if you want." Ivor lowered his hand. Nick walked off of the hand---stopped. He started to walk off but stopped again.

He turned toward Ivor, fidgeting with his left foot. "I don't hate you. I love you. I love my giant---brother."

Ivor had to strain to hear. But he did hear. Cupping a hand behind Nick, he gently pushed him on to his hand. And brought him up to his face and told him, "I love you too."

During the night, Ivor had his dream again. He woke up screaming. Steve picked him up and took him to another room. "Ivor," said Steve; "What happened. I care about you dude all the Shrinkees do. Whatever happened is over. Please put it to rest. I'm here for you."

Ivor was shaking. In stuttered speech, he told Steve what happened. "For several weeks after my parents got killed, I took care of my sister and my brother Anton. We were staying at an elserly couple's house, who knew my father and mother. One night, there was gun fire. Half the house exploded. Through fire and smoke, I looked for my sister and brother. I found Sasha huddled up behind part of a bed. I saw Anton's hand sticking out from under part of the roof that had caved in. I lifted the planks off of him." Ivor's stuttered speech became words among crying. "When he was clear of the planks, I lifted him up. His...his...head was missing. MY LITTLE BROTHER WHO NEVER HURT ANYONE HAD NO HEAD!!"

Steve wrapped his arms around Ivor. Steve said under his breath, "There must be a special heaven for children like this. There must. Instead of bullets flying over their heads, they will have shooting stars. Shooting stars to play with. Steve stayed the whole night with Ivor in his arms.

Children of Shrinkees: Part Four

It was a liberation for Ivor. While yes, he still missed his brother, he had though, confronted the dragon, the horror, of that one night of shadows.

The next day, Steve had Ivor and Sasha with the Shrinkees children. Nick played around Ivor's giant fingers, as several other children played around his shoes. Sasha talked about her parents and dolls she used to have at home. Mike, who was returned to his former size, as a giant guardian, stayed close by. Grace was also there among the children.

Steve meanwhile, was having a conference with Skippy, Marc and several other Shrinkees. "I think it would be a good idea for Ivor and Sasha to become Shrinkees. Then they can begin living like kids again. It would be an adjustment though, for Ivor, since he has pretty much had to be the adult taking care of his sister," said Skippy.

"Yes I agree," responded Steve; "He would have to get use to authority. But, I think very quickly, he would get into being part of the Shrinkees family."

The couple, who use to be traveling entertainers, were there at the conference, the woman said, "Yes I agree, he would get use to it. Ivor is such a dear boy. He is very good with the other children. And he and his sister have been through so much. They could bring a lot to this community."

Steve folded his arms, "Yes---adversity does make one stronger." He looked toward Marc, his eyes gleaming. Marc gave Steve a slight smile back. "Let's give them another week and then approach it to them."

After the meeting Steve met up with Ivor and Sasha. He hoisted Sasha up on to his shoulders. And gave her a ride. Ivor followed behind laughing.

Meanwhile, Mike joined Marc, as he drove into town to get supplies. "So Mike, weird to be back in the land of the giants."

"Yeah, but I miss being right there with the children. Their great." Mike paused for a moment and then said, with a shyful grin, "I'll miss the giant stuffed tiger too. Even as a kid I loved tigers." Mike blushed, "I don't know who had more fun climbing up on to the toy tiger, me or the children."

A tiny voice, coming from out of Mike's shirt pocket said, "You did." Gently, Mike took Roger out of his pocket. Roger sat on Mike's thumb.

"Yeah, but you were the one that always beat me to the top of the furry head."

"Cause I'm faster(teehee)," chuckled Roger. "Will Ivor and Sasha be joining us?"

"I guess that will be up to them and Steve. But I hope so," replied Mike.

"Me too," said Roger.

Marc added, "That makes three of us!"

During the next week, Steve took Ivor and Sasha under his wing. Ivor helped Steve, Marc and Mike on many of the jobs. On the following Sunday, Ivor and Sasha, met with Steve and the giant guardians. "We would like you to become part of our Shrinkees. Be part of the family. "Really!" exclaimed Ivor.

Skippy walked up to the side of Ivors leg. He signaled Ivor to pick him up. Ivor picked him up and placed Skippy in his hand. "It would mean son, for you and Sasha to become our size."

"I...I...don't know," said Ivor. "I like being my size and with you."

"Ivor, I like having you around. But you need to be with other children, not just your age but size. I think we have a nice community. And I think you and your sister could contribute a lot. It would mean following the rules. Like in any family. At least you both could try it for a while. What do you say."

Ivor turned to his sister, Sasha---do you want to be a Shrinkee?"

A big smile appeared on her face, "Yes." Her smile then left her face. "Only if you are there with me Ivor."

"I, guess so. But---Nick looks up to me." Ivor's face beamed with pride. "I am his giant brother. What will happen if I'm his size?"

Steve said, plainly, "You will be his normal size brother Ivor."


It was, to say the least, for Ivor and Sasha, to see people they had held in their hands or pockets, now their size. Nick was bouncing around Ivor. Several girls gave Sasha a doll, that they had made, under Grace's supervision. Before they were to have a special welcome luncheon, the kids were going to have a whale ride. "What's a whale ride? Don't tell me you guys shrunk a whale?" asked Ivor.

"You will see," said Grace. Mike and Marc took the children to another room. In it was a small swimming pool, though, it looked more like a small lake to the shrinkees. Inside the pool was Steve. Around his neck was a chain.

"Lets give our new children, Ivor and Sasha, the first ride," said Steve. Marc climbed into the pool, with Ivor,Sasha and one adult Shrinkee. He placed the three of them at the base of Steves neck, and hooked them up to the chain. With a big splash, they were off! All the Shrinkees standing around the edge of the pool, were cheering. Their tiny high pitch voices filling the room with joy.

THE END---But the saga goes on!