Steve's World of Shrinkees

by Timothy
Steve dreaded going back to school. It was one hassle after another. Late one day during chemistry class, Todd the school jock pushed Steve into a table full of bubbling liquid. The mixing of chemicals created an interesting display of sparks and smoke. What was left, a green liquid, the teacher told Steve to clean up.

Steve kept a small amount in a class vial to bring home with him after school. For right now, Steve must finish another long day at school.

After gym class, the last class of the day, Steve spent thirty minutes taking his gym shorts off his head, a joke of Todd and his toadies.

On his way home, Steve went over Babble Bridge. He saw down below Skippy, a forty year old man with a hunch-back. Steve was friends with Skippy. Sometimes he gave him food and clothing. Steve went down under the bridge to say hello. He had a candy bar he thought he would give to Skippy. The candy bar was in the same pocket as the vial of the green liquid. Going over to Skippy, Steve tripped over a stone causing him to break the vial of liquid on Skippy.

Steve was freaked out. At least for a moment he was. Before his eyes Skippy shrank down to three inches. Steve picked up the little guy and placed him in his hand. Steve felt bad that this happened. Skippy just reclined in Steve's hand. Well, they were friends after all. Steve placed his little friend in his pocket and brought him home.

Steve made a nice little home for his friend on his desk. When Steve was doing his homework, Skippy would turn the pages for Steve.

Pushing back his crop of blond hair, he got an idea! He told his idea to Skippy. Skippy looked up at his giant friend and thought it sounded good.

For the next several days, Steve after school, picked up all sorts of things. Duct tape, articles used for dolls houses and several mouse cages!!!!

When he was buying these things, he had Skippy in his shirt or pants pocket. If Skippy was in his shirt pocket he would whisper to him. A few people saw this and thought Steve was a little nuts.

A few days later during Gym class while Todd was changing, he took out of his gym bag Skippy who was holding a pin that had that substance.

Oh I forgot to tell you, Steve had figured out what those chemicals were. But I can't tell you because Steve might get mad at me. And I do not want to end up living in an old sneaker.

Anyway, Skippy sneaked up on to Todd and bang! Stuck the needle into Todd. Before he knew what happened, Todd was in Steve's giant hand shaking like a baby. Steve wanted Todd to sweat a bit so he made a real evil looking face. Then put him in his coat pocket.

Todd became the first occupant of one of the mouse cages. Steve was good to him. And Todd became useful at times. If Steve was feeling bummed out, Todd would climb on to Steve's hand who would place Todd on his head, where little jock-boy would massage Steve's scalp. Of-course, this took some time, considering his small size. But Todd accepted his chores.

Later, Steve added more little people to his bedroom. He had a regular community starting. He even shrank Sissy Perry who use to make fun of him. Now she tells him how wonderful he is. Her big thing is tickling Steve's huge toes. Sometimes he lets her sit behind his ear.

Yes---it is quite a community of little teens Steve has. But recently, he has set his eyes on other people to shrink. Like, the Mayor. Hey, he shrunk down members of the National Guard Brass band. Every night, or most every night, they parade around Steves's massive form as he lays there on his bed. A few times a couple of them, I think it was the band leader and the top trombone player that had this large (ha,ha)task.

Two days ago, Steve took several old sweatshirts and made a small mountain for his little people. You know what they call it? That's right, Fleece Hill.

I better go now, I have to clean Steve's nails. So, goodbye and happy haunts.(Tee-hee)

Steve said I could say a little more about his big doings. Late this morning, some of us had a ride in two remote-controled cars. One was of a standard RV, the other of a 1969 Ford Mustang. Steve drove us under his bed around parts of his closet. Todd, along with a friend of his, who had recently been brought to our growing little community, decided to climb Fleece Hill.

Skippy, the hunch-back friend of Steve, is the official greeter of all new arrivals. Hey, I almost forgot to tell you, Steve is now referred to in the community as Archon. (Greek for Judge)

The other day, Steve took me and Skippy out with him to do some shopping. Of-course, we spent most of the time in the pocket of his baggy trousers. It wasn't too bad. Did get a little bumpy when he climbed stairs and all. We both did get a chance to get some fresh air, when he took us out of his pocket, in an area of the mall's concourse that was vacant of any people. He told me And Skippy he thought it might be nice to add a few people from Washington DC to his community. But Steve changed his mind. He felt there was no brain power to be found in Washington.

Before putting us back into his pocket, he let the two of us pick at his meatball sub. Yum-yum, it was good. He was still sitting down when he placed the two of us inside his pants pocket, so when he stood up, Me and Skippy rolled down (Whee!)the rest of the way down his pocket.

A new addition that came to our bedroom community of tiny folk, were a young couple from a failed comedy act. They played a few lively tunes and did a few comical routines for us right on Steve's knee.

Steve had us one night partake in a midnight cleaning of his hair. Three community members ran a hose (that Steve had set up) around his head wetting his hair then four of us had to work the shampoo into his scalp. The shampoo did have a nice smell to it. Then those same three community members with the hose, rinsed off his hair. And me and Skippy carried a hair-blower around his hair until it was dry.

Steve was happy with the results. Yes he was. He gave everyone involved one of those colorful stick on shiny stars to place up in our cages. And as always, so it seems, the brass band, played a few tunes for Steve just before bed. Several community members picked for the honor pulled up Steve's blankets over him.

You might think it is strange and maybe it is. Who knows, someday you might bump into a fouteen year old with blond hair, who now has an assured look and find YOURSELF in his new little community.

Me Again. A lot has been happening around here. Well for one, I have been made the chief spokesman for our tiny community. Yes---me! Steve just did it a few hours ago. He held me in his hand and pointed his finger at me and told yours truly, I was it! He even placed himself,(full of pride) on my chest, a little gold star, with sparkles.

There had been a little drama here. First, the friend of Todd's who had recently arrived here, was telling everyone his side of the bedroom, the west side, was the best. The other tiny members who live in the south side, didn't like that. Steve took us all up in his huge hands and placed us in his lap. He told us, it is stupid for us to think one side is better than the other. He gave all of us each, yes all of us, a pat on the head telling us we are all important to him---wow, from the big guy himself! After he placed us back on the floor, he lifted the little trouble maker up and informed him he would be living in the south side for a while. And he placed the little community member behind his ear for the remainder of the day. When he removed him from behind his ear before bed-time, the little guy kneeled in Steve's hand and said he was sorry. Steve accepted that. What a great leader he is!

One community member had started to become sick. I could see a worried look cross Steve's face. For he didn't know how to help her. She by the way is the wife of the comic duo Steve had brought here. I think I told you about them? Well anyway, I think Steve started to realize the bigger the community gets, the bigger the problems.

Hey, isn't that weird, we are tiny, yet you still can have big problems.

When we all went to bed that night, the woman was feeling a little sick. Still, Steve was worried. Some members felt bad for him. Even Sissy did. She climbed up his pant leg and stood on his leg trying to give him good council. Four of us spent the night with Steve. He had changed into cotton pajamas. We curled up against his leg. The cotton and the warmth from his leg kept us comfortable. One member was worried, that Steve might forget we were there and knock us off the bed. He didn't!

In the morning, Steve thanked each one of us separately. Steve had set up using small water bottles as stations around the floor of the room where to get drinking water and water to clean up.

Steve's close friend Skippy, the hunch-back, told me Steve was going to bring a nurse to our community. Even though Skippy is close friends with Steve, our leader---our Archon,he never lets that come in the way of how he relates with the rest us. I mean, he is friendly. Skippy's even given guided tours of Steve's bedroom with an old wind-up toy train. This train was a special toy to Steve when he was a child. And I even had rode in it three times.!! Well, back to Skippy, I guess I am saying he is a cool dude.

When Steve that day left to get the nurse, he took Skippy with him. When he came back, and it is always great when our giant Steve returns back to his room and us, he took out of his shirt pocket a little white object. When he brought the little white object down, I saw it was a nurse in white.

It was hard for her to get use to our little community. But we all tried to make the new arrivals feel welcome. Skippy is very good at that. And of-course Steve---himself. I know even when Todd was having a hard time Steve even made him feel at ease. A big, big honor, is when Steve lets one of us sleep in the pocket of his tee-shirt or pajama top. I mean, he is OUR giant.

The nurse was able to help our community member and is getting use to her new life with us. She is in her late thirties, which makes her the oldest member. After her, it is the National Guard Brass Band; they are in their twenties.

Steve wants me to do something, so bye for now.

Hi! Steve said it would be ok to talk to you all. It has been kind of rough here lately. But I will start with the simple stuff first.

A couple of days ago, Steve took six of us to a indoor swimming pool. Even though it was a saturday morning there wasn't too many people. Our leader is so cool. You know what he did? I am going to tell you now. He got on the water first and seeing no one around, except a few old people, Steve took us out of his small backpack, and gave us water rides on his back. This is how he did it. Three at a time, we climbed on to the back of his neck, he back up against the side of the pool, then we grabbed hold of a chain around his neck. And wow!. I mean wow! It was like riding on the back of a whale. It was fun.

The others who stayed behind, were put in a big box that had a computer game in it. Our leader is resourceful.

On night, Steve was talking to a E-Mail pen-pal. But Steve kept shaking his head. Skippy, told me this guy Steve was talking to, couldn't grasp the use of a messenger service. Skippy asked our giant leader if he will bring him to the community. Our leader told Skippy, that maybe he should, if the guy can't operate a simple service, maybe he needs help. What a great guy our leader is.

We do have a new arrival, a homeless man that Steve had gotten to know. He was silent with us at first, but Skippy help him along. This new arrival can do anything. He is a good carpenter. He has been doing gret things for our tiny folk's cages with the small food pieces Steve had given him along with the model tools that seem to work for our new arrival!

Steve bought a new chair for his bedroom. It is round and leather. And it sits right on the floor. When Steve speaks to us, he sits in it. If he is speaking to a couple, he sits cross legged with the one or two community members on his knee or lap.

Well---the problems. First sign of trouble, when the brass band wouldn't play anything for Steve before he went to bed. Then when Steve was standing, checking something, several members from the brass band tied his shoe-laces together. When steve turned and fell on the floor, they (the brass band) started pulling at his hair yelling at him. He wasn't mad at them, but curious about their actions. He took them all in his hand and wanted to know why.

I was surprised when I found out what it was. They wanted to leave. Why would anyone, want to leave. It is great here. Really, really great.

Steve told them he would do anything for them, why leave. They were adamant. Even Sissy and Todd were saying they wanted to go. Steve told them he would think about it. Still I can't see why anyone would want to leave. Steve is great. Who wouldn't be charmed by his nice manner, blond hair. His light blue eyes that seem to glow and he cares about each one of us.

The next two days, Steve came down with the flu. The nurse told him what to do. When he was starting to feel better, Steve had us all on his bed. We were talking, when his father came in. Steve in a hurry gathered all of us up in his great hands, and placed us under his covers.

Oh, I should tell you, Steve just has one parent. His mother died when he was seven.

Steve was on his side. His father told his son you must be uncomfortable like that.

Steve couldn't turn over, since several members were behind him and if he did turn over, he would have several squashed community members on the seat of his pajamas.

Steve told his father, the Romans use to hang around like this, on their sides. I heard his father tell his son, that he sure likes his history and science. Steve slipped a hand under his covers and patted several of us on the head, while telling his father, he loves other things as well.

After his father left, he took us all out from under his covers and placed us between his legs. Steve ran a hand over all of us very gently. He told the ones who were angry, that he could force them to stay. But he wouldn't. He is so great, our giant. I had to kiss his finger. He also told them he would work on trying to reverse the shrinking, if they truly wanted that.

The next several days after school, Steve worked on the reversal process. One afternoon, Todd's friend was again telling everyone how great the west side was and the great view they have out the window. Steve being tired, picked up Steve's friend and taped him to the window. Several hours later, Steve peeled him off the window and gently removed the tape. Steve was in his stocking feet and Todd's friend wanted to show, again, Steve he was sorry. He went up to the front of Steve's right foot, kneeled down, and started kissing his foot. Steve picked him up and told him just don't cause problems. Steve then gently patted Todd's friend on the head and placed him in his cage.

The next day or I should say evening, after Steve returned back from being out, I noticed a little moving bulge at the base to the front pocket of his baggy denim jeans. Steve put his hand down his pocket and removed his closed hand. He whistled for us to gather around his feet. He released from his hand another new arrival. He looked to be in his early forties with a bald head, except for short brown hair around the sides of his head. And he was wearing a white tee-shirt that had a robot boy on it's front and the words under the robot-boy---'Astroboy'

The man in the 'Astroboy' tee-shirt seemed calm and friendly.

That night trouble broke out again. Skippy, the hunch-back, was telling the newest arrival how to accept everything in life. One of the brass band guys, pushed Skippy down after he was through talking. The man had pushed Skippy hard down on our leaders floor. Thunder roared from the sky. Steve had seen this. His face turned red. He grabbed the man and lifted him up to his feet, while the man in the 'Astroboy' tee-shirt, helped Skippy up.

Even I, who love our giant leader, was scared. On his feet, Skippy started kicking at Steve's feet. Steve picked him up. Skippy told our leader, it is not the guys fault, he was brought here against his will. Steve put down the man, who was a bit shaken up.

Didn't I tell you Skippy is a cool dude!

Steve got down and stretched out on the floor. He apologized to the scared little man. He rested his giant chin on his two arms. All I want to do is have a happy community. Tears appeared in his eyes. I told one of the brass band men, how great our giant teenager is. The guy called me Simple-Simon. That's dumb, my name isn't Simon.

Steve slept on the floor that night. Skippy crawled up and sat on Steve's head thinking. I crawled into our leaders back pocket and slept.

One day later, Steve returned to normal size one of the brass band people. Steve asked him not to tell anybody about his shrinking formula or his shrunken people. Outsiders might hurt them. He also told the man, no matter what you think of me, I do love my little people. And Steve also told him, he would return any others to normal(if you call that outside world normal) and back to the outside world. The man agreed.

Well that's it for now. I see Steve reaching down for me. But when I come back, I will tell you of some real interesting developments.

Hi! It has been a while since I last reported to you all. And a lot has happened. Some of the news, isn't very good. But our glorious leader---Archon, (Steve) said it was ok.

We had one new arrival, a quiet sort, with us for only a week. He didn't like it he discovered and wanted to leave. Several weeks later, Steve read us an article that came all the way from a big city, it was about this former Shrinkee. He was robbed and beat up by a gang, who also took his clothes. He made it to a police station, where they gave him a pair of pants to wear. The article went on to say, according to our great giant leader, that a few people were making fun of him. He left the station, was chased by another gang, and so full of frustration and tired from being humilated, threw himself on the third rail of a subway track. We all were sad to hear the news. Steve was sad and mad. He loves his Shrinkees.

A week after that sad news, another member of the brass band, was returned to normal size, and returned to the so called 'civilized world.' On a lovely warm Saturday, our very own giant Steve, took us to the park. Several of the community members, were placed on the ground, some stayed in his shirt pocket and a few in his hand. The newest arrival who has still stayed,the man in the 'Astroboy' tee-shirt stretched out on one of Steve's fingers looking at the giant wonder of it all. I was on the same hand, and the man in the 'Astroboy' tee-shirt, talked about his hometown of Melrose and its park.

Todd and Sissy, went under a large leaf and kissed. As far as I know, they still want to leave, as well as the other brass band members. Skippy, stayed on Steve's shoulder.

That night, we had a party! Steve's dad was out of town for the weekend. I guess he had no problems leaving his son alone. But, his son is not alone, he has us!! Well anyway, there was music and that comic couple did some entertaining for us. Steve built a new mountain for us to climb out of old boots of his and his father's. You know what he calls it. I bet you don't. Wait...Wait... a community member told me, it is not nice for me to keep you guessing. Our giant Steve calls it Boot Hill. Neat isn't it!

Now later, things became intense. Really intense boy. We were getting ready for bed, when several alarm lights, that Steve has set up on a special computer board. He told us to take our emergency positions that he had trained us to do. Our Steve really is an Archon. He took Skippy out of his bathrobe pocket and placed him under his desk. We all hid.

He went and slowly opened his bedroom door. BANG, a strange man came through the door and pushed our leader back!

Steve remained cool. (boy he's great) The strange man said a lot. But I couldn't make out all the words. One of the brass band people, peeked around and was seen by the stranger!!! I heard this stranger say something about this little person could get me big bucks. He started to reach down for the helpless community member. Steve pulled the man back and told him that the little person was fragile. And if he wanted he could get him more little people. Even with what our great leader was telling this man, I never believed that our leader would sell us out.

Steve went over to his desk and the stranger who kept an eye on Steve followed. Running out from under the desk was Skippy. (this was a special plan Steve had made) He ran up the man's dirty shoe, andjammed something into the stranger's ankle. Skippy may be a hunch-back, but man can he run and climb fast. Really!

The man wheeled around the room knocking a few boxes off of Steve's computer table. In no time, the stranger was shrunken and Steve had him in his clenched fist.

A few members started calling to Steve and jumping up and down, pointing to one of the fallen boxes. One of our community member was under one. It was one of the brass band men. He was dead.

Our Leader was mad. He told the little criminal that he was going to crush him. Skippy started kicking at one of Steve's stocking feet. Skippy told our wonderful leader not to crush him. Steve placed the little man in a soiled clothes hamper.

Steve, with heavy moments went and kneeled by the crushed community member. Our Official Shrinkee Nurse, told all of us the man was dead for sure.

Later, Steve wrapped the community member in an expensive blue silk handkerchief with a gold cross taped to the outside. Steve placed us all in a backpack and took us out in his back yard. He dug a hole. He also had brought with him, birthday candles, which he handed to each of us. When our leader placed our fallen Shrinkee in the hole, he lighted Skippy's candle who in turn lit the candle next to him. We prayed over our fallen community member. After the grave was filled, we were brought back inside.

Steve let the bad man stay in the hamper among his dirty clothes. We all slept with our leader. Many of us up against his cheek. Oh, before I forget, one of the brass band men, thought our leader handled the situation well. Still, our Steve was broken hearted.

In the morning, Steve placed the criminal in one of his father's cars, his father has two. But before he had, he gave the criminal the reversal formula. When the man was back to his former size, Steve set off the car alarm. When the police came, I heard, from Skippy, who was in Steve's pant's pocket, was telling the police about the little people he saw. They thought he was was nuts---tee-hee.

This ends another bit of news from our community. As always, becareful where you step. There might be a Shrinkkee at your feet. Bye...


...start trans...Hi everybody. Since the death of our fellow member, things have been quiet. Well---almost.

The community member who use to be homeless, has been doing real wonders with the small pieces of Balsa Wood our leader, Steve, has given him. We now have chairs that swing on string for our rooms (cages) and some which are like recliners.

On the first Sunday after the tragic death of our Shrinkee Community member,our giant leader, at sunset brought us out to the grave-site. As during the funeral, we were given birthday candles to hold. After they were lighted, we made a circle around the grave and prayed for him. As our great leader pointed out, he was the first one to die (even though it was by accident) for the cause. Shrinkees Forever!

Later that evening, giant Steve gave us, in thimbles, hot cocoa to drink.

For some big news, coming from a tiny community(teehee), our leader told us he told a girl that he really trusts and likes, about us---the Shrinkees!

The day he brought her to us, we got in a single line and one of the two remaining brass band men, played a entrance hymn on a toy horn. When Steve arrived we bowed before him. But he told us to rise since we are(this always thrills me) his friends.

His girlfriend Lisa just stood there in gaping silence. I guess seeing a group of tiny people bowing before Steve, would surprise anybody.

When she got over the shock, she kneeled down before us and asked us all sorts of questions. After Steve told her it was ok to pick us up, she giggled as she held a few of us. She was very gentle and kind to us. She did give Steve some wide eyed expressions.

For several days after that, Lisa visited us. Lisa brought supplies and little blankets she had made for us. She was very proud of her blankets. Lisa also was concerned about our health, our resident Shrinkee Nurse, told her we were fine.

On a Friday,and this was a big(or should I say little surprise,whee)surprise to us, when he took out of his shirt pocket a shrunken Lisa. She was dismayed at first but soon got over it. Steve and Lisa, we were informed, had planned to do this. She would only be shrunk for the weekend.

We had a feast that evening: Deli ham, roast beef and for afterwards, those 'After Eight' chocolates. (yum-yum)

Skippy, gave her the guided toy train tour. Todd and Sissy took her up Fleece Mountain. At bedtime, Steve got into a new pair of flannel bottoms. Lisa stared up at her guy, as if he was a God. She climbed up his foot and yanked a couple of times on the flannel bottoms that rose above her like a building. Steve took her in his huge hands and brought her up to his face, where he gently pressed her against the side of his cheek. At night, she slept on his pillow, where she leaned up against his head, as a portion of his blond hair covered her.

On Sunay, she was returned to normal. She enjoyed her time with us and we with her. Steve, had told Skippy, he wished she could be part of the community. Lisa, was informed about it by Steve, but she didn't know if she could go through with it.

While Steve loves Lisa, he is also commited to us. The other day, she came, and brought us some more blankets and rugs. Lisa told Steve, she couldn't commit in being a Shrinkee, though she would do anything to help us.

The two kissed and embraced each other. He shared with her, the thought, that he had a great destiny to follow with the Shrinkees. I heard Steve whisper to her, if you can't commit totally, after you leave, don't come back, don't write. It's me and my Shrinkees or nothing.

She was heart broken. Lisa said her goodbyes to us. She told Steve, that she still loved him and worshipped (who wouldn't) the ground he walked on.

Steve, after she left, got on the floor and took us all in his hands and curled right there on the floor, while clutching us to his chest and wept. Most of us, after he loosened his grip, went up and kissed our leader, our giant.

...end trans...for now...

I could tell the way she looked at Steve, and him at her, they were very much in love.

It has been a few days of great change for us Shrinkees. An explosion had occured at a chemical plant. This is the same place where our leader, Steve got the different elements for his shrinking liquid. His father who was visiting there at the time of the explosion was killed. The explosion was so massive, it took half the town up with it. The Brass Band men who were returned to normal, were also killed, so we have heard from the radio and television reports. You see, there was a purpose to what our giant leader had done.

Giant Steve has told us we shall move from here. He has with use of his computer, obtained funds and even property, where he and the Shrinkees can flourish. The comical married act, is expecting a baby. A baby! It will be the first(Alpha)in a new breed of a new society. A society of Shrinkees.

You might want to know who I am. My name is Adam. I had mugged Steve one evening, for money. For my drug habit. When I thought I had knocked him out, he surprised me and shrunk me. I thought I was crazy. But I wasn't. I really wasn't. When it became real for me, I thought he was going to hurt me, but he didn't. Instead, he put me in the warm safety of his pocket. Later, he gave me a choice. Since he had shown me mercy, I became his. All(oh sweet joy) his. As I even told you in an earlier report, I, yes me, became the official spokesperson for the Shrinkees.

Everyone here, even Todd and Sissy want to stay with our great, wonderful leader. He did after the news of the explosion, told us he was going to reverse the shrinking process. But, we will stay and seek our destiny with him. You may condemn his actions or applaud him. History, will have the final say.

Now, for the first time, our leader, my giant will talk to you!!

"I go now with my Shrinkees to an abandon warehouse out west. To start a new human society. We will rediscover the poetry of what it is to be human. We have a child who will soon be with us. Maybe, when society is ready and shows itself responsible, we will share what we,my Shrinkees---have re-found.

I also, have several new Shrinkees right now, in my pocket, they feel the warmth of me, their life. Until tomorrow. LONG LIVE THE SHRINKEES!


By Tim Lacey 12-09-000