Sammy's Bodyguard

By: giant30

Sammy Johnson was your average 9 year old kid. He loved to play and have fun and do things other 9 year olds liked to do; except Sammy was different, for he was only 3 inches tall. His parents, however, were normal sized; they adopted Sammy when he was 3 years old.

It was the first day of school and Sammy's mother was helping him get ready for his first big day. She said, "Now honey, when you get there just be very careful walking through the halls."

Sammy said, "Don't worry, mom; I'll be fine." She kissed her little boy goodbye and he headed out the door.

Luckily for Sammy he lived not too far from school. But which school was he was supposed to go to? He came to a school he thought was his so.....he went inside. When he got in, he instantly had to run for cover for it seemed as though hundreds of giant feet were coming at him from all sides!

Sammy ducked into a small hole he found in the wall until the crowd thinned out. Then, once it was quiet he began his walk through the school. It wasn't too long before he came to the gymnasium. Sammy snuck into the gym's locker room and hid.

About 45 minutes after his arrival Sammy heard many huge footsteps coming into the locker room. He looked out and saw a whole crowd of teenagers coming in. Sammy had accidentally ended up at the high school instead of the elementary school! What would he do now?

Sammy was about to run out of the locker room when a voice said, "Hey guys, look at the bug.....I think I'll step on it." Sammy looked up and saw 3 teen boys looming over him. He tried to run but they backed him into a corner; poor Sammy was trapped. One of the teen boys lifted his foot and was about to step on him.

On the other end of the gym, a 17 year old named Matt was putting his gym clothes in his locker when he heard the commotion. He went over to see what was going on; upon his arrival he saw the 3 other boys lifting their feet and stomping down on the floor.

"What's going on over here, guys?," Matt asked.

One of the boys said, "We found a bug and are trying to squish it."
Matt said, "Yeah....right guys; sure you are." The bell rang and the 3 boys left as well as the other teens. But Matt had to stay because he remembered he had to ask his gym teacher when football practice was.

Matt was about to go look for his teacher when he heard someone crying. He looked around but couldn't see where the sound was coming from at first. But then he realized that the sound was coming from under the rack where they kept the baseball bats.

Matt went over to the rack and kneeled down. He said, "Who's there?," and that's when Sammy made himself known to Matt. Sammy came out from under the rack and spread himself out on the floor still crying and said, "Go ahead; squash me and get it over with."

Matt looked down at the tiny boy and said, "Why would I want to do that?"

"Those other 3 boys tried it; you might as well try too."
"I don't want to do that, little guy."

Sammy got up, looked up at Matt, who really towered over him and said, "You don't?"

"Not at all, buddy," Matt said "I don't pick on people smaller than me like those 3 do." Matt put his hand out for Sammy to climb in and Sammy, who really began to trust Matt, climbed in. Matt asked, "How did you get here?"

Sammy said, "Well, I thought this was the elementary school and I came here by mistake."

"Well, you're kinda stuck here for today but don't worry; if you need someone to watch your back today just let me know."

Sammy said, "Are you sure you're not trying to trick me?"
"Not at all, bud; if you need me all you have to do is let me know."

Matt put Sammy down and said his class would be back in a couple hours because he had that class twice that day. The school had one of those double class period days where students went to one class twice. Matt said, "Be sure you hide until I get back so the gym teacher doesn't see you; I'll be back in a couple hours."

Those couple hours seemed to fly by because before Sammy knew it Matt's class was coming back. The teens all entered the locker room to get dressed for gym; all except Matt that is, because he had to do his homework; which wasn't much because he had football practice after this gym class was over since it was the last class of the day.

Matt had accidentally forgotten to look for Sammy and didn't realize it until gym was over. He raced into the locker room and unfortunately found the same 3 teenagers stomping their feet at the floor again. Matt knew what was up and went over to the teens to stop them.

Poor Sammy was trying very hard to dodge the titanic feet that were trying to smash him. He ran back and forth nearly getting stepped on twice! He thought to himself, "Hurry Matt! Where are you?!" Seconds later he finally saw the 3 teens get pulled back and Matt, who knew Sammy was behind him, stood between him and the 3 boys.

"What do you guys think you're doing?," Matt said in an angry voice.

"We found that bug again and wanted to stomp it," said one of the boys whose name was Walter.

Matt replied angrily, "Well, that "bug" isn't a bug; he's my friend and if you want to get to him you have to get by me get lost!"

Thinking that Matt was joking the boys just stood there and laughed. But when Matt took a step toward them all 3 of them took off like scared dogs; because Matt was a lot bigger than they were. Matt turned around and saw tiny Sammy huddled up in the corner.

Matt walked over to him and knelt down. He could see that Sammy was both scared and exhausted from running; it was all he could do to make it to Matt's waiting hand. He made it over to Matt's hand but then he collapsed with fatigue; Matt very gently helped Sammy into his hand.

Matt asked, "Are you ok little Sammy?" Sammy who was barely able to speak said, "I just need to rest I think." He laid down in Matt's hand and fell asleep. Matt snuck outside and walked to a corner of the school where he knew nobody would see him.

When he got to the spot where he knew nobody could find him he sat on the ground and held Sammy in his huge hand. About 10 minutes later Sammy woke up. Matt asked, "Are you ok now Sammy?" Sammy nodded but then sat in Matt's hand with his hands on his chin.

"What's wrong buddy?" asked Matt.

Sammy said, "Oh nothing; I just didn't think I'd be referred to as a bug by anyone is all; all I ever wanted to do is fit in."

Matt said, "Well Sammy, don't feel bad, bud; I get my share of stares too."

Sammy looked at Matt and said, "A guy like you gets stared at?; I find that hard to believe."

"It's very true." said Matt. "I am almost 7 feet tall to normal sized people and I do get a lot of stares."

Sammy said, "Why would anyone want to do that to you? You didn't do anything to them."

Matt replied, "It's just how some people are, bud; but I don't let it bother me."

"Maybe I should've stood up to those guys, Matt." said Sammy.

Matt said, "I don't know bud; I think you'd be better off if I took care of those guys for you; I don't want you gettin' hurt." Matt looked at his watch and said, "Oh man, I missed football practice; I'd better get you home so I can get home myself."

Matt placed Sammy in his shirt pocket and went over to his pickup truck. It was blue with red racing stripes down the sides; he hopped in and took Sammy home. When they got to his house, Matt took Sammy out of his pocket, got out of his truck, went up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and Sammy's father answered. He said, "May I help you young man?"

Matt said, "Your son came to my school by mistake; I just wanted to drop him off so he wouldn't have to walk." Matt handed Sammy back to his father.

"Why thank you young man." said Sammy's dad and he shook hands with Matt.

Matt said, "I'll come and see you again Sammy; was good to meet you little guy." He high fived Sammy with his finger, gave him a friendly wink and got in his truck and left. But, little did Matt know that he would be seeing Sammy sooner than he thought.

The next day Sammy was anxious to get ready for school again. His mom helped him get ready as usual and said, "Now Sammy, this time go to your school and not the high school." Sammy told his mother he would but had his fingers crossed behind his back because he was really telling a fib.

Sammy left his house and went right back to the high school. He ducked into the same hole as he had before until the crowd thinned out. Once the halls were clear he headed right back to the gym just as before; and 45 minutes later Matt's class came in the locker room where Sammy was waiting.

Sammy watched the others come in....but where was Matt? Sammy raced over to the gym and to his relief there was Matt standing against the wall talking to one of his friends. Luckily the guy Matt was talking to left just before Sammy reached him and Matt stayed where he was.

Matt was wearing sandals that day so Sammy walked up and tapped on Matt's big toe. The first time Matt must not have noticed; but the second time Matt lifted up his foot to scratch it; then Matt's huge foot slammed down on the floor right next to Sammy.

Sammy yelled, "Hey watch where ya step!" Matt finally heard him, looked down and said, "Sammy! Gee buddy I didn't see ya; what are you doing here again?" Matt knelt down and put his hand out and Sammy climbed in. Matt asked again, "What brings you back here, bud?"

Sammy said, "I don't want to go to the elementary school; I don't think I'd be safe there."

"Why not, bud?" And Sammy replied, "Because you wouldn't be there to protect me." Matt was flattered that Sammy thought so highly of him because Matt's friends were few and far between.

Matt's next class had an outside activity so he hid Sammy in his shirt pocket and took him to class with him. Matt had done extra credit work for his teacher and was told that if he did the work he wouldn't have to do the activity. So Matt used his free time to talk to Sammy.

Matt said, "I have a confession to make to you Sammy." Sammy's face saddened and he said, "I knew it; you really don't like me, do you?"

Matt laughed and said, "No, bud; it's not that. I just didn't mention to you that I don't have any friends either."

Sammy asked, "Why not?"

Matt said, "Well bud; as you can obviously see; I'm a pretty big guy and most of the students here are afraid of me."

Sammy said, "Look at how small I am; and I'm not afraid of ya."

Matt said, "Yeah well; that's why those boys ran off the other day. There's a rumor about me that I'm some sort of mean bully that beats everybody up."

"I don't think you're mean; I like hanging out with you," said Sammy with a smile.

Matt smiled back at him and said, "Thanks little buddy; you're a good friend too." Sammy looked up at Matt and said, "Let's make a pact to each other; let's promise one another that no matter what....we'll always be there for each other."

Matt said, "You've got a deal, bud," and he high fived Sammy with his finger. They had spent so much time talking that before they knew it class was over; and soon the day had once again come to an end. Matt took Sammy home and told his parents he had shown up at his school again.

It was then that it became apparent that Sammy wanted to be where he felt safe. So they enrolled him in Matt's school! It was the first time it had ever been done but Sammy's parents wanted him to be happy. And knowing that he was going to be in school with his best friend made him feel better.

That weekend was the high school's first big football game. It was Matt's first game and he was outstanding; running over the quarterbacks like a freight train. However during one play a tight end from the opposing team rammed his helmet-covered head into Matt's chest, knocking him unconcious and snapping his head back!

Sammy begged his father to put him down and at first he wouldn't. But when he saw the concern on Sammy's face he snuck him down onto the sidelines of the field and put him down. Thankfully nobody was running around on the field that put Sammy in danger.

Matt's teammates were standing around him as he lie on the ground motionless. Sammy climed up on Matt's chest and shouted, "Speak to me, Matt; speak to me!" Matt however didn't say a word so Sammy climbed down off his chest, ran up to one of his teammates who knelt down to him and he shouted, "Get the coach to call 911 quick!; Matt's not breathing!"

Matt's teammate got the coach to call 911 and in only 2 minutes the ambulance had arrived. By this time Sammy was with his dad and he sat in his dad's hand and cried. Sammy looked up at his dad and said, "Do you think he'll be ok?" His father replied, "I don't know son; I really don't know."

A couple weeks had passed since the accident on the football field. During a day off from school Sammy was up in his room when he heard a knock at the door. Not expecting good news, he went to the door and hit the special button he used to open it. And there, as if nothing had happened to him was Matt!!

Sammy was really glad to see his friend. He ran up to Matt who had his hand down and Sammy climbed in. Sammy said excitedly, "Matt!!; you're ok!!"

Matt said, "Yep; I'm good as new."

Sammy said, "What happend?" Matt told him he had been headbutted in the chest and knocked to the ground by an opposing team member and knocked silly.

"But why were you absent from school for 2 weeks?," asked Sammy.

Matt replied, "The doctors thought I had a slight concusion; then when I went to the hospital and got my head scanned they saw I didn't, so they said to just take it easy for a couple weeks then I could go back to school."

"I'm just glad you're ok," said Sammy in relief. Matt said, "Me too bud; and I hear you're the one who saved me." Sammy was surprised and said, "But how did you know?" And that's when Matt introduced him to his teammate Rob who Sammy had told to get his coach to call 911.

Matt said to Sammy, "Thank you for saving my life, buddy; you are a true friend, no matter how small you are."

Rob said, "You did a great job Sammy; way to go buddy," and Rob high fived Sammy with his finger. Sammy said, "I just did what any friend would do for another friend." and he smiled up at Matt.

Sammy asked, "Will you be playing football again?" Matt shook his head and said, "Nope, I quit the team after that."

Sammy said, "But why?; football is your favorite sport." Matt said that the doctor told him that after the shot to the head he took when he fell that another one could be fatal.

Word quickly spread through the high school about how Sammy had saved Matt. Before he knew it Sammy had more friends than he knew what to do with! He even was introduced to the entire high school football team and all the players treated him like he was one of the guys.

As for the 3 boys who tried to hurt Sammy; they were expelled by the principal for trying to harm him. After that, the entire school made sure that Sammy was well looked after. Especially Matt, because he remembered the way Sammy helped him out Matt promised from that day on he would be there if his little buddy needed him.