Proto on Earth

This is a sequel to Kal-Telon-Suu

Part One: Assenion

By Timothy Lacey

Member Proto was still glowing inside, even though it had been a week since he took Kal-Telon-Suu, the passage into adulthood. As Proto climbed the white marble stairs of the temple, he thought of Sammy, the tiny Earthman, who had given his physical form up so he could live. Proto had kept himself updated on Sammy's world via long range sensors at the science center. Things did not look good. Many wars had broken out since Sammy's passing.

As he continued to climb the ancient steps, Proto wished he could talk with Pchel, who had became friends and brothers with Sammy. However, Pchel had been sent to a new temple that had been built, which was a great distance away.

Proto spotted a tiny object hopping past his sandled feet. It was a young bental. Proto picked it up between two fingers. "Well, well my tiny friend going to look for nice green leaves to eat." The insect like creature wiggled its six antennae and started flapping its two red wings. "Hmm," said Proto to the creature. "If I will it, could you fly and give a message to a friend." The creature blinked its many eyes. Proto placed the creature against his forehead and concentrated. "There, it's done. Fly in peace to my friend Pchel." Proto released the insect and watched it fly off into the sky. "Now I better tell Master Tokichu," said Proto to himself.

"I already know, my eager member," spoke Master Tokichu, who appeared behind Proto. "Very good Proto. For one who is still young in the ways of nature; you show the skills of an elder. It was close to ten cycles after I made Kal-Telon-Suu before I could send a creature as an extension of myself."

Proto got on his knees before Master Tokichu and replied, "I am humbled by your words master. If only if I had your wisdom of heart."

"Rise Proto. I sense worry about Sammy's home world in you."

"Yes. They seem to be heading for total destruction."

"Proto," said Master Tokichu who stepped closer. "You can't force anyone to do something, if their will is not in tune with it."

"I understand, master. I just think of all those young seeds. They should have a chance to choose. Why have they gone in that direction, master?"

Master Tokichu responded, "As I told Pchel once, when the concern of man is only in preperation for defense against himself, he is not prepared for the unseemly, which comes swiftly and without reason."

Proto tightened his face.

Master Tokichu was silent for a moment. "Tonight, let your heart go free. See if your heart shows; if you either want to save life or merely want to be the saving and mighty giant angel."

Proto's heart fell. "Did Master Tokichu think it was out of vanity that I want to help these creatures," he thought to himself.

Proto thanked Master Tokichu and went off to do his chores. Master Tokichu smiled, as he watched young Proto walk off. He closed his eyes and thought of Earth. A vast wasteland of death spread through the elderly Master's being. His heart grew cold to think of his member in such a place. His heart grew steady and warm again, when he knew the power of love.

Stretched out on his bed mat, Proto opened his heart before falling asleep for the night. Dead vegetation curled around his feet. Except for a few trees and patches of grass, the land was dead. A rustling sound commenced near his feet. A boy and a girl appeared. They were thin as skeletons. And they were covered in filth. Proto wanted to reach down and pick them up. He wanted to wipe clean their faces. The two tiny children huddled together in fear as the giant hand engulfed them. Proto could feel the two tiny and fragile youths shaking in his fist. Several times the snake like creature tore into Proto's face pulling off flesh and muscle. Proto, dispite the pain, held on tight, squeezing the snake. Tighter and tighter amidst the vicious attacks of the snake, Proto held on. With one great convulsion, the snake coughed up the children. And the snake was dead.

Proto threw the snake aside. He started to wipe the slime off the two kids face. They hung on tight to his fingers.

Sunlight woke Proto up. And flying through his bedroom window, was the bental. Proto lifted up his hand before the tiny creature. The bental landed in the center of Proto's hand. Coming out of the insect's body was the voice of Pchel. "My friend how good it is to hear from you. And, in such a unique way. Congratlations on your abilities. To your question. First, let your heart guide you. And trust in Master Tokichu and the Kal-Telon Masters advice. You have in you, part of Earthman. It can't just be chance the way things and events have gone. In a way, humanity did save your life. Maybe, the Supreme Being in his devine plan, wants you to travel to Earth and return the favor by giving the young seeds a chance to grow. As Master Tokichu has taught us, living life is meant to give life to others, or our exsistence is meaningless. If you did go, it would not be an easy job. There is great evil on Earth. However, my feeling is, and as our friend Sammy would have said, "Go for it!"

Pchel's message stopped and the bental fell to sleep. Proto placed his tiny tired messenger in the breast pocket of his night shirt. Proto had a lot to think about.

End of part one.

Part Two: A New Dawn

Proto was both excited and full of anxiety over his decision. His footsteps seemed to ring out in an echo, as he walked the long corridor to the Kal-Telon Masters. When he arrived, Master Denluu, the Master Prime Sar, chief of all the Kal-Telon Masters, was present. Proto kneeled before him. "Up, young Proto. Tell us, what have you decided?" asked Master Prime Sar.

"I feel, and I think, I should go to Earth as a sentinel."

"It has been years since one of our kind has taken the task as Kal- Sentinel. As a sentinel, your life will not be your own. It is a massive weight to carry. Do you think you can stand up to the challenge?"

Proto looked into Master Prime Sar's eyes that radiated burning wisdom and replied, "No, not alone. Trusting in the will of the Supreme Being. And the belief all his creations are sacred---yes I can."

Master Tokichu's heart was full as he looked upon Proto who stood before them all. He could however, not think, "How heavy your will is to carry. It is your will that must be done." Master Tokichu knew the hardships that would be facing his still-young member.

Many lands away, Member Pchel working in the temple he was assigned to, waited with deep concern on the outcome of the meeting between Proto and the Kal-Telon Masters. As he worked, he prayed for the right decision. Getting several more tools, a light breeze came over him. In his heart Pchel heard the voice of Sammy. The voice spoke, "Earth is weeping for her children."

Speaking in his being, Pchel said, "Look after our young friend's mission."

Proto was given leave to go to Earth. He was told by the Kal-Telon Masters that Earth had all been obliterated by war and the destruction of its living nature. Still, there was a chance for Earth to reclaim life.

Proto was given the station of Venurkch Sentinel: Defender of Life. Proto spent several half cycles with his parents. Even though they were proud of their son, there was that pull at their hearts, that all parents feel when their child departs on its own. Proto's mother, trying to keep her tears back, said, as she straightened the collar to her son's tunic, "You watch over those Earth children. And give them what they need, not necessarily what they want."

"I will, Mother."

Proto's father found it hard to talk, his hug however, said everything.


All Kal-Telon Masters were present for Proto's departure. Before Proto boarded the round, white starship, Master Prime Sar said to Proto, "Remember what you said to us? That alone you can't help the people. With the Supreme Being, you can."

"I remember," replied Proto.

"Good, my son. For, if in your heart you forget, your mission will fail. And so will the lives of those you had come to protect."

"I won't."

Master Tokichu was giving the honor to bless Proto on his journey. "My boy, no, not boy---man... The prayers of your people go with you and with your adoptive people."

After the prayer ceremony, Proto entered the ship. Sitting down on the travel seat, the ship became a protective womb around Proto.

The ship glowed and gave a quiet hum. It lifted off into the sky. Leaving the atmospere of his world, Proto's ship glowed more intently,like the countless stars of the cosmos.


"Come on, hurry it up, will ya," said the young teen boy, with a short crop of black hair, to the four other children, who were with him.

A girl with dirty curly blond hair, asked the teen, who was peeking around the corner, "You sure the Corporate guard is going to leave?"

"Yep. For three weeks in a row, he leaves his post to check the alarms about this time every night. This gives us several minutes to pass the gate."

Another boy, with a shaven head, told the girl, "If my brother says he will leave, he will." The boy's face tightened, as he asked his brother, "Right? He will leave. Right,Ben?"

"Yeah George, he will."

In the distance, the children saw flashes of intense light. It was so bright, Ben was afraid it might reveal their hiding place. The flashes stopped.

With keen eyes, Ben watched the guard. After an hour and when the guard left his post, just like clockwork, Ben told the others to get ready. Ben saw the light in the alarm shed go on, "Ok, go. Now be quiet." One child that was with him, was young and sickly. Ben lifted her up. "Hang on to my neck, Lee." The little girl wrapped her bony thin arms around his neck and buried her face in Ben's chest. They ran out into the open and past the shed. The gate was before them.

The gate was old and rusted. Getting through wasn't a problem. The sound it made as it was opened was, however. Another boy named Pete, told Ben, "I can quiet it down." Pete kept making suction sounds with his nose. Gathering a good amount of mucus, spat it out and rubbed it over the rusting joints to the gate. It worked.

Success was only short lived. While in the process of closing the gate, it fell off its hinges. Hinges long past their years of service. It hit the ground with a loud metallic thud. The guard ran out of the alarm shed and blew his whistle. "Run!" yelled Ben.

Other guards came out of the square, from brick buildings. Flood lights were turned on. One guard fired a few shots, in the childrens' direction. The children ran behind a pile of metal scrapes. "You ok?" asked Ben to the frightened children. They just shook with fear. "Where's George?" Ben went around the metal scrape heap, looking for his brother. Halfway between the gate and the metal heap, was his brother. On the ground, trying to crawl away from the approaching guards. Ben told the others to stay put. He was trying to figure how to get his brother back without getting caught.

The guards were getting closer. Feeling helpless and concerned over his brother, Ben ran out. "Stop!" yelled one guard. Ben froze in his tracks. The guards walked slowly toward him, with drawn guns. Meanwhile, his brother lay in the dirt, blood flowing from his left leg.

Scared, the other children came out from behind the scrap iron and into full view. Ben felt lost. Everything was ruined. A squad car pulled up near the children.

"What is that?" said a guard, pointing off into the darkness. The guard kept pointing to a large dark form that was seen against the clear night sky. As this black form grew bigger, the ground started to shake. Rest of the fence fell from the ever increasing vibrations.

Ben didn't care, he just wanted to get to his brother. Several guards circled his wounded brother. A gush of wind came, followed by a black object that kicked the squad car away. The corporate guards started shooting. The children screamed. Another large dark object came whooshing in, knocking the guards away into oblivion.

Ben found himself encased in something warm, huge and powerful. After he was released, he tumbled into another warm surface. On this pinkish surface, was his brother and the other children. He asked them, what was happening. They didn't answer. Instead, were looking up. Ben, gazed upward. He saw it but wondered if it were real. The glow from the floodlights below said it was. Cast in a white light, Ben saw the features of a man. A giant man. Ben looked about him. Rising above him and the others, were fingers. Tall as young trees. Ben looked back up at the gigantic face that was several stories above him. Ben let out a stunted scream, when the face looked down at him and smiled.

Part Three: First Battle,First Rage

Ben continued to stare up at the giant face. "Was this really happening? Being carried in the hand of a giant?" he thought to himself. His mind them went back to his little brother, George. One of the little girls had tied a piece of cloth around the area. To stop the bleeding. George looked white and shaken. Yet, he did complain. Putting his arms around his brother, Ben told him, "You're a tough little guy. Right Smash."

"My name is George," he replied, weakly.

"Yeah, I guess. But you sure get yourself smashed up a lot."

George's mind was distracted, as was everyones else, when a deep rumble of a voice said, "I hope you're not afraid, my tiny Earthlings. I'm here to help you."

A girl with with red-hair was about to ask Proto a question, when she and the others were thrown about in the hand. Ben held on tight to George, as he managed to grab hold of a finger. "What's going on, Ben?" asked George.

"I don't know. Feels like he is going to tip over."

The violent movements stopped. "Sorry. I hope I didn't scare you. I am kind of unsteady on my feet.," said Proto, trying to apologize to the children for scaring them. The children remained quiet and huddled together.

Proto, from the light of the waning moon, looked down upon the tiny children in his hands. A cold chill ran through his being, when the reality of his mission ran deep. He calmed himself down. Proto knew if he let blind anxiety creep in, he would be of no use to them. He found after he had calmed himself that the children had fallen asleep in his hand.

The children woke up to the light of morning. They were wrapped up in warm clean cloth. Moving out from under the material, the children looked about them. They found themselves in a yellow- colored tent. The children wondered where the giant had gone. However, the smell of food quickly changed their questioning minds. On a wooden table, off in the corner of the tent, were these tiny square things. Several were brownish in color. Others were pink. "It smells good whatever it is," said Ben, feeling his mouh filling up with water. Ben reached for one. He smelled it and looked at the questioning eyes of his friends. Taking a breath he put one in his mouth. Ben suddenly put his hands to his neck. And started making choking sounds. The other children went up to him. Removing his hands from his throat, he told, "Hey, this stuff is pretty good." The girl with red hair, stepped on Ben's foot, telling him that wasn't very nice.

It then occured to Ben, he hadn't seen his brother. He stepped out of the tent. Ben just froze there. Several of his friends peeked out their heads. "What is it?" asked the girl with the dirty blond hair. Ben just pointed upwards.

In front of, next to, and above a crumbling ten story building, was the giant. Ben slowly made his way down the cracked and pothole marked street that was before him. Walking halfway to the base of the giant's black sandled feet, he bent back his head and gazed upon the giant. In the light, Ben could now see this fantastic being. The giant was in black loose-fitting trousers. These trousers disappeared beneath a dark red shirt that hung under a black belt. The giant had his back to him, so Ben could not see his face. Just the giant's brown hair that fell upon the wide and powerful shoulders. Two rather large ears, stuck out through the hair. Around the massive head, was a red band of cloth.

Proto felt many eyes on him. He turned and, stooping down very slowly before Ben, he lowered his right hand. Ben stepped back. In this hand was George, who was standing. Running off the hand, George told his brother in an excited voice, "Proto---that's the giants name, fixed me up!"

Ben looked up at the Proto's face. The giant's large eyes seem to instill in Ben, a calm and peace. Coming from behind Ben were the other children. Sitting down on the street, Proto spoke to them. He told him about his mission to help bring life back to their dying world.

The children told Proto how they have been working for people who call themselves the corporation. Proto asked George how he and the others found themselves there. George told him, "Several years ago, a group of the corporations men, calling themselves the Corporate Guards, came and took us from our parents..."

The girl with red hair broke in and said, "We never did see our parents again." Proto learned from these children that the corporation had used them as slave labor.

As they continued to talk, a large group of people, approached. There was about two hundred of them. "Welcome," said Proto. The large crowd of people were silent. Proto could see they were a sickly and beaten race of individuals. He also sensed they didn't trust him. Proto remembered what Master Tokichu had told him, "When you are beaten and feel crushed, you will turn to anyone, good or evil. It is the force in every being to live, that will lead a person to turn to anyone, who might offer them stability." Proto looked down at the crowd.He could feel and understand the thoughts of many of the people. The thought came that he could help them.

Later that day, Proto wanted to organize sleeping quarters for them. As he walked about this ghost town, he started to stumble. The people fled back from him. Losing his balence completely, he fell on to the top of a three story office building. His weight smashed the building totally. "What is wrong with him?" asked an old woman, to those around her.

Another person said, "He's going to destroy this town and maybe us with it." Proto got off the remains of the building. Trying to walk again, he found himself tipping yet toward another structure. Ben and the children watched in confusion. It looked like Proto was drunk. He kept smashing into one building after another.

Proto stopped. Looking down at the confused and scared people, he told them, "Your gravity is less than it is on my world. It is taking some time for my body to cope with the change." He sat himself down. "I am sorry for scaring you all."

Ben, George and the other children ran up to his feet and told him, "We trust you."

Proto said to the other people, who were now returning, "The trust of a child, is one of the greatest gifts and joys in creation." Sensing the pain the children had gone through in their short lives, he said, "Woe to any he would betray that trust."

For next several weeks, Proto listened to the people. He also organized many, who were able, to seed a portion of the land he had tilled for the them.

During this period, Proto didn't see any of the Corporate Guards, though, he knew they lerked off out of sight and hid themselves like a cancer in a body ready to strike.

Proto took charge of instruction for the children. He taught the older ones, the way of the Supreme Being. He taught them slowly how to tap into their spirit. And use it promote life and protect it.

Battle Cry

Slowly the town was coming to life. Others that had heard about this strange giant visiter from the stars, came. Anyone who wanted to take part in their new life was welcomed.

Proto was in middle of instruction with a group of teenagers when sveral people came running and screaming in the valley were he was teaching his pupils. "What is it?" he asked.

A man whose face was covered in blood replied, "A group of Corporate Guards have invaded our field and have started shooting. There are children out there!"

"Everyone stay here," Proto told them. Several teens shouted to Proto, that they wanted help. "No! You're not ready." Proto got up. Everyone was dazzled, as Proto floated himself up into the sky.

In the field it was mayhem. Corprate Guards fired at anything that moved. The people were being herded into a circle. The guards aimed their guns at them, when a shadow appeared over and engulfed them. Looking up, a group of guards, saw the bottom of a pair of huge feet coming right down for them. They ran out of the way. The guards started shooting at Proto. All Proto could think, as he looked at the Corporate Guards, was, "You foolish tiny toys of destruction." He took in a deep breath and released it on the guards. Many were blown out of sight. The others started to run away.

When the sight of ten dead bodies entered his sight, Proto was outraged at the savagery. Once he knew the others were ok, Proto floated back up into the sky.

The guards, when they returned to their headquaters told their Corporate Leaders, about their encounter with the giant. A smashing thud rocked the building they were in. Running out of the doors, they saw the living mountain, as it pulverized their buildings. Proto, heard the voices of children. He stopped at one gray squat struture. Tearing the roof off, he saw thirty kids. They had been working on something. Proto couldn't tell what. He could, however, tell by the way the children looked, they were part of this corporate slave labor the others had mentioned.

They looked up at Proto in fright. He told them, not to be afraid. Proto ripped out the side of the wall. "Get out and head north," he told them. Spotting a guard, who was trying to flee, Proto grabbed him and demanded to know, if there was any other people being forced to work. The guard could not believe such a person excisted. And the guard found something attractive about this giant. It made him want to tell the truth. "Are there anymore people being held against their will?" asked Proto. The guard told him the truth, that no one else but the children had been working in this facility. Proto released the man and told him to go. The guard ran from the buildings. He turned to look back at the complex. It disappeared beneath the might of the young giant.

Part Four: Time For Reflection

"Look everybody! Its Proto!" shouted one boy. Everyone looked up. Silhouetted against the sun, was the large dark form of Proto. It was an awe inspiring sight, as the mighty giant floated gently to the ground. Proto's face was covered in sweat. And in his hands, Proto held the children he had rescued from the Corporate Guards. The outside of his hands had bruises from where he had pounded the compound.

All three hundred people gathered around the young giant. Proto fell on to his knees and asked the people to forgive him. The people murmured. Proto told them, "I should have placed people as look outs or have designed plan, inorder our community would not have been taken by surprise." Most of the people did not blame Proto for what had happened to the others. There was a small group that chided him about it. And telling the youthful giant, he had promised to look out for them.

Ben asked Proto to place him on his knee. After he was above the people on the giant knee, Ben told them, "He can't do this alone. He needs our help. If we want to start over again. We have to be part of this. And if we don't, we will end up just like we were before." Proto was impressed by Ben's wisdom. It seems youth has a way of cutting through the bull.

Several adults agreed. And commented, maybe if people had not been silent in the first place, the world would not have turned out the way it did.

Proto responded, "What is past, is past. We are here; in the present. I am learning along the way and so are you. As long as we work as one, we can win this battle." Still, Proto inside his heart felt sad about the deaths of the ten community people.

By early evening, ten graves had been dug. Proto in prayer, asked the fallen ones to look after their brothers and sisters, who still struggled in life. When the graves were filled, Proto went off to think. Many of the children followed him. They sensed his sadness. Resting on his hands and arms, the children shared his pain.

The Corporate Guard looked at the remains of the compound. There wasn't much left. This guard remembered the giants eyes. They still haunted him. There was something good about them. There was a deepness that he felt. And---he could not forget the fact, he was spared. "North. That's what I heard the giant tell the children, " said the guard to himself. He looked off in that direction. Removing his badge from his blue shirt, and dropping it to the barren ground, he commenced to walk in that direction.

The once ghost town was a live with small bond fires that cooked the peoples simple meals. One gir, in her late teens, who was one of the people rescued from the corporate compound, looked up in the fire light at Proto. She wondered to herself, "Who are? Where do you come from? And what is this burning feeling in my heart, as I look at you?"

She went up to the base of Proto's sandle. When Proto felt her presence, picked her up. "I never thanked you for saving me and the others."

"You don't have to," said Proto.

"It is said, you believe we can grow crops in this soil?"

"Yes, your ground is ready once more to produce life."

The girl felt lost for words, as she gazed up and into the giant's eyes, that even at night seemed to have a special glow about them. "How about other places. Will they give us food?"

"They will. Thought the place you once called The Middle East, is nothing but a radioactive waste land. A massive crater. A crater made from mindless hate. In fact that was the first thing I saw as I approached your planet. A wide and ugly scare on your world. It was as if that part of your world was eaten by the illness you call cancer."

So no one is left there."

"Whatever the conflict, it wiped out all life in that region. There is only maybe a few thousand of you left on this entire planet."

The girl started to weep. "Only a few thousand?" The girl moved in tighter against Protos's fingers.

The ex-guard saw the orange light from the camp fires that glowed off on the horizon. Tired, hungry and cold, he pushed on. The thought that there was true goodness kept the guard going. That goodness was Proto.

Part Five: Training

The girl had fallen asleep in Proto's hands. He felt a stir in his heart, as he gazed down upon her. He sighed. Proto, wrapped her in a fold of his tunic. Stretched out on his side and with open eyes, Proto thought. Later, a small group of children clusted up in groups, sleeping on other parts of his tunic.

The Corporate Guard was nearer to the once derelict town. Tired, he decided to hold up by the remains of an over turned tree. Putting his hands in his pockets to keep them warm, he wondered what he was expecting when he arrived at the town. And, why he felt so compelled to go.

In the morning and after everyone had eaten, Proto gathered the teens he felt that were ready to go the next plateau in training. He had been taking them quickly through many areas of Kar-Telon teachings. He wanted them to be trained well, and he needed individuals to help the others. Today, he would find where they were both in skill and in their inner life.

He gathered twelve of the most promising trainees. Proto sat on the ground cross-legged. The twelve tiny trainees sat on the ground. They formed a circle before Proto. Before he started, they prayed and calmed their minds and hearts. With a soft and firm voice Proto said, "I am pleased with the progress you all had made..." Proto stopped.

A teen with long black hair ran up to the group. "Sorry I'm late Master Proto. I didn't know we had practice today."

The other trainees looked at each other. Then they lowered their heads. Proto placed his hand down before the teen, who walked on to it. Bringing his hand up, Proto told him, "You didn't know about practice, because I did not tell you. You not ready for this next level."

"I don't understand. I see George and he's only eleven. I'm sixteen. How can he be allowed and not me?"

"Its just he his ready Andy. Age doesn't automatically grant someone skills. You have done well. And I am proud of you. Right now, you aren't ready for the next step." Proto could feel his anguish. One of the reasons it is taking Andy longer because of pent up rage, which Proto senses and sees. The tiny figure in Proto's hand hung his head low. "When it is your time, you will be moved to the next level. This doesn't make you less and these others better than you. Simply, it is not your time. To let you train at the next level, when you are not ready, is of no service to you or the others you will help later."

Proto picked up a deep dank darkness in Andy. He thought about it and said, "Ok, join us." A big smile crossed Andy's face.

Andy pushed himself between two trainees. "Hey, easy," said a girl trainee.

When Andy was seated, Proto resumed. He stared directly at the middle of the circle his trainees made. Proto asked, "What gives us strength?"

"Hearts that beat as one," replied the twelve.

"Go on my young members."

"And with love that conquers all. We can win."

"Very good," said Proto. "Now say as one."

In unison, "With hearts that beat as one and with love that conquers all we can win. With hearts that swell, watch us soar." As the trainees sung this song, they weren't aware, that they had risen far up into the sky.

"And, would you add power of spirit, true and pure, can lift you up. Power beyond such simple concepts as matter?"

"Yes!" replied the twelve.

"In a second I will ask you to look around. When I do ask you, remember what you have just said about hearts that soar. And remain calm." Proto gave them several minutes. He then said, "Ok, look around."

The the twelve trainees were shocked and amazed. They laughed at the sight of themselves high in the air. Rotating slowly around among the clouds. Andy became really excited. As he did, he started to sink down from the others. A rush of fear overtook him. He found himself falling. "Want me to get him?" asked George.

"No, it better be me. Stay as you are," said Proto, to the others. Proto dived through the air. He could pick up Andy's echoing screams.

The Corporate Guard, was just ouside of town, when a shadow engulfed him. Looking up, he saw the huge bulk of Proto. And he could make out a smaller object that became lost in the giant's reach. "What the xxxx?" he muttered under his breath.

With Andy in hand, Proto hovered in the air. "I'm sorry Andy. It was the only way to make you understand. When you are ready, floating in the air will be simple and non-threatening."

"I feel stupid. The others will think I'm stupid," said Andy among sobs of tears.

"No they won't. And what they think isn't what matters."

"I was so scared." Andy sat down in Proto's hand with knees drawn up and his arms around them, rocking back and forth. Proto placed Andy in the inner pocket of his tunic. He created a void, where Andy, in peace, can understand what caused him to fall.

Proto joined the others back up in the sky. "He will be ok," said Proto to everyone.

"I feel a chill. But its not from the air," said George. The others said they had picked it up too.

"Let us investigate," replied Proto. He brought the twelve down in an opened field.

"It is really cold here and dark, " said, an auburn hair girl.

"Yeah, I feel it too Amy," responded another trainee.

Proto stood behind his trainees. His heart became heavy. Extending a hand, Proto shot out lightening bolts and removed the top soil. Uncovered and before the shocked trainees, was a mass grave. Many skeltons observed the teens, had smaller ones in their bony hands. Many skulls had large gaping holes. "How much death must their be! And why?" blurted out a trainee.

"Mankind was too busy hitting his neighbor over the head with every new toy it could concieve. Presidents,leaders, profiteered from the world wide crisises, to make themselves rich and ignoring the disintergration of their culture. And see what it wrought! Now my beloved trainees, is time for these people to move on, to final peace."

Many of the trainees were crying from the horror and pain they felt. Little George went and called out, "Your horror is over. Get out of here." Several small circles of light appeared over several remains. One of these circles of light, landed on his shoulder. The others vanished in the air. The other trainees started speaking to the remains. Hundreds of balls of light shot upward. George went up to the base of Proto's sandles and shouted up, "There's five of these souls that keep following and trying to hang on to me."

"Your innocent light is all they can see right now. Let them stay with you and then they will be ready to move on. These souls must have been taken by surprise when they were murdered. They need to come to terms with it. They also may be refusing to accept what happened. And when they do accept,they will see the Supreme Being's light.

"Ok," said George, who put out a hand and watch two of these souls land on his palm.

When the souls had left, Proto recovered the grave. Proto and the others returned home. Proto felt proud of them....

Part Six: Who Looks Out For The Lambs?

A Corporate Guard reached for the little girl. "Nooo!" screamed the child.

A man, wearing a beat up green army jacket, told the little girl, "I'm sorry Lisa. You have to go."

"You said I could stay with you!" yelled Lisa, who was kicking and squirming in the Corprate Guard's grasp.

The guard held on even tighter and told the man in the green army jacket, "Thanks, she's a live one.'

"I told you she was."

"Your rations are just outside your door." The guard hoisted the kicking and screaming girl on to his shoulders. The man opened the door and watched the guard take Lisa to the back of a beat up van.

He stood there. As the van drove off he saw Lisa's face staring out at him with rage through the back window. "There's nothing I could do," said the man to himself. On the stoop, the man looked through the brown cardboard box that the Corporate Guard had left for him. Turning around, he raised his fist and yelled to an empty street, "You bastards! This is only half the amount of food you promised."

Lisa curled up next to a few empty boxes and cans. The back of the van was cold. Shortly, the van stopped. Lisa did not know what was going to come next. She wrapped her arms around herself in fear. The rear doors opened up. "Ok, get out. And make it snappy," growled the Corporate Guard.

Lisa found herself in a large parking lot. It had many vehicles of all shapes. Many looked junked. And others didn't. At the far end of the parking lot were several large brick buildings. The windows were all boarded up. A yellow school bus pulled up. A woman in a black suit came out. She pinned on Lisa'a sweat shirt, a yellow star. It had the word printed in black: CHILD. The woman hustled the girl into the bus. Lisa found other children around her age on this bus. Like her, they were frightened. The childrens faces were dirty and gaunt. The driver of the bus, observed Lisa, was a thin elderly man, who looked not far from death. The old man's yellow and blotched skin turned her stomach.

The bus pulled up to a large black metal door. The door lifted up and the bus entered through. The closing of the metal door made a loud thunderous thud as it closed, startling the children.

Through the windows of the bus, Lisa saw many kids pulling carts, holding blow-torches and doing all sorts of work. Many of the children she could see, had scars and wore dirty bandages.

The bus stopped. The woman in the black suite herded the children out of the bus. "Welcome to the Republican Corporate Party. Your new home."

The children looked at each other. And they thought the same thought,"She's got to be kidding."

A boy with dirty blond hair whispered to Lisa, "My name is Glenn."

"I'm Lisa. They dragged you here too?"

"Yeah, they took me away from my family. They took you away from your family?" asked Glenn.

"I have no family. They got killed sometime ago. I was living with a man who found me on the streets. I thought I was going to stay with him."

Glenn replied, with quivering lips, "I hear people will sell children to the Corporation for food. An once they have you, you will never be seen again."

Lisa didn't reply. Instead, looked around at this living nightmare. "God save me from this place,"

Meanwhile, at the new community, Proto had been informed of a Corporate Guard, who had entered their town. Proto, sitting crossed legged on the ground, held the Corporate Guard, in his massive hands. "Why are you here?" asked Proto.

The guard in a shaky voice, said, "I'm really not sure. I felt something from you. I had to know what it was."

"What about the people you work for. Don't you miss them?"

The guard responded, "I spent most of my life with them. They're all I know. But, I have always felt alone. Until you showed up."

"What do you want?"

"To be here with you. To be different. To belong to someone creater than me. Is there such a person. Are you it?"

Proto scratched the bottom of his chin. He felt the guard was sincere. He was also confused like a child. Proto said, "I'm not the Supreme Being. I can if you want, help you find him. Though the Supreme Creator is always with you." The little man was puzzled. Proto sat him on the ground, "You are tired, scared and hungry. We will give you food." Several community members took the man away. The Corporate Guard kept turning back looking up at Proto. "It's ok. They won't hurt you." Proto watched the man disappear into a wooden building.

A small crowd gathered around Protos feet. "You see a man who has lost touch with his humanity. Even in his confused state, part of him is still alive. That part, which yearns for his creator." Proto stops speaking. He senses a cry. A cry from one who is young. With this cry, there are many others.

Proto's twelve advanced trainees call up to him, "What is it, master?"

"I hear voices and it saddens me."

George tells his giant master, "I hear it too."

The cries of youth will be heard. Lisa's prayer will soon be answered. Proto and his new trainees,will enter into their first real battle.

Part Seven: The Distance

The one hundred trainees performed their excercises under Proto's watchful eye. He later, left them on his own, while he checked in on the advanced twelve. They were learning how to move objects with sounds. Proto, feeling assured that his advanced trainees can handle the power, taught them how to break objects by clapping their hands. And to revitalize an object by these series of sounds produced from their hands.

One student Carol, who has grown in love with Proto, asked, "How does the hand create the power?"

"The hand itself doesn't," replied Proto. "It is the power of your immortal soul that does. The hand is simply a conduit of the energy. This energy was given to all living beings from the Supreme Being, to help the person use the basic energies of nature for its use."

"This is an awesome power to have," said Carol.

Proto smiled, "Well, it is. But the Supreme Being is wize. When this energy is used in a negitive way, it fails its function and turns in on itself. Negitive energy. Or evil desires you see, are not as powerful as good."

"If that is so?" asked Ben. "Why is our world screwed up?"

"People choose to deal with their natural world un-realistically. And let their base desires drive them. This world you have now, is the rotten fruit of that thinking and way of life."

After several hours of practice, Proto had his advance students rest and calm their minds. He then, checked on his other students. Five Proto found, were nearing the level of being considered for advance training.

When it was nearing time for dinner, Proto found a group of the citizens of this new town, fighting and arguing amongst themselfs. "What is going on," thundered Protos voice, through out the town.

A short man with a very red face told him, "Some of our members think they have authority over the others who had recently joined us. And say they are in your favor."

"Who started this?" asked Proto. His eyes passed over everyone.

A thin gray looking woman, feeling his penetrating glance, stepped foreward. "I didn't say you love the orignal founders more than the new arrivals."

"Good!" said Proto. "I don't care about the length of time a person has been here. It does not matter to me. And it should not to you. Those are destructive and worthless thoughts." Proto looked down sternly at the woman. "We are trying to build something here. We won't, if energies are wasted on such vain speculation. We work together as one. Or we don't." Proto reached for the woman. A large shadow was cast over everyone, as Proto's hand traveled over them and down on the woman. He picked her up. "I want you to consider the implications of your actions. I am placing you in a mind zone that I have set up in the pocket of my tunic." The woman was deposited in an inner pouch to Proto's tunic.

During dinner Carol came, climbed up the side of Proto's tunic and sat in his lap. She felt, in part, silly over her attraction to Proto because of his immense size. However, when with him, it didn't seem to matter. Proto too, felt a special affection for Carol. While she ate her dinner in his hand, Proto, using his index finger, created swirling colored lights that would circle Carol. Proto also loved about Carol, was, in no-way, did she use her attraction for him, or his for her, for any personal gain.

On this evening, she asked Proto, if she could stay with him in sleep. She told him, "Proto, if it's ok with you. I want to be with you in sleep." She blushed. "I mean, sleep in your head of hair." she stopped. "I 'm sorry that was a stupid thing to ask."

"I would love for you to get lost in my hair. My tiny fair one." At bedtime, she wrapped herself in his long silky hair. Feeling Carol making herslf comfortable in his hair, he smiled. And rested his head down contented.

The next day, Proto had a long talk with the Corporate Guard, who said his name was Gus. He told Proto that the Corporation, as they call themselves, were running out of food for themselves and the small towns that surrounded them. Proto asked if they had weapons. Gus told them they have.

Gus went on to tell Proto, they have for many years, been using children for slave labor. The adult population was fading. The children was the only viable work force they had. He also told Proto. "When a child becomes too sick to work, he is cast out of the corporation to die alone."

Just as they were finishing, young George came to the field that was south of the town and was where people met with Proto. "George, shouldn't you be in study?"

"Yes master. But I felt a presence and pain. It was very strong. I went to investigate---and well---." George lifted up his hand to Proto.

Even though Proto could not make out the small object in George's hand, he knew it was a person. "George, you shrank him?"

"Yes master. I don't know how. I found him. And he was too weak to walk. I tried to carry him. I couldn't. I thought if he could fit in my pocket, he could rest and I could bring him to safety."

Proto was impressed by George's power. "Can you return him to normal?"

"I think so master." George passed his hand over the tiny figure in his hand. The tiny person floated off his hand. The person then expanded to normal size.

Proto look the young person and placed him in his hand. "This little one is close to death."

"Can you help him?" asked George.

"I think I can." With his other hand, picked up George. "My young trainee. I am proud of your compassion. I am angry too, that you left without telling anyone and went alone."

"Sorry master."

"Go now and finish your studies." George nodded his head and floated off Proto's hand and off to the old Y.M.C.A, that acted as a make shift school.

The boy woke up and was in fear, when he saw Proto's gigantic face. "Fear not. You are safe. You do, however, need to rest."

The calm voice of Proto put the boy at ease.

Even though the sky shines blue and spotless over Proto, the clouds of conflict are not far away...

To be continued Part Eight: Confict

Rumors had ran through the entire corporate complex about the giant. A law was degree, anyone found speaking of this giant, would be punished. The corporation spread word, that this was just the product of a deranged mind. Those in charge, especially Chairman Winston, took it seriously. He had called for a meeting to discuss how to deal with this threat before coming a threat to the complex.

In one of the three former aircraft hangers, contected to the comlex, the children were busy at work. Lisa had been concerned for her friend Glenn, who had not been seen, since the day before, after he was caught talking about the giant. A loud bell rang out. The children started to whisper among themselves about the bell. It wasn't time for launch break. Coming through the gold painted doors that lead to the main complex, three men dressed in white pin striped suites came out. They were followed by a group of Corporate Guards. Lisa to her horror, saw Glenn in the middle of the guards. Two guards tied Glenn to a metal pole. And tore off his shirt. Over the inter-com system came the oily thick voice of Chairman Winston. "It has been made clear to you all, that no mention of this fictitious giant be talked about. It does no one any good to make up lies that only deceive others. And keep us from our noble work of keeping society together."

After the chairman was done, Glenn was wipped. Lisa wanted to go and help her friend. But she could not. She could only watch, helpless, as her friend's back turned red with blood.

Proto's new community was busy repairing re-constructing the derelict town. A town slowly being reborn. Proto was out in the fields creating an irigation system to brig water to several newly planted fields. Surveying the land, he had just plowed, Proto spotted something white and living, caught in the over growth of a thorn bush. It was a small animal with curly white fur. He carefully removed the injured creature from the bush. George had just entered the field and floated himself up to Proto. "What you got?" he asked.

"I don't know what you call this creature," replied Proto, as George settled down in his hand.

"Oh neat! exclaimed George. "I think this is a lamb. I didn't know there was any left. It looks hurt."

"George take it back to the town. The towns children can nurse it back to health." George placed the lamb on his shoulders and floated off toward town.

Proto followed. He wanted to talk with the boy, George had found. The boy had gained enough strength now to speak. Two woman brought the boy before Proto. Taking the boy up in his hand Proto said, "I'm glad you are feeling better. What are you called?"

"Simon," replied the boy. Simon then asked Proto, "Are you a God? Is George a God?"


"Those powers you both have."

"There not power. Rather, gifts of the Supreme Being."

"Can you help the others?"

Proto asked Simon about the corporation.

Back at the complex, Lisa, who was back to work, couldn't forget what happened to her friend Glenn during the morning. A guard seeing her distress came over to her. "Don't worry about your friend."

"Is he going to be ok?" Lisa asked, full of hope.

"Hell how should I know. We threw him out in the wasteland." The guard gave Lisa a hard poke with his finger into her stomach, "Just remember what happens when you go against the corporation. Be grateful to it." The guard then left.

Tears filled Lisa'a eyes.

Proto had explained to the community what the boy had told him. And their other recent arrival the former Corporate Guard. Several of the advanced trainees, who had been out on patrol, reported to Proto and the community the approach of several flying objects.

Proto told the towns people to take cover. "My trainees now we put our training to task. Remember my young ones, we don't go to fight with hate. These are mainly misguided souls."

Proto stood up and brought his two hands together, that flashed with lightening. He then floated up with the twelve advanced trainees close behind.

A black helicopter appeared a sent several missles into the town. Two ten story buildings fell. The pilot reported, "Success with salvo number one. Preparing for number two." The pilot swooped in ready for the kill. He was about to fire, when a gigantic fist came directly towards him. The helicopter vanished into a ball of fire.

Proto directed the twelve to create a force field over the town. Each trainee took position and created a circle around the town. Floating several hundred feet above town, the trainees started clapping their hands. A stream of white light shot out from their the foreheads, linking up with the others.

Proto was ready for the approaching aircraft. He counted five of them. Two of the aircraft veered toward the town. The pilots that approached Proto, couldn't believe their eyes. Before them floating thousands of feet in the air was a giant. They opened fire.

The trainees could see massive balls of fire engulf Proto. As they directed their gaze toward Proto, their force field started to weaken. Carol shouted to her fellow members, "Come on. We have a town to protect refocus." Even though her mind was focus on the force field, her heart was with Proto. Two helicopters fired at the town. The field repelled the missles.

Meanwhile Proto was still lost in flames...

Part Nine: Choices

The advanced twelved hovered in the air, as they watched the burning inferno. It glowed brightly before them. Carol felt the pain of fire too. Her heart was there with Proto in the firery blaze.

Slowly the fire dissipated. Taking its place was a dark smoke cloud. Coming out of this smoke was a huge outline. The vague outline was replaced by Proto's scorched form. The advanced twelve, lead by Carol, glided over to Proto, who continued to drift down and toward the town. "I think Proto is unconscious," shouted Ben to the others.

Another member replied, "We better do something. Proto is heading straight for the center of town." Carol increased her speed and collided into Proto's face. Banging on the bridge of his nose, Carol tried to wake up her giant.

Carol called over to George. "Can you send a lightening bolt to jar Proto. We got to wake him up before he smashes the town and its people."

"I can try!" George extended his right hand. He sent out two small balls of lightening. Carol was more than over joyed when Proto's huge eyes opened. Putting all his concentration into firing a lightening bolt, George found himself starting to fall. His brother Ben and another, caught him before he slammed into the ground.

Proto was still groggy. In a faint voice he said, "Carol is that you?"

"Yeah, its me. Proto listen. You must force yourself up. You are heading straight for the town. Even though he was still half out of it, Proto tried to increase his height.

Many of the towns people started to run at the approaching shadow which engulfed the town. Others just stood there frozen as Proto grew larger, filling the sky above them.

"Your doing it!" exclaimed Carol. Proto's legs, still hung too low, crashing into and tearing off the tops of many buildings. The towns people screamed, as they scurried away from the falling debris. Proto landed with a thud outside of town. His abrupt landing caused a shock wave that destroyed several dozen windows.

Carol extended her arms and hung on to the side of Proto's face in joy. From down below, a man in a worn up old business suite hollowered, "I thought Proto was suppose to protect the town. Not topple down buildings." Carol didn't listen. She was just glad to be with Proto.

George on the other hand, thought that was a selfish remark. And when the man turned to walk away, sent a small bolt of ligtening into his backside. It didn't hurt the man, just startled him. Ben gave George a light punch into the arm and told him he shouldn't have done it. Though Ben, couldn't keep from laughing, when he saw the man walk away with his under-drawers showing through the hole, the bolt of lightening had made.

When Proto fully came too, he found the advanced twelve and several groups of the town's people clinking to his torn and burnt tunic. Proto felt a shaking, in his hands. It was Carol. "You ok?"

"Yeah. I know you're ok. But---I feel like crying. I guess I didn't realize how scared I was when you were in the ball of fire. Here you are, not to badly hurt and I'm shaking. Silly huh?"

"No," said Proto. "As the fire surrounded me. A coldness ran through me, as thought came that I could die and be seperated from you." John, one of the twelve, seeing what was happening between Carol and Proto, asked everybody to leave and give Proto some space.

Proto starting to feel tired again, moved onto his side. Carol stayed snuggled up against his face.

"What!" screamed Chairman Winston. "We lost all our aircraft."

A Corporate Guard, who had been stationed there to observe the mission against Proto and the town reported, "Yes. They are all gone. It was like magic. Such, pure power."

Chairman Winston, sat down in his shiny black leather chair. He pointed a finger at the guard. "Don't breath a word of this to anyone. You understand me."

"Yes, chairman," replied the guard.

"Good. Now, go!" After the guard had left, the chairman pressed a button that was on his beat up mahogany desk. The head of the Corporate Guards came in. "I want you to take care of Corporate Guard number thirteen. I can't risk him telling the others about our failure." The senior guard nodded his head and left Chairman Winston's office.

"Oh!" said Proto, as he woke up in a start.

"What is it?" asked Carol.

"I forgot. I caught one pilot, who fell out of his plane when it struck me. I placed him in my inner pocket. Hope he's still alive." Proto dug down deep into his pocket. He felt relief when he felt the tiny body squirming in his grasp.

A short-time later, a group of towns people hearing about the captured pilot came up to Proto. "We hear you have one of the pilots that attacked out town," said a squat man, with no neck.

"What do you want?" asked Proto, who could read their hearts and knew what they wanted.

"Turn him over to us, that we may punish him. Thirty people died in that attack, said a rather large woman, who had her brown hair rolled up in a bun. "We owe it to those who died!"

The pilot, who was on Proto's shoulders, moved back and near one of his long strands of hair. Proto replied, "You owe it to those who died to create a better world. I do know how you feel. And killing him would make you feel better. It won't however, bring the dead back or solve anything. He was acting under anothers authority. They are the real guilty ones."

The crowd mummbled amongst themselves. One woman shouted, "You are right Proto. It's just for so long we had been betrayed and attacked. You show up and there seems to be hope. Then this happens. We just want to feel like we are doing something." The woman then turned to the others. "Proto's right. Lets not spill more blood."

The guard, who was holding on to Proto's hair, sighed a breath of relief. Proto took the pilot off his shoulders and brought him before the twelve and the town council. "We hold you in no guile. We do need your help," said Proto.

"What can I do?"

"I want you to go back to your corporation. Tell those in authority they have no need to be afraid. If they want, we can work together. We would share our food. I also need them to release the children."

The guard's face went white. "I don't know if they would listen. There's a good chance they will kill me."

"I know. I want to give them a chance. There doesn't have to be fighting amongst us. Will you do it?"

"I-I-was thinking, if you would let me, I could stay here with you."

Proto looked down at the guard. He could sense that the guard felt alone like a child without his parents. He was risking the guard's life. He wanted though, to see if this situation could be resolved without force. "I won't force you," said Proto.

The pilot gave out a heavy sigh. "I am respected, maybe there is a slim chance they would listen. And, before I became a pilot, I had spent many long years in their labor camps. Children should be taught and be able to play. Not be worked to the bone. I never had a childhood. But I want others to have the chance."

Proto was glad to find his first impression was right about the pilot. He still had humanity in him. Proto thanked him.

The pilot was given some food to take back with him. The towns people had repaired an old army jeep. "Go in the peace of the Supreme Being," said Proto. Proto, as he watched the jeep ride off, hoped he had made the right decision. He was risking the pilot's life. But, he wanted to give the corporation a chance.

Ben came floating up to the front of Proto's face. "What is it?" asked Proto.

"I have learned to make contact with some animls and insects. I thought, maybe we could send some grasshoppers to check up on the pilot and on the children."

"You and your brother have gained in a short amount of time, real control. I am proud of you two. And the others. I don't like spying. But, send a couple. If I can, I would want to be able to help the pilot if he needs it. Also I want to see what conditions these children are in."

Ben gathered up four grasshoppers. With four in his hand, Ben instructed them, to keep an eye on the pilot and on the children. He told Proto, "I gave them more spring to their legs and power to their wings."

The pilot, made his way for the corporation. He wondered how they would recieve his news. Flying above him were four grasshoppers.

To Be Continued.....

Part Ten: The Telon Masters

The corporate pilot made his way for the corporate complex. Following close beind and above, was the four grasshoppers sent by George. The guard's stomach tightened as he approached the gate. George in his mind, could see what the grasshoppers did.

Enjoying a few minutes of quiet together, Proto and Carol sat by one of the few rivers that had been left unscathed by the destruction brought on by man in his greatest moment of darkness. Carol sat in Proto's hand. She looked up into his big clear eyes, which to her, glowed with power. "Proto why do I feel so alive when you are near?"

"Maybe for the same reason I do." Proto gently picked her up and placed her on his shoulder.

She smiled and leaned her face up against the warm firm skin. "Since the first day you came into my life, I have felt something. And it reminded me how barren I was before. Now deep in my heart I feel like a woman I am meant to be. Even if this world we're trying to build fades away, I will still feel strong with you deep inside my heart. She gave Proto several kisses, wanting to be lost in him.

Proto closed his eyes and felt the energy that came from his tiny love. He concentrated. Opening the eyes of his inner-being he saw Carol. Carol with surprise in her voice, "Proto how is this possible?"

With a grin that went from side to side of his big baby like cheeks, Proto replied, "My people are full of surprises. We are in a limbo between the two forces of our being. Carol didn't need to hear anymore, she ran to Proto, who also ran to her over the sparkling energy of their two souls. The two embraced. And beams of white energy shot out from both of them.

Ben looking for Proto spotted him near the river. He floated up to across from Proto's eyes. "Proto. Proto."

Proto opened his eyes. In a dreamy sounding voice asked, "What is it?"

"George has made contact with the corporate place."

Popping out between two large bangs of Proto's hair,Carol said, energetically, "Hi Ben!!"

"Huh, oh---hi Carol. Well, I guess I will get back to the twelve." Ben floated away. Carol sank back down into Proto's hair giggling.

Many miles away at the corporate comlex, young Lisa was on her five minute break from work, when she spotted something flying through the window. She watched it as it zoomed to different parts of the work area, stopping and resuming its flight. It then came and circled her.

George through the eyes of the grasshopper could see the children at their labor. And was able to get an idea of the layout of the area. It did bring back painful memories of the smaller but equally tortuous place he had come from. When he spotted Lisa, he felt a tug. The tug he found, was at his heart. From out of her sunken eyes appeared, still, a spirit. A spirit of heart. George also felt pain and loss from her.

The pilot was brought before Chairman Winston. "This giant wants to help us?"


"And, after destroying our aircraft, you think we should!" yelled the Chairman, banging his fist down on his desk.

The pilot knew he was done for, the minute he came back to the complex. He had thought all his years of loyality would have meant something to the chairman. The pilot was feeling lost, when he spotted a grasshopper up on the wall behind the chairman. He felt a peace. He thought of Proto.

The chairman getting restless, "Are you tongue tied? I'm waiting for an answer."

Feeling courage from thinking about Proto, "With all my heart felt respect to you, Mr. Chairman, we did attack them first. I think there is a golden opportunity here for us. Food is running out. People are dying and sick. I think the right thing..."

"Enough! Pilot 4. You presume too much. I didn't become a Rebublican from doing what was right. But from doing what was necessary."

The veils of ignorance was removed from the pilot's eyes and heart. "You fool. You would just through this opportunity away. When it is an answer to our prayers. You're just as stupid as those that had brought the world to this point." The pilot knew he had defiantly sealed his fate. The chairman rang for a guard to take the pilot away.

All of what had transpired, was seen both by George and Proto through the eyes of their tiny insect friends. Proto called for Gus, the former corporate guard. "Gus, is there any other weapons the corporation could use against us?" asked Proto.

It's said Proto, underneath the corporate headquarters are storage cantainers of bio-hazard materail. The chairman could use it I suppose. But he would be killing himself as well, if he did. But this is just rumors that I have heard."

Proto turned to George, "What did you find out."

"I found, if we could somehow get through the south wall of the west side of the complex, we could release the children."

"How are the children?" asked Proto.

"Not good."

Johm one of the twelve, came in and reported what he over heard vie the grasshoppers. "Proto. The chairman is going to infect a dozen of the children and send them to us. Sort of walking time bombs."

"Do you know when John?"

"Tommorrow morning. They want to get one more day's worth of work out of them before they infect them."

"How long will the children be in the west side of the complex?"

George replied, "Till ten at night."

"We must then rescue the children as soon as possible. Gather all the Trainees together. We will meet in one hour."

George floated up to Proto. "If I can. I would like to communicate to one kid I have observed. Maybe she could get the children in position for us."

"Even if you can speak through the grasshopper. It could betray or plan for rescue. And cost the lives of these children and our members."

"Proto something tells me she's ok. Please." "You do have special skills George. I trust you. Young one. Before you try to communicate. See if you can gather more grasshoppers as eyes and ears for us. And spiders."

"Spiders?" asked George.

"Just do it. I will explain later."

Proto watched George and thought, "He is Earth's first native Telon Master. And guardian." Taking a few minutes before he met with the trainees, Proto went off to pray. Floating up several thousands of feet into the sky, he invoked the help of his Telon-Suu ancestors. He asked for strength and wisdom in his plan. Proto prayed that his young trainees would come to no harm. If harm was to come, Proto wanted it to fall onto him.

After he was done; floating down back to Earth, Proto saw Carol ascending to met him. She landed on his right shoulder. Floating down, Proto heard and felt something inside of him. "I sent him to his death, " said Proto sadly, out loud.

"What is it?" asked Carol.

"The pilot. He was just put to death. I failed him."

"No Proto. He knew the risks as you did."

At that moment a small sphere of light floated up infront of Proto's face. "Is that a soul?" asked Carol.

"Yes, Carol it's the pilot's soul."

"Is he angry?"

"No, just confused. I will let him stay with me. Until he is ready to move on." The sphere of light floated to the inside of Proto's tunic.

Proto and Carol joined up with the trainees. George soon followed reporting he had sent a large number of grasshoppers to keep an eye on the corporate complex. He had also gathered a group of spiders together.

Ch. 11 (conclusion)

Part Eleven:

The sun was hugging the horizon. Gathered together, where the twelve and twenty young trainees. Proto standing before them, "I want you novice trainees to stay near the twelve. When we reach the complex we are to go to the west side of the corporation and release the children. John will give you the details on the way. Smash you will be the novices leader. Carol will be leader of both groups. I know its easy for me to say stay calm. However, that is what you must do. As I have showed you, great power is yours through being focused. You will also find, you can draw strength from those many souls whose time and life had been destroyed because of evil and greedy leaders, who had betryaed those they were suppose to protect."

Proto floated up into the sky. He was followed by Carol, who was joined by John and Smash. Ben floated up to Proto and asked, "Where's George?"

"Your brother has gone up ahead of us. He came up with a very special plan."

"Can he carry it out?"

"I wouldn't have let him, if I felt he couldn't. Calm your your heart." Proto proceeded to chant, "With hearts that beat as one watch us soar. With love that conquers all we will win." The twelve and novices chanted back. The towns people heard their echoing battle cry. They watched the gigantic figure of Proto followed by the others vanish off into the horizon.

The corporate complex was on alert. Lisa and the other children didn't know what was happening. A buzzing commenced around Lisa's head. She heard a high pitch sound. No, not sound voice. Another grasshopper appeared in her sight. This was different from the one she had encountered earlier in the day. This, and she wondered if she could believe her eyes, had a tiny person riding on top of it. "Don't be afraid. My name is George and I have come to help you."

Lisa wanted to laugh. The idea of a teeny person telling you they are going to help seemed ridiculous to her. The tiny voice, small as it was, did convey, nevertheless, an authority of truth. She put out her hand the grasshopper landed. George gave her a wave.

"Why are you here? she asked.

George in his tiny voice, shouted up to her, "I'm here to help you when the time comes, which will be soon. When I give you a signal, move everyone to the east side of the work area."

A boy came up from behind her and asked, "What you got? The boy was Jimmy. A friend of hers. Lisa at first was at a loss. But knowing this boy, she turned and showed her what was in her hand.

"Jimmy you can't let anybody know about this not know. Can I trust you?"

Jimmy replied, "Yeah. Can I touch it?"

"Well, just be careful."

Jimmy took his index finger and lightly touched the top of George's head. George felt from the touch a real warmth from the boy. His heart, it seemed to George, had not harden as usually the case with many, who are subjected to sub-human conditions. And there was also, still a sense of trust left in this boy named Jimmy.

The grasshopper flew off of Lisa'a hand. George yelled over to her, "I will be back." She watched the grasshopper fly off toward the ceiling.

"Not a word Jimmy."

"I won't Lisa."

At his corporate office, Chairman Winston took out of a black metal safe, a small gray box. Fishing around with two stubby fingers in his vest pocket, Chairman Winston took out a rusty colored key. He placed it in a slot that was on top of the gray box. As he turned the key, the word armed started flashing, in red, on the side of the box. Sweat was dripping down his face. He said to himself, "Only if I must."

Proto and his group were approaching the west side of the complex. The twelve and the novices formed two groups. Group one landed on Proto's right hand the group two on the other hand. Proto carefully enclosed the members with his giant fingers. He floated up higher into the sky. Turning around, Proto tilted his body down like an arrow, pointed at the complex. Descending toward the complex, he gained speed. He thought of George as continued to increase speed.

George heard his thoughts. He had the grasshopper land on the floor in an area that was in shadows. George returned to his normal size. He was dressed like the others kids, to blend right in. Slowly he made his way for Lisa. "Lisa its me."


"Yeah, its me. Bring the other kids the south part of the work area."

"What about the guards?"

George smiled, "I will take care of them."

A guard shouted, "Hey you two. Get back to work."

George shouted, "Attack!!" Coming through the broken windows and air vents, was a swarm of grasshoppers. This green living cloud converged on the guards. "Lisa get the kids to the southside. Hurry!" Lisa started to call to her young fellow workers.

Several guards started shooting, George fired several bolts of lightening at them, knocking them down.

With fists out straight, Proto crashed into the west side of the complex. Inside, the children looked with horror as two massive fist broke through the wall. "Don't be afraid their hear to help you."

"What they?" shouted Lisa, back to George.

Proto opened his fists up, the two youthful groups rushed out of the open hands. The twelve created a force field around the novices, as they started to gather and bring them to the two large openings in the west wall. Carol had to fight off several guards. George with Lisa in hand brought out the first group of children.

At first, the children froze in terror when they saw the giant. The giant Proto. "Its ok. He has come to save you," said Lisa to the others. However, when Proto started speaking to them, their fears vanished. With joy, they ran up into Protos waiting hands.

Guards rushed into Chairman Winston's office. "We have been invaded Chairman!" Chairman Winston was hunched over the gray box. "No!" one guard yelled. They ran, with faces white with pure horror.

Chairman Winston sat down in his leather chair. The chair, well passed its years of service, broke beneath him. Sending the chairman to the floor. Face on the floor, Chairman Winston, said, "Mommy. Make the giant go away." The chairman stopped speaking. For coming out of the worn wooden floor, was a herd of small rats. That were fleeing from an unseen but deadly force. They crawled over and in the chairman. He tried to scream. He could not. Through blurry eyes, Chairman Winston saw the rats carry away his tongue.

Getting the last of the children to safety, Proto felt something in his being, which was not right. Spotting a fleeing guard, he swooped down with his hand and scouped up the guard. "Is there another weapon the chairman can use? Tell me!!"

"Yes, yes. The chairman, that CENSORED, released a virus." Proto released the guard. Proto called for George. When George came,Proto told him to spread the spiders one hundred feet above the complex and to do it right away.

George floated up and sent word, vie his thoughts to the spiders, who created a carpet on the earth beneath him of black and brown. He raised them up and dispersed the spiders over the entire corporate complex. Proto increased their web making powers. Once the web was completed, Proto created a force field to contain the virus.

Guards that were still in the complex, found they could not get through the force field. It pained Proto. He could not let them leave. The virus had all ready reached the surface. He could see what affect the virus had. It ate the flesh right off the guards. This virus was strong. Proto had to put all his might into it. From a quarter of a mile, everyone watched Proto's giant form as streaks of energy poured out of his body into the field. "He's dying," said one novice. Everyone hung their heads low.

Carol, George, Ben, and many others stayed with Proto. They hung on to his tunic. "Please leave. You are the only hope the others have. If you die with me, then everything we worked for was for nothing," said Proto, weakly.

One by one they started to leave except Carol. She floated up on to Proto's shoulder. "Carol, I don't want you to die."

"If you leave me. Then you condem me to a living death. Anyway, it's my choice." She wrapped her arms up against the side of Proto's neck.

"Then my love this is our wedding. And the sound of the force field our wedding song."

George and Lisa hand in hand were walking up to the others, when he stopped. "George what is it?"

"No! This can't end this way. Proto came to save us. I won't have this "Censored" stuff created by those...those tiny creatures of destruction, that had passed off as humans do this." Lisa let out a gasp, as everyone in town.

Proto had fallen to his knees. Carol held on tight to his neck. A loud sound caused her to open her eyes. She listened and ringing into her eyes were the words, "Proto its me George. I'm here to help you."

Proto looked up. Across from him, on the other side of the complex was another giant. It couldn't be. But it was. George had become a giant.

George seeing how weak Proto was, concentrated and sent out a ball of energy through the web force field. The extra power, also served to strengthen Proto. Seeing Proto stand up, George shouted, "With hearts that beat as one..."

Proto replied, "Watch us soar."

"And, which is full of love," said Carol, to her gigantic love.

And Love did conquer all! Love that is pure, strong, and full of guts.


By Timothy Lacey