Pharoah Resurrection

by Mikano

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VERSION (up for now). The revised version is here, 1/14/07

Chapter 1

Jamie Carson couldn't stand it anymore in her New Jersey apartment. She couldn't take one more day of her boyfriend taking advantage of her. She walked over to the living room and turned off the tv. This got Paul's attention and he ragefully faced her. She told him a million times to help her out with the cleaning and he didn't do that.

"I was watching that," he yelled.

"Get out of my apartment." Jamie shouted at Paul. "It's also over between us. I want you out of my apartment now."

Paul glared at her in anger as he packed his stuff and walked out the door. Jamie turned away and didn't feel sorry as she noticed Paul's spare key to her apartment. He deserved it, she thought, cleaning up the mess in her apartment. I never get anything done these days. My father and my brother Steve are in Egypt uncovering the pharaoh's tomb. And I just threw out my third boyfriend out of my apartment. My life really does suck.

At one point, she thought of putting a cigarette in her mouth but she thought better of it and threw her packs away. She then went over to the Egyptian relics that her father found including the Book of Eternal Life and The Ring of Eternity. She always was up to date with her Egyptology and continued to decipher the hieroglyphs. She read half way to the story about the young giant Pharaoh named, Ramses IX, who gave his life to protect the people of Egypt from his corrupt brother. He won the war but it too much out of him and ended up dying in front of the people. They mourned for Pharaoh Ramses IX for years and they buried him in a special sarcophagus. Sometimes reading the story about the young king sacrificing himself made Jamie cry each time. It reminded her so much about her own mother, Hayley, dying on her. She then looked at the inscriptions on how to revive the Pharaoh from 3,000 years of sleep. She even remembered the Ring of Eternity which she kept safely in her room. She noticed it disappeared after she mentioned the inscriptions.

"Dad's gonna have a fit." Jamie said to herself.

Meanwhile in Egypt, throughout the time Jamie read the story about the young Pharaoh. The mummified Pharaoh Ramses IX awakened outside his sarcophogas and reverted back to his original form as a giant human being with eternal life. He noticed that not only he wasn't in his sarcophogas but he wasn't in Egypt. He then began walking and he was careful in not stepping on anything below him. Jamie walked outside of her apartment and she noticed the now ressurected Pharaoh Ramses IX in New Jersey and she was shocked to see it come true. The first thing she noticed was the fact he was handsome with his copper skin. He had loose black hair which breezed in the wind. He was wearing a white robe with a gold eye crown on his forehead. He had sandals on his feet and a gold toe ring on his left foot. She then noticed him lowering his hand in the palm up position. She didn't run, but she looked afraid of him.

"I won't hurt you." Ramses said, coaxing her to climb on his hand. "I promise you, I'll be gentle."

Jamie nodded her head and climbed in Ramses' hand. She felt him lift his hand up to his face to get better look at her. Jamie took a good look at his face and noticed his dark eyes that sparkled despite it being nighttime. She skimmed down to his pink, plump lips.

Chapter 2

Jamie didn't know what to do next as she sat on Pharaoh Ramses' hand. She didn't know how she was gonna get out of the mess she was in but she won't think about it for now.

"My name is Jamie." she said, pointing to herself.

"Ramses." Rames said

She noticed the Pharaoh's fingertip caress her face as gently as he could. But she didn't look too long as she felt Ramses kiss her on his lips. It was too sudden for her to be kissed by a ressurected giant pharaoh and it was sweet and tender.

At least I won't have to worry about him eating me alive. Jamie thought. But I also have to really think about what could happen when people stumble across Pharaoh Ramses IX at his height. Then I would have to tell dad and Steve about what I did to resurrect the giant Pharaoh from 3,000 years of his sleep. Jamie turned away from the kiss and felt something gold and round. It was the Ring of Eternity, as she recalled, after she said the inscriptions to bring the pharaoh back to life. The Ring of Eternity which her dad uncovered along with the book, it was on the pharaoh's finger. Dad's really going to have a fit with me. she thought. When he and my brother get back into town from Egypt. Yet I won't regret it as Ramses looked like a God of Nile in Ancient Egypt. Jamie blushed at the thought of having a bonafide giant boyfriend like Ramses with her in Jersey City when her father and brother left for Egypt to get the sarcophagus from a remote burial outside Cairo.

She turned around and saw Pharaoh Ramses IX looking at her real confused.

"Sorry, Ramses." Jamie said. "I guess I have so much on my mind right now that I didn't think about a place where you could hide."

"What do you mean?" Ramses asked, noticing some people looking up at him. "This is what you mean."

"Oh yeah." Jamie said. "That's what I mean by hiding you. I mean I don't want people to get the wrong impression of you."

Pharaoh Ramses IX held his hand on his shoulder and let Jamie walk onto his shoulder before turning around to face some of the people below him. With a gentle smile on his face, the pharaoh kneeled down to face them and lowered his huge hand so the people could climb in like Jamie did when he first saw her. Most braved in climbing on the pharaoh's palm, others ran from him as if he was going to hurt them which he didn't. They noticed him lift his hand up to his eyes. At first they were afraid he'll hurt them, then they noticed how very gentle Pharaoh Ramses was in holding them in his hand. Jamie noticed one of her good friends, Rachel Walker on the pharoah's palm and waved to her friend. Looks like she didn't look afraid of him. Jamie thought.

"Jamie." Rachel said.

"Hey, Rachel." Jamie said. "How are you doing?"

"Good." Rachel said. "It looks like you just got yourself a giant boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, Jamie, but I think he's cute."

Jamie blushed at what Rachel said to her as she noticed the pharaoh walking again. The people felt the every thunderous step, he took. None the less they didn't fear him as much as the others did, knowing he had no intention of hurting them. After a while Jamie felt Ramses stop walking and lowered his hand down so the people can get off his hand.

Chapter 3

As Jamie saw the people climb off of Pharoah Ramses IX's hand, she heard her cell phone ring.

"Hello." she said.

"Jamie." her father said. "Did you even know what happened, today? I think you already know."

Oh brother. she thought. Here we go. Jamie gripped her cell phone as she heard her father ask her about the Ring of Eternity.

"Yes I do." Jamie said. "Three sumo wrestler got arrested for assulting two coaches. They were on COPS it was so funny."

"Jamie, I'm serious." her dad said. "Are you aware that the mummified, Pharoah Ramses IX is not inside his sarcophagus? We noticed that he wasn't inside there at all."

"He's missing." Jamie said. "I didn't noticed."

"Jamie." her dad said. "You were told never to read the ressurection inscription until we have brought the sarcophagus to the outskirts of Trenton (Jamie's old hometown) and then recited it together. You didn't even wait until we got back."

"You left me here." Jamie said. "And besides I already threw Paul out on his life."

Jamie heard her father hang up the phone which only made her more angry. She wanted to tell him off so bad she couldn't care less. It didn't stop her from crying though. Fortunately the pharoah noticed it and scooped her from his shoulder and comforted her. It made her feel a bit better, and knew Pharoah Ramses was there to comfort her.

"It wasn't your fault." Ramses said, kissing her.

"I know." Jamie said. "My uncle finished a giant house away ftom the Trenton and you can stay there until my dad comes home and I'll be able to explain this to him soon. I'll ask my uncle if you can stay in the giant house and then bring my dad to you. I'll even show you where he lives."

The pharoah nodded his head and began walking to where Jamie's uncle, Ralph Carson lived. I hope Ralph agrees to hide him until I can settle this with my father. Jamie thought as she felt Pharoah Ramses walk towards her uncle's house. She noticed the Giant house and her uncle's house.

"Uncle Ralph." Jamie said.

Chapter 4

Jamie and Ramses looked inside the window and she saw her uncle, Ralph sitting at the table alone drinking hot tea.

"Can you put me down?" she asked. "I need to ask my uncle about letting you stay at the giant house until my dad calms down."

"I can do that." the pharaoh said.

He then lowered his huge hand and let Jamie down. He then watched her walk towards the door. She knocks on the door.

"Jamie." Ralph said. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to drink tea with you." Jamie said.

Jamie and her uncle went inside after the pharaoh hid behind her uncle's workshop. It's been a while since I had tea with him. she thought. Since I moved to Jersey City near the New York Border.

"What can I do for you?" Uncle Ralph asked, giving Jamie a cup of tea.

"Do you still have the giant house?" Jamie asked.

"I do." her uncle said. "Why?"

Jamie then proceeded to tell her uncle about resurrecting the 3,000-year-old pharaoh. She looked at her uncle's uncooperative glance as he faced her inside his house.

"NO! NO! NO!" Ralph said. "Jamie, you know the answer very well."

"But Uncle come outside." Jamie said. "I want you to meet him. He hasn't done anything wrong."

Jamie lead him outside the house and saw the giant Pharaoh Ramses IX standing in front of him. Her uncle still had the uncooperative glance for a few minutes. It then faltered as she and her uncle noticed the pharaoh had gently lowered his hand.

"On second thought." Ralph said. "I can let him stay at that house if you stay with him."

"Uncle Ralph." Jamie said. "With all due respect, I live in Jersey City and I have to pay rent in my apartment there and then I have to find a ....sure. What about my dad?"

"I'll stall him." Ralph said. "You worry about paying off the rent and moving into the house with him."

Chapter 5

A few days later, Jamie drove to her uncle's house after moving out of her apartment. I know the routine. She thought. I have to stay with Ramses until either dad calms down or the few people who ran away from him, realize how gentle he is. She pulled over and picked up the Book of Eternal Life which fell off from the box. As she was picking it up, she noticed her ex-boyfriend Paul, had a gun to her forehead. Damn it! Jamie thought. Doesn't he give up.

"Get the *beep* out of the car, Jamie." Paul yelled at her.

"What for?" Jamie asked. "I'm on my way to my uncle's house."

"You're gonna pay for kicking me out..." Paul faltered. "What the...."

He then felt the ground tremble in front and around him as well. Jamie felt it too and she knew it was Pharaoh Ramses IX. He must've saw the whole thing. she thought, noticing him picking her and the car up and placing them in a pouch. He then turned to Paul who was now scared straight of him. He then raised his sandal foot and crushed the gun underneath it.

"I'm dead now." Paul said, running away.

The pharaoh didn't waste his time chasing him but he did raise his left foot and slammed it to the ground. It threw Paul off course but he didn't get injured. He was covered in dirt and noticed the pharoah walk away. Damn it. he thought. I guess I should've not contended with her alone. Paul then got up from the ground and noticed his crushed gun which was smashed apart. No matter, he thought. He'll pay for... No one knew what happened to Paul after his encounter with Pharaoh Ramses IX. Frankly no one, except for his parents missed him. Most people, including his older brother Carlos, claimed Paul was mentally unstabled and he killed himself or was left blind.

Meanwhile, Jamie didn't know what was going on during the time she was inside the pouch. But she managed to get out of her car and stood on her roof of it. She then felt the pharaoh open the pouch up and picked her up as gently as he could towards his waiting palm. She then looked up at his dark eyes and calmed down.

"Thanks." Jamie said. "In case you didn't know whio that guy was threatening me. His name is Paul Alvarez, He's a lunatic."

"I saw what he did." he said. "There was no way I wasn't going to let him touch you. He won't be hurting you again now he saw me."

"He better not." Jamie said, facing Ramses. "By the way I found something else in the Book of Eternal Life. It had a growth spell and a shrink one. I think the growth one caught, my eye the most."

The pharaoh looked at her in a very wierd, but understanding manner. After all he didn't have a queen because he died before he ever had a chance to meet her. During one night, Jamie slept on the gigantic bed after changing clothes. She wasn't aware that Ramses snuck out of the bed few muntes and went dack in as not to wake her up.

Chapter 6:

Was this ever real? Jamie thought as she continued to dream in her sleep. In her mind, she thought it was a dream and she was back in her old apartment and that she didn't read the inscriptions and ressurect the giant pharaoh. She woke up from her dream and turned around to see Pharaoh Ramses IX next to her and smiled at his huge, sleeping form. Although he was a giant, he looked innocent sleeping there.

Oh what difference would it made? she continued lost in her thoughts. Maybe I should give him a small kiss. He won't feel it because he's asleep and at least you should be thankful to him for saving your life. She got nervous and her heart began to beat. What if I like him? she continued. He could get mad at me for interrupting his sleep and never talk to me again.

Jamie climbed towards the sleeping giant and bit her lip. She wondered if she was making a big mistake in doing it and shook it aside. She walked towards his huge lips and planted a small kiss on his bottom lip. She felt better about this and headed back to her side.

She didn't notice him wake up until she felt herself get picked up by the pharaoh, lifted her onto his palm and felt him sit on the bed. Not only did she see him in a sitting position, but she found out that he was holding her in his left hand.

"You kissed me." Pharaoh Ramses IX said.

"Yes." Jamie said. "I didn't mean to ...."

She looked up to see him touching his own lips with his right fingers and smile. Then Jamie felt him kiss her on his lips touching her face and smiled. He must really love me. she thought, realising that in resurrecting him, he didn't make any attempt to attack her and the other residents. Although rare, he's not harmful despite his size. He's sweet.

Each kiss she felt and recieved from him was real tender and soft to her. Even if some of his kisses he's planted on her were wet ones. She didn't mind being drenched though.

Finally what seems to be a long time, the kiss is broken and settled back to his side. This time, Jamie wrapped herself in his long, thick, black hair and snuggled with the pharaoh. She noticed him not feeling objective against her near him and kissed her again. Then they fell asleep, content with one another.


The next morning, Jamie awaken feeling much better that she and Ramses kissed. This made her blush and smile at him. I guess it didn't matter at all. she thought remembering what happened in the middle of last night. Man, I do love him. She took out her pocket comb and brushed her dark hair and put it back where she found it. Then she came closer to his huge lips and kissed them again, softly.

"He's such a sweet guy." Jamie said to herself. "I wonder how Ramses knew it was me. I mean I never gave myself away. Except when I did kiss him, but it was only because my heart wouldn't stop pounding. He looks sweet sleeping there. But I also have to remember he's a giant and a handsome one."

Why couldn't she get her mind off it? Then the realization hit her immediately. She has a special bond with him and nothing her father says will change it. I love him as much as he loves me. she thought. Maybe that's why he knew I kissed him. He must've liked it. Remembering from last night, she was sitting on his huge hand, his palm. She felt him lift her towards his lips and kissed her. She knew some of them were wet, but it didn't matter. It only matters that she felt warm from it.

Meanwhile in Egypt, Steve comes across a sarcophagus of a priestess from Ancient Egypt.

"What is that?" he asked himself.

"It's Priestess Netari's sarcophagus." Professor Carson said. "Pharaoh Akentu wasn't a fool, Steve. He had Netari's sarcophagus rigged so her body wasn't stolen and .... Oh No!"

"What." Steve said. "Are you suspecting Jamie is Netari?"

"I don't know." Professor Carson said. "I seriously doubt it."

Secretly he looked at Steve, wondering if he's right. Priestess Netari and the pharaoh had a love affair. he thought. A forbidden one due to the the fact they had to wed within their own family. I'd personally find gross and incest isn't proper in my family. Netari knew that and loved Ramses IX no matter how huge he was. Maybe Jamie's like that too. He looked at the drawing of the young, giant Pharaoh.

"He must've stood up to 200 feet, tops." Steve said.

"Maybe 300 feet." Professor Carson said. "Maybe there's more to this story than meet's the eye."

"Dad, you're not saying?" Steve said. "He's in New Jersey."


Jamie snapped out of it and had to be careful in what she was thinking. It could hurt her in the end. Maybe dad was just trying to watch out for me. She realized and didn't want to be reminded of what happened last time she visited Egypt with her family. She nearly drowned in the Nile.

"I nearly drowned." Jamie said. "I was only 10 and I nearly lost my life in the Nile."

Flashback, a 10-year-old, Jamie was with her family on a boat travelling across the Nile river. She decided to peer down into the river when she suddenly fell into the river.

"Jamie." Professor Carson shouted.

She struggled to stay afloat.

"Daddy, help me." she said

Eventually she went underwater and expected to be dead already. She didn't die and felt herself submerge out of the water. When she woke up later on, she found herself in her mother's bed with her pajamas on. She looked around and didn't see who saved her from her near death.

"Who saved me?" Jamie said.

"Some men did." her mother said.

Jamie knew it was someone else who did save her, but he didn't show himself. I wondered why. she asked herself. I wanted to thank him for what he's done for me. I guess I'll never would. In her subconcious mind she knew what prevented her from dying, but somehow couldn't make out her savior's face. He was a giant. Jamie thought.

"Why didn't I get a glimpse at my savior's face?" she asked, herself.

She tried to sleep on it, but it was hard. When she managed to do so, she heard the voice that from the giant pharaoh.

"It wasn't time." the voice said. "You're too young to know."

"But I just want to thank you." Jamie said.

"I know." the voice continued. "But you're not ready yet. just wait 12 years."

It ends the flashback.

"I guess he didn't want me to know it was him." Jamie said. "I mean it can explain why the spirit of the giant pharaoh didn't show himself when I was 10. Twelve years later, I'm 22 and now I know who it was, because I ressurected him."

She looked up and noticed him waking up and moved out of the way. She blushed at Pharaoh Ramses IXs sitting form. I guess he wanted me to wait until I was older. she thought, realizing about the inscriptions. I'm 22 and he knew one day I'd read it. I guess his solid form is better than his spirit form. She noticed him lowering his hand next to her. She climbed in immediately and gently lifted her to his face.


She noticed him smiling sweetly at her and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. He didn't want her to get wet like last night when he kept kissing her on his hand, nonstop. Even though she dried off from last night.

"I didn't mind getting wet." Jamie assured him. "It wasn't like you're going to eat me."

"No." Pharaoh Rames IX said.

He rubbed Jamie's back with his huge finger and stood up carefully to his height. He walked out of the room with each thunderous step he took.

"What do you think we should do?" Jamie asked.

"I could use a bath." Pharaoh Rames IX said. "I don't want others to get the wrong idea about me."

Jamie nodded as she grabbed a towel, big enough to wrap herself with. I could use one too. she though. His saliva had dried out and got stuck to me. There is one that is more than big enough for him to use. Lake Erie or maybe the Atlantic Ocean. No one around in the area and he'll have plenty of privacy

"I'm sure you didn't give anyone the wrong idea." she said. "You didn't attack anyone in the city or destroyed buildings."

He shook his head as he continued to walk. He remembered holding the people in his hand from last night. They felt so comfortable around him despite his huge form. Jamie thought. It's 2026, and poverty has been eliminated since 2006. We're still learning from our past mistakes in overpopulation. I'll help him through this. He must be confused on what is this. Before he continued on, he stopped in front of a couple broken power line.

"What is it?" Jamie asked him

"We're going to find out." Pharaoh Ramses IX said.

They headed with caution and looked at some of the people stranded inside the houses, the flooding left behind by the Delaware river. The rescure workers were overworked and tired due to the countless rescues. He didn't waste anytime to rescue the remaining victims stranded in their homes and get them to safety. The workers were in awe as he brought the people safety and gently brought them to dry land.


They looked to see him lowering his hand gently to the ground and they got off his palm. Seeing no one else was trapped in their homes, he and Jamie continue on their way. When they got to their destinaion to the ocean.

"They appreciated you for what you did out there." she said.

"Yes." Pharaoh Rames IX said. "I need you to get off for a moment."

He gently picked her up with his two fingers and slowly but gently lowered her to the ground. She moved away and turned her back as he took off his garment and stepped into the water. Seconds later he was already at shoulder height water and dunked his head in. Jamie decided to join Ramses IX, but was careful in not swimming too close to him. Apparently he saw her near him, scooped her and the water in his hand and raised her to his face.

"You're not going to drown." he said. "Not with me around."

"I know." Jamie said, washing off the remnants of the saliva off her. "I just don't want to swim too close to you."

As they were bathing, the people who watched the rescue left amounts of food at the beach for both of them to eat and some clothes.

"He's going to need it." a man said.

The others agreed with considering how large he to them. Meanwhile he came out of the water, holding Jamie in his palm and headed towards them. Apparently they shook with the vibrations his feet were making. Then he stopped walking and knelt down to face the people.

"I'm sorry." he said. "It'll take you a while for you to get used to my size."

He lowered his hand to let his tiny lover down to get dressed. Apparently Jamie brought some clothes of her own. The man turned to face him.

"Don't worry about it." one man said. "You didn't do anything wrong to hurt anyone or your girlfriend. So we have no reason to fear you."

They turned their back as they saw the giant pharaoh pull out the clean clothes. It mainly consited with a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and briefs. He looked at them confused, but got over it and put the briefs on, then the jeans and zipped it up and the shirt. He looked a little bit more modern but still retained his ancient ways.

"We brought you food." he continued. "So you won't get hungry."

"Thank you." Pharaoh Ramses IX said.

Once the people left, Jamie appeared in a sundress, walking toward him, or at least his feet. She noticed him looking hot, (hot in a cute way, not the heat.) and noticed his sitting down next to her and lowered his hand. She climbed in his palm and felt him lift her gently to his face.


Jamie knew he wanted a better look at her and face his huge handsome face. She felt him kiss her on her forehead and then her tiny lips. She was smiling at him gave him a small kiss on his bottom lip. She moved away and saw Ramses smiling.

"I love you." he said.

"I know." Jamie said

She looked at the food that was still there and turned to face her lover. It was obvious they were both hungry. He lowered Jamie down to select her food and then he ate the rest of it. She did wonder in her mind how was it able that he can retain hunger despite being resurected from the dead. She then noticed a scribe that clearly states that Pharaoh Ramses IX will have to eat once when he's resurrected. She ate her food.

"That'll explain everything." she said.

She looks up at him and smiled. She noticed a large tattoo marking of the Eye of Ra on his right wrist. As she was looking at it, she was unaware that someone tries to grab her.

"Hey!" Jamie yelled. "Let me go."

"No way." the guy said. "You're gonna ...."

The kidnapper felt himself get picked up harshly by Ramses IX's fingers and was brought to his face. He could tell that this one wasn't too happy with what he saw.

"Wrong choice." he said to the kidnapper in anger.

He sent the kidnapper flying, knowing that no one else would dare try to hurt Jamie with him around. He noticed her wrapping her arms around his toe and his angry expression softened. Too much hurt. he thought, seeing her move away from his toe. He was still sitting down and lowered his hand, palm up, next to Jamie. She climbed in and he gently lifted her off the sand and stood up.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, Ramses." Jamie said. "thank you."

He gently rubbed her back with his finger for a few minutes. after a while he stopped and he had her sit on his shoulder. Then he brushed the sand off the back of the jeans he's wearing. He put his sandals on and put Jamie's outfit in his pouch. He carried his garments off the beach and walked away. He walked around Jersey City and peered inside some of the office windows. They looked up from their work to notice his dark eyes peering at them. He was amazed with their reaction in staying calm.

Ch. 12

They saw him walk away. He noticed some of the skyscrapers were his size and looked at his reflection in the window and likes what he sees, though he's curious in what he sees.

"Those are skyscrapers." Jamie said. "They're normally where people in the city work in."

"Thank you." He said. "It's been over 3,000 years since I've been alive. "

"It'll take you a while to get used to the technology here." Jamie admitted. "I'll Help you."

Pharaoh Rames IX continued to walk around in the city. He was careful in not crushing anyone or anything below him. The people know he's still human and not a monster, though immortal. They even made a backpack big enough for him to carry on his clothes on his back, which he did. Jamie clearly likes being with him. After a while he stopped and notice a city across from Jersey City.

"What is that?" he asked. "I never seen another city like it."

Jamie thought for a moment. She knew it was New York City and he was curious about it. But for him, his tiny lover was enjoying the view she had on his shoulder. He held a hand to her and she climbed in his palm. Jamie was glad to be face to face with his huge face.

"That's New York City." she said. "We should go there another time."

He nodded, knowing they'd be fearful of him because of his height. He wants to let them know that he'll never hurt anyone. He cupped his hand slightly so she wouldn't fall off his hand. As they were walking away from Jersey City, Jamie reflected when Ramses IX told her, he loves her. That thought made her blush, furiously.

"Umm Ramses." Jamie said. "I love you too."

He smiled and gently brought her up to his huge, dark pink lips. He planted a small kiss on her forehead and she enjoyed it.


Jamie felt Ramses IX set her down gently to the ground and moved away. She watched him sit down next to her, his knees in front of him. She wanted to ask him about the Eye of Ra tattoo on his wrist. Somehow she didn't know how to ask him, but he knew. He lowered his left hand next to her and felt her climb in. He gently sat her down on one of his knees and held the Eye of Ra tattoo for a long time.

"It was a ritual." he said. "I was the eldest son and had my wrist marked for it."

"It's what we called Tattooing." Jamie said.

"Yes." Pharaoh Rames IX said. "It was hard for me to hold still because the ink, the priests were applying onto my wrist, burned a part of my skin. After that, they rubbed healing salve and it took off some of the burning pressure. They thought it shouldn't hurt considering I was a giant."

Jamie stood silent, wishing she could kiss him or at least hug one of his huge fingers. She looked up at him and found out he knew what she was thinking and gently scooped her in his hand. She looked up and didn't think much, knowing he's kissing her and smiled

He gently lowered his hand and Jamie got off his palm. She turned to see him lie down on the ground. No matter how hard the tribulations and the times it would be, she'd help him no matter understand the modern world.

"I just hope some sociopath isn't dumb enough to kidnap me." she muttered to herself.

Apparently people would be dumb enough to attempt to hurt her and not notice the Ramses IX there to stop them. For now, she felt safe with him, knowing no one would be stupid enough to hurt her unless they looked forward to facing him. He towered everyone by 200 feet, but he didn't like hurting innocent people and her. The very same kidnapper from the beach, grabbed Jamie by her neck.

"I want to make money." he said, angry. "I'll make it by profitting off of your misery, you b****!"

"Get your filthy hands off me." Jamie yelled at him.

Pharaoh Ramses IX saw the same kidnapper again, and it increased his fury.

"Let her go." He said, angry.

The kidnapper turned to face the angry giant and got nervous. He pushed Jamie out of the way and onto the ground. Then he made the dumbest mistake ever in trying to attack him. Jamie covered her dark eyes, thinking he killed her boyfriend. She uncover her eyes, and she noticed that the kidnapper's attacks didn't affect him and felt relieved. The kidnapper didn't try to hurt her again and ran for it.

"Ramses." she said.

He gently scooped her into his hand and walked away. I love you, Ramses. Jamie thought.

Ch. 14

Jamie felt relieved when she and Ramses IX got back to the house. She didn't want to have the media think of him as a monster even though the everyone in New Jersey knew he was still human, despite his huge frame. She felt him rub her back and she felt better about that.

"That feels good." Jamie said. "Could you set me down for minute?"

"Ok" he said, gently.

He lowered her to the bed and took off his shirt and sandals. She wondered how would she be able to massage him at her height. I'd have to try though she thought.

"Good." she said, moving out of the way. "I just need you to lie down on the bed."

She saw him lie down on the bed on his stomach and climbed up his huge arm to massage his back.

She brought her scented massaging oils with her. It was a good thing though, because there was no way she could give him a massage without putting it on parts of his back. It did help that Ramses IX has a great body, and she had to start from top back to the lower back. She managed somehow and massaged his back. At least he was keeping his lengthy black hair from getting in the way.

"Do you want it, up or down?" Jamie asked.

"Little bit down." he said, enjoying the massage and scent of lavander.

She proceed downward to massage his lower back. It wwasn't extremely bad, considering he was enjoying the massage. When she was done, she jumped off his back and landed softly onto the bed and put her closed oils away in her bag. Then he turned and sit down on the bed. He lowered his hand next to Jamie and she climbed in. The next thing she noticed besides being gently lifted to his huge, handsome face. She noticed his hand and her move towards his huge, dark pink lips. What is he thinking she thought. She didn't think long when she felt him kiss her. She didn't bother to stop him from doing so and smiled.


Jamie awakened in the middle of the night near Ramses IX's huge lips. Her body was wrapped with his hair and moved it away from her. She stood up and planted a small, soft kiss on his bottom lip and smiled. Before they went to bed, she headed outside to call her father up in Egypt and told him she was sorry in not listening to him.

"No." Professor Carson said. "I should be the one to apologize. I didn't know you suffered from your ex-boyfriend."

"As a matter of fact." Jamie said. "Paul was the least of my problems. It turns out his parents sent him up to an insane asylum and made it clear he was no longer their son. Just today, there was flooding across Trenton."

"I heard about it." Professor Carson said. "You never used the pharaoh's love for any personal gain and that's what attracted him to you."

"When I ressurected him." she said.

She was glad she and her dad were able to make peace with one another. She continued to look up at his sleeping form and gave him another small kiss before wrapping herself in his hair to sleep. During that time, she felt Ramses stirring and unwrapped his black hair off her. He gently scooped her into his palm and lifted her sleeping form to his face. She stirred once again and noticed he was holding her.

"You felt me again." Jamie said.

He nodded and planted a small kiss on her forehead. Then he kissed her tiny lips and smiled at her.


By the next morning both Jamie and Ramses IX awakened next to each other and smiled. She moved away from the pillow as he sit up and lowered his hand next to her. Jamie climbed in and he gently lifted her and his hand to his face.

"Good Morning." Jamie said.

"Morning." he said, with a gentle voice. "What do you think we should do today?"

Jamie thought about it for a moment. She knew New Yorkers has never seen a giant before in their city and they'd be nervous about him. Then they'll see how much of a gentle giant, Pharaoh Ramses IX is. They should. she thought. The people of New Jersey did when he rescued the victims still trapped in their homes.

"Do you want to try Ney York City?" she asked. "I mean if you..."

"sure." he said. "We need to get dressed though."

She nodded her head, knowing New York gets hot. Apparently her clothes are getting washed at her uncles house and settled with a purple tank top and white skort. We'll be there for a few hours. Jamie thought. I really hope they don't mistake him for a monster and interact with him. He's real gentle. While she waited for Ramses IX to get dressed, she went inside her car and pulled out the Book of Eternal Llife from the box. She pulled out more of the artifacts and continued looking inside the book. She desciphers more of the story and then noticed the blank page, next to a familiar drawing of the resurrected pharaoh holding her in his palm. This drawing featured him with gold and white angel wings.

"He'll have that soon." Jamie said to herself.

She noticed him staring at her and the book. On impulse, she closed it up and faced him.

"It's the Book of Eternity." Ramses IX said.

"How did you know?" she asked him.

He lowered his hand next to her and she climbed in his palm. He gently lifted her to his face.

"I'm familiar with it." he said. "Besides, did you ever wondered why I never shown my face?"

"I knew why." Jamie said. "I was too young and you didn't want me to know you saved me from drowning, until I was older. Now I am and thank you."


Jamie saw him smile and planted a small kiss on her cheek. He gently lowered onto his shoulder and walked out of the room in a different pair of jeans and gray tank. His sandals were completely different, it was a black one strap. It was completely different than the gold ones he usually wears.

"I just hope no one will be scared of me." Ramses IX said.

"They won't be." Jamie reassured him. "Once they know how gentle you are. They won't fear you."

He was very careful to not crush the people or their cars that were parked. He continued walking each thunderous step he took heading towards New York City. They arrived in New York City within a few minutes. He was careful in not stepping on anyone who happened to be out on the street. Jamie noticed the people looking scared of the giant pharaoh and didn't know what to do. He knew it and slowly kneeled down. He gently lowered his hand in the palm up position, next to them. They still looked him nervously as he remained calm.

"it's ok." he said, his gentle and booming voice. "I'm not here to hurt you."

It calmed them down and pretty soon they were climbing onto his palm. Once they got on, he gently lifted them and slowly stand up to his height. Jamie held on to his neck because she didn't want to fall off. They were amazed at how gentle the resurrected pharaoh, Ramses IX was to them and smiled at him. He smiled back at them and lowered them to the ground. Once they got off, he stood up to his full height and continued to walk away from them. He turned and gently scooped Jamie from his shoulder and held her in his palm.

"They didn't take a while to trust me." he said.

"I know." Jamie said. "But, it's just that they're not used to seeing someone much bigger than their city. At least you're not hurting them."

"I never will." he said, agreeing with her.

He peered inside the office windows and the workers looked at his gentle, dark eyes and smiled. He smiled back and walked on with touring the rest of the city. Jamie has never seen the buildings from his point of view except how everyone else sees it. they stopped a few inches away from the ferry harbor leading to the Statue of Liberty, just northwest of Ellis Island. Just east of there is New Jersey.

"We're in Battery Park." Jamie said. "Most of the people are in the ferries heading to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island."

"I don't want to sit on anyone." Ramses IX said. "I don't want them getting the wrong idea of me."

"I know." Jamie said.

Fortunately no one was around and he slowly sat down. He raised her to his gigantic lips and planted a small kiss on her forehead.


Pharaoh Ramses IX broke the kiss and looked at Jamie as she planted one on his bottom lip. She stopped and smiled at him. He smiled back at her, clearly enjoying spending time with her and rubbed her face with his finger. No muggerer would dare kidnap her unless they looked forward in deal with him.

"I do enjoy being here." Jamie said.

She saw him smile and she loved it when he did, it made her happy further. She still wanted to ask him why did he kiss her non-stop a few nights ago. She really didn't mind being drenched. He looked at her knew right away she was going to ask him about that.

"You kissed me that one night." he said. "You were afraid I would be mad at you for it."

"You weren't mad." Jamie said. "You kept kissing me non-stop."

He nodded and smiled again.

"I really enjoy spending time with you." she said.

"I know." he said. "I enjoy being with you."

He cupped his hand slightly over Jamie and slowly stood up. He walked away from Battery Park. As he was walking, he noticed a man who was washing windshelds, fell off the rack. As he fell, Ramses IX looked up and held his hand out to catch the man. He looked up to see his face as the crowd cheered. It made him blush when he felt the man hug his ring finger.

"Thank you." the man said.

He nodded his head and gently lowered him to the ground and continued walking. There was a lot to look around but it has to wait as the sun began to set and they had to leave. They were able to get out of New York before it turned completely dark and headed back to the house in Trenton. Jamie didn't even want to sleep and looked towards the bathroom door. Maybe we can take a long bath she thought.

"We could both use one." Ramses said, clearly hearing her thoughts.

She looked up at him and smiled.


Jamie looked up as she felt him carry her into a nice warm bath. She wanted to snuggle near his chest but had to wait as they took off their clothes and undergarments. She felt Ramses IX step in the tub and sit down in the tub, letting his body submerge in the water. He lowered one arm next to his abs, enough for Jamie to rest on and kept his other arm on the tub. She felt good as the warm water absorbed the dirt off their bodies.

"You're relaxed aren't you." Ramses IX said.

"Yes." Jamie said, snuggling on his ab.

She felt him gently lift her up to his face.

"Turn around for a moment." he said.

Jamie turned around and felt him massage her back with one of his towering fingers and smiled.

"That feels good." Jamie said, almost falling asleep.

He chuckled slightly as he knew Jamie was enjoying the massage he was giving her. She turned around and kissed his lips. She felt him return the kiss and smiled. Ramses IX cupped his hand and Jamie near his chest and got up from the tub slowly and used his other hand to pull the plug and turned away. He then moved the hand away from his chest and faced her.

"I'll protect you, Jamie." he said. "No matter what it takes."


By next morning, Jamie got up and noticed her boyfriend still sleeping and smiled at him. She got up for her place of sleep, usually his hair and moved next to the pillow which she used to sleep on before kissing his huge lips. She picked up the Book of Eternity and continued reading from it. She needed something to do while she waited for Ramses IX to wake up.

"After all a giant pharaoh needs his sleep." Jamie said, more to herself.

She was grateful in not using his love for her own gain, especially when he interacted with everyone living in both New Jersey and New York. She just enjoyed her time with him as much as he did with her. The massage he gave her last night, it felt good and she almost fell asleep immediately. She looked towards him and noticed him opening his dark eyes. She felt him sit up on the bed and turned towards her. He lowered his hand, in the palm up position, next to her. Jamie held the book in one hand and climbed in. He lifted her to his face.

"What's wrong?" Jamie asked him.

He didn't say anything, but carressed her face with his finger. Right away she knew something was wrong. The broken power lines. she thought. Did someone else destroy that Pharaoh Ramses IX was aware of? If so, then...

"Someone has read the forbidden inscriptions." he said. "I know it wasn't you."

"I know." Jamie said. "It wasn't my father. It could be Steve or..."

"We'll find out soon." he said.

He lowered her down onto the bed and she got off. He pulled out his tunic like robe, he worn the day he met her. If it was one thing she could be scared of more than losing her own life, it would be losing the love of her life. Ramses IX looked at her and knew what she feared, because it was his nightmare. He had to fight for them because if he doesn't, everyone will killed, by his brother.

"Where are you taking me?" Jamie asked.

"Your uncle's house." He said. "I don't want the both of you killed. I'll keep my word in protecting you. I love you too much to lose you."

Jamie nodded and looked at him one last time. She wondered if he'd give her one last kiss. Fortuantely he gently lowered his hand next to her. Still holding onto the book, Jamie climbed in and he lifted her to his face.

Ch. 21

Ramses IX knew it wouldn't be right to not leave her without one last good-bye kiss. He planted one final kiss on her forehead and lowered her to his chest and gave her a one hand hug as he slowly went on his knees. This causes him to silently weep, not knowing whether he'll see Jamie again or not. He'd like to return to her, knowing she loved him and would never want to see her alone. Each tear spilled from his eyes and towards the floor.

"It's time." Ra said in his mind. "I know you love her, but you need to fight you brother. The remaining survivors of mankind will die."

Ramses IX nodded his head and stood up. He had to be strong for Jamie's sake. He retrieved his crown and and placed it on his head. He puts on his gold sandals and walked outside. He carried her and her belongings to her uncle's house. She felt him gently lower her to the ground and undid his pouch. It'll be the only thing he'll leave with her. He stood up and walked further away from the house and Trenton. He continued his way towards his brother. He noticed his evil twin trying to eat a man and his wife. Out of their protection, he pushed his twn away causing him to lose the grip the two. Ramses IX didn't waste anytime and rescued the two and lowered them to the ground.

"Get out of here now." He said. "It isn't safe for you here."

He saw them and the remaining people leave the for shelters away from New Jersey. His brother got up with a scratch on his leg. His demon wing takes its form on his back.

"Akemu." he said, clearly angry.

"Ramses." Akemu said in Ancient Egyptian dialect. "How long has it been since the last time we fought?"

He looked at his twin and knew he understood what he meant. He watched as Ramses IX sprouted out four pairs angel wings on his back. One pair of gold on top of his back and one pair of white one on his lower back.

"Over 3,000 years, Akemu." Ramses IX said in the same dialect.

"You still have the same week compassion for these morsels." Akemu said. "They're nothing more than...."

"They're humans." Ramses IX said. "They're not insects. You once tried to destroy Egypt for your own selfish reasons."

Akemu punched him across the face. He knew his own twin brother would do anything to protect humans tinier than them. What a waste of power he thought. I'd have far more use for it than my own brother would. Apparently Ramses IX heard his brother's thought and punched him in retaliation.

"You gotten soft." Akemu said. "You're trying to protect the girl. You won't succeed, I'll eat her like I did with her father."

"No you won't." Ramses IX said.

Ch. 22

Before Akemu could do anything, his black ankh was snatched away from him and destroyed by Ramses IX.

"That won't save you." Akemu shouted.

He found himself losing his eternal powers. His demon wings disappeared, causing him to lose his ability to fly. Akemu found himself a mortal giant. Ramses IX took the advantage and his angel wings sprouted. He took to the air and killed his brother off, ending his rein of terror once and for all. There was nothing left of him, no ashes and no dark thunderbolt. He looked around and noticed the once busy cities, filled with life, were destroyed by his fight with Akemu. He almost felt like crying, and didn't do so. He readied himself, knowing he'd have to restore the cities.

"They'll have their lives again." he said.

"Yes." Ra said in his head. "You'll also return to Jamie soon."

Ramses IX nodded his head and used his powers to restore the destroyed cities, from the fight. I'll come to you soon. he thought.


Jamie has been a worrying wreck since she found out what happened to her father. She hasn't left the pouch for hours worrying about whether or not he will come back to her, like he promised her. He might be dead. she thought. On the few times she did, it was either to get something to eat, drink or use the restroom. Her older brother Steve is consoling her and reassures her that Ramses IX will return to her.

"What if he doesn't come back?" Jamie asked. "I mean if..."

"He'll come back to you." Steve said. "Just calm down. You can't keep thinking he's dead."

He offered her a cigarette and she declined.

"You quit smoking." he said.

Jamie nodded her head. She started smoking due to the stress that her ex-boyfriend, Paul was putting her through in refusing to clean up after himself. She didn't even want to start up again. That landed her in the hospital the first time around.


Steve thought about Jamie's worrying and came up with a good idea. He could drive her to where the giant pharaoh, Ramses IX is and they'd have a happy reunion. He pulled at her hand and managed to get her up.

"Jamie." Steve said. "You'll never know the truth until you see it for yourself."

"Ok." Jamie said.

They headed into their uncle's truck and drove off. I just got to keep Jamie at bay. Steve thought, as he pressed the gas, slowly. It'll be tough, but if I could distract her for a moment from her worries. Oh who am I kidding? She has a right to be worried, because she doesn't know whether Pharaoh Ramses IX would come back to her or go back to being dead in his mummy form. Jamie looked at him.

"I worry about you and dad all the time." she said. "Every single day you're in Egypt. Even though I shouldn't."

"I know." Steve said. "You have a right to do so. Ashley has been in your shoes before and I made her worry more times than I shouldn't."

They stopped where Ramses IX was, sitting on the sands, near the ocean. Jamie looked at the ring of Etenity was still on his finger. She felt relieved to see him and slowly walked towards him. She looked up to see him turning around to face her. He lowered his hand next to her and she climbed in. Jamie felt him lift her up to his face. She wanted to kiss him on his mouth and never have the fear of losing him again.

"I was worried you wouldn't be here." she said.

Ramses IX lowered his finger and rubbed Jamie's back gently.

"I wouldn't leave." he said. "I didn't even want to lose you."

"We love each other." Jamie said. "I know."

He smiled and lowered his finger down. He planted a small kiss on her forehead. There was one thing that she wanted to ask him about what Akemu said to him, that really made him mad. She already heard from Steve that their dad was eaten alive. He looked at her and knew what she's going to say without asking him.

"He threatened to eat you alive." Ramses said. "after he succeeded in killing me. Like he did with your father. I made him pay for it in his death."

Ch. 24

Three weeks after the fight between Ramses IX and Akemu the people that evacuated the cities near the ocean, have recently return to find it the way it was, before they left. As life began to get back to normal, Jame looked up to him and smiled. Her patience with him is what made him love her. She noticed him still asleep on his side of the bed.

"I know you're still sleepy." she said. "It's another beautiful day."

Ramses IX opened both of his eyes and saw Jamie standing there, next to him and gently scooped her into his hand. He lifted her to his huge lips and planted small kisses on her forehead.

"I know." he said. "But I want to spend time with you, without problems."

"I agree." Jamie said. "Ever since I met you, you felt warm all the time. And somehow it warmed up the darkest spots in my life. I love you for it."

Ramses IX thought about it for a moment. Aside from being a giant, resurrected pharaoh, he's feeling more warm around her and never hungry. He loved her for being who she is.

"I love you too." he said.

They kissed for a long time. She knew he wasn't going anywhere for a while and felt more comfortable about being who he is aside form being a giant. Jamie felt him slowly get up from the bed and stands up to his full height. She felt him walk outside the house and towards the backyard. She noticed and felt him sit down on the lawn and raised her to his face. Still sitting down on his palm, Jamie stood up and planted a small kiss on his bottom lip.

"Can I tell you something?" Jamie said.

"Go ahead." Ramses IX said.

"You remembered when I resurrected you." she said. "I was expecting to be grossed out by your mummy form, walking around the city."

"It didn't happen." he said.

"No." Jamie said. "Instead you came here, a handsome man..."

She couldn't finish because she began blushing immediately. Apparently he knew what she was about say next and raised her to his huge lips and planted a small kiss on her lips. Jamie loves him and he's returned his feelings for her. For the resurrected pharaoh Ramses IX, he was stepping into his new future with her at his side.

The End