Nina's Dream Come True

by Giant30

It was Nina Harrington's first day in her new school; she had transferred from Eastbrook high to Pengrove and it was her tenth grade year. Nina was like any normal teen, other than the fact that she was only 12 inches tall, born with an unusually rare form of dwarfism.

Nina's first task was getting into her locker. The principal offered to walk her to her assigned locker; he opened it for her, set her books on the bottom shelf, but made sure she had what she needed for her first class of the day, which he walked her to as well.

As Nina walked into her biology class, she was met with stares from nearly every student in her class. But it didn't really bother her; she just shrugged it off and took her seat, which was on top of an empty desk in the front of the room so that no one in front of her would block her view.

At one point during class, she was trying to listen to the teacher's lesson, when someone threw a ball of paper at her. It hit her hard enough to knock her off balance. The teacher told the offending student to stop, but his words fell on deaf ears as Nina's antagonist kept on bugging her.

Finally, Nina had had enough. She spun around, and in her tiny little voice, she shouted, "Leave me alone!". The entire class went quiet for a moment, then all of them except the teacher broke out in hysterical laughter. Nina was so embarrassed, she asked the teacher if she could be excused. He helped her off her desk, opened the door, and let her go.

Nina ran to her locker, sat down, and began crying; never before had she been treated so cruely. It was as if she were in a bad dream and couldn't escape it. She couldn't handle going back; she sat down and began crying again.

Coming up the hall, an eleventh grader named John West was returning from the office, when he spotted Nina sitting on the floor. John was a big guy, even by normal standards, all of 6'6" and easily over 300 pounds, but all who knew him classified him as a gentle giant who didn't have an enemy in the world.

Nina was so upset and crying so hard that she didn't see John kneel down next to her. The only indication she got that told her he was there, was when she heard him ask, "Are you ok?". Nina looked up, and when she saw his look of concern, she answered with, "No, I'm not."

John stroked Nina's hair softly and replied, "You want to talk about it?" Nina shook her head and said, "No, you wouldn't understand.... nobody understands." John just softly hushed her, saying in a whisper, "I won't force you to tell me, but if you ever want to, I'll be happy to be the one to lend you an ear."

Nina just nodded and sniffled, wiping her tears away, John sat down next to her, and to his surprise, she climbed into his lap, clinging to his shirt and cried some more. John delicately held her close, trying to offer some comfort to her. Nina finally calmed down enough to look up at John and say, "Thank you; you didn't really have to do this, but I'm glad you did."

John smiled gently at Nina and replied, "It was no trouble. I saw you were upset, so I wanted to reach out and make sure you were ok, it's the least I could do." Nina blushed softly and replied, "My name is Nina, may I ask your name?"

"John, John West." he replied. Nina hopped down from John's lap, he was about to stand up when he heard Nina say, "John?". John looked to Nina with a smile and replied, "Yes?".

Nina bashfully asked, "Could I see you again sometime?".

John nodded and replied softly, "I'd like that.", and with that, he stood up, offered Nina a lift and walked her back to class to get her books.

Nina had gone all through school that day. She didn't see John anymore, but couldn't get him out of her mind. All she could do was keep thinking of him and remember how kind he was to her. She couldn't wait to tell her mother and father about him.

That night at home, Nina's mother asked her how her day was, "Not bad, but not good either." Nina answered.

"What happened?", asked her mother. Nina told her mother the story of how she had been picked on, then she told her mother about John, and how kind he was to her.

"Maybe you should invite him over, just so your father and I can meet him." her mother suggested.

"But what if you guys don't like him?", Nina asked, "You guys are always so critical about those things." she continued.

Nina's mother replied, "If you like him, then I'm sure your father and I will like him too." Nina decided to up to her room to lay down, but she couldn't go to sleep, all she could do was think about John, but soon after, sleep did catch up to her, and before she knew it, it was morning.

Nina's mother dropped her off at school, then drove off. Nina went inside and went straight to her locker, trying to flag someone down to help her get her things she needed for class, but nobody would stop to help her; that is, until John came along.

John kneeled down and smiled at Nina, "Good morning." he said in a gentle voice. Nina blushed almost instantly, "Good morning." she replied, a hint of shyness in her voice. John smiled again, then asked, "Can I help you with anything?"

Nina nodded and replied, "I need help getting into my locker." John nodded, opened Nina's locker for her, and helped her get her things before helping her get to class.

As they approached the biology classroom, Nina's biology teacher was standing in the hallway, he smiled at Nina, but then his face took a serious tone. "Nina...." he said, "I've decided to send you to a private teacher in another part of the school for my class, after what happened to you yesterday, I think it's for the best, I can't bear the thought of that happening to you again."

Nina looked to John questioningly. John nodded in agreement with her teacher, "I think that's a good idea Nina, I wouldn't want to see anything happen to you either." Nina nodded, and then John carried her to her new classroom, and that's where something even Nina didn't expect took place.

As they entered the room, Nina noticed that there was only one desk, a very small one right in the middle of the room that was just perfect for her to sit at. John knelt down and gently placed Nina on the floor, then she took her seat, soon she found John sitting on the floor before her indian style.

Nina looked at John confused, "Aren't you going to be late for class?" she asked. John shook his head, "Nope, I'm already here."

Nina was more confused than ever, "You mean you're teaching me?" she asked curiously, "Yes I am." John replied.

Nina couldn't believe this; this was all like a dream come true for her-- the guy she liked teaching her? Who would have thought things would work out the way they did? Nina looked up at John and asked him, "How did you manage to talk the school into letting you teach me?"

John smiled and replied, "I'm ahead of my whole class, which means I get special privileges like this." Nina finally caught on and nodded, John took out Nina's biology book and started to look through it, "You're studying micro organisms, right?" he asked.

Nina nodded again, "Yes we are, but John, before we start, can I talk to you?"

John looked back to Nina, starting to look concerned, "Is everything OK?" he asked.
Nina replied, "Yes, I just want to know what it is you like about me?" her voice sounding a little shy.

John smiled, "Well, let's see, you're sweet, you're easy to talk to, fun to be with.... I could go on and on with what I like about you Nina."

She looked at John and asked, "My small size doesn't bother you?"

John was surprised at her question, "Why would it?" he asked.

Nina sighed a little, "Why can't everybody else see me the same way you do?" John couldn't help but feel sorry for Nina, "Some people are just cruel sweetie." he replied softly. Nina's face saddened, "You, my mom, my dad, and my friend Gia, are all I have, I don't know what it's like to have many friends."

John stroked Nina's little cheek, "We'll have to fix that then, won't we?"

Nina got up from her chair and ran to John, leaping into his arms, "You're a sweet guy John, thank you for everything you've done, I love you."

And to Nina's surprise, that's when she heard John say the words she had hoped she would hear, "I love you too Nina." he whispered.

Nina and John had spent so much time talking, that class had ended, and it was time for Nina to go to lunch. John, being the gentleman he was, walked Nina to her locker, where her friend Gia was standing, waiting for her. John placed Nina on the floor, gave her a gentle hug, and said, "I'll see you after school Nina.", Nina nodded to John and he left.

Gia looked to Nina in surprise, "John West?" she questioned, "How did you end up hooking up with him? not that it's a bad thing."

Nina looked to Gia, "He's been helping me deal with some problems, he's been really sweet to me..... I.... I really like him."

"Are you gonna ask him out?" Gia asked.

"I want to..." Nina replied, "But I don't know; he did tell me he loved me, but I think he just meant that as a friend."

Gia thought for a moment, "The school dance is coming up, ask him and see if he'll go with you, you never know until you try."

Nina thought for a moment, she was about to tell Gia something, but then the bell rang, "I gotta go."

Gia said, "Call me and tell me how it goes." Nina began to think for a moment, what if she did ask John to the dance? would he go with her? would she only be setting herself up for rejection? So many questions ran through her mind, she just hoped John would have the answer she wanted to hear.

The end of the day had finally come. Nina was running through the hallway looking for John. Finally she came to her locker and found him standing there waiting for her. John smiled down at Nina, then knelt down to meet her, "Hey Nina, ready to get your things so you can go home?" Nina nodded, and John opened her locker to help her with her things.

As John helped Nina, he couldn't help but notice that she seemed to not be herself. He thought at first that it was just his imagination, but then he saw the uncertainty on her face, "Nina? is something wrong?" he asked. Nina looked up at John and shook her head, but he knew something was wrong.

John knelt down again, "Nina, come on now sweetie, this is me you're talking to, you can tell me." Nina again just shook her head, then a tear began streaming down her cheek. John stroked her cheek to wipe the tear away, "Nina, I know something's bothering you, please tell me." he whispered.

Nina looked up at John, "Nothing's bothering me, I just......" she hesitated.

John asked, "You just what?", his voice very patient.

Nina looked up at John, "You'll just say no....." she continued. John began to chuckle, "How can I say no if I don't know what it is you want to tell me?"

Nina sighed, "I was going to ask you if you'd go to the school dance with me.... but you probably already have a date."

John smiled and replied, "Well, it just so happens I don't have a date, and I was planning to go....." then he hesitated, with Nina wondering what he'd say next.

Finally John continued, "I'd love to go with you Nina, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather go with." When Nina heard this, her face beamed with so much happiness she could have blinded a person if they looked at her, she jumped into John's arms and hugged him as tight as she could.

John returned Nina's hug gently and smiled at her, "You thought I was going to say no, didn't you?"

Nina replied, "Yeah, I don't know why I was nervous about asking you, you and I get along so well, but still...... the thought of being rejected........"

John held Nina close, "I would never do anything like that to you Nina." he whispered, "I don't do that to my friends..... I especially don't do that to someone I really like."

Nina and John walked down the hall to the front of the school and went outside. Nina's mom was already outside in the car waiting for her. John opened the car door, and again, like the gentleman he was, helped Nina get in. Nina just couldn't wait to get home so she could call Gia.

to be continued
(Added 7/5/06):

As Nina made herself comfortable in the car seat and buckled in, her mother couldn't help but notice the big smile on her face.

"Alright Nina, why the big grin?" her mother asked.

"John is taking me to the school dance! I can't wait, mom! I've liked him ever since we met a few days ago; he's so sweet to me, and so gentle for someone as big as he is," Nina answered.

"That's wonderful, honey!," replied her mother, "Now we need to get to the store to buy you the perfect dress for the dance."

Nina and her mother soon arrived home, her father had already gotten dinner prepared and had it waiting on the table. However, Nina was too excited to eat, she quickly rushed to her room to call Gia.

"Gia, this is Nina!" she said excitedly, "Guess who I'm going to the dance with!"

Gia answered, "Oh my gosh! John said he'd go with you? that's great Nina! I hope you guys have fun, John really must be important to you, isn't he?"

"He is, Gia." Nina answered, "I love him so much, I wonder if I should ask him to go steady?"

"Let him ask you Nina." Gia replied, "When and if he's ready, he'll tell you, just have fun being friends right now, don't rush into things too quickly."

Nina saw Gia's point and agreed, all she could think about though, was being with John, she loved being with him because he made her feel so safe. Meanwhile, back at his house, John too was having problems getting Nina off his mind. A pal of his had stopped by his house to talk to him, John had told his pal Brian that he was taking Nina to the dance.

"So, you're taking Nina Harrington to the dance are ya?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, we met by her locker a few days ago. She's a real sweetheart." John replied.

"I heard what happend to her." continued Brian, "It's a shame people have to be that cruel to someone just because they're different, you'll have to introduce me to her at the dance."

"Only if you promise not to make fun of her." requested John, "She's very special to me, I want her to feel loved and appreciated by people."

Brian seemed shocked at John's comment, "When have I ever made fun of your friends John?" he asked, "You've known me for five years man, I'd never make fun of Nina, or anyone else."

"I'm sorry." John said apologetically, "I just really care about Nina, I don't want anyone to hurt her.... in fact, I think I'm in love with her."

Brian patted John on the back and smiled, "John, you're heart's as big as you are buddy, I know you love Nina, and if anyone can take good care of her, I know you can man, because that's what makes you such a great guy, and a perfect match for her."

John smiled at Brian, "Thanks man, I needed to hear that, I think I'm going to get a lot of ribbing for going to the dance with Nina, but I don't care. I love Nina, and I want to be with her."

Brian smiled, "Then that's all that matters John, if you love her and want to be with her, that's what's important. Go with your instincts, man; do what you think is right." Brian checked his watch, "I gotta get home, I promised mom I'd help take care of the dog, I'll see you at school tomorrow bro."

John nodded, "Take care Brian, and hey, thanks for being on my side with this, I want to make this thing with Nina work."

"It will." replied Brian, "Just go with what you know in your heart is right, man, and all will work out in the end." Brian waved and left to go home.

That night, both Nina and John lay in their own beds, wondering just how their first time together would go, both unaware that they had the same feelings for one another, though at the dance, they would find out that their bond would be a match made in heaven.

Added 7/6/06:
The next morning, Nina awoke and got dressed as she normally did, went downstairs and ate her breakfast; she was about to sit down to watch TV when the phone rang.

Nina's mother walked in, "Nina, it's for you, it's John."

Nina ran to her room to pick it up, "OK mom, I got it!" she yelled to her mother. Her mother hung up the phone and she put the receiver to her ear, "Hello?"

John's voice came over the other end, "Nina? is there any way we can meet before the dance? I want to see you, I have something I want to say."

"Sure!" said Nina, "Come on over to my place, we can either go to my room to talk, or we can go to a more private spot.... is everything ok?"

"Yeah, everything's fine." John assured her, "I just.... I want to be with you."

"I'll be here waiting for you John." Nina said, "I'll see you when you get here."

"Alright, I'll be there in about ten minutes." John replied.

Nina hung up the phone and went downstairs to tell her mother she was going out, "Mom, John's coming over to take me out, he said he needs to talk to me."

"Is he ok?" Nina's mother asked.

"He says he is." Nina answered, "I just hope he's not lying to me, if something's wrong, I'd rather he tell me."

"Well, I'm sure he's fine sweetie, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." her mother assured her.

The ten minutes flew by, and there was a knock at the door. Nina's mother answered it, and John was standing in the doorway.

"Nice to see you John, come on in." Nina's mother said politely.

"Thank you." John answered, he looked around for Nina, who came running right up to him, John knelt down to greet her, "Hi sweetie, ready to go?"

"I'm ready to go anywhere with you John." Nina said happily

John carefully picked Nina up in his large arms; she looked so tiny compared to him, he turned to Nina's mother and asked, "Is it ok if I just take her on to the dance, then bring her back when it's over?"

"Sure!" her mother answered, "Just have her back by eleven."

"Will do." John answered with a smile.

With that, John carried Nina to his truck, where he helped her get in and get buckled up. Nina couldn't help but wonder what it was John wanted to tell her, though she hoped it was nothing bad.

As they began their journey, John spoke, "Nina, I have something to tell you, and I hope I'm not too forward about this, but......" he hesitated.

Nina looked to John, "What is it John? Please tell me, is everything ok?"

John assured her, "Yes, everything's fine, it's just.... I can't find the right words to tell you this......." he hesitated again.

"John, whatever it is, please tell me, you're starting to scare me." Nina said worriedly, "You're not having second thoughts about going with me to the dance..... are you?"

"No! not at all!" John assured her, "You and I are going together no matter what, it's something else that I just can't find the right words to say." John said.

Nina breathed a sigh of relief, "John, whatever it is, you can tell me, we've told each other everything.... just please tell me what it is you want to tell me."

John finally mustered up the courage to say what it was he wanted to tell Nina, "I'm in love with you Nina...... I have been since the day we met."

When Nina heard this, her face lit up with joy, "Oh John! you mean it?" she said happily.

"Yes Nina, I do mean it." he added, "All I've ever wanted to do for you is care for you, and make sure no one ever hurts you... I can't stand the thought of being away from you, I love you so much Nina." his voice quivering as if he were about to cry.

Nina was totally blown away by this, but she was also very happy at the same time.

"I love you too John." she said softly, "I've wanted to be with you from the moment we met also, I feel very safe with you, no one I've ever met has made me as happy as you have."

John soon pulled into the spot he wanted to take Nina, it was by a beautiful lake with a large oak tree, the field had dozens of beautiful flowers scattered about, a swan was seen swimming in the lake, passing by as Nina and John got out of the truck.

John carried Nina to a spot under the tree and gently placed her on the ground, then sat down beside her. He plucked a flower from the ground and handed it to her.

"A flower to the most beautiful flower of all." he whispered with a smile.

Nina blushed shyly and took the flower, placing it in her hair, then she climbed into John's lap, where he softly held her tiny body close to his. Nina sank into his embrace, just enjoying the most unforgettable moment with her new boyfriend.

Before they knew it, it was nearing time for the dance.

conclusion, added 7/8/06.

Nina and John soon arrived at the school; as they went in, they were met by Brian and his date Sonya. Brian looked down and saw Nina, and just smiled at her, but when she saw Brian, she hid herself behind John.

"It's ok Nina." said Brian, "I won't be mean, I promise."

Nina wasn't too sure about it. She looked up at John questioningly, but John assured her that Brian was a friend, so she approached him, but slowly. As Nina approached, Brian knealt down to meet her.

"You look very pretty tonight Nina. John's a lucky guy to be with you."

Nina blushed a little, even acting a little too bashful to reply. Brian's date Sonya just smiled at Nina's actions, but not in a way that was making fun of her. As they entered the cafeteria where the dance was being held, John was carrying Nina in his arm, when the trouble started.

A guy that John knew was notorious for being a smart-alec walked up to John and started laughing.

"You couldn't get a real date, so you brought a doll?" he said cruelly

John set Nina down, who ran off from embarrassment, then he turned to the guy who made the comment and grabbed him by the front of his tuxedo jacket. A look of pure anger crossed John's face.

"She happens to be my girlfriend, who is a real person, which is more than I can say for you. A real person wouldn't make fun of someone for being different, but I guess you don't know any better. If you don't leave Nina alone, I'll make you wish you had never shown up here!"

John threw the guy to the ground, who ran off, then he turned to find Nina, but she was nowhere in sight. John, Sonya and Brian hunted all over the school; they finally found Nina in the hall by herself, clear at the other end of the school. She was crying hard.

John got down beside Nina, who ran to him and jumped in his arms, still crying.

"I'm so sorry about this Nina, I never meant for this to happen." John whispered

"I hate it when people make fun of me!" Nina sobbed, "Why can't I just be normal?"

John did his best to comfort Nina. Brian and Sonya also stayed with them. Sonya also felt bad for Nina, not realizing how bad Nina's problems were until seeing what took place.

"I'll be right back." Sonya said, "I need to go find Rachel; she came with the guy who made fun of Nina."

With that, Sonya went to hunt down her friend Rachel; in the meantime, Brian and John stayed with Nina until she felt better. After she had calmed down, they returned to the dance just in time to see Rachel slap her date and leave the school, but not before she came over, and apologized to Nina.

As the evening wore on, John and Nina danced, they talked, and had a wonderful time, they hadn't done a slowdance yet, which is what Nina wanted to do more than anything, but they usually saved those for the last one of the night.

Nina and John were about to begin talking, when the DJ announced the last dance of the evening. The dance floor got crowded really quick, and Nina didn't think John would want to dance on such a crowded floor, but then she heard what she had been hoping to hear.

"Nina, would you dance with me?" John asked.

"I'd love to!" Nina answered excitedly.

John gently picked Nina up and carried her to the dance floor, he held her in his arms closely, but not too tight. Nina enjoyed the feeling of John's large arms holding her, she rested her head on his shoulder while they danced, John's dancing was slow and gentle.

After the song was over, John and Nina looked into each other's eyes, and with neither one of them expecting it to happen, they shared their first kiss. Nina blushed after the kiss and giggled cutely, John just smiled at her, then carried her outside to his truck so they could go home.

As they arrived at Nina's house, John walked her to her door, then knealt down so they could talk.

"I had a great time tonight Nina, I'd like to go out with you again sometime."

"I had fun too John." Nina replied, "You made this a night I'll never forget."

John smiled at Nina, stroking her cheek softly before leaning down to give her one last kiss. Nina blushed again after the kiss, but she smiled too, which let John know that kissing her didn't bother her at all.

"I'll see you tomorrow sweetie." John said, "I love you."

"I love you too John." Nina answered.

With that, John waited until Nina's mother let her into the house, then once he knew she was safely inside, he got in his truck and left to go home.

Nina told her mother all about her date with John and how much fun she had. She told her everything from the slowdance, to her first kiss shared with John. Her mother was so happy that she had found someone that loved her, and hoped that things would work out between them.

That's exactly what happened. Nina and John are married now, they have two adopted children and live in a house specialy built for Nina, with everything down low where she needs it. John is a good husband and a good father, who helps out with the housework whenever he is needed.

It just goes to show, true love can blossom for anyone, no matter what size, shape or color you are. All you have to do is believe it can happen, and anything will be possible, just ask Nina and she'll tell you first hand how it happened for her.