The Mountain Sized Teen

by John

It's Brian's 16th birthday and he is hanging out with his best friend Greg. They meet each other at Brian's house and get on their bikes. Brian wants to show Greg an old cave he found deep in the woods. When they got there they entered the cave and went exploring. They came across an opening at the back of the cave which led into a large temple room that had writing on its walls.

There also was a fountain that had statues on it. One of an angel, and one of a demon which had a bowl of water into it. Greg ran over to the fountain, opened his mouth and took in as much of the water as he could. "I wouldn't be drinking that if I was you, Greg," said Brian.

"Don't worry, Brian I feel fine."

Brian looked back at Greg with a look of awe in his face, staring with amazement in his eyes. Then Greg's shirt seams began tearing apart as his chest expanded. It then ripped apart and fell to the floor. "What's happening to me?," cried Greg. Then his feet expanded out of his shoes and socks revealing his bare feet.
"I'm growing," yelled Greg.

He panicked and slipped on a small puddle of water surrounding the fountain, and Greg fell backwards. His head landed hard on the edge of the fountain, knocking him unconscious, while more of the fountain's water poured on him from the demon's bowl. His body was now gaining size at a greater pace. Brian tried to help Greg, but realized that he was now too small compared to him to do anything. He watched in awe as Greg became an incredible giant.

The fountain began to crack underneath Greg, and the floor began to sink beneath the monumental weight. Greg seemed to be sinking deeper and deeper into the ground as his body continued to expand. Greg's feet now reached the side of the cavern where the exit lay, and still pushed out longer, forming cracks on the wall and pressing his head further in the opposite direction. He now overwhelmed the fountain with his enormous torso and it was swallowed underneath him. As Greg continued his incredible spurt, he sank further into the ground, with the remaining scrolls rolling onto various portions of his body.

The walls began to tremble and Brian realized the danger was growing along with Greg. Parts of the cave ceiling were now falling, smashing on Greg's titan size body. "I better get some help for Greg" thought Brian.

He Then ran towards the exit, avoiding all the falling debris, and was able to squeeze in next to Greg's immense ankle to escape the collapsing temple. Arriving back outside Brian noticed that the ground was shaking everywhere, and it seemed to be rising. It was like an immeasurable earthquake.

Everything seemed to be shaking, ready to give way beneath Brian. He quickly sprinted towards his bike and began biking as fast as he could. He then noticed flesh colored skin appearing under beneath his bike tires. Brian then tried to avoid a large rock in the middle of the road but hit it causing him to fall off his bike. He then got to his feet and walked over to the rock, but it looked different-- it was soft. "Rocks aren't soft, they're hard," thought Brian. He then realized that it wasn't a rock but his friends still expanding nipple. Which could only mean that his friend was still growing in size.

About a mile or so away a teenager was washing his car when he noticed in the distance the ground was rising quickly, as what appeared to be two huge feet bursting from the floor. The ground exploded as Greg's gargantuan feet rose from the floor, as well as the rest of his magnifying body. Slowly the rest of Greg began to appear from the ground, still laying out unconscious.

The teenager watched in awe as Greg's body finally approached his final size, somewhere well beyond the multiple mile long and wide range. Greg's all engulfing body seemed to go on forever in length and height, as he remained on the ground, still unconscious.

Brian stood there amazed at how long his friends body stretched-- for miles in ether direction. He didn't now what to do then he remembered the scroll. He reached into his backpack and pulled it out. Alone the scroll made no sense, but with the current situation, it was crystal clear. "TO STOP THE MONSTER..." was the translation. "That's it, all I have to do is find the other scrolls!!!" Just then he remembered where he had last seen them. They were on top of Greg as he sank into the ground earlier.

Brian was close to where he remembered seeing two of the scrolls land. Brian craned her head back and looked up at the mega nipple before him. Greg's nipple looked like a large nuclear plant. Brian knew he had to climb Greg's nipple to reach the scroll which laded on top of it. He begain to climb the mega nipple and was soon atop the mighty nipple, seeing hundreds of feet of plain nipple flesh. Then, dangerously near the end of the nipple terrain, Brian spotted one of the scrolls.

He jumped toward the scroll, and could see the floor descending beneath him as Greg took a breath. Reaching out he barely grabbed it by its tip, and quickly placed the scroll in his backpack. Now he looked towards his next destination Greg's chin, which was separated from his current position by seemingly endless miles of flesh.

Then without warning Greg's whole body shock causing Brian to lose his footing and fell off the nipple edge. He landed on the soft flesh of Greg's chest. Brian got back to his feet and stopped his bike. He got on it and began biking towards his next destination, Greg's neck. When he reached the base of Greg's neck he got off his bike.

Greg's chin towered like a tall skyscraper. Brian then noticed pieces of hair sticking out from the large wall of skin. Brian used the hairs to climb up Greg's chin and after fifteen minutes of climbing Brian finally reached the center of Greg's chin. He spotted the scroll and picked it up. He then read the scroll which read, "Youth that is pure will rise up like a mountain".

Just then Brian began to grow bigger at a slow but steady rate. Slowly his mountainous friend began to look smaller and smaller. He then read the other scroll which readed "Only the stones of the earth can stop the monster." Brian then remembered the two stones he picked up in the cave. He took them out of his backpack but dropped one.

It rolled until it landed in Greg's belly button. As Brian ran after it he held the other stone in his hand. Which caused Brian to shrink back to normal size. By the time he reached Greg's belly button the stone inside was taking effect. The stone was making Greg's body grow bigger in size.

The teenager was now leaning against his car shocked at what he was seeing. He watched as the already mountain sized teenager before him grew and grew. But had no idea that there was someone on top of the mountainous teenager.

Brian then began to cry wishing he had never taken Greg to the cave. He felt that he woud never find away of stopping Greg's growth and shrinking him back to his normal size. As Brian cried he dropped the stone and it landed on Greg's body. Now with the black stone touching Greg, he quickly started to shrink. He quickly went from city size, to town size, to neighborhood size, and soon enough he was slightly above human size.

Brian had jumped off of Greg's shrinking body along with the stones. He dropped the stones on the ground and walked over to Greg who was begining to wake up. "What happened?" asked Greg.

The End