The Missing People

by Shrinkingman

rated PG

...this is kind of a story idea I once worked out and am trying again. It's not the most pleasant story compared to my other "goodie two shoes" stuff, and may seem gross at times but "it's just a story..."

He was evil. And a genius. While he only stood 55 inches tall and had spent 11 summers on this Earth, the boy could do amazing things..and not good ones.

People go missing all the time. Some are found alive, some dead. And some are never, ever found. Nobody would suspect that an 11 year old boy made them disappear...

His name was Mike Tradicot and he invented a device to shrink people--those he knew, and those he didn't know.

There was the bully who used to beat him up at school, until the day when he zapped him when they were both in the boys' room. The bully was just about to punch Mike when he suddenly noticed that what he was about to punch was not an 11 year old boy, but an 11 year old boy's...sneakers. They were over 6 times as long as he was tall. The bully went to run but found himself being picked up by Mike's thumb and forefinger.

The bully was being held upside down above one of the toilets. A pond of water was far below him; one of the boy's sneakers fell off and landed with a splash below. He screamed for mercy but it was of no use--in a second he found he'd been dropped down into the water. The bully swam around and tried to find a way out; suddenly he could feel a strange liquid blending with the water. A yellow liquid! Before he could react, he saw Mike's huge hand reach over to--

With a loud flush, the bully was caught in a maelstrom of retreating water and his soon-to-be-lifeless body headed for the outlet pipe.

--Was it an Ipod? A cellphone? It was some kind of device, and by the time Mike pointed it at you, it was too late.--

A stranger met a sad fate--looked like a college boy who wasn't looking and collided with Mike on the street one day. He apologized but Mike was plenty mad. Suddenly the college boy was an inch or so tall, and being put in a prescription drug bottle Mike had in his shirt pocket. There was only so much air in there, and the young man tried to get out as best he could. Suddenly he saw the boy's giant fingers were opening the bottle and he was being taken out--and attached to Mike's socked foot. Scotch tape a couple shirt pins did the trick. Then Mike took one of his sneakers and stepped into it.

The college boy felt tons of weight come down on him. Bones broke, vital arteries severed. Mike yelped briefly, as one of the pins went through the sock. He peeled off the victim's body and went over to his back porch where he heaved it away. 19 year old Brendan Cooper would not show up for his American Lit class the next day, or ever again.

One of his teachers got shrunk and fed to the neighbor's cat. A seven year old boy was reduced to a couple inches tall, and Mike at least showed him some mercy. He shrank the kid but did not torture or kill him. Mike noticed the boy was walking alone and zapped him, then ran away; the second grader somehow got back into his house and got the attention of his parents, who now were faced with having a son that would be thumb-sized for the rest of his life.

And then there was Mike's biological Dad. He had divorced his mom a year or two back; his mom later remarried but his Dad still came by to visit once in awhile. He hated his Dad, and likes his "new" dad better because the new Dad didn't yell at him or slap him when he did wrong.

So one day when Mike's biological father came by to visit, the boy zapped him to an inch or two in height, and put a special operation on the zapper: the victim would gradually shrink to a smaller size. Mike was eating some chips and French onion dip; he then grabbed his shrunken father and put him in his mouth.

The man was shocked enough to be thumb sized, but it was even worse now: he felt his son's tongue and teeth all around him and he tried to escape. But in vain. Imagine, the boy that wouldn't have existed if not for him and his first wife! And now...

A swig of soda helped to wash the man down Mike's throat and into his digestive system. The victim got slightly smaller as he headed for his final destination--and he was conscious enough to the very end:

Mike's "real" dad was soon consumed and eaten away by his son's stomach acid.


So when you hear about people who go "missing", think about this: a kid may have been responsible, a kid who responded to his dad's mistreatment of him by doing the same to others.

Who will his next victim be?