A Little Crush?

A Little Crush?

Amanda sat in her chair staring at the computer monitor boredly. From time to time she moved her mouse and clicked aimlessly through websites. She sighed sadly and found herself scanning through chatrooms looking for anything or anyone interesting.

The hours seemed to blend on into the night and she soon grew weary. But just as she was about to nod off to sleep her instant messenger beeped. Blearily she answered. Opening up the message window she was greeted with "Want to talk?". A smile formed on her lips and before she knew it, she was in deep conversation with a stranger.

For once it didn't really mater to her how he had gotten her messenger ID or why. He said his name was Drew Evans and he lived about an hour or two away from Amanda. Jokes were passed back and forth for hours between the two and finally Amanda had to retire for the evening.

The next day was dull enough; Amanda was out on the job hunt around town. She stopped at several banks and dropped off her resume' and did a few interviews. Silently she was cursing herself.

Why couldn't she live in a community where computer skills were actually viable? She drove home in her plain white car down trodden at her lack of options. A small brown cocker spaniel leapt up at her as she entered the door.

"Hello Buddy" she quipped to him. The dog's stubbed tail wagged furiously and he danced around with his favorite teddy bear dangling from his mouth. Amanda couldn't help but smile at her furry friend.

Buddy kept pace with his master as she roamed around cleaning the house and preparing their dinner. The house wasn't a big one, in fact it was rather small by most standards. But it was big enough for Amanda and Buddy.

Fumbling around with utensils and bowls Amanda prepared a light dinner of pasta with Buddy watching hungrily at her feet.

"You're not getting any of this" Amanda warned. But the cocker spaniel unleashed a pair of dark brown soulful eyes up at her.

"I mean it, your getting too fat!" Amanda chuckled. Buddy whined cutely and rolled around on the floor.

It wasn't long before Amanda was sitting at the kitchen table eating her pasta and Buddy was at his bowl.. devouring HIS pasta. Smiling to herself Amanda watched her friend eat and found herself rolling her noodles around on her plate not feeling very hungry.

Sighing she scraped off the rest her meal into the cocker's bowl whom hungrily wolfed it down. Amanda plopped down on her second hand couch and picked up a book she had been reading King Arthur and His Knights.

"Another bland day" she muttered to herself dropping the book onto the cushion beside her. Her cocker spaniel jumped up on the couch and curled up next to her looking very sleepy. She ruffled the fur on his forehead and got up once more heading towards her computer chair.

Sitting at the desk she began to surf through websites she liked to read. On shrinkingman's Giant/Tiny person website she found Timothy had posted the beginnings of a new story and found herself reading it quietly. Coming to the end she shrugged to herself. "Steve and his shrinkees at it again!" she chuckled. Keeping the newest chapter open she flipped on her messenger to find Drew online.

Amanda: Hey Drew.. you ever read any of the Shrinkese Stories by Timothy?
Drew: The what?
Amanda: Oh he's a writer on a website I like to read they have some pretty good stories but they are all about shrinking or Giants.
Drew: Oh want to give me the url ? ^_^ Sounds interesting
Amanda sent Drew the website address and began to quietly wait while he started to read the stories. Soon she found herself yawning wondering if Drew was EVER going to finish and get back to talking to her.

Hours dragged by slowly and Amanda nearly fell asleep in her chair. Finally Drew messaged back saying he had really enjoyed the website and was surprised by her interest in it.

So as the night continued on they shared what they felt were the best stories on the website, Amanda's favorite being a tie between Paclua Oideo and Vega of Loas by Micromegas. Drew seemed in favor of Little Friends by Bookguy but was very disappointed that it had remained unfinished.

Their conversations lingered briefly on the stories and their own whimsical ideas for some and then abruptly turned to computer games. Soon after their night came to a close and Amanda scuttled off to bed once more.

Weeks drifted by aimlessly with Amanda now working during the day at a local bank as a teller, and spending her evenings talking to Drew. Slowly she was growing fond of Drew's albeit rather brief existence in her day-to-day life. So it was of no great surprise that when he asked her to come north for lunch she didn't hesitate in saying yes.

It was a long drive and Amanda had brought Buddy along to meet her mysterious pen pal Drew. Buddy pawed around at the windows watching cars blaze by on the freeway. All the while a deep nagging feeling ate away at Amanda. Was this wise? What if he was a stalker or a murderer? Her thoughts shifted to all the stories she had seen on the news where young girls were lured somewhere by internet contacts.

Arriving at the small diner in Spokane didn't make her feel any better. She sat quietly in the booth waiting and wondering when her mystery friend would make his presence known. And if he did… would he be the same joyful young man she had shared so many conversations with.

Doubt got the better of Amanda and she found herself gathering up her things and jumping out of the booth starting to leave, when she slammed right into a young man. He was about 5'9" medium build with dark short hair. His brown eyes blinked her a moment and caught her before she tumbled over. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Yah Yah I'm fine" She muttered gruffly brushing herself off "Sorry to run into you like that I'm usually not such a klutz" The young man reached up and scratched the top of his head looking her over oddly. "You are Amanda aren't you?" He said with a chuckle. She sighed and nodded. "And you must be the infamous Drew" she quipped back. "I'm afraid you caught me in the act.. I was about to chicken out of our meeting.." Amanda confessed. Drew smiled "Well, You got this far and your still here." Slowly he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and directed her back towards the booth. "Will you join me for lunch anyway?" He said with a smile. Blushing brightly Amanda nodded and plopped back down in her seat. They enjoyed a brief meal discussing things just like they would have on their messenger and slowly Amanda began to loosen up. Lunch soon ran on into dinner as the endless chattel between the two continued. The more they spoke the more Amanda knew she really liked this man. Abruptly her eyes got wide when the waitress mentioned the Doggie bag and she fled outside to check on Buddy. The cocker was lounging in the passenger's seat cuddled up with his teddy bear oblivious to the world. Amanda chuckled at the sight of him. "Well at least you're alright." She whispered to her dog. "Did I say something wrong?" Came a voice from behind her. She swiveled around to see Drew walking across the parking lot towards her. "That had to be the fastest exit I've seen in a long time, didn't want to be there for the bill?" He chuckled. "Oh I'm sorry Drew, how much do I owe you? I was just checking on my dog I forgot I left him out here." Amanda apologized. Drew smiled at her warmly and said "How about some more of your company?" Amanda smiled and then frowned. "I'm afraid I have to be getting back I have work in the morning. It's been really nice meeting you though" Amanda said sadly. Drew's bright smile disappeared and he sighed. "Can't work wait? We were just getting to know one another?" Amanda shook her head. "Maybe we can get together another time, in a few weeks or so?" Drew fingered something hanging on his side it looked like a camera. "Well.. Can I get a picture of you and Buddy before you go?" He said with a stutter. Amanda shrugged and then nodded " Alright where do you want us?" "How about you get in the car with Buddy and you both face me, so I can have a picture of you coming back to see me" He said forcing a smile. "Alright" she answered and slides into her seat on the car. She waved at him from her seat and gave Buddy a few shakes to wake him up. Soon they were both looking out the windshield at Drew, Amanda waving and Buddy barking. Drew aimed the camera like machine at them and Yelled "Say Cheese!" -FLASH- The world spiraled in the blinding light, Buddy yelped in surprise. Soon the light was gone and all was dark. Amanda slipped into unconsciousness. Hours later Amanda awoke in her car with a horrible headache. She unbuckled her seat belt and rubbed her temples. She groaned at the pain and looked over to find Buddy snoring loudly in the back seat. Looking out the window she could see a large flat plateau, white with odd speckles. She decided it must be some strange sort of parking lot. "Where the heck am I" she called to no one in particular. Not wanting to stick around she turned the key and revved up her car. Slowly she put it into gear and started to drive. THUD. Something hit the roof and the car's tired began to squeal. The wheels were turning but they were getting nowhere fast. Grudgingly she put the car in park and turned off the ignition. She popped open her door and hopped out onto the strange flat surface. She began to circle around her car trying to find the cause of her problem… when she looked up. High above her, standing like a mountain was Drew. A huge smile broke across his face as he looked down at her. " I see your finally awake!" He bellowed. Amanda let out a shrill yell and found herself backpedaling in fear. It's a dream… bad dream she said to herself. "Now now my little one I wont hurt you…" Drew continued reaching his giant hand down towards her. Unable to handle the giant fingers coming towards her Amanda bolted around the car running for the door. A gigantic index finger slammed down between the doorway and her. "Its alright Amanda" Drew cooed. "I wont let anything happen to you." Amanda yelped and hopped backwards on to something warm and soft. She turned to see herself leaned up against another giant finger. Panicked she began to scramble away when Drew's thumb shoved her back against the finger pinning her. The pressure wasn't terribly painful but there was no hope of wriggling free. Amanda squirmed anyway hoping to break free of this nightmare. She felt the ground disappear beneath her feet as she was lifted off the ground and up towards the enormous face. "Put me DOWN!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Drew held her pinned between his thumb and forefinger inspecting her. He then dropped her into his other palm and began to move her around with his finger. "Why?" He asked brushing her long dark hair with his finger. Panting she tried to dodge away from the enormous fingers that were prodding her. "Please stop it!" She yelled. The giant fingers curved above her and he brought her close to his face. "Your alright Amanda, I'm just going to take care of you now. Now you can always be with me, wont that be great? We will have such great times together my tiny friend." A giant fingertip roughly patted the top of her head. "Please Drew don't do this to me!" She yelled. But he continued oblivious to her calls petting her hair like some treasured pet. He rose some his seat to a dizzying height and Amanda looked down to where her now tiny car was. On the countertop in what appeared to be Drew's kitchen. Using a finger he closed the open door of the car and then crossed into the kitchen. "I don't really have a good place made up for you yet my tiny Amanda. But no worries I will have one soon, until then I am afraid I am going to have to keep you someplace out of harms way." Drew rumbled as he opened up the pantry. Amanda's heart sank when she saw him reach for a large empty jar. Slamming her fists against his mammoth fingers she yelled and squirmed. Abruptly she found herself sliding down a glass wall inside the jar and thudding down into the bottom. She looked up to see Drew's smiling face. "You will be safe in there until I can make you a proper little home my pet. And don't worry I haven't forgotten your pooch." The world seemed to quake as the jar was settled on to the counter and Amanda's car came into view along with a giant hand holding it securely. The passenger door was opened and the car tilted on its side until something brown slide out into the massive hand. "I've never had a dog" she heard Drew mutter. "I suppose he would make a fine first." Pressing herself up against her glass prison she watched as Drew crossed the linoleum floor and sat a miniscule Buddy down. He aimed his odd Camera device at the shrunken dog and within a moment the dog exploded back to its normal size. And then it collapsed once more on the floor asleep. She looked on in shock at her dog, her small little dog whom she had been able to pick up only yesterday and wrestled with. Now she worried her own pet might mistake her for a meal. Drew patted the dog and then smiled over at the jar. "Don't worry my little prize he wont be making a meal out of you." He walked back over and tilted the jar so she tumbled out into his waiting palm. Giant fingers ran down Amanda's back petting her like some strange pet. "Please Drew just let me go" She yelled up at him. "Let you go?" He chuckled. "What so you can get stepped on? Oh No nothing going to happen to my sweet little one. You are mine now." For emphasis he curved his fingers of his palm obscuring her vision completely. At the moment the doorbell rang. Drew tilted his hand around and dropped Amanda unceremoniously into his shirt pocket. She squirmed around inside trying to climb out but she was too small to climb out. But she continued to struggle and let out calls for help, which came out only as muffled squeaks. She could barely make out the conversation between the two giants; the visitor was apparently a coworker of Drew's and was trying to talk Drew into letting him stay the night. Drew straightened his shirt bouncing Amanda's around helplessly in his pocket until she became silent. Finally Drew got his coworker to leave and Amanda could hear the giant door slam shut.

He walked across his house and into the living room where he pulled out an aquarium, oddly decorated with doll furniture. Reaching into is pocket he dropped Amanda down into the aquarium and let her sit on the wood shavings. "For now this will be your new home until I can devise something more suitable." Drew Piped. Amanda glared up at him and just sat there while he stared down in wonderment. "We will have many good times you and me, don't worry I will take good care of you" Drew continued ignoring the dirty looks. "It'll be so nice to have you here to talk to. And you'll never have to worry about work or money again. You'll see. You will come to enjoy your new place in life." Amanda could feel the rage boiling up within her. She was expected to be a good little pet. Well that just wasn't going to happen. Before she knew it she was up against the wall of the aquarium pounding her fists against it and yelling at the top of her lungs. Drew merely chuckled and hefted the aquarium up and sat it down on top of a table. "There that looks like a good spot. Now you get settled in and I'll make you something to eat." Drew droned on ignoring her tantrum. And with that Drew wandered out of Amanda's view, she was alone in her makeshift home. Scattered pieces of doll furniture, ranging from chair and tables to a large bed, were arranged within her prison. And in one corner there was some sort of curtained off box, apparently meant for private needs and changing. She sighed and leaned back against the transparent wall. Over and over she went over the situation in her mind, looking up and around for some means of salvation. There was no way to escape. Drew could be heard, distantly rattling around in the kitchen. Amanda sobbed; her whole body quaked with fear and despair. How am I going to get out of this? Who could help me… the thoughts echoed in her mind. Even if she did get free of her new found master, whom could she turn to? What will he do with me? Amanda tried to stop the tears as she saw rather blearily that the giant had returned. Abruptly a massive hand scooped her up and she was shoved against Drew's cheek. "There there… its alright I'm right here." He reassured in almost a coo. Giant fingers massaged her back and Drew continued to speak to her reassuringly. "Aww c'mon now my lil pixie give me a smile" Drew piped holding her in front of him with a winning smile. Amanda just lowered her head and became quiet. Her life as she knew it may be over, but she wasn't going to surrender her pride and be a pet. Drew sighed sadly and held Amanda cupped close against his chest and wandered back into the kitchen to fetch their meal. Drew carefully sat his tiny charge down at the table and motioned at a tiny dinner set arranged just for her. A table with a chair and some tiny doll sized utensils arranged around a tiny plate. And on the tiny plate were portions of the larger meal. Bits of vegetable and pasta carefully sliced into teeny portions. Looking around Amanda could see Drew's larger plate and he sat nearby her dining set watching her with childish amusement. "Go on eat up I know you'll like it" Drew said with a smile. Amanda grudgingly sat down at the doll chair, her feet dangled a bit off the ground, which cause her to frown and feel like crying again. She stared at the food with disinterest and just sighed. Amanda couldn't bring herself to eat anything and spent a long time just watching Drew eat. Worried looks would crease across the giant face as he noticed she wasn't eating. "Well I guess your just not hungry right now… if you get hungry later I'll fix you something very special." Drew said trying to be encouraging. His giant finger tapped the top of her head and ruffled her hair. To be Continued? - To Be Continued?