by Timothy

It was the time of Kal-Telon-Suu when the being from another planet landed on my world. Landed, I guess, is not the right word. For his arrival was a fluke of nature--or was it? As my instructor told me and the others, "It was not a fluke of nature. Rather, a new lesson sent to us by the Supreme Being. A lesson in the ongoing cycle of life." My instructor is right of course; everything happens for a reason. And we either accept or deny the challenges that are sent.

It started for me (my name is Pchel) on a warm evening in the fourth cycle. Several of my friends and fellow apprentices in training had finished instruction for the next two days. We were looking forward to our days off from training. Going up to a lake that was on the same land as our temple of instruction, we looked forward, after an intensive day of training, to cool off. Taking our white and blue uniforms off, we jumped into the clear cool water.

Flashes of light soon appeared in the sky. This lasted for several minutes. It was followed by a loud bang. A few of us thought it was one or two of the more advanced students playing up in the sky. However, when Xec, one of my two close friends, floated up for a look, he didn't see anyone.

I sensed a ripple in the area. It was a form of ripple I have never encountered before. And I sensed great pain. Several others also felt the ripple. Curiosity grabbed us. We climbed out of the lake and got dressed.

Our senses told us that whatever happened was close by, near a grove of trees. Two trees we came upon had been burnt right down to their roots. I was trying to figure what might have caused this, when one member shouted, "Over here." Joining our friend, we saw him pointing to a small creature that was slumped over. It was so small, I thought, at first, that it was a toy. It was real. It resembled us, except for its small size and tiny ears. We all encircled it so it could not escape. The little creature stood hunched over turning around looking up at us. I didn't think at the time we would have been frightening to the hurt creature. We didn't think we would seem like monsters to the creature. As far as we were concerned, we were just teens.

Member Kochel said, "It looks in a bad way; we should try and help it." Kockel started to move for the tiny creature. Scared, the little thing darted between his legs heading for another tree that had also been damaged. The creature was heading for this tree, when a cracking and ripping sound commenced. The top portion of the mighty tree had broken off. It was falling in the direction of the tiny creature. There wasn't much time given us. I felt for a moment the creature's pain and anguish. I

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