The Story Of Kahn

By: giant30

Chapter 1
I was new in this town; I had just moved to the town of Furbanks and was looking to start my life over again. Everyfur in this town was quite friendly, they all would exchange pleasantries with me and I would do the same, it seemed like any other normal town inhabited by furs but I was soon to find out that it was something more than that.

Oh, by the way, my name is Minkus T. Ferret; I lived in a neighboring town from this one but moved here to Furbanks to get away from the hustle and bustle of my old home; and I must say it was a welcome change. Anyway, on with my story. As I was saying I would soon find out that not all furs in this town were the same, especially one fur who made it very big in this town....literally!

I was out hiking in the woods one day which was one of my favorite pastimes, I hiked whenever I had the chance and was always discovering new things. I was in the middle of a small wooded area when suddenly many animals (yes even furs had regular animals in their homeland) were stampeding past me.

I didn't know what it was all about so at first I shrugged it off and continued hiking. I must not have been paying attention to where I was walking because I ran into something. At first I thought it was a tree but when I looked up I saw that it indeed was not. In fact, what I saw made me speechless with fright.

In front of me was the bottom of a huge foot! It was absolutely enormous! I backed up and peered past the giant foot and saw a monsterous orange and black striped leg, which then lead to a heavily muscled body belonging to the biggest tiger I had ever seen! I must also mention that the foot looked exactly like a human's bare foot so this creature did have some human characteristics to it.

I was so in awe of this great beast that lay before me that I didn't notice his foot begin to move back. However when I did see it I ran and hid behind a large boulder hoping the giant feline hadn't seen me run. As the great cat planted his foot the ground trembled very hard, I watched as the giant beast rose to a sitting position .

I glanced over and saw a smaller fur who must have been a very young lad approaching the giant tiger; I wanted to warn the young lad that he was in danger but by the time I had thought to warn him it was too late, he was at the side of this enormous beast. I watched with horror as the young lad tapped the great cat on the thumb and the beast make eye contact with the young fur.

However, my fears soon turned to absolute astonishment as I saw this huge beast lower an enourmous hand down to the young fur. The youngster climbed aboard showing absolutely no fear at all! I watched as the titanic cat slowly lifted his hand up to get a closer look at the young fur and the events that followed I could not believe.

This gigantic feline who I thought was going to make this young fur his meal was being extremely gentle to the little fur. By this time I had come out from hiding and I continued watching...that is until the great cat made eye contact with me! In noticing this I started to run for my life! I looked back and saw the great feline reaching out his long powerful arm.

I hadn't gone far before a gigantic orange and black striped arm lowered in front of me blocking my path. I turned to see the giant tiger looking down at me and I thought for certain I was going to be his next meal. In the corner of my eye I saw the little fur that had been sitting in this giant cat's hand approach me.

The youngster approached me and asked, "Why do you run?" I answered by saying, "I'm running from this monstrocity of a feline!" and the boy continued, "You're running from Khan?, why do you run from someone who only wishes to know who you are?" I was about to speak when a voice from above thundered down, "You need not be frightened of me my friend, I mean you no harm."

I looked up at the gigantic tiger and he was smiling down at me as if to show that I was in no danger, however I still approached this massive feline with caution. As I got within about 10 feet of his shin, a huge finger lowered in front of me pointed toward me, a massive claw protruding from the end.

I heard the giant tiger's voice boom, "I am Khan, it is a pleasure to meet you." I soon found myself shaking hands with the massive cat and to my surprise he didn't shake me about at all, he was really very gentle. After we shook hand to finger he opened his palm and the young fur who was with him climbed in.

After the young lad got in Khan's massive hand they both looked at me and the young fur asked, "Come along, Khan and I would like you to join us." I stood very still uncertain if I wanted to be in the palm of this great cat but then Khan in a gentle but booming voice said, "Come my friend, you have nothing to fear."

Well, first off let me tell you, climbing into a giant tiger's palm is not as easy as one would think; I soon found myself being assisted by Khan as he held me between his thumb and forefinger helping me into his hand, I was amazed at how gentle this great cat was for I was not squeezed or hurt at all.

Khan then began to rise to his feet. I looked down and by my estimation we were now nearly 60 feet off the ground. Khan began walking in the direction I had just come from which to my relief was toward the town I now reside in. The young fur with us told me that Khan knew I was lost and was helping me get home.

When we arrived in town, an immense group of furs who were all my size gathered in the town square as Khan approached. Khan made sure he was careful not to step on any of the furs around him and as he arrived in the town square he lowered the hand I was in to the ground and I climbed down.

Khan not only helped me get home but as you will see, he helped me in more ways than one; for instance, he introduced me to many of the furs in my hometown I hadn't met. Not only was Khan a very good host, but he would soon show me what kind of friend I had in him as the next events unfolded.

Chapter 2:

It's been a couple days now since I met Khan. The young boy who was with him had since moved on and returned to his homeland which to this day even I don't know where he lives. Anyway, it is now just me and Khan and I gotta tell you, having him around comes in really handy, especially when you take into account the event I am about to share with you.

I was out walking in town one day running some errands and minding my own business when out of nowhere this larger fur rushed up behind me and put his arm around my neck and tried choking me! I could tell by how he had me by the throat that he was a rather powerful fur and I knew I wouldn't be able to fight him off.

As luck would have it, about 30 seconds after the large fur attacked, I felt the ground shake and to my relief Khan appeared. When the fur who was attacking me saw the big anthrotiger looking down at him he released me and froze solid. I quickly ran beside Khan who still had his eyes fixed on my attacker when I looked up at him.

The fur who attacked me unexpectedly decided to make a mad dash for it. However, he didn't get far at all as Khan reached out a mighty arm and easily caught him. He lifted the scoundrel off the ground holding him between his thumb and forefinger; he held him in front of his face and looked at him with an icy stare.

The fur begged Khan to let him go and Khan said, "I'll let you go, but I will warn you...if you choose to bring harm to my friend again, you will pay the consequences for your actions." Kahn put the fur back down on the ground and said, "Be gone!" and the fur who attacked me took off without a moment's hesitation.

Kahn looked down at me with concern and asked, "Are you alright my friend?" and I replied, "Thanks to you I am, you really showed him a thing or two!" and Khan said, "I will not stand by and watch innocent little furs such as yourself be tormented by evil ones like him." I thanked Khan for his assistance and as he lowered his hand I climbed in and he took me back home.

Kahn dropped me off at my home and before we left he stayed and conversed with me for a while. Kahn finally stood to his feet and said, "I must bid you farewell now my friend, for tomorrow I must return to the place I call home." Before I could say anything, Kahn left and headed back to the forest where I had found him.

This couldn't be happening, I didn't know what to think, was it something I did? Did I make Kahn angry and not realize it? There was only one way to find out; and that was to catch up to Kahn before he left the next morning. I just had to find out if I was at fault and if I was the cause of him wanting to shorten his stay here.

Chapter 3:

The following day I wasted no time in getting out of bed. I raced down to the middle of the woods where I met Kahn and found him standing in the very same spot. I rushed up to him and shouted up to him to get his attention. He turned and looked down at me and lowered his hand down to me.

I looked up at Kahn sadly and asked, "Kahn, why do you leave so soon?, am I the reason for your departure?" Kahn looked down at me and said, "Not at all little one, the time has come for me to return to my home, my time here is done and I must leave before the next moonrise." I felt alot better knowing that I hadn't made him come to the decision to leave.

Kahn and I sat and talked for a while and then he lowered me to the ground. As he did so, many of the people from the town I lived in came to say farewell to the big cat. Kahn looked down below him and smiled at all the people who surrounded him. He thanked them for their hospitality and was soon on his way.

I went back to my home and when I got there, I saw a note on my kitchen table. It read, "Kahn will always be with you." but it had no signature. My only guess is that the little boy who was with him had written it and left it there, but how could he have gotten in the house? The only thing I could figure was that the boy was a spirit.

I checked with the townspeople and it turned out that even though Kahn was very real, his little companion was the spirit of a little boy who appeared with him whenever he would come to town to visit the locals. I was so astounded I didn't know what to think, I went back home and sat in my chair wondering where Kahn was and what he was thinking.

That night, I was looking out my window at the night sky, when out of nowhere the ghostly form of Kahn's face appeared in the clouds. I stared in awe at what I was witnessing and as I looked at the strange phenomena I heard a voice whisper, "Kahn will always be with you." which is the same thing that was written on the mysterious note I had found.

Days and months have gone by since I last saw Kahn, I still think about where he may be or what he might be doing. But I do know that wherever he is, he will be with me to guide me through life's trials. I know you may find this story hard to grasp, but this all really happened. So, next time you look at the night sky, you may just see the face of Kahn in the clouds and here him say, "I will always be with you."