Joseph and the Matter of Fusta

by Timothy

Stepping through the Inter-Space Gateway, Clypatheia
and Fusta were perplexed. “Fusta you landed us in some
musty old cave. Also, I have to really talk to you.”

Fusta scratching his head and not listening to
Clypatheia, “I know I had the right coordinates for
his bedroom.”

Moving closer to Fusta, “This place is eerie.” A loud
creaking sound commenced over head. “What’s that
Fusta? A monster?”

“No, its Joseph. We must be under his bed---look” As
their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they saw in the
distance a lighted vast floor full of giant artifacts.

“Your right Fusta I can pick up on his scent.” And the
two friends began to ran excitedly out from under the
bed looking forward in seeing their enlarged human

Coming out from under it, Clypatheia spotted a huge
white coiled up cloth object. Going up to the object
that dwarfed her, she saw it was a sock. “It has his
scent on it. Clypatheia gently touched it. She began
to swoon. “Just think, I touched Joseph’s sock.” Fusta
rolled his eyes.

Turning back toward the bed, Fusta stared up past the
yellow blanket that hung over the cliff like side of
the bed. “I’m going to scale the blanket so I can be
right up there when Joseph awakes. Oh, Joseph will
probably be giving off a strong morning scent.”

“I don’t mind. And let me fly you up there,” suggested

“I rather scale it myself Clypatheia. You can fly up
there ahead of me if you wish,” replied Fusta as he
began climbing up the side of the blanket.

Clypatheia shook her head and thought, “He’s so

From many stories above, both Clypatheia and Fusta
could hear Joseph begin to stir. There were even a few
deep, loud, rumbling yawns. “I bet he’ll be surprised
to see us,“ said Fusta under his breath.

Joseph opened his eyes. And stretched out his arms.
From down below, Clypatheia saw Joseph’s huge arms
expand into the air. It was still an awe-inspiring

Fusta was nearing the top, and filled with joy in
seeing his enlarged human, when he failed to notice he
was pulling on a frayed piece of material. It gave
way. “Aaah!” screamed Fusta.

“Fusta!“ shouted Clypatheia who immediately flew up to
catch him, however a huge object swept in front of

Landing with a thud, Fusta found himself on a huge
warm surface. Gathering his wits about him, Fusta
gazed up at the two familiar clear brown moons.

“You trying to give me a heart attack Fusta?” question
Joseph gazing down affectionately and slightly annoyed
at his pal. The tiny friend in his palm gave him one
of his goofy waves of the hand.

Flying up on her wings of light, Clypatheia said, “Hi

“Clypatheia? Hi!”

She flew up before Joseph’s huge nose and kissed the
tip. She after flew down into Joseph’s hand. Fusta
getting up, lost his balance and fell down again.
“Fusta, are you ok?” asked Joseph.

“Oh sure I am,” replied Fusta getting back up with
difficulty. Clypatheia looked up at Joseph and raised
her shoulders in a questioning pose.

Joseph’s huge dark eyes looked down intently at his
jovial pal. “Hey, its great to see you both. But
what’s the occasion?”

“Joseph, I heard about your camping trip. I want to
join you,” replied Fusta.

“Fusta there will be other enlarge humans there. And
they know nothing of you Little People. And don’t you
need permission to come over here?”

“I have it Joseph.” Moving his gaze toward Clypatheia,
Joseph saw her shake her head. Joseph was getting

“I would love to have you with me. But I would always
have to keep you out of sight.“ Joseph lifted his hand
closer to his face. “Say what. How about in a few
weeks maybe I can go over to your side or you can come
over here with permission, then we can go camping. Or
simply you can spend the weekend with me like we have
done many times before.”

“Ooohhh Joseph, I wanted to go camping with you.”

“We will Fusta just at a later time.”

“I have to clean up, my parents are going out this
morning. If they leave soon enough, you both can have
breakfast with me and my brother Billy. “Man, its
really great to have you both here and in my hands.“
He gave Clypatheia a kiss on top of her head and
nudged gently Fusta with his nose.

Joseph placed them on a side table. And climbed out of
bed. Clypatheia seeing Joseph in his colored stripped
boxers blushed and turned around. Feeling the
quickening of her heart beats she thought, “He’s the
cutest enlarged human in the world.”

Throwing on a bathrobe, Joseph left the room. Turning
to Fusta, Clypatheia crossed her arms and asked
pointedly, “Why did you lie to Joseph. You didn’t have
permission from the council to come here.”

“They would have given it.”

“Yes, because you are responsible. But this action…”
Clypatheia running an understanding hand up the side
of Fusta’s arm questioned, “What’s wrong Fusta? You
know you can tell me and Joseph.”

“I’m ok. Just tired these past few days.”

Joseph brushing his teeth frowned. Something wasn’t
right with Fusta. He could feel it. Closing his eyes,
he thought of his dear friend Orkun. “Please look
after Fusta. I’m worried.”

Fusta and Clypatheia where standing in front of the
table light when the door opened. Coming in was an
older enlarged human. Both Fusta and Clypatheia hid
behind the lamp. “Joseph?” asked the adult voice.

“That’s Joseph’s father,” said Fusta. Clypatheia
nodded. Seeing his son was up, the father left the

Returning to his bedroom, Joseph went over to the side
table. “Hey, you still here?” asked Joseph looking
around the table. Seeing his pals emerge from behind
the lamb, Joseph smiled. “Your father came in here
looking for you so we hid,” explained Clypatheia.


After Joseph placed his hand down, Clypatheia and
Fusta hopped on. Joseph carefully lowered them into
the pocket of his bathrobe. Patting the outside of the
pocket, Joseph left his room. Going down the stairs,
Joseph gently placed his hand against the tiny bulges
at the base of the pocket. He wanted to keep them from
banging into his leg.

“Hi Joseph. Would you like pancakes and scrambled
eggs?” asked the mother.

“You bet I do,” relied Joseph. As he sat down he kept
his hand against the pocket to keep his pals rocking
in the pocket to a minimum. His brother Billy seeing
this, figured a few of his Little People pals must be
visiting him.

“You all set for your camping trip son?” asked the

“I am,” replied Joseph keeping his eyes on the large
pancakes his mother placed on a plate.

In Joseph’s pocket, the smell of the delicious food
entered in. “Mmm that smells good,” spoke Fusta who
started climbing up the Terry cloth material.

“Fusta, you get down here this minute. Fusta!”

Hearing the squeaking, Joseph glanced down at his
pocket. His eyes widened when he saw Fusta emerging
from under the lip. Very gently, Joseph wrapped his
fingers around his action figure size buddy and
lowered him back into the pocket. Clypatheia moved
back as the thick, powerful fingers descended down
before her. When the fingers opened and retreated, she
helped Fusta back on to his feet. “What’s the matter
with you?”

Peering quickly into his pocket, Joseph smirked when
he saw Clypatheia gesturing angrily at Fusta. Joseph
trying to refrain from a broad smile thought, “I
really love my Little People.”

When the parents left the house to go visit relatives
for the day, Joseph brought out his two close friends
and set them on the table. “Hi Clypatheia. Hi Fusta.
Welcome back,” said Billy.

Clypatheria walked over to Billy’s side of the table.
Lowering his index finger down, Clypatheia placing
both her hands on either side of the tip and shook it.
“Hello Billy---Joseph’s brother. It’s a pleasure to
see you too.”

“Hey Billy!” shouted Fusta who began to run over. As
he ran he suddenly fell down.

“Fusta,” said Joseph who reached over and picked Fusta
up by the back of his brown leather vest. Placing him
down in his hand, “Fusta what wrong with you? Your
freaking me out.“

Sitting up, Fusta giving Joseph his trademark goofy
grin replied, “I’m ok.”

“No your not Fusta. When you get back to your people.
I want you to see a doctor.”
When Clypatheia returned, Joseph asked her, “Could
you make sure he sees a doctor.”

“I will Joseph.”

Joseph placed Fusta back down onto the table and set
their food up for them. “This is good,” commented

“Sure is,” responded Fusta stuffing a piece of pancake
dripping with maple syrup into his mouth.

Shaking his head, Joseph licked a finger and wiping
Fusta’s face off with it said, “Can’t take you

When they were done, putting his arms on the table,
Joseph lowered his chin on his top arm, “Fusta.”

“Yes Joseph.”

“I’m really serious about you seeing a doctor. I’m
asking you as a friend.”

Fusta always the mischievous one, climbed up the blue
Terry cloth material and standing on top of Joseph’s
arms, started to tickle his giant pal’s nose with his
hand. Joseph sighed. Picking Fusta up till he was
across from his huge, clear dark eyes, Joseph told
him, “Fusta, no crap. I’m worried about you.”

Joseph when really serious, his eyes would become even
darker. His dark eyes that seem to look right through
him took Fusta’s playful mood away. “I will Joseph.”

“Good. Them later we can do that camping trip

After saying their goodbyes to Joseph and Billy,
Clypatheia and Fusta activated their special stones
and entered the Gateway.

“Gee Billy, I hope Fusta will be ok.”

“He will bro.”

“I hope he doesn’t do anything foolish like suddenly
try to follow me to camp.”

A few hours later a van full of Joseph’s enlarged
human pals pulled up. Getting into the van, Joseph
hoped Fusta wouldn’t surprise him by popping out of
his backpack or a pocket.

As Joseph and his pals clowned around and set up their
tents, his heart went back to Fusta. Crossing his
fingers, he though, “Please see a doctor.” Clearing
his mind Joseph entered into the mood of his friends.

One chubby teen named Ronny with his hands behind his
back went up to one of his buddies and said “Boo” and
bringing his hands from behind his back shoved a huge
toad in his pal’s face.

“Hey get that out of my face.”

“Hey Ronny the toad looks like you,“ said another
teen. Everyone broke into laughter. Ronny placed it on
the ground.

A boy named Marshal spoke, “I wonder if our sneakers
are scary to it.“

“I think to any small creature our sneakers or shoes
could be frightening,” replied Joseph.

The first day and evening all went well. Joseph was
having a good time with his pals. The next morning as
Joseph was washing up next to a stream, he heard a
voice from above him. “Joseph, Joseph.” Looking up, he
saw a small silver sphere. “Follow me Joseph.” And
the sphere moved off toward a grove of pine trees.
Joseph looked around to make sure no one else was
around. He then followed the sphere.

Once he was in the privacy of the pine trees Joseph
said a bit irritated, “Will you cut off the Tinker
Bell routine and tell me what this is all about.”

“Sorry Joseph, its me Clypatheia. I’m speaking through
a special communication orb. Fusta is missing.”


“He’s missing Joseph.”

“Did he come over here?”

“No, he’s still in our realm. And we can’t find him.”

“Fusta is missing,” repeated Joseph stunned.

Joseph was anxious thinking about his tiny pal who
hadn’t been acting right. And now he was missing.
Joseph questioned, “I thought you could track someone
if they had their Inter-Space Gateway key?”

“He left it at home Joseph. Could you come over to our
side? Maybe you could think of a place he might have
gone too. And there is something else.”

“I’m away from home. But maybe the father who drove us
here could at least drive me to the bus station. I
could be back at my house in a couple of hours.”

“Thanks Joseph. Oh, I thought about that and we are
sending you a ride. And--I’m scared for Fusta.”

He‘s lucky to have a such a good friend who thinks of
everything. as you Clypatheia. And me too. Also please
and try not to worry too much. And maybe you can think
where he could have gone. Might be a clue in his
bedroom. ”

“Thanks Joseph.“ And the silver sphere vanished into a
circle of light.

“Oh man Fusta. What’s going on? And where are you?”

On the other side; in the realm of the Little People,
Fusta staggered his way through thickets and past
trees. Gazing around, Fusta tried to figure where he
was. He stopped. “My neck hurts.” He placed a hand on
it rubbing the sore spot. Fusta stopped rubbing his
neck. Quickly looking around he asked into the air,
“Clypatheia is that you? That’s a lovely dress. Huh?”
He shook his head. Fusta began to move forward when
his left foot became caught on a root. Falling down,
Fusta hit his head against a small stone. Turning onto
his side, “Joseph, my head hurts.”

Joseph was entering camp when he saw a blue and white
stripped jeep. A guy in a brown duster and brown hat
was standing in front of it. He was talking to the
father of his pal who drove them here. “Joseph, this
is David. He said a mutual friend of yours sent him to
get you. Something to do with a family member. Is this
true? You know this man?” asked the adult giving the
man in the duster a slightly suspicious stare.

The man in the duster turning toward Joseph opened his
coat up. Joseph saw standing in David’s shirt pocket
one of the Little People who gave him a wave. “Yeah, I
know David. He knows many of my other pals.”

“Hi Joseph, if you collect your gear we can get
going,” said David.

“Yeah, ok.”

As Joseph was getting his things together his pals
came up telling him how sorry they were to see him
leave. The chubby boy Ronny asked him, “Is everything
ok? Can we be of any help?”

“No, but thanks anyway, “ replied Joseph with tension
in his voice.

Getting into the jeep with David, the three drove off.
Flying out from behind the duster was one of those
Little People who could fly. The little person landed
on the dashboard directly across from Joseph. “I’m

Joseph extended his index finger, “Hi.Tente.” The
little person grabbed both sides of the giant finger
and shook it. “How did you both meet?” asked Joseph
whose stomach was tightening up with worry over Fusta.

David replied, “Several years ago in my body shop as I
was putting supplies away on a shelf, I lost my
footing and fell. I hit my head on the cement floor
and started bleeding. I don’t remember how long I was
there. I was all by myself. I had closed shop. All my
mechanics had left. I remember calling for help. I
heard a faint voice tell me not to worry. I felt
something touch my forehead. And the pain went away.
Feeling stronger, I sat up. It was then when I saw my
little friend there heading toward a circle of light.
At first I thought I was just dreaming. When I saw the
blood on the cement and the fact I was sitting up, I
knew something special had happened. I called to him
to stop. He smiled and said he would visit me. A few
weeks later he did. So every once in a while we touch
base.” David chuckled as he steered his jeep onto the
Interstate. “Tente heard of our beer. And wanted to
try some…”

Tente broke in, “Don’t tell our young friend that

“Come on. Be a sport.”

Starting to smile, Joseph looked at both, “So what

“My pal there got drunk. He couldn’t fly straight or
find the Gateway“

“Ha, ha. Now David that’s enough“.

David continued while giving Joseph a wink. “He even
knocked a few things over as he flew around.” Tente
turned red. “Poor guy became so sick, I had to nurse
him for a complete weekend.”

“Your just lucky my enlarged human friend I was in the
area that day.” David reached over and poked Tente
jokingly in the stomach.

“But seriously Joseph,” said David. “We’re glad if we
can be of any help.”

“Thanks. I still can’t get over the thought something
bad has happened to him.”

“Joseph,” spoke Tente. “If you can, try and still
yourself. You will be in a better position in helping

“I’ll try.” Joseph closed his eyes trying to settle
down inside.

Clypatheia on the other side, with permission of
Fusta’s step parents, tried to find anything that
could help indicate where Fusta might have gone. She
spotted an image visualization of her and Fusta from
their younger years. Putting the back of her hand to
her mouth, Clypatheia struggled to keep from getting
emotional. “I must remain focus. I’ll be glad when
Joseph gets here. If anyone can find him he can.” Her
thoughts of Joseph at least for the moment brought her

As he calmed himself, Joseph had kind of a interior
thought or feeling about Fusta. The impression he was
getting was, “Joseph, please find me…I don’t know.”

“Huh,” spoke Joseph opening his eyes in a start.

Looking over at Joseph for a moment, David asked,
“What is it?”

“I just hand an impression of Fusta.”

“That means he’s still alive Joseph. And you have a
strong connection to him, “ responded Tente.

After an hour, David pulled up before Joseph’s home.
“Good luck Joseph. You’ll find him.”

“Yeah. And thanks guys” Closing the jeep door, Joseph
rushed inside his house. “Billy! Billy! Are you

Coming down the stairs, Billy said to Joseph, “Calm
down bro. I know about Fusta. One of the Little People
were here.”

“I have to go over and find him Billy.”

“What about mom and dad?”

“Can you say I’m just helping a pal. I mean, it is
true. And you know the Little People will look out for

“I know they will. Lucky for you its vacation week.”

“The Little People think I’m one of the best means in
finding Fusta. And he is my close friend. I love that
little guy.”

“I know bro. You go and save your pal. And I have
faith you can. And I‘m worried about him too.”

Joseph stuffed a few thinks into a gym bag. The Little
People because of the service he had rendered them and
their affection for him, gave Joseph a signaling
device whenever he needed to get over to their realm.

Billy watched as the Inter-Space Gateway opened up.
“By Billy,” said Joseph before entering the Gateway.

As Joseph disappeared into the circle of light, Billy
said, “You are one great brother. And one great


“Joseph is here!!” exclaimed Clypatheia upon hearing
the news of his arrival. She immediately flew off to
greet him.

Joseph emerged from the gateway at the out side of the
great city of the Little People. When news spread of
Joseph’s arrival, swarms of people began to converge
around the giant teen. Little People were running and
jumping around his great blue and white sneakers. A
group of flying Little People took his gym bag.

As happy as Joseph was in seeing his Little People
friends it was so strange. And a strangeness that made
his blood run cold---that Fusta wasn’t among them.

A portly middle-aged woman flew up to Joseph, “My
young giant,. have faith that your love will find

“I’m trying.”

Seeing Joseph’s eyebrows tensed up together from
anxiety, the little woman fluttered up to between his
massive black eyebrows and started to push them apart
with her hands. Working her hands into the wrinkled
skin, “Come on my dear Joseph try and settle
yourself.” The little woman‘s hands as they kneaded
his forehead tickled and brought a slight smile to his

Tears streamed down and off of Clypatheia’s face as
she flew over buildings on her way to Joseph. Seeing
the huge outline of Joseph brought strength to
Clypatheia’s being.

Joseph was in the process of sitting down when he
heard, “Joseph!” Looking up he saw Clypatheia flying
down to him. Hovering before his face, Clypatheia
extended a hand and touched the warm skin of his
cheek. She lowered her head.

Joseph felt a warm energy flow through him. An energy
that gave him added peace. “Clypatheia?” said Joseph
with surprise in his voice. “You just gave a surge of
your healing energy.” He extended his open hand to her
where Clypatheia landed. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Joseph, I know how stressed you must be. I just
thought you will need the extra energy when you start
to look for Fusta.”

“Clypatheia,” said Joseph who gave a gentle kiss to
one that warms his heart.

Joseph was given attendants for during his stay. Since
they couldn’t fly, he placed them in the pocket of his
sweat jacket. As he walked to where he would be
staying, Joseph thought of Fusta and where to begin
the search.

Joseph was being lead to the large municipal park on
the other side of the city Walking down through the
center of the magnificent city, Joseph was greeted
with shouts of joy from the miniature citizenry. A
couple of times the colossal teen had to step over
adjoining bridges. The attendants in the pocket of
Joseph’s sweat jacket peeked out and looked down at
the encouraging shouts of the people. They felt cool
being with this enlarged human. Joseph was amused by
how many of the Little people flew on wings of light
and others used conventional mechanical means of
getting about. The Little People who could fly would
come up to him and give him greetings. A group of
teens his own age came up and spent a few minutes in
his hair chatting.

Clypatheia who traveled with Joseph was nestled
in-between the warm, soft folds of the hood. His
slightly curly black hair that hung down the side of
his neck made a warm cushion for Clypatheia to lean

Once he was set up, Joseph hoped to begin his search
for Fusta. He considered places Fusta might want to go
to. “If he was in a delirious state, would one have a
special significance?”

Coming to the municipal park, Joseph saw the Little
People had set up a tent of light for him. Clypatheia,
flew out of Joseph’s hood. “Hey, they fixed you up
with a nice place Joseph and…” Clypatheria found
Joseph had turned and gone over to a building.

Joseph placed his arms on top of a small office
building and lowered his chin. He looked out toward
the horizon. Feeling the touch of Clypatheia’s hands,
“He’s out there somewhere.”

Rubbing his cheek with her slender hands, “He is
Joseph. And we’ll find him. As I was going through his
things earlier I found a picture of dear Fusta. When
we were kids, there was a place we went to a lot at
the beach. I miss him so.”

“Here I am a giant. At least to you people. And my
friend is out there perhaps suffering.” Joseph paused
for a moment. “Or worse. I think I have all the
answers. And something comes up and knocks them a
way.” Clypatheia leaned her head against his cheek.

Opening his eyes, Fusta slowly sat up. “Where am I?”
Blinking his orange eyes, Fust tried to remember what
he was doing there. “The base of my neck hurts. Why am
I out here? Hello!

Is any one around!?” Placing a hand to the bump on his
head, “Gosh, what’s going on.” Fusta began to shiver.

Joseph placed his arms around himself. What’s wrong
Joseph?” asked Clypatheia.

“I’m suddenly cold. And, Fusta. Fusta is cold and
lost,” replied Joseph with mounting unrest.
“Clypatheria you mentioned earlier there was something
else you wanted to tell me.”

“Joseph, at our educational facility, a teacher
noticing Fusta’s strange behavior had him see a
doctor.” Clypatheria stopped.


“They found a growth on the top of his spine.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“Only if it isn’t treated soon.”

“Clypatheia I must find him. But where?”



“Remember Joseph how fixated Fusta was on camping. He
must have gone to a camping area. That has and must be
a plausible answer. And there are only two places near

“Good girl Clypatheia. Which do you recommend?”

“One has deep gorges and is rather treacherous.
Another more pastoral. A popular place for camping. I
would guess the pastoral one. Again its only a guess.”

“Great, I will start there,” replied Joseph with
determination in his voice.

The three attendants in his pocket began to shout,
“Great young Joseph, when are we going to start?”

Taking them out of his pocket, “I appreciate you
wanting to help but I think I’m better off a lone.”

One attendant shouted up to Joseph, “Hey, what’s
that!?” As Joseph looked off the three attendants
placed their hands on Joseph’s fingers. Joseph felt a
huge surge of healing energy.

“Whoa! What was that for?”

“Joseph, it really was for Fusta. He may need healing
energy when you find him,” responded an attendant who
drained of energy sat down with his pals in Joseph’s

“Oh man your right. I was so concerned in getting
going, I didn’t really think ahead in what Fusta might
need. Sorry dudes.”

“Its ok Joseph,” replied one attendant weakly. “The
the energy is in you now.” And the little attendants
started to doze off to sleep.

Joseph went over to his tent. With his free hand, he
took out of his gym bag an extra pair of socks he
brought with him. Placing the three attendants on one,
he covered them up with the other. “You guys rest up.
I’ll see you when I get back---with Fusta.”

Speaking to Clypatheir, “I’ll bring our friend back.”

“I know you will Joseph. And you have the receiver to
alert the rescue team?”

“Right in my pocket.” Joseph turned and walked away.
Clypatheia hovered in the air waving goodbye.

With blurry orange eyes, Fusta pushed through. Bumping
into a tree, “Oh I’m sorry, excuse me.” Putting both
hands to the back of his neck, “This pain why won’t it
stop?” He became confused. “Joseph!” he shouted.

In his mind, Joseph heard Fusta’s shouts. Starting to
run, “I’m coming Fusta.” Seeing a few groups of Little
People in front of him, Joseph jumped over them. The
little folk looked up in wonderment as his huge bulk
glided over them. When he came down, Joseph sent a
shock wave that knocked the Little People down.

Nearing the large beginnings of the pastoral area,
Joseph thought, “Orkun why have you gone silent with

Joseph stopped when he came to expanse of territory.
Putting his hand to his forehead, “Man, how am I going
to find him. What was I thinking?’ Joseph body
literally began to ache from frustration and emotional
anxiety. “My size means nothing.”

“Joseph its not just size that saves Is it?”

“Orkun! Look, I can’t think about any spiritual stuff
now. I have a pal who is in trouble.”

“I know. Trust me Joseph. Just use your heart. That
will lead you to him. Don’t depend on just size. Just
you. Your mind.”

“What am I too do? Ok hot shot spirit. Well, Fusta
wants to go camping, this is a logical spot.” Joseph
paused and looked out at the vast area. “Hmm, sounds
like he could be too weak to come out all this way by
himself. If he’s wounded, I know wounded animals will
go to a place of security. Back to the nest. Oh man!”
spoke Joseph slapping his hand against his forehead
several times remembering what Clypatheia had told
him. Reaching into his pocket, Joseph pulled out the
receiver. Activating it, “This is Joseph. You read me
squad leader?”

“We receive you.”

“I think I know where Fusta is. He’s at a small park
near the beach on the west side of the city.”

“Will alert rescue.”

Looking off to his left, Joseph spotted an inlet.
“There’s a channel, if I was to swim west would that
take me to the beach?”

“Affirmative Joseph. However, for the safety of those
on the coastline stay to your right as you swim up.”

“I will, ah, I mean roger.” Running over to the
inlet, Joseph thanked Orkun, “Thanks Orkun, I should
have realized.”

Joseph waded into the inlet that only came at first up
to his ankles. Moving off to the right, Joseph pushed

Stumbling around, Fusta began hearing the sounds of
the water hitting the surf. He headed in that
direction. He could see the sparkling dots of light
reflecting off the deep blue color of the water. “It
look so good.”

The water now up to his neck, Joseph dived underneath
and began to swim. From the shoreline people watched
the great swell moving along the surface. From time to
time, Joseph’s great head emerged like an island or an
immense aquatic creature. The throngs of Little People
on the shore cheered. One little girl looking up at
her parents told them, “Joseph will save his friend.”

Fusta now walking along the top of a breaker made his
way for the furthest end. “I had fun times here,” he
spoke longingly. He began to see images. Images of a
young Clypatheia and Orkun. “Orkun! Your back!” Fusta
started running toward the images of the heart.

In a small boat was a young man was with his
girlfriend. Slowly moving toward her so he could
maneuver his arm around her said smoothly, “How do you
like my boat?”

“I like it. Oohh, are you trying to put your arm
around me?” she replied with a giggle.

He was about to respond when he saw this enormous
swell in the water coming directly towards them. “Hey,
what’s that?”

“Its heading right for us!” she exclaimed.

The man tried to steer clear. It was too late. Coming
up for another breath was Joseph’s titanic head. The
tiny couple slammed into his face. And were thrown
into the water. Joseph felt the impact and stopped.
Seeing the capsized boat, Joseph felt a prickling
sensation of adrenaline surge through him. He lifted
the boat. There was no sign of the occupants. He began
to search the top of the water. With relief he saw
them safely bobbing on top of the waves his huge form
was making. He quickly swept them up into his hand.
Taking them and their boat, Joseph waded over to
shore. He placed them gently on the sand. Seeing they
were ok, told them “Sorry about that but I have to get
going now.” And Joseph waded back out and dove under
the water.

“Say,” commented the woman. “He’s kind of cute.“ Her
boyfriend just crossed his arms and spat out water.

Fusta was nearing the end of the breaker when he
slipped and fell into the water. He groped madly for
the edge of a large block of stone. However, he was
too weak and the tide took him out. He was going under
when opening his eyes he saw an enormous object
cutting across above him.

With the sound of a gusher the great form of Joseph
burst forth out of the water. Opening his clenched
fist, Joseph saw his pal Fusta sprawled out in his
hand. “Fusta, Fusta,” repeated Joseph as he walked
onto shore. Remembering the healing energy he was
given, Joseph lowered his other hand over Fusta. He
could feel it drain out of him into Fusta. Removing
his hand, Joseph saw Fusta stirring.

Opening his eyes, Fusta saw the huge serious face of
Joseph. “Joseph.”

“Hey buddy. Everything is going to be ok.”

“I don’t feel good. I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid. Please don’t be afraid,” replied
Joseph who placed the tip of his finger against the
side of Fusta’s face. “And Fusta, I love you pal.”

Seeing the rescue vehicle, Joseph handed the medical
team his tiny friend. From the exertion of his
vigorous swim and the draining of the energy, Joseph
fell to his knees. “I’m proud as always Joseph of
you,” communicated Orkun to Joseph’s heart.

“Thanks Orkun.”

Clypatheia coming on the scene flew down before his
wet and tired face. “Please forgive me Joseph.”


“I should have figured Fusta would have come here.”

Sitting up, Joseph gathered Clypatheria in his hands.
“No, you did the very best a friend could do. You had
everything set up and organized right away. I was the
one. I just thought about my size figuring that was
enough. And with the help of Orkun I remembered a
program about people and animals when in life
threatening situations will sometimes try to return to
a place of security. Anyway, the main thing is Fusta
is found. And---and you’re here with me.”

“Oh Joseph your wonderful.” And Clypathia put her arms
around his thumb closing her eyes.

“Joseph, Joseph,” echoed tiny voices. Looking up,
Joseph saw his three attendants on a flying platform
coming his way, behind them carried by a group of
flying Little people was his gym bag.

“Hey guys. You hear the great news? Fusta has been

“We did young sir. Ah, so you don’t become sick
yourself you better change.”

“Here? Where?”

“We will set a screen of light up so you can change
behind it in privacy. We’re still too weak to create a
tent for you.” Working in unison the three attendants
created a screen for Joseph.

“I’ll see you in a couple of minutes,” said Joseph to
Clypatheia as he placed her on the ground. Picking up
his gym bag, Joseph went behind the screen.

After a couple of minutes, the three attendants flew
behind the screen. “HEY!?! What are you guys doing
back here?”

“We’re just going to dry you off with beams of heat.
Relax Joseph, we are professionals.”

“HEY!! Watch it. That’s hot.”

“Could you place your arms up into the air.”


“With all your activity you have built up a rather
strong scent. We would like to spray under them.”

Joseph replied dryly, “Your saying I stink.”

Clypatheia listening to the conversation, placed her
hands to her mouth and chuckled.

A short time later, Joseph reappeared from behind the
screen. He was in a green tee-shirt and gray gym
shorts. His three attendants were in the pocket of his
tee-shirt. “I guess we better get going to the
hospital,” said Joseph as he lowered his hand down
before Clypatheia.
Joseph placed Clypatheia on his shoulder. “You could
always fly ahead if you want,” said Joseph feel is
friend leaning against the side of his neck.

“Oh Joseph. I feel much safer being with you.”

Joseph chuckled, “Thanks for saying so. And I rather
have you with me anyway. Makes me feel good.”
Clypatheia gave him a kiss and felt so at peace.
However, Like Joseph her peaceful mind turned to one
of grave concern over their buddy Fusta.

“Joseph!” shouted up one of his tiny addendants.


“The hospital Fusta is being taken to is a fine one
and he will have many healers around him.”

Another attendant turning around in the breast pocket;
placing his hands against the warm green material of
the tee-shirt added, “It really is a great place
Joseph. Please don’t worry.” And after releasing his
energy, the atendant slid down to the base of the

“Hey, who said you needed to give me more energy?”
Having felt the tiny person sink to the bottom of his
pocket Joseph asked, “Is he ok? You guys have been
giving me your energy a lot. I don’t want anyone
getting sick on my account.”

“No Joseph’s he’s fine. In fact you give off a rather
pleasant, friendly, steady energy yourself.

“Oh.” Joseph’s voice then became serious. “Glad he‘s
ok but don‘t do it again. And defiantly not without my
permission.” Joseph shook his pocket slightly. “We
understand each other?”

“We do young giant Joseph.” Nodding his head Joseph
couldn’t help cracking a smile over their
attentiveness to his well being and his every word.

“Don’t frete Joseph. They know what they are doing
that’s their function as attendants,” said Clypatheia.
Placing her hand and leaning against his neck, the
warmth of his flesh helped quell her concerns about

As he walked in the city again, a group of children
ran and jumped onto his sneakers. They giggled laughed
as they climbed up the criss-crossing of the thick
rope like strands of the shoe laces. One boy climbing
to the top of the sneaker grabbed hold of the thick
warm mfabric of the sock and climbed to the top. “Hey
everybody! Look at me I’m riding on the sock of our
giant Joseph!!”

Joseph couldn’t help feeling rather important with all
the jubulation being displayed around his colossal

One small boy observed Joseph was having a hard time
trying to jump onto his sneaker even when he slowed
down. And his pals were making fun of him from the top
of the sneaker. Joseph stopped walking. Reaching down
he carefully picked up the child and placed him in his
hand. “Come walk with me my little guy,” said Joseph .
The little boy crawled over to the side of Joseph’s
hand and shouted down to his parents, “Mommy, Daddy
look! Look! I’m being carried by the great enlarged
Joseph.” The boy looking down at those who teased him,
stuck out his tongue. He used one of the pads to
Joseph palm as a seat.

Clypatheia pulling on Joseph massive ear-lobe, “Your
so wonderful.”

“Thanks,” replied Joseph awkwardly.

As he neared the hospital Joseph stopped and told
everyone to get off his sneakers. He patted the little
boy that was in his hand on the head and lowered him
back down.

The Little People’s hospital had a large coutyard with
gardens and fountains. It was stauated near several
adjoing apartment dwellings. Giving permission Joseph
was allowed to stay in the hopsital court yard.though
it did make for tight quarters. A doctor stepping out
of the emergcy wing of the hospital walked up to the
tip of Joseph’s sneaker. Joseph picked him up. “How’s

“He has been put under and the procedure has started.”

Closing his enormous brown eyes for a moment, Joseph
gaining courage asked, “What are his chances?”

Joseph placed Clypatheia on his shoulder. “You could
always fly ahead if you want,” he said, feeling his
friend leaning against the side of his neck.

“Oh Joseph. I feel much safer being with you.”

Joseph chuckled, “Thanks for saying so. And I rather
have you with me anyway. Makes me feel good.”
Clypatheia gave him a kiss and felt so at peace.
However, Like Joseph, her peaceful mind turned to one
of grave concern over their buddy Fusta.

“Joseph!” shouted one of his tiny attendants.


“The hospital Fusta is being taken to is a fine one
and he will have many healers around him.”

Another attendant turning around in the breast pocket;
placing his hands against the warm green material of
the tee-shirt added, “It really is a great place
Joseph. Please don’t worry. Have peace.” And after
releasing his energy, the attendant slid down to the
base of the pocket.

“Hey, who said you needed to give me more energy?”
Having felt the tiny person sink to the bottom of his
pocket, Joseph asked, “Is he ok? You guys have been
giving me a lot of your energy. I don’t want anyone
getting sick on my account.”

“No Joseph’s he’s fine. In fact you give off a rather
pleasant, friendly, steady energy yourself.

“Oh.” Joseph’s voice then became serious. “Glad he‘s
ok but don‘t do it again. And defiantly not without my
permission.” Joseph shook his pocket slightly. “We
understand each other?”

“We do young giant Joseph.” Nodding his head, Joseph
couldn’t help cracking a smile over their
attentiveness to his well being and his every word.

“Don’t fret Joseph. They know what they are doing
that’s their function as attendants,” said Clypatheia.
Placing her hand and leaning the side of her face
against his neck, the warmth of his flesh helped quell
her concerns about Fusta.

As he walked in the city again, a group of children
ran and jumped onto his sneakers. They giggled and
laughed as they climbed up the crisscrossing of the
thick rope like strands of the shoe laces. One boy
climbing to the crest of the sneaker; grabbed hold of
the thick, warm fabric of the sock and climbed to the
top. “Hey everybody! Look at me! I’m riding on the
sock of our giant Joseph!!”

Joseph couldn’t help feeling rather important with all
the jubilation being displayed around his colossal

One small boy observed Joseph was having a hard time
trying to jump onto his sneaker even when he slowed
down. And his pals were making fun of him from the top
of the sneaker. Joseph stopped walking. Reaching down
he carefully picked up the child and placed him in his
hand. “Come walk with me my little guy,” said Joseph .

The little boy crawled over to the side of Joseph’s
giant hand and shouted down to his parents, “Mommy,
Daddy look! Look! I’m being carried by the great
enlarged Joseph.” The boy looking down at those who
teased him, stuck out his tongue. He used one of the
pads to Joseph palm as a seat.

Clypatheia pulling on Joseph massive ear-lobe, “Your
so wonderful.”

“Thanks,” replied Joseph awkwardly.

As he neared the hospital Joseph stopped and told
everyone to get off his sneakers. He patted the little
boy that was in his hand on the head and lowered him
back down.

The Little People’s hospital had a large courtyard
with gardens and fountains. It was situated near
several adjoining apartment dwellings. Giving
permission, Joseph was allowed to stay in the hospital
court yard, though it did make for tight quarters. A
doctor stepping out of the emergency wing of the
hospital walked up to the front of Joseph’s sneaker.
Joseph picked him up. “How’s Fusta?”

“He has been put under and the procedure has started.”

Closing his enormous brown eyes for a moment, Joseph
gaining courage asked as he reopened them, “What are
his chances?”

“As it stands now Joseph, the prognoses looks
favorable. Still, I must caution you it is a serious

“Thank you doctor. Is there anything I can do. I mean,
I gladly donate blood or anything he might need.”

“No, just think of him Joseph.”

“I’m sure doing that.” And Joseph placed the doctor
back down. “Oh doctor is there anyway I can see him?”
The doctor took out of his surgical coat pocket a
small apparatus. Pointing it upwards, he projected an
image of Fusta.

Fusta observed Joseph and Clypatheia was attached to
several tubes and electronic readout displays. His
face seemed pallid and drawn. Around Fusta were four
healers. A slight smile appeared on Joseph’s face as
reached out with several fingers toward the image of
his friend.

Inside the operating room, Fusta on the recliner of
healing stirred slightly. One healer commented, “I
sense another energy trying to reach Fusta. It feels
like the energy of an enlarged human.”

“Yes,” replied another healer. “It is very intense.
Full of emotion and great will. And love.”

A third healer responded, “Yes, very intense. I can
almost smell the scent of the enlarged one.”

After the doctor turned off the image of Fusta, he
patted the tip to Joseph’s sneaker and went back
inside the hospital.

Fusta in the territory of dream, hopes and spirit
experienced images from his life. Playing at the sea’s
edge with Clypatheia and Orkun. He saw himself teasing
them both in the water and being chased out by them.
He recalled how he wished he could have told Orkun how
proud of him he was. And how very impressed he too was
by Orkun never letting his one arm get in the way of
perusing things. And how he learned so much from him
about persevering.

Rocking his head back and forth on the recliner of
healing, Fusta began speaking, “Orkun, please come
back. Please come back.” The four healers concentrated
and penetrated deeper amounts of their healing energy
into Fusta.

Fusta flew among many places long forgotten and others
still remembered. He was with Clypatheia going to a
major celebration. He recalled how he showed
Clypatheia his wings of light for the very first time.
And how happy she was for him.

Passing through more images, Fusta pushed through tall
stalks of enlarged human vegetation. Finally coming
out and behind the massive form of Joseph, Fusta began
teasingly pulling back on the waistband to Joseph’s
soccer shorts and letting them snap back. Fusta
remembered many other times he teased with Joseph.
Fighting the pain, Fusta under his breath, said,
“Joseph, you’re so very different at times. Almost God
like. And times just like me. You feel so much my
brother. How do I get back?”

Joseph was leaning up against an apartment building
when he moved forward, “Fusta?”

“What is it Joseph?” asked Clypatheia.

“Fusta again. He’s calling to me. He’s trying to come
to me,” replied Joseph with urgency in his voice.

“Just calm yourself Joseph. Call back to him.”

“Yes, Joseph,” added his three tiny attendants. “Call
back to him. And our young giant care, do it the way
you would normally.”

Closing his eyes, Joseph became aware of a vaporous
image of Fusta. Tiny arms reached out to him. “Fusta
you little trickster come to me. I miss you so much.”

“Joseph!,” responded Fusta with real joy and
affection. He was floating closer to Joseph when he
stopped and turned. “What is that?” questioned Fusta
moving away.

“Fusta, no come back to me. Fusta.” Joseph opened his
eyes. Looking over to Clypatheia who was hovering
before his face, “Fusta left. He, he left. What goes

Joseph having lost the projected image of Fusta’s
being became troubled. “I hope all is going well in
the operating room Clypatheia.”

“We just have to be patient Joseph,“ she replied from
Joseph’s hand. Placing the side of her face against
Joseph’s thumb. “Its never easy.“

“Yeah,” responded Joseph rubbing Clypatheia’s back
with a finger, “I’m glad your with me. It really

Gazing up at Joseph‘s titanic face, “And you with me

A group of tiny people came with food for Joseph.
“Here you two. You must eat and have drink,” spoke or
rather commanded a rather plump man.

“Thanks,” said Joseph taking the food. Removing a
smaller plate from the side of his, Joseph handed it
to Clypatheia. Still troubled over Fusta, Joseph
started to put his plate down.

Climbing up the side of Joseph leg vie the folds of
his gym shorts, one of his attendants trying to catch
his breath after the climb shouted to Joseph, “You (
gathering a breath) must eat young giant Joseph.”
Losing strength the attendant started slipping off the
side of Joseph’s hip.

Feeling his struggling, Joseph picked him up by his
collar. “You ok my tiny friend.”

“I am. Its sometimes I forget how big you are Joseph.”

Joseph lifted him up further, placed him in the warm
comfort of his tee-shirt pocket. “Why don’t you just
relax while I eat.”

“Thank you young enlarged one.”

The two other attendants climbed up onto Joseph’s lap
looking fondly up at their enlarged charge. “Glad to
see you both are eating,” said another attendant
pulling on the thick green tee-shirt material.

Fusta in another plane of being, found himself walking
on a long seemingly endless beach. “The colors of the
blue ocean and the forest that bordered the pristine
beach seemed to change and meld with other hues. “Its
so strange. But beautiful. I wish Joseph could see
this. Joseph, I had just seen him. Now he‘s gone. I
hope he’s ok. My love of him and respect almost
matches the beauty of this shore. Though my love is
stronger.” Fusta pondered more on his friend and
friends. Smiling, “It would be as Joseph would say so
cool if Clypatheia and Orkun were here.” The colors
became even more vibrant.

Evening had fallen and both Joseph and Clypatheia were
straining to stay awake. “I guess you’ll have to leave
soon,” said Joseph to Clypatheia.

“I’m staying here with you Joseph. My parents said it
would be ok. I couldn’t bear being far from Fusta and
from you Joseph. Being with you I somehow find the

“As I told you before I feel the same.“

With his arms dangling over the lip of the pocket, the
attendant remarked, “Oh that’s so beautiful.“

“Hey, what are you doing eavesdropping on us?“ said
Joseph placing the tip of a finger in front of the
tiny man‘s face.

“No Joseph I wasn’t---really.“

“I know,“ replied Joseph who jokingly jiggled his
pocket sending the attendant down to its base.

Coming out of the hospital was the doctor Joseph had
spoken with earlier. Picking up the doctor, Joseph
asked, “How’s Fusta? Everything is going ok?”

“We have him Joseph. Only its just barely.” Joseph’s
face dropped. “I thought you would like to know.
However, don’t lose hope.”

“Thank you doctor.” And Joseph placed him back down on
the ground.

“We have to keep hoping Joseph,” said Clypatheia

Taking his huge sneakers off, Joseph placed them next
to a wall. He removed the attendant from his tee-shirt
pocket and placed him with the two others. One
attendant shouted up to Joseph, “I will deodorize your
foot apparel young giant.”

“Whatever,” replied Joseph as the three attendants
left the area.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me Clypatheia. I
should have better faith.”

“He’s our friend Joseph. And I think your afraid of
losing him like Orkun.”

Tears as huge as buckets silently rolled down Joseph’s
cheeks. A couple splashed on and over Clypatheia.
Trying to sound light hearted, “Man, look what I just
did to you.” Joseph very gently and tenderly used a
section of his tee-shirt to wipe off Clypatheia.

A group of Little People came to stay and give support
to Joseph and Clypatheia. Several where from the
cruise ship that Joseph had saved on one of his
earlier visits to the land of the Little People.
Several stepped over the small flowing stream created
by Joseph tears. Clypatheia flew up before Joseph’s
face and tried to dry away the tears with her wings.

A short time later the three attendants came back. Two
of them had cylinders strapped to their backs. One
with the aid of a portable ladder, climbed to the top
of the first sneaker. “Will have them smelling as
new,“ said the attendant jumping into the opening of
the sneaker. Joseph managed a smile.

The second attendant with a cylinder told Joseph, “If
you be so good to open your mouth, I will clean your

“Gee, I feel funny getting this attention.”

“Nonsense young enlarged one. Its our pleasure. Now

“Ok.” And Joseph opened wide as a refreshing tasting
liquid was sprayed into his mouth.

The attendant who had climbed into his sneaker was
coming back out. After climbing down he called up to
Joseph, “Your first sneaker is deodorized young sir.
Going on to the next.” Joseph nodded. And once more
smiled as the little person climbed up his ladder and
down into the darkness of the sneaker.

“There our young enlarged one. All done.”

Joseph smacked his lips. “Feels great.”

The third attendant, the one he had placed earlier in
his pocket told him and Clypatheia, “Now you both
really have to sleep.”

“I want to be awake if anything new breaks with
Fusta,” replied Joseph.

“Trust me Joseph, I will wake you both up if anything
new happens.” The small crowd of Little people
comforters agreed with the attendant. And encouraged
him to rest.

“It would make me feel better too Joseph,” said

“Ok, (yawn) we’ll try and sleep.” Starting to close
his eyes, and in a weary fading voice, “Just let
me…know …Fusta.” As Joseph begin to fade off he placed
Clypatheia on his chest and covered her with his hand.
The warmth from his chest and security of his hand
lulled Clypatheia to sleep. Shortly, both fell into

That attendant when he was sure Joseph was asleep,
walked up to the side of Joseph’s house size head. He
began to scale the side of the head vie Joseph’s hair.
Once on top, the attendant went and sat down in a
lotus position on the massive forehead. Placing his
hands on the warm skin, “Sleep well enlarged one. You
have traveled far and done much. Just sleep.“ The
attendant than began his vigil over Joseph and Clypatheia.

The crowd of Little People leaned up against the
titanic teen. A few sought lodging in the side pockets
of his gym shorts. The other two attendants crawled up
on to a socked foot pulling a fold of white material
over themselves. Joseph was surrounded by the love of
the Little People.

Fusta continued to walk over the soft, warm sand of
the beach. Up ahead, he spotted several large gray
flat boulders. Climbing onto one, Fusta sat down and
listened to the surf as it licked the edge of the
shore. It was very soothing and so very peaceful.

The attendant keeping vigil over Joseph and Clypatheia
stood up on the giant forehead. The warmth radiating
from it kept him warm. From time to time the attendant
could feel the skin beneath him wrinkling up as Joseph
in his dream state had periods of anxiety over his pal
Fusta. Putting his hands in his pockets, the
attendant looked up at the hospital. He thought,
“Don’t you want to come back Fusta?”

Gazing out at the endless ocean, Fusta observed many
fantastic sights and sensations. Passing before him no
larger than his hand was a galaxy. It radiated with
the power of its many billions of suns. Slowly, Fusta
passed a hand through it. He heard the thoughts of the
many different life forms that inhabited the galaxy.
Fusta could make out even the many varied worlds
passing through his fingers.

Becoming aware of another presence, Fusta turned to
his right. Coming towards him was another figure. As
the figure, distorted by the gentle heat waves
cleared, eventually the form materialized into a
recognizable form. Getting up and jumping off the
boulder, Fusta ran over to the figure shouting,

The attendant found himself in a minor earth tremor,
Joseph was moving his head back and forth. To keep
from being thrown off, the attendant jumped into
Joseph’s thick forest of hair and hung on. When after
the quake stopped, crawling back out from under the
thick locks, the attendant ventured back onto the
forehead. In the light of the rising sun, he could see
streams of tears pouring out from the giant eyes.

Fusta hugged Orkun. “My friend its so great to see
you!” And he hugged Orkun again. Removing his hands
from Orkun, Fusta became serious and thoughtful, “Have
I returned to the source?”

“No, your just in a form of limbo. The cross-roads,”
replied Orkun.

“Oh.” Gazing about him, “Its so beautiful.” Fusta’s
face dropped. “Its beautiful Orkun but so very

“How so my friend.”

“Its void of Joseph. I really miss him. Is he ok? And
Clypatheia? I want to share this with them. Can I

“Someday, but not now its not their time nor place.”

Becoming confused, “If their not hear I don’t want to
be either. But I do want to be with you also. I’m
getting really confused Orkun.”

Orkun chuckled. “Just relax. You have the answers.
Like I said this is a crossroad. Its barren because
you can’t go any further and its just temporary. Hey,
you tell me Fusta.”


“What do you think about it all?”

Scratching his forehead with a perplex expression,
“Its beautiful here. I feel maybe its not for me. Not
yet. And I belong back home and with my friends. And
with Joseph who is part of my life there.”

“And,” responded Orkun with a big smile.

For a moment Fusta was bewildered as he tried to
think. Thinking out loud, “Joseph as with Clypatheia,
is part of their world.” Fusta looked up at Orkun with
big orange eyes, “I’m part of their world. Part of
Joseph’s life their.”

“You belong here!” suddenly shouted Joseph waking
himself up. His huge giant voice reverberated for
miles around.

Woken from the sonic like boom of Joseph‘s voice,
Clypatheia shouted, “Joseph, what is it? Are you

“I have to go Orkun. But I will always love you too!”

“I know and I love you. Now get going. You have a very
concerned enlarged human waiting for you.”

Fusta began running down the beach shouting, “I’m
coming Joseph!” Orkun smiled as he watched Fusta
vanish off back to the plane where he still belongs.

All the Little People around Joseph were also woken
up. They all shouted in their high pitch squeaks,
“Joseph what is it?”

“Sorry. I guess it was a dream. It just seemed so
real,” replied Joseph.

Jumping off the forehead and onto the bridge to
Joseph’s nose, the attendant shouted, “Joseph, the
doctor is coming out!”

Joseph removed the attendant from his nose. And placed
him on the ground with his companions.

Placing Clypatheia in his hand, Joseph picked up the
doctor with the other. Clypatheia hung onto Joseph’s
thumb for security. “Doctor how did it go?” asked
Joseph trying to stay level headed.

“The operation is over. And Fusta is fine. His life
readings are very strong. It was touch and go at one

Joseph bent his head and shouted, “Oh yeah!!” The
whole area trembled under his youthful exuberance.

“Joseph!” shouted the doctor. “This is still a

“Oh man, I’m sorry. I‘m just got carried away. Just
so happy and relieved. Hey doc, when can I see him?”

“Maybe later on in the day.“ Taking his image
projector out of his pocket, the doctor told Joseph,
“At least let you me show you his image.”

There projected up before Joseph was Fusta in a
hospital bed. His countenance was peaceful. Slowly
Fusta’s eyes opened up. “Oh Joseph. He looks so much
better,” commented Clypatheia.

Joseph placing the soft warm tip of his index finger
against her face, “He does look a whole lot better.”

As they watched the image of Fusta, their tiny pal
turned slightly in their direction and lifted his arm
trying to give a wave. “Now this is very interesting,”
said the doctor.

“What is?” asked Clypatheia.

“The image is only one way. He can’t see you. Yet, he
is most defiantly looking in your direction.”

Joseph answered back, “Maybe someone has entered the

As they continued to view the image, they could see
Fusta was pronouncing the names Joseph and

The doctor rubbing his chin commented, “Its clear you
two have a strong bond with Fusta.” Turning the image
off, “I better get back inside.”

Placing the doctor down, Joseph thanked him. The
doctor nodded his head and went back into the

Joseph?” asked Clypatheia.


“How did you know Fusta was going to be ok?”

“Its hard to explain. I had this sense Fusta was at a
juncture. And he was meant to be here, with us. That’s
all I remember.”

“Well, the important thing is he is back.” Joseph
lifted Clypatheia up and pressed her against his lips.
“Oh Joseph.” And she hugged his lips with her arms.

The three attendants looking up at their colossal
charge; smiling at the display of affection between
the two. Stepping forward one attendant shouted,
“Young giant Joseph we will arrange to have breakfast
sent for you and Clypatheia.”

“Thanks guys. Hey, I don’t know your names.”

The attendant who had spent vigil over Joseph shouted,
“My name is Tothy.”

“I’m Vekle.”

The tallest of the attendants replied, “Call me

“Ok. And thanks guys. I mean it.”

Tothy going over to the tip of Joseph’s sneaker with
some difficulty climbed up on top and hollered,
“That’s we do Joseph sir.”

“Tothy get down. We have to get their breakfast,” said
Deszc with annoyance in his voice. Tothy gave Joseph
a rapid bow and was about to jump off when he stopped.

Seeing Tothy was a little nervous in jumping off his
sneaker, Joseph said as he reached for the tiny man,
“Here, let me help you down.“ Picking Tothy up by his
collar, Joseph placed him with his co-workers.

“Thanks Joseph!!” And Tothy left with the others.

“Aaaahhh,” sighed Clypatheia reclining in Joseph’s
hand. Resting her head on a muscle pad she looked
adoringly up at Joseph. “Fusta’s going to be fine and
I’m here with you.”

“The sun is breaking out. Fusta is ok. And I have you
in the palm of my hand. What else does a guy need.?“

Clypatheia running her hands over the contours to
Joseph’s skin, told him, “When I’m with you, it seems
the whole cosmos was made just for you.”

“Wow, the whole cosmos. That’s a pretty big order. I
know as I gaze upon you the cosmos has created the
most loveliest of things.”

“Oh Joseph.”

“Hurry, hurry!” shouted Tothy as he pulled a floating
try full of food for Joseph and Clypatheia.

“Just calm down Tothy,” said Deszc to his over
high-spirited fellow partner.

Running up before the colossal form of Joseph, Tothy
hollered, “We have your food Joseph. Hope we (taking a
breath) didn’t keep you waiting.” Tothy bent over
gathering his breath.

“Hey little guy take it easy,” replied Joseph amused
by the tiny attendants energetic and earnest manner.

Trying to reply back while still catching his breath,
Tothy responded, No (cough-gag) problem.”

“Why don’t you take a rest, my dependable pal,” said
Joseph who picking Tothy up between two fingers
deposited him in the pocket to his tee-shirt. “Now

Tothy making a muffled reply through the material,
“Thanks Joseph sir.”

“And thanks to you two.”

“Our pleasure Joseph,” replied Deszc.

Setting the three small plates and Clypatheia down in
in his lap, Joseph and his friend began to eat. “Hey,
would you guys like anything to eat?” asked Joseph.

“No enlarged care charge, we’re ok,” responded Vekle.

Tothy in the warm darkness of the pocket began pulling
on the thick green material propping himself up and
shouted somewhat weakly, “I’ll have something to eat.
Smells good.”

Pushing gently down on top of Tothy’s head with his
index finger, Joseph told him, “I think you need to
rest. I’ll save something for you.”

“He really is a remarkable enlarged human,” remarked
Deszc with respect in his voice. Vekle nodded his

When they were through eating, Clypatheia said to
Joseph, “I’ll go in and see how Fusta is.” Joseph
placed Clypatheia down on the ground.

“If you done young giant Joseph just place the plates
on the three hover trays,” spoke Deszc.

Joseph keeping a small amount off to the side wrapped
in piece of a napkin for Tothy, placed the plates on
the trays. Extending the lip to his pocket, Joseph
peered in and saw Tothy curled up and sleeping.
Looking down at the two other attendants, “Should I
wake your partner?”

“No, let him rest, we can handle it. Tothy was up all
night keeping vigil over you and Clypatheia.”

“OK.” And Joseph watched them take away the plates on
their hover trays.

As Joseph was sitting and thinking, he suddenly felt
movement in his sock that tickled his foot. He also
heard high pitch laughter coming from down below.
“What goes on?” Questioned Joseph lifting his right
foot up and observing the two tiny squirming bulges in
his sock.

“Those are our pals Joseph. We dared them to crawl
into your sock. Pretty dumb aren’t they,” replied a
young kid with long orange hair to Joseph. They soon
began laughing.

Joseph narrowed his eyes at the kids, “Hmm.” Taking
his sock very carefully off, Joseph removed the two
boys from the sock. And placed them down on the
ground. Their pals started teasing them. Joseph
reached down and picked up the three other boys.
“Well, if you think is so funny why don’t you try it.”

“Huh,” spoke the boy with long orange hair.

Joseph placed them in his sock. Lifting it up across
his face and speaking to the wiggling bulges, “Not so
funny now is it?” Joseph lowered his sock to the
ground and watched the three boys crawl out. Joseph
smiled as the pals kidded around with each other and
ran off laughing.

“Joseph.” shouted Clypatheia. Turning to Clypatheia,
Joseph’s heart became even happier. Holding on to
Clypatheia’s arm was Fusta. Joseph lowered his hand
down. After Clypatheia had placed Fusta in Joseph’s
hand she told Joseph, “I think you two should be

Lifting his hand up to his face Joseph asked, “How ya

“I still feel groggy and weak.”

“Yeah, that’s normal.”

“Joseph, I wasn‘t a bother to anyone was I?”

“A bother? You? No.” Joseph so happy to see Fusta
once more and on the mend felt his tensions start to
release. Little streams of water flowed from his eyes.
Joseph lowered his head.

Fusta slowly crawled across Joseph’s hand and reaching
up touched his face. “My Joseph. My friend. My
brother, what’s wrong?”

“Sorry, (taking in a big sniff) don’t know what has
gotten into me. I, I just so glad your ok and you’re

“Strange, I remember something of a dream where I was
in a beautiful place. And as beautiful as it was, it
was barren. Cause you weren’t there Joseph.”

Joseph gentle moved his face against Fusta. “I’m glad
your here dude.” Joseph cupped his other hand around

“Joseph, you will never know, I think, how my life
continues because of you.”

Standing in among the thick waves of Joseph’s hair was
the spirit of Orkun. “And some people think the cosmos
is a sad place.”

Joseph stayed another night. That evening as Joseph
and Clypatheia drifted to a very peaceful sleep, the
three attendants standing on top of Joseph’s forehead
talked. “I’m going to miss being an attendant for
Joseph,” said Tothy sadly.

“Yes, he is quite the enlarged one. Would be nice to
always keep a helpful eye on him,” commented Deszc.

“A great soul like that deserves that watchful care,”
added Vekle.

The three attendants looked at each other and off at
Joseph’s gym bag.

The next morning the citizens of the great city of the
Little People saw Joseph off. With Clypatheia and
Fusta in his hand, Joseph told them, “When your better
Fusta we will have that camping trip.”

“Can’t wait Joseph!”

“While I’m happy Joseph. I’m sad too to have to say

“Not for long. We can arrange for a visit. You guys
are part of my life. Nothing can ever change that.”
And he gave Clypatheia a kiss on the top of the head.

Gazing down at Fusta, Joseph remarked, “Oh well here
goes.” And Joseph kissed the top of Fusta’s head too.
Looking down below around his feet, Joseph said with
disappointment, “I’m sorry Tothy, Vekle and Deszc
aren’t here. I wanted to thank them again.”

Joseph lowered Clypatheia and Fusta to the ground.
Picking up his gym bag, Joseph walked before the
Inter-Space Gateway. Turning back around he waved to
the Little People. The whole beach exploded into