A Huge Help

by giant30

Billy Forrester had it tough in his neighborhood, especially in school. He was always getting picked on by other kids who were much bigger than he was. Billy was only 4'2" and weighed only 70 pounds. He hated being so small but there was nothing he could do.

Billy was walking to the restroom one morning when a 6th grader named Roger stopped him in the hall. He was a foot taller than Billy and the meanest bully in the entire school. Roger grabbed Billy by his shirt and said, "Where do you think you're going, squirt?"

Billy nervously replied, "I was j-j-just going to the restroom."
Roger said in a mean tone, "You're not going anywhere but in a locker you little pipsqueak" and he shoved Billy in a locker and slammed the door shut.

Billy was in the locker a good 20 minutes before a custodian heard him banging on the door and let him out. Thank goodness the lockers didn't have combinations or he would have never gotten out. Billy ran down the hall and back to class.

Also in the very same school was a 17 year old guy named Brian. Brian (or Big B as he was known by all) gave new meaning to the term "the biggest guy in school" for Brian was an amazing 8 feet 3 inches tall! Definitely not a person you'd want to meet in a dark alley.

Billy was walking outside to his bus and when he turned the corner he spotted Brian. Billy hid behind the door of an empty classroom as Brian passed. When he was gone he made a run for it before Brian saw him.

The next day, Billy went to his locker (yep even the little kids had lockers) and Billy went to get his reading book when he noticed it was on the very top shelf of the locker. Billy tried standing on tip-toe to reach it but it was no use.

Suddenly, Billy felt a pair of huge hands pick him up and raise him up to the top shelf of the locker. Without realizing who it was, Billy said "Thanks!" and a big voice replied, "You're welcome". Billy knew right away who it was but to make sure he was right he turned around, and there down on one knee was Brian.

Billy didn't stick around to talk.As soon as he saw Brian he took off down the hall at top speed. Brian tried to get him to come back but Billy was long gone. Brian turned around and went back to his class.

At home, Billy told his parents about the incredibly huge guy he had seen and how scared he was of him, Billy's father said, "How do you know he was going to hurt you?" Billy just shrugged and said, "I don't know."

Billy's father said, "Why don't you try talking to him before jumping to conclusions?" Billy hesitantly agreed and went to his room to go to sleep.

The next day, Billy went to school and sat at the door leading to the football field waiting for the 11th graders to come in from P.E. class. Several students came in but near the end of the group, Brian came through the door and was heading right for Billy.

Billy thought to himself, "Well, here goes nothing." He closed his eyes and put his hand up as if waiting for a high five; he felt someone slap his hand and when he opened his eyes and looked back, he saw Brian looking back at him with a friendly smile on his face.

Billy decided to wait on Brian to come out so he could talk to him about his bully problem. About ten minutes later, Brian came out and went in the gymnasium to wait for the bell for his next class to ring (Billy still had an hour before his classes started).

Billy went in the gym and went up to Brian. Billy only came up to his waist as far as his height went and because Brian was so big he had no idea that Billy was beside him.

Billy tugged on Brian's pantleg and said nervously, "B-B-Brian? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Brian looked down and when he saw Billy he bent down and said in a deep voice, "What can I do for ya, kiddo?"

Billy said sadly, "I have a problem I need to talk to you about."
Brian said, "Hang on just a second while I go tell the coach I'm stepping out in the hall." When the coach gave him permission to talk to Billy, he went out in the hall with him so they could talk.

When they got to a spot in the hall, Brian bent down so he could get somewhat eye-level with Billy and said, "What's up little bro?" Billy told him about how he was being picked on by other kids and how he needed help.

Brian said, "Don't worry buddy, I'll keep those guys away from you. If they pick on you again let me know and I'll teach them a lesson."
Billy thanked him and before he left he said, "Sorry I took off on you like that yesterday."
Brian replied, "No problem kiddo; I'm not mad."

When Billy got home, he told his parents all about Brian. Billy's father said, "See I told you, just because a person is big doesn't mean he's a bully." But little did Billy's father know just how big Brian was.

The next day in school Billy was waiting by the door for Brian to come in from gym when out of nowhere Roger showed up.

Roger said cruely, "I feel like beating someone up today, and today is your lucky day." He was unaware that Brian's class was coming in from the building from the football field.

Brian walked in and just as he turned the corner he saw Roger getting ready to punch Billy. He ran up behind Roger and stopped him before he could throw the first punch. Brian said angrily, "So, you're the one picking on Billy?"

Roger said, "So what if I am? What are you gonna do about it anyway?"

Brian replied, "Let's just say that if I see you picking on him again, you will deal with me. Now get outta here before I change my mind and teach you a lesson now."

Billy looked up at Brian and said curiously, "Why did you let him go?"
Brian answered, "I know Roger very well; if he's smart he'll leave you alone."

After school Billy was out waiting on the bus when Roger walked up to him. Roger gave him an evil stare and said, "So, you've got a bodyguard to protect you huh? Well that's just fine; I'll just have to catch you when he isn't around." Roger picked up his books he had dropped on the ground and walked away.

Billy got scared and looked frantically for Brian, when he found him he ran up to him and said, "Brian you gotta help me; Roger just threatened me again!" Brian said, "Don't worry bud, stay here with me. He won't do anything to you as long as I'm here." Billy stayed with Brian until his bus pulled up.

Billy got on the bus first and sat down in a seat about midway in the bus. He was watching the other students get on when he saw Brian get on (he had to duck to get in the door). Brian saw Billy and said, "Well if this isn't cool, I get to ride home with my buddy." He sat down with Billy and they talked the whole way home.

As the bus pulled up to where Brian lived, he gave Billy a piece of paper with his phone number on it, Brian said, "Here's where you can reach me if you need me; call me anytime." He patted Billy on the head and got off the bus, Billy took the piece of paper with Brian's phone number and placed it in his backpack.

That night Billy was home alone watching TV when the phone rang, he picked it up and said, "Hello?" A very cruel voice said, "Billy, I know where you live and I am coming for you.....beware!!" Billy was scared to death. He got his backpack, got Brian's phone number, and quickly dialed it hoping Brian would be home.

The phone rang only twice and Brian's mother answered. Billy said nervously, "Is B-B-Brian there?"

Brian's mother said "Yes he is, who is calling?"

Billy said, "This is his friend Billy from school, I need to talk to him right away, it's an emergency!!" Sensing fear in Billy's voice, Brian's mother put Brian on the phone.

Brian's voice came on and said, "What's wrong buddy? Are you ok?" Billy said, "Roger just called here, he wants to break in my house and hurt me-- he's on his way over and I'm home alone!"

Brian said, "I'll be right over buddy; lock the door until I get there, I'll honk the horn in my truck" (which was specially built for Brian so he could drive) "when I get there so you know it's me."

Billy waited for Brian to arrive and when he heard Brian's truck horn he stood by the door. Billy then heard a voice say, "Open the door buddy, it's Brian." Billy opened the door and let Brian in and said, "Thank goodness you're here, Roger will be here any minute!" Brian said, "I'm here now buddy, nobody's going to hurt you."

A few minutes later, they heard a knock at the door, an angry voice shouted, "Open the door and let me in Billy, I've come to get you!" Billy was quite scared and wanted to run. Brian said, "stay still Billy, I don't want him to see you." Brian went by the door and said, "Billy isn't here, he's with his folks."

Roger rammed the door open with his shoulder and the door flew open, but as it opened he saw Brian towering above him, he tried to run off but Brian caught him and took him outside, Brian then said, "I don't know what your plan is but it's not going to work; now get lost before I lose my temper!" He let Roger go and Roger took off toward his home.

About 10 minutes later, Billy's mom came in, she saw Brian comforting Billy who was still quite upset and she asked, "Oh my goodness is Billy ok?" Brian said, "He's fine ma'am; he just needed someone to stay with him because he got a little frightened is all" Billy's mom thanked Brian and Brian said to Billy, "You'll be ok buddy, your mom is home now."

Billy said, "Thank you for staying with me Brian."
Brian said, "No problem buddy, if you need me again just call me." Brian got his keys and went to his truck to go home, and as he walked out the door he said to Billy, "See ya at school tomorrow kiddo." Billy nodded his head and Brian left to go home.

Billy didn't have much trouble after that with Roger, Brian watched over Billy every day just as a true friend would. And just think, if Billy hadn't taken the time to talk to Brian, he wouldn't have the good friend he has now. Billy and Brian spent alot of time together during that time, and Billy was glad that he had Brian to watch over him.

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