The Gray School Book

by Timothy

Murray found himself on his butt. As he stood back up he wiped the dirt off the seat of his red track shorts. Murray was doing a few laps when the school jurk Matt Flynn came up and socked him in the chest.

"Ah, come on I didn't hurt you that bad," said Matt offering Murray a hand. Not really trusting Matt but not wanting to look like a whimp Murray grasped the hand that seemed offered in peace. Matt laughed; grabbed Murray and pulled him toward him and spun Murray around shouting to the other students who were watching Matt's mindless sporting around, "Hey, I think Murray's a fruit. He's dancing with me."

Laughter upon stupid cruel laughter.

Murray just walked away hoping no one would see his tears of frustration. Several of Murray's pals told him, "Matt is a jurk but he doesn't really mean it. Everyone knows your the best runner in eighth grade." Those words didn't help. Yeah, Murray knew we all get hassled at times from people. But this guy never seems to let up.

There is another issue that weighs deeply on Murray's mind: he can't prove it but he is pretty sure Matt and several of his fellow goons posioned his dog Randy. Murray loved his dog. Murray thought, "If true, would this guy end up hurting or killing someone? Maybe me!? The world seems to be filled with evil people like Matt who "BLANK" it up for the rest of us."

After enjoying the laughs he got from tormenting Murray, Matt went slowly home. Matt never knew what to expect from his drunken father. Once two years ago his father broke his nose throwing a beer bottle at him. Entering the run-down house Matt sighed. So often he wanted to run away to safety. Matt wished with all his heart for someone to protect him. Though, he never told anyone this. And to cover his pain, he tormented others like Murray.

The Next Day

After school and entering the sports field Matt saw Murray. A sly smile appeared on his face. When Murray saw Matt coming, "Damn not now! The guy is such a bug!!" Murray filled with rage from endless tormenting screamed at Matt, "You bug! Your nothing but a human flea!" Matt vanished.

For a moment Murray felt ill. He wasn't looking to hurt him. Murray walked where he last saw Matt.

The trembling quake from Murray's steps and SUV size sneakers made him fall to the ground. His mouth dropped not much in fear but in awe of the office-building size teen that stood over him.

Murray didn't know if to laugh, scream or what. But there in a gray tee-shirt and blue jeans was a two inch Matt. He stooped over the tiny teen.

Slowly standing up Matt knew the score. He tried to plead and sound helpless. (which he truly was) Matt also thought, "Maybe, this kid I teased will protect me." Matt was filled with hope.

Murray was filled with conflicting feelings. However, he was a humane minded person. Murray was in his track-uniform which had no pockets. He placed Matt down his long red track sock. Matt found himself pushed up against Murray's sweaty leg. Feeling the tiny squirming body of Matt down his sock made Murray feel ill.

It was so strange to be picked up between two giant fingers. But it was unconfortable when Murray placed him down the hot sweaty sock. "Maybe I derserve it," thought Matt to himself with his face pressed up against the moist skin of Murray's leg.

Once home Murray released Matt from his sock prison. Matt was placed on Murray's computer table. Matt walked by normal things that now dwarfed him. He walked passed a giant gray school book. Matt thought, "If I become normal again I won't pick on anyone. I'll be a good pal to Murray. He could have squashed me but didn't. That's a real man."

Murray looked down at the tiny frail form of Matt. He then looked gazed over at the photo on his wall of his dog. "Would Matt once returned to normal start teasing me again? What will Matth end up doing to others?" Murray thought and thought and felt troubled.

"Murray will be my protector. And I will learn from him. I couldn't learn from my own father." Matt stopped his thoughts. He was covered in a shadow. A cushion of air came pressing down on him. Looking up he just had time to see the bottom of the gray school book.