Fourteen Forever

by Big Mike.

RATED PG-13--some gore near end.

Jason had been becoming a giant and helping the residents of the local city with their problems for a long time, and by now almost everyone in the city knew and loved him. Very few were scared of him anymore, but when he encountered the fearful, Jason would set them down and have a one-on-one conversation to prove there was no reason to be scared of him. Human nature being what it is, not everyone was able to cope with a boy the size of a 20-story building walking about their town, even if he WAS the nicest and most gentle teen in the world—-some just had to move away. Jason understood and didn’t let it hurt his feelings. But those who left were very few. Most grew quite accustomed to him.

People really didn’t even notice when Jason walked through the city, gingerly placing each step in between the buildings, trying his hardest not to step on anyone or anything, not an easy feat for a 200 foot tall 14-year old. Oh, did I forget to tell you that Jason was technically 15 now, but he will never age, he will always be 14? And that he is stuck being a giant? I didn’t? Well let me tell you the tale… it all started back about 3 months ago…

Jason was going outside to use the machine to make himself giant, and everything was going as normal. Suddenly, when the machine was supposed to fire the beam, it didn’t. Jason walked closer to see why; without warning, the machine exploded, sending Jason flying backwards, dazed. Uncle George and Kristen heard the explosion and came running. Jason was lying on his back, knocked out and covered with bruises and cuts, and his clothes were ripped.

“Jason, are you okay son?” George said, running to Jason’s side. He tilted Jason’s head forward and gently patted his nephew’s head. Jason seemed to incoherently mumble and moan something, but didn’t say anything else. He appeared to be in a lot of pain.

“Jason, come on, try to say something, really try for me” George said.

“I can't move” Jason mumbled. George and Kristen both tried to help Jason to his feet. Jason moaned as the pain went throughout his body.

He limped over into the house, and then George and Kristen helped him into the basement. George sat him down and got out his tools to give him a check up. One of George’s many talents was medical science. He checked for a concussion; none. He checked for broken bones; none. As far as Uncle George could tell, Jason just had a few cuts and bruises. He grabbed a needle and gloves.

“Okay, Jason hold still, I’m just gonna take a blood sample," he said.

“OWWW!!!” Jason yelled

“Whoopsie, missed the vein, lets try that again,” George said. A few more attempts and he finally got it. He took some blood out to run tests; the chemicals from the machine may have caused some sort of damage inside of him.

About 3 hours later…

“Hmm, Jason this is odd...” Uncle George said.

“Oh no, what’s wrong with me? Cancer? HIV?....” Jason started naming all of the diseases he could think of.

“No, no, no," George said; "you’re not sick, I just noticed some anomalies in your DNA.”

“Well what does that mean?” Jason questioned.

“Well, as far as I can tell…. There are some major changes in your body.’ He went on ‘from what I can see… it seems that you are now able to change your size without using the machine”

“Whoa, really? AWESOME!” Jason said as his eyes lit up.

“Jason, don’t get too excited, I have some bad news too” George explained, Jason calmed down

“It seems that you are now stuck as a 14-year old for the rest of your life, this pattern in your DNA shows that the cell that makes you age is gone. You are 14 and always will be. No matter how old you get, you will be 14, and you won’t be able to die. Also, it seems that you cannot be harmed or hurt in any way except emotionally, do you understand Jason?” George explained. Jason silently nodded his head. It was with great pain that Jason realized that he would never grow up. He was 14 now and that’s all the older he will ever physically be. He won’t age. He’ll be the same cute 14 year old boy forever

This is my real friend Jason that I love like a brother.

Jason just went upstairs to his room and lay down. He didn’t go to sleep, he just pondered for a while. A little later there was a knock at the door and his sister came in.

“Jason, dinner’s ready… Jason?” she said after he didn’t acknowledge her entrance in any way. She walked over and sat on his bed next to him.

“Jason, what’s wrong bro?”

“Kristen… I just feel so useless… life seems pointless now. I’m not going to age. I'm never gonna grow up. I should just kill myself, there’s nothing else to do.” He explained

“Jason, don’t ever say that, you have plenty to live for, trust me” she said.

“Like what?,” Jason asked defiantly.

“Umm….. you could become a full time giant and help people… you know you can stay with them for however long you want, instead of leaving when it was your bedtime."

“Yeah, like that’s so great…” Jason said

“Well, I don’t know what else to say Jason, but I want you to know that I love you, and nothing could change that, not even if I become older than you. Just don’t kill yourself; I know that you can find some reason to live.” She said.

Jason went to bed that night without dinner; he just wanted to think. His mind was heavy with thoughts about his future. It was a summer night, so there would be no school the next day. Summer vacation had just started, so Jason had a long time before he had to go to school or anything like that. That time stretched before him now, seeming to him an empty summer; a blank space that he filled now with his thoughts of the future—-his fears, his questions. It was a long time before he was able to fall asleep.

During the night, Jason dreamed about all of the things he could do if he became a giant and stayed that way. In the morning, he knew what he was going to do. He woke up with new ambition and confidence. He hurried downstairs for breakfast, and then asked Uncle George just how he could access the new powers in his body.

“Just tense your body up, and then imagine you were growing.” He and Jason went outside to see if it would work. Jason did just as George told him, and he started to grow, just as if the machine were there.

Jason shot up to his normal 200 feet, thanked George and Kristen, and left. He headed back to the city, and he was greeted the same way as usual, some people looked at him but he had come through so often a lot of people didn’t care to notice. He had everyone meet him at the bandstand at the park in the middle of the city; he wanted to announce the changes in his life.

So everyone met and Jason announced that he would be 14 forever, and cannot be hurt. Everyone thought for a minute, and they all eventually supported him. Just as everyone was leaving, a man pushing a wheelchair rolled up to Jason’s feet. Jason lay down to get a better look at this person in the wheelchair, he could see the woman in the chair was hideously deformed. The woman was ugly as sin, too. She had one eye—-in the middle of her forehead—-and two fingers on each hand.

“Jason, I have come to you today to ask of you one favor for my wife. It is not for my own personal gain I come here, and being that I know you are capable of so many great things, I was wondering if there is anything you can do for her. About a year ago, she was driving down the road, and a drunk driver coming in the opposite lane went over the yellow line. The driver smashed into my dear wife’s car… head on. She was knocked unconscious and trapped in her car.

"The car caught on fire, and there was no way to escape. She suffered severe burns over 80% of her body. When rescuers finally got her to a hospital, she was like this." She was permanently bald and could not walk anymore. Her skin was very sensitive. She had only one eye, and the Doctor had to surgically move it to the middle of her forehead, for some medical reason beyond the understanding of her husband, who wept wretchedly as his once-beautiful wife, the love of his life, was revealed to him in the recovery room—a human rind, burned and mutilated grotesquely--- she didn’t even have a nose, or lips. . She had trouble talking and she just couldn’t take being like this anymore.

Her husband had found her trying to kill herself the other day—sitting on the porch with a plastic bag over her head. He had removed it and comforted her as she wept. Now, he had brought her to Jason.

“Jason, I know that this is a very long-shot, but is there anything you can do for her?”

A single tear fell from Jason’s huge eye as he looked down at the woman in the wheelchair.

( I could put her out of her misery ) he thought. But he didn’t say it aloud. The man would have been offended… or was that what he was actually asking?? An end to her suffering under Jason’s mighty foot? Compared to him, the woman was less than two inches tall. It would be so easy… just stand up, rising into the air like a 20 story building—lift his huge, 30 foot long Reebok over her, and set it down. A swift push, a gentle popping sensation, and then no more pain.

Surely that’s not what the man wanted… couldn’t be.

“Well… there IS one thing I can do for her…," Jason said at last, remembering something else Uncle George had told him; he had said that Jason can focus all of the energy that had entered his body into one beam. This one focus of energy was magical…. It would do pretty much anything Jason wanted it to; however, it meant that he will never be able to go back to normal. "If you would please take her out of her wheelchair, and sit her on the ground, I might be able to do something," he said; the man lifted her out of the chair. She truly was a sight… she was horribly disfigured, it almost made Jason want to throw up.

He placed his enormous hands on either side of her, and he told them to step back. A few of the people from before were still there. For the first time in a long time, Jason was focused on that one thing. Sweat started beading from his forehead; you could easily tell he was focused. A blue orb of light formed between his hands. People stared in amazement as this magic thing took place. The orb grew larger and brighter, and also the shrieking sound it made became increasingly louder. Jason let out a painful moan as there was a sudden explosion between his hands. It was like a nuclear warhead went off; the bright flash blinded people for a few seconds. When people could see again, the girl had returned to a beautiful young woman. Jason, however, was completely drained of energy. He was panting like a dog, and then he passed out. He came crashing to the ground to the side of the woman, and everyone gasped.

The woman, now completely normal again, rushed over to his side. He was still alive, but not in good shape.

“Jason, you great giant, I can't thank you enough for what you just did for me. Please be okay, I want you to be able to hear me give you thanks.” She said. Jason, miraculously, came back to life; he moaned a few times and moved a little bit.

“Jason, you’re okay!” she said, excited. Jason just let out a low painful moan.

“Jason, I can't thank you enough for what you did. My husband and I love you for all that you do. I hope you understand that you gave me a new chance at life, thank you”. Jason slowly, moved his hand towards her, and gently gave her a hug as best he could, by holding her close to his side and squeezing her tightly. Jason fell back asleep again, woke up about 5:00 pm, and people were still standing around him.

“Because of what I did to help her, I will never be able to become normal size again. I sacrificed any chance I had at going back to normal to make her life better. Loraine," (that was the woman’s name) "you are welcome for what I did for you, I may not be able to be normal again, but it’s worth it if it means that your life is just a little better.” Jason announced.

“I am so glad you did this for me Jason, although I feel so sorry that you won’t ever be normal again. I don’t feel as though I was worthy of you doing this for me.” She said. Jason simply said not to worry about it and went back to the field behind his house, and went to sleep…

Let’s fast forward through a few uneventful months and bring us back up to today…

Jason was in a very good mood today. He was walking through the city, headed for the park. He noticed, however, that there were basically no people throughout the city. He started to become worried as he looked at the ground between each step with his massive feet, and there was no one there.

As he went around the last building taller than he was by the park, he was surprised to see everyone in the park. They all screamed “surprise” as Jason saw them…

“Whoa… what’s all this stuff for?” Jason said, curious. The mayor walked out the Jason’s knees, after he kneeled down

“Jason, today is the day that celebrates the one year anniversary of you coming to our city for the first time. We all gathered here in the park to have a citywide party. Everyone in this city knows you; you have touched all of their lives. We have some gifts for you donated by the city, just a small thank you for all of the gifts you have given us over the past year.”

“No, guys, whatever it is, I don’t want to accept it, I don’t deserve it” Jason said, trying to be modest.

“Nonsense, you deserve it. The gifts we have for you include judicial and legal immunity, meaning that we will not punish you for any crime you commit. In this city you are now above the law. Well, we couldn’t control you before if we had to, but now it’s all legal. The other thing we have to offer you is a land area of 50 square acres located along the lake’s edge. We know that since you cannot live in your house anymore, we would give you this land for your home way from home. This land is private. It is for your use and no one else is allowed there without your permission. It is located along the lake’s edge for use as a bathroom and also a bathing place. Jason, that area of 50 square acres, is your new home.” The mayor explained.

“Aww… dude… that’s awesome. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much, I would have never thought this city cared that much about me. It feels so wrong to take this stuff from you. Thank you all so very much. I wish you all safety and happiness in my next year here with you. It has been fun, and I know I have taught you guys a lot of stuff…. But also, I have learned tons of stuff from you guys. Thank you!” Jason said in his little speech.

“Oh, and Jason, we have one more thing to tell you, there’s a new family in town. Will they please come up here to greet our giant resident?” The mayor announced. A man and a woman came up to the front.

“Hey, you guys are new in town aren’t ya? My name is Jason and I am the local giant boy… I'm 15 even though I will never physically age, I will be 14 forever. I always come to this city to help them and keep them safe, and that’s just a little but about me, would you care to tell me a little about yourselves?” Jason asked.

“Well, I’m Megan and this is my husband Lewis. We also have a daughter, but she is taking forever to get up here. Mattie, come on up here to meet our new neighbor,” Megan called.

“Just a second mom, I'm trying to find something in the car," she called back.

“Well hurry up. Jason, I think you’ll like our daughter, she’s 15 too and she is a very nice person…” Megan said again. Finally a beautiful girl came running up to the front to greet the giant boy. She stopped dead when she looked up into Jason’s friendly blue eyes. Jason was immediately focused on her. He smiled and looked down at her; he fell in love with her at first sight. Mattie, also, fell in love with Jason at first sight.

“Hi” She said kinda softly because she was scared to admit she liked him.

“Hi” Jason said back also softly because he was attracted to her. There was a moment when they just stared at each other in silence. Finally, she came out and said it…

“Jason, wow you are such a cute boy” She said, kinda embarrassed to admit it. Jason kinda laughed and smiled as he said

“I think you are pretty too” His face kinda started to turn pink from embarrassment as he smiled. There was another awkward moment as they just stared at each other. Mattie stared up in Jason’s, cute, warm blue eyes, and he stared down at her pretty, smiling face.

Neither of them had ever believed in love at first sight, until now…

Jason had always had a big soft spot in his heart for girls. While he was always wild around his fellow guys, he was always more shy and reserved around girls. Jason was cute and nice, and even though he knew that any girl would want to go on a date with him, he always had a fear of rejection. He was often afraid to tell a girl he liked them.

The celebration continued, but for most of the time, Jason and Mattie sat there and talked. Everyone started leaving and Jason said goodbye to them as they walked past.

“Well Jason, it looks like I gotta go. I love you sweetheart,” Mattie said as she walked out of the park with her parents, towards their car.

“I love you too honey” Jason replied.

Soon everyone was gone. Jason sighed, thinking about how lonely he really was. Even though almost everyone in the city was his friend, he had few actual friends who would talk and play with him. Though he was a big gentle giant, he was really playful. He loved playing games. He can't play with any of the normal people though, like if he pretends like he’s going to crush them or be mean… they tend to take it seriously and he had to reassure them that he’s just playing with them.

He slowly walked to his uncle’s house and grabbed the blanket that George had expanded to his size for him, so that he would be warm. He walked back to the place that the city had given to him as a gift. To his surprise, there was a spot marked out in the ground with a padded type of ground cover, for use as his bed.

“Wow, they must really love me” He thought. He lay down, and put the blanket over him… he gracefully drifted off to sleep.


“But mom, I love him, why can't I see him?” Mattie argued with her parents at home.

“Because he’s not like us” Her father broke in.

“You might get crushed. I know he seems nice now but before you know it, you’ll be the one who ends up flattened under his foot,” her mom argued.

“NO! He’s not like that! He really is very nice and compassionate; I can't believe you don’t believe your own daughter! I hate you!” she was screaming.

“Little girl I don’t want to hear it anymore! You are NOT to see this Jason kid again END OF STORY! Now go up to your room and go to bed!” Her father said sternly

“But dad...”

“No buts, now get your butt up to bed NOW little missy!” Her father pointed toward the stairs.

“Fine, I hate you!” she stormed up the stairs crying and slammed her bedroom door. She sat down on her bed and threw a tantrum, she cried and threw pillows and stuffed animals at the wall. She thought about the wonderful time she and Jason had together earlier that day and it made her cry harder. She suddenly felt a cool breeze and looked at her open window. She thought, “Its only about a 12 foot drop, I can make it”. With that she put on her shoes and ran over to her window.

She put one leg out of the window, and then the other. She sat on the outside of her windowsill, and then took a deep breath. She let go and jumped down to the ground. She wasn’t hurt and she started running out of her yard, down the driveway and up the street. She made it to a bus stop and waited. Soon the 21-F to Downtown roared up to the stop. She got on, and headed toward the city.

She was let off by an old access road that ran through the woods by where Jason was. She climbed over the over grown gate and ran down the dark road. Luckily, she had thought to bring a flashlight. She felt lost. She had been running for almost 2 hours on this road and hadn’t found anything except some old oil wells and rusted out beat up old cars. She sat down on the side of the dirt road and thought. She was scared, cold and alone. The eerie quiet of the still night made her feel even more scared. Suddenly, she heard some heavy breathing. She knew it had to be Jason. She started running down the road again, and before long she came to a clearing.

The moonlight lit up the ground better here; it was less interrupted by trees. She could see the shadowed outline of her giant boyfriend sleeping in the cool night air. She ran over to his arm and poked him. No reaction. She punched him and he moved slightly, she then started calling his name. He moaned and his eyed opened, he yawned and stretched, he looked down at her…

“Mattie, what are you doing here? You should be at home.” He said.

“I hate my parents, I ran away from home to come live with you” she explained. Jason looked over his shoulder and saw a transformer box. With his thumbnail, he switched on the little lever. Suddenly several stadium lights came on and lit the area. It was another feature the city added to his new place to make him feel more at home. Now Jason and Mattie could actually see each other better.

He rolled over and soon they were face to face.

“So, Mattie, would you like to tell me why you hate them and decided to run away?” Jason asked. She explained the whole story about how they didn’t want her to see him.

“Mattie, I know this isn’t what you want me to tell you’ she listened in more closely ‘but you really should go home to your parents and apologize” he said.

“No, I will never forgive them, I want them to die!” she said.

“No Mattie, you DON’T want them to die, trust me. Did I ever tell you about how my parents and my brother were killed?” He asked, she shook her head.

“Well they were killed in a car accident…” He went on to explain the whole story, and also the rampage he went on afterwards. He had started to cry by the time he was done.

“Mattie, I guess what I'm really trying to say is… don’t take your parents for granted. I know deep down you really love them, and they love you. Don’t ever take your parents for granted, you wont realize how much you love them until they are gone.” Jason cried a little bit.

“I guess I will go back then. Wow, Jason, you’re a sensitive boy too… I didn’t think you could be any more perfect. I love you so much. Is it okay if I stay here and sleep with you tonight?” she asked

“Of course honey, but you have to promise to go back home in the morning. Do you promise?” He asked.

“Alright, Jason I will. I’d do anything for you my big cute giant boyfriend” she laughed. Jason lied back, and put her on his chest. He put his giant hand on her, to cover her and keep her warm. He then pulled the blanket up onto them and turned off the transformer, and everything went dark again. They slept together for the rest of the night.

They were awoken by the early morning sun. They woke up together still in the sweet embrace.

“Good morning beautiful” Jason said in his sweet, gentle voice.

“Good morning honey” Mattie said back. Jason put his arms back and stretched out.

“How’d ya sleep?” Jason asked.

“Oh, fine. Anytime with you is great!” She said

“Aw, don’t flatter me” Jason laughed.

“Well, I gotta get you back to your house. I’m sure your parents are worried sick” Jason said.

“You’re probably right.” She said back. He picked her up and carried her back to her house.

“There you are! Honey we were worried sick about you!” Her parents said when Jason showed up and set her down.

“You, you, OF COURSE IT WAS YOU! Keep your giant hands AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER YOU BASTARD!!” Her dad yelled up to Jason. Jason sort of jumped back, and his eyes got real big, he wasn’t expecting her father to totally flip out on him.

“Don’t you ever, EVER go near my daughter again! Don’t you touch her, don’t you even look at her when you see her. I’m so mad at you…”

“Whoa, don’t start all of this stuff with me. If it wasn’t for me your daughter probably wouldn’t be okay. I kept her safe all through the night last night’ Jason got real close and raised his voice ‘Don’t you TELL me that I hurt your daughter! I love Mattie more than you could ever understand! Also I don’t think it’s a very smart to yell at someone who can crush you with one stomp of his big foot! What’s wrong with you? Am I not GOOD enough for your daughter! Huh!?” Jason was yelling at this point, some of the neighbors came outside to see all of the commotion.

“Fine! I don’t care! You don’t deserve her!” Mattie’s father said as they went back inside and slammed the door behind them. Jason could see Mattie in the window and she waved at him with a sad face. Jason mouthed the words “I love you” back but her father closed the shades. Jason started walking up the street when a little boy who lived nearby walked up to him.

“What’s wrong Jason? What happened?” The little boy asked. Jason bent down to see the little kid.

“Oh nothing lil’ dude. Don’t you worry about it. It doesn’t have anything to do with you, alright? Now take care, I’ll see you again sometime” Jason said gently and continued up the street.

Jason went back to his place. He didn’t see Mattie again for a few days. One day, about a week after this incident, a blue sedan came up the little dirt access road on to where he was. Mattie’s mom and dad got out and had sad looks on their faces. Jason didn’t even look at them; he just kept staring up into the clear blue sky above them.

“Jason, we have come here to ask a favor of you.” Her father said.

“What, you expect me to help you after all of that? Yeah right.” Jason said to them

“No really, Mattie was kidnapped last night and the police won’t help us. Please help us Jason, I’m sorry for what I said last week.” Mattie’s dad said.

“Mattie’s in trouble!? Oh man… this ain’t good…” Jason got up “Do you have any clue where she might be?” Jason asked

“No, all we heard about was an escaped former terrorist is in the area, that’s it.” Her mom said. Jason knew he had to do something.


At school, Jordan sat in class… listening to another one of the reading teacher’s boring speeches. V “And so the research project is due in 2 weeks. Remember to use works cited and to parenthetically cite all of your information. Are there any questions on that?” The reading teacher droned on. No one said anything, a person’s head slipped off of their hand that was holding it because he was asleep. “Alright, everyone get to work on your rough draft and I want no talking” the teacher finished.

“Ughh! Finally… “Jordan said as he stretched and started talking to the kid sitting next to him. All of the students started talking amongst themselves.

“I said NO talking” The teacher barked.

“Agh! Why can't this day just be over?” Jordan thought.

So the day dragged on… just another boring day of school. Finally, Jordan was boarding the bus to go home. He sat, staring out of the window… thinking of distant memories… like when he was an evil giant. Finally the bus stopped in front of the long driveway leading up to his house. The bus roared away down the road, and Jordan just walked up his long driveway slowly.

He saw a quarter lying on the ground. He stopped, and bent down to pick it up. Suddenly, he felt the ground shake, getting more vigorous with each impulsive shake. Jordan looked around to see what it was. He looked up into the sky, around the whole horizon. It wasn’t long before Jason appeared on the horizon, slowly and carefully walking down Jordan’s street. Jordan started running to greet his giant friend, he was so excited. It had been close to a year since Jordan last saw Jason.

Jason stopped and kneeled down when he saw Jordan running. Soon, Jordan was right at Jason’s feet.

“Jordan! Wassup dude? It’s been so long since I saw you!” Jason greeted his friend.

“Not much dude. Wasup with you? I missed ya so much!” Jordan said back

“Oh, not too much, I been helping a lot a people since I became a giant full-time. I got a girlfriend now…” Jason explained.

“Oh cool dude, is she hot?” Jordan said with a wry smile

“Haha, yeah… she is one hot chick… I love her so much though.” Jason said “In fact, that’s why I came to see ya today Jordan. Jordan, I guess I been doin a pretty good job at hiding it… but I'm really sad right now…” Jason said, becoming less upbeat.

“Why Jason… what’s wrong?” Jordan asked.

“Well… last night…. The girl I love… Mattie… was kidnapped’ Jason started to sort of break into tears ‘so I came here today to ask if you can help me try to find her. I miss her so much Jordan… I really love her…. Please help me…” Jason begged.

“Of course Jason, that’s what friends are for… what exactly do ya want me to do?” Jordan asked.

“Well…. I kinda want you to become a giant again…”

“WHAT!? You saw what happened the last time I was a giant…. So many people killed… and while I had a lot of freaking fun I don’t wanna hurt those people again. Jason, I would have thought you had more commonsense than that.” Jordan admitted.

“Well Jordan, I was hoping maybe I could trust you… PLEASE JORDAN! I need your help, there’s no one else to go to for help. Please Jordan, I’m begging you” Jason said. Jordan had to think about it for a while, he didn’t want thousands more people to die because of him.

“Alright Jason, I’ll do it.” Jordan said.


Miles away, in an unknown terrorist camp located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains…

In an Arabic language “Commander, we have captured the dirty American CIA Official’s daughter” said a scout for the hidden camp. Something, that no one knew, not even his own family, was that Mattie’s dad worked for the CIA. He had been close to discovering the secret ring of terrorists in the United States and they had captured his daughter to hold until they could reach an agreement not to tell anyone.

The scout walked Mattie to the enormous prison located in the 400 acre terrorist compound. He walked her over to a dirty prison cell

“You go in cell now, dirty American bitch!” said the scout in broken English. He threw her into the cell, and she slammed her body up against the filthy wall. She slid down the wall in sheer pain, and she stopped on the ground. She started to cry.

“Mom, dad, anyone… please help me” she prayed in-between her sobs. The American prisoner in the cell next to her, walked over to the bars between the cells.

“Don’t worry, life here isn’t too bad. Someone will find us eventually. I know my family is searching for me right now, do you think there is anyone searching for you?” The strange man asked

“Well… I know my family is… but there is also this one other person. He is the sweetest loving boy a girl could ever ask for. His name is Jason, and he’s a giant 14 year old boy. He’s my boyfriend and I love him and he loves me more than anything else on earth. I know he’ll rescue me, I know he will” Mattie started crying again.

“Stop crying bitch!” The terrorist said she then went into crying in a quieter voice.

Jason was carrying Jordan in his hand as they made it to Uncle George’s neighborhood. Uncle George and Kristen came running outside to greet them.

“Aww Jas! I missed ya so much!” Kristen said as she was running towards him. Jason set Jordan down and picked his sister up.

“Hi Kristen… I missed you too” Jason said as he sorta tried to hug her.

“Something wrong Jas? You seem kinda depressed” Kristen asked.

“Well yeah I am… it’s a long story…” Jason said as he sat down in the backyard, his giant figure overshadowing the house and the neighbor’s houses too. He continued to explain the whole story with him and Mattie, and how they had fallen in love with each other; he also explained that she was missing now. “And so that’s why me and Jordan came here. He’s gonna help me find her by becoming a giant and helping me search. I came here to see if you had made a new growth ray that we can use… did you?” Jason asked.

This is Jordan by the way, he is really a generally nice kid in real life.

“Well’ George sighed ‘actually I just finished it. Jordan can use it I guess” he said. He went into the basement and wheeled out the new ray.

“Be careful guys, it's new” he said. Jordan walked over and stood in front of it, Jason leaned up against the house and watched. The ray fired, and soon Jordan started growing bigger. Up to 200 feet, the same size of Jason, he grew. His giant Nikes overshadowed the house.

“Okay Jason, now what should we do?” Jordan asked, he started to get that adrenaline rush again that he had the last time he was a giant.

“Well now…. I guess all we have to do… is look” Jason said.

“Wait guys, what did you say about a terrorist in the area? I know of a terrorist website… and I think maybe I can find out where this guy is… if I can read the writing… I'm pretty good at it”

About 20 minutes later…

“Okay guys, according to this, there is either a terrorist camp in those woods out there… or that’s a coffee stain…” George said… as he looked at the map he printed out. He pointed off into the distance where he said it should be.

“Well Jordan, I guess we gotta go” Jason said. With that, they both said goodbye and thundered off into the distance, walking next to each other. That would definitely be a sight to see… too young, cute 14 year old giant boys walking next to each other, down your street… and they aren’t even causing any destruction.

Jordan saw a car parked on the side of the road, and he lifted his big red and white Nike up over it, he was going to crush it. Jason smacked him in the back of the head and yelled at him, not to cause any destruction.

They made it out into the woods. I mean WAY out… miles away from the city… looking for this camp. They scoured the ground, until the sun was starting to set, still they found nothing.

“Jordan, it’s hopeless! I’ll never be able to find my sweet little girl… I love her and I miss her so much. We’ll never find the place, it will take forever” Jason said as he sat down and started to pout. Not cry, but almost on the verge of it.

“Come on Jason, we DEFINITELY won't find it unless we keep trying” Jordan said as he continued staring off into the sun-setting horizon. Jason stood back up

“It’s useless Jordan…” Jason said. Suddenly, Jordan focused on a particular part of the ground… way off in the distance.

“Jason… do you see what I see?” Jordan said.

“No, what?” Jason said.

“Look over there…” Jordan pointed into the distance. “That looks like a prison camp to me” They both started running towards the camp.

Mattie could feel the ground shaking as her young saviors were approaching the camp.

“Oh YES! He’s finally coming! He’s going to rescue me!” she yelled in excitement. Sirens went off around the camp. The groups of terrorists got out guns and cannons, ready to fire at the approaching giants.

A shadow fell over the camp as Jason and Jordan came to the fenced border. Soon the troops of terrorists came in throngs and crowded to the edge of the camp. They started firing the guns at the young giants, Jason and Jordan didn’t even feel it. Cannons were fired; still, when they hit, nothing much was felt.

Jason and Jordan looked at each other, and with a nod towards each other, they both stepped over the fence. Both of them deliberately made sure to crush some of the attackers under their sneakers. Jordan’s big Nike high top shoe crushed about a dozen of them under it, Jason’s big white Reebok crushed about 10; the white sole of the sneaker started to turn a little bit red from the blood, but this is one thing that Jason wouldn’t feel sorry for. They made their way into the camp, crushing outbuildings and terrorists under their big sneakers.

They came to a building that appeared to be a prison. There were bars on the windows and guards walking around it. After brutally stomping the guards into the dust, Jason placed his hands on the roof of the building. With one big yank with his enormous strength, Jason ripped the roof off of the building. He was desperate to find his lost love.

Mattie was down sitting in the cell below where Jason had ripped off the roof.

“Mattie I found you!” Jason yelped with glee. As gently as he could he picked her up. “Mattie, I missed you so much! I love you! Don’t ever leave my site again” Jason was saying, starting to cry from happiness.

“Jason, my big gentle boyfriend, you saved me! I love you so much! Thank you!” she said starting to cry.

Jason held her close to his chest, hugging her tightly. Jason bent down a little bit, still holding her… they shared their first kiss. Jason kissed her, although his huge lips covered her entire body, she smiled when he lifted his lips back off and she gave him a slight peck on the lips. It was no use fighting it; they had fallen in love with each other, and nothing was ever going to bring them out if it.

Jordan continued stomping around the compound, yes, it was definitely going to be compound when Jordan was done with it.

“Mattie, should I stop him?” Jason asked.

“Nah, let him have his fun, he isn’t hurting anyone innocent.” She said, they both laughed as Jason sat down, and put her down next to him. They continued to tell each other how much they loved each other; occasionally Jason would grab and crush any guards trying to come back.

Jordan continued having his fun. He came across a part of the camp where tens of thousands of terrorists were. Jordan just smiled and started to laugh as he saw this. “Ooo I can't wait!” Jordan thought.

“Bow down to me evil terrorists or the bottom of my foot will be the last thing you EVER see!” Jordan commanded. More cannons were fired at him. “Well if that’s the way you morons want to play…” Jordan said. He was hoping they would be stupid enough to do this. He lifted one foot over a bunch of them and slammed his foot down. He laughed as he felt them crush, he dragged his foot along the ground, smearing the blood and bodies into a deep red goo. Screams started to be heard from the little people; they continued firing guns at him to try and stop him, but all attempts were futile. Finally, one guy got on his knees and begged Jordan for mercy. Jordan laughed as he took off his big Nikes.

“Here’s your mercy!” Jordan said as he placed his big sweaty socked foot on him, but didn’t press down too much. He felt the man kick and scream, as Jordan slowly suffocated him. The screaming and writhing eventually stopped. Jordan lifted his foot off to check the body. He laughed and then continued walking forward; making certain that he again crushed the tiny helpless body under his socked feet.

Jordan picked up another man, he laughed as with one weak tug he ripped the body in half. Blood spurted out everywhere and made a puddle on the ground. Jordan felt that rush of adrenaline again. Jordan continued stomping helpless evil terrorists, who to Jordan were just bugs. He came across another large area of buildings. He got a big evil smile on his face as he ran and jumped, landing by crashing through the buildings. He slid, crushing almost a dozen buildings under his enormous body. This teen loved having fun like this. He stood up to find another group of terrorists crowding around him.

He lifted one of his socked feet up over the group, covering most of them. He pressed down a little bit but not enough to crush them.

“Here, take a whiff of this!” He laughed some of the people passed out from the smell. He pressed down a little more and felt the individual crack of each body. He laughed a little more. He lifted his foot back off, and took off his socks. He tossed them over by his shoes. The smell that was being emitted by the huge soles got stronger. A few more people passed out.

He lifted one foot up over another group of the terrorists; he slowly brought his bare foot down. He again felt the individual cracks in each body. Suddenly the pile under his foot went soft, as all the bones were snapped. He then slid his foot in on the ground again, causing the mixture of blood and skin to form a milky pink slime. Any people left uncrushed, fled in horror as Jordan laughed at them.

“Captain, there is a giant kid destroying our base, whatever shall we do!” said a scout for terrorists in an Arabic language.

“Go get the tanks and heavy weaponry we stole from the Americans!” he said back. The man ran out of the building and around the corner, only to end up at Jordan’s feet. He looked up; suddenly to him it felt like nothing else was there. All fell silent. He looked and saw, hundreds of feet above him, the smiling face of the young giant 14 year old.

The man couldn’t move. He was petrified with horror. Jordan lifted his foot up. The man was knocked onto his back by Jordan’s toe when he lifted. Jordan laughed; he brought his foot slowly down. The man just starred up, as the huge bare sole came down on him. First the heel of the smelly foot came down below the man’s feet. Slowly the man watched and screamed in pain as the huge foot lowered on him like a drawbridge, slowly flattening him, the pressure working it’s way up his body, snapping each bone, slowly. It seems like it was in slow motion. His knees broke first, loudly. The cracking sound of his thigh bones breaking in two was drowned out by his hysterical scream of pain. Next his hips were dislocated, and then his pelvis cracked. Broken bones poked and cut into the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. The pressure built, squeezing his guts up hard against his diaphragm, making it hard to breathe. Slowly, the foot reached its way up the body, until it came to his nose. The man had been screaming this whole time, while Jordan laughed. But now, suddenly, the stinking air that the man had been forced to breathe up until now was cut off as the vast sole of Jordan’s bare foot finished it’s slow, cruel descent, and it covered his nose. Slower still the man’s skull crushed and snapped under the pressure of Jordan’s foot. Like a melon slowly crushed under a stack of heavy sand bags, his head was horribly flattened out, deformed and crushed, with his jaw twisting sideways and coming loose, and his face dissolving into a horrific reddish black casserole of doom before the skull itself broke into sections and went flat, and his brain was crushed and smeared like scrambled eggs, hot and slick.

The man was completely flattened. Jordan lifted his foot back off, and it made a sickening suction noise as it lifted. Jordan laughed hysterically. He was a very Evil Boy… at times.

He crushed more people in the same way… he loved that feeling of having complete control over a death. Death came at the pace he decided. He could end it quickly, or make it last for several minutes. He could break their legs and then just hover his foot over them and torment them with the sheer terror of the moment, laughing as they tried in vain to crawl away, but there was no escape from Jordan. When he was ready, he lowered his foot. Sometimes in a sudden stomp that crushed his prey instantly, and other times in a slow mounting pressure such as we’ve seen already. Other times he would just use his toes and crush the little men that way. He tried doing one with just his heel also, and that too was fun.

Meanwhile, another scout ran into the commander’s office. The commander, wearing a turban and drinking coffee to hide his nervousness, sat at his desk talking to Osama bin Laden on his cell phone, asking what he should do. Osama wasn’t believing him.

“Giant American boys? You fool. Do not make stupid jokes with me!” the terrorist leader snapped from the telephone. “I am very busy in my hidden cave here in Afghanistan!! How dare you call me just to make stupid jokes?!”

“It’s true!! Our entire operation here is being crushed into the dirt!!! Help us!!”the local Commander said, finally spilling his coffee as he became irate.

“Deal with it yourself. I don’t believe you.” Bin Laden said, then hung up.

“Damnit, so much for getting reinforcements. They think we’re JOKING!!” the Commander lamented to his scout who had just come in.

“Commander, there has to be something we can do about th-…” the man blurted at once. Suddenly Jordan’s laugh became deafening inside the building. The building rocked violently as they were tossed around. Jordan ripped the roof off of the building, and spied down to see all of the little panicking officers. He used his huge powerful hands to snap the part of the building he picked up into millions of pieces. He threw it over his shoulder; it landed crashing down and crushing more of the terrorists.

“Oh no” the commander said in broken English.

“Haha bugs, here comes my foot!” Jordan laughed as he lifted his right foot up over them. He smiled a cute smile as he brought it down. All life in the building was snuffed out by Jordan’s powerful foot. Jordan saw another large building, this time he wanted to do something different. He went over to the building, straddled it and sat, his huge butt crushed the building as hundreds of people swarmed out like angry bees. Jordan then farted. The warm breeze created by it sent people and debris flying. Jordan laughed.

Back over by what was left of the prison, Jason and Mattie still sat, talking.

“Mattie, I can't just sit here knowing Jordan is having all that fun… I wanna go too” Jason asked.

“Alright sweetie, go ahead. Just take me with you” She said back. Jason picked her up and put her in his pocket.

Jason thundered along the same path Jordan just went through. What he found was utter destruction. Jason laughed as he decided it was time for him to have some fun. He started stomping on what Jordan didn’t destroy. The tiny people looked up at Jason’s huge white Reebok and then beyond to the top of the dirty no-show sock that was sticking out of his shoe up his tan legs past the shorts and up to Jason’s smiling face. He also, went through crushing the buildings.

After about 3 hours of Jason and Jordan running around crushing stuff, the compound was basically flattened. Finally though, the American army showed up to destroy the base… but they found it was already done by the two young saviors. Jason and Jordan walked over to greet the mass of military that showed up.

“Hey guys, thanks for doing all this for us!” the general said.

“No problem guys, in fact we had a lot of fun” Jason said as he smiled his big, cute, innocent smile.

“Guys, we wanted to ask you one thing, could you guys step on a tank for us? We want to test how strong they are” the general said.

“Sure!” Jason and Jordan both instantly said. They both lifted their feet up over two tanks. They brought them down together. The tanks were instantly flattened under Jordan’s big Nike and Jason’s big Reebok.

“Wow… that’s amazing” the general said, startled. Another officer nearby blurted “Sir, there were still soldiers in those tanks!”

“Oh, hell.” The General moaned, turning away in disgust.

Jason and Jordan both laughed.

“Jason. JASON JAAASSSOONN!!!” Mattie called as Jason woke up from his slumber.

“Morning sleepy head, how’d ya sleep?” she called up to him.

“Oh… good… you wouldn’t BELIEVE this awesome dream I had last night” he went on.

Was it all just a dream? Or did it all really happen? Was Jason just unsure of the real events of that day? No one knows. All we know is there is a terrorist compound flattened out in the woods, where thousands of dead bodies rot. Two tread marks were found there… one said NIKE in big letters… and the other said REEBOK... the end?