A Giant Discovery

A Giant Discovery

- By: Mike Ingerson

It was a beautiful day in the kingdom of Shelsmoore. Noah, who was about 9 years old, and his father Hans were at home doing work around the house when Noah looked out at the cliffs near the large river that was by the house. Something was different about them that he'd never noticed before.

Noah asked his father, "Father, why do those cliffs have a human form about them?" His father said, "Sit down with me and I will tell you." Noah sat down with his father and his father told him about how it was said that an evil sorceress cast a spell on a giant long ago.

"Can the giant be freed, father?" asked Noah.

Noah's father said, "There is no giant, son; that is just an old wives tale. You know giants don't exist."
Noah replied, "But what if they do?"
Noah's father said, "If they do I've never seen one. Now let's get something to eat."

That night, while Noah's father was asleep, Noah looked out his window and kept wondering if there really was a giant. Curiosity became too much and Noah snuck out of his house and went to see for himself. He traveled many hours before he reached the cliffs.

When Noah arrived at the cliffs what he saw amazed him---A colossal statue of what could very well be the giant he hoped he could free. Noah approached the statue slowly. On the bottom an inscription read, "Only those with a kind heart can free me."

Noah wanted to free the giant but what if his father was right, what if the giant caught him and ate him? What if the giant crushed him under his huge feet? Noah thought for a moment but decided he would try it. Next to the inscription was another set of words. "Could this be the spell that frees the giant?," Noah thought.

Noah read aloud, "Powers of goodness, worlds apart, I free this giant with a kind heart!". Suddenly lightning began to flash, the wind blew very hard, and the ground shook with incredible force. Noah was frightened and ran for shelter in a cave. When all was settled down he went to see what had happened.

When he looked outside, he saw nothing had happened, he looked up at the giant who was still a statue and said, "Well, giant, I tried but I see I have failed you." Noah turned and began to walk away. Suddenly the ground shook again, more violently than the last time.

Noah turned around and saw that the giant statue was crumbling. Could he have done it? As the statue crumbled hints of flesh were visible and fearing the worst, Noah hid in the cave again. When the ground stopped shaking, Noah looked outside to see again what he had done.

There, standing like a mountain, was the giant himself back in his flesh form. Noah had freed him from the spell. He approached the giant slowly and said, "H-H-Hello?". However, the giant didn't hear him and began to walk toward him. Noah dove out of the way narrowly escaping being stepped on.

Noah watched as the giant walked toward a cave not far from where he had been imprisioned. After the giant went in the cave, Noah went to the entrance and listened as the giant spoke. The giant said to himself, "If only I knew who freed me I could thank them for their kindness, but alas I shall never find them."

Noah entered the cave, went right up to the giant and tapped him on his big toe. Noah said, "I freed you, giant; it is I you can thank." The giant looked around and said, "Who's there? Come out; I won't harm you." Noah tapped him on his big toe again and said, "Down here, giant, look by your foot."

The giant looked down and in front of is right foot by his big toe was the tiniest boy he had ever seen. He looked down at Noah and said, "You freed me? A tiny boy freed me?" Noah replied, "Yes I did,giant. I know of the legend and the spell you were under and I came to see if I could help."

The giant put his unbelieveably huge hand down on the ground and Noah climbed in; the giant lifted him up carefully and said, "I thank you, my tiny friend. You truly do have a kind heart and it shows by how you broke the spell that imprisoned me. Now I shall help you in any way I can; what is it you wish?"

Noah said to the giant, "My father and I are poor and we are going hungry; we have no money to buy food and our water supply is running low." The giant reached into his pocket, pulled out a bag of gold, handed it to Noah and said, "Take all you need little one, it is my gift to you."

Noah was amazed but still somewhat saddened, he asked the giant, "Giant, what will we do for water, our supply is low." The giant replied, "I am Thor, and I will help you and your father obtain the water you need; lead me to your home, little one." Still in the giant's hand, Noah led Thor to his home so he could help Noah and his father get water.

As Thor and Noah approached the house, Thor could see why they weren't getting any water. He said to Noah, "I see your dilemma, my friend. You have no water because you must dig a trench that allows the water to flow near your home."

Noah's father came out and said, "Noah you better come inside, I just heard thun....der." Noah's father looked up at Thor in amazement He said to Thor, "I thought that giants were only a legend?"

Thor who had by now put Noah down said, "I'm as real as you are my friend."

Thor then said, "Now, let's see about getting that water flow going." Noah's father said, "Let me get you a shovel." >br>Thor responded, "No need for a shovel, watch this."

Thor used his huge hands and dug deep into the earth to begin work on the trench. He was finished with it in no time at all, Noah's father was overjoyed; now he wouldn't have to leave the house to get water.

Noah's father said, "I thank you for your assistance, Thor. Without you my little boy and I would have gone hungry and been without water." Thor replied, "It was nothing my friend; I'm glad I could assist you."

Thor then said, "I also have someone I must thank." He then put his hand down and Noah who had came outside climbed in Thor's hand and Thor gently lifted him up.

Thor said to Noah, "I want to thank you again, little one, for breaking the evil spell that imprisoned me. I will never forget your kindness."

Noah said, "It was no problem Thor, you would have done the same for me I'm certain, father taught me very early that we must help those in need."

Thor very gently patted Noah on the head then put him down so they could get chores done.Thor stayed with Noah and his father to help them do their work.

So you see, friendships are very important and should be treasured always;we must help those in need no matter what the differences may be. Noah sure did.