by the Storyteller

Dillan loved the Internet. He'd spend hours on it, surfing, chatting, email. But he never conceived it would provide his 'biggest' adventure. After all, it was all fantasy, right?


Click. Pick-Pack. Click-Click.

These sounds and others filled most waking hours for one 17-year-old Dillan Blake. He was a true 'Net-junkie', being on the web almost 24-7. It was his...domain! It also allowed him to indulge his interest in giant and tiny, shrinking and growing. Some said he was strange, but it was normal for him.

He'd found lots of content on this subject, but he was surprised when, on a whim induced by boredom, he typed, "" and an actual web page came up.

"Welcome," it proclaimed. "Click Below to Enter." There was also a disclaimer, but he didn't pay much attention to it. The page loaded. There wasn't much, just a box labeled "Enter Height+". He typed his height, 5'9" and clicked Enter.

He felt funny. All of a sudden he heard a rippppp, and his new $40 shirt ripped apart, his jeans following suit. His legs were becoming larger, and were getting cramped under his computer desk. His arms and hands were getting bigger, making the keyboard look tiny, like a toy. He was getting farther from the monitor.

"What the...?" he said, glancing at himself.

He stood up, and hit his head! This scared him, because the ceiling of the basement (where the computer was) was 10' high! Turning nearly white, he did some quick math and placed his height at about 11' 6". He went back to his now tiny computer and looked. The same page was still up. Using a pencil, he typed in his new height again. He got the same funny feeling, and felt his head hit the roof yet again...and he was kneeling!

"I'm...growing bigger!" he said to himself. The room seemed to shrink around him, and he could literally see things getting smaller. Already feeling cramped, he started crawling out of the basement and from there out of the house. He was about 16' tall now. He managed to squeeze out of the house just in time. He stood and watched as the house got smaller. By the time he was done, he could touch the edge of the roof with his fingers. Good thing it was dark, and that he was home alone. He felt a draft...the rest of his clothing had ripped off during his second growth!

The window to his bedroom was at the back of the house where he now stood. Facing the house, he opened the window and pulled off the sheets from his bed. He tied them around himself, loin-cloth style, smiling at his ingenuity. Now he stopped to think. He had typed his new height the second time, and was now a giant. He thought about the plus must have meant height to add! That was why he was now a 22' tall giant, and why he could reach into his own second-floor bedroom. He needed help, but normal things were now tiny to him. He snapped his huge fingers; his best buddy Matt should still be up. Maybe he could help!

Being careful where he was stepping, he made his way through the neighbourhood. He almost stepped on his own car, but missed it. He was still getting used to the fact that he was now over four times his normal size. His hands, which only moments ago were a few inches from fingertips to wrist, were now four foot behemoths. His feet were about eight feet from toe to heel, his toes measuring almost two feet from the ground to the top. He felt powerful, but couldn't bring himself to destroy anything.

Finally he made it to Matt's house. Sure enough, there was light coming from Matt's room. Dillan approached the window. He tapped, trying not to break the glass.

"Matt, it's me. It's Dillan," he said in his softest whisper, but it still sounded loud.

Matt looked over, and fell out of his chair in shock. His best friend now stood outside his window. He opened the window.

"Dillan! What the heck happened to you?!" Matt asked, looking over his now gigantic friend.

"It's kind of a long story," he began, and then recounted the tale of how he went from 5'9" to 22' tall in a matter of minutes.

"This is sorta cool and all, but I don't want to be a giant for the rest of my life." He sat against the wall of the house.

Matt looked down at his gargantuan buddy. "Well, at least I can't call you 'Shorty' anymore." Matt is 6'1".

Dillan looked at Matt, frustration on his face. "This is serious!"

Matt shrugged. "Chill, I know...I was just trying to lighten the mood. So what do we do?"

Dillan thought a moment. "Maybe there's a website that'll shrink me. After all, one made me grow, right?"

Matt went to his computer. After connecting to the Internet, he turned to Dillan.

"What should I type?"

"Well, made me a giant."

Matt typed. Sure enough, a website came up, with the same fields as the other. He typed in Dallan's normal height, then scrolled to the bottom.

"Put the monitor up to the window..." Matt did so, then pressed "enter". Dillan was shrinking. The house rose above him, his legs and feet and hands diminishing in size. Finally it stopped. But...he was still 17'3" tall! Still a giant, but a less impressive one.

"It worked, Matt, a little. Can I try to squeeze in the house? I'm not tall enough to be affected by that monitor."

"Sure, try and get down to the den. I'll turn on that computer."

I never thought I'd consider seventeen feet short, Dillan said to himself. He wrapped his sheets around him in a toga style, then went to the den door. Turning the small knob, he made his way down, feet first and into a sitting position.

"Okay, if you shrink me another five feet, I can handle the rest myself."

"Will do!" Matt keyed in 5 feet and pressed enter.

Dillan shrank again, ending up at 12'3" tall. But the boys didn't cound on something else...Matt was in the way too!

"My clothes feel loose..." Matt looked down, only to find out that his sleeves were getting longer...his pants were too long already. He was shrinking, and fast! His hands disappeared inside his shirt sleeves, his feet felt like his socks were two sizes too big. His pants fell off then, and then he stood there in nothing but a shirt. As he continued to shrink, the bottom of the shirt touched the floor. Finally, when all was done, he stood a mere 13" tall.

"Holy cow, I shrunk!"

"I see that...little buddy! Now I can call YOU 'Shorty'!"

"Dude! You gotta finish fixing yourself, then fix me!" Matt felt a draft, then wrapped up in his shirt.

"Okay, okay. Hang ten." Dillan went to the computer.

Matt, however, didn't want to be shrunk out of existence, so he moved out of the way. Dillan used a pencil to key in what he needed to return to normal; he keyed in a height of 6'7", then hit "enter". He felt himself getting smaller, everything once again going from tiny to normal. He saw things getting bigger, and then it was all as it should be. He felt funny, seeing things from this perspective again.

"Woo hoo! I'm normal again!" Dillan wrapped his sheet around himself. Matt walked over.

"'re still a giant!"

"Nah, Matt, you're just shrunk!"

"Can ya fix me, please?"

Dillan put a hand on his chin. "I dunno. You have been kinda nasty taking stuff outta my locker and not putting it back!"

Matt held a tiny hand up. "Okay! I'll be better from now on. I promise!"

"Okay, I believe you. But...I'm gonna leave you like that for an hour. He laughed. "Now you'll know what it's like to be Shorty!"

"But...AW!" Matt sat on the floor.

"In the meantime, I'm gonna borrow some clothes."

Dillan went upstairs, and picked out some clothes. They were a little baggy, due to the difference in height between Matt and Dillan. As soon as the hour was up, he made Matt normal size.

"Thanks man. That was sorta cool towards the end," Matt said, as he went to put on the clothes he'd shrunk out of.

Dillan nodded. "Yeah, it was. Who knows? Maybe some day we'll do it again."