Big Brother

By: giant30

One spring morning, a 7 year old boy named Justin, who lived in an orphanage just outside of town, was sitting at the table in the small cafeteria, eating breakfast, when one of the social workers came up to him. She told him that a very nice couple was coming by at around 1:00 and they were considering adopting him. She told Justin to make sure he was presentable when the couple showed up.

At 1:00 right on the dot the couple arrived to meet Justin. They were the Johnson family--the man's name was Bill and his wife was Nancy. They were a middle-aged couple who loved children but this was their first time adopting. When Justin met them, he hit it off with the Johnsons instantly. The social worker told them that if they wanted, they could take Justin home with them for a few days until they found out if the adoption would be finalized.

Justin packed his suitcase and was soon on his way to the Johnsons home. When they arrived at the house Justin noticed something odd about the structure. One end of the house was incredibly huge! When they pulled in the driveway Justin asked, "Why is your house so big on one side?"

Bill answered, "It's for our other son Mark-- don't worry; you'll get to meet him while you're here. In fact he should be home any minute."

Justin was in the room the Johnsons let him stay in, unpacking his things, when suddenly the ground started to shake. Justin thought it was an earthquake and waited for it to stop which it did. But then Bill walked in Justin's room and said, "Justin, come outside; I want you to meet your possible future step brother." Justin dropped what he was doing and went outside.

When Justin got to the front porch he looked around but couldn't see a thing. He said, "OK Mr. Johnson, nice trick, I don't see anything!" Bill pointed to Justin's left and said, "Look beside the tree." Justin turned his head and what he saw he almost couldn't believe! Standing with his arm resting on the roof of the small end of the house was the biggest teen Justin had ever seen in his life!

Bill said, "Justin, if we get to adopt you, this will be your step brother Mark." Mark was an incredibly huge teen. He stood exactly 80 feet tall!! Justin was still having trouble believing what he was seeing but decided to approach Mark to see if he was real. Justin could have sworn he was dreaming, but when he closed his eyes and opened them again, Mark was still there.

Justin very nervously approached Mark, who placed his hand on the ground as Justin approached. However, when Justin saw Mark's huge hand come down, he took a few steps back rather quickly. Mark, in a gentle but booming voice said, "It's ok buddy; I'm not gonna hurt ya or anything." Justin slowly approached Mark's huge hand and got in.

Mark very carefully lifted Justin up to get a closer look at him. As Mark brought Justin up to his face all Justin could see were two big blue eyes that had a tender appearance to them; not an appearance of a giant who would eat or harm someone at the drop of a hat. Mark said, "What's your name, kiddo?" and the boy replied, "My name is Justin". Mark brought a huge finger down and ever so gently rubbed him on the head saying, "Great to meet ya little pal."

Justin couldn't help but notice how huge Mark was. Mark asked Justin if he was ok and Justin replied, "Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to stare, it's just that I've never seen a person as big as you before."

Mark said, "Don't worry about it bud, I'm used to it; but nobody here in town is afraid of me if that's what you're wondering. I have loads of friends."

Justin asked, "If your mom and dad adopt me, will I get to meet your friends?"

"You sure will, bud, I'm gonna be the best big brother you ever had."

After about 10 minutes or so of talking, Mark gently set Justin down so they could go in the house for dinner. The house's kitchen was designed to accomodate Mark's size. There was a regular size table for Justin, Bill, and Nancy to eat at, and a gigantic table for Mark to eat at. Mark had to get his dinner first because if not, his walking would shake the food off the table. After he got his meal, Justin, Bill, and Nancy got theirs.

They had eaten dinner so late that night that it was soon time for bed. Before he went to sleep, however, Justin went in Mark's gigantic bedroom so he could talk to him more. Justin approached Mark and tapped him on his big toe. Mark looked down and when he saw Justin he gently picked him up off the floor and put him on his desk where he would be safe.

Mark asked, "What's wrong bud? Can't ya sleep?"

Justin said, "No, it's not that; I'm just afraid."

Mark, who was not sure what Justin meant, asked, "What are you afraid of buddy?"

"I'm afraid that when I leave here I won't get to come back; I really like it here."
Mark said, "Don't worry little guy, I have a good feeling you and I will be step brothers before long."

Justin certainly hoped that things would work out because he had always wanted a big brother; even if his big brother would be 80 feet tall. Justin had a good feeling that he and Mark would be best friends and that Mark would look out for him. Little did Justin know just how protective Mark would be. But in a few hours he would soon find out...

The next morning Justin and Mark went for a walk through the neighborhood. Mark took Justin to meet some of his friends all of whom got along with Justin very well; that is ,until Butch showed up. He was always making things miserable for people and Mark didn't like him very much.

Justin decided to go around the corner to the candy store and as he left, Butch slipped out unnoticed. As Justin was approaching the store Butch stopped him dead in his tracks. He grabbed the money that Justin had for candy and held it up high so Justin couldn't get it back! Justin said, "Hey, gimme that, that's my money!" to which Butch replied, "It's my money now squirt, back off!"

Justin shouted, "If my big brother catches you picking on me he's gonna be really mad!" Justin knew that he and Mark weren't brothers, at least not yet but he liked to think they were.

"Oh I'm so scared, what's he gonna do?...step on me?" And just then the ground shook and Mark appeared. When Butch saw Mark he was frozen with fear.

Mark said, "Hey, leave my little bro alone, Butch; he doesn't need you giving him a hard time. Now give him back his money....NOW!" Butch quickly handed Justin his candy money and took off down the sidewalk like a shot. Mark looked down and saw Justin curled up with fear next to his huge sneaker covered foot.

Mark gently picked Justin up and said, "Relax little guy, he's gone now, there's nothing to be afraid of."

"What if he comes back?," asked Justin, and Mark answered, "He won't bother you if he knows I'm here; if he wants to get to you, he's gonna have to get my me first."

Justin thanked Mark for helping him out and Mark said, "No problem little buddy, I told ya that if my folks adopted you that I was going to be the best big brother you ever had, and I intend on keeping my promise." And with that, Mark and Justin began walking home so they would be there for dinner.

When they got home, Mark's mother and father were standing outside and told Justin to go get cleaned up because the social worker was coming. Justin ran inside and took a bath and changed his clothes. About an hour later the social worker showed up carrying her briefcase.

As Mark, his parents, and Justin sat down the social worker began to speak. She said, "After reviewing your records we have wonderful news; It is with great pleasure that I now announce you to be Justin's adoptive parents." Justin was overjoyed by the news. He got up and ran around the house jumping for joy.

Justin's new parents were so happy they both began crying. It was just too good to be true, Justin was their new little boy. But, the happiest of all was Mark; he finally had the little brother he always wanted. When Justin came up to him Mark lowered his hand down and when Justin got in he lifted him up carefully.

Mark looked down at his new little brother and said, "Welcome to the family bud; if you need anything at all, your big bro is here for ya ok?"

Justin said, "Thanks for making me feel like part of the family, Mark-- you're the best big brother I ever had." Mark got a little choked up by Justin's words and said, "Justin, I promise that as long as I'm around; nobody is gonna hurt you."

Justin said, "Do ya mean it Mark?" and Mark replied, "That's right bud, you won't have to worry about a thing with your big bro here to protect ya; I'll make sure nobody hurts you." Mark extended a huge finger to Justin and Justin slapped him five. Then all four of them celebrated their first night together as a family.

Justin and Mark quickly became very close as brothers. Even though Justin was many times smaller than Mark he helped his big brother out in any way he could and Mark did the same for Justin. With Mark by his side, Justin never again felt like he was lonely or felt like nobody cared. Because he knew that if he needed someone, his big brother would be right by his side.