Overlords of The Earthies: Appearance of The Cosmic Messiahs

by Timothy

In the year 2012 five years after the great cataclysm of hate, The Brotherhood came from the galactic plane. An ancient order of teens that patrolled the galaxy in preserving the remnants of marginally intelligent life. They sensed and viewed on their monitors the last transmissions from Earth. It was decided that a group of the Brotherhood would visit upon humanity. Or what was left.

The starving and sick ridden humans viewed the thousands foot high aliens in many ways as gods. The day they came, started painfully and hopelessly like so many, many past others. Coming down on shafts of light stood the colossal teen emissaries from the stars. Several stood on top of mountain ranges. Others stood next to and dwarfing still standing skyscrapers.

Children were the first to sense their great power and goodness. Lame and starving children, the gifts left from the political minds prevalent of Earth�s last days, staggered on their broken canes and crutches up to the colossal sandaled feet. Vynn, the leader of this group of messiahs from the great gulf of space, with his special abilities gathered up the dying human specks into his massive hands. There he transported the children to base camp to be feed and cared for.

First act of restoration of the Earthies, was the setting up of apparatus to stabilize the depleted atmosphere.

Second was the tracking down of political nests that were to be decontaminated. No governing force was to be allowed to exist. Once these foul nests have been cleared of their even fouler inhabitants, the Brotherhood took command of the planet. They would re-direct the destiny of mankind.

Vynn, Supreme leader of the Brotherhood team sent to Earth and leader of the Earthies now, listened to the thoughts of the Earthie adults. He wore, as did other members of his team, a device enabling them to hear, translate the words of the tiny Earthies and to communicate back. Many Earthies asked why past governing heads had to be disinfected. Vynn explained, �There concern was not for the greater good. Once living conditions for their people became impossible, these cowards fled to underground and mountain sanctuaries. They abandoned you their people. There lives therefore had to be forfeited. They were a contaminating virus on mankind. Now my friends is the time for healing. Together may we bring back peace and prosperity back to your world. �

After this first and historic meeting with the Earthies, Vynn went to base camp. He viewed the progress of the children. Many had died. Many more were going to live. With the children who could live outside of the medical domes, Vynn would sit on the floor. Using his formable powers, Vynn would create an anti-gravitational field around the children to play in. The children would ride on spheres of light. Their happiness gave Vynn hope in the success of the mission of the Brotherhood.

Deputies were formed. One Brotherhood member, Cynth worked on agricultural projects. Vynn, besides Supreme leader, his specialty was in, aqua and marine life rejuvenation. Many more deputies were created. There was too the demolition of the large, unsteady Earthie dwellings that needed to be removed.

An important task was the developing of Earthie communities. One member of the Brotherhood, that Vynn had full confidence in, was a gentle, quiet spoken soul named Omta He helped with the forming and stabilizing of Earthie communities. He oversaw their development and progress. Omta, each morning give instructions on how Earthies could live together.

It was an arduous undertaking. One that Vynn felt he and the Brotherhood could undertake.