You Are Mine...And I Am Yours

By Kristine

Chapter 1-

Knocking on the door, shivering in the cold, Scarlet waited for someone to welcome her in. Randy opened the door and a surprised looked quickly came upon his face, his wife Sarah soon came behind him and saw Scarlet.

"What are you doing here? Is there anything wrong?"

Looking down, tears streaming down her face, she barley said the words " May I please come in?" When her dear friends had her sitting on the couch and getting her something to drink, and waiting for her to tell them the reason for her surprised visit.

"I ran away."

That’s all she said, until the couple convinced her that they needed more information.

" I need to crash here until....I don't know when."
A deep sigh prepared her for the unveiling of her secret.

" I had to run away, I couldn’t let anyone know....not even Jason. Arrrggg! Especially Jason! I couldn’t even tell my love."

Cupping her hands and hiding her face, she let it all out.

"Randy, Sarah, I went to the doctor and I found out something. I have a illness, I am losing 1 inch of my height every day."

Sobbing uncontrollably, and the stress of uncertainty in her voice could plainly be heard by the two. Unhesitant Sarah moved and comforted her younger friend.

" You can stay here as long as you need to." Randy said soothingly

Saying her appreciation for her friends hospitality, and making them swear never to tell anyone, and to keep it just between the three of them, Scarlet allowed her independence completely melt away. Unknown as to what the future of her life will hold for her, she realized she was now in the hands of these dear friends.

Scarlet knew she could trust them, her many years of friendship proved to her that these are the only people she could truly and comfortably trust with this secret. Upset with herself for being a burden and a inconvenience, yet acknowledging the fact that these two would rather her be here than stuck with needles day in and day out as a lab rat in "Area 51", she would have to push her pride aside, and live the day to day life as best as she could.


2 and a half months later, Scarlet had lost 61 inches of her height. This ended up making her 5 foot 7 inches into just a plain 6 inches. Fortunately she has been 6 inches for the past two weeks without losing any more of herself.

Laying in the enormous bed, Scarlet looked to the ceiling that stood far, far above her. The blankets that used to be only a couple inches thick where now about a half a foot thick to her new size. The pillow she used towered over her, seeming more like the size of an advertising billboard, than a simple pillow. Then there was the bed itself, it was more like a suburban block than a place to sleep.

Scarlet could visualize houses popping up here and there on opposite sided of the bed, however her momentary amusement vanished when she remembered these houses would be "doll houses". Shifting into a new position hopefully to get more comfortable, and to shake off the unsettling feeling of her life being out of control, she slowly ever so slowly drifted into a tense sleep. Soon dreaming of falling, falling, in a black darkness. There was no light except for the opening of the tunnel she was falling down, far, far, away. She prayed someone might look for her, as she continued to fall.


Hearing the tormented screams, Randy came into the guest bedroom that has been Scarlet’s sanctuary for the past 2 months. Sarah was in the kitchen preparing for the long night ahead. Scarlet was screaming, screaming out her lungs as powerful as a 6 inch girl could possibly get, unknown to the fact that she was in fact screaming, deep in a restless sleep she was oblivious to the reality that surrounded her.

Wrapping her up in a warm cloth only about a yard long, however to a six inch girl was more than enough for a blanket, Randy Hushed her softly as he walked into the living room*, meeting his wife, and trying to calm the terrified girl. Rocking her like he would his own daughter, Randy tried to sooth her, after some time, he was finally able get her from screaming like a banshee to whimpering like a uncertain child.

Looking down to her face, he could see her pain. Still flushed from all the screaming, her fists clenched tightly, her teeth nearly grinding, her eyebrows almost to her cheek bones her eyes shut so fiercely. Holding her in his two hands, he shook his head at the fact that she wasn’t even the size of a Barbie anymore.

It seemed to him that she was more the size of a bottle of shampoo or lotion, not the friend who supported him when he had to get in front of all those people in order to proclaim he adoration to his love, by marrying Sarah. Looking to the doll like figure, he felt her body so stiff, and tense. If only she could wake up, if only she could relax.


"Help!!!!!" Scarlet screams as she falls into darkness. Looking up to the opening of where ever she is, she sees a face ' No! it couldn’t be! Not him!!!'

"JASON!!" She Screamed praying the man who loomed far above her would notice.
The face does not respond, and like a solar eclipse, darkness covers the only light there was.
'He didn’t hear me! He didn’t see me! He didn’t notice!!!!’



Suddenly waking up to the shrieks of her own voice, she sees the face of her good friend who is more of a big brother to her, hovering over her. Sheepishly she questioned…

"Randy? Did I - "


"Again? I'm so Sorry."

"Your going through a very difficult time." Sarah commented, taking the infant like friend from her love and leaning Scarlet over her shoulder, rubbing her back and walking around the room.

Still sniffing, Scarlet slowly recovers, looking at the clock she sees its 2:13 am. Curling up on her friend she completely releases and relaxes her body, becoming limp. Randy noticing the time himself gives his wife a kiss goodnight, and a gentle comforting squeeze on Scarlet’s hand in between his fingertips, then he left to his room to get some sleep.

Sarah sits back down upon the couch, still rubbing the back of her previously taller friend.

"We’ve been through some stuff over the years haven’t we?" she questions

Scarlet let her mind wonder over the past and remember the good and bad. Feeling her friend sigh beneath her, she was brought back to the present. Here she was, smaller than a new born, about the size of fork and knives, resting on her friends shoulder, that was more of the size of a bed to her. Overcome by these thoughts she slowly and quietly cried, just letting one tear fall at a time, letting her emotionally exhausted body relieve itself of the tension she had been holding for so long.

In these moments she reminded herself of the love that these two had for her, they took her in, they gave her shelter, they gave her protection, they gave her so much. Saying a small prayer of thanks and asking God to bless her new family, she was overtaken by her emotional exhaustion, and drifted off, getting some rest that was needed.

Sarah, feeling the cherished item go from limp to limper on her, took Scarlet into the guest bedroom and replaced her on the bed. Tucking Scarlet securely, to comfort her little friend, she joined her husband and the night proceeded as it should, and the three got much needed rest.

Waking up, with sunlight spilling into her room, Scarlet sat up and for the first time in a long time, she felt somewhat happy. It didn’t really bother her that she was only 6 inches tall, her friends had protected her thus far, what could happen to make them not protect her any more? Knowing her friends, the stress would get to them, but they wouldn’t let it overtake them. Walking on top of her bed heading for the slide Randy so generously built for her, at the foot of her bed, she noticed her Barbie pajamas that where already baggy, where even worse.

As she walked the pants completely fell off and the shirt went past her knees, hitting her on mid calves. The design of this shirt was short sleeved, but now the cuffs of her sleeves went past her elbows. Feeling terror grasp and take hold inside of her, she tried to shake it off and calm down. Taking deep breaths, she continued on her way now wearing a dress formally known as a pajama top, altering her thinking of her clothing gave her a little more comfort.

This is not a top, it’s a big comfy dress. And with that she used the slide and landed in the strategically placed pillow, crawling out of the softness and headed for the kitchen, hearing Randy making his usual morning bowl of oatmeal and smell of cinnamon filling the air.

Smiling she stayed out of sight, leaning up against the wall, and simple watched the morning happen. Sarah soon came in, toweling her damp hair, getting the last bit of wetness out. Clearly she had just finished a shower. She kissed Randy on the cheek and proceeded to get her own breakfast. Being Randy, he offered to make her oatmeal, but she honestly admitted that she felt like cold cereal this morning and got herself a bowl.

Once the activity moved from the kitchen to the dinning area, Scarlet fallowed, herself not hungry at all, decided to use her new size and have some fun with it. Simply seating herself in a corner of the walls, clearly seeing the couple sitting down to breakfast, she observed them. Randy all ready for work, was enjoying his quiet moments with Sarah, until he noticed Sarah had something on her mind.



"Come on, you know I know you. What is it? What is bothering you?"

" *sigh* Its Scarlet, I am fearing she is getting worse. I checked on her before I heading into the shower, and I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but I thought she looked smaller than she did last night."

Scarlet hearing the comment laughed to herself, ’Nope…its not just your imagination. Something did happen last night’

Hearing this comment from his wife Randy looked toward the guest bedroom. Reading his concerned look on his face, Sarah commented " Just let her be for now, she will find out soon enough. She needs all the rest she can get. Last night was the worst on her, we need to just let her sleep for as long as possible"

Again giggling to herself Scarlet shook her head ’ if only they knew, I’m right here and spying on them.’

Stretching his arm over the table, Randy rested his right hand on top of Sarah’s left hand.

"I wont let anything happen to either of you."

Chapter 2-

After Randy left for work, Sarah finished with the dishes and set about doing house hold things. Scarlet decided to look around from her new perspective, to enjoy things when she can, being able to walk around and see things in a whole new way. Looking up at Sarah, she also decided not to tell her she was awake.

’ Why should she know? I mean, I’m just going to walk around. She needs some time to herself, if she knew I was out and about she would feel like she would have to watch out for me. But if she thinks I am asleep, then she can do things with out worrying about me.’

As Scarlet left the kitchen into the living room her neck began to hurt, as to the result up looking up, way up. The couch was a mountain, with hills of cushions to tower over her. The separation in between the floor and the couch was about 3 inches, however to the girl it was more like 3 feet, give or take. The coffee table seemed like a building block in New York. Hearing typing, Scarlet fallowed the sounds to the computer room.

There She saw Sarah on the computer doing some sort of work. Not disturbing her friend she went back to the living room. There she climbed up the ladder Randy built for her that was placed next to a window. In fact Randy built lots of ladders around the house. He didn’t build stares for the rezone that her size changed so often, ladders where easier to change if needed.

Reaching the windowsill she saw outside, the sun shining brought a warmth to her, and for a brief moment she wasn’t 6 inches tall, or however tall she was, she was Scarlet, who liked to look out windows and see what God made. Then unintentionally, she fell asleep in the sun.

Sarah, taking a break, went to the guest bedroom. Quietly peering her head around the corner she saw the bed, a pair of Barbie PJ pants, and no Scarlet. Coming fully into the room, she searched for the girl.

"Scarlet? Scarlet??!! Where are you? Scarlet?"

Turning over blankets, searching under the bed, she stayed calm and reasonable. ’Her pants are here but not the shirt, so she is around somewhere.’

Coming out of the bedroom, into the living room Sarah called again "Scarlet? Scarlet-" Sarah stopped short, there she saw her friend basking in sunlight, being peaceful and quiet, getting much needed rest. Wishing her fiend would have found her, and told her that she was awake, Sarah lovingly looked down at Scarlet’s face.

Scarlet, now looked to be only about 4 inches tall, currently had a face the size slightly smaller than a nickel. Sarah’s mind drifted back to a time where Scarlet and her had a talk.

" *giggle* You have only known Randy for a year and you know that much about him?"
"Well yeah Scarlet, we talk almost everyday."

"I find that rather remarkable, and so sweet! Arg! What I would give to have a guy who loved me as much as Randy loves you!"

"Scarlet, your going to hate me for this…but, be patient."

"*sigh* I know, I know…I mean I’m only 17, I need to grow up some, become that "Psalms 31 woman every man wants". I just….I just wish I knew if I was attractive, pretty, and not just by my attitude and personality….I want to be pleasing to the eye. Do you know what I mean?"

" Yes, I know….Scarlet, the man God has picked out for you will think your perfect! So it shouldn’t matter what other men think. Although, some days you just want to feel sexy and pretty."

Sarah gives Scarlet one of those mischievous grins, then the two of them busted out in laughter.

After the laughter was a period of silence, of just enjoy each others company, and the bond they had together as friends, no, sisters. Sarah and Scarlet where sisters in the heart. Breaking the silence, and with a serious tone in her voice, Scarlet questioned her friend.



" Answer me truthfully… do you see me?"

"What do you mean?"

"When you think about me, or talk about me to other people, or maybe I just pop up in your mind, what is the first thing you think of?"

Thinking for a moment, Sarah giggled slightly, then told her answer.

" When I think of you, I honestly think of a little, yellow, fluffy, chick. Something so soft and adorable, you just want to hold and say, "OH how CUTE!!!!"."

While saying this, Sarah mimicked like she was holding a little baby chick in her cupped hands. The two good friend laughed at this….while remembering the sound of laughter, Sarah drifted back into the present. Still looking down at this "Sleeping Beauty’s" face, she agreed now more than ever what she said years ago.

The phone rang in the computer room, quickly Sarah raced in there so as to stop the infernal noise, hoping Scarlet’s little sesame seed sized ears wouldn’t be bothered, and hoped that her sleep wouldn’t be jostled.


" Hey, this is Jason…is this Sarah?"

"Jason, hey….how are you doing?" Sarah said calmly, making conversation.

"Not good…. Look, you said a while back you knew Scarlet was safe, that she was fine."

Uncertain if she should have regret of this comment that happened about a month ago, she continued to listen.

" How do you know these things? You said that I should move on with my life, that, that is was she wants. It has been bugging my mind all this time. You must tell me, you can not lie to me, if you do you are sinning! God is watching you!"

Sarah smiled at the child like threat, however she knew that she couldn’t lie, she had lied to protect her friend, but this was Scarlet’s boyfriend, he would never harm her intentionally.

" You said that is what she wants, not what she would have wanted. Is Scarlet alive???"


"If she is do you know where she is?"


"Sarah please tell me, Scarlet only left a note saying that I could never see her again, to live as God would want me to live. That God had a plan that she doesn’t’ know about, and this is part of it. She wrote that she can’t be part of my life any more. She wrote that she loved me with all her heart, and do never wonder or doubt of her love.

She wrote that the reason of her leaving was not because of another man, that if things were right, she would marry me at the drop of a hat. Sarah, I was going to propose to her in 2 months. I had the date planned and everything! And I spent that day, alone, she wasn’t there! Sarah if you know you have got to tell me, I…I…I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, I-I feel like I am about to die, if I don’t know, please, please, you have got to tell me."

Realizing that she had to tell him something, she thought of what she was going to say, to make both Scarlet and Jason happy. Who was she kidding, if Scarlet found out she told him that stuff a month ago, Scarlet would throw a fit. Well, she was going to have to do this for Scarlet’s own good, but Jason shouldn’t have to know all the details.

"Jason…Yes, Scarlet is alive, she is living with me and Randy. She is safe, she is fine, and she misses you."

"She does? Oh gosh-"

Sarah heard Jason’s voice crack. " She- she is fine? Is she happy? Can I see her? Can I please talk to her?"

"No, she is asleep right now. For your information, I am doing this against her will. She hasn’t the slightest idea you know. She would rather die than to let you know what is going on."

"Why did she leave? Why cant she tell me? Why wouldn’t she tell me? Why is she there?"

"She is with Randy and I because she trusted us with a deep secret."


"*sigh* I can’t tell you a whole lot, but she has a illness, a disease. Its not contagious, but, to her it humiliating."

"Is it cancer?"

"No, no, its not cancer, well, I’m not certain what it is. But there is no cure for it. And we don’t know if she will be with us much longer." Saying these words aloud for the first time, it hit her, hard! ’Scarlet just might disappear!’ Fearing her friend’s life, and slightly angered with God, she switched her thinking.

"But right now things are good. She is healthy, beyond her illness, and things are good"

"Good, …will you tell her something for me?"

"Yes, what is it?"

" I love her, and I can’t think of any woman beyond her. Please, tell her that. Please tell her I love her."

"I will"

"Well, thank you"

"Of course, your welcome"

"Good bye"

"Bye Jason"

Coming back to Scarlet on the windowsill, she deeply, deeply wished that Scarlet could lay down her shame, and embarrassment. Jason sounded like he was in so much pain, as much as Scarlet.

‘If only she would let him know the truth, before it was to late.’ Not liking how this thought laid on her, Sarah gently stroked her friend with her fore finger. She then toyed with the thought of telling Jason the truth, - all of it.

Chapter 3-

Scarlet soon woke up, to fine that Sarah was slightly displeased that she didn’t tell her that she was awake. Trying to explain her reason, Sarah disagreed. Let me worry about having time for myself, you must tell me what is going on. Scarlet promised that she would try to do a better job of informing her friends.

As the day grew on, Sarah wanted to mend some clothing to fit Scarlet better. In doing so, they measured he new height, she was just under four inches. Shocked and scared, both where thinking the same thing, however neither wanted to admit it. ’Just how long will I be around?’ Scarlet asked herself. ’How small will I get before the end?’ She was interrupted by Sarah commenting that they would have to record this in her "documentary".

Scarlet’s documentary consisted of digital recording of her next to Sarah, day after day after day, so you can she the height difference. One "movie" simply consisted of those recordings, however they did some other recording where you got closer to her, to see things in her perspective slightly easier. For instance, during the six inch tapping, Randy detached the camera from the tripod, and moved in closer to Scarlet. Once in focus, you pretty much only saw Scarlet, and Sarah’s shoe.

Other "movies" where home movies, capturing the joy and happiness while it lasted, these where filmed without Scarlet knowing, a hidden camera recorded moments of trying to get her own glass of water at the size of a child, and finding out that she couldn’t open the door anymore, but still kept on trying.

That evening, Randy called Sarah, informing her that he would be slightly late than usual getting home from work. Scarlet tried to listen in, but could only understand Sarah.

" Yeah?….. Oh…. She is only 4 inches now……. Mhm……*gasp* she would love that! Oh, that would be perfect!….. Between the two, I say definitely go with…..yeah, that one …… I can hardly wait!….You do?….. Well she is right here on the table, hold on. Scarlet?"


"Randy wants to talk to you."

Baffled at this concept of talking on the phone, for this would be the first time since she was slightly over two feet to try, Sarah gently laid the cordless phone on the table, where the microphone was toward Scarlet.

"Scarlet? Can you hear me?"

Actually, she could, clear as a bell. With nothing blocking or muffling the sound, she surprisingly could hear who was on the other end.

" Yes I can, can you hear me?"

"Yea I can, must be right next to the mic aren’t you."


"Well, guess what! I am going to bring home a surprise for you!"

"What? Really?"

"Yep! I will just be a little longer than usual when getting home today."


"Well cuz I have to go get the thing silly."

"*giggles* Yes, I know that, I mean ‘why are you getting me a surprise?"

"Cant a friend get something for a friend? Besides, It will help out Sarah and I. Ok?"


"Well, see you two ladies when I get home."

"See ya later!"

Sarah then picked up the phone and said her goodbye, after hanging up, the two then finished up with the last shirt Sarah was fixing. In trying it on, they found it to be slightly tight. ‘Oh well, I might end up getting smaller anyway’ Scarlet thought to herself.

Later that evening, when the two girl where playing checkers in the living room, Randy came home, with nothing in his hands. "Hey you two!" He said in his usual cheerful self. "Well, for this surprise to work, I’m going to need you to go into your room Scarlet."

Standing up to greet her husband, Sarah went over to give him a kiss as Scarlet set about using the slide to get down from the coffee table. Standing in the middle of the floor in the hallway, she watched as Randy told his wife she was going to have to help get the thing. As the couple where about to go outside, Randy caught the little snoop, and in a mock ‘daddy’ voice, he tried to keep a straight face while saying this, however, he failed miserably, laughing in the end.

"I said to go to your room young lady." Giggling at his way of getting the message across, Scarlet did a mock salute saying "Yes, sir!" then completely obeyed.

Sitting on her bed she tied to listen as to see if should could guess what the surprise was. After some time, Sarah popped into the room, with a shred of a tissue in her fingers. Sitting next to her friend on the bed, the soft mattress sank underneath the weight slightly, but just enough for the 4 inch girl to end up loosing her balance from where she was sitting, and ended up rolling into her now titanic friend’s hip.

"Oops" she heard the kind voice say above her. Like second nature, Sarah picked up her little friend, placing her on top of her thigh. "Now how about a blind fold?" She questioned, looking down to Scarlet. Really wondering if it was necessary, she agreed to it, hoping it would please the couple who so generously took her in.

Blindfolded and in the soft warm palms of the giantess, each where about the size of a king sized mattress, was taken to the living room. There she was gently placed onto a table top, with Sarah taking the blindfold off. And right there, before her very eyes, was the most beautiful looking doll house she had ever seen.

In a Victorian era style, it had 2 full levels, with a tower on the left side of the house. On that tower was a balcony, with French doors, large enough for any adult to get their hand through. The Dark blue paint with white trim showed off all the beautiful windows this doll house had. There where so many! She really couldn’t count them.

On the second level, in the back of the house there was a window that opened with ease on either outside or inside the house, it was right in front of the stairway. And on the first level, there was another window, exactly the same as the one I described to you before. This one was in the living room, and in the front of the house.

Standing outside, the couple coaxed her to step inside. Walking up the 5 steps, coming to the front door, she noticed that this wasn’t a perfect fit for her. But that was ok, in fact, it made her feel slightly better. This house was made for a line of dolls that where only 3 inches tall. Noticing her discovery, Randy explained.

"When Sarah told me how tall you now where, I decided to go with this one, compared Barbie and 6 inch doll houses. I told her that during my lunch break I found 3 amazing houses for you. One was two big, and she told me it would be better to get the one with the most windows. So here it is!"

Tears filling her eyes, Scarlet looked to the two beaming faces above her. "Thank you" She humbly said. Eager to see what is was like inside, Sarah got to excited to enjoy the moment.

"Well get in there already!"

Taking hold of the door knob, she found she didn’t’ need to turn or twist, just push. ’well of course’ she thought to herself ’this is a doll house after all’ She found a small crack or line in the house, come to find out this house could open up if needed.

It was divided into 3rds, 2/3rds in the back of the house, and 1/3rd in the front so if opening it, there would be more room for her to walk around on the back side of the house, and of course the stairs where only on the back half of the house. Finding there was a working closet for coats and such right inside of the stair way she then went to the right side of the house, entered empty living room.

The ceilings where rather high, even for someone practically a foot taller that this house was meant for. Then coming into the left side of the house, she got into the kitchen, there was a play sink, with working cabinets, and a back door. Again windows where on all three of the outside walls, letting in a good amount of light. When a shadow suddenly ended up blocking the light, she looked to find a pair of soft hazel eyes peering in.

Originally startled, she recovered and waved to Sarah. Then hearing Randy’s voice above her, slightly muffled by the walls and roof, she listened

" I rigged up some Christmas lights to provide you with your own lights. The controller in under the kitchen sink." Looking on the walls, she saw that in fact, he did. On the left side of the back half, there was 2 Christmas lights for the kitchen. Getting under the sink, she pushed the button, and white light filled the space, enabling her to see much better.

" I could only put them on the back half of the house, so that Sarah and I could open it. Also the 1st floor only has them on the walls, not the ceiling. While the 2nd floor only has them on the ceiling. However, I decided not to put and lights in the tower with the balcony." ’gosh Sarah married a genius!’ Scarlet thought to herself. ’first he builds slides and ladders for me, now costume fit’s a house for me!’

Turning around she heading for the stairs, noticing that a whole bunch of lights (About 5) where like a chandelier in the stair way. Even though there was the huge window right there, it really helped to see where she was going. Coming to 2nd level she turned to the right side of the house first, to find an empty bedroom, complete with master bathroom with a gorgeous tub!

’I’m taking a lot of hot baths in that thing’ she thought to herself‘. Inside the bedroom there was even an window seat. Not only for storage, but with 3 tall windows to look out of. Looking out those windows she saw they where facing the couch and the front window in Randy’s and Sarah’s house.

"Now where did she---oh, there she is!"

Again she was startled with a pair of eyes. Shaking it off she continued her tour of the house, quickly going into the "sitting room" there was the stair way for the tower. Once getting to the tower she opened the French doors, she saw that these also could be opened from both sides.

"Whatever this doll line is, has some amazing quality." she said to herself. Coming onto the balcony, she leaned against railing. Looking up to the facing she trusted, she shrugged her shoulders

"What can I say!? Its amazing! Its, absolutely amazing! Even if this was meant for 3 inch dolls, the door ways are more that tall enough." ’Well again, duh! This is a doll house, meant for hands to easily maneuver in.’

Looking down to his young friend, or little sister, as he called her, Randy was eager to tell more of the surprise. "Tomorrow is Saturday, I was thinking it would be fun if all of us went to the store, and we picked out the furniture to go inside the house." Grateful for the chance to have a say of what went in the house, and even more grateful for her friends consideration, Scarlet could hardly contain herself.

Signaling that she apparently wanted a hand to stand on, Randy lowered his to the balcony, Scarlet climbed on, and went straight for his thumb, hugging it to the best of her ability. At first, Randy was shocked at the gesture, then accepted it graciously. He then handed Scarlet to his wife, and Scarlet gave her thumb a hug too. The couple giggled at the joy they all felt in their hearts, and for their little friend trying to express her gratitude.

That night, Sarah set her friend down in her bed, tucking her in, looking down into her tiny glistening eyes, she wished her a good night, telling her that she needed to get a good nights sleep, for she had a big day ahead tomorrow. As Sarah left the room, Scarlet got shifted to get more comfortable. This would be her last night sleeping with the Billboard Pillow, and titanic bed.

Then again, this would be her last time in a bed, a real bed. Now, she would be a living doll. Hesitant, to the change, Scarlet wished this didn’t happen to her. Now more than ever she wanted Jason to be near, she wanted to be able to hear Jason’s breathing, she wanted to hear his calm deep voice, she wanted him to help her through this difficult time, however, she wanted him to live a happy life. ‘This is for the best’ she thought to herself.

"Jason, where ever you are, please, *sigh* live happy."

Meanwhile, miles away, Jason, sat in the dark, fingering a picture of him and Scarlet. His face streaked with tears, his hands shaking, his mind filled with thoughts.

‘I hope she is alright. I wish she is happy, and well. But, but I cant live much longer with out knowing for myself. I need to see for myself. I need to know! Dear God, Please, give me the chance to see her. Please keep her safe! Scarlet, wherever you are, I hope things are looking up.’

Chapter 4-
A month after moving into the doll house, and after losing another 2 inches Scarlet finally stopped shrinking. Sleeping like a rock, Scarlet woke up finding herself being watched by a pair of Randy blue eyes.

Throwing herself into a sitting position on top of her bed, scared stiff, she cowered up against the headboard. With trembling hands she pulled the blanket up to her chin, true this is her friend, but she was terrified! Staring at her where eyes only slightly smaller than herself, she pretty much could only stare back at the enormous eyes, quivering, tears started appearing into her own.

The steal blue, eyes showed some concern, thunderous, clanking on the right side of the house meant he was unlocking the latch to open the house. Trying to curl up even more into the bed’s headboard and wall, and blankets, Scarlet wanted to hide. Uncertain for her desire, she questioned herself.

‘I have had to deal with this for about 4 months now, four months ago was when the illness began taking a toll on me, so why is am I so horrified now?’

Was it because she has gradually become smaller, so the tension has slowly been building up, compared to shrinking all of a sudden, when the shock would happen immediately? Maybe it was finally time to have her nervous breakdown? With her heart pounding, practically right out of her chest, the behemoth face appeared as the front of the house was pushed aside. The emotion on his face was in clearly evident, worry.

"Scarlet? Are you ok?"

Being spoken at, she now brought the blanket up to her eyes, her body shaking violently.

"Scarlet, please, its just me, its just Randy."

‘Just Randy?’ she questioned ‘This "Randy" just so happens to tower over me, this Randy used to look up at me, now I must strain myself, and even lean back to try to catch a glimpse of his face if I am on the floor. With the slightest of ease he can pick me up, and with the same slightest of ease, he could crush me! Just Randy?! He is not just Randy! He is a TITIAN!’

With her mind consumed with these thoughts, tears now freely fell down her face. Randy was now bewildered, why was she now acting so scared of him? Was she having a bad day? ‘Maybe it would calm her down if I told her why I’m checking up on her.’ he pondered.

"Scarlet, you have overslept, it’s now 2:37, we let you be… I - I just thought I would peek in and check in on ya. It’s not like I’m going to hurt you, it’s Randy, you should know I would never hurt you."

‘What is with me?’ she was so confused ’Why am I so frightened? OH…..does it really matter? I just am!’ Not being able to take it anymore, she let out a ear piercing scream, taking the covers she threw them over her head, shriveled up into a little ball, and started balling her eyes out.

"Sarah?" Randy called out, not letting his eyes leave the little shivering mound. Immediately coming in, not liking the wary sound of her husbands voice, Sarah looked over his shoulder trying to find her friend in the doll house.

"What is it? Where is she?" Sarah questioned searching.

Randy pointed to the bed, and there under deep, dark, red blankets, shivered their extraordinary friend.

"All I did was peek in the window, to see if she was alright. She got all panic like, so I opened the house to see her better. She got even worse! She started to breath heavy, I tried to calm her down, I didn’t even bring my hands out to her like I normally do, and she suddenly screamed and is how you see her now!"

"Scarlet? Its Sarah, are you not feeling well? Scarlet?"

Sarah slowly moved her hand over to the trembling figure, then carefully laid a couple of fingers on Scarlet. A small shriek, a startled jump, and sounds of terror filled crying made Sarah quickly remove her hand.

Looking at her husband, she could see in his eyes that he wanted the same thing that she herself wanted, to do nothing more than hold Scarlet and protect her from her fears. Against her deep desire, Sarah closed the house to give Scarlet some privacy, then encouraged her husband to join her in the kitchen.

" I am thinking we just need to give her a day to herself, she hasn’t had a time to be terrified. Maybe she finally met her breaking point?"

Agreeing with his wife, Randy tried to think if there was anything that he could do to try and ease Scarlet’s pain, or at least show that he wanted to ease her pain. He then got a great quiet idea, and set about to do the simple task.

Much later that evening, when the sun was setting, Scarlet was wrapping the blanket around herself. Seeing that no one was looking in on her, she sat on the window seat to look out, when something caught her eye. It wasn’t hard to miss it, but there next to her house, was a home made greeting card.

"Hope you feel better, we love you. Randy & Sarah"

Looking at the doodled hearts and suns, she saw the heart felt concern from the couple. Walking down stairs, things in general felt odd, walking out the door, and onto the table she walked over to the what appeared to be a 20 foot tall card. Holding the blanket with one hand, and biting the finger of the other, she stared at the red construction paper with black marker writings. She just stood there, enjoying the quiet moment, when a gust of warm air blew against her back. Horror gripped at her stomach, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, her shaking hands became sweaty, and gasping for breath through her dry parted lips, she slowly got enough courage to turn around.

Looking down to Scarlet was Sarah, she wanted very much so to let her friend know she was safe, to not doubt her choice of being with them. Scarlet trembled at the sight of her friend, true, this was her friend for many, many years, but the hand that holds her gently and carefully, is the same hand that could demolish her existence unintentionally.

Seeing Sarah’s waist, Scarlet tilted her head up, and up, and up, and even farther up. Finally the two friend’s eyes met. Towering over the doll house, and being practically a skyscraper over her friend, Sarah stood still, as to not startle Scarlet. Getting weak in the knees, Scarlet collapsed, she heard her titanic friend gasping, large shadows quickly moved across the table, as sudden warmth and darkness surrounded her tiny body. Being that this was the first time she was scared of her predicament, yes she had been scared about it, but not while she was actually in it! She was now living the life she had nightmares about, being only a couple of inches tall, the world was no longer wonderful, but terror filled.

The warmth that covered her tiny body, was soon maneuvered and cupped underneath her. There she was, Scarlet, kneeling on the palm of her friend. This was the first time she was being held since becoming scared. Her senses took it all in.

First her sense of touch felt the warmth radiating off the flesh, the hand itself was like a large firm pillow, it gave at weight, yet there was startling great strength beneath the disguising soft smooth skin, it was all she had in her that kept her from jumping off.

Second she smelled the clean sent of soap on the hand, and something else she couldn’t figure, maybe this was "Sarah’s sent" how she naturally smelled.

Thirdly her hearing currently highly tuned from the fear, heard things she never in her life wanted to hear, the fingers bending, the folds of skin rubbing against itself, the pillar like fingers colliding into each other, the muscles creaking.

Lastly her sight was the most alarming, spread out in all directions was the palm of a hand, A HAND! Looking down at her own, she tried to mentally picture herself in her own hand, to understand where Sarah was coming from, realizing how tiny she must have been to the giantess, a momentary sickening feeling waved over her entire miniature body.

And worst of all, Scarlet was being brought up to her friends face. Looking to meet the eyes she knew were already looking straight at her, Scarlet was able to manage not passing out at the monstrous size of her lovely friend. Every inch seemed like 3 feet to the pocket-sized girl, and her friends face took up ever bit of Scarlet’s viewing area.

The gargantuan hazel eyes studied every contour of poor Scarlet’s trembling body. Shivering out of fear, not cold, Scarlet could only look back, she was frozen in fear, she just could not look away!

The eyes showed emotion of sadness, concern, worry, calmness, peace, and fright. ‘But why fright?’ Scarlet contemplated

‘Was Sarah scared for Scarlet? Was she scared that the reason Scarlet collapsed was that she was hurt? Was she frightened than Scarlet had refused the comforting she offered earlier that day?’

Sarah, seeing her friends face, read confusion, bewilderment, wonder, and torment. ’Isn’t there any way I can help her, besides just letting her be? Isn’t there any way I can ensure her that she will not be hurt? What if she tries to run away and hide? She could get hurt unknown to us! She could get kil-’

Not letting herself think of such a terrible demise for her friend, Sarah desided that silence is good, but now was the time to talk. Scarlet still scared senseless, saw the large pink pillow like lips move to form the sound "Shhhhhh…" while behind the enormous lips, lied window size white glistening teeth. Soft winds of whispered words played with Scarlet’s hair, taking deep breaths, she listened carefully.

"Shhhhhh….. Scarlet, don’t be scared of the ones you yourself came to in trust. This terror filled time will pass, while you are in this period of fear, I beg of you, don’t do anything we might all regret."

Scarlet was still shivering, and now crying, Sarah could sense the excruciating pain her friend had in her. The feeling of needing to comfort this oh so small friend was yanking at her heart, great amounts of sympathy overwhelmed Sarah. Not being able to come with words good enough for this time, all Sarah could do, was hold her differently and more securely.

Scarlet’s eyes were blurry with tears filling to the brim until they passed down her face with speed. Feeling a shift in the mammoth hand that was what kept her from falling, that was holding her, Scarlet feared the worse.

The second hand cupped around the first hand that was keeping the minuet girl, then together the hands moved towards the chest and collar bone. The hands collided with the titanic body, suddenly sending the helpless, feather weight, girl up against the soft skin of her colossal friend’s upper torso and lower neck.

Scarlet was now practically laying on her friend, her face buried, sobbing, seeking comfort from this treacherous world, and then a confusing sound bellowed at first inside the body of the great being, then it moved up, passing Scarlet, until it escaped out of Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah was crying, no….Sarah was sobbing.

Feeling the quakes and tremors, the shaking and jolting, hearing the gasping of breath as huge amounts of air entered the lungs and exited through the immense mouth with sounds of heart felt moans, the only thing Scarlet could do, was to cry with her. There, on the couch, sat a 5 foot 5 tall woman, holding her once 5 foot 6 tall friend, who was now reduced to live the life of a doll, at a mere 2 inches.

Neither of the two knows how long they cried together, but it was a much needed cry. The sun setting behind them, casting shadows neither one of them saw, for both where busy letting each other hear the fear inside of them. Letting out everything, not holding back, they released the tension, they called out to God for comfort, not in words, but in aches.

Hours must have passed by, when the exhausted sisters started to calm down. Sniffing, and trembling happened to both parties. Randy, coming in, after much torture of trying to let them be, yet wanting more than anything to hold his wife, turned on soft subtle music.

Then he joined his wife on the couch, she shifted and laid down on his lap, resting her head on his leg. Randy then soothingly stroked his wife’s hair, as she resituate Scarlet in her hands. To Scarlet the hands were no longer a threat, but of snug comfort. Curling up, and covering herself with the blanket she still had, she looked up to the giant faces. First the red eyed, tear streaked Sarah, then to the glistening eyed, supporting, protective Randy.

‘Why did I ever doubt my family?’ Scarlet finally saw that this was a needed time. A time to bring out her harboring fears, a time for the two very close friends, to the point of sisterhood bonded even closer, a time to be. It was right there, in the protective, safe, soft, warm, surrounding, cushy, cozy, consoling, pillow like, snug embrace of the colossal hand, that she fell asleep, completely going limp, letting the ones that loomed far above her, who could, and who would, protect her.

Chapter 5-

Now, about a week after her nervous breakdown with Sarah, Scarlet was now trying to enjoy life. She had definitely stopped losing her height, being 2 inches tall, she now had quiet a different perspective of the world. It was quiet evident that there would never be a cure, so far, she was the only one who had the darn disease, and scientist were not about to spend much needed government funding to save one person, while millions die from cancer.

Enjoying the company and protection from her friends, Scarlet was living well. Good mornings started out with the vibrating rumbles of movement, and kitchen smells rising from the neighboring room. The days where normally just her and Sarah, while Randy was at work.

Some days they did things normally, where Scarlet tried her best to help, but Sarah ended up doing everything, only with a big smile at the humorous mishaps (we’ll get to those later). Other days they had fun with Scarlet’s tiny height, like Scarlet cleaning the inside of the a drinking glass. In all honesty, she was wetter than the glass, getting soaked to the bone, while trying to use elbow grease to get those nasty water spots off.

One day, Scarlet wanted to surprise Randy, but couldn’t think of anything she could do. ‘Clean the computer keyboard? No, did that a couple days ago. That was not fun!’ she thought, recalling the mess of crumbs and dust that somehow make their way down. ’Make him something to eat? Ha! You can tell I still think I’m 5 foot 6 ! If I really wanted to make him something to eat, might as well sprinkle sugar on me and slap me on a plate!’ laughing at the mental picture of her on a plate just waiting to be devoured by her "Bwig Bwoder", and the look on his face would be priceless! Scarlet ended having to sit down, she was laughing so hard. Sarah came in to see what was up.

"What is so funny?"

"Oh, nothing *giggles* Just- never mind For some reason pretty much anything is funny right now. I suppose I‘m slap happy! Or I got the giggles"

Setting the phone down on the kitchen table next to Scarlet, Sarah sat down in a chair, putting her elbows on the table, and resting her head into her cupped hands, Sarah glared down as if to say ’I am not budging until you tell me what you where having such a giggle fit about.’

"Ok, ok…*giggle* I am trying to think of something to do for Randy by the time he gets home, as a surprise. Well, I must still think I am 5 foot 6! I was thinking how nice it would be to make dinner for the two of you, or bake a cake, something!"

"Hahaha…I can see you now, on top of one bowl trying to stir a huge spoon in another bowl."

"-snicker-giggles!!! I am just glad you don’t own a electronic mixer! As soon as I pushed the button, I would be vibrated to kingdom come! You would end up finding me in the bowl, sitting on top of the blades, spinning and spinning, begging you to turn it off!"

"Heheh… What if you survived being baked in with the cake -"

" I would eat my way out as soon as it cooled!"

" Giggles…I know you would, you would pop out on top as a glob of frosting would land on you."

"Well, like Mother Goose says "Sugar and spice, and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of."

The two laughed at the joke, for indeed, even thought Scarlet was much, much smaller, she hadn’t lost any of her sweetness. Soon bringing herself back, Scarlet wanted to tell Sarah the rest of her thought.

"When I realized that wouldn’t work, me cooking for the two of ya, and you know me, I want to serve to the best I can, making sacrifices, I pictured myself sprinkled with sugar laying down on a plate, waiting for Randy to just dig in! I can see his face now!"

Giggling she couldn’t help but lay on the ground holding her sides. Time went on as such, until the girls settled down and Scarlet dangled her feet over the edge of the table, with a chair right underneath, so in case she fell, it wouldn’t be that long of a fall.

"I’ll be right back to help you with a surprise for Randy, let me put the phone back so it can charge." Sarah said as she left the kitchen to the living room making her way to the computer room.

Entering the computer room, she shut the door and quietly spoke into the phone.

"Could you hear her ok?"

"Every laugh. But I couldn‘t make out her words. - Just her laugh is enough for now though"

"Jason, I don’t know what I can do to help." ’Well of course I do!’ she thought to herself ’Come down here right now! Grab her and never let her go! Being two inches tall, she cant get out of your grasp!’ Staying silent, she listened to the heart aching voice of Jason.

"Thank you so much, I- I needed to hear that. It tells me that she is still living, even if its with out me." The melancholy pierced Sarah, her face grimaced.

"I have to tell you something, she has some nights where she dreams of calling out to you, and you never answer. She misses you! If I ever bring up your name, a glaze comes over her eyes, sometimes she smiles, sometimes she cries."

"Her laugh…I missed that sound in my ears, you know, I asked her parents to give me a bottle of her perfume, and I had to spray it on my pillow, that first night with that pillow, was the first time I slept through the night."

"Jason, I want her to tell you, I really do, but I just asked her a few days ago…and she, she got a look on her face I’ve never seen before! It was almost like she thought that was the absolute worst idea on the face of the planet, asking me how I could even think of such a thing. But in the same look, I swear I saw her jump with delight at the thought, like she wanted nothing more than to have you talk to her.

You have to understand that she is-(shoot, I almost told him the secret, I can’t do that, Scarlet needs to be the one.) she is very confused (nice save). Give her a little more time, maybe she will come around."

"Right, nothing heals more than time….but nothing hurts more than time if not taken care of."

After saying his goodbye to Sarah, Jason rested down on his bed, stroking his chin in thought. Scarlet’s laughter still ringing in his ears, even though he was surrounded by utter silence, the moments passed like hours. His mind consumed with her smile, her sparkling dark eyes, her brown hair shining in the light, it made his heart jump.

Grabbing a warn picture from under his pillow, he looked at it like the millions of times he did before. Jason studied the picture, he clutched the picture, fearing he would someday forget what she looked like. Not being able to take it anymore, Jason called out to God

"GOD!! What is your plan???? I LOVE HER! And you took her away from me! I try to look at other women, but, they aren’t her! I want Scarlet! I need Scarlet! Don’t take her away from me! God, you hear me! GIVE HER BACK!"

clenching his fists, he buried his face into the pillow that smelled like his love.

"Give her back to me!" He moaned into the pillow. After a short rest, Jason came up,

"Sorry God, Keep her safe, please, oh please, let me get a chance to see her."

When Randy came home, he was treated to the surprise Scarlet worked so hard on, With her own two hands she wrote out "Thank You", by dunking her very tiny hands into a ink pad, and placing hand print after hand print making the large letters. Accepting the sweet child like jester, Randy decided to put it on the fridge, like any proud parent would.

After dinner that night, Sarah brought Randy into their bedroom to have a talk, leaving Scarlet watching what looked like to her a screen bigger than a drive in movie, television. Shutting the door, Sarah turned to Randy with a concerned look on her face that clearly stated that what they were about to talk about has great importance.

"Jason called."


"He misses her so much, more that she thought he would."

"We have to do something."

"We have to be ready for anything, and wait for them to do something."


"They need to do this for them selves."

"yeah, but-"

"I know you want to just put them back together and let them live wonderfully, so do I! But they need to do this for themselves, so that they are ready for it when it happens. We need to wait until either he can’t live any longer with out her and doesn’t care how she might be, of she can’t live any longer with out him, and tells him the truth."

"Your right…. Do you think it will be easier on her now that she stopped shrinking?"

"It never was going to be easy, but the fact that she won’t just shrink into oblivion might help him."

"Does she knows he has been calling?"

"Nope, in fact I was sneaky and devious enough to put the phone right next to her while she was laughing, he heard it all."

"You love being devious don’t you." Randy said, raising an eyebrow

"Oh yeah, and you know I’m good at it" Sarah playfully replied, taking a step closer to her husband.

Meanwhile, sitting on the table her house is on, Scarlet hears familiar noises coming from the bedroom. Rolling her eyes, and grateful she has her own house, Scarlet climbs onto the remote, steps on the power button turning of the T.V. then going in her own room, and curls up in bed, occasionally being disturbed with some sounds of "marriage privileges" during the night.

That morning, Scarlet woke up before the two love birds, deciding that since it was a Saturday, they would most likely sleep in. She honestly couldn’t blame them, by the sounds of things, they would sleep until noon.

Using her slides and ladders, Scarlet made her way onto the kitchen counter. Looking around, she saw some left over brownies. Smiling to herself, she decided to take this opportunity to misbehave.

Climbing over the rim of the pan, and under the plastic wrap, she finds herself in chocolate syrup.

"Shoot! I forgot that Sarah put chocolate syrup on half on the brownies. So much for not getting caught." Scarlet mumbled to herself as she enjoyed the treat.

Just sitting there in a field of chocolate goodness, Randy and Sarah woke up sooner than Scarlet wanted them to. Prepared for a slight scolding, but mainly embarrassment on her part for being covered from head to toe in brown stickiness, scarlet tries to climb out of the pan, but finds that not only is she sticky, but slippery too.

Deep chuckling and snickering meant that Sarah and Randy were not only coming nearer, but still thinking of last night, and if Scarlet was not mistaken, they were thinking about having more fun as husband and wife.

Getting a glass of milk for the two of them, Sarah comments about ignoring breakfast for now. Hearing Randy agree, but that he wanted at least a little something, Sarah shuffled in the fridge and pulled out the can of whipped cream. "Brownies?" she asked playfully.

Hearing that, Scarlet prepared for the worst, she would be bright red, but the couple wouldn’t be able to see her blushing underneath her mess, as it turns out, that wasn’t the worst. As hands peeled away the plastic wrap, a large knife came down cutting out a piece all around Scarlet, barely missing her. A fork then pried the brownie from the pan, and was placed in a bowl.

Looking up, Scarlet noticed that they couldn’t see her, of course it wasn’t like they were looking for her either. She waved her tiny hands, but both were looking at each other, not the sweet item down below.

Trying to shout, Scarlet mouth was filled with white fluffy sweetness. Sarah, with grace and talent, had sprayed whipped cream on the brownie, while enjoying the taste of her husband’s kiss. Standing up in the snow like mound, Scarlet tried to dig her way out, only to fall back down with the sudden rush of gravity.

"Guys!!! Hello!!!!!!" she shouted, but no one heard her, as the result of laughing and busy thinking.

"Shhh *giggles*, Well wake up Scarlet!" Sarah Hushed.

" Guys!!!! I am up!! Guys??!!"

Moments later, a fork came through the whipped cream, and her right foot got caught in between two prongs. Being dragged out of her unwanted shelter, she dangled from the brownie piece. Feeling her foot coming looser and looser, and hearing more laughter, she tried to get a glimpse of her surroundings. The only thing that made sense, was a mouth, that she was headed right for.

Screaming, her spinning world came to a halt, her foot came completely free, and she started to fall, landing right back into the whipped cream and brownie. The terrifying fork came back, this time scooping her up, and being brought up to Sarah’s soft brown eyes.

Sarah in a slightly skimpy black night gown, and Randy in a bathrobe, were sitting on their bed, enjoying each others company. But currently both turned slightly red as their daughter like friend was looking back up at them.

"I called and called out! But you two couldn’t hear me!" Scarlet yelled, upset that she could have ended up in one of her friends mouth, shuddering at the thought, she glared at the couple.

Sarah, placed her other hand over her mouth, choking a giggle.

"It is not funny! Look at me!" Scarlet shouted. Starting to snicker, Sarah replied to her tiny friend.

"I am looking at you, and well, that’s what is kind of funny." Sarah then started to laugh, with Randy soon joining her. A slight burning came from the inside of Scarlet, rather angered at her friends finding this funny, she proceeded to place her hands on her hips and question their response to this terrifying adventure.

When seeing her place her little hands on her little hips, Sarah and randy laughed all the more. "One of you could have eaten me!" Scarlet shouted, trying to be louder than the laughter that came from gargantuan beings. Calming her self, Sarah tried to explain

" *snicker* I’m sorry Scarlet…..*giggle* Its- its just- It’s really hard to take you seriously when you are covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream."

Looking down at herself, Scarlet had to admit that she did appear rather ridiculous. "All she needs is a cherry on top ." Randy laughed.

Trying to hold it in, but failing, Scarlet joined the two in laughter. Sarah passed the fork holding the tasty looking Scarlet to Randy, running out of the room, then soon came back with the camera, ‘Snap’ this would be one for the books.

Chapter 6-


Jason ran from here to there, searching. The gray fog was thick, to thick! A faint light from behind him cast shadows that gave this place a ere feeling. Clouds of mist rolled alone the floor, currents of the soupy fog surrounded him, "SCARLET!! Where are you?"

"Help me!"


"Help me!"

The voice came to his left, Jason wasted no time to reach her.

"Help me!"

Now the voice was at his right, had he passed her?

"Help me!"

Sounded like she was hanging above him, now he was really confused.

"Help me!"

Turning his head, he swore he heard her from behind, what is going on?

"Help me!"

"Scarlet! Where are you?! I can’t find you!"

"Help m- - - - - "

"scarlet? ….SCARLET!"

Jason pulling himself up, sitting in his bed, the moon melting into his room from his window. Realizing it was that dream again, he grabbed his pillow and threw it against his face, taking big deep breaths, filling every single inch in his lungs. He always did love this perfume on her, it reminded him of warmth, and sweetness.

Clutching the soft pillow against his chest, he looked to see the time was 2:14 am. It was a good thing he moved his baseball bat away from his bed, by the way he was feeling, he would have destroyed the alarm clock in his sleep for certain, like he did the other 6 times. Flipping the switch to his lamp, letting the electric light fill his space, he pulled out the picture again.

‘Why won’t she talk to me? Why won’t she tell me what is going on? Why did she leave? What could be so terrible that she didn’t want me any more? What can I do?’ Curling up, pulling the covers over his shoulders, he felt cold. He had felt cold for quite a while now, never fully being able to warm up. Shivering, he hung onto the pillow, bringing it closer and closer to him, and he stared at the picture, looking at her smiling face, staring at it for who knows how long, until he fell back into a restless sleep.


About a week after the whipped cream incident, Scarlet woke up to her own screaming. Looking around, she found herself in Sarah’s hand, that was laid upon Randy’s chest, as the huge couple where curled up together on the couch. Trying to relax, Scarlet shifted on to her left side, starting to quietly cry.

As she was calming down, a pillar like finger came down on her shoulder and started to soothingly stroke her arm. Without having to look, she new this was Randy, he was a bit more timid when it came to handling her, compared to Sarah. Sarah did it more often, so she new what was to hard, or just right, Randy was still working out the bugs.

"This was one heck of a night" He boomed over her.

"How bad?"

"Its 5:00 now, you started up at 11:00. We just couldn’t get you to come out of it."


"Why? I’m sorry for you. That had to be terrible"

"You’ve had worse"



"You love him, don’t you."


"Then call him up. Tell him."

"I can’t! I just couldn’t bring myself to ruin his life."

"If I were him, you would have already ruined it, and if you call him now, it would fix things. He won’t care that your only a couple inches tall, he would just want to be with you. Right now, I bet he is hurting cause he can’t protect you, if you tell him what is going on, he would feel so much better."

"He deserves a better life than what I can give him!"

"How do you know that?"

"He needs a wife he can kiss without the fear of swallowing her. Someone he can touch, without crushing. Someone who can serve him dinner, with out ending up being dinner."

"But its not every day you can have a girl in your hand, who you can protect, keep safe. You are unique! Sure he may not be able to do things that everyone else can do, but there are some things that you two could do that is special to only you."

Sarah stirred in her sleep, ending up flipping Scarlet out of her hand onto Randy, then Sarah moved her arm to drape over her husbands torso. Randy made certain that Scarlet was stable, resting a couple of fingers on her, before he continued to discuss with her about her relationship with Jason.

"If you don’t do something, you will lose him completely."

"I’ve already lost him, the day God cursed me with this!"

"It may not be a curse, it could be a blessing in disguise."

"Well, whatever it is, I am to ashamed to let him know."

"Scarlet, you are embarrassed and ashamed about everything! This time it’s to important to ignore. Push your feelings aside and listen to that little voice, you have over powered, that is in your heart."

"I know, I know, you want me to tell him."

"What do you want to do."

"I want God to handle it! I want to tell him! But I want him to think I’m dead!"

"Why? Then you can’t enjoy being with him."

"But- but-"

"Get a good nights sleep Scarlet, think about it."

Settling in his warm t-shirt, she pictured the three of them all sleeping together on the couch that night. ’What a mental picture’ she thought, as she slowly drifted back to sleep.

Chapter 7-

That morning, Thursday, Sarah was on the phone, Randy was out to work, and Scarlet was minding her own business . A sudden thundering sound filled the entire house, shaking it, Scarlet stood on the coffee table, trying to figure out where it came from, then she noticed that Sarah wasn’t talking any more.

"Sarah?" Scarlet raced down that slide and ran into the computer room. Panting, Scarlet was terrified of the sight she beheld. There was Sarah, laying on the floor, appearing unconscious, the phone inches away from the giantess’s hand.

"SARAH!!!" Running to her friends enormous face, she pushed her little hands into the soft skin of Sarah’s cheek. Watching the eyes, trying to see if there was the slightest twitch, yet there was nothing.

"Come on Sarah!!! Don’t do this to me!!!! Come on!!"

Scared out of her wits, Scarlet tried to make sense of what could have happened. Pounding her tiny balled up fists on the immense face, almost like she was punching a memory foam pillow, for every time her fist left the skin, no imprint was evident. Backing away from the face, to maybe catch a glimpse or idea of what could have possibly happened, a warm gust of air nearly sent her on her back.

"Thank God your breathing!!!!! Oh come on Sarah!! Snap out of it!"

"Hello? Hello? Sarah? Are you there? Is everything ok?"

"The phone!" Scarlet said to herself as if she had an epiphany. Running to it, she climbed on top to the buttons.

"Hello? Sarah?"

"Sorry Jason, Sarah will have to call you back, I have to call 911!"

"Huh? Scar-"

Hanging up, Scarlet then quickly stepped on the numbers 9-1-1 avoiding the other numbers.

"911 emergency, how can I help you today." A gentle males voice answered

"Yes, Hi, umm…..I- there- umm, there is a couple who live across the street from me, and I just saw the wife collapse."

"Where do you live?"

"uhhh….The couple live in 6568 Carmel Avenue. 74522"

"Alright, there should be an emergency crew there in about 10 minutes. Can you get in?"

"No, no I can not, it’s locked."

"What is your name."

"uhhhhh…….The wife’s name is Sarah, her husband is Randy, he is at work."

"Mam, please stay on the line until they come, alright?"

"Of course."

Soon, Scarlet heard banging on the door, trying to knock it down. "There here! There here! Thank you so much! Bye!"

"Mam wait pl-" Pushing the end button and then scampering away so as to not be seen or trampled on. Hiding behind the desk leg, she watched as they took her protector and friend away on a stretcher.

Later that day, around 8:00 that night, Scarlet was pacing back and forth on her little balcony, waiting and watching for Randy’s car. ‘They would most likely have called him at work, dear God, please keep her safe’ Pacing more and more, she replayed what happened in her head, over and over again.

Rubbing her hands together until they were raw, biting her lip until it was bruised, pacing back and forth until she was to weak to stand, it was killing her that she had no idea what was happening to Sarah. Still replaying in her mind what happened, when she caught something she had ignored…"Jason??!!!

Sarah was talking to Jason??!!!! How could she!" Scarlet yelled out to no one

"Look at me! I am mad at my best friend who could be dieing! But- but- She was talking to Jason!"

Deciding that she needed new pacing grounds, Scarlet walked down to the table her little house was on. Just as she started to wear a hole in the table top. Randy and Sarah came walking in the front door, beaming.

Sarah looked fine, like nothing wrong could have ever happened to her, sighting Scarlet, Sarah went over to her pocket sized buddy grabbing her off the table and cuddled with her softly,.

"There is my little angle!" she giggled twisting her torso from side to side. "That was so brave of you! Taking the chance of being seen or hurt!"

"Put me down you TRATOR!!!!!" Scarlet screamed throwing a fit and trying to get her arms free from the grasp of the hands.

Sarah, lifting to take a better look, could see that Scarlet was fuming with anger. "What’s wrong?" She asked concerned

"Put me DOWN!!!!" Obeying the squeaking , Sarah gently placed her friend back down onto the table.

" Now tell me, what is wrong?"

"How could you!!! How could you talk to Jason behind my back!!!!"


"How could you!!!"


"Answer me! Why did you talk to him behind my back?"

"Because you wouldn’t talk to him at all!"

"He needs to forget about me!"

"He can’t!"

"He has to move on!"

"He’s tried!"

"I’m no good to him any more!"

"You mean the world to him!"

"He means the world to me! But you see me moving on!"

"Your not moving on! Your pining for him!"

"Like you could do better!"

"Yeah, like telling the one I love!"

"Ok, So I’m not perfect like you! Sue me! I’m human!"

"Scarlet you know better than to claim I’m perfect!"

"Oh…but you are! (mockingly bows to Sarah as if she was queen)"

"SCARLET! (Slamming her hand on the table, causing Scarlet to tumble backwards) I am NOT perfect! But At least I don’t take the ones I love, and then ditch them broken hearted!"

"I - I - I " Not being able to come with a reply, Scarlet made a mad dash into her house, crying. Opening the door, then slamming it shut, she leaned against the stairway, in pain, in heart ache.

Evil thoughts of her best friend easily roamed around in her head, she hated the fact that she was so mad at Sarah, but at the same time was furious with her. Passion for Jason hit her heart, why did she hurt so much? ‘This is the right thing to do! Why do I hurt so much? It must be because I love him enough, to know he doesn’t deserve this.’ Gripping onto the step she was leaning on, she heard Randy calm Sarah down.

"In your condition, you shouldn’t get so worked up."

‘Shoot! Sarah just got back from the hospital! I’m going to be the death of her!’

"Now Scarlet, come back out here." Randy said, as he opened the door, and reached to pull the 2 inch Scarlet out. Seeing the titanic fingers reaching for her, Scarlet scrambled up to her feet and raced up the stairs.

‘No way am I going with you without a fight" She thought, for she was mad at herself for letting Sarah get so worked up.

Randy not being able to grab her before she ran off, reached in further. Scarlet feared he would pursue her, and continued climbing up the steps as fast as she could.

‘Being chased by a enormous hand, has got to be the most terrifying thing that I have faced so far.’ Reaching up to the 2nd floor, it was there that she was greeted with Randy’s other hand, who had opened the huge window at the top of the stairway, and was bound and determined that he was going to get her.

Screaming and dodging, Scarlet made her way into the extra room, then to the stairway to the balcony, when the hand from the first level came down through the balcony to try and capture her.

Shrieks could clearly be heard, as she backed away, heading for her bedroom. Watching the hand that was still after her from the balcony, the hand at the stairway knocked her down, flat on the floor.

Recovering from this rude wipeout, she heard Randy’s voice saying something that sounding like he was finally able to get her. Crawling in between the fingers that had not yet taken hold of her yet, she got back onto her feet, and raced to her bedroom. Fearing the pursuit, and her heart pounding, Scarlet made her way into the sanctuary. The windows here wouldn’t open, he wouldn’t be able to reach her.

Not wishing to be seen, she rested, her back pressed against the front wall. Tremendous clanking of metal to her right reminded our tiny runaway that this was indeed, a doll house.

A sudden surge of energy hurled Scarlet forward, at the same time the floor under her feet moved far away from her, and there she was, dangling, holding onto the 2nd floor with her two tiny bird seed sized hands.

Shaking his head, Randy placed his hand around the still feisty toy like figure, and gently pulled. Scarlet hung on for dear life, screaming, she was not about to listen to reason! When her grasp could no longer meet the strength of his, being pulled away, she looked at herself very carefully.

Shaking her head Scarlet went limp and temporarily displeased herself for being so child like. Silent for quiet some time the Couple looked down at her as she caught her breath, and tried to think of something to say. She was sorry for being unforgiving, and didn’t like the way she told off Sarah. Again she thought of how child like she just was.

With laughing energy behind her voice, Scarlet managed to start talking her way up to an appology "When did I become the worlds biggest 5 year old? - No…wait ..I-" Not being able to keep it in, Sarah giggled slightly, observing that Scarlet came to realize that she just ran around in vain, and was acting childish.

Scarlet said her apologies, admitting her emotions got out of hand. After sitting down on the couch, and all had a chance to calm down, Scarlet broke the silence with a pressing question.

"Sarah? What happened to you? Why did I have to call 911?" Sarah giggled

"I am so sorry, knowing you, you must have been here all those long hours in a frenzy. No wonder you where so feisty when we got home."

"Are you hurt?"

"No, no, its just a big change is going to happen."

"A big change?" Scarlet wondered ‘No…it couldn’t be that.’

"Scarlet…..I’m pregnant."

Chapter 8-

That night, Scarlet couldn’t sleep. Laying in her little bed, about the size of a calculator, her mind raced with thoughts.

‘ Sarah is pregnant! I am so happy for them! Finally they are going to really have a child, it won’t just be me. Wait…what is going to happen to me? In the rush of excitement, they might have not thought that far. With a newborn, they will be so busy taking care of it, that I would become a huge burden.

What am I going to do! I can’t very well take care of myself, maybe I should tell Jason. NO! No, I can’t do that to him. Dear God, what is going to happen to me? Maybe things won’t be so bad, soon the baby will be a toddler, but toddlers…they stick everything they find into their mouths!

*GASP!* ’ Scarlet shuddered at the vivid picture, a cubby little hand groping for her, being tightly clenched in the fist, barley being able to breath. Then, being in a hot, dark, sticky place. A slobbering tongue whacking her in the face, then her back, teeth about to break off her legs, her trying to scream, but failing.

Finally Sarah coming, pulling the little living doll away from the child "No! Never touch mommy’s doll! Never touch mommy’s doll!" To a kid, that’s all I would be, a doll!

‘I’m going to die! Maybe I could call the government, get into area 51. No…no, your tired, you can’t think straight. Just wait until tomorrow, then you can talk to Sarah about it."

Hours passed, and after what seemed to be eternity, it was finally morning. Sleep never reached her tired body, two bad nights sleep in a row, and one heck of adventure for anxiety.

Waiting to find the right time, Scarlet spent the morning, and afternoon, and evening trying to figure out what could happen to her, and weigh out her options.

That night, around 10:00, she gives in and, and makes her way to the computer room, where Sarah is working. Randy was in the kitchen making popcorn, they where going to watch a movie together soon.

As she was in the middle of the hallway, she could clearly see the computer room, the guest bedroom, the front door, and the living room.

‘How am I going to do this? Hey Sarah! Have you thought about the fact that the chances of me dieing will increase dramatically with a baby in the house? Well what is she going to do? Not have the baby? Gosh Scarlet, get your head together. I wonder how far into -

Thunderous knocking came from the door, startled, Scarlet let out a little squeak. Sarah, not seeing Scarlet below her, walked over "Thumbelina", and answered the door, Randy soon came in to see who it could be. Scarlet rushed to the wall, making herself hard to see.

When Sarah opened the door, warm embraces, and joyful laughter rung through out the house. Scarlet couldn’t see at first who it was, but to her dismay, she soon found out.

There, standing far above her, was…..Jason.

Her heart first leaped for joy, then sunk all the way down to the floor.

‘I can’t let him see me like this!!!’ What am I going to do!! I need to hide, where? Well, they will figure I’ll hide, so… not the doll house, that would be the first place they look. After that the living room, then the kitchen, Jason’s here, so the guest bedroom is out of the question.’ Getting a idea that satisfied her, she quickly scampered away to her hiding spot.


Pulling up to the house, and into the driveway, Jason clutched the steering wheel even tighter in his fists.

’Ok... your going to do this! Scarlet doesn’t have a say, you are going to see her. And that is that! Plus, you are concerned about Sarah, why did Scarlet have to call 911?…..ok, don’t kid yourself, you here for Scarlet, Sarah’s accident is just an excuse.

Stepping out, his stomach tightened up, causing him pain

’Why am I so nervous?! I am going to ask her to marry me! I love her! Why then? Is it because I don’t know why she left? Why should that matter…she is alive! Sarah said that her illness left it’s mark, but that Scarlet would survive. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, she is your Scarlet…and that is what matters.’

Shaking slightly, he knocked on the door, waiting….he bit his lip, for what seemed forever, then the door finally opened. He was greeted with a shocked, and surprised look from Sarah.


A modest smile appeared on his face, "Hi Sarah".

Sooner than he realized, he was inside the warm house, with hugs, and handshakes. Sarah and Randy welcomed him into their house so willingly, in fact, it seemed as thought they had expected him.

Soon sitting on the couch, with a refreshment in his hands, Jason spilled out the question he had been dieing to ask for 5 long months.

"So…Where is Scarlet? Can I see her?"

Sarah beamed ’ Finally it happening! Scarlet can’t run from this! He is here, she has to face him and tell him the truth!’

She opened the doll house, only to find it empty. Jason watched in confusion,


Randy noticed Sarah’s look on her face, reading it, he stalled Jason’s thinking.

"Sarah will get Scarlet soon, she umm…just is looking for something to help Scarlet, for when she is facing you."

Sarah ran into the kitchen, looking everywhere. ’Shoot Scarlet! Why do you have to be such a good hider??!!’ She then quickly went into the computer room, still no Scarlet. Coming back into the living room while she was looking further, she stated

"I umm…can’t find Scarlet, Randy. Will you please help me so Jason can see her."

"Sure…glad to"

Both worried that not only where they not going to be able to find her, that Jason was going to start asking, and they really wanted Scarlet to be the one to tell him, It’s not that they didn’t want to, it was that they felt it was her responsibility.

Jason soon got a little weirded out, and asked why they where looking in the most peculiar places for Scarlet.

"Ummm….Where are looking for clues as to where Scarlet is hiding" Randy said calmly/lying. ’Like a leg, or a head.’ he thought. Jason, being so tired, from having many terrible nights sleep, and still on a natural high from actually going to see Scarlet, he didn’t question, he just believed.

Hours passed, and sooner than they had liked, it was 1:00 in the morning and they needed to go to bed. ’Thank goodness it’s a Saturday, that way we can continue tomorrow.’ Sarah praised God for the timing. After getting Jason settled, Randy joined his wife in their bed, looking at the ceiling, both not saying a word, however knew what the other was thinking. Drifted off into a light sleep, almost waiting to hear a scream or a shout or something, that meant Scarlet was around.


3:30 am, Scarlet read on the alarm clock. She sleepily yawned

’Fine! I’ll go to sleep! Just, let me get to my own bed! I am not going to sleep here! You’ll know what will happen? 1. I’ll die… 2. They will find me and I wish I could die.’ she told herself.

Quietly, and stealthy, she emerged out of her hiding spot, and slowly walked in between the sleeping giants. There she was, in the middle of Sarah and Randy, carefully she slide down one of the enormous pillows, landing on the mattress.

’Stupid! Stupid! Why did you pick this spot for hiding?’

Cautiously walking over folds of blankets, Scarlet headed for the foot of the bed, she then looked up to her left to see Randy’s back. He was sound asleep, Scarlet was relived, but then again, there was Sarah.

Looking to her right, Sarah was on her back, Scarlet could see the rise and fall of each breath in Sarah’s chest and abdomen. Just now reaching the waist line of her friends, Scarlet quickened her pace, looking around, she remembered a verse in the Bible….

"Though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil. For you are with me"….

This was not how she pictured it all these years. Here she was, walking in the valley of blankets and Giants, and how she was scared! Taking time, she passed through, and finally made it to the end of the bed. Looking back to the clock, the bright red numbers read 4: 52.

‘Holy cow! It took me that long, man do I need to sleep.’ reaching the ground, she slowly started to trudge to her house, looking forward to sleep. Finally reaching the table where her house was upon, slowly climbing up the ladder, one step at a time.

So tired, so tired, she got to her house, opened the door, went up the stairs, and crawled into her bed, didn’t even bother changing into pajamas. At 5:15 in the morning, she was all tuckered out, falling asleep in her bed. If she had only glanced out her bedroom window, she would have seen that she wasn’t alone, on the couch, was a sleeping Titian.

Chapter 9-

8:00 Randy went out to start breakfast, while Sarah started searching for Scarlet again. Jason was awake, had been for about a hour now, he was just sitting on the couch, looking at things around the room, being quiet. Joining Randy in the kitchen, he started questioning…

"Say Randy…..that’s a lovely doll house, you hoping for a little girl?"

"Heh…..something like that."

"You know…I have been noticing, you have tiny ladders and little slides all over this house… Why?"


"Do you have super smart mice for pets?" he half hearted chuckled, grasping for any reason that would make sense.

"No not-"

"Why where you looking for clues of Scarlet…. and not Scarlet herself?"


"Where is she? Why is she hiding? Tell me Randy….What happened to Scarlet?!"

Randy, looked over to his wife, who heard most of the one sided conversation. She gave a knowing look- they had to tell him…but what would be the best way?

"Sarah…we should show him the documents." Randy commented.

Going into the computer room, Sarah set it up while Randy and a bewildered Jason settled in. On the screen soon appeared Sarah and Scarlet, a sadness was clearly seen in Scarlet’s eyes. Jason leaned in, getting closer to the screen, he listened to the recording intently.

"Hi, I am Scarlet, and I have a disease, it causes me to"

She paused, biting her lips, taking deep breaths. Sarah squeezed her shoulder, reminding her that she was right here next to her, she didn’t have to face this alone. Jason was now on the edge of his seat, holding his breath…’What is going on here?’

Watching her sparkling brown eyes, they glared right back into the camera, but Jason believed she was looking right at him.

"I am losing 1 inch of my height, every day." A deep sigh emerged from her, she had done it, she had said it aloud, for all the world to hear.

Jason had a look of disgust on his face.

"What kind of joke is this?"

"Jason…watch" Randy calmly said

"No! This is cruel! This is stupid!"


Looking back to the screen, Jason watched as days flew by, slowly he could see Scarlet changing. She was in fact getting shorter…but wait! Scarlet was not just getting shorter, but smaller.

"You two…this is heartless! I can’t believe you got Scarlet to go with you on this. To have her hiding so you could go looking in cupboards, under furniture, all to get me to question! I bet she was in your guys’ closet the whole time!"

Sarah quickly looked at Randy "I forgot to look in our room! I never thought she would go there!"

"Very funny Sarah, *sigh* Give it up, I’m tired….where is she?"

"Jason.." Sarah said in a sad tone
"We would never lie about something like this for so long a time. We have proof, look at the screen"

She said pointing back to the documents. Now a couple of weeks had gone buy, and Scarlet had lost over a foot of her height.

"I compliment you on the amazing effects! Should think about joining Hollywood."

"Jason! We can’t afford such a joke! Over 7 hours of footage and documentation, there is no way we could do CG on all of it! We have no blue screen! Yes…Scarlet may be a great actress…but you can not ignore the windows to her soul! Look at her eyes and tell me she is lying! Tell me she is just playing pretend! Tell me those tears of frustration are just for show! Jason! LOOK!"

Upset that he was being commanded to do so, he watched the screens, intently seeking out the truth, he peered into the eyes of the one he loves. Time passed slowly, concentrated, Jason was eventually convicted.

A stabbing pain pierced through his heart, his throat closed up, he was having a hard time breathing. Tears started to weld up in his eyes, his love! What happened to her?! Flustered, he quickly stood up, then shot of the room, running to the doll house.

"Jason! What are you doing?!"

"To see where she has lived for the past 5 months!"

Sliding onto his knees, he landed by the table, then…time slowed down.

"This is the door she uses every day ." He whispered, letting his quivering fore finger gently touch the door knob. Unlocking the house, slowly he opened what felt like a treasure chest to him, letting his finger run over the places she had been.

"This is her kitchen! She sits in these chairs." He whispered, rubbing the seat of one of the chairs. Sarah and Randy where now behind him, they were fortunate to slowly get used to the idea, this is a complete shock to him. They understood that, and gave him time to adjust. It really would have been better if she had told him, but then again, maybe that would not have been best. He might have a more violent reaction, she could have gotten hurt.

Jason then traced his finger up the steps, moving to the second level, he caressed his hand over to Scarlet’s bed, resting it next to the small furniture.

"She sleeps here" He said, hardly able to hear it himself. Tears now met the rims of his eyes, and one fell down, passing his cheek, landing on his soft blue shirt, darkening it with the moisture. Bringing his hand up, he then laid it down on top of the bed,

"This is where she sleeps" He hushed. Then movement happened under his finger tips. Startled, he jolted back his hand.

"What the heck? What-"

He didn’t need to ask any longer. For Scarlet shifted from her side, to her back, and her pale face, and pink lips could clearly be seen. Jason neared her, holding his breath. Listening closely, he could hear her slumbered breathing.

"This is Scarlet! This is the woman you held in your arms…now she-"

Jason threw himself back away the house, shaking his head. Sarah, seeing that he was in a form of shock, quickly moved to close the house up, Randy then helped Jason onto the couch.

Gasping for breath, Jason stared in disbelief at his hands, crying. Freely the tears streamed down his face. All he could do was stare into his empty palms.

"She’s so small! She is so small!!"

"I know…I know" Randy said trying to calm Jason down. "Sarah, please get him a drink of water…Now Jason, don’t start hyperventilating….things are ok, they will be fine!"

"Randy! She is so small! What am I to do!"

"Breath…first we need to breath."

Calming down, silence fell between the two, Sarah left after bringing the water to Jason, this was a time for men. Randy would have wanted her there, however, she could tell Jason was at a point where man to man was best.

"She didn’t tell me."

"She was scared"

"She should have"

"She should have"

"Why didn’t she?"

"She wanted you to live a normal life, thinking it was best for you."

"Let me worry what is best for me!"


"She just left! She- she wouldn’t tell me. She wouldn’t talk to me."

"She thought that if you forgot about her, that would help you."

"I couldn’t forget!"

"She couldn’t either."

"I want to hold her so tight"

"I know"

Again, a long silence filled the room, Jason stared at the doll house.

"I can’t do this….I - I - I can’t."

"Do what Jason?"

"I can’t…be with her."


" I just…can’t!"

"Jason…you need to tell me why….Why can’t you be with her?"

" I want to hold her in my arms, but she won’t fit! I don‘t know, I‘ll hurt her."

"You don’t have to hold her in your arms, she will fit in your-"

"Don’t say it! I can’t live with that!"

"What do you mean? Was she only worth loving because she fits in your arms?"


"But what?"

"Its easy for you to say, you’ve got your wife, you can hold her in your arms, you can hold her tight, you can embrace."

"Jason…I can’t believe I am hearing this from you."

"What do you expect from me?"

"For you to love Scarlet."

"I do! I- I- I"

"Do you?"


"Do you really love Scarlet?"

" Randy-"

"The meaning of love is Sacrifice! She sacrificed being with you, hoping that you would live a life God planned for you. Can’t you sacrifice holding her in your arms?"

Jason had no reply. A burning anger filled Randy, ’Scarlet deserves better than this guy!’

"Do you love her?"


"Cause if you don’t, get out of our house!" He loudly stated, pointing to the door behind him.


"If you don’t love her enough, to look over the fact that she is only two inches tall. Get out! Scarlet has been through to much heart ache, I can’t see her go through anymore. If you can’t live with this…then she was right in not telling you. She is like my sister, and my daughter. I will protect her!

She is still Scarlet! Nothing has changed her! She is still the one you love, only better. She is a better human being than any one of us could be, for she still wakes up with a smile on her face, even though the world is hell. God has given that girl, no, woman…God has given that woman a great amount of strength to deal with this.

Out of all the people He could have done this to...He chose her! She has a personality that true, some days are sad and scared, but she still looks at the bright side of things, no matter what! She has friends that will protect her unlike other people. And she has someone who loves her, no matter what….or at least that is what I thought she had. If you don’t love her enough to put aside you ideals, then you don’t love her at all. And this house has no room for such people."

Stunned, Jason stared at Randy in awe, he had never seen this side of him before, he really did love Scarlet, Randy really wanted the best for her.

"But- She didn’t tell me! I had things planed! If she told me sooner, we could have enjoyed things while we could. I could have held her hands, before this. I…I have nothing. No plans anymore. My dreams for us, they are shattered. "

"Do you think she didn’t have ideals? Her entire life vanished, and she pretty much had to start from scratch. Now let me ask you this, when you first found out. When you clearly understood that she is so small, what where your first thoughts? Where they of you? Or where they of her?"

Jason thought back….Scared of the answer.

"Jason…listen to me. Did you think of how she must be so scared? Did you think about all the things she had to learn? She can’t even write anymore….unless its with a broken pencil lead. Did you think about the terrors she faces?

Did you think about how torn she was, when she wanted to be with you, but couldn’t bring herself to destroy your life? Now… I agree with you… she should have at least given you the option. But did you think about her? Or was it about you?

How you won’t be able to hold her in you arms again? How you can’t feel her lips on yours? How you wouldn’t be able to have her hand fit nicely into yours? How you wished you could still hold hands…able to have your fingers intertwined with hers? Did you think how terrible this was, now that your dreams where shattered.

These are ok thoughts, don’t get me wrong. But if you didn’t think about her first, if you thought about how things are now wrong for you….you don’t love her."

Jason flustered, now needed to defend himself. His heart ached for Scarlet, even if she was smaller that his heart, he needed her, and he couldn’t live any longer with out her.

"Ok Randy! I made a mistake, I was selfish, I’m not-not as amazing as she is. I’m human! I made a mistake…I love her, I do."

"You made a mistake, didn’t she? Don’t you think you can forgiver for not telling you?"

Looking back at Randy, he again stared in awe. ’This guy is pretty cool, he a had point and lesson to this whole thing. Boy Scarlet really knows where to find really good friends.

Jason smiled, then looked back down to his hands, they started to quiver, as tears again slowly dripped down his tan skin one by one.

"She is just, so small! And they are, they are so….huge!"

"It’s ok to admit it, she knows she won’t fit in arms anymore. It’s ok, it takes time, but soon you will enjoy being able to hold her in your hands."

"The very thought makes me uneasy… when you say that word, its almost heartless."

"No no no, Its not heartless, in fact, I feel it has just as much affection as being in arms, maybe more."

"I don’t know about that, I think of it like picking up a pet, but Scarlet isn’t a pet she-"

"Jason, wait for the time when she is so tired, and she falls asleep in you hand. Then you will want to hold her for eternity.

Wait for the time when she is so happy, and not being able to contain herself, that she hugs your thumb, being that, that is the only thing she can reach.

And Jason, wait for the time when she looks up at you with those brown eyes, and raises her arms up, like a child asking to be picked up.

I promise you, your heart will melt into a puddle. You will try and make up reasons so you can hold her. Just wait, you’ll see."

Chapter 10-

Warmth curled up around her, she felt safe….but then it quickly vanished! No matter, Scarlet was finally sleeping. A much needed rest after a few days of interesting adventures, but to her, the last adventure was only but a faint wisp of a dream.

Finally waking up in her bed, she felt refreshed and wide awake. Hearing the voices of Sarah and Randy outside her house, she felt somewhat bad for sleeping so late, looking at a watch she used as a clock in her room, it read 9:15 am.

‘Well, I did have quiet a shock about the baby and calling 911, they will understand.’

Quickly, Scarlet changed her clothes, and made her way down the stairs merrily. ’I don’t know why, but today is such a wonderful day!’ Reaching the door, she put on her brightest smile, taking hold of the knob, she swung the door open and loudly stated "Good Morning!" as she skipped down the five steps to the table top.

Unfortunately, 3 pairs of eyes gazed down upon her. Her dream was now a nightmare, and now this nightmare….was real. A sudden shock overcame her, paralyzed, all she could do was stare into his gentle blue eyes. She was frozen with fear.

"JASON!" She gasped, hoping that at the very word he would disappear in a cloud of smoke. ’That wasn’t a dream???’ " Jason?"

"Hey Scarlet" Jason calmly said, letting a smile come across his face.

Scarlet looked at him…had he been crying? His eyes were red, and slightly puffy. Humiliation tossed her stomach, she honestly felt as though the meals she had eaten the past week would decide to want to see the light of day. Not being able to control her emotions, tears were running down her face in steady rivers.

Wrapping her arms around herself, and gripping her sides, she doubled over herself, still standing, hoping this cruel world would swallow her up. But she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. There he was, there was her love! Overpowered with emotions running ramped in her, she was so confused.

Was she happy to see him? Was she disappointed that he came? Did she want to communicate with him? Did she want to be in his hand? Did she want to live with him, so that Sarah and Randy could have their kid in peace? Did she want to stay here and look at him? Did she want to run? Yes!

Yes! She wanted to run. Not thinking about anything, but the urge to run, Scarlet made a mad dash down the slide, to the floor, and scampered away to no place in mine…just away.


Jason sat on the couch with Randy, Sarah soon joined them. Randy and Sarah told funny stories about Scarlet and her trials.

"One time she found an ant." Sarah started

"Scarlet asked me for a couple cubes a sugar, or a few "grains" of sugar I should say. And she lead it outside, by showing it that she had sugar and it followed her like a puppy wanting a dog treat. I opened the door and she threw the sugar as far away from her as she could, the ant ran to the sugar, and we closed the door and went on with our day.

That night, I woke up at the sound of Scarlet screaming, she was screaming her head off. *giggle* I come to her house, and opened it up, and there she was, in bed, covered with ants! There were all over her, they didn’t bite her or hurt her, but she didn’t like the fact that bugs had helped themselves into her home.

We did bug repellant (ended up getting Scarlet a little sick) and everything is fine…..but if she ever sees a ant again, she will kick it like a soccer ball. She has no remorse over it, she now hates ants like nothing else!"

The three laughed over the adventure, when a cheery sounding, however faint, "Good morning" came to their attention. Looking over to the doll house, there was Scarlet, as pretty as the day Jason first asked her out. This moment, of her smiling and being all happy on this Saturday morning, reminded Jason of what Randy said earlier.

~"She is a better human being than any one of us could be, for she still wakes up with a smile on her face, even though the world is hell." ~

Soon, however, her face changed from delight, to terror. He listened as his love gasped out his name.


There she was, two inches tall, but he loved her just as much as when she was 5 foot 6. Again her soft voice called his name.


What could he say? I love you! Never leave me! I came here to get you, so your coming with me! But all he could bring out was a gentle

"Hey Scarlet."

Intently looking down at her, he could see how frightened she was. Could he blame her? Heck! She was reacting so much better than he would. If he was in her shoes, he would be running around in circles screaming, and looking like a dork.

Peering down, he never lost contact with her eyes. He could still clearly see her sparkling brown eyes…he was grateful for that. Tears where welding up in his eyes, seeing streams fall out of hers. He noticed that he now was thinking so differently…how one of his tears must seem like a couple of cups of water to her…maybe even 16 ounces.

Without warning, she leaped of to the slide Randy built for her, and ran as fast as she could to nowhere. Jason simply watched in amazement…seeing how fast her little legs where able to carry her. A sharp jab from Randy’s elbow brought him out of his daze.

"Well…What are you waiting for…go get her!"


Thundering came from behind her…glancing back, Scarlet could see that she was being chased. She new full well that she wouldn’t be able to out run him, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. Sooner than she liked, Jason was standing right behind her, she could feel his eyes fallow her ever step as she continued to run.

Looking up, he smiled at her, he then took a step closer. Still captivated by his face, she didn’t notice until he got an "uhoh" look on his face and called down to her

"Scarlet look out! I-"

No sooner had she turned to see where she was going, did the white leather sole of a shoe met her body, sending it tumbling down onto the floor, flat on her back. Scarlet was dazed….(well wouldn’t you be if you suddenly where hit by a brick wall when running at full force?)

Coming to with a head ache, she looked up, she saw standing before her, Jason, her 6 foot 7 boyfriend looking right back down at her. He towered over her so much, it was terrifying!

"Why did I have such a thing for tall guys?" She moaned.


Reaching the tiny little sprinter, Jason could only smile in wonder and awe. As she continued to run she looked up at him, Jason felt like a kid with a crush again. His heart took a jump with her glance, how this made him so happy!

Figuring that she needed to be stopped, he placed his foot right in her path, blocking it, intending for her to slowdown and try to turn and run to the side, only then he would block her again.

He continued to watch his tiny love with amusement, until he notices she hadn’t a clue what he just did…and was running as fast as she could right to his shoed foot.

" Scarlet look out! I am blocking you path!"

by this time Scarlet had already hit his shoe (which to him felt like the time a cricket was trying to jump away and ended up landing on his shoe), and Scarlet was now sprawled out on the ground.

Oh dear! I killed her! "Scarlet honey? Are you hurt?"

He stepped around her so now he was in front of her, not behind her anymore. He reached down to take hold of her, was Randy right? Did he really want to hold her? Forget that, she could be hurt! I- I- gotta keep her safe!

Just as his finger tips where just about to feel her warmth, a scream clearly rung out. Scared that he might hurt her even worse, Jason jumped back, terrified, however keeping a close watch on Scarlet.

She stood up, and met his gaze. Jason then shifted down to his knees, then laid down on his stomach, flat, resting his chin on top of his folded hands. At the sight of him being so close, Scarlet fell back down. Jason felt terrible, how monstrous he must seem to her. But all he could think of was wanting a better look at her beautiful face.


As he still peered down at her, Scarlet admitted to herself, that maybe this was for the better. Maybe he did love her enough, that he could live with her being so insignificant. Watching him closely, she saw him bend down as a large hand made its way to her.

Slowly, fleshy pillars came down to her, all she could do was stare back in awe. Time almost stopped, she remembered the time both Jason and herself vowed that even if they were not the ones God planned out for them, that they would love each other. Not in the form as a husband or wife would love each other, but an affection that a brother and sister may have.

The night was cloudy, it was cold and brisk, they found amusement in the clouds of hot breath the escaped their mouths. Coming back the present time, five fingertips were just about to reach her. Did she really want to be held? Did she want to be held by Jason?? A scream cut through the air, turns out that it was her. With the brush of sudden air, the hand flew back, and far away.

Embarrassed that she caused such a reaction out of Jason, Scarlet stood up to better see what was going on. Jason was father away from her now, but he was still looking down at her with those eyes, she felt safe looking into those eyes.

Still caught up in his stare, a quaking ground brought her to the here and now, and an enormous rumble. Backing away, she could see that Jason wasn’t as high up as he used to be. More shifting of his weight and he was even closer! He chin was resting on his folded hands, as he laid down flat on his stomach.

’He is so close to me! He can see me really good…gosh this isn’t good’

Not known to her, this was his whole point, getting a better look at her, all she could think about was how terrible she must look. As she was trying to walk backwards to get a better look at him, she ended up falling down.

As she propped herself back up to be able to look at him, she saw an immense smile come across his face. His white teeth flashing, his eyes had a spark behind them. Was he that happy to see her? Even though she was this way?


Smiling Jason continued to stare. With her eyes staring back, then, her face flushed, turning into a reddish shade. Jason watched as she looked away from him, tilting her head towards her right shoulder. After a good amount of time, Jason thought he had better break the silence.

"Hey Scarlet."

‘Hey Scarlet??? Is that the best I could do? After 5 months of not seeing her? Hey Scarlet? You idiot!’ Turning his thoughts back to his tiny treasure, he noticed that she was talking…really talking! Wait….hold that….no, she was rambling.

Hearing Scarlet ramble confirmed to him that she indeed hadn’t changed, just became compact. Her tense jabbering, with quick hand movements and expressions on her face helped him understand that she was trying to apologies for not telling him of her predicament.

’Thank the Lord that He made her with pantomime possibilities. If I had to rely on just her voice and words I would be as lost as Christopher Columbus. ’

"Scarlet…Scarlet…shhhhh…settle down, you’ll wear yourself out."

He watched as her tiny little face peered up at him. At that…he stood up, and with his left hand gently picked her up, nodded to Sarah and Randy in thanks, and went into the guest bedroom, shutting the door behind, giving him and his soon to be Fiancé some privacy.

Chapter 11-

After being placed down upon the guest bedroom bed, Scarlet tried to think of what to do next, but all she could manage was watch as her enormous love sat across for her on the bed, Curling one of his legs underneath him while letting the other dangle over the edge of the soft bed.

Scarlet still was having trouble with all that was going on, even though she new that her size had changed, she never admitted to herself that the outside world have changed also, including Jason. The last time she saw him, was lunch before the Dr. appointment that told her of all that going to happen to her.

She remembered that he had his classic smile on, telling her that he was looking forward to the movie that they were going to see that Friday. Coming back to the present, Scarlet looked away from Jason, not being strong enough to meet his gaze, she had ruined his life.


Jason noticed that her certain body movements meant she felt shame. Thinking of all that has happened, Jason took a bold step

" We need to talk"

Terror griped Scarlet…She new she was going to end up crying, feeling terrible, and all that lovely emotional stuff that she naturally had built in her. Nodding her head, she agreed, they did need to talk.

"Scarlet…help me better understand, why didn’t you tell me? Why did you just leave that note?"

"I was scared that you would reject me, so I had to refuse you first, before I got hurt…but I ended up hurting myself still. *sigh* I also didn’t want to ruin your chances of a good life, a normal life. You are such an amazing man! God has blessed you with so much! I felt you deserved better than this."

She exclaimed while bringing out her arms to show herself better, to show that she was in fact, tiny.

"Me? Deserve-"

"Jason, I want you to be able to go to work, and get a call from your wife that she killed a spider and that she got freaked out. Not getting a call from 911 telling you, your wife was killed by a spider."

"That wouldn’t ha-"

"And remember the time you told me how you where dreading the day that your son might pass you up? But you where looking forward to being a father? How could that happen with me? I figured that if I just dropped out of you life, things would be for the better."

"Just drop out of my life? You took my life with you."

"I’m sorry I didn’t me-"

"Scarlet…I stay up at night fearing for you, I don’t know where you are. Well… I knew you where here but- never mind. My point is that I couldn’t keep you safe, I loved how you needed me. How you would ask me to open a bag of Skittles because you fingers where too cold to work. How you would have me grab things that you couldn’t reach. You needed me, I was needed.

I got a joy when you would look up at me and say ‘what would I do without you?’ It is such an amazing feeling being needed. I remember how you would get a look on your face when we talked about being needed. Your getting that same look right now, I can tell.

You have always doubted that you where ever needed, and you probably doubt even more now with this predicament. But I want you to know, that not only did you need me….I really needed you. I can’t look at another woman.

When you left, I tired and tired, friends would set me up on dates, but all I could do is compare her with you. Watching a game with friends, I was waiting to hear the phone ring with your call of "Did your team win?" Or When having dinner, it felt strange not having you there to take a moment to look out the window at the sunset.

How am I to live without you? I need to hear that giggle, I need to know that you are just around the corner. I need you."

"No you don’t! Look…you’ve been without me for 5 months, your still alive."

"With the hope of hearing that you are well, from Sarah"


"I survived with the hope, and determination of seeing you again."

"What is there to see? Look at me! I am insignificant!"

"Your not insignificant! Far from it! If you where, would I be here? Would I have come after you? Would Sarah and Randy have taken care of you?"

"I can’t do anything! I can’t even clean a cup! A feather could possibly nock me down! I am worthless!"

"Basing your worth on what you can do? You went back to that way of thinking? I though you understood that worth and value aren’t things you can achieve. You not some slave on the auction block, Your price won’t go up by the type of things you can do, or how many.

You value is decided by God, he made you. * But….He did give you to the world on loan. And I was so scared that he took you back, that he took you away from me. It made me realize how much I love you. How much I need you."

"But that was the old me! The 5 foot 6 me! The one that could take care of herself! Now…It’s more like I am a child, no, and infant! Needing 24 hour supervision."

"So you need me."

"But do you need me, anymore?"

Unbuttoning his shirt cuffs, and rolling up his sleeves to his elbows, bearing his muscular forearms, and gentle, yet strong hands. Scarlet got slightly mad at herself for letting Jason get this way. For this action meant that he was getting frustrated, and slightly angered. When he finished, Scarlet hid her face as best as she could, she didn’t really want him to see her crying.

"Why hide that from me?" He mentioned to her crying " It means that I have hit a chord. And it shows me that you still do love me."

"Well of course I love you! Did you think that becoming 2 inches tall meant my heart shrank too?"

Scarlet shouted as she stood up and glared at the titanic Jason.

"I hid from you because I love you! I wanted the best for you because I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I wanted to hear your voice at night! I wanted to see your smile across the table from me! I wanted to live my life with you! I want to live my live with you! I am willing to die for you! I am willing to live for you! I am willing to sacrifice for you! Never doubt my love for you! I LOVE YOU!"

Trembling, Scarlet collapse unto her knees, sobbing. All Jason could do was look down upon her with love and admiration. For here he was, a behemoth being, and she just confessed the depths of her soul to him. Again, the yearning to pick her up and try to comfort all her fear away came over him.

He now firmly believed that their love was strong enough for this trial God placed them into. As Scarlet regained her composer, she stood up, and lifted her slightly tear streaked face to the light, her dark brown eyes met Jason’s Blue ones.

Calmly, Scarlet stated "I understand that you came here for closer, it was wrong for me to leave you in the dark. Now that you have achieved closer, will you please leave?"

Jason could hardly believe his ears. She was still convinced that his life would be better without her? Leaning forward, he gave a shocked and hurt glare to the small girl below him. She didn’t see it, for she wouldn’t look at him, but stayed still and looking straight ahead of her. He couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly standing up from the bed, causing violent quakes that sent Scarlet reeling onto her back. With a deep bellowing voice, Jason pointed his forefinger on his left hand towards her.

"I didn’t come here for closer! I CAME HERE FOR YOU !! "

At that the only things Scarlet could understand of all that was happening, was sudden warmth and darkness, the texture of flesh all around her, with a rush of gravity. Then light, with the color of a gentle blue beneath her, till she fell into it. Falling, falling into this strange, smooth, soft, blue cavern. Scrambling about, she told herself that she was not about to give in, and that she should fight to at least have a slight clue at what is going on.

When coming to the bottom of this cavern Scarlet noted how the left side gave way freely when she pushed it in her tantrums, yet immediately came back to it’s place, while at the right side, warmth was radiating off, and when she pushed against it there was something behind it that would not give. Her senses finally told her that this strange blue was indeed cloth.

"JASON!" She called out in pure frustration.

"JASON!" A door shutting, Loud and deep voices, great amounts of movement, with constant shaking, never allowing Scarlet the ability to try and stand up. Another door shutting, footsteps, followed by a falling sensation with a jolting stop at the end.

Then a moment of stillness and silence. Supporting herself with her right hand on the right wall, and the left hand gripping onto the left wall. Scarlet brings her head far back, looking up, trying to make sense. Without warning, the right wall expands into her and actually lifts her in a strange way, then retreats back to its original placing.

Loud clanking outside, is muffled by her surrounding prison A sudden loud energy is heard, and as the sound becomes consistent, more movement accurse, and in trying to make sense of things, Scarlet concludes that Jason had just kidnapped her.

Chapter 12-

"I didn’t come here for Closer! I CAME HERE FOR YOU!"

Jason was hurt, as he glared down at Scarlet who was now lying on her back. Now, without thinking, but simply following his impulse, Jason grabbed Scarlet into his hand, lifting her up to his shirt pocket, and had her slide down into it.

Opening then shutting the Guest bedroom door, Jason quickly gathered a couple of his things while he stated to Randy and Sarah

"I’m taking her, I’ll call you later, Thank you for all you have done."

With relieved and happy faces, Randy and Sarah helped him to the front door. As he walked to his car, He could feel her small amount of weight in his pocket, almost like a couple of quarters, he got a slight laugh out of her tantrum she must have been throwing to make so much movement.

Getting into his car, he sat down for a couple of seconds in silence. Staring ahead at nothing, he started to ponder if he was doing the right thing, a lot had happened in the past couple of hours, had he acted rationally? Slowly taking in a deep breath, he nodded his head in agreeing with his actions minuets before. Pulling out his keys, he started the car, and off they went.


As time passed, Scarlet regretted letting her stubbornness get the better of her. Her body was now exhausted and in pain from her little tantrums (that weren’t very little).

Leaning her back against the seam of the pocket, Scarlet was slightly curled up, trying to be comfortable in this new unique setting. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t that hard to get comfortable, it was warm, soft, supportive, and quiet cozy.

Looking up at the opening of the pocket, Scarlet could sometimes catch a glimpse of Jason as he shifted, or they hit a bump in the road. The main thing she could see was his chin, but this was the chin of her dear Jason.

Leaning her head back against the seam, and to the right, letting his chest support her, she could hear his heart softly beat. Being rocked slightly with the vibrations of the car, and constant breathing of the gigantic being, she slowly drifted into a light slumber, here she was, safe.


Pulling into his own drive way, Jason noticed that is was way past lunch time, and thought that he was sort of hungry, he also wondered if Scarlet was hungry too. Speaking of which, what happened to Scarlet?

She is being so quiet, has been for some time. Pulling over the opening to his pocket, Jason peered down into his shirt, and smiled at the sight he beheld. There was Scarlet, all curled up against him, in peace, sleeping. Comforted with the thought that she had found peace, Jason walked into his house. Setting his stuff down by the door, he switched on the light and walked towards the dinning table.

As he walked there, he looked around the place…boxes waiting to be unpacked where everywhere, newspapers scattered all over the floor, looking through "Scarlet’s" eyes this place seemed terrifying. I got to set something up to keep her safe, something temporary.

Trying to be quick, he grabbed a large bowl that was set upon the counter, and moved it onto the table. Jason then placed a hand towel inside of the ceramic bowl, to cushion the tiny and frail girl. Slowly, fingers from his right hand crept into his shirt pocket, gingerly he curled his finger tips around the limp form, and slowly, ever so slowly, lifted her out of the cloth shelter.

Before placing her inside of the bowl, he hesitated, and peered down upon her. ‘Man! I can’t get over how small she is! Gosh! She…she…she is so tiny!’ Lost among his thoughts, Jason unconsciously wrapped his left hand around his right hand, most likely to hold her more securely.

Looking down at her, but more or less looking through her, he thought of scenarios "What if she some how got in the fridge, could she survive? Good thing I don’t have any pets, or roommates, and that I work at home. What if she got lost?

What if something else finds her before I do? Like in that stupid movie/book, What if she has to face a spider? (Haha…it’s not a stupid movie or book…he is just frustrated - lol.) She hates spiders! Now more than ever, she has a right to dislike them.

What if the government finds out? Will they try and take her from me? What will I do without her? What will I do with her? This is so exhausting!’

Coming back to reality, he cautiously placed the sleeping treasure down on top of the towel inside of the bowl. Letting his fingers momentarily caress her head, feeling her dark brown hair, Jason vowed to protect her. Quietly leaving her, Jason set about cleaning things up, getting this place prepared for Scarlet.


Tightly her legs curled up against her body, ’Ooooo, Its freezing!’ Scarlet forced her eyes open, squinting she tried to get her bearings. Sitting up, she immediately knew the texture of terry cloth (a towel) beneath her. Looking around, she noticed that she was in a valley of some sort. Once realizing she was in a bowl, Scarlet rolled her eyes ‘predicable, can’t find a cage a ceramic bowl will do.’

Understanding she wasn’t in any real danger at this present time, she simple curled up her legs, and rested her forehead against her knees. At the sound of a familiar voice, she groggily lifted her head to perhaps catch a glimpse of what might be going on.

"Yeah, a Large Pizza please…Half Hawaiian, half pepperoni, yep, address? 88420 South Jeremy Street, half a hour? Great! Thanks."

A small beep and a click meant the order was placed, and baffled, Scarlet got onto her feet to better understand her circumstance. 88420 south Jeremy Street? That’s not his apartment! Where am I? Heavy steps indicated that he was again on the move, yet she couldn’t see.

What on earth was he doing? Whatever it was, he was doing a lot of it. After about 20 minuets of confusion, a large frame appeared to her left, and promptly vanished with a thud and a sigh of rest.

After a couple of minuets with purely the sound if breathing in and breathing out to entertain her, Scarlet suddenly saw Jason’s face peer over the edge of the bowl and looked down at her. He evidently had just swiped his forehead for it looked somewhat smeared with perspiration. A grin crossed across his tired face once he realized that she was now awake.

"Hey, sorry for the strange prison, I had to know where you were and have you out of the way for a while. I Didn’t want to hurt you."

Scarlet smiled shyly and nodded in response.

"Hey…do you want out of there?"

Looking around herself, at the cream colored valley she was currently trapped in, she quickly looked to her captor and again nodded "That would be nice."

Drawing the bowl closer to him (knocking Scarlet down on her side) Jason sat back down in his chair. Now biting his lip, he slowly placed his hand into the bowl, again wrapped his fingers around her and lifted her out of the bowl and onto the table. Pushing the bowl farther away now, Jason leaned back so the chair would fully support him. Tilting his head he looked down at Scarlet.

Now that she was able to see her surroundings, she quickly turned here, then there, trying to see something that might possibly be familiar. Jason watched intently on her every miniscule jerky movements, his eyebrows furrowed down as he sympathized with her bewildered emotion. As Scarlet looked back up at the her enormous love, she questioned

"Where are we? This isn’t you apartment!"

"No…no its not." he said with a slight smirk.

"Jason, we are we?"

"My hou-…our house,… our home."

"Excuse me? What?"

"This is the house I bought for us, as a surprise present. I wanted a house so you could move in right away once we got married, and I know you wanted a home, a place to raise a family properly in. I thought I would surprise you with this." Jason raised his hands to better show off the beautiful and messy kitchen/dinning room.

"You bought this for us?" Scarlet questioned, astounded.

"Yeah, I did."

"Then I just left you…never to be heard from again."

Scarlet now realized how selfish, and stupid she had been.

"Arrrrgggg!" She moaned and she flopped down, sitting with her legs stretched out before her.

"Man! I am so stupid!" Covering her face in embarrassment, shame and frustration, Scarlet continued to vent. "Randy and Sarah where right! How could I do such a thing to you?! RRRRrrrrgggghhh!!!!!"

Jason leaned over, achieving a better view. He had a hard time not laughing, for her little fits now where cute, in a strange sort of way. Although seeing a toy like figure, having such a hard time with a big world’s problems, was saddening at the same time.

"You know…maybe what you did, maybe it was something I needed." Jason stated in a serious tone.

Scarlet lifted her face up, confused. Is this the same guy who shouted at her hours before, trying to get through to her how much he ached for her, how much pain he was in over her no longer being there.

"Well, before you left me, I think I was starting to take you for granted. You are such a part of my life, that I never pictured a day with out you. I figured you would always be there. You where there for many of the important things in my life, I wanted to marry you, I wanted to have a family with you.

Then….suddenly, without warning, you where gone! I guess, the saying does apply ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ Now, I could never take you for granted. I realized that with out you here, there was something missing. Something was majorly wrong with my life now, and the fact that you could get hurt in the simplest way, makes me want to cling onto you all the more. I never want to live without you ever again. I want you with me….at all times."

With this Jason up and left his chair, walking into the living room, grabbing his jacket, fumbled around with a pocket then returned with something concealed tightly in his fist.

"Almost three months ago, I- I *sigh* I planned out a night, where you and I could …no,"

Stuttering, and nervous, Jason gave up in frustration and blurted out

"For goodness sakes, Scarlet I want you to marry me, I was going to ask ya 2 months after you left that note. I had it all planned out, first we would be alone at a romantic place, then our families would join up with us and….and *sigh* you weren’t there."

Relived for finally getting this off his chest, and finally having popped the question, Jason let out a deep breath and slumped back into his chair.

Scarlet was speechless. Her mouth dropped open, stunned she watched as Jason brought up his S.U.V. sized fist onto the table, and let go of the prized possession. It was an engagement ring, a beautiful ring that seemed to express Scarlet’s sweet natural behavior.

Tears welding up in her eyes, all she could do was look from her dear beloved Jason, to the huge ring, where the main diamond was more like the size of a Basket ball to her. Silence filled the room, as tears paced down her cheeks, and trembling she smiled. Turning she looked up at Jason, and all he could do was smile back. And there they sat, for what seemed only a few moments, and simultaneously seemed like a lifetime.

Chapter 13-

As Scarlet and Jason both stared at each other, a clear sound shattered the silence. "DING-DONG!" Jason turned his head…"Oh yeah….pizza’s here" He went to answer the door as Scarlet dodged behind the bowl, trying to get out of sight. Jason came back, setting the box on the counter, and grabbed a paper plate and slapped a piece of pepperoni on it, he then came over to the table and set the plate down. Scarlet crept out of her hiding spot once she heard that things where now clear.

" Hey, are you hungry? I got Hawaiian."

"Yeah, I heard, why? You don’t like it."

"Yeah….well, I’ve been in a habit, ever since I started ordering pizzas half and half like that with you while we were dating, well, I haven’t stopped."

"You mean……even after I left you, you still bought a pizza half Pepperoni, and half Hawaiian??"

"Yeah" Jason embarrassingly said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh Jason…." touched by how he still thought of her, even while she was gone.

"So….you want a piece? -eh a - a part? - a bite?"

"(giggle) That would be nice." She couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward he was around her.

Cutting a piece of the Hawaiian slice, making certain there was some pineapple on it, Jason placed it on another paper plate, then set it next to Scarlet.

After their meal, Scarlet looked around and laughed to herself, then piped up

" So, I guess you kidnapped me." Jason looked down at her and leaned back… " yeah, I guess I did………..So, how do you like your prison?"

"Well, I haven’t seen all of it yet."

"Want a tour? Come one, let me show you around."

Jason stated with a hint of excitement in his voice. Before she had a chance to say yes or no thank you, Scarlet was swooped up in the air, hundreds of feet off the floor, and nothing to hold onto except the very hand she had held onto many times before.

"Here is the living room, and this is the entrance, over here is the hall closet, I guess this is the linen closet, over here we have the guest bathroom, and the guest bedroom/office is over here, and this is the master bedroom along with bath."

"Jason…hold on! What’s that on you bed?"

Jason glanced down do the matteres that was on the floor, there wasn’t even a frame put together for it. And resting against the pillow of on the right side, was a large Stuffed tiger.

"Is that Amir( Aribic for "Prince")??????" Scarlet gasped as she tried to understand the large figure

"umm…." Jason was beside himself in embarrassment. ‘Shoot! I didn’t think...course I didn’t know I was going to, after all she was "dead".’ Rubbing the back of his neck, Jason tried to explain.

"You see….I always figured…‘ahem’ …that when I got married, my wife would sleep on the right side, and I on the left."

Bewildered at what he was saying, Scarlet tried to fallow along the best that she could.

"I haven’t slept in the whole bed for a while now. When you died and after your funeral, I made some requests to have a few things of yours….umm…yeah. Well, Amir was the only thing large enough to take up a side. You see, even if one finger crosses over onto that side, I feel like I have done something terrible."

Scarlet sighed…how touching! He still planned on having a life with her…after she had "died" yet again…he is the only one that has known for a while. That darn Sarah!

However...Scarlet did admit that she was grateful to her friend for doing this behind her back. As things wore on and the tour continued…Scarlet got sleepier, and sleepier. Till a gentle voice crept up from behind and made an observation.

" You look a little worse for wear….are you tire Hon?"

Groggily she shook off the desire to sleep and with glazed eyes looked up to her love and shook her head no. A Large smile crossed his face….

"Even at 2 inches darling, you can’t hide it from me. I know your tired….I can’t blame ya, I’ve had some rather short nights…maybe it would be good if we just relax the rest of the evening."

Taking her back to the master bedroom…Jason shoved the stuffed tiger off the bed and gently placed Scarlet on the pillow. After unbuttoning his shirt for more comfort, Jason then slowly as to not startle her sat down on the bed leaning his back up against the wall that the head of the bed was placed next too.

A deep sigh bellowed out from his massive lungs… Jason shut his eye and rested his head against the wall. Things were going to be alright! Scarlet was here now…he would protect her. No matter the cost, he would always be at her side.

"Jason?" A soft voice gentle questioned. Jason looked down to see Scarlet had moved from her pillow next to his arm. Her hands timidly placed on it in affection, her eyes were sparkling up to him.

"What is it? Do you need something?"

She nodded, then with a slight blushing to her cheeks looked down. And I thought she couldn’t get any cuter! Look at her… she wants something but is a bit bashful about it, she is so endearing. Great…I’m starting to sound like a chick in my head now, gotta stay cool…… But she is so cute!

"What is it? Anything you want, its yours!"

Scarlet raised her head, high above her Jason’s smiling face assured her the most comfort the world had yet to know…and it was for her. A meek smile and with words that had an unintentional sweetness about them

" Jason…would you hold me?"

If it was possible…Jason Smile got bigger.

"Of course I’ll hold you, heh….at times I might ask you if I may."

His arm lifted and whooshed over her, cupping his hand...he gently came up from behind, then brought her to his face. Situating herself and getting comfortable… she looked up to her knight in shining armor

" Thank you…I just want to be held closely! To know I am safe…that there is nothing to fear! I want to know that even tough there are terrible things that could hurt me…you won’t let them. You will stop them from hurting me, you won’t let them get to me."

"Know this" Jason’s voice lowly rumbled

" As long as you let me…I will always hold you, right next to my heart. If you are not near it…it stops beating. Without you…I have no life, so of course I will protect you. I will not let any harm come to you. Scarlet….You are mine…and I am yours."

At that Jason shifted a couple of pillows and laid down in a slightly sitting position. Making certain he was comfortable, he then softly placed Scarlet down upon his chest, and rested his hand over her for protection. Curled up upon his chest Scarlet felt a safety she had never felt before. Resting her head in the soft pillow like flesh smooth yet firm with the strong muscles underneath, she looked up, only to see his chin and a few tuffs of his brown short hair.

Scarlet realized that this was something she had been searching for, this feeling of safety, all her life. And it came through something that should be terrifying, something that should send her into high alert! But…it didn’t. He was something that could easily take Advantage of her, with the slightest whim could destroy her very life…but she knew he wouldn’t. For this was a someone…not a something. With her left hand, she slowly rubbed his chest in a clock wise motion. My giant…she mused. As she slowly nodded off, Surrounded by her love.

Though his eyes where looking up at the ceiling, he didn’t see it…through his fingers and chest, through touch he watched as Scarlet relaxed more and more and drifted off into sleep. Her feather touch of rubbing him relaxed him to a point he hadn’t known before .As time passed…the circles took longer to finish…and all too soon they stopped all together. Jason enjoyed the fact that he was to protect her. Sure it will be hard…but still, she was here now. Right here on me!

Her slight weight placed upon him….he felt her stir in her sleep…that she was completely relaxed, no tension at all. This pleased him…and as he was focusing on her every move Jason fell asleep sooner than he had hoped. Months of terrible Sleep and nightmares to boot had taken a toll on both of them. Together in this new life, they rested. The only sound was of them breathing. Sweet slow breaths, in serene comfort of each other.

You are mine…..and I am yours.

The end