Yalor's Children

By Timothy

Hand in hand and skeleton thin did the children stride over the waste. Waste once with God’s graces abundantly flow with life. No more bird and laugh wind carried be. Only the mournful cry of barren wind.

From behind misshapen fragments stand as testaments of mindless hate do stand, come other orphans of culture gone mad, come to join others still. No thought to differences, they take just hand in hand as friends they may linger so.

Clear, innocent eyes as if driven from an innate wisdom toward sky lift. One child of humanity left, points with darken finger toward globe of light scurries sky.

"Light so big. Could only be good," holds child’s hands together in hope she speaks.

Brother dear looks with knotted brow at sister who shakes with cold. .Remove he does from lifeless form does he take covering to bring warmth to sister.

Night falls and darkness spreads. Huddled together as image once promised of early man, now huddle at its end. "Does any one hear us?" questions one so fair. Many reply shake of head and with weariness of what seems impossible be.

Young eyes open to what learnt as wretchedness of new day bring. Change brings, quizzical eyes and senses wonder. Smells pleasing to body permeate. Small hands clear even smaller eyes. Facial muscles that had been limp form new---new in form of smiles. Voices that should always sound in joy had for long been in pain.

"Rejoice children!"

Open mouth, mouths with food gaze at the voice of the sky. Others with furtive motions gather round the wall size legs. Or leather shiny sandals.

Sweet girl calls, "You heard us?"

"Creation is never deaf to children. Me come and take you safe," spoke the face from way up high.

The children with questioning gazes smirk at the friendly face that dwarfs moon of night. Peaceful and strong does it comfort bring. Many young laugh at the hair that as cones shot out from the face above.

One youth old before his time with survival others approaches. Before legs fold high asks, "Where you take us?"

"I take you home."

"This not our home?" male of youth asks.

The great benign face shakes its mighty features, "This place of sickness, made sick by diseased minds. You have no place among such testimonies of hate, stupidly and bottomless lusts."

"Now eat food make you strong. And I with help me Yalor need. Gather and find others. Tell them the good news that reaches you today," spoke the gentle giant Yalor.

With food and water pure did the children quench. As if quake, did start as one from stars did stand. Before the children his form spoke utter power. To their hearts spoke truth, love and belief.

As children did, the children act. Nourished they could be selves. Many played and jumped toes of giant from the stars. Those whose survival travel hard, they not jump. Bodies damaged did the gentle giant gather, in hands so strong and pure. Safe and protected thus he carried them. Three keen eyed youths thus in fun and duty wished to look out in his hair. Chuckled did giant.

Ground shook as steps did giant take. Small bodies sneaked in refuge could be. Few were found. One lad took Yalor’s heart. With hands did he crawl looking for life. Legs should propel, not he had. Fingers huge like trees that once stood, compassionately gathered waif of land.

Many other strays of world gone mad found they were. Shyly they approach one who stood taller than few remaining buildings of past.

Did the children come. To the great vehicle of the stars did they draw near. Boy of legless did ask, "You take us to nice place?"

"I tell you shortly you will be with me in place of love. You can be children once more."

As great giant Yalor from stars did tread, did his sandals crumbled to dust the remains of those who used the trust of those in their care to carry out lies of greed and deceit. The gifts they promised to their people were not security or freedom, rather gifts of lies, suffering and death.

Once in the chariot of the cosmos, did children leave sphere of sorrows.

For those adults, politicians, and all leaders now scream in torment of hell.

Streaking gloriously through the heavens Yalor’s ship brought the children to a new Eden. An Eden called Bethera.