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Vancourver Nights

By Konaga


Ch. 1:

Sabrina Daniels was nusing a broken heart after she broke up with Scott for his affair with Kirsten and took her mind off it by working. It helped her a little bit, but it was also her escape. Each night, she end up getting hurt again, mentally and emotionally. Her friends Max Vargas and Andrea Chen knew it too and decided she needs some time away from California. Max used to be her boyfriend during high school, but it didn't work out in the end. It didn't mean he didn't care about her!

"You're an emotional wreck." Max said. "You need a change of scenery."

"I'm fine." Sabrina said, not looking up from her files.

"No you're not." Andrea said. "I mean you haven't been the same since Scott cheated on you. You're 26, Sabi and you need some changes. Vancouver will do you some good."

"Well..." she bagan. "It'll do me some good, but I don't want to stay with my dad."

"We already have three rooms reserved." Max said. "At the Victorian Hotel. My younger brother wooks there and he gives me free rooms and no one knows."

Sabrina nodded her head and by the next day she had her clothes packed, her passport ready and by that time she locked the doors and windows so no one can get in. She managed to pay the electrig, gas and water bills and left with her friends for Vancouver, British Columbia. This could be the worst time of my life she thought. Or maybe not. Maybe Max and Dre are trying to cheer me up. During the flight to Vancouver, Sabrina slept and started dreaming about what could happen. She could have fun and maybe date around. Or not but still enjoy Jazz festivals and museums. Her dream took a twisted turn as she envisoned herself meeting the man of her dreams. He was huge, dark, hansome and sweet. She couldn't make out his facial features, but she noticed his hair hanging around his shoulders. She could feel herself getting picked up until....

"Sabi." Max said. "We need to pull our seat up."

"Oh damn it." Sabrina said, moving her chair up in the face up position. "I was having a nice dream and you ruined it."

"I'm sorry, Sabi." Max said. "But We already arrived in Vancouver."

"Oh." was all Sabrina said.

Max and Andrea took down their luggage and Sabrina got hers and followed her friends with her purse. They paid their fees and turned in their papers with reasons for visit and caught a cab and headed towards the Victorian.

"It was a guy you were dreaming about." Andrea said.

"Maybe." Sabrina said. "But I won't tell you."

Ch. 2:

They arrived at the hotel and checked in. While they were walking into the room Andrea turn her attention to Sabrina.

"Why not?" Andrea said. "I can keep a secret."

"I know, Dre." Sabrina said. "I don't want Max to know. he's a guy and he wouldn't understand."

After a while Sabrina headed into her room, but before she could close it, Andrea came in her room.

"Our boss, Mr.Sanchez is having a big, formal party here." she said. "You can come if you want."

Sabrina looked at her as she unpacked her stuff in the closet including an ivory, spaghetti strap, off the shoulder dress, she worn during her prom. Being 5 feet 8 inches and wearing a size nine shoe, she took out her shoes with the clear top and clear two inch heels.

"That'll mean I have to get my hair done." Sabrina said. I'll have to get my french manicure and pedi done. I got my eyebrows done a day ago. Not to thick, not too thin."

"I know that feeling." Andrea said. "I brought my pink strapless dress and my dyed to match shoes. The party is in the ballroom. The thing is that Mr.Sanchez isn't bringing his son with him."

Before Sabrina got the chance to speak, Max knocked on the door. Andrea went to open it and let him in.

"The party doesn't start until 9:00 pm." Max said. "You two have plenty of time to get yourselves ready. And Sabrina before you ask why. I'll tell you."

"Ok." Sabrina said.

Max and Andrea looked at one another and then faced her.

"Mr.Sanchez's son was born normal." Max said. "But then he rapidly began growing due to his pitituary gland being unsually overactive. Thus he had to be kept away from the public."

Ch. 3:

Sabrina looked at them, confused.

"Well." she said. "What is his name? I'd like to know."

"Uhh." Max said. "We can't tell you his name."

She continued to glare at them. It was obvious she was angry.

"What do you mean?" She asked, clearly angry.

Max and Andrea looked at one another. It was obvious that both of them were forbidden from even mentioning the name of their boss, Mr.Sanchez' son.

"Well." Andrea said. "What we mean is that you'll have to ask our boss about him."

"Andrea." Max said. "We need to talk outside."

Once they got outside the room, Max faced her.

"You know why we can't talk about James." he said. "If we do, this gets back to our boss and he'd fire us in a heart beat."

"Yes I know that." Andrea said.

Apparently Sabrina heard the conversation and instead of calling them out, she decided to wait until after the party and get's ready for the party.


Meanwhile, just south of Vancouver, a giant male at Sabrina's age, appeared in the middle of the Pacific ocean and made his way towards Stanley Park where he left his clothes while he took a swim. As he was approaching Stanley Park, people can see his skin is dark tan with mid length black hair and dark eyes. He has a tattooed armband on his upper left arm and has a black spiky choker on his neck. On dry land, the giant got dressed in his attire consiting of black nylon pants, a sleveless black shirt and a black leather jacket and tied up his black platform boots. He decided to walk around until his normal sized dad appeared in his evening suit. He knelt down and lowered his hand in and watched as his dad climb in. He slowly lifted him to his face.

"Another party." the giant said.

"Yes, James." Mr.Sanchez said. "I can't risk you going to this one."

It was the same thing every time. James would end up walking around Vancouver anyway. Each time he would think about a girl but he'd never had any contact with the female gender since his mom died. That is until tonight.

Ch. 4:

In the hours ahead, Max, Andrea and Sabrina got ready for Mr.Sanchez's party. They headed out in their formal attire. During that time it wasn't too bad, but she felt uncomfortable as men were lusting for her. They steered her away from the other men and introduced her to a man in his 50s.

"Sabrina." Max said. "This is our boss, Mr.Sanchez. Mr.Sanches. This is our friend, Sabrina."

"How do you do, Mr.Sanchez." Sabrina said, still nervous about the lusting men.

"Please." Mr.Sanchez said. "Call me Jorge."

Sabrina turned to Andrea.

"I need fresh air." she said.

"Ok." Andrea said

Sabrina left to go outside the ballroom as Max and Andrea looked at one another. It was obvious that she hated to be lusted by all those men. The way those guys looked at me, creeped me out. she thought. It definetly reminded me of Scott and his father. Yuck. She headed up to her room to grab a spare change of clothes and washed her face off the make up. Then she changed out of her dress and into a t-shirt and a skort and her new sneakers. It would've been better if I stayed with my dad and my twin sister. Sabrina thought, grabbing her purse, that contained her wallet, her house and car keys and her room key. She didn't bother to look back as she ran away from the hotel.

James walked around in Vancouver, being careful in not crushing on anything or anyone below him. He didn't want people, including tourists getting the wrong idea. The buildings were chest high to him. Then he turned and noticed a woman with blonde hair and grey eyes coming out of the hotel clearly upset about something.

Ch. 5:

I just can't deal with this right now. Sabrina thought. She hated being lusted by men she barely knew and it bothered her to an extent. It disgusted her that Max and Andrea didn't stand up to tell them to leave her alone. I just want them to go away. she thought. I'll have to find where dad and Danica live. Maybe they can help me through this. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt the ground tremble.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked herself.


Meanwhile at the party, Mr.Sanchez faced Max and Andrea. They looked at one another wondering why Sabrina left early.

"What's going on with your friend?" he asked them "I hope I didn't scare her."

"Well it wasn't you." Max said. "It's our male co-workers. They looked at her in lust and it made her nervous enough to leave the party."

Mr.Sanchez looked at them for a moment.

"Oh." he said. "I'll call her into my office a few days later and tell her how sorry I am for what they did. Then I'll tell her, I'll see to it that it wouldn't happen again."

"That's a great idea." Andrea said. "I'm sure Sabrina will accept that."


The tremblings stopped and Sabrina noticed a pair of giant boots and looked up further as she noticed he knelt down and lowered his hand down next to her. She climbs in and noticed her bag getting picked up by two of his fingers and is stuffed inside the giant's pocket.

"Oh my god." she said.


The look on Sabrina's face was just priceless as James noticed her surprised look as she saw him take her luggage bag into his jacket pocket. She's beautiful. he thought. Sabrina had her hair cut prior to arriving in Vancouver and she was glad about that.

"I don't want to be rude." she said. "My name is Sabrina."

Ch. 6

James smiled at Sabrina as she introduced herself. He didn't want to seem rude to her by not returning the gesture.

"Hi." he said. "I'm James. Nice to meet you."

"Thanks." Sabrina said. "I'm wondering if you can..."

He thought about it for a moment before skillfully and carefully lowering his huge finger next to her to shake it. At first he noticed her pretty nervous about the huge digit. He felt relieved when he saw her shake his finger. Sabrina noticed how he wasn't moving his finger at all and smiled at him.


Meanwhile Max and Andrea walked towards their hotel room and walked inside. They needed to buy time and assumed that their friend was sleeping in her room. Andrea wanted to make sure that their friend was ok.

"Sabrina is fine." Max said.

"I know." Andrea said. "I'm a litle concerned for her."

"I understand that." Max said. "Sabrina seemed disturbed with our male co-workers lusting over her."

"Seemed?" Andrea said. "Max, we both knew she was very disturbed with the lusting. Mr.Sanchez was doing the same thing and she was creeped out by it."

Ch. 7

James smiled back at Sabrina, glad that she was feeling comfortable towards him. There was only one thing on his mind that bothered him on why she was out on the streets during the night. Before he got the chance to ask her, she felt nervous again. This time it wasn't him, but a handful of males lusting over her. This sparked his anger and cupped his hand over Sabrina.

"Leave her alone." James said, ragefully. "She doesn't like it when you stare at her in a manner she doesn't like."

The lusting stopped and the men ran off, not wanting to face his anger. James looked at Sabrina who was feeling fearful of him and he calmed down. He lifted her to his pocket and gently put her in his pocket. Then he walked away from Vancouver and towards his house.


Max and Andrea continue to glare at one another before deciding to sleep it off. They don't want to wake their friend up. Max walked into his room and began undoing his bow tie off his tuxedo. Sabrina was upset. he thought Andy and I knew it but we still brought her here to enjoy herself. We should've let the other male co-workers know that she didn't like that at all.


James headed inside his house and locked the door. Then he took off his leather jacket and carefully laid it down on the table. As Sabrina was slowly coming out of the pocket, she noticed him gently lowered his hand next to her, motioning to climb in his palm. She climbed in and felt him lifting her towards his huge, handsome face.

Ch. 8

She looked up at his huge dark eyes and noticed that his eyes has a tender and concerning appearance to them and not any sign of lust in them. It calmed her down as James gently lowered his finger to rub her back.

"Are you feeling better?" he asked.

"Much." Sabrina said. "Thank you, James."

James smiled at her and continued to do so. It ended up being a tickle fest as Sabrina ended up laughing.


Andrea was getting ready for bed and and wondered if Sabrina is recovering from what happened earlier on about the co-workers.

"I'm sure Mr.Sanchez can explain to her what happened in all of this." she said to herself. "But she has to hear him out before she could judge him."

Max took a quick shower and walked out wearing a grey tank top and black shorts and climbed into his bed.


Sabrina couldn't stop laughing as she felt James tickling her with his huge index finger. It was the first time she laughed out loud in a few hours.

"You like that, don't you." James said.

"Noooo." she said, trying to hold in her laughter. "All right, I admit it. I do like. So please stop it."

The tickling stopped and Sabrina found herself out of breath and thirsty at the same time.

"Are you ok?" James asked.

"I'm fine." Sabrina said. "I'm just thirsty."

He set her down on the table and went to the fridge to get some water for her to drink. He returned with a bottle of water in one hand and sat down on the chair again. He opened the bottle cap and poured in a little bit of water in it and set it down gently next to her. Sabrina got up and moved towards the water and took a few sips from it. She was feeling much better already and she likes being around James.

"Thank you." she said. "I needed that."

Ch. 9

"You're welcome." James said.

He lowered his huge hand next to Sabrina and she climbed in with her luggage. Instead of lifting her to his face, he raised her to his chest level and stand up. She felt him walk towards his room with each thunderous footsteps he took. She couldn't help but be drawn into him. Who wouldn't she thought. He's sweet, kind, considerate, respectful, and a handsome giant.

Ever since she and her mother remain in America, she couln't help, but detest the clique system throughout middle and high school. When she was 16, she became curious with the rumors about the goths at the school, she went to. After a while, she became close to some of them, even rejecting her friend, Vita, a stereotypical cheerleader.

"Am I having some sort of a crush on James?" she said to herself. "If I am, then why."

She blushed as he headed into his room with her in his hand. Apparently James stopped and looked down at her. Then he raised her to his huge, handsome face.

"You're blushing." he said.

"I know." Sabrina said. "It happens whenever I'm near a cute guy.."

In one impulse James brought her closer to his face and she got nervous right away. As she scoot closer towards his face, she noticed him bringing her closer to his gargantuan lips. She heard a soft, but distinct mwah. He's planting kisses on her face and her forehead. She was nervous, yet she felt warm about it. After a while the kiss is broken and he walked into his room. Upon sitting on his bed, he gently lowered his hand onto the desk. She got off his hand and noticed him reaching over to untie his boots. She wondered where she was going to sleep, especially if her friends think she was sleeping in her room.

What is it?" James asked her.

"I was wondering where I'm going to sleep." Sabrina said. "I mean there's not a lot of places for me to sleep in."

"Look behind you." he said.

Sabrina looked behind a house next to his computer on his desk. She was amazed by it and went inside. She liked what she saw and looked out.

Ch. 10

By the next morning Sabrina woke up in a nice bed. She threw down the sheets and got up wearing her red silk nightgown and headed to the balcony like house and noticed James asleep in his bed and smiled at him. Then she headed back to her bed to continue another chapter on The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. She needed something to do while he slept. Before she can finish off one of the chapters, she heard him yawn. It indicated that he was up and turned around to face her with a smile on his face.

"Morning Sabrina." he said.

"Morning James." Sabrina said, placing a paper where she leaves off. "So how are you?"

"Good." he said. "Are you hungry?"

Sabrina nodded her head and put her book down on the bed. She headed towards the balcony and noticed him lowering his hand in the palm up position, next to her. He watched her climb in and lifted her to his chest. He didn't even bother to put on his shirt and walked out of his room and into his kitchen. He stopped towards the table and set his hand gently to the ground. Sabrina hopped off and she noticed him disappearing into the kitchen.


James walked into the kitched and noticed some of his servants were working on his breakfast. He carefully tapped one of his cooks. One turned around and noticed him.

"Can you cook one more?" he said. "I have a friend who's here and she'd like some breakfast."

"Is your friend your size?" the cook said.

James shook his head.

"She's more like your size." he said.

"I'll get her's done soon." the cook.

"Thank you." James said.

He then left the kitchen and walked over to the table. He sat down and Sabrina blushed at his toned body. She looked towards his left arm and noticed his tattoo.

"I like your tattoo." Sabrina said. "When did you get it done?"

"A while back." James said. "I have a girl in the middle of it."

"I noticed." She said.

He lowered his hand next to her. He felt Sabrina climb in and slowly, but gently lifted her to his face. Before he could do anything the servants arrived with their breakfast.

Ch. 11

Max woke up the next morning. Mornings weren't his thing and he was grumpy about it. At the same time Andrea woke up and she hoped Sabrina felt much better than last night. There was a knock on the door.


"Looks like we're going to have some breakfast." Sabrina said.

James nodded and gently put her down on the pillow next to a normal sized table. He was almost about to kiss her again. Looks like it could wait after breakfast.


Back in The Victorian Hotel, in Vancouver, Max opened the door and it revealed his twin brother with Sabrina's note.

"What do you have there?" Max asked her.

"Sabrina left the hotel." his brother said. "Last night, the lusting got to unberable for her that she went to her father's house."

"Well she could've told us." Max said.

"She didn't want to talk about it." his brother said.


After the sevants left, Sabrina looked up at James and began eating her breakfast. She wasn't a normal breakfast eater, except on weekends. She remembered what Max and Andrea said about their boss having more than enough money to raise him. Yet she felt more comfortable around James than she felt towards his father.

Sabrina blushed as she thought about it. There'll be time for getting to know him a bit. She ate her breakfast very slowly, while trying to avoid looking up at James who was eating too fast. Fortunately the servants barely noticed and left.

"What?!" James asked.

"You're eating to fast." Sabrina said. "Whenever I eat breakfast, I usually eat slowly to enjoy it."

"Oh." he said, blushing. "Sorry"

He picked up his huge glass of his orange juice and drank it slowly, realizing his eating his food too fast, was considered rude to her.

"Thank you." Sabrina said.


All through out breakfast, James ate his food slowly after, his eating his food fast, disgusted Sabrina greatly. He didn't want to make the wrong impression on her again. Once he finshed eating, he wiped his mouth with a napkin, and turned to her.

"I'll try not to do that again." he said.

"Thank you." Sabrina said


Max got dressed and headed downstaris with Andrea to meet with Mr.Sanchez for their morning breakfast. Then off to Mantic Corp to do a presentation.

"I think Sabrina can tell us later." Andrea said.

Max nodded his head and followed their boss to a morning breakfast. She needs to do some explaining. Max said.


James lowered his hand next to Sabrina and watch her slowly climb into his palm. Then he gently lifted her to his face and stood up. He walked into his room to talk to her. He shut the door as gently as he could. Then he sat down on his bed, still holding Sabrina in his hand.

"What is it?" Sabrina asked.

He didn't respond to her question and gently pet her with his finger. He seems to like being around her.

"Well, I knoticed you leaving the hotel upset." James said. "I like to know why."

"I hated being lusted by men." Sabrina confessed. "It was like my ex-boyfriend's father. It scared the hell out of me. Max and Andrea knew their co-workers were doing it deliberately. It was why I left, I was going to stay with my sister and my father."

James listened to what she was saying and it made him sick to his stomach that there's some people that like to lust at her for no reason. Although they both knew his yelling got out of hand, he was doing it for her.

"Maybe I over did it with the yelling." James said. "But I let them know that I wasn't going to allow it."

"You're not like anyone else." Sabrina said.


James held her there for a few minutes before setting her down on his desk. Then he stood up and grabbed another pair of black pants, a black shirt with buckles and grabbing an underwear. He then knelt down to her level.

"I'm going to take a shower." he said "There's running water for you to have one."

"Ok." Sabrina said.

She watched him go into the bathroom and she went inside the house, she stayed in. She grabbed a pair of capris and a white phoenix shirt and took a quick shower as well. After a few minutes, she got dressed and waited for her giant friend to finish. He's a genuine sweetheart. she thought. She applied a small, smooth layer of lip gloss and put her sneakers on. She headed outside the house and noticed two huge, cylinder tubes of lipstick, a white concealer and black eyeshadow known as Carbon. They were huge compare to her.

"Wow!" she said. "He must really....."

She lost her train of thought as James emerged out of the bathroom, in his attire. He picked up his make up and headed into the bathroom to apply it on his face. He applied the white concealer onto his face that covered his dark tan skin, except his eyebrows. Next, he applied the black eyeshadow onto his eyes. Finally he pulled open one of the tubes that revealed black lipstick and applied a smooth layer on his natural pink lips.


James walked out of the bathroom with make-up on his face and it didn't bother Sabrina all that much.

"He actually looks hot with that make up." she said.

She noticed him looking down at her on his desk.

"Thank you." James said.

He sat down on his bed and reached over for his black platform boots. She watched him put on his boots and tied it up. He turned towards her with a smile on his face and lowered his hand, next to her. She climbed into his palm. She felt him lift his hand towards his face and felt him stand up to his full height.


During the meeting at Manticorp, one of the scientist walked and tapped the shoulder of Mr.Sanchez, asking him to come with him to the lab. He complied and walked out, leaving Max and Andrea to continue conducting it. At the lab, Mr Sanchez looked at them.

"Harrison, this has better be good." He said. "You know I don't like being interrupted in my metting."

"I'm sorry sir." Harrison said. "But this is in regards of your son, James."

"What do you mean?" Mr.Sanchez asked.

Harrison took a deep breath and looked up at him.

"Your son has already topped 290 feet." Harrison said. "That means he's already towering more than half of the buildings here in Vancouver. You have got to find a way to modify his growth and soon."

"I know." Mr.Sanchez said. "But how?! I mean Dr.Sanada hasn't returned from San Francisco."


Harrison looked over Mr.Sanchez's shoulder and remembered Dr.Sanada's warning. The growth modifier wouldn't be at full capacity for at least another hour. He still couldn't help but feel sympathy towards his employer.

"James is 26 years old." Mr.Sanchez said. "I know his size scares a couple of the tourists that comes here every month. But you need to understand that he's still my son."

"I know, Mr.Sanchez." Harrison said. "But if his growth isn't modified, then there's going to be complications."

Mr.Sanchez didn't say anything, but reflected on what happened to his wife during the testing of the growth ray. His wife, Tina was exposed to it while still pregnant to James. He knew his eldest son, Miguel and his elder daughter, Gwen didn't suffer the same complications like he did. That was why, James had a harder time adjusting to his size.

"Mr.Sanchez, are you ok?" Harrison asked.

"I'm fine." Mr.Sanchez said.


Sabrina looked up at James as he stood at his full height and had her sit on his shoulder. Then he walked out of the house and headed towards Vancouver. He'd keep an eye out for men who'd be stupid enough to even think about giving a lustful glare at her. He knew the lustful glare made her nervous.

"What should happen if they look at me in lust?" Sabrina asked him.

"I don't think they'll be dumb to lust at you." James said. "I'll protect you."

Sabrina nodded her head and hugged his neck.


Max and Andrea looked at each other as the committee board was waiting for Mr.Sanchez's return. They knew they had to keep the meeting going, but didn't know how.

"This isn't going to be good." Andrea said.

"I know." Max said. "I'm already bored as hell."

They and the committee board felt the tremblings coming into Vancouver.

"What was that?" one member asked.

"I don't know." Max said.

Then he and Andrea looked out of the window and noticed Sabrina who was sitting on the shoulder of James Sanchez.

"She has a lot of explaining to do." Andrea said.

"I know." Max agreed.


Sabrina turned around and was face to face with Max and Andrea who didn't look to happy seeing her on James' shoulder. Damn it! she thought. Max and Andrea noticed me with him. This isn't good.

"Where are you going?" Andrea asked.

"I'm confronting Sabrina." Max said. "I need to tell her what this could do."

"You know what, Max." Andrea said. "Leave it alone. She won't tell anyone."

Max didn't waste time running out of the room and headed towards the elevator. She and I need to talk. he thought. When the elevator stopped to 52nd floor, he stopped in his tracks and noticed Mr.Sanchez standing there.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"To the bathroom." Max lied.

Mr.Sanchez shook his head and stared him down.

"You're not going anywhere." he said. "I asked my son to have your friend come up."

"But how did you know?" Max asked. "I mean ....."

"You remember how your friend, Sabrina got nervous with your male co-workers." Mr.Sanchez said. "This was because I found a Playboy magazine of her sister on the cover."


Sabrina got nervous as she stepped inside Manticorp for the first time since her vacation. Security lead her inside the elevator to avoid the lusting from the male employees. James could only hope she could be ok.

"I just you guys can prevent this from happening again." Sabrina said.

"We will." one of the security guards said.

Arriving on the 52nd floor, Max ran towards her, hoping to hit her. He was held back by security.


"Sabrina, what were you thinking?" Max yelled "Were you even aware that........."

Mr.Sanchez walked over to the angry Max who is still restrained by security. He knows his employer doesn't like the behavior he exhibited, but he was mad because Sabrina lied to him.

"Calm down." Mr.Sanchez said. "You don't want to see me angry."

Max stared at him and decided to talk to Sabrina later without screaming at her.


Once inside Mr.Sanchez's office, Sabrina looked around nervously as her friend's boss avoided looking at her in lust.

"Please sit down Sabrina." he said.

She sat down on the chair. He knew she was nervous about something but wanted to get this done first.

"What is it you want from me?" Sabrina sked nervously.

"I just want to give you an apology." Mr.Sanchez said. "Both of your friends' male co-workers were lusting over a magazine I confiscated a while back of a woman who looked like you."

Sabrina nodded her head, knowing that it was her sister that was on the magazine. She felt relieved that Mr.Sanchez gave her a heart felt apology. She turned around and noticed James gently perring through the window. She blushed a little bit when she saw him. Mr.Sanchez looked at her and him.

"I see you met my son." he said.

"Yes." Sabrina said. "He's a real sweet guy."

"You seem to like him." Mr.Sanchez said. "James hasn't been around the female gender since his mother died."

"I know." she said. "He told me last night."

Sabrina recalled James telling her last night about what happened to his mother. She remember asking him the one thing he didn't want to talk about.

"What happened to your mother?" She asked him.

James didn't want to talk about his mother. In a lot of ways it still made him cry about what happened to her. She remembered noticing each tear spilling out of his eyes.

"She died in an auto acident." he said. "I couldn't save her. I think my dad blames me for this."

Sabrina didn't critisize him for it but let him know what happened wasn't really his fault. She snapped out of it as she saw Mr.Sanchez standing by the window.

"Mr.Sanchez." Sabrina said. "Can I ask you something?"

She saw him turn around to face her.

"Go ahead." Mr.Sanchez said.

"Do you hate James for what happened to his mother?" Sabrina asked. "He and I both want to know."

Mr.Sanchez looked over the picture of his wife for a few minutes. Although he knew Miguel and Gwen were upset with the death of their mother, he knew James was the most devistated. This was why his son felt that he hated him.

"No!" he said finally. "I don't hate him. I need to help him heal with what happened to her."


Max looked at Andrea as he was still restrained by security. She didn't say anything at all. Then again she didn't need to as he glared at her.

"Sabrina was found with James." he said.

"I know." Andrea said. "Max, you need to calm down about this. The way you handled your emotions wasn't acceptable."


Sabrina looked at Mr.Sanchez as he paced around the room pensive. I should give him a break. she thought. He's has it hard enough with what happened. But I need him to give James some sort of closure.

"When are you going to tell him?" she asked. "He needs this closure or he'll live with it for the rest of his life."

"I'm going to tell him." Mr.Sanchez said. "I need you to come with me though."

"Ok." Sabrina said.

They headed towards the elevator of the building and headed down to the first floor. Mr.Sanchez knew he had to give James a heart-to heart talk in order to help him make peace with himself and return to being himself.

"James needs to hear it and know it from you." Sabrina said.

Mr.Sanchez nodded his head and looked at Sabrina.

"I know." he said.

They continued on until they were outside and looking at James.

"This is now or never." Sabrina said

She watched Mr.Sanchez walk towards his son who has slowly sat down on the pavement.

"James." he said.


James looked down at his father and Sabrina. Then he lowered his hand next to them. He watched them climb into his palm and he slowly, gently and carefully lifted them to his huge face.

"James." Sabrina said. "Before you say something though, please listen to what your father has to say."

"But.." James said.

"Please." she said. "He wants to help."

James looked down at her and nodded his head. It was hard to say no to her. Mr.Sanchez patiently explained to him what happened to his mother wasn't really his fault, nor anyone else's. Sabrina looked on the whole time as James started to calm down. There was still one thing that was on his mind that he needed to know.

"Do you hate me for what happened?" James asked.

Mr.Sanchez shook his head.

"No. " he said. "James, if I did hate you, I would've lost you too, like your mother. I can't bear to see what happened to her happen to you anymore."

James looked down at his dad and nodded his head. For the first time since his mother died, he smiled. Finally, his uncertainty of his father not hating him, has dissapated and he was at peace with himself and his father.

"Thank you." James said.


Sabrina woke up in her hotel room and got dressed as usual. This time she was wearing a baby blue halter sundress with white sandals. She sent emails to her family and her friends in San Diego. As she was brushing her blonde hair, she felt and heard a finger knocking on the window. She finished up what she was doing and walked towards the window. She noticed James staring down at her with a sweet smile on his black lips, showing off his pearly white teeth. Something was different about him though, she wanted to know what it was.

"Give me a moment to finish up." Sabrina said to him.

James nodded his head and let her finish up on what she was doing. He walked and carefully lowered himself on the sidewalk to sit. After that, Sabrina grabbed her purse and headed into the elevator. She emerged in the lobby and headed out of the hotel. She told Max and Andrea about what happened last night, and even though both were was mad, they couldn't help but respect her decisions. She noticed that James arched his black nylon pant legs while he sat down. His black platform boots were a lot bigger than before, but she still continued walking towards him. James noticed her in her sundress and lowered his hand next to her. Sabrina climbed in his palm and looked up at him. She always knew his hand was huge, but now it was massive. She realized he had grown much bigger than the first time they met.

"Hi James!" she said.

James slowly and carefully lifted her to his face and stood up to his full frame. He still had that sweet smile on his face. She had to admit he actually looked even hotter smiling.

"Hi Sabs!" he said.

"What happened to you?" Sabrina asked. "I mean you've gotten bigger."

"I did." James said. "I now stand 335 feet."

Sabrina nodded her head and stroked his soft, yet undeniably warm palm. Wow! she thought. 335 feet now. She remembered Max and Andrea telling her that since his father could more than afford to raise his son, his clothing and his shoes weren't much of a problem. Especially his platform boots, they were practically designed with an anti-pavement crack in them to avoid causing cracks on the pavemnt.

"How do you cope with this?" she asked. "I mean...."

"I just deal with it." James said. "It doesn't bother me at all. I'm used to the growth associated with this."

Sabrina didn't say anything else and held on tight as she felt him walk. She was amazed with the fact he was careful with not crushing any cars and the people below him. His mid-length black hair breezed into the wind with each thunderous step he took. She felt him stop in front of Stanley Park and then felt him continue on. Sabrina had to admit it was a nice day to spend the day with him, especially after helping James and his father make peace with each other.

"That's a nice spot." She said.

He headed towards his usual spot designed for him. He slowly and carefully lowered himself to the ground. He's in a sitting position and brought his hand, containing Sabrina closer to his face. He watched her stand up and smiled at her. She looked up at him and smiled back.

"You really look beautiful in the dress." James said.

"Thanks." Sabrina said. "You always look handsome."

She ended up bushing again and he saw it. Instead of turning away, she felt him lifting her closer to his black lips to kiss her. He was practically smearing his lipstick on her and her dress. It didn't matter as much, he was a good kisser and he did protect her from being lusted by other men.


The kiss was broken and Sabrina found herself covered in black lipstick, although not fully. James saw her covered in it and pulled out a napkin out of one of his nylon pant pocket to wipe her face off. He was careful in not having the napkin poke her in the wrong places. Once her face was cleared of his lipstick, he put the napkin away.

"James" Sabrina said. "The next time you kiss me, can you remove your lipstick?"

James looked down at her and smiled.

"Sure." he said. "I suppose you don't want to get smeared by this again."

Sabrina nodded her head and felt him stand up to his full heigth. He placed her on his shoulder and began walking.


Andrea looked over to Max as they arrived in Manticorp. She was concern for him ecause he looked like he was on his breaking point.

"Max just calm down." she said.

Max wasn't listening to her as they entered Mr.Sanchez's office. It was clear that their boss was upset at him for doing a horrible job of keeping the council appeased, by looking at his gigantic son.

"Therefore Max you won't be paid until next week." Mr.Sanchez said.

During the metting, Max finally got to his breaking point and ran amuck in Manticorp.

"Max, gat back here." Andrea shouted.

He ignored her and disrupted the paper filing. He ran inside the the PA's office. He brought the microphone to him.

"Attention Employees." Max said

He blew rasperries on the microphone.

"Maxwell Vargas." Mr.Sanchez said. "Stop this at once!"

Max kept running as Andrea and Mr.Sanchez chase him.

"It's a good thing Sabrina and James aren't here to see this." She said. "If Sabrina did see this, she scream at Max for it."

"I know." Mr.Sanchez said. "James would use one of his fingers to knock him down."


Sabrina held on tight to his neck as James kept walking around Vancouver. She watched the cars bounce up and down with each thunderous step he took. For the most part, many men wouldn't even dare sneak lustful glances at her, especially when James is around or not. He stopped midway to Manticorp.

"What is it?" Sabrina asked.

Before James could answer, they saw Max arunning around the inside of Manicorp, like a lunatic.

"Never mind." she said, clearly embarrassed.

"Let me guess." James said. "Your friend is a nutcase."

"I'm going to find out from Andrea later." Sabrina said. "Let's not spoil the rest of the day."

James nodded his head and walked away. He doesn't want to be there when the media shows up at Manticorp and interview his father. In the days they met, he has gotten to know her pretty well and vise versa. Sabrina was pretty comfortable with his size and didn't reject him for it. Even though he did smear his black lipstick on her, she didn't mind it as much.


Mr.Sanchez followed Andrea as they continued chasing the now insane Max. Up until now, he's always claimed that his twin, Alex was wierd.

"Max is worse than his brother." Andrea said. "I mean he usually doesn't behave like this."

"You're telling me." Mr.Sanchez said.

They caught up to him in his office. Max has his tounge out in front of him.

"Max." Mr.Sanchez said "Don't do it."


Max licked Mr.Sanchez's hands as he tried to protect his prized bonzai tree. Both Andrea and him were disgusted by this as he continued to run around.

"Max!" Andrea shouted. "Stop it! You're making us look bad."

After a few seconds, security knocks Max out. She and Mr.Sanchez caught up to him.

"I'm not telling Sabrina about this." Andrea said.

"Letting James know would also be a mistake." Mr.Sanchez said.


Sabrina looked towards the North Shore Mountains. Most of the Vancouverites wanted taller buildings in place, not only to show the city's contemporary arts, but also keep James from towering the buildings. She held on to his neck, secretly glad that he didn't wear his spiky choker on his neck or one of the spikes would've poked her by accident.

"Where are going, James?" she asked.

He didn't answer, not wanting to ruin the suprise. By that time James brought her towards the spacious part of the West End of Vancouver. She noticed a picnic basket on the blanket. She started to figure out what this is.

"OH my god!" Sabrina said.


James quickly and gently scooped her into his hand. He brought her near his black mesh shirt, which was semi transparent enough to show off his toned chest, and his arms. He hugged her and smiled. She was thoroughly impressed and returned the hug the best way she could considering his size. After she managed to hug him, she felt him lift her to his huge, yet undeniably handsome face.

"You're impressed." James said.

"Yes, I am." Sabrina said. "Thank you."

He smiled at her and slowly, yet carefully sat down on the blanket. Then he lowered her onto the blanket away from him and reached into the picnic basket. Once he got the food out from the basket, they started eating. He left his sevants at home as he was afraid to mistaken them for the food. Between the picnic and the nice day, Sabrina was clearly enjoying herself. James has been a gentleman to her despite his huge frame. He even refilled her glass with iced tea.

"I never expect we'd be dining out in the West End." she said.

"At least you're having a great time." James said.

"Yes." Sabrina said in agreement.

He smiled at her and continued eating. It was nice to share his meals with someone outside his family.

"Does your father know about us?" Sabrina asked.

James thought for a moment an nodded his head.

"Yes." he said. "He knows about us. He's not as controlling as your friend."

"I know." Sabirna said. "Yet if you look beyond it, Max just doesn't want to see me hurt. It happened before with me and Scott."

"What was it like?" James asked.

Sabrina recollected all those times Scott and her were together. He made her so angry by cheating on her with Kirsten while she was at work.

"I though he was a sweet guy." she said "Then I found him cheating on him two months later, with my ex-best friend, Kirsten Blake. Even though scott tried to apologise to me, I couldn't see myself forgiving him for what happened."

James scooped her into his hand and brought her up to his chest for a one hand hug. He was actually making her feel better about what happened.


James set Sabrina down on his shoulder and packed up the blanked and set it in picnic basket. Once everything was in place, he picked up the basket and walked. As he walked, Sabrina noticed that despite his gigantic form, he's a sweet, handsome guy, even though he has a playful side to him.

"Looks like I'm having a nice view." she said.

"I know." James said. "You're seeing it through my perspective."

Sabrina nodded her head as she felt him walk with every thundering step he took. Despite this, she felt he was walking gracefully without crushing anyone below him.

Meanwhile Andrea has just brought the passed out Max, back into his hotel room and left him there to sleep it off. After what he done today, she thinks it's better to not mention it to Sabrina at all. She'd end up yelling. she thought. I'm just glad I'm not dealing with the aftermath She heard the telephone ring.

"Hello." Andrea said.

"Andrea." Mr.Sanchez said. "When Max get's a chance to sleep it off, I need to talk to him soon."

"Ok." she said.


James just arrived at the hotel, Sabrina was staying at and carefully knelt down to kiss her one more time before going home for the night.

"Thank you for the picnic." She said, holding her purse. "I enjoyed it."

"I"m glad." James said. "Good night."

"Good night!" Sabrina said.

He lowered his hand down and let her climb off it. She walked inside the lobby and watch James walk off in the distance. She knew the sun was setting and he had to return home soon. Then she turned around and noticed Max's twin brother, Alex standing there with a smile on his face.

"I take it you had a great time with James." he said.

"Yes, I did." Sabrina said.

Alex didn't say anything moreas he saw her walk into the elevator and headed up to her floor to sleep it off. She was tired from her picnic date with James and headed into her room. She changed into a purple nightshirt and climbed into the blankets to sleep it off.


Sabrina woke up the next morning to the sounds of screaming. She grabbed a robe and ran towards Andrea's room where she heard the screams. She ran towards her friend who just saw Max attack his brother, Alex and Gwen, Mr.Sanchez's daughter.

"Andrea." Sabrina said. "What happened?"

Before Andrea got to speak Max attempted to attack her too and Sabrina ended up drop kicking him to the ground. It was obvious that he forgotten that she hits hard.

"Owwwwww." Max said.

"Nothing like a good whacking does for a person." Sabrina said.

"I think it's time to send Max to the insane asylum." Alex said. "And he said I was insane."

"Let me talk to him." Sabrina said. "I think I can find out what's wrong with him."

Andrea and the others agreed and left Sabrina to Max who was slowly starting to regain his composture. He looked around, confused at what happened. He turned his attention to her with a bewilderment look on his face.

"Max." Sabrina said. "We need to talk."

"I know." Max said. "Aww man, I nearly forgotten how hard you hit."

"I think we need to eat breakfast first." she said.

She left him to get dressed and went back into her room to do the same. After a few minutes, she and Max headed down towards the lobby for some breakfast for the two of them. Once they sat down and ordered, Sabrina turned to him.

"What happened to you, Max?" she asked. "You're usually the control freak."

"I kinda went mad." Max said. "It wasn't because of your relationship with James. It was because my boss wouldn't let me and Andrea have any time off from work to hang out with you. That was why I went mad."

"There was another reason besides that." Sabrina said. "You weren't getting paid until next week."


After three weeks it was time to leave for Sabrina and her friends. It was difficult and at the same time it was worth coming here. They packed up their stuff and headed down in the early morning hours where one of the cab cars were waiting. They got in while the driver hauled in their luggage in the trunk. Sabrina checked her purse which contained her wallet, her keys, her passport and her gifts, she bought here.

"Max." she said "I hope you remembered your passport."

Max pulled out his passport and showed it to Sabrina.

"Of course I did." he said. "You know Vancouver is cheaper to live than in San Diego."

"I know." Sabrina said. "But I'm moving to San Francisco within two weeks. I recently bought a loft to live over there."

Andrea and Max looked at her and smiled. It was the first time they've seen her a lot stronger than the first time she was here. They would still work for Manticorp while Sabrina would go on to open her fashion store.

"That's great." Max said. "Did you hear about James?"

"Yes." Sabrina said "He's planning to live in San Francisco because his family has a house there in California. Built to fit his heigh."

"Besides that." Andrea said. "You know how the growth moderator wasn't going in effect at all, James found out that his brother, Miguel tampered with the machine and tried to hide out in Whitehorse. He was later brought back and was grounded by his father."

Sabrina ended up laughing as she remembered meeting Miguel who was shouting at the top of his lungs. Max and Andrea had to admit it was the funniest thing they ever heard, especially if Mr.Sanchez's eldest son was still living at home.

"Good luck in San Francisco." Max said.

"Thank you." Sabrina said.

After they returned to San Diego, Sabrina finished packing her stuff and moved to San Francisco while her mother remained in San Diego with her step-father, Alan and her half-brother, Jason. Within three months, her family visited her in San Francisco and were amazed that her loft has more room than her previous apartment. As they were touring around the city, they started to hear thundering footsteps coming from around the city. It was familiar to Sabrina but her family were nervous. The ground and the buildings weren't shaking along with them, as it was made out of concrete.

"Sabrina, what's going on?" her mother asked.

"We're about to find out soon." Danica said.

Danica is Sabrina's twin sister whose boyfriend is indeed Max's twin brother, Alex. As the trembling stopped they saw two black platform boots, along with black slacks and white shirt with ruffles and towards a familiar face Sabrina's seen in Vancouver.

"James." Sabrina said.


James knelt down and smiled at Sabrina and her family. Her family looked at her nervously as she walked towards him, with his hand in the palm up postion. Soon they started building up their courage and climbed in after she did. Then they had to hold on tight as they felt him lift them towards his huge face. He still had his sweet smile on his face, indicating that he means no harm to Sabrina, her family or anyone below him. He slowly and carefully stood up to his full height.

"Hi Bree." James said.

"Bree?" Danica said, confused.

"It's his nickname for me." Sabrina said. "I usually go by the nickname of Sabs or Sabi."

"Oh I get it." Danica said.

As Sabrina's family got to know James, they seemed less afraid of him and bonded more with him. As the hours passed he walked around San Francisco, careful in not crushing any cars and people below him. Before they had to leave the next morning, he wanted to do something first and cupped his hand further as to avoid having Sabrina and her family accidently fall off his hand. That is the last thing he needs.

"Sabrina." her mother ask. "Are you and James friends?"

"Yes." Sabrina said. "Maybe even more."

As he arrived at his house, he gently set them down on the table and went inside his room to get the black box, he recently bought. He took the box out of his bedroom and walked aout into the dining table. He noticed Sabrina and her family slowly began eating.

Sabrina turned to Danica while their family ate.

"How are you and Alex doing?" she asked.

"We're good." Danica said. "Alex is planning to buy a house for us to live in. How do you know him?"

"Alex is Max's twin brother." Sabrina said. "I met him four months back when I came to Vancouver with my friends."

Danica nodded her head as she remembered Alex explaining to her about Max, her twin and their friend, Andrea visit here on vacation. She aslo knew that he explained to her what happened with Scott and dating James. She and Sabrina turned their attention to him and watched him slowly sit down. The family stopped eating and walked towards him. Sabrina noticed the black box on the table and walked towards it. She opened the box and noticed a heart shaped diamond on a white gold ring.

"Oh my..." she said. "It's beautiful."


James stared down at her as Sabrina looked at the ring. He carefully and gently scooped into his hand. It didn't take her long to know she's sitting on his palm. Then he carefully lifted her to his face. She was confused at what he was doing as he lowered his finger next to her hands.

"I just want to ask you to marry me." James said. "I talked to your family about it. They're ok with it."

Sabrina looked up to him, having a hard time in believing what he just said. She quickly got over it, realising that he just asked her to marry him. That must've been the surprise and maybe why he bought the ring just four months after he met up with her in San Francisco to resume their relationship.

"Yes." Sabrina said, after thinking it over. "I would."
James lifted Sabrina closer to his face and kissed her cheek without smearing his lipstick on her. He broke the kiss and felt her return the gesture to his bottom lip. She stopped after a minute when she felt him carefully lower her towards the table so she can wear the ring. Danica looked up at James as she realized that she was going to have him as a brother-in-law. Their mother, step-father and Jason were ok to have him as a part of their family despite the size difference.

"Does dad know about James?" Danica asked.

"Yes he does!" Sabrina said, calmly. "I introduced him to James a while back. By the way Dani, can you be my maid of honor?"

"Sure." Danica said. "I'd love to."

As the months passed, James and Sabrina enjoyed each others company as they figured out who should come and who shouldn't. They wanted to keep this for family and friends. It's going to be a nice wedding for them. Late at night, Sabrina gently massaged her fiance's ring finger as they prepared for bed. James looked down at her with a smile on his fance and gently scooped into his hand.

"Are you nervous?" he asked.

"A little." Sabrina said. "But not too much."

James lifted Sabrina towards his face and planted a sweet kiss on her face. He broke the kiss and gently set her down on the pillow. She settled in on the pillow, pulled her blankets closer to her and lied down. She saw him doing the same thing and tuned off the lights.

"I'm nervous about this." James said. "I just don't want it ruined."

"I'm sure it'll work out." Sabrina said.

She watched him fall asleep and laid there, drifting to sleep. When he first kissed her in Stanley Park, she was smeared in his black lipstick, four months back and now she was sopping wet from his kiss. Not that it didn't matter, she knew James was a great kisser and he made her feel so warm, cherished and protected at the same time. She hoped this wedding would work out, even though she wondered if they could find a tuxedo big enough to fit his scale. As the wedding day draws near, Sabrina, Danica and their mother walked into David's Bridal to and bought the gown they picked her and her bridesmaids to wear. Her twin would wear a nice sleveless orchid dress, as the maid of honor. During that time, they went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe.

"Did you talk to Blake?" Sabrina asked Danica. "I need to make sure that James' older brother, Miguel won't eat the top of my wedding cake. He did so with their sister, Gwen and she had a grudge against him for it."

"I called your cousin, Blake." their mother said "He said, he'll make sure that Miguel won't eat the top of your wedding cake."

"Thank you." Sabrina said.

On the day of the wedding, Blake kept a close eye on Miguel, just in case he'd get any ideas about eating her wedding cake. Danica was helping with putting the finishing touches on Sabrina's make up before helping her into her dress. The dress they picked out was a white strapless dress with a wild orchid color from the top to the bottom hem of her dress.

"Dad's on his way here." she said.

"I'm already here." Their father said.

Sabrina turned around to see her father for the first time in 10 months, since her trip in Vancouver. He had grey eyes, blonde hair and was six feet tall. He wored a black tuxedo with a white bow tie.

"Daddy." Sabrina said

They both hugged each other and smiled. She was glad he was going to be there for the wedding and was more happier to see him give her away to James. Max and Andrea were there and walked to the bride's side as they were friends of hers. Andrea was sporting a red strapless dress with high heels. Her shoes were the same color and her hair was curled. Max was wearing a tuxedo with a red vest and a red tie.

"Sabrina said she'll talk to us later." Andrea said.

"I know." Max said.

As they were seated, the wedding began with the bridesmaids walking down the aisle with some of James' friends. Next came The best man, James closest friend, Tyler walked down with Danica. Alex was sitting there on the bride's side of with Max and Andrea. He was in a black suit with a lilac tie and a lilac vest.

"You didn't tell me that you and her were dating." Alex said, quietly.

"You didn't tell us about you and Danica." Max said, quietly.

"Well...." Alex began to retort.

"Talk about this later." Andrea whispered.

They stood up with Sabrina and her father and watched them walk down the aisle. This was a beautiful moment for her as she and her father come closer to James who was kneeling down in his white tux. He didn't want to look very menacing. Once it was done, he gently lifted her to his face and gently pushed her veil back as best as he gcould without hurting her. Then he kissed her cheek and everyone clapped. At the end of it James and Sabrina were happily married and remianed that way.

The end



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