Tiny My Tiny

By Timothy

I moved along and alone with the throng of tourists to the shrine. I would have wanted to come alone. My financial situation was such that this wasn't possible. The best I could do, if I wanted to go to Japan, was take the group rate.

Passing in front of a golden Budda I stopped for a better look. Several idiots banged into me. "Hey, I just want to have a real look. I came all this way."

The face looked so serene and full of wisdom. I wished I had that look of serenity. Instead, I was all knotted up inside. I think in part due to my own life. And to the vast stupidity and cruelity that was gripping the world. "What a mess," I said under my breath. I looked once more into that serene smiling face. "Ok, ok! I'm moving you big hairy ape," I told one member from my group who began pushing me.

That evening I was too down to have supper, so I walked the night streets of this small Japanese city we had stopped at for dinner. Silhouetted against the waning light, was the beautiful outlines to the Buddist Shrines and buildings. It was so calming. Why couldn't the rest of the world be so?

I felt a little off. I suppose from not having dinner. And to be honest, not having lunch either. I couldn't. I know I wouldn't be able to keep the food down. I shook a hand up at the starry sky.

From above came a group of fireflies. The landed on me. They blinked their song of light. The bluish tint was peaceful. I sat down. For a moment. I closed my eyes.

"Ouch," I said from the light that assulted my eyes. As my eyes slowly cleared, I stood up. I found this was light of a new day. I must have really needed the rest. "My bus!" I remembered with anxious thoughts. I began to move. I stopped. I seemed to be on a large flat slab of stone. Before me was a whole series of these slabs. A vast amount that spread down and before me. Walking to the edge of the one I was on, I saw, I had a three foot drop. It wasn't that much. So I jumped down. I began to think, "Where am I?" I hadn't gone anywhere such as this.

Starting to really see where I was, I became aware of huge buildings on either side of this immense stone path. "!@#$," I said outloud as I heard the clanging of a bell. I wondered if I was underneath this clanking monster. No, above me was only the blue sky with a lone, fluffy white cloud.

I started to become confused. My confusion had to wait when the explosion of voices commenced. Following on the heels of these riotous voices was the sound of a stampede. "It was a stampede! Only a stampede of giant sandals and shoes that kicked up dust and a few unfortunate insects.

I pressed myself up aginst the side of the stone step. For now I knew it was a step. Above and over me came the massive sandals and shoes. I had to cover my ears from the noise and close my eyes from the debris that was thrown up. The shaking was such, I was finding it hard to keep pressed against the stone for safety.

The quake caused by, and I feel insane in even thinking it---giants, jiggled me out of my safety. I curled up into a ball and covered myself with my arms and hands.

When the booming sound began to fade, my courage increased. I was all covered with a gray and orange dust. I wiped myself off. Dazed in what had happened, I slowly walked out ionto the center of the slab I was now on. Littered around me like boddies in a battle field, were the crushed remains of grasshoppers and crickets who hadn't been as lucky as I.

I stood in silence.

"Crushed giant grasshoppers and crickets!! Whats going on?!?!" I yelled feeling as if I was going to lose my mind. Or perhaps I already have. I wondered around the slab in circles.

When I heard the approach and felt the rumble of another giant stampede, it was too late. I figured...I guess I didn't know what to figure. The loud booming sound stopped. Though, another dust storm generated by the colossal shoes came after.(cough-cough)

I scratched my dirty, sweat soaked hair. I wondered what happened to this giant. Looking up at the step before me, I saw the ribbed rubber tips to a pair of white sneakers. Above them was the botom to a black material. Bending my head and back as far as they could, I saw the material was really material to a pair of trousers. I couldn't look any higher, without falling backwards. I looked around, on either side of the stone slab was long green stalks. Grass I figured. I started to run in the direction of such a outcrop. I thought, I heard the rumbling sound of a voice.

The green and fresh green stalks as they slapped against the hot flesh to my face felt good. I stopped to catch my breath. A shadow glided over my spot. I was still so tired and out of breath to be afraid. A shadow passed over me. When the muffled sound of a thud began. And the mild shaking beneath my feet commenced---I became afraid.

I slowly made my way through the grass. As I moved slowly through the grass stalks, I found I was out from under the shadow. I felt somewhat at ease.

A rush of air hit me from behind. I turned. I began to shake. Tears filled up in my eyes. Where I had just been, was now hidden beneath a huge, tanned colored object. The side of the object had grooves or creases.

I started to walk away from it. That shadow glided over me again. I heard that loud rumbling like voice. My next impression was something heavy pressing down on me. My body began to be tossed around. I found myself tumbling over in darkness.

When light returned, I was entwined in grass and dirt. Whipping past me was the long stalk like blades of grass. They were being pulled off and away from me.

I thought it was the finger of God. The tip of a finger; so big, that its width was slightly wider than me. Its sharp razor nail gently, I was hoping it was gentle---removing the dirt from my body. Air rushed over me, as I felt myself being elevated. I saw I was passing a white material and huge round gray objects that resembled buttons.

The upward motion stopped. The first thing that I became aware of was a hanging garden of black. It was long rope like strands of black hair. From beneath them shone two brown moons. Every few seconds the brown moons blinked. That huge rumbling voice mumbled something. I could understand it.

When the voice stopped, I started to descend. The descent stopped across from the white material. Two fingers of the Gods picked me up. I was pressed up against the white material. The great fingers began descending again. Stopping, they released me. I found myself surrounded by this white frabric. I heard coming through the materail a thumping sound. I wondered if this was the beating of a giant heart. The enclosure I was in began to shake. I began to think, "I was in some sort of pocket."

I swallowed to keep my ears from crackling as I felt another sensation of upward motion. The white material that surrounded me came pushing in on me as this person moved.

I had become to weak from my ordeal and lack of food to want to move. I just let myself roll back and forth at the base of this pocket. The lack of strength seemed to drain my nerve as well. For my body shook regardless of any external influences upon it.

"What happened to me? Why?" I repeated and repeated weakly outloud to myself. I knew I had somehow shrunk. But why? What was the single determining factor here?

Why must I feel so weak?

Coming off the white frabric was a pleasing scent. I couldn't label it as a signature scent of a detergent or fabric softner. Rolling back and forth to the movement of forward motion I just put my hands to my face and laughed to myself, "What difference does it make? It smells nice." Here I am half dead and I'm trying to figure out the scent.

The light that filtered in through the material diminished. The sounds of many giant people echoed in all around me. It frightened me. I grabbed with one hand a fold and tried to bury my face in it. "Make it go away," I said with my face now buried in the material.

"Aaahh!!" I weakly shouted against the material I held like a child's security blanket. I felt something touch my back. It retreated. The object came back twice. Each time moving down my back. I whimpered beteen the white folds.

When a down ward motion started, it was follwed by a sudden jolt. I clamped between my teeth the frabric as a way to deal with the pain to my ears caused by the loud voices. A commanding voice over volumed the others and soon it became silent. I let out a sigh of relief, still clamping the material between my teeth.

From the sound of the louder, deeper authoritarian sounding voice and the shuffling sounds of paper, I wondered if I was in a classroom. The speech of this faceless giant instructor was, I could now discern was Japanese. I still was in the land of Budda and Lotus Blossoms. It was now, I was a shrunken foreigner. A foreigner. Yes, I was a foreigner in a whole new sense. And this too scared me.

Moving my hands free of the folds of material, I moved my hand over the bottom of the pocket. I felt the thick seam to the base. It lifted up to make a flap. I placed my legs on either side of it--- hugging it like a bolster. I felt like a child. A lost, lost child.

I began to doze off. At first I thought I was dreaming. With arms dangling, I felt air rushing past my. My legs felt strange. I couldn't move them. I continued to dangle downward. The moving air gave food to my still groggy mind. Enough food to make me realize I was leaving the pocket. A small floating landfall, silently glided in under me. I was lowered on the warm ,dark tanned island. I felt an object push slowly on my side. I flopped over like a doll of thread and cotton. I gazed blankly up. High above the white wall of white was that hanging garden of black strands I had seen before. Those two brown moons once more blinked down at me. I studied those moons. And saw them to be two elegant shaped Asian eyes. "Thats right, I'm in Japan," I whispered.

My mind, increasingly losing grip, I tried and only with half success lifted and arm and pointed up at the great giant. "Are you God? What are you to me?" The huge lips that were so very far up lengthened. A finger bigger than me came and pushed down on my arm. I felt frantic inside. I craved water. After the huge living tanned colored tree left I lifted my arm and patted my hand against my mouth.

Above the brown elegant Asian moons, I saw boulders of water running down from beneath the hanging garden of black. One fell down from off of the giant. I watched it with mounting, joyful anticipation. Larger and larger it grew. I moaned, for it passed me. I turned with effort over onto my side. I saw the inviting glistening pool of life. I reached over with my hand to scoup it up. The tan colored tree came back and pushed my hand away from it. "Why? " I thought. "Am I to die then?"

The floating island began to lower, so the pressure in my ears told me. Shifting postion the island began to list. I spun several times and with a short feeling of spinning in space. I came to land on a soft black landscape.

On my back I stared up. Once in a while, I saw those boulders of glistening water fall from the great heights. None came close.

Several times that tanned covered island came and would cover me. I would be in darkness. It would later slide away.

With eyes stuck on the great giant who looked off intently to a far off land, would, at times, direct his gaze down upon me. One point he shifted . He must have for the black landscape I was on shook. The giant held, I saw in his God like grip, a beautiful glistening tower. He placed a great finger in it. I cried or wanted to; lack of strength prevented me. This giant lowered his great finger over me. Several cool waterfalls of water splashed on and into my mouth.

As the cool water went down my throat, I could even then feel my body rejuvenating itself. I sent a hand over my face to use the water to wipe away the sweat and dirt. The rest I licked off my fingers. I wondered how such a simple thing as water could be more welcome than all the riches of the world. For this water was riches to me. It too was life.

From way up high the fantastic face gazed down at me. The relief of water at least momentarily filled me with joy. I sent still weak arms up and waved. Several white teeth shown from a slightly smiling face.

I turned my head on its side. The out of focus giant shapes faded away to darkness. In the darkness a faintly glowing light appeared. It took shape of an outline. A shape of a sitting figure. "You are quite safe now," said the voice from the lightly glow outline. I couldn’t tell if the voice was female or male. I just knew I could understand it.

"Who are you?" I asked weakly.

"A friend."

I asked again, "Why are you here?"

"You are quite safe now," repeated the outline.

It slowly faded away replaced by the colossal shapes. "A friend," I thought to myself. I extended my arms. And I didn’t quit know why. The tree size finger from the giant came down and gently pressed on my arms till I lowered them.

Up high I watched as the enormous head turned slowly from side to side. It then looked down at me. Two huge fingers descended, taking me up between them with no effort. As I ascended, I past those gray automobile tire size buttons. I was moved to the side and was lowering back into that small white world the leviathan of a person carried me in before. The fingers released me once at the bottom. The steady rhythm of the great heart quelled my questioning and worried heart.. I hung on to the folds once more and closed my eyes. I was grateful to the heart that revived my spirit. "Be mine," I said with lips pressed up against the material. "To my life." I faded.

I opened my eyes to movement and the sound of the mammoth beings my life was part of. Brighter light filtered in through the white material. Looking up was a blue sky silhouetted by my giant’s face.

I heard for a time the muted cannon fire like sound of his footsteps. They stopped. There was a sudden jolt. I heard from outside my white fabric world the rustling of material. And the sound of a zipper. Only this sound was greatly magnified.

Great fingers of my life slid down and gently wrapped around me. I was lost in a leathery, warm skin. I ascended and descended. This time on a gray wood feeling surface. I felt panic swelling inside of me. I wanted to be with my life---not alone. On wobbly legs I tried to stand. I heard a voice. It was his voice. It was deep. And measured. I felt as if he was trying to be understood. I wanted to look up. My life’s face was too far above me. Another fantastic finger descended down from life. It had water dripping down its sides. I staggered under it. I tilted my head back and let the drops splash on and into my mouth. The finger retreated. I wanted again to gaze upon my life. I sat and stretched out on my back. The warm wind lifted and shifted his hanging garden of hair to the side. A huge hand tried to push it back.

Glancing down at me, his huge features formed a questioning countenance with words. I didn’t understand. He passed over into my vision a tub with writing of his land. I knew it was food. It had to me. I made motions with my hand as if eating. Two new fingers came down and sat me up. Descending down was another finger. It was covered with a light brownish substance. It had the smell of peanut butter. I reached out toward it. I scooped it up with my two hands off his finger. I savored the thick, sweet tasting treat. It tasted so good. I took more scoops off his finger which to me was a tree of food and life.

When I was done. I looked to see where to wipe off the good but sticky nourishment. I was about to wipe it off on my trousers when a voice spoke. I stopped. Coming down before me like a curtain after a theatrical performance was a white napkin---I figured that what it was. I wiped my hands off on the thick paper.

After it retreated I lifted my arms up. I heard a rumbling questioning voice again. A finger came and rested down before me. I couldn’t help and be moved from this life giving kindness. I just wanted to hug the finger of my life.down

As I hugged the life giving finger, I heard a series of rumblings. I wondered if the giant who was life to me was chuckling. Way down below a tiny creature showing its out pouring of grateful emotion might seem amusing.. I backed away and tilted my head back and looked upon the seemingly endless finger. In life, I never showed much emotion in public. I rarely laughed in front of others. When I did make public displays of feelings it was in a hardy handshake. I suppose lately, I tended to be more overt.

Seeing I was finished with my veneration, the finger ascended. I couldn’t help and run my hand over the retreating mass.

To view the giant, my life, I laid back down looking up at the heavens where is face inhabited. He seemed to be concentrating on other things. I heard the moving of many large objects. A huge container held by his great hand was scrutinized by the enormous face. His huge brow began to wrinkle up into a questioning mode again. Next his obelisk size fingers opened up the container. He poured whatever it held in his living island of a hand. He lowered it down which during its descent grew in size. It came to rest as gentle as a dried autumn leaf. I was overwhelmed with admiration that such a huge object could settle with such precision.

The giant spoke his labored, yet still unintelligible words to me. The tonality seemed to me one of instruction and friendliness. I stood up and walked over to the side of the hand. I placed my fingers in the grooves created by the creases in his hand. I tried to push myself up. I didn’t have the energy. From behind I felt something huge propelling me up. Once on the warm, leathery surface, I, on hands and knees crawled to the center of the palm where a white sparkling pool of liquid enticed my thirst created by the peanut butter. Crawling up to it. I stopped. I cupped a hand and gathered the colder liquid in my hands. Tilting my hand I let the cold milk run down my throat. The deep, bass voice rumbled something. Sitting up and back on my knees, I put my two hands together and bowed to show my gratefulness. I turned back to the pool of milk and continued to quench my thirst.

When I was done, I back away from it. I looked around the landscape of the hand which was made up of rolling, pillow shaped pads. I crawled up and over a few.

A finger tip came down and ran gentle over my back. The tip moved to in front of me and made quick side motions with its tip. I was being instructed to move. I crawled back over to the edge of the hand. The finger moved and slanted downward next to me. I wrapped my arms and legs around it and climbed down to the wooden surface. Both the finger and hand returned to the sky above.

It was the giant’s time to eat. I could hear the gulping of hundreds of gallons of milk. On my back once again I observed my life eating. He took huge cave like bites of the sandwich he was eating. A few times I was caught in a rain fall of golf ball size crumbs. When the sandwich had vanished into his cavernous mouth, he held a white sphere in his hand. At first I wondered what it was he seemed to be eating with such vigor. The few pieces that fell to earth; I picked up. They were large grains of rice.

After his meal. He cleaned up. Putting the remains in a black school bag the size of a small house. Looking down at me, Two fingers descended for me. It was always stimulating, if not spiritual, as I was taken up by the great being. I was placed back in the safety of his person. The water, food and milk and greatly improved my fragile condition.

For a long time I remained in his pocket. I listened to the steady voice of a teacher. There too was the loud sounds of other giants and the thunderous, explosive sounds they made. I did, in the safety of my giant---feel safe.

I sat in the continued protection of the pocket. I knew not the great being who I think of as life. He fed me and seems to be taking care of me. I must, if to survive trust. Funny, I never trusted, let alone move closely and tenderly to another.

I hung on and waited through the motions brought on by this individual of life. I found light had diminished. Life’s huge steps became exaggerated and echoed profusely. When both the sound and motions stopped. From above came those fingers who in a way I communicated to life through.

Ascending out of the safety of the pocket, I was placed down on that living island of a hand. From above the enormous features of life spoke a few rumbling words. I tried to identify the meaning of the point of his communications by the reflections of what was being spoken. They weren’t questions. I think they were instructions of sorts.

The island hand descended down. I knew this by the pressure in my ears and stomach. And the fact I was passing the full expanse of his shirt again. The hand came to rest on a wooden surface, that I could see past the edge of his hand. A finger came down before me and gently pressed me to walk over to the edge which I did. That same finger, as during lunch, slanted downward. I wrapped my arms and legs around it and shimmied down as before.

The hand when I was safely away from it; retreated to the heavens. My hair was blown back as the pressure of air from life’s movements began. A huge, too big and close for me to discern any character of the face, appeared before me. I was across from a huge nose. A nose as long as any worthwhile slid one could find in any respectable park. Above the nose were those two elegant Japanese eyes that stared knowingly and with joyful amusement at me. A voice, in a rather strict tone and measured way, made me believe I was being told to stay put.

Coming from below the face was the finger that gently tapped and rubbed me on the head in a, "Its ok," type of motion. My life stood up and walked away shaking the ground beneath me.

I felt an excitement building up inside of me. I felt as if I was one of those about to have a vision. As life walked away, the further he went, I began to see Life full form. I saw that Life was dressed in black slacks and wore a white shirt. I could see only the back of his head which was covered with a thick crop of black hair. Two ears jetted out of the sides of his head. He stopped. When he started to turn around, I thought I would cry. I felt like I was going to see the face of God. A slightly round and slightly slender face greeted my eyes and heart. The first thing I noticed were those big brown eyes. They seemed rather not sad, rather heartfelt. I sensed Life felt deeply about many things. His lips were full, but not thick. They stayed with ease one on top of the other. He looked as if he could be around seventeen.

Full of emotion I waved my arms back and forth vigorously. Life squinted his eyes for a moment. His lips moved back a bit enhancing his already high cheek bones. He tuned and left the room.

I felt light headed from actually viewing life. Turning around, I observed my surroundings. I was on some sort of shelf. By the dim light in some corner I thought.
A few minutes later, I heard the loud thumping of steps. I walked over to the edge of the shelf thinking it must be Life. However, the steps were too quick. Coming through the doorway was a younger, smaller giant. "Life’s brother?" I asked myself.

The boy had a very round face with a short crop of black hair that banged around his forehead. He was dressed in a white and black stripped shirt beneath a blue corduroy jumper. He looked as if he could be six years old. I just stood at the edge watching Life’s brother.

When the boy bounced his way my way I retreated back toward back of the shelf. His sharp young eyes must have caught me since he stood there looking in my direction. I remained motionless. He turned away. "Good," I thought, "He didn’t see me." I wanted Life around if there was to be contact with other immense beings. The boy went to a drawer. I figured to get a toy.

I turned around and walked up against the safety of the wall. I stopped when a few moments later I felt a presence. I almost fell backwards with start when turning around I was facing the boy’s face. He said something. His eye brows pointed inward with displeasure. Moving his hand over I saw he held a flyswatter! "Life where are you?" I thought with mounting anxiety. The boy lunged the green end of the flyswatter at me. I moved away. Running down the full length of the shelf,. I could feel the pressure of air behind me as the huge green swatter came crashing down upon the shelf.

I was fast running out of steam. I stopped and hoped with the last remaining energy I had, I could show him I was no bug. I jumped up and down waving my arms shouting. The attacks for the moment ended. He brought his huge round face in closer. And squinted his eyes. I shouted the only Japanese word I knew, "Thank you.!"

The demeanor of his face changed to one of surprise. His eyes squinted again. He placed a hand down in front of the shelf. I suddenly felt myself being pushed forward by the swatter I assumed. I tumbled over into his waiting hand. I sat up a bit dazed.

I heard the approach of steps. "Life!" I said out loud. The boy looked off to the side for a second then toward me. Immediately his fingers closed in around me. I was entombed in the boy’s fist.

I heard the muffled voice of Life. My ears and stomach started to act to sudden movement. I could envision the scene: the boy had me behind his back. Life would tell him, "I know what you have in your hand."

I must have been right. I could feel the hand moving again. When the young sapling like fingers retreated, I saw the face of Life filling the sky above me. Life said a few words to the boy who responded with rather disappointed sounding responses.

Two of Life’s fingers picked me up and placed me down in his hand. Life began to say a few words to me. They sounded caring and questioning. I shouted up to him telling him in my language I was fine. I was hoping the reflection of my voice would relieve him of any worry.

Once more security calmed my being as I sat in the warm hand of Life. He was taking me into another vast room. Life placed his hand down slowly onto a shiny light brown surface. His finger came and carefully spun me around and prompting me to move forward. The finger as the times before, became a pole for me to climb down.

Once on the surface, my Life descended down till his immense mass stopped in a sitting position. In front of me were a group of three large silver gray legs to a base of something. I assumed it was to a computer monitor since I was standing next to a giant keyboard. If I lifted up on my toes, I could just make out the top of the keys.

The giant being, my Life, began typing away on the keyboard. The keys, pressed into service by the great fingers made a series of crackling sounds like heard during fireworks. When he had finished, Life picked me up between two fingers. I was brought before the giant screen. On the screen were words in Japanese; there was an empty box in the middle where the curser blinked. Life’s finger pointed to it. The finger next pointed downward. I followed with my eyes its angle. It was pointing to the keyboard. It was clear to me I was being asked to type. I would try.

I was lowered onto a key. While the key was smaller than I, my weight offered no command to its function. The first words I wanted to tell life was thank you. On hands and knees I crawled over his keyboard to the letter T. Pressing down with both hands I pressed the key. I moved on to H and to the rest. Before my arms gave out from the workout, I was able to type in the word: Life. When I was through, it dawned on me the keyboard was in English. Yet, he was using it. I figured it had a program to guide him along in translating.

I sat down on the spacebar when I was done and rested. Life, with his tree size index finger pressed the enter key. After a minute he began typing away again. After pressing the enter key he picked me up and held me across from the screen. Life translated his response to mine into English. He had typed : "You welcome. What is life?"

Placed back on the keyboard, I typed in, which took me a good fifteen minutes: "Life is you. You saved me."

Going back to rest on the space bar, Life began typing again. After hitting the enter bar I was hoisted up again. On the screen was translated: "Thanks. Call me Gendo"

"Gendo," I shouted in a feeble voice I hoped he could hear. Gendo placed me back on the keyboard. I motioned up to him shaking my head and rubbing my arms in hopes of showing, I can’t type anymore right now. His magnificent head nodded.

Gendo picked me up and left the room. That little boy came over and his head like an alien planet rose over the horizon to Gendo’s hand to get another look at me. Gendo addressed his brother; beginning the sentence with the word Kiato. I wondered if that was the boy’s name.

The room, to vast to really observe all the giant artifacts made think this was Gendo’s room. For I could make out a few sport posters and a few tossed articles of giant clothing tossed about.
I saw I was heading for a clear plastic structure. The inside had a pink plastic slide. A giant wheel…I stopped my observations. I realized with mounting disappointment, he was taking me to one of those habitats for pets. I couldn’t have been wrong about him?

Gendo opened the top. His fingers curled over me as I felt a downward motion. When the fingers uncurled, he very slowly tilted his hand. I climbed down off the living island on to a surface made up of carpet scraps. I went to the side where is face descended down to. I opened my arms up into a questioning, I hope posture. Gendo mumbled something and left the room. Still, I found the teen likeable and special.

While Gendo was away, his brother Kiato stared at me through the plastic walls. He tapped a few times the sides with his fingers that shook both the habitat and me.

Returning, Gendo held a piece of paper in his hands. Lifting it up I could see English words printed on them. However, Gendo held the paper to close for me to read. I motioned for him to move away. After Gendo had backed up sufficiently for me to read, I motioned him to stop. On the paper was printed: "Not All Time. Just Times To Keep You Safe." I accepted his reply. And couldn’t help and be impressed by his orderly thinking. His parents must be proud of him. Strangely, I knew I was.

Gendo stood up. He had a small conversation with his little brother who from time-to-time looked at me. When he was through, Gendo gave me a wave and left the room. His brother, Kiato put his face to the side of the habitat and stared at me.

I went and explored my new surroundings. The bottom of my new home, in part was made up of as I saw before of carpet shavings. There was a thin bottle cap I saw that Gendo had placed water in. There was a orange wall with holes in it. Though, it was to high for me to use, nor would I want to be crawling through holes or using the metal exercise wheel. I could see this must have been designed for mice. Mice if I was to meet, would be the size of large horses to me.

About to sit down when the my plastic home shook. There was a loud thumping sound. Kiato was tapping on the side. With his index finger he was pointing to the plastic slide. I took it, that he wanted to see me slide down it. Fortunately, there was a ramp that circled up to the top. I decided to accommodate the brother of Gendo. I slowly walked up the smooth plastic ramp. At the top, I sat down and propelled myself down with my hands. As I slid down, Kiato giggled which to me sounded like a group of squawking geese. When I came to the bottom, Kiato said something and pointed to the top. I made a weary smile and walked up the ramp again. A loud, cage shaking giggle begin as I slid down it. After that I needed to sit down. Looking off, I happened to glance at a poster of a smiling Buddha.

Kiato tapped on the side of the habitat again. I shook my head and sat down. I wondered when I was going to meet the parents.

It seemed several hours had passed before I saw Gendo again. When I heard giant voices, I rose to my feet. I was hoping it was Gendo. It was, only he was flanked by a middle-aged looking women---his mother. I wondered how she would react to me. Gendo picked me up and placed me down in his island hand. His mother’s face filled the sky above me. Her eyes were wide. She spoke quickly to her son. I think the poor dear didn’t know what to make out of me. I stood up and bowed. This caused her face to smile, somewhat. I was wondering if she had the same serious disposition that her son had.

During dinner I sat on a sponge the size of a twin bed next to Gendo’s plate. I didn’t see the father. I suppose he was out working late. On part of a napkin I was feed bits of rice, raw fish and little pieces of lettuce. I turned and watched as my giant, Gendo ate. He used chopsticks the length of street poles to eat from. I couldn’t help and not hear the food being grounded up between his car door size teeth. Gendo’s brother Kiato, had most of his supper over his face.

When we were done eating, Gendo helped his mother clean up. He next took a clean face cloth and cleaned his brother’s face off.

Gendo said a few words to his mother. The mother replied in very parental sounding response. I figured it was, "You can go out. But not too late You have school in the morning." Or something to that affect.

Gendo, held another house piece of paper before me. It had in translated English: Seeing Friend. Bringing you. Friend Naruto not scary. Busy like Luffy.

I didn’t know what he meant by Luffy. But I trusted his judgment. Gendo was in different clothing. The white tank top he wore sported his fine athletic build. He placed me in the breast pocket. Which was slightly tighter than the other which made moving around more difficult.

Gendo left the house. It had now become dark outside. As my giant walked down the narrow sidewalk, many homes had colorful lanterns that were lit.

Going up the walk to a home, Gendo stopped. I could hear the sound him taking off his shoes. Opening the door was another teen. He was shorter than Gendo. His hair was combed up creating a fin like appearance. It was dyed with many colors. He waved Gendo in. Turning toward another room, Gendo bowed to the parents who were sitting down on whicker chairs.

Naruto spoke loud and bombastically. Ushering Gendo into what must have been his bedroom shut the door. The giant teen crossed back and forth my vision many times. Nauto stopped. He was looking in my direction. He pointed to me and asked in words that reflected a question. Gendo with his huge fingers pulled me out and placed me in his hand. I stood up and bowed before the very round, planet size head. "Whoa!" Naruto responded. That was one word I could understand.

In even faster words, Naruto asked all sorts of questions. Gendo had not just finished a sentence when Naruto would ask another. Naruto asked another question. By the fact he was looking at me I knew what it was---he wanted to hold me. Gendo carefully picked me up and placed me down in Naruto’s sweaty palm. After asking several more questioning words, Gendo asked him a question. After getting a quick response, Gendo went over to Naruto’s computer.

Naruto’s sky filling face didn’t take his huge black eyes off of me. He sent two fingers down toward me. I backed away. He said a few words to me. They were gentle. He picked me up. I seemed to be heading for his face when I began to descend. I was heading next for his throat when I began to ascend. I felt my head being slid over a slightly rough surface. He did this a couple of times.

I heard the loud mechanized sound of an inkjet printer. Naruto turned around. He slowly lifted me away from his chin. Gendo was holding another translated message for me. It read: Legend of my place. Little folks-Bring-Good-luck-Naruto-wonders if you tiny spirit of grass?-Luck comes if rub head of grass spirit under chin-Tell him you not-Tell him…

The last two words brightened my heart when I saw what Gendo had translated,"…you friend."

Naruto as Gendo spoke to him, kept marveling over my tiny size. He said a few words to Gendo who made indecisive replies. Finally, Gendo gave-in to his pal’s persistent pleading. Picking me up, Naruto placed me up and on his head. I found myself standing next to his Mohawk like wave, that curled over as a colorful tidal wave about to happen. The rest of his hair were trees that made a forest of kaleidoscope of colors.

Setting like a moon over the horizon of this Technicolor landscape was Gendo’s face. Holding on to a stand of hardened hair, I waved to my giant. He smirked. His expression changed quickly to one of: thanks for putting up.

The living ground beneath me moved as Naruto walked over to the other side of his room. I turned around from the horizon of the Naruto landscape and looked about the forest of hair I was in. The thicker strands I entered. Its thick clusters created a dark, more foreboding atmosphere. The colors in the dim light seemed muted.

I put a finger in my ear thinking I had a blockage that created the ringing sensation. The ringing persisted. I with a questioning mind, fixed my eyes on a flickering light between two rather large strands of hair. I ventured toward the light. It was from this direction came the ringing, I first thought a blockage in my ear. Pushing several smaller ones that yielded to my hands aside, I stopped trying to comprehend what I was seeing. And what I was seeing shouldn’t be here. Not in a normal working of nature I knew. Behind a lighted torch, attached to a bamboo stand was a small Buddhist temple. To the right of the entrance swung a small bronze bell. Slowly, I headed my way for the small structure. I stopped. And I thought, "Does Naruto know of this?" I shook my head. This was all too weird. Then again, so was my shrinking. The dim light that shown from out of the doorway mixed with a pleasant aroma, that permeated the immediate area, soothed my troubled spirit.

I entered.

In the dimly lit room was a table. On the table was a simple ceramic tea pot and cup. I could see steam rising from out of the spout. With apprehensive hands I picked up the pot and poured myself a cup full of the contents. The fragrance smelled like mint----I think. It was very good. Taking another sip, I saw a sitting figure in the dim light. I put my cup down. Going over to the faintly lit object, I saw it was a life size bronze colored statue of a sitting Buddha. It was a smiling Buddha. I had seen that smiling face before. I thought. It was in Gendo’s room. Yes, that’s where I had seen it. It was hanging on a poster. I studied the smiling peaceful face for several minutes.

My contemplation was disturbed by the sound of laughter. It seemed to becoming right outside the temple. I stepped out. A small boy with an older man who I figured was his father were running around a strand of hair that was stiff as a pole. The little boy kept poking his head on either side of the pole laughing as his father pretended he couldn’t catch him. "Wait!" I shouted as they ran into the deep strands of hair. Running after them through the hair I said to myself, "This really can’t be happening in Naruto’s hair." I stopped running.

I closed my eyes. Thunder began, "I wonder it was going to rain," I thought. The thundering persisted. Listening to the thunder, I found it wasn’t. thunder. It was the deep rumbling voice of my giant Gendo. I looked up. His face filled the heavens. Two fingers came down. I was happy to leave this strange place. I knew everything I had seen couldn’t have possibly had happen. Still, I was glad to leave this living forest of Naruto’s.

Gendo placed me back in the warm safety of his breast pocket. Naruto came up gave me a slight bow and tapped me on the head. A few more deep rumbling words were exchanged between the two giants.

Gendo left and headed home. In the warm environment of Gendo, I tried to analyze what had happened. One thought that came across my mind, was the dye. Maybe, something in the dye that Naruto uses for his head had an affect on someone my size.

When Gendo returned home he placed me on a desk in his room. He took out of a desk drawer a pair of scissors. And placed them down. In another drawer, Gendo took out a huge, very huge, red and blue bandana. Gendo opened it up and placed it down. With his index finger he pointed to me and then to the bandana. I walked on to the tarp size material.. Gendo motioned with his finger again for me to sit down. After I did, he took an index finger and very slowly started to push on my chest. I laid backwards on the bandana. Gendo took a ten foot tall pen and made a line just below my feet. And I assumed Gendo did the same above my head. Placing his finger in my vision, Gendo signaled me to get up. With two of his fingers, he picked me up and placed me down again outside of the bandana.

Gendo picking up the scissors, began to make cuts in the bandana. After a couple of minutes, he handed to me between two fingers a robe to wear. I assumed it was my sleeping attire.

Taking me to the bathroom, Gendo and I both cleaned up. As the mountain size Gendo was putting on his sleeping wear, I saw the tracks to a healed gash going up the side of his left arm. I can’t explain it, a sudden burst of sorrow ran through me. I felt as if I was going to vomit. Running over to the side of the sink, I emptied my stomach. Gendo sent a finger up and down my back. I turned around nodding my head to show I was all right.

He took me back into his room. I thought I was going to be placed back in the habitat. Instead, Gendo made a tiny bed on his matt for me. His huge form shook the surface of the matt and me as his tremendous bulk came to rest next to me. He was on his side. Gendo’s eyes blinked a few times. It had had been quite a day for both of us. He placed his island of a hand next me. I patted the tip of one of the fingers. The finger of this amazing boy.

During the course of the evening, I heard the constant and steady breathing of Gendo. The sound was reminiscent to me, of the high tide running into a side tidal basin. Mixed with the sound the of Gendo’s breathing was the warm flow of air coming from his mouth and nose which reminded me of those wonderful windy late spring weather, and this, made a peaceful sleep.

When morning came, Gendo and I cleaned up. He placed me on top of his dresser as he quickly typed away on his keyboard. As he typed I walked about the top. I came across a framed picture. I had to walk back to the other side to get somewhat a better look at it. Framed in Cheery wood, was picture of a younger Gendo with an adult. I assumed this was his father.

The typing stopped, turning toward Gendo I saw he was looking at me. He turned away and resumed typing. The picture as I studied it, showed the adult with his hand on Gendo’s shoulder. Gendo was in a dark colored coat with a banded collar the type of coat older students wear in Japan.

When the printer completed its task, Gendo held the fifty foot paper in front of me, though at a distance that I could read it. It had printed on it: "Leave you here-Will put food before I leave-Will show friends you when back-good-pals them-that photo me and father-he died four years-I must go-have fun-you pal." Gendo, after pal put a yellow smiley face.

I was disappointed I wasn’t going with him. He picked me up between his fingers and placed me in habitat. Gendo left the room. When he came back, Gendo had bits of food for me to have for lunch and snacks. Gendo tapped on the side of the habitat and gave me a bow. I returned with a bow also. He hoisted over his white shirt, a black book bag and left the room.

Later, Gendo’s brother Kiato came in. He stared at me for a white. I then became conscious of movement. Everything I did, Kiato was repeating, in part. I lifted an arm. He lifted his. I twirled around, he stood up and shaking my cage in the process, twirled around too. I went up to the side of the cage. I stuck my tongue out at him. He moved his gigantic face in closer and squinted his eyes. I stuck my tongue out. Kiato made a loud frustrated sigh. He left the room. I thought, "I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings?"

Not long after, Kiato came back. He hand in his hand a magnifying glass. Kiato put it up to the side of the habitat. I stuck my tongue out again and smiled. Kiato giggled. He stuck out his huge pink tongue. I was becoming charmed by the playful bantering. I did it again. The next time Kiato did it, it was more like giving the raspberries. The whole side of the cage was covered with wet droplets. Using the bottom of his shirt tail, Kiato wiped it off.

Kiato took out of the side pocket to his jumper a toy airplane. He began to run around the room making all sorts of sounds as he made flying motions with his toy plane.

When he stopped and looked at me, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what he had in mind. Kiato came over and opened the top. His little hand, still one of great size to me, descended down toward me. I tried to run away from it. He said a few words. I just kept trying to run from his approaching fingers. Kiato saw this as a game and made very loud, high pitch, laughing sounds. I was way too small to out run his hand. In a series of seconds, I found myself spinning around pressed in the pads of his fingers.

When I was set free of Kiato’s fingers sarcophagus, Kiato using his other fingers from his other hand, placed me in his plastic, blue plane.

"Aaah!" I screamed as Kiato made close, sharp curves toward and away from the wall. He took the plane and landed it, which jolted me, on a table surface and back up again that brought my stomach up as well---so it felt. Going over to one side of the room, Kiato began to tip the plane. "No!!" I screamed. There was nothing in the shiny, smooth surface of the cockpit for me to hang on to. I felt myself falling.

Falling through space, I saw the spinning image of the smiling Buddha poster. I came to rest on a soft surface. On my back, I was somewhat stunned. When the feeling began to leave me, I slowly tried to get up. I was in a canyon of clothing. Drooping over a high wall of blue was a white athletic sock. By the pure scope of it, it had to belong to Gendo. I stopped for a moment to reflect. I once more had been saved by Gendo. This must be a pile of his clothes.

That feeling of sorrow came over me again. I didn’t understand it. Trying to clear my head I looked for a way out of this fabric canyon.

Kiato began crying. Giant footsteps soon followed. I heard the voice of his mother. A shadow came gliding over a pair of immense green basketball shorts. Looking up, I saw the face of Gendo’s mother. I began to wave my arms. Her eyes narrowed and she very gently picked me up. I looked at her for a moment. She looked at me. We stayed that way for several minutes.

Seeing I was unharmed, She placed me back in the habitat. The mother removed Kiato from the bedroom. I went over to a bottle cap and using my hand, scooped up a little water. I then sat down. Tired from the ordeal, I stretched out on the carpeted floor of the habitat.

When I awoke I gave out a surprised, "Whoa!" All around the habitat were the faces of five teenage boys.

The whole habitat was surrounded by the giant faces. Steam formed on the sides of the clear plastic sides from their colossal noses and mouths. When they began asking Gendo all sorts of questions, in their loud, animated, gigantic words, it came crushing in on me like a severe thunderstorm. And the cage trembled to their continuous questioning. I had to place my hands over my ears.

I heard Gendo’s speech among the others. The din soon diminished---somewhat.

Among the giants faces that peered in on me was Naruto’s. He smiled and waved the fingers of one hand at me. He turned pointing to his hair. "Great," I thought. "Will they all want to place me in their hair?"

The eyes of the boy’s were friendly, though one boy with close shaven head, his eyes flickered with mischief.

They seemed to be in debate over something. When it ended, to my nervousness, Gendo opened the top to the habitat and pulled me out. "Whoa!" said the teens in unison. Several ran a finger over the top of my head. More questions were asked.

Gendo placed me in the hand of one teen who had several rings in his nose and left the room. The teen began to look sheepish. He gently picked me up while the others with wide eyes looked on. I was lowered and found the top of my head was being slid back and forth under his huge chin. Another lad in a questioning manner went on for a couple of minutes to the teen who held me. The boy tired from the pestering, moved me under that teen’s chin; sliding me back and forth. This felt very embarrassing.

I was relieved when I heard Gendo’s voice. The boy placed me back down in his hand. Gendo held in front of me another communication. It read: "Hope not scared-they wonder if you spirit of grass-why you under chin for luck as told you night-good guys-known since kids."

I bowed before for each one. A couple bowed back. The close shaven one just smirked at me. There was more gigantic questioning.

I was placed on the floor. They all came around me. They stretched way to far for me to look up at. I just could see their black pant legs that grew out of sandals, shoes and sneakers that belonged to these cosmic( to me) giants. When they knelt around me, the quake they caused and the pressure from their fantastic bulk, blew me off, up and back onto the floor.

I confess this cared me. I stood up. And went to I hope was Gendo’s knee that rose above like a giant boulder. I figured it was his knee by the last time I heard his voice. I wanted to turn and hide myself against it.

I consider myself no coward. It’s, you must understand, at my size how these seventeen year olds come across to me.

I felt a calm, a strange calm when I thought how well Gendo was keeping his friends in line in regards to me. His father, I would think, would have been very proud of his son. The way he handled them with respect and respect for me.

The mother cam in. I knew this by the type of shoes. And her sweet, enlarged, feminine voice. I could see in the mammoth hands of the teens, tank size cans of soda. When they opened them up, it was the sound of a thousand whales blowing from their air holes. The sipping sounds was highly grating on my nerves.

A short while later, Gendo and three other teens left the room. A pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers remained. I could not see who the owners were. I go up to stretch my legs. I could tell I was being observed for the tips to the sandals and sneakers turned in my direction.

After a few minutes, I was wondering what was taking Gendo so long. My thoughts were stirred when I felt a slight tremor behind me. I heard muted, still loud snickering behind me. Turning, I saw one of those tank size cans of soda bearing down at me. I began to run. "What the heck is their problem, " I thought. Looking over my shoulder, I could see I was making no progress, the can was steadily growing in size.

I lost my footing and fell. The can was right on top of me when a sneaker came crashing down on it and stopped it. I remained on my back motionless as I fought to get my breath back.

All at once, the sneaker pressed down on the can. It made such a loud, piercing, metallic, crunching sound, I screamed out in pain.

When the pain in my ear subsided, I looked up. Being on my back I could see the owner of the sneaker---it was the close shaven teen. Pushing aside the demolished can, I was caught in a windstorm caused by the descending mass of the teen. As he stooped, he began to reach for me.

I looked with; I can’t say fear, more of an anxiety. An anxiety of what more fun-and-games he had in mind for me. The descending island drew closer as did his fingers that spread out as living obelisks above me. Within seconds the obelisks surrounded me. There was more than ample room between them for me to escape. Escape where? I certainly couldn’t out run them or the giant. I waited for the teen to gather me up in his grasp. Instead, nothing. I wondered if this was all he had in mind.

I started to head for an opening. As I drew near the fingers shut tight together. He was baiting me. There was a muffled sound coming from the bottom of the floor as his fingers moved in to pick me up. I soon was in the darkness of his hands. I felt that feeling in my stomach and ears of elevation.

Sounds of giant voices commenced. I heard Gendo’s inquiring voice. Light and fresh air rushed over me when the fingers draw back. Gendo said something to him, The teen had what could be translated as, "Oh, I was just fooling around," kind of inflection to his reply.

Another teen started asking Gendo something. Gendo taking me back into his beautiful, life giving hands. I say beautiful, because his great size was used to preserve me.

Gendo, took me with him to the computer desk and placed me down. He typed away at his keyboard. There was the sound of kettledrum like sounds as the teens came and gathered around. When Gendo was done, he lifted a sheet of translated words to me which said: "Are you ok?" I nodded my head as he squinted his eyes at me. I then read further: Shinji wants you to climb his foot thinks cool-do you think ok?" I nodded my head again. I read on: "Osamu plays rough-mostly good guy."

After, Gendo placed me on the floor. A huge sandaled foot came slowly down in front of me. Even though Shinji though he was being careful, the great object stirred up dust and a vacuum that shoved me back. I walked up to the front of the tan brown monster. I thought, "People shrunk to the size I am, may appreciate the lives bugs have to live with us humans." Resting on the footpad was the mighty foot covered in a blue, thick cotton sock. I could see the ribbed stitching. I slowly, using my arms, pushed up on the footrest. Pulling on the thick blue material, I was able with ease climbed up onto the big toe. A heat emanated from the sock. I was surrounded with this warmth. Surprisingly, there was no foot smell to speak of. Beneath the blue material bulging like baby humpback whales, were the tops to the toes. I approached the thick dark tanned strap that ran across the top of the foot. It had the smell of old leather and sweat. It was just about the width of my body. The bronze buckle was tarnished and bits of bronze paint had long been scraped off with wear. And a thick pole about several feet (to me) jetted out of a large leather hole. I climbed up on it; looked around. Just behind it was the bottom of his black slacks that I could see were getting frayed. From the heavens, I could heard joyful sounding comments. I tuned and headed back to the front of the foot. Before climbing down, I gave it a good paternal pat. I returned to the floor.

I saw across from Shinji’s foot, Gendo’s sandaled foot. It was covered in a white sock. Going up to it, I lifted my arm and touched the bottom part of the big toe that stuck out. That feeling of grief ran through me again. I just couldn’t figure why?

The teen Shinji brought down a finger and patted my back with it. I bowed.

The mother came in and said a few exasperated words. Everyone took off their shoes and sandals right away.

Gendo picked me and placed me on another table where bags of snacks, the size of three story buildings stood in slanted angles. Everyone dug in. It was a frenzy of loud crunching and belching.

When the boys had left, Gendo wrote another translated message that he printed up for me. It read: "Thank you for Shinji feet- Shinji not sure of himself.-You made happy-You could say no-You did nice thing-Thank you-You make good-father." Those last word were the best thing anyone had ever said to me.

felt warm inside with Gendo’s words. I made typing movements with my fingers in hope of writing a message to him. My hands were far to small for him to pick up on. I pointed to the side-of-the-barn size paper and resumed my motions. He nodded his head. I was glad I made connection.

He brought me over to his keyboard. He set up the program for me and rested his planetary size arms on either side of the keyboard. On hands and knees, I began to press down on the keys. I forgot how much work that was.

Swinging my arms to loosen them up, after the work out, I crawled off the keyboard. Gendo hit the enter button for translation into Japanese. I had written: "I be proud to have a son like you. Any parent would be."

Gendo just looked at the screen for a moment. When he turned and his huge brown moons for eyes looked down at me, I gave him a bow.

Coming into the room was Gendo‘s mother. She started speaking to Gendo. The only part of the conversation I could understand was the word Shinji. It had something to do with his friend.

Gendo motioned with his hands for me to stay put. He stood up and left the room. While he was gone his little brother Kiato came in. He sat down at the chair and stared down at me. I gave him a profound bow. He giggled. Putting his hand down I walked over to the sapling size fingers. Having a little fun, I rushed up and touched the tip of one and quickly moved away. He didn’t register any emotion. I thought, "Maybe the kid thinks I’m nuts." Kiato pointed to another finger. I ran up and touched it and quickly moved away. This time he smiled. I did it again to the rest of his fingers. This amused him.

When Gendo came back, he lifted Kiato from out of his seat and sat down. Gendo typed away. When it was translated, Gendo picked me up with a pair of tweezers by the back of my shirt and hung me in front of the screen where he wrote.: "Shinji in yard looking for little spirits of the grass-He wants a magical person look after him needs- Shinji has rotten parents-I try be support- makes me sad."

I thought how depressing that indeed was. The teen on his hands and knees looking through the grass for tiny people.

When Gendo placed his arm down in front of me, I saw that gash again. Feelings of melancholy ran through my body once more. It was almost like it had happened to me. Strange I thought. I had to move my eyes away from it, as I did I looked up. There smiling benevolently and full of wisdom was that poster of the Buddha.

During supper I ate next to Gendo’s sixty foot plate. His mother had prepared a small amount of a hamburger. Pointing to it, Kiato stood up off his cushion, "Hamburger." Kiato pronounced it right. It was, however, seeing the chewed up food in his mouth that fell out while he talked was rather disgusting. Gendo wiped his mouth.

After our main meal, Gendo’s mother gave us rice pudding. As he was taking a spoonful, Gendo coughed. I found myself drenched in pudding. Kiato found it amusing. I put my arms up shaking the stuff off. Gendo said something, I assume it was he was sorry. I wasn’t mad. Gendo took me to the bathroom where I got out of the pudding soaked clothing. Cleaning up, I put on my sleeping shirt poncho.

Gendo stretched on his living room floor to read a book for school. I sat on edge of the giant book. My only concern was, I hope Gendo would remember I was there, I didn’t want to end up as a pressed flower in a book.

For an hour or so Gendo watched television. He fooled around with Kiato. Put his brother to bed and watched a little more television.

At bedtime as the might before I slept on a tiny matt next to Gendo’s mountainous frame. After he drifted off, I soon followed.

During the night, I woke up to the sounds of voices. I sat up and looked around in the orange hue created from a street light that filtered in through the bedroom window. It was the sound of giggling. My first thought it was Kiato. As my mind became more alert, I found it was coming from the direction of Gendo. With the laughter of the child, was soon the sound of an adult.

The voices increased and were defiantly coming from Gendo’s direction. As they intensified it seemed they were coming from up on high---from out of Gendo’s hair.

Pushing their way through the thick strands of Gendo’s locks, was a boy followed by an adult male. I laughed. For theses were the same apparitions I had seen in Naruto’s hair. They crawled down out of the hair and onto Gendo’s shoulder. I shouted up to them. They either didn’t hear me or was just ignoring me.

Coming to the edge of the shoulder, the boy stopped and began to cry. The adult, his father, I guess, just stood there. I began to yell at the father, "Don’t just stand there go to your kid."

The apparitions faded.

Confused, all I could do was go back to sleep. Putting my head back on the matt, I thought, "What’s this thing I am seeing. I know Gendo doesn’t keep people in his hair. People who can vanish. And why didn’t that guy comfort his son?" These images troubled me. With uneasy mind, I slowly went to sleep.

In the morning, vie translated paper, Gendo informed me he would be taking me to class.

After we had consumed our breakfast, Gendo who has been life to me, picked me up and placed down the pocket to his shirt. I was in that warm, white world. The comforting, rhythmic beating of Gendo’s heart created a lulling affect on me. Sitting and leaning up against the white material, I thought about that dream or vision I had last might. The foremost thought I had about it, was how the adult did nothing to console the child who was crying.

"Why was I seeing this ? And the feeling of sorrow at the sight of Gendo’s scare?" I asked myself. I never have been an overly emotional man. If anything, kind of aloof from others. With Gendo it was different, he mattered to me.

Seeping in through the white material was the sounds of a school. The energetic thunder of footsteps echoed in around me. Voices of the great cosmic giants engaged in their titanic exchanges. I heard several giants addressing Gendo. A finger descended and pulled on the top to my private pocket world. Four sets of eyes peered down upon me. Their noses that just appeared at the top of the lip to the pocket sent a swirl of warm air down over me. Their eyes seemed familiar to me. "It must be a couple of his pals that I had met the other day," I said to myself. I waved up my arms. One of the colossal friends, lowered half way into the pocket a finger and wiggled it at me.

The finger and the giant eyes left. Classes had begun.

During a break, Gendo lifted me out of my secure little world. I was out on the expanse of his island hand. When other giant faces appeared, before they became to close for me to observe, I did have time to see who they were. It was Naruto, Shinji and Osamu. Shinji sent a finger over and petted me on top of my the head. Osamu made, by the tone of his voice, a wise crack, after Shinji had petted me. Shinji asked something of Gendo who refused by shaking his head.

When the bell sounded, I was lowered back into that tranquil white world. I was close to my Gendo again.

It seemed the next several hours flew by. When the outside sky appeared above the top to my private world, I figured the boys were going to have lunch outside. I was placed next to huge house size book bags. The teen cosmic giants were talking about something when they turned their mighty faces away. I heard the movements of their great bulk moving upward. They appeared to be leaving.

Moving over the top of the book bag hills, was Shinji’s face. He looked down at me. And turned around. He did this several times. Shinji appeared as best I could judge the giant features, in a quandary. His eye brows appeared to be dancing in thought. His huge lips seemed to be going tight, as if under a strain. A hand appeared above the book bag. It stayed stationary over the tops for few seconds. It began to descend.

Drawing nearer and filling my vision, it dawned on me, I was about to be picked up. And by Shinji’s nervous, expression, Gendo knew nothing of this. I became very worried..

My body spun several times as it was taken up by the living obelisks. When they opened, I found myself rolling and rolling down into a deep, dark void. This void began to sway. I fumbled with my hands trying to find in the darkness something to hang on to.

Hearing voices, I put my ear to the invisible warm material. I began to scream for Gendo, "I’m in here help!" I knew my voice was too feeble to be heard. I just sat there trapped in what had to be Shinji’s pocket.

As the pocket swayed, I didn’t know if it was fright or the stale, hot air; I heard a voice saying, "You are not far from that you call life."

"What do you mean?" I replied in this pit of darkness.


At first, I thought, "Maybe, I’m being ask to take physical action. Gendo must be near Shinji." I found a fold of material and began to climb it. The swaying action of the pant leg, made it hard. I worked my legs and arms to their limits. After an indeterminate amount of time, I saw, still way above, a sliver of light. My arms were beginning to ache. My movements were becoming slow and labored.

There came a swift, unexpected movement of such rapidity, I lost my grip. I, like Dante descended into the nether-regions of darkness. As I spun and rolled down the inner-pocket lining, I heard that voice, "You are not far from that you call life." I had no idea what the voice meant.

In my fear, I called out, "Gendo, I need you again."

I landed on my face, on the warm surface to a seam. While, I felt Shinji posed no threat to me physically, I knew my place was with Gendo.

I heard the sounds of giant voices. One questioning voice sounded like Gendo and the recipient of the questioning---Shinji. The pocket began to rock violently back and forth. I only could imagine Shinji was getting nervous from Gendo’s probing.

There came silence. An emotion, slicing type of silence.

"Aah," I said out loud as light poured in. The streams of light were broken as Shinji’s mammoth fingers descended down for me. I felt as if my time of interment had ended. And I was going to be resurrected to the safe haven of Gendo’s hand. My almost nothing body was wrapped up in Shinji’s moist, warm fingers. I felt the upward motion as I was being released from the fabric prison.

Light and fresh air poured forth over me. On my back in Shinji’s hands, I looked up and into his huge sad eyes. I felt no malice toward him. Though, it did remind me how vulnerable I was. So vulnerable that a pocket could become a prison where there was no escape. Shinji said a few low volume words to me.

Gendo’s fingers picked me up and deposited me back into my white, private world that I was grateful to re-enter. For the remainder of the school day, I remained in life’s pocket.

On the way home, Shinji in a pleading and frustrated voice spoke to Gendo. My giant said a few words back. I was starting to feel bad for Shinji. He must have been so caught up in the spirit-of-the-grass legend, he was willing to steal from a friend. And abduct another living creature.

Back at Gendo’s home, he did a few minutes of typing on his computer. Lifting me up with his white, plastic tweezers, Gendo hung me before his computer screen. He had a translated message for me. It was: "Mad at Shinji-dishonored me-and his self- think not be pals with him-known him long-why he dishonored me-and him?"

After Gendo put me down I crawled up onto his keyboard. Gendo set program for me. I started typing. Again, it was such an effort. Plus, I was weary after trying to escape Shinji’s pocket. What I typed: "I mad too-I say give him chance-Shinji confused-maybe you can help him-he needs person show they care-your call."

Gendo typed a reply: "I will-you show leniency-he must show him sorry-to me and you."

In the early evening, Shinji came over. In Gendo’s bedroom, Shinji spoke words to my giant who sat in his computer chair with crossed arms. I was on another table across the room which made it possible for me to observe this. Gendo, replied with several words. Shinji made several deep bows.

Coming over to me, and his approach caused my body to shake, Shinji stopped and bowed. I knew he was bowing when his black hair fell down before me. His bow was of such an acceleration, that it blew me onto my backside. I stood back up. And bowed back. Shinji put his land mass of a hand into the front pocket of his jeans. He pulled out and placed down before me a tiny miniature chair.

Gendo, with cannon fire sounding steps, came and joined his friend. Picking me up, Gendo lowered me down into Shinji’s hand. Shinji moved his thumb in and I climbed up on it and sat down.

I sat on the thumb of one who tried to steal me away from my giant. Though, now it’s the thumb of a friend. One, whose journey has been pierced with pain and uncertainty.

Thinking about this on the large thumb, the image of the smiling Buddha was just in line with my vision, hugging the side of Shinji‘s great form.

After Shinji had left, Gendo went over to his computer with me in hand. Placing me down on the edge of the enormous keyboard. He began to type. The loud clacking sounds after a while grated on my nerves. Gendo pressed the sofa size enter button. Picking up his tweezers, Gendo lifted me up as before by my shirt collar. On the screen was a message: "Thanks-glad give Shinji chance-he is good-just mixed as you say."

Placed back down, I crawled on the keys to type a reply to Gendo. With patience and perseverance I began to press on the boulder size buttons. My giant, who has been life to me, sat back in his cosmic throne size chair. When a span of twenty minutes had passed---I was done. I had written: "You honor Shinji as his friend-just as you life to me-you to him-and more."

In Japanese, Gendo thanked me. I shouted up a reply in Japanese. I stopped to think what had just happened. I do not know Japanese. My voice was to faint for Gendo since he didn’t react. Still, I was perplexed by what had just happened.

Gendo, typed another message to me: "If you ok-bring you to basketball game. Me want to show you how I play. Honor for me." I was touched that Gendo held such high esteem for one so small. Many people don’t even hold those of their own size in such esteem. I nodded my head to Gendo. I wasn’t relishing the idea of being around greatly energized teens whose hormones would be at full velocity of strength. And a sporting event was the right ingredient for this. I did feel in part, wanting to see my boy Gendo in action.

A couple of days later, in the evening, was the big game. Gendo carried me in the soft roomy confines of the pocket to his sweat jacket. I could from the pocket hear the sounds of the gym’s locker room. There was the explosive sounds of lockers opening and closing. The air was a buzzed with the booming, youthful voices of the players.

When giant fingers removed me from the pocket, I saw Gendo’s face, or part of it. He had around his cliff like forehead a white and green sweat band that had Japanese lettering. It was strange, I could almost understand what they meant.

Gendo’s fingers closed in around me. I felt forward motion. The sounds of voices increased. When the hand opened up, I was in a vast auditorium. This was, however on galactic proportions. And all around in this galactic arena colossal gods waiting for the tournament of the young titans. It was both exhilarating and scary. Gendo, leaned his face in and said a few words. I had the impression he was hoping this wasn’t a mistake. I lifted my two arms up and placed the hands together in an act of grateful thanks. I was trying to show my esteem for Gendo.

I was placed on the bench between two pals of Gendo. Their green basketball covered thighs rose above me the size of a house. I hoped they would remember I was here and not let another player sit on me. Just before the start of the game his pals formed a semicircle in front of me. Gendo picked me up and gently rubbed the top of my head under his chin. He then passed me to Naruto and when he was done past me to the next friend. I didn’t think they believed in this superstition And I hope I wasn’t becoming the team’s mascot. Still, I trusted Gendo.
The sounds of the spectators was deafening. The surface beneath me, shook, trembled and thank god, didn’t disassemble as the great bulk of the teens moved from the excitement of watching the game.

I was having a hard time seeing the players and I wanted especially to see Gendo. I went up to a basketball shorts covered thigh and began pulling with all my strength on the green smooth surface. After a few minutes of pulling the gigantic teen looked down. He gently picked me up and placed me in his island of a hand. I crawled out on to the end of a finger. Seeing my intent the teen lifted his hand up. In the great distance, I saw my giant boy, my life---my Gendo out on court. What a fine figure he made!

Perched on the teen’s finger, I watched Gendo’s slick moves on the court. From under his headband, Gendo’s long black hair would fly up in the back, sending glistening drops of sweat into the air as he made his skillful maneuvers. I was getting excited watching him move his way toward making a effortless looking shot. I was so overjoyed, I almost fell off the finger.

The teen retracted his finger and I was placed in another boy’s hand. I think it was Shinji’s. I was to close to the enormous face to tell. I saw passing me the huge bulk of the teen who had held me. It was like watching a running living mountain. As he drew farther away, I saw it was Gendo’s rough edge pal Osamu.

Placed back on the bench when Shinji entered the game, I could only watch the titanic legs of the teens racing about the court.

The volume of shouting and stomping of feet became painful for my ears that I had to, on hands and knees seek refuge under one of the waiting players hands.

My sanctuary, however, would quickly ascend off of me when that player was called into the game. Adrenaline would rush through me in self preservation mode when the player he was replacing would come wearily over and sit down. I had to rush out of the way of the descending green covered backside. The pressure of air created from the descending mass would knock me down.

When the game ended and it was Gendo’s team that won, there was an apocalyptic detonation of cheers. Gendo, wanting me to share in the great joy, picked me up, and placed me behind his headband. The sweat soaked headband did make it rather uncomfortable. The warmth I felt by the fact Gendo thought it important enough for me to be there; sharing the glory with him, obliterated any uncomfortable feeling.

From the head band, I could see Gendo’s huge quarter of a neighborhood block arm extend to shake other players hands. Or rustling up their hair. To his close pals there were hugs.

Gendo, from what I heard was getting the praises for winning the game. He took it with humility. To my admiration, he shared his glory and made it a team glory. I was very proud of Gendo.

When my own admiration settled down, I found, once more, I was understanding the language. A miracle?

Later, on the hundred foot long bench in the locker room and as I looked up at Gendo putting on a clean tee-shirt, I observed that scare again on his arm. It was a deep scare that must have run deep in the critical muscles of his arm. I became aware how Gendo must have had to work hard in generating strength and mass back to that arm. And this must have increased his generosity of spirit toward others. Myself being a prime example.

Tears raced down my cheeks. My boy was a man. And he was my boy.

On the trip home I was back in the pocket of Gendo’s sweat jacket. I never felt so honored than riding in the pocket of one I loved and admired. My admiration wasn’t just because he was my son, it was because he was a beautiful man and soul. A man and soul still blossoming. I wanted so badly to tell him.

After Gendo had celebrated the team’s victory with his mother and little brother, he washed up and made ready for bed.

Before turning off the light, Gendo went over to that picture of his father. I could see his expression. When his huge face descended down next to me, I saw it was sullen. I stood up on my matt and walked over to the five story size face. I placed a hand against the warm, firm skin. "Your father is so very proud of you." Strange words I had spoken. Walking back to my matt I knew they weren’t so strange now. It was becoming clear to me.

In the morning I awoke with Gendo’s head on my arm. "Wake up," I said.

Opening his eyes Gendo turned his face toward me. His eyes grew wide. "Father!" Gendo sat up quickly.

"Its ok my son."

We both stood up. I saw in the mirror I had my true appearance that of a Japanese man.

"Father," said Gendo again. These words warmed which had been a cold and lost soul. He came to my open arms. Taking my hand I placed it behind his head and brought it against my chest. "I don’t understand."

"I’m understanding it now. And these dreams I have been having. Gendo, remember when you were six and we were playing in an overgrown filed."

"Sort of."

"In this field you and I were playing hide and seek. Suddenly, a solution to a problem that I had been working on for the company I worked for came clear in my mind.. You ran off. A short time later I heard you crying. Rushing over to you, I found you had fallen and cut your arm badly on an old rusting plow head. I rushed you to the hospital. There was extensive damage to your arm. I had never forgiven myself for letting you out of my sight. I felt I had let you down."

"No dad you didn’t. You were always there for me. Though---I sometimes wondered if I had displeased you as a son. You always seemed so serious around me. Almost cold at times."

I knelt on my knees and took Gendo’s hand. "No son. I was always so proud of you. If I seemed cold it was because I felt I had dishonored you because of what had happened in that field that day. I was and am very proud of you Gendo my son." We both hugged.

"I still don’t understand. Why were you so tiny? What happened?"

I never felt peace in my soul cause I never told you how I really felt. During these past four years my soul must have lost its way. I even forgot my true identity. I sometimes wondered, if I had come and joined other souls lost in their journey. Coming back here, I think I was given a chance to see what a great man you are becoming and who honors his family and ancestors. You I think, are a giant Gendo. In my eyes. And others too."

"What about Mom?"

"I worship the very ground she walks on son. And I know she knows I did and still love her deeply. As I do Kiato."

"Hmm, maybe it wasn’t just for me I was sent here."

"Huh Dad?"

"Maybe for you too. To know how very proud I am of you. And for you to see the life giving heart that you possess. I have seen in it in the way you take care of the family. With your friends and team mates. You’re a source for the weak and small of spirit to take refuge in."

I stood up. "What is it?"

"Our ancestors are calling me. I must go now."

"Dad." Gendo put his arms around me. We stood together for several minutes.

Slowly moving away, Gendo wiped the tears from his eyes. Turning toward my ancestors, I saw in a beautiful shimmering light the wisdom and warmth of Buddha. Buddha who had been looking after me. As with my son.

Several days later, as Gendo, my son, was leaving the house for school, he heard a plaintive little squeak coming from the front yard. On hands and knees, Gendo separated the blades of grass. Gendo gave the source of the sorrowful sound a gentle smile.