Vanishing Act

By Shrank

Chapter one.

I was at a local watering hole just minding my own business when a very attractive girl walked into the bar.She sure looked out of place standing in a roughneck bar full of bikers, truckers and construction workers.

She looked all around in side the joint then spotted me and sat down at my table.The crowd then went back to talking and being loud just like it was before she walked in.

She looked down at the table then looked back at me and said
"Hi my name is Jenny"I reached out and shook her hand"Hi I,m Bo"I said.Nice to meet you she replied.

I just wanted to see what kind of bars you have here in your town.She said."Oh you are a out of towner I see.Well welcome.I replied.We talked for hours at my table that Friday night and she told me she was with a magic show that was performing here in town.

The show was performed by Luna the great she was the best they said. She made up here own props and always made people
disappear in her shows.I was surprised when Jenny asked to be in the show with her.She said that Luna needed a assistant for a new trick she was performing Saturday night.

And if ever thing went OK I could be in another big show that was taking place Sunday night at a fancy club at the beach.And I would make 500 a show!That would be 1000 Bucks for just being a stooge for Luna.

Well I took the job and Jenny told me to be at the auditorium at 5 pm.The next afternoon I showed up and I couldn't hardly wait for the show to begin.

Chapter 2

The show started and I was was wondering when I was going to be on stage.I asked Jenny several times and she would just say"Very soon".Then she came back stage to get me.Come with me Bo.She said And she lead me out on the stage.

Then the lights dimmed and Luna introduced me as the vanishing
Victor.And Jenny lead me to a Black box that had wires hooking to it. I asked Jenny."You want me to get in that little box?"
"Yes just squeeze your self in you will fit".She said.

"Well OK if you say so"I replied.And I managed to fold my self up
inside the box it wasn't easy but I managed to fit inside.I heard
the crowd and then heard Luna say "And now the time has come the time you all have waited for.I will make my assistant Victor
Vanish".Are you ready Victor.She yelled."Yes!!!" I yelled

The box was moved to prove that there was no door underneath
me. Then I noticed that I wasn't as cramped as I have been.
I had a strange feeling go through me like the feeling you would get from being suddenly dropped or going down hill on a roller coaster.

The box was getting bigger!"No I was getting smaller!!"Luna was shrinking me!!I shrank and shrank inside the box in the vast darkness. Then the door opened and then I saw that the stage looked to go out from the box for miles!I was so small that the crowd couldn't see me in the box!I was about the size of a grain of sand!!!! Jenny waved her humongous hand into the box and then closed its door where I rapidly grew back to my normal size.

The door opened and Jenny grabbed a hold of me and helped me out of the box.I was in a stouper from what had just happened to me.Jenny sat me down back stage and brought me back a drink then went back out on stage to help Luna close the show.She retired with Luna."You were so great and so tiny!!"They thought you vanished you was SO good Hehe!"She said.

"Well thanks".I said Then Luna gave me a check and said."Will you do another show? I have another vanishing act for you to do.
It is going to be even better than this one you will vanish in one box and appear in another it will be SO exciting to have you do it for me".I thought about it for a moment then I said with a smile.

"It will cost you 700 bucks this time.' "It,s a deal." She said
And I was wondering what I had just got my self into.