By kristine

Chapter One - Dungeon to Unknown

She glanced far up and beyond, hoping to take a glimpse of the stars, yet the prison bars hindered her. The sun broke threw her train of thought all to soon.

"Dawn already?" She gasped, knowing there was no time to stop it now.

The guards cuffed her and pushed her threw the door, "On your feet!" they teased.

Tears streaming down her dusty face, her white gown torn, the flowers in her hair wilted. Slowly she stood tall, and bravely took step after step of unfair torment. As she emerged out of the dungeon, the sun tickled her face with warmth, the breeze played with her hair, the birds sang her a sweet goodbye,

The king stood before her, frowning, displeased.
"You should take this as a great honor" He boldly pronounced. "You should be ashamed of the wicked things you do."

She spurred back "You believe this is good for your kingdom? How could you? If you felt so would give your own daughter to the very despicable thing you send me to now."

The King scoffed, nodding his head toward the cart, poking and prodding her as though she were cattle, they shooed her into the cart and chained her to the post.

"No escape for you missy." Claimed a sleazy soldier.

Smelling the fresh beer on his breath, she turned away as best as she could from him. Getting closer to her the soldier made his mind that he would take advantage of her here and now.

"Give me a kiss, you pretty little thing."

Turning to him her eyes burning with hate. "I would rather be eaten alive by a buzzard."

"That just might be arranged." Grabbing her he forced his lips against hers.

Prepared for this fate she in turn bit down with her white teeth and bit down hard. As a result that soldier could never talk very well after that....for biting off his lower lip. Cradling his jaw and mouth, he slapped her the pride of accomplishment in her task of humiliation.

Chapter Two - The Chase, Uncertain, confused

Running away as fast as she possibly can, her heart racing, pounding, is after her. Tripping on her own dress, she gets up and glances behind her while continuing on, still the pursuer chases. Tears streaming down her face, she is truthfully scared! Not certain of what is to come, or become of her. Gasping for air, her lungs burn.

Suddenly the grassy plain ends into a steep cliff with a beach below. Not really thinking about anything but escape, she tumbles down the cliff and with many soars and rags for clothes begins her escape once again.

The sand gives under her feet, making it rather difficult to race ahead, still she has got to get away, or the unknown might soon be known. Fearful of even thinking the wrong thought she puts all her strength into her legs.

Her hair comes undone from it's beautiful braids, her long brown hair covers her face with the wind coming from the other direction. Doing what she could to get it out of her way...she didn't see the deep cavern hole she was running toward.

Taking just one wrong step she plummets into the suddenly rocky space, but thank God for her long white dress. Its snags upon something she cannot see. She peers into the darkness of this seemingly endless pit. Soon she hears claps of water, from the rock that she shoved down with her.

Hearing seams snap from her dress she knows she won't have much longer to live, unless she comes up with a plan. Momentarily forgetting her pursuer she calls for help with a pure, clear, loud tone. Her help is echoed off the walls of nature's torment chamber. When realizing what she has done she kicks herself mentally.

Why? Why you idiot?!

Unaware of that which is going on above her. She hopes he had gone the other direction, and was now to far to hear. When the sound of nearing footsteps shatters that hope in oblivion. Gripping for the rock wall to possibly shield herself her dress completely tears at where it had been snagged and again she starts to fall down this darkness.

Falling somehow she manages to fling herself to one of the sides of this tunnel, she grips with all her might trying to hold on to something... anything! Yet, the rocky walls have nothing to offer her.

Fortunately with water being below her there happens to be vegetation. Vines, tons of them! She becomes tangled into this green web. Trying to get free she notices a shape far above her in the bright light of the sun. She tries to look at it yet at her current state she cannot. After some time a large voice bellows and echoes down to her.

"Are you still alive?"

Not knowing if being alive was still a good thing she determines to stay quiet and let the person above think what he wishes. Again the voice bellows.

"I know this hole rather well, and I didn't hear any splashing. Therefore I believe you are ensnared in the vines and trying to fool me in believing you are not there... yet I pose a question. If you stay there... your fate is determined for you. If you allow me to help you, you have a future you do not know as of yet."

He stayed and listened waiting to hear a reply...if any. Shocking she finds herself answering to the voice.

"Pl...Please! I'm terrified! If you can.. pl... please, please help me." If she was not mistaken she heard a slight deep chuckle as the shadowed shape disappeared.

As she laid there, not certain if moving would be good, or if breathing was too much for the vines to handle, the sheer exhaustion of her terrified running catches up to her. Her legs burn, her head heavy, her lungs sting, just as she thinks she sights something ridiculous she falls into one of the deepest sleeps she has ever had.

Chapter 3 - Finding out about things

The first thing she remembers is moving her head on top of a soft deep pillow pulling her arm up so her weak hands can feel the satin covering with lace trim. So royalty. She shifts her weight from her back to her right side curling up under the warmth of the velvet blanket.

A small smile crosses over her face, the smell of lavender drifts her into a shallow dream, the dream of when she was a little girl running to her parents, racing to meet them. Their arms open wide. Just as she is about to see there faces, pop, out of the dream she is snapped out of.

Some loud bang startled her. She sits up straight only to blink her eyes at pure darkness. Crawling on her hands and knees she creeps out of the sheltering warmth of her blanket on top of the mattress to find some source of light.

"Darkness can really mess with your mind." she said to herself.

For the bed just seemed to be endless in all directions. The soft blanket rustled underneath her as she stood up flailing her arms around praying there was some sort of canopy, curtain, door, something that would make sense. More sense than a soft, deep, warm, endless bed. Then again, what could be wrong with that? She calms herself down and sits down onto the delightful bed. More or less she sinks into it. Wrapping the material over her head like a hood she sighs trying to make sense out of all of this.

"Why would the one to whom I was sacrificed to... hmm... why would he treat me like this? I just... I just can't help but wonder why my king has sa..."

She wasn't allowed to finish her thought. The same loud bang that had awakened her from her dream came again only closer it seemed. The curtains she had tried to find earlier were flung back revealing a dark silhouette in a blinding light. Shielding her eyes she gasped. A soft voice answered her shocked breath.

"I see that you have awaken. You have been asleep for 2 days. Are you feeling better?"

"I don't know." Was her response as her eyes adjusted, "Who are you?"

"My name is of no importance to you at this moment." He said as he shut the curtains halfway to let in less light.

He walks away from the bed leaving her in confusion and a glimpse of a mask over his face. She ponders if her strange sleep has changed her vision also, for he didn't seem "quite right." Finding herself very dizzy, she decides not to believe what her eyes are telling her …then again, what is she to believe?

She crawls toward the light and the edge of the blanket seeing through large windows on the wall the sun rising at eye level for her. Looking at the bed itself she notices the velvet to be of a royal purple color, the curtains the same. Embroidered onto the rim of the curtains is a vine with lavender looking flowers.

"What a gorgeous room." She states underneath her breath.

Looking onto white marble walls and pillars with statues of women in flowing garments and in their arm flowers, and the window our mysterious man stands next to is a stained glass window of lavender flowers on green grass under a light blue sky.

"Thank you, my mother always loved this room. She named it the Lavender room, for the lavender smell comes up into this room in the spring, and in the other seasons. We always keep dried lavender up here so the smell is always around." He bows his head in solemn memory. "We do this in memory of my mother."

"Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring this up on you." She sadly mentions still crawling to the edge of the bed. She shakes her head, things are not right, things are just not right! She continues to shake her head making herself even dizzier, trying to shake off the feeling and get things to be what they should be. However being dizzy she loses her balance and falls over onto her side, landing onto more soft blankets with a poof sound. She hears him walking toward her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes." She mutters as she stands onto her feet.
"Things just don't seem right. Things seem farther apart than they should be."

Rubbing her head she looks up to see if she could see the one standing in front of her, his dark shadow blocking the morning light from reaching her face, yet he is standing sideways so she might glimpse his... his...

Again she gasps and falls down onto the bed still staring up at him. Not seeming to notice her sudden paleness of fright he questions her.

"What is your name miss?"

"I... I... I have no real name... they just call me Noel, mainly because I have no name."

"Why do you have no name?"

"My parents... never named me. I was left... doorstep... baker. He was.. very kind... taught me, but he died...and I was,.. was... I was looked down upon for not having parents."

He stood back to take a better look on her. "You are stuttering. Why?"

She blinks for the first time after truly looking at him. "Cause...cause..."
He chuckles, "Is it from the mask? I use it so no one truly sees me. I never let just anyone see my face." Chuckling again he motions to her jaw. "You might want to shut that, its only a mask. What is wrong with you? Have you never seen a mask?"

"I've seen a mask before... I've just never seen a... a... " She stares into his gentle, soft, milky blue eyes. She reads a questioning look from them. "I've never met someone like you before... I've lived a rather boring life."

He cocks his head staring down at her. "What do you mean someone like me? Surely you've met a man before!"

"Not as appealing as you." She mutters under her breath.
"Umm... not as... "
He stops her short. "Not as what Noel?"

Taking a deep breath she is about to utter something she never though she would say in her life. "I honestly thought your kind was just a myth." She makes her eyes look up to be greeted with concerned eyes looking down to her. He leans forward to enhance his already amazing hearing.

"I've never met anyone like you before."
"What am I like?" He questions.

She feels his warm breath upon her and she starts to quiver.
"What am I like?" He repeats.

Her mouth dries up, her lips open to say words. "Well you are... "
Frozen in fear she stares at his gentle face. Locks of his dark brown hair falls onto his forehead as he leans in more to look at her better. She leans back giving more space in between him and her.

A smirk is drawn upon his face as he questions.

"Do I frighten you?"

She nods her head slowly.

"I seem to have that effect on people." He sharply stands completely upright stiffly walks toward the window. "I wonder why." He says in the 'I know perfectly why, but let me play with it' way. "Is it because I wear this mask?" He says as he suddenly pushes his face to her and just as quickly draws it away. "Or maybe, because I live in this castle way up here!" He shouts bringing his arms over his head.

Terrified of him now she is unprepared for what he might do. Tears are coming to her eyes, she is fearful of her very life. Then, as serious and dark a face any man could get, his eyes pierced right through her and he stands utterly still, his breathing slow and rhythmic.

"Or maybe its because of how... " stopping he bends down toward her edging closer and closer to her frail body.

Tears are in a steady stream on her face. The only thing she can think of are those eyes. The piercing eyes. Closer and closer to her he moves ever so slowly and yet not slow enough. For soon he is but inches away from her, his breath warm, his lips part and in slow words he quietly and sternly requests.

"Tell me Noel, tell me how do I frighten people? Why do I frighten people?" His eyes burn with a fire from within that clearly states that if you mess with him you are in deeper trouble than you want and that you answer him now. Her bottom lip shakes with fear, her breathing is short and fast, her heart pounding and pounding.

"Noel, tell me... why do I frighten people?" Strangely tears are welling up into his eyes.
She is confused and suddenly her voice is heard crying out, "Because you are a-"
"A what? What am I Noel?! Say it! Say it!!" He shouts.

She yells back.

"Because you are a giant! A giant who with one hand could destroy a barn! A giant who with a snap of your fingers break bones! A giant who lives in a castle on a mountain far away from everyone else! You look like you could destroy anything you wanted. That is why we fear you! We fear you for you don't show us a reason not to!"

He stands up straight and upright to his full height towering over her, never taking his eyes off of her. Shaking, quivering she stares right back. Her breath harsher and through her teeth. "I will be seeing you later Miss Noel." He says as he walk away from her toward the door. For no apparent reason she runs to the edge of the bed, at last, calling after him in hope that he will not forever be this cranky since he is her captor. She calls after him.
You know I am Noel. What may I call you?"

Stopping at the door, his hand resting on the cold iron, he turns his head only enough so she can see the profile of his handsome face under his locks of dark brown hair and the black mask which covers the upper half of his face. In a deep, low, sad tone he tells her.

"You may call me Domonic."

With that he swiftly leaves the Lavender Room, only his echoing footsteps are left for her to stare at the door for. Sitting back down she replays inside her mind what just happened. What could have gone better? Sitting there she wonders why did he bring her to his mother's favorite room? Is that where he brought the others? Where are the others? Are there others? What will he do with me? How long will I be here? Maybe here isn't as bad as back there.

She looks down to her dirty, once white dress, fingers at rips and tears, then boldly looking out the window at the sun and clouds she makes up her mind. "I am determined to stay here, to not ever go back to where I was, and it will be better here... than there."

Chapter 4 - Way to Much Information

Looking around, she ponders about Adventuring off of the large bed. The soft folds of the blanket make it difficult to move and yet they tempt her to just lay down again and sleep.

Pacing back and forth, she ends up getting tangled amidst the blanket. While she was in the midst of trying to escape purple velvetiness, footsteps echoing against the halls grows closer, nervous she lays still, as the footsteps stop and the door knob turns, walking in, then shutting the door, a soft voice hovers above Noel, in a questioning manner.

"Now, I'm certain he said the Lavender Room, Now where is she? Hello? Are you there?"
Not certain if she should speak, thrash around or what, Noel waits. A Deep sigh emerges from whoever is above, then pushing and prodding of the blankets, finally, Noel is uncovered and looking up she sees the face of a kind genteel Maid, in her older years of life.

There you are! Giggles the large woman, a enormous smile covers the face and deep wrinkles come out of nowhere and appear around her eyes, and mouth. Confused, flustered, and still shocked without knowing if she is or isn’t a guest of these monsterus people, she does what anyone could do...and smiled back.

Blinking, Noel simply sits up, only to find something soft and warm almost attacking her, surrounding her, she fights back, feeling like she is wrapped in a large sheet, unable to get free. Finding she is well trapped, by something she having a hard time focusing on, feels her body lifted off the ground, the room walls moving quickly, she FINALLY puts two and two together.

Being wisped away from a bed, she is moved to a table near the window, this table has a water pitcher and hand washing bowl, set down in the bowl, the maid proceeds to measure her, tsk tsk tsking at her clothes, simply tossing them aside, and then washes Noel, with what else, but Lavender soap.

While she dose these tasks, she converses with Noel,
" Now ...what is your name miss?"
"Ummmm Noel…"
" That is not fitting for one such as yourself, that you belong to the Master We just might change you name"
" parents called me something else, I just have a hard time remembering, they ...uh ... Disappeared."
" Oh...disappeared?"
" More like they abandoned me. I was found on the old Baker's door step, he took very good care of me, until he died when I was 5 years old, he called me by what was on a piece of paper around my neck, I don’t remember, everyone thought I was a curse in my village, since It was 5 years after I came not only did he die, but a drought killed all the farmer's fields …So for the past 12 years, I've been, an outcast, " shrugging she sat down on the table drying herself with a scrap of fabric

" That is a terrible story darling" sympathized the maid,
" Well...if you don't mind, I need to make you some new clothing more fitting for you than those rags, If your going to have dinner with the master, you need to look much better than you did! So please just stay right here and I'll be back as soon as something proper is done"

Rushing out, the maid leaves Noel pondering the past, walking over to the edge of the table, looking out the window, she notices the flowers are in bloom, oddly, there are flowers Large enough to be Palaces! Other tiny enough to be put in her hair, bewildered, she looks at the castle towers, how many there are! As she looks out the window, she notices a Gardener, coming out and watering the flowers, for the pure joy of it she watches, he work diligently, carefully catering to the needs of the flowers, as she watches, she remembers what the Baker told her about the day he found her.....

~" It was raining out, there was a loud pounding on the door, slow....yet Loud and hard, I cried out that I was coming, once I came to the door, I saw a shadow move slowly across my window, now I was rush as fast as my old bones could, opening the door I could smell a sent unlike any other. I looked down and there you the strangest basket I'd ever seen. It wasn't even made with hey, more like a clay pot…or...well my old memory fails me. Hahaha...I looked in and saw you in a blue lace fabric, wrapped up nice and warm, you were so young, not quite a year, and with you where some Flowers, a Flower I've never seen before, such a lovely sent! the aroma! It was exotic! Hahaha....and around you neck was a paper saying you name is -- ~ Why couldn't she remember!

She fought with herself trying to remember! as she did this, there was a knock on the door, and the maid entered, "Lovely day isn't it! My I think you were brought here at just the right time! The flowers are in bloom, and the smell of the lavenders, here...let me open the window" She did so, and the lavender sent swept into the room, "Here you go my dear....more will be on the way...but with such tiny stitching it takes a while, sorry it took 6 hours to do, but now we must hurry and get you ready for your dinner!"

6 hours?! That’s how long I've been up here? like this?? shaking it off she hurried getting ready, pulling her hair back, and put a lovely dress on, then the maid sat down on the bed, sighed deeply and said that the Lady in Waiting would bring her down to the dinner table where the Master was waiting.

The Lady in Waiting came up , she was younger that Noel, her long yellowish red hair was in a braid and her nose and cheeks were covered with freckles, she came to the table looking down to Noel smiled a sweet sincere smile, curtsied she then held out a deep green pillow, made out of what looks like a Satan, it shimmered as she moved it toward Noel.

Hesitating, Noel took one step, then another, slowly, like she did before she got strapped onto a pole leading to be a sacrifice. Noel stepped onto the pillow the firm yet soft pillow, it gave with every step...if she wasn’t careful she would trip and fall. Being in what she thought was the middle ..she sat down, and tried to look like she did this sort of thing every day.

The Maid smiled at Noel and the Lady in Waiting and they left the room. Fearful of being somewhere unknown to her Noel tried to bury herself into the pillow just a little bit. Down many stairs... into a hall...then down another stair way…through another hall way...a turn to the Right...and go through a Huge door.

There, was a long table, Candles every where illuminating the room, it was long and some what narrow. There were 2 long walls one on each side of the door way...the door was in a shorter wall...the same with the wall a rectangle. There was a fireplace on one of the long walls and the flickering light reveled at the Head of the table was a meal, delicately set. As the Pillow was quickly pacing by the table, she notice many
Chairs and a row of Flowers in the middle of the table including Large pearls, the decorations was beautiful,!

The lady in waiting set the pillow down on top of the table ...there was an unique arrangement...One Enormous very small plate...One Huge towering goblet...and one that fit Noel just right....the same with the spoon, on. Then the doors opened The tall shadow of a figure couldn't be anyone else but Domonic. As He walked to the Head of the table ..The Lady in Waiting bowed to Noel, then to the master, and left quickly.

Nervous and timid, Noel looked up to the face she had seen before, the dark orange glow from the flames flickered to reveled a serious face, and if she was not mistaken...a smile came across it for just a second, servants brought them a roasted chicken, and fired potatoes along with water to drink. He sat in his large chair...she on top of the table. The conversation started off very weak...but soon grew into a friendly enjoyable one.

As they talked Noel Pondered why there where silverware for her, but no chair to table, why not a bed, or wash item that where to her size...could it be that there where not Others? Or was this IT! Why would they make clothes for her? What was going to happen?

Domonic looked at her with suddenly soft eyes, "What are you pondering Noel? "

"Hummmm? Oh...uh...a nervous laughter choked from her tell him what she was thinking could be loads of trouble. Fidgeting with her new light blue dress.....she stutters and slurs her words and unknowingly Babbles.....Resting his elbow on the table (like a very improper Gentleman!) and resting his face in his hand, observes her frantic way of explaining what she is thinking...having 3 sisters himself, he smiles and states

"Please....the honest truth...I won't hurt you if you tell my the truth"

Startled by what he said...I won't hurt you if you tell me the truth...sent her into a memory...the nasty king that ruled the village that she lived in...the night before she was to be sacrificed

" Now tell me! Tell me the truth! "I did…tell you...she cried! I did! Your son ran away from the fight ...hid among some village girls in the hay...that’s all I saw!" You lie! My son is no Coward! He would have never ran away! He shoved her across the floor, ripping her only good dress that she made herself
"Why do you lie to me? "
"Why don't you listen? "
" Tomorrow you will go to the Sandy Hills Of Dawn...there we will leave you to came to your own demise!"

Struggling she realized not only was her life in danger...but also the King was using her for political reasons....Furious she fought with each soldier until she was locked away into the prison looking on to the east. As she faded back into reality she heard the determined voice of Domonic

" I said you can tell me anything..... I won't hurt you for telling me the truth"

"That’s what you think she muttered under her breath… "

With a deep sigh, she admits to him "Well....I'm just curios to why there are a few items in my ...well, size, the goblet and plate, yet nothing else? With as many people who were never recovered at the Sandy Hills of dawn, I thought you would have more items readily available for such people...unless this is my last meal on earth an you didn't want to go to the trouble of making other items …"

As she finished what she said, and hearing her own word she dived under the Pillow for safety hoping just hoping that he wouldn't get mad at her and she wouldn't get punished.

Looking down at the pillow and staring at the Green mass for some time the momentarily dumb Master of the House put together what the fearful maiden was talking about,

" OH!" He said as he leaned back into his chair placing his hand upon his forehead laughing, "You thought! You haven't heard! HaHahahahaha - You poor thing! You haven't the slightest idea of what is going on do you? HahahahHAahahah"

Popping her head out timidly from the Safety of the pillow she looked at the Laughing Giant Uncertain if this was her doom, or hope.... Pushing aside the food, goblets and plates he leaned forward to the green satiny pillow. Then Lifting it up taking the only hiding place away from her, placing the pillow on his lap as he now positioned himself to clearly see her and communicate on her level....both arm folded on the table as he placed his bold somewhat squarish chin on top of his arms, his smile as large as it could get, his eyes sparkling behind the Mask,

" We have only had one guest such as yourself at our Castle before You. Even then she didn't use these items, my father was a little to gidy in haveing her here.Sooner then any of us would have liked, she was gone. As to the "others" see the eastern mounds...or as you call it the Sandy Hills of Dawn...We have tried getting to your kind before the Dragons did...we failed each time, this time I was thrilled to see you there....that is why I ended up fumbling foolishly...I hadn't a clue what to do, So I cut the rope around you ended up running....really rather fast for something so small...hhaaahaah! " His Deep Roaring laugh bellowed all around her…still she tried to fallow his story.

"I panicked not knowing when the dragon would mercilessly snatch you, like they did the others, so I chassed you! You fell into that hole... and I was scared you wouldn't let me help…now you know the rest!"

" So....Who was the other before me?" Forgetting what he said…"Huh?" then it hit him

" Oh!! Right...ummm...she ,..she uh...well I was just a little kid, I don't remember much beyond what I told you. She was here only for a couple of days, and my mother never let me near her being I was clumsy at the time (still am at times)" Clearing his throat he continues.

"I would have to ask my father about that. He will be coming soon with a dear friend of his, and mine. They were always together, So naturally he is like an Uncle or Second father to me, Haaha!"

"There will be a great banquet, I would like it greatly if you come"

"When is it?"

" In about a week, see My father was born on the Last day of this month, and his friend "Lord Koslin" was born on the First day of this for the past 37 years, they have had a great party to celebrate there birthdays together! It is grand, Pretty much everyone comes! And we use the Great Banquet table in a Glorious Hall! When it is lit! It has a warmth of it's own. The music! The Dancing! The Laughter! I've been going to these things since I can Remember! So much enjoyment! Hahaah -

Domonic leans back into his chair warmly resting in it, remembering some enchanting nights of Elegant Banquets.

"What do you mean the Great Banquet table? What is this?"

"This? This is every day use!"

"This is everyday use? Man I must be smaller than I think! Or Poorer than I thought!

" Will you please join me?"

Pondering she realizes there is nothing else to do than -
" Yes, I would love to join you Master"

Standing Domonic Bows to her and takes leave, Staring at the distance of where the door block her seeing him, she thought, what did I just do? What just happened? So much information just told to her. the only thing that she is certain of is that she should try to please her Now Master.

The Lady in waiting came back giggling, picking up the pillow from the chair he was sitting on muffling her laughter and tried to get a serious look upon her face. Realizing that she couldn't, burst into laughter, the pillow quivered underneath Noel. Now this made Noel curios she questioned the Lady in Waiting

" What is so funny?"

" My lady, you are the only woman who has held an audience only with the Master, and You have been here for the past 4 almost 5 hours. He must have quiet an affection for you!"

Uncertain if she is just young and imaginative or if he was just being polite, she was silent the entire way back up to the Lavender Room. Why would a man of his blood have affection for a poor outcast? Does he know she is a poor outcast? Why would he? After all there is quiet a difference between them.
Baffled she didn't even notice the Kind Maid tucking her into the delicate velvet blankets

She blew out the candle letting the Waning Moon light sweep into the room like a Wave onto a beach, "Good night my Lady, sleep well."

The Morning light came to wake her, the Sun was already fully in the sky when she heard horses hooves

Part 1 of Chapter 5 - Family Gathering

The morning light came to wake her. The sun was already fully in the sky when she heard horse’s hooves in the distance. She quickly sat up in her bed and pushed off the covers, getting up and running to the foot of the bed trying to get a closer look at what is going on.

Then she noticed it, a great, great change in her room. Ladders that were her size were everywhere. A rope bridge from the foot of the bed to the table where the washbasin and pitcher was. That table is right next to the window so she carefully walked across it and ran to the window.

The horse’s hoof beats were much closer now and apparently on hard stone. Earlier they must have been on slightly moist dirt. The grass glistened from morning dew and the flowers had droplets on them. How beautiful this room was, it was almost like a rainbow of color and mist. Then looking through the trees she could see the carriage round the bend and enter the road before the gate.

Now entering the courtyard, the carriage stopped and unloaded its passengers. Four servants were there and then another figure in black came out and embraced one of the passengers with the affection a child would bestow a parent. After looking more closely she could tell that it was none other than Lord Domonic.

The one he embraced was tall, well from Noel’s point of view they are all tall, yet he was taller than some of the others around him including Lord Domonic. He had a thick head of dark brown hair cut short, but not very short, similar to Domonic’s cut. He wore an outfit of dark blue and his chuckles were a delight to listen to.

The other passenger was a large fellow! He was not quite as tall as Domonic, but defiantly liked his roast meat. Large in the belly area he seemed like such a jolly fellow. His hair was of fiery red. He looked like a woodpecker in a forest with that color and his beard was full and round coming only to his collar bone. This gentleman slapped Lord Domonic on the back very hard laughing a jolly laugh so loud she could hear it so clearly, like he was in the room with her.

After Domonic recovered from the hearty slap he was then embarrassed by this jolly man. These gentlemen had such a friendship and got along like two fathers and one son. She was baffled. Which one is his father?

Watching them walk off together the kind maid came in humming a perky tune and went straight to the bed. Noticing that the girl was no longer there she looked about startled and panicked. Noel came from the window and stood still not knowing what might startle her. The great being passed the table many times, looking under the bed, under the covers, panicked until Noel could take it no longer and preparing to make a jump for safety if needed, she called out. "Here I am!"

This did end up startling the jittery kind maid and she ended up bumping her head under the table on the opposite wall. Rubbing her head she came over to Noel and standing tall above her she smiled and calmly stated.

"Your company is desired by the master. He wishes you to meet his family. Now let us put your dress on."
Again she began searching for something and Noel shook her head smiling.

"Ma am’? I am wearing the dress. I have but one and slept in it."
Looking down at Noel again the maid dismissed her absentmindedness and smiled back at Noel.

"So you are. Well soon that will be taken care of. Now quickly wash your face and the Lady in Waiting will take you down to the courtyard."
Startled Noel made certain she heard what the maid said correctly. "Outside?"

"Yes that’s right… outside."
"Oh! Oh dear!"
"Just because its someplace you haven’t been before does not mean you must be frightened of it."

Taking a deep sigh Noel nodded and quickly went about preparing herself. Never feeling so clean before she made certain that she enjoyed the smell of the lavender soap. Clean and ready the Lady in Waiting came up with the pillow again. And again getting on it and being whisked off through the stairways and hallways.

Intimidated Noel tried to distract herself by asking the Lady in Waiting a few questions. She ended up finding out that the Lady in Waiting was named Violet. She is thirteen years old and her mother is the cook, her father the blacksmith and they live quite nicely. "The master takes lovely care of us." She remarked.

Then not fully prepared, Noel and Violet came to the doorway that was open, at that time, to the courtyard. The courtyard was a beautiful paradise of flowers, trees, fruits, and a table was set out in the center for a lovely breakfast.

Sitting was Domonic and the large man with fiery red hair, currently the tall man wasn’t there. The two of them were in a joyful conversation both laughing frequently. As Violet came up to the table they both stood up properly and when the pillow was set down on the table they chuckled. And the large man was undoubtedly large!

Very intimidating by someone much larger than herself Noel hesitated to get off the pillow. Slowly sliding off the pillow she stood atop the table and curtsied. The two men sat down chuckling. Then looking down to Noel, Lord Domonic introduced the very large man to her.

"Noel, this man here is my father.."

Stopped by the jolly laughter of Domonic’s father the large man continued the introductions.
"Yes, ahhaha. Lord Kenzington, if you please. Hahaha… My son here has told me about you, how you are the first rescued from the Easter Mounds. And my boy is the one to do it!"

He laughed loudly and slapped Domonic very hard on the back. Like any proud father he boasted of how Domonic learned how to ride a horse at the age of three, with hardly any instruction. "Domonic, highly involved with building plans of the last tower built on this castle he and his mother constantly in the garden, making it bigger and better. Then one night, one stormy night!"

"Dad, it was clear out, full moon…"
"Shh… let me tell it, you’re too modest. One stormy night my boy heard a yowling unknown to us at the time. He went running out with a lantern and a sword, that is all." With a big jesters and hand movements he continued to tell the story of how Domonic found a full grown huge monstrous dragon!"

To which Domonic whispered that it was a normal sized dragon and it was sick.

"Fighting for his life he slay the dragon and brought peace among the land!"
"I put the poor thing out of its misery and people could sleep again for the wailing had stopped." Domonic whispered.

Things went on this way during the meal, laughter broke through many times. Lord Kenzington’s laugh bellowed and Noel could feel the vibrations through the floor, or in other words the table. His laugh shook his belly so much so it was a comical sight. She couldn't help but laugh herself! To top it off, his laugh is very contagious, making so the guard at the gates had a hard time from at least cracking a smile.

Then a herald came and told Lord Kenzington and Lord Domonic that the carriage with the rest of the family was here. Just as he finished these words, three chattery women came walking up quickly. Again Lord Kenzington stood up quickly to greet them, Lord Domonic soon after, Noel was left at the table to watch the merriment.

These three lovely women where young, yet appeared older than herself. Two of them had red straight hair like Lord Kenzington, the other black like Domonic, she was the only one who had curly hair. And all had hair that was very long, down to their waist. Smiling they embraced each other, and from afar, a couple of gentlemen came up, one taking the girl with black hair by the arm, and the other to one of the red headed girls.

"Probably husbands." She thought to herself.

They had a few moments of catching up when the girl with black hair observed a green pillow on the table, leaving the rest, she walked closer, curios, then noticing Noel she gasped and her eyes sparkled!

"Dominic, has a new friend!!" The other two girls giggled and came rushing over, these three lean ladies towered over her and began making a fuss of how darling she was, how pretty she was, when did she get here, then accusing Domonic for not telling them about it.

Domonic tried to get a word in edge wise but each time he opened his mouth one of them talked, asking him where she came from, how old was she. Finding this funny and scary all at the same time Noel tried to ask for help but no one could answer over the three ladies. Then having enough of it Domonic came storming up to the ladies grabbed their hands and dragged them away from her, only a couple of feet.

Domonic then explained that this was Noel, how he found her on the Eastern Mounds, how she has only been aware of her surroundings for one day, she is eighteen years old and has no family, and will be staying with us for as long as she desires. Hearing this last note to his conversation, Noel in relieved that her life is no longer threatened.

After his small speech the three ladies came rushing back to Noel now trying to comfort her by small pats on the back, and slight squeezes on the arms. Yet at there size end up patting her entire body and knocking the wind out of her and at times. Being poked and prodded and not able to hear herself think she just started laughing, the ladies stopped for the moment and pondered her reaction.

"I'm sorry." Noel said with a giggle. "I'm not used to so much affection and love."

The three ladies sighed and sympathized with her and kept telling her that they all adored her, barging through the ladies Domonic came to Noel and did a proper introduction.

"These are my three sisters Noel. The one here…" he said resting his hand on the shoulder of one of the red headed ladies wearing her hair up, yet cascading down her back, "She is my oldest sister Jenessa and that is her husband in the brown with blond hair, Lord Cresington." Coming to the tallest of the three, the black haired girl saying, "This is my older sister Sandeera, and her husband in the gray with brown hair Lord Havinten. And this…" Wrapping his arms around the shortest, "This is my youngest sister Trina, not yet engaged."

"It's so lovely to meet you all." Noel said curtsying once again.
"I warn you, if you become friend with these three, they will calm down some, but only some." Domonic said with a sigh.

Jenessa, Sandeera, and Trina sat down at the table consumed with thoughts of Noel.
"Is she coming to the banquet daddy?" Sandeera questioned her father.
"Of course, why?"
"Oh we must make certain she has the proper dress for such an occasion!" Cried Trina in delight!
"Now I don't think the light blue dose anything for her, no...let’s go with something darker! " Stated Jenessa.
"Deep red!" giggle Trina. "She would look marvelous in a deep , deep red!"
"Or ivory! Wouldn't she look like and angel in Ivory?" Cooed Sandeera.

" Well it certainly sounds like possibilities, but we should leave these gentlemen, and try things on. It's not proper speaking of such things if font of them, besides if she is Accompanying Domonic, he mustn’t have the slightest idea, so that is will be a lovely surprise!" Whisking her away from the men, the three rush off, leavening the pillow, into the castle to work on a "adorable" " Gorgeous" " Breath taking" Outfit.

Once hearing that his sisters guessed that he was accompanying her to the banquet, Domonic stuttered, trying to say that there was nothing between them, but no one heard him, except his father, and he just slapped Domonic on the back and Laughed one of his deep laughs, saying " sure my boy, sure my boy hahahaha"

Left alone, for Lord Cresington and Lord Havinten Fallowed Lord Kenzington into the castle for a talk, Domonic pondered if he had feelings, for this Girl, There was quite difference between them, that was needless to say, but, but,...nahhhh" He convinced himself of it, or did he, shaking his head he Fallowed the other Gentle men into the hall and enjoyed the company, while periodically great amount of giggling , and gasping, and servants running back and forth could be seen from the door way with panels of fabric. More giggling and Oooooooo's and Ahhhhh's could be heard clearly from the Lavender room,

Suddenly rushing in came Jenessa, hand on hips, glaring right at Domonic

" Little Brother! Have you had this little lady pampered at all?"

Baffled by the question he gave her a deer in the headlights look. Noticing he hadn't a clue she continued to elaborate.

"Has she had any baths? Have you instructed any servants to give her beauty treatments? not that she needs it, but it always make a lady feel more like a lady. "

" Oh, well one of the maids washed her yesterday, with all the running around she did, I suppose it made her feel better." Praying this is what his older sister meant and looked to her for to approve, but only received a dissatisfied face clearly asking for more details.

" ummm.....that’s it"


Throwing her arms up in the air like if a great sin has happened.
" She has been in a new environment! People entirely Larger than herself! Enormous compared to her. The timid little thing is a great actress, but being the prodding one I am, I have learned she is rather terrified of everything, what she needs is a Lovely Steam bath! That always help a lady feel more at home. Remember that all of you! Now excuse me I have a bath to run" She states as she quickly step by step walks off rolling up her sleeves calling for Violet to help her.

At this the men sit in silence for a few moments then look to Lord Cresington, her husband. knowing there eyes are upon him, he simply continues to stare off at where she was last seen, " Yep" he said with a sigh " She is always like this" then a great big smile crossed his face " But it's nice to get shooed out of the house Around spring cleaning, I can catch up on my Archery ( or now in the 21 century golf)

They all burst together laughing. And then Domonic sat in silence while the other continued to discus things

" She is terrified? Why? Well why shouldn't she be? Jenessa is right, she is prodding, but beyond that, she found out in 10 minutes what I didn't see in the last day?

I spent 4 hours talking with her last night, and a couple this did most of the talking. Hmmm...rubbing his chin with his 2 of his 4 fingers and thumb on his left hand, rubbing till it becomes red, then still rubbing it. This is a sign of deep concentration, And everyone who knows Domonic knows the sign, the other 3 men, stop and watch him.

Finally Lord Kenzington couldn't take it any more, "What are you think about my dear boy ?"

Startled by the comment, Domonic come back into the real world and notices that he was in the spot light. Heh, heh, heh Domonic nervously chuckled. Uhh - just thinking.

" Sure you are" Lord Havinten commented

" Well it's just the Jenessa said something about umm---Noel - her being .......terrified - heh - so.....hmmm.....just wondering -"

" You mean pondering in deep thought" interrupted Lord Cresington

" Wondering.... what I could do to help"

" I suggest you just give her time, and let the women be with her....women are usually more comfortable with other women...over men" Responded the wise Lord Havinten

Suddenly a great amount of laughter broke the always perplexing topic 'women' and all the men stared up at the ceiling where the great clattering voice came from
" I wonder what those 3 are doing to her up there" Noted Lord Kenzington.

We now join the women up in the Lavender room, the aroma of sweet flowers, and herbs, the wash basin filled with steaming water, and the three know drying off spectacularly tiny female.

" You are so darling....why would anyone want to sacrifice you? you poor thing" Commented Trina " I agree....and you say you were an out cast? How terrible!" Sandeera said as she pulled Noels only dress over the top of her head.

" Now...we decided on the dark red with cream accents for the dress...and you will look amazing in it! Domonic won't be able to look at you with out drooling! " giggled Jenessa and he is always weak in the knee for flowers in the hair! He loves it when girls wears natural things instead of jewels! "

" But I don't want to make him drool!" Noel truthfully replied.

They all look down at her... there she is, standing there, with soap large enough to be an entire room if it were hallow, and bubbles that could easily overtake her, she stares up at them...hoping she didn't offend them, praying to god she didn't break a costume of this culture that she is so unfamiliar with....terrified, tears beguine to well up in her eyes.

Ashamed of her reaction she tries to hide it turning around and wiping her eyes with a piece of her light blue dress. Then turning back around and a broad smile on her face tries looking innocent and the " Oh dear, please, please don't hurt me" look in her eyes.

The Three couldn't help but melt. "Awwww.....please don't be scared...I guess we are trying to push things on you, you haven't even been here for a week and we are match making" Sandeera confesses with a tear in her eye too.

" Well we are going to make you the envy of all...that’s all I know" Jenessa says determined

" Right" Agrees Trina " All the Ladies at the banquet will wish they were so tiny! And all the Lords will wish at least their mouths were tinier. " Trina giggled "Remember last year when Lady Pothinsat got so drunk on wine she stood atop the table and began to dance! "

" Oh do I! She is so large around the waist....and when she bent down that last time her Corset Popped! The shock of it, she passed out! and her dress was in so many rips and tares! Hahaha" Laughed Jenessa

" Well you weren't there when she snuck off in the early that morning ashamed and what a hangover she had.... I heard she hasn't touched the stuff since! " Shrilled Trina The three of them laughed about the good times.

Now...will you please tell me about this Lord Koslin? " Questioned Noel

" Ahh Lord Koslin! He is the truest friend there could be! He has a smile that lets you know you are safe and there are no dragons outside you window...just trees. " Remembered Sandeera

" And Lady Koslin...she was a magnificent woman...not originally a Lady if I remember correctly, but you could never have known the way she was so gentle with us... how long has she been dead? 10 years now?" Remarked Jenessa

" There about" Commented Sandeera " You see noel she died of this unknown illness....the same that wouldn't let her have Children...oh how they wanted children! Lord Koslin would play with us so much, and she would tell us stories and sing songs, She really was there for us when mother died a few years before her own death"

" I remember the nights she would sit in a chair and tell us stories all the time about mother, just to make certain we wouldn't forget...." Trina commented

" That’s why Lord Koslin insists Children come the Great Banquet! He can't get enough of Children! He would have been a wonderful can see it in his eyes when sings that lullaby that Lady Koslin used to sing. It hurts him...but he loves doing it...if only they had their own." Sighed Jenessa

" But they did!" Trina boldly stated " What?" questioned the other two. " They didn't ell anyone, only Father and Mother...I forget how long ago, I was rather young at the time, 6 maybe 7 I don't know.....but I over heard Mother explaining it to Domonic. Domonic you see… he saw the baby by mistake. The baby ended up dieing shortly after that though." Trina explained
with a deep heavy sigh.

Sandeera then thought out loud " Maybe they figured it was going to die so they didn't everyone to sympathize to much over it. the constant reminder of something you lost."

" hmmm.....Maybe...or Maybe Trina is fibbing to us!" Suspected Jenessa

" No ,No! I thought I told you this long ago! I just never talk about it much for I feared word would get around and end up hurting Lord Koslin. Honest! " Trina said defending herself.

" Hmmmm.....Poor Lord Koslin, that must a terrible memory, having a child...and then it's gone!" Sandeera mumbled
" That is terrible, " agreed Noel " I'll make note of not talking about it as much as possible. "

The day went on... Noel making fast friends with the sisters and the men catching up and enjoying themselves. When it was time for the late after noon meal they all went to the nearby lake for a picnic!

What a different world it was to Noel, Everything she knew was hundreds of times larger now, but she tried to not let that get in the way with having a good time.

Remembering her vow from the other morning, she tried her best to not be afraid...but when a Monsterus hand come flying over you to grab something behind you, you can't help and react in some way. Hers was screaming and ducking for cover.

Another time Lord Kenzington just decided to get a better look at her...and with out asking her permission, or warning her in the slightest way! He picked her up from around the waist...thumb on one side, index finger on the other and 2 large green eyes peering at her from pretty much every angle,

" I didn't know her skin was so pale...she should get more sun" Chuckled Lord Kenzington

Realizing that he wasn't at her side to protect her from...well…his father...Domonic quickly jumped into action rushed over to his father from the lake side where he was skipping stones to the picnic blanket they laid out and were his father was sitting.

"Please Father!" insisted Domonic ... "She has only met you this morning, do you really think she is prepared to meet you up close and personal?"

Gently grabbing The shocked Noel he brought her to the shore of the lake and set her down. Still pale with fright she simply sat there staring of at the water.

Giving her time...yet concerned with the dead silence he did what any uncertain guy does...he poked her, one little poke was all it took. She shot of like a rocket jumping in the air scared as she has ever been in her entire life.

" Whoa! Sorry, just ok?"

" Me? me? ok? No! How would you like it if someone just picked you up?!! His eyes are bigger than I am! What am I to do? I - I - I - I - I'm at a loss! sitting back down she beguines to break down into tears.

"Shoot I broke her!" Thinks Domonic, not certain how to comfort this little sobbing mess he put a finger on her shoulder, she ends up only crying louder

" Great now she will hate me after this " Then he gets down as low as he could look at her and when she looked up at him, gave her the most charming smile he could, sniffing a couple of times, she goes back to wailing and sobbing

" Fine! I give up!" He thinks to himself then he does the first smart move ...he motions for his younger sister to come over to the shore.

Standing straight up and took a couple of steps away from the little crying machine Domonic tells Trina of what happened...and not knowing what to do with out doing more damage than has already happened. Trina nods and simply sits next to Noel,

" As he walks toward the guys as they play a game of Archery, he looks back.....that is it? Just sit next to them? Gosh...I thought it was more complicated than that ( little does he know that it is more complicated) The sun sets and they go inside for a cup of tea at the Dinning Hall where Domonic and Noel had their dinner the Night before, They then did more talking, about what they have to prepare for the Great Banquet. Decorations, Food, Who isn't coming...who is, and so on.

Domonic come from behind and whispers down to Noel…"are you ok?" Started by the warm breath on her back she gasps and jumps, looking up her view is only that of a smile... then suddenly shifts and she sees those milky blue eyes again....her heart jumps to you throat and pounds harder and harder! It's is hard for her to remember these people are not that different.

They have the normal conversations, events, people, emotions, the only thing that is different is...ahem...there size. But that is of course reason enough to be terrified it not? These milky blue eyes seem to search for the fear in her, once finding it ...they sadden and ...if she was not mistaken...looked as if they wanted to, or wished to be able to protect her from her fear. Looking down and shutting her eyes she shakes her head, like shaking off a bad feeling, then looks back up and smiles saying in a sweet darling voice

" I'm am fine now thank you for being so considerate"

Smiling back, Domonic walks off confused now more than ever. Blinking he tries to decode what he just saw. First she shakes her head ...wouldn't that mean she isn't fine? But then she," cocking his head and with a laugh thinks to himself
With that really pretty smile, she says she is fine...hmmm" Then he himself shakes his head takes his seat again and beguines to rub his chin.

After such a long day, Noel was looking forward to sleep, snuggled up in the bed in the Lavender Room, turns to the window and looks out to the moon, on her left side she falls asleep quickly and deeply. Then for no apparent reason drifted out of her sleep to feel the blanket pulled up to her shoulders and a tucking in around her.

Trying to wake herself up fully to understand what on earth was going on, she fails and instead goes into a half awake and half asleep mode. Enough to understand a deep voice calmly says something she didn't quite catch and then the great shadow left closing the door behind it, shutting out what appeared to be the yellow glow of a candle light on the other side of the door. Foot steps echo and she curls up even tighter now....fully awake and fearful,

" Who the heck was that?!!" she thought to herself...she could no longer see the moon in the window...must be the middle of the night she reckoned. Drawing the covers to her chin and curling up her legs closer to herself she now dare not move....uncertain of what just happened. She lay there and eventually fell into an uneasy sleep asleep.

Chapter 6 - 5 days until the Banquet

Humming her way up the stairs, Sandeera enters into the Lavender room. Finding Noel curled up tightly she lightly tapes the jittery girl telling her to wake up, greatly startled by the contact, she shrikes, and jumps back away from the sweet sister.

Focusing on the face she sees the lovely lady, Green eyes, Black hair pulled back into a braided knot, small pink lips, a pointed nose a bright smile, and nice rosy cheek bones. Calming down she catches her breath, gripping onto the soft velvet blanket trying to get her bearings, looking out the window to the left of her behind Sandeera she sees the sun just recently fully came up over the hill.

Blinking a few time she looks back up to Sandeera wondering why she came up here. "Sorry to scare you...just wanted to get a few measurements for your dress, just making certain."

With a string of yarn she measures anything and everything. Then with a large smile left, again humming. Violet came in shortly after again with the pillow,

"Another day in the world of confusion" Noel thought to herself..... preferring the pillow over flesh any day she sunk into the softness and prepared for another day of Jolly laughs, Chatty discussions, confusing signals, if they are signals at all, and looking up, all the time. Noel rubbed the back of her neck, hoping that she would become accustomed to all the looking up she does, or get a wizard to kill the pain.

Again coming to the court yard she was again placed on the table, this time it was only Domonic’s Brother in Law Lord Havinten, with pen, ink well, and paper. There her plate lied with food, but nothing in front on Lord Havinten, just the paper. Not prepared for what was to happen she stood still, scared, like a bunny looking at the hunter, to scared to run, to scared to hide, just tried not to breath.

With a smile, he apparently didn't see her fear and started to talk to Noel. "Good morning Noel, Thank you for coming this Early in the morning, I have some Questions for you so we can Document things about you, sort of like a historic keeping. It will be placed in with the history of the Castle.

Now How old are you? "

" 18"

" When were you born"

" No Idea"

" Parents name?"

" Haven't a clue"

" Adoptive Parent?"

"Baker- Astinson "

" How long where you under his care? "

" 5 years"

" any other?"

" No

" Village?"

" Greenway, Kingdom is Berkinvern, King (the jerk) ahem - Joffin"

" have no idea when you when you were born? "

" Sorry no...and she told him what she had told the maid and the three sisters. about how she was found by the baker, the lace fabric, the paper, the flowers.

" Hmmmmm...Did he toss them aside? such things should be cherished."

Thinking back she remembered a terrible day...." No the king...he was told of what happened, it took him 4 years but the moment he did find out he took everything that came with me as a tax. The basket, the lace, the paper. And claimed he was going to put it in his history of the kingdom chamber. I don't know why, but he might still have them."

Nodding his head Lord Havinten scribbled things down onto the paper, taking his time while Noel ate. "Well now...that is all. Do you have anything planned for today?" she shook her head, not knowing what the next hour could bring. "Well then...I hope you have a good day." Standing up from the light brown wooden table and chair, he quickly left taking only a few steps.

Bewildered by what happened, she found herself....alone .... Looking about she could see parts of the lovely garden in the courtyard, then admiring the butterflies, she looks up...way up...and notices the castle for the first time.

Made with white stones, and roof shingle of a blue tint, many stained glass windows, and many regular many towers. Then noticing one tower....all the widows, closed, the curtains drawn,

" It must be dark in there, I wonder what room or rooms that is? Then a bellowing laugh broke her train of thought. And out came the Red headed and bearded Lord Kenzington. " Sorry my dear for not coming sooner, I was distracted by planning for the great Banquet! How are you this fine day! She managed to Bring out a slight smile nodded her head as if to say- fair.

" OH? Not talkative? What has captivated your interest?"
" umm..."

Then out of no where a black horse camp blundering up the stone road and through the gates, camp galloping up into the Court yard and stopped right next to Lord Kenzington. Startled, Noel ran to hide behind the Ink well. Peering over it she could see the rider in Armor, not silver of black but in between.

Taking off his Helmet A man with a strong jaw line, a brilliant smile, a broad nose, yet not overbearing, and brown eyes, eyes one could melt into. Laughing a charming laugh, he jumped of the horse and went to embrace Lord Kenzington.

" Lord Kenzington! How are you? " After getting over the initial shock, the jolly Lord to began to laugh.

" Phillup, I thought you wouldn't be able to make it!"

" Me not make it to the Most wonderful banquet? Sir you are sadly mistaken! How could I stay away from my dear friends for long?"

Domonic came to the door look about then noticing Phillup quickly took broad steps and gave him a firm hug.

"I wondered what all the ruckus was...should have figured it was you. "

" Domonic, I am wounded! How could you say such a thing of me?"

" Well the fact that you painted Jenessa's favorite horse green, when we were only eight might have given me a clue."

" Haha...good years those were! Good years!" Phillup loudly pronounced giving Domonic a firm grip on the sholders.

Observing the merriment Noel came from her hiding place to get a better look of this stranger named Phillup. She admitted to herself that he was better looking than anyone she had ever seen before. The brown eyes sparked with cunning ness, his smile broad and wide, his chin bold. In fact a line of a dimple was on his chin if she was not mistaken. His hair longer than Domonic’s, just past his chin, this was a dark brown, rich with color, cocking her head and completely concentrated on Phillup she lost track of what they where talking about when suddenly they peered down at her.

Coming to she turned her head quickly to look at each of them, yup they all were looking at her, The green eyes of jolly Lord Kenzington, the gentle Milky blue eyes of Domonic, and the intelligent eyes of Phillup.

Turning red in her face she smiled then quickly ran to the ink well, sitting and leaning her back on it, burring her face into her hands which were on top of her knees. Completely humiliated, by what just happened.

The three men looked at each other in the way of " What just happened" All silent, none spook a word, Domonic wondering what to do, last time he did anything he broke her, then Phillup raised his hands and gave a face of, I know what to do, just hold on.

Finding her behind the ink well, he explained what happened, in a deep handsome voice like no other she had ever heard before.

" Now we were only catching up on things deary, And jolly old dad over there, well, knowing him, had to brag on how his son was the first at rescuing one from the eastern mounds, the great chap that he is. So we where just taking a look at the one he saved. So nothing to fear love. Now come on and let me get a look at you."

Wanting to continue hiding her face in shame, but cannot resist the coaxing of the exotic voice, and the gentleness of this handsome man slowly brought her face out from her hands and timidly looked up to be greeted by the amazing eyes of our new friend.

"There we are, and my, " Stooping and leaned back cocked his head then coming much, much closer to gaze at her."

He certainly didn't tell me how gorgeous you are" He softly and sincerely stated, almost to himself. Taken aback with such a compliment she couldn't help herself but smile with a silent chuckle.

" Now that is what I call a smile. My you look like an angel." then catching himself he slightly shook his head and went back to standing properly and looking to Lord Kenzington and Domonic,

" There You were right Lord Kenzington, she is a "doll" as you say. Now if you please excuse me I need to get out of this armor and into proper clothes. Briskly walking off to the stables where some servants took his horse to, getting items from his saddle bags.

Watching him walk, she then glanced up to the other 2 and noticed a strange look on Domonic's face, the mask hindered her from being able to read it fully. Standing up to see if she could see Phillup, she leaned on the ink well, with a sigh.

" Now that is what I call an Entrance " She said this under her breath, yet with his amazing hearing Domonic heard every word.

The rest of the day wasn't any thing big, and in a room where a Huge Fire place particle covering the entire wall, originally all were in, some on top of the red and rug, and others at the table, then for one reason or another, one by one they left, leaving Domonic and Noel alone, Noel on the rug, staying warm by the Fire on this cool night. Domonic moved from the table and sat next to Noel. Uncertain of what to talk about he simple just sits.

" Soooo" Trying to break the awkward silence. " Lord Havinten told me about the King Taxing you items."

" Yeah"

" Well. He personally thinks you should have them back"

" Really! huh....I never thought about that"

" yeah" the silence loomed over head.

" So- so- umm…So where is Lord Koslin? Why haven't I met him yet? "

" Oh...he has been about, busy with setting things up for the banquet, you mean you haven't met him yet? I'm terribly sorry. I'll try to make certain that you meet him."

" (yawn) hmm...thank you"

" tired?"

" No not really, I don't think, why? "

" Oh just wondering"

" Hmmm....How long have you and Phillup known each other."

" Since we were children. Best friends. He is more natural at being a strong hero than I am.-"

"Oh you'll Do!" Interrupted Noel. " Thank you so much for saving me from the Dragons. I am in dept to you."

" Well -heh- get used to your surrounding before we worry about being in dept to me." Nodding she was relived to see Violet walk by. Calling out to her, but not being loud enough, Domonic stood up and stepped over Noel, to catch Violet.

This moment startle her, realizing just how small she is. He towered over her higher than any tower, castel or tree she had ever known. Upon reaching his full hieght, she couln't even see his face any longer. As he steped over her, and was a tremendous amount of movement, as she watched. and come to think of it...She had never see the bottom of boots so clean!

Another night, the moon getting larger. and another visit from someone. She didn't dare show that she was awake, and didn't look toward the person. This time it didn't say anything, just a slow deep breath. Made sure she was warm and covered, looked down at her with the pale blue light of the moon illuminating her figure. Then stroking her with warm gentle touches, like petting a small animal …then left.

Not fully aware of what is happening, she didn't know if this was a threat or affection.

Soon she drifts into a dream. Again running to her parents, running as fast as she can. She sees them from the torso down, they are slightly bent, welcoming a child into their arms, which are wide open. Then while she is still running they turn their backs to her standing straight up, looking up to them she tries to call them, but they can not hear her.

They fade away, she is in a mist or fog, then it was rain. No lightning or thunder, just dark rain, dark night, and a baby crying, cry so loudly, left in the middle of no where, she walked up to what looked like a bowl, and peered down into it, nothing, pure silence, and darkness, pitch black, then a wicked laugh came from with in the bowl like cradle. and it got louder and louder and louder and red eyes came quickly closer and closer!

Noel Screamed! Lunging herself up, to a sitting position, locks of her long brown hair flying into her face, and over her shoulders. The sun just rising, made a red glow in her room. Panting she tried to catch her breath, scared. Then pounding sounds from afar came closer to her room, echoes off the marble walls louder and louder they got! Until 2 men pushed the door away and entered the room with swords drawn, and prepared to fight. These 2 were none other but Domonic and Phillup.

Noticing no one was there they looked at the pale and frightened, Noel, who was now in tears. they both dropped their swords and immediately got on their knees next to the bed, resting there hands on the rim of the bed, both tried comforting Noel telling her it must have been a terrible dream, then with as gentle fingers as they possibly could they tried to position their digits either on her back or shoulder or just near her, letting her know she was protected.

Chapter 7 - Dear Phillup
After calming her down the 2 gentlemen leave, concerned about her. Domonic goes about getting things ready for the Great banquet, and Phillup needed to do a few things with his horse. Sitting all alone, she leaned against the pillow sinking deeply into it. Wrapping the blanket about her she stared of into the void of nothing. The sun gradually got higher, time went slowly, yet it did pass.

Trina came up for a dress fitting, Violet came up with some food. Staying on top of the bed, she heard more guests arrive. Walking over the rope bridge, to the table, Past the basin, looking through the glass she could see a family, with children, Servants running about to meet their needs, Sandeera and Lord Havinten greeting them.

Noel stayed by the window, even thought the group of people left. She stayed to watch the amazingly huge leaves get tossed around by the wind. The grass swaying, the flowers bowing, the morning slowly passed into Afternoon. Feeling utterly alone. She went back to her bed and sitting on the rim in the middle of the bed.

Stared up through the windows, noticing the sun must have been over head. sighing, she curled up her knees to under her chin, the light blue dress gracefully draped over her feet. Wishing for someone to come up and be with her to, have company. Instead of being alone in this daunting room.

Time pasted when there was a knock on the door, a kind face peered around the door, Soft brown eyes glistened curiously.

"Knock knock- Can I come in? Well you look angelic sitting there in you dear lil dress"

" Good afternoon Phillup" Noel sweetly said. as if she was willing to drop everything to be with him...but in all honesty was grateful for the company.

" Mind if I sit next to you M‘Lady?" He said pointing to the foot of the bed, in-between her and the rope bridge. " Looking up at him, smiling she nodded. Gently easing his way he sat down, letting out a deep inward sigh, stating that he was grateful for the chance to relax.

Repositioning herself to look at him better. She gazed up at the handsome man, and observed his charm as he turned to gaze down at her. Smiling his smirkish smile, like he knew all and was very wise. She then observed how his dear brown eyes were almost researching her, darting here and there taking in how she looked, how long her hair was, how it moved when she cocked her head. Looking closely concentrating on her face he noticed her lips were rather full. Her eyes were brown like his. Her hands rather strong looking, yet very delicate. Focusing narrowly to her, staring at her. Rather intimidated, he seemed to see through her, like reading her Feelings, blushing she has no choice but to look away.

Fiddling with her dress hem she feels his eyes still observing her, watching her moves. Looking back up, his curios , not terrifying, glare, she smiled the kind of smile that said she was a bit uncomfortable. Noticing and understanding the hint, Phillup caught himself and realized how terrible he must have made her feel.
" Oh my dear, I apologize for me not considering how I must have made you feel. Please, I was just wanting to look at you. To see are more beautiful than I give you credit."

Blushing more she gazed up at him. Blushing himself he smirked at her, being grateful that she forgave him. Repositioning himself he carefully laid down onto the bed basically around her, his clean black boots that reached his knees were (still on him) at the foot of the bed, and his head near the pillow, resting his head in his hand, propping himself up by having his elbow set on the bed. He tilts his head down to where she still is… in the middle part of the bed, near his waist.

"It must be compelling to be you."

Turning to look at his face, to answer him, she glances at the large figure and takes in how long he is, slightly shocked by the full effect at how huge he was. Quickly coming back she shrugged her shoulders.
" I suppose." She simple stated.
" Have you been getting into trouble? " He questioned, tilting his head, " Someone like you
couldn't possibly be getting into trouble. Now could you."
" Knowing what he is getting at she plays along " I don't know about that...I could" Smiling up at him with some attitude " but I must admit that I have been pretty far"

Shocked by her response he tilts his head backs and laughs a sincere and hardy laugh. " I wasn't expecting a girl who has been her for only 5 days to have such a great come back ...hahah "

Suddenly, she found herself attracted to this man. Uncertain how or when or why it acquired but she had a deep affection for him. His seducing smile, his Eyes, alluring, her heart pounded as she watched his slightest movements. His immense eyes blinking, There is enough power behind every blink, to bruise her if she was in the right place. But his eyes are amazing.

Shaking it off she tries to come back and catch up with what he is saying. Their conversation consisted of getting to know each other, she constantly wrapped her arms around her...for she did feel a bit… Uncomfortable with being with some one so...large. Every breath she could see his chest moving, slowly. Showing just how enormous he was ! This started to make her realize how life threatening everything could be...if not careful. Then a quiet came upon them..... and nervously Phillup began to ask something he had been thinking about all day, ever since that morning when he came to her side ( along with Domonic)

" I - I - I never would do this with out your permission...." Rubbing the back of his neck he stalls " I was wondering.....could I.....- Would you let me.....only if you were comfortable with it- and if you allowed me...I was hoping that - Well.....(deep, deep sigh)...... Would you please, goodness....ummm - - - - - - You wouldn't by any chance let me hold you would you?"

Taking aback by the thought. She thought for a while...realizing that this is a big, big step, yet would enhance her relationship with him.....Timidly looked back up into his eyes, and nodded.

A deep sigh of relief came from the depth of his being, and a slight smile came across his face for a moment. Biting his lip Phillup gives her a questioning look of " now?". Blinking, very tense and nervous she again nodded. Holding her breath she turned to see a intimidating
sight.... a Mammoth of a right hand approaching her, slowly, yet coming. Soon she could feel the warmth radiating off of his hand on her back.

The both of them were taking deep breaths, as Phillup cautiously placed his index finger on her back.....this was a big moment. He felt her instinctively shrinking away from his finger then nervously leaning back into it. Looking down at her own hands....she comes to think how
puny she is to him. His one tip of his finger was enough to cover her back and then some.

Slowly he moved his finger around to her waist, and then gently placed his thumb around the other side. He was clearly taking his time, and one step at a time. His touch was gentle ...thought his hand were undoubtedly strong, very strong! However at this current time...they were trembling, ever so slightly...yet she could tell.

The soft pillow likeness of the flesh was unusual for her, then again the leathery texture was unique. He was so scared if making the wrong move could hurt her...that was the last thing he wanted to do to her. He also wanted her to become accustomed to his size, this is rather - well- breath taking. He could feel he shaking in between his 2 fingers... wanting more than ever to comfort her and to let her know that she is safe. he wanted to hold, cupping her in his hands and hold her close to him, so she would never get hurt....but he knew better....and took his time.

Now she is biting her lip as his grip tightens. Cradling like he beguines to lift his hand. Noel started feeling that she was being suspended, in air. Gasping and startled she flings her arms around his finger and thumb gripping the best she can. Phillup slowly, continuing to lift his hand...she begins to feel the ground leave her feet and starts to dangle.

Quickly cradling her in is right hand Phillup fully sits upon the Royal Purple bed and cups his left around his right...for extra security. Looking down to her he can see, yet mainly feel how tense she is. Every muscle in her body stiff, how he wanted to hush her and tell her that no harm would come to her if was in his hands.

Looking at the lines and folds in his hands she doubt she should have said yes.. Noel beguines to think about taking it back, then looking up at him.... her doubts simply....vanished! She didn't think of them. Phillup feels her relax a little, he smiled. Seeing his smile and taking a deep breath she melts into his warm shelter and the moment lasted for a long, long time.

The warmth of his hand was relaxing, and the whole event was so emotional. Trusting him, relying on him, believing in him, but understanding that since she wasn't that big, it's not his strength that would fail.

Breathing deeply, he could still feel her body was a bit tense, this was a whole new vantage point for him, now not only could he see her closer than ever, he could feel her. Her warmth, the softness of her clothes, her fidgeting with her dress, shifting to get in a more comfortable position, her breathing, her hair tickling his hand. This was amazing for him, he knew of these people, but never see one…especially never held one in his very hand before!

Bringing his hand closer he again studied her. At the current time she is looking down, making certain her dress was covering, then looking up Noel was taken aback, he had moved in so closely all she could see was his face, mainly his eyes. How overwhelming they were, how cunning and intelligent they were. After some time she just stated

" Please....I'd like to be put down know, if you don't mind... I'm just not used to this"

Nervously smiling, realizing he had held her for a long amount of time he gently lowered his hand to the bed top, and then tilting it slightly, so she would slide down rather than hop off. Sliding onto the velvety softness with the sound of a gentle "Poff" ( not poof).

Looking back in amazement, of the one who towered immensely over her. Yawning she
realized how the event had taken a toll on her. Seeing that she was tired and not saying a word Phillup smiled, smoothly stood up from the bed, so the movement wouldn't be to much for her, and left. She listened to his footsteps echoing off the wall. Looking out the window she Noticed it was evening . And she had plenty of time before dinner to take a rest.

She curled up and gathered the blanket about her and simply moments after her head hitting the pillow. She was asleep. She was then caught in a dream so real! She again walked up to a Basket that didn't look like a basket. No crying came from it, and no laughter. The rain drenched her, then seeing a house not far away she quickly walked to it. Seeing a kind old man holding what must have been a young baby.

Then whirling threw - was must have been years, she saw him above her shaking her to wake up. " Wake up my door step beauty! Wake up....Do you know what day it is? It's your birthday Darling! Don't you remember N - - - !

Popped out of the dream she sees the kind maid standing over her, deary, it's time to get ready for dinner. This was the first time Noel was unhappy with the maid, the worst thing about it was she couldn't possibly stay mad at her for she didn't have a clue that the dream might have given her a clue on who she was, but after all these years...what would have brought that up?

Why was she now starting to have dreams about her past? Why hasn’t she had them at the village? Is it because with all the stress of being in a new environment she is now subject to fearful memories? But they are not that fearful! They are bewildering! Slowly thinking….she then ponders the possibility that maybe it’s a stressful environment, but a secure environment! Here she is no longer an outcast! Here she safe! Here she is treated kindly…like she is…….like love! Is this why? Is this why I have been seeing all these strange dreams??

Dismissing it she stands up brushes down her dress with her hands to release any dirt or wrinkle and looks back up to the kind maid. Realizing she is ready for dinner the kind maid makes a face and shakes her head.
"We really need to make you some new clothes"

With a smile Violet walked in and the 2 left the Lavender room and went to the Dinning hall were the rest were waiting, including the mysterious Lord Koslin. All thought she was placed at the other end of the table from him. He was close to the head of the table on the left side, while she on the right was towards the middle. Then Phillup showed up just as Violet walked out, and took his seat across form Noel, sitting he smiled a " Remember what we did today ? " sort of smile. Bowing her head towards her chest for of course she remembered, how could she forget.

Then looking to her right was Domonic in his dashing black mask. Blushing she looked back down to the table. Domonic gave Phillup a look of " What is going on between the 2 of you, and what is with her? " Phillup only flashed Domonic on of his bright smiles and shrugged his shoulders. Rolling his eyes and thinking " Boy, Phillup is no help" Domonic cleared his throat and looking down to the blushing Noel he has an announcement for her.

" Noel? I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to be with you today." Phillup mumbled something but with others talking to each other Domonic couldn't catch it, and when looking at
Him… Phillup was looking more innocent that ever.

"As I was saying.... I'm sorry - But I do have a little something to brighten you day."

Noel looking up at him now was very confused. As a servant came to Domonic’s calling and on top of a silver platter, was a small table and chair, of beautiful design! Of amazing quality! Larger than the kings throne in her kingdom.

Gasping she watched Domonic take the liberty of picking up the doll like furniture, and placing them near her. Standing up she took a long look at the lovely craftsmanship. The wood was so smooth...she could never get a splinter! " Domonic...." she started to say " Thank you for, having these made for me!"

Looking down and away from her he blushed and stated " I actually made them for you"

Her eyes took time to make them for me! Oh my The size was matched perfectly! Not knowing how to thank him in any better way, she ran around the table and chair, and to the hand that was fidgeting with the plate nearby. Embarrassing the only finger she could reach, she thanked him from her heart.

" Thank you so much! The fact that you care enough about making me at home here is so touching!"

Not prepared for the some what called *hug* He at first was startled then graciously taking it. Releasing her grasp she then went back to the table and chair...thinking that it was to amazing and wonderful to sit in. And like a true gentle man Domonic Pulled the chair away from the table, she then curtsied like a lady, and took her place in the seat. He very, very ,very carefully and as gently and slowly as he possibly could, pushed the chair into the table. Everything fit like a glove!

Soon a tapping on the glass forced Noels Attention away form the wonderful jester. Jenessa Stood up with her husband Lord Cresington.

"Family! Before the meal beguines I wish to make an announcement, on Behalf of Lord Cresington and myself." Smiling she looked across the table looking at faces of loved ones. Taking a deep breath and looking at her husband, and beaming with delight she made her announcement.

" I'm going to have a baby!" Immediately the Table was an uproar of "Congratulations!" "Took ya long enough" " How long did you know?" and "When is it coming?" The joy filled the room! Everyone was excited for Jenessa and Lord Cresington. Through out the dinner there was an excitement that couldn't be matched, The great banquet was coming. There was a Baby Coming, and a Guest of theirs was the first one saved from the Eastern mounds. Things were going very well.

Phillup was giving Noel little looks of slight flirtation every now and then, during dinner. And noel can't deny her little looks back ...though if he saw them, she’ll never know. The dinner was a delightful meal, and the conversations lasted long and everyone enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately Noel never got a good chance to meet Lord Koslin. Mysteriously she was never able to clearly see his face, always in the shadows...and so Lord Koslin was still a mystery, still- still unknown.

Chapter 8 - The Day of the Banquet!

It was finally the day of the great Banquet! The entire house was in an buzz and hummm of decorations, guests coming and unpacking in there rooms. Horses came and then left to the stables. Standing by the window, looking here and there , Noel watched Domonic in his handsome black mask and cape had for some reason more of a flare today. Phillup was at Domonic heels both caught up in the busyness of everything they had to do. Children came running up to Lord Koslin and he was hugging them like they were his own children.

Looking down on them all she couldn't help but smile with affection. Violet then came running up panting. "Noel!" There is something wrong!!! We need your help! Unaware that she could be of any help she was whisked downstairs (with out a pillow mind you!) and seeing a crowd of people in the hall way.

There was a woman crying next to a door, and Violet came close to her and still panting she tried to calmly say

" My Lady.....This is.....gasp....Noel...She can.....inhale.....she can help" Large tears were rolling down this enormous woman’s face, her deep green eyes piercing ,looks down to Noel with the look of...How could she help and then the desperate mothers plea of I'll do anything.

Being quite uncomfortable with being in hands was rather confused of the situation. Violet slowly started to bend down, Noel watched everything the was so much larger than she was pass by her....door knobs, nails, people's hands then knees Taken in by all these huge people staring down at her. All of them. Not certain of the head count, or what to even do....she turned back to Violet.

Past the thumb, the arms and then behind the lock of the strawberry blond hair, her soft eyes looking down to where she was lowering her hands down to. Violet Then noticing the very tiny and bewildered Noel in her hands. Setting her upon the gray stone slab floor next to the door. taking a deep breath and bending her face closer to Noel she softly explains the situation.

"This Lady's young daughter is locked in this room, she is only about 3 years old....there are dangerous item in the room including bare hunters knives, a fire in the fire place, Sewing items, many things that she could end up hurting herself."

"sigh...oh boy"

"Can you help her? "

Turning around and seeing the other room through the crack under the door that she would have no problem walking under, Noel then looks back up to Violet and then way, way, way, way, way Up to the other adults, and nodded, "I'll try my best....Get Domonic! Or Lord Cresington, they should know where a key could be to open this door."

Taking a deep breath Noel walks quickly into the other room, hearing Violets booming steps scamper away to retrieve help from someone who can handle it. Then a loud scream was heard from outside, Looking all around the room, she could not find the young child any where! Then her scared brown eyes came across an open widow

" Ohh NO!!!"

Running clear over to the other side of the room she hears gasps and crowd's murmurs below. "Dear God! She can't be out on the ledge please! Please no!!!!! "

Thinking on her feet she sees a blanket at the foot of the bed that is towering above her. Looking closer she confirms her hopes...There was ilet fringe on the blanket There were holes in the fabric of this blanket....She could have a better chance of climbing up this thing, Taking a preparing breath and rolling up her sleeves she runs over to the blanket, grabbing her skirt she tucks it up very unlady like in such a way to free her legs.

Climbing, one step at a time she tries to hurry, hearing more gasps, she glances at the window and catches a glimpse of curly black hair and a forest green garb of clothing. Many time missing her steps or grasps she hurts herself with rug burns and falling a few feet ( to her that is, only about an inch for the rest) Finally getting to the top of bed and gasping for air! She tries to figure out how to get to the little girl.

Noel sees a ledge , an uncomfortably small thin ledge...but figuring she didn't have any other way she bites her lip and leaps over and gripping the wall she does the side step and step by step by step by step. Tears start welling up, another scream accurse from the by standards below. Men shouting accurse, hopefully trying to figure out a way to get to her from the outside. Reaching the windows ledge Noel finally sees the little girls face, and calling to her she prays that the little girl can hear her from all the excitement!

"Little Girl! Sweetie! Hey you! Dear! Look a talking doll! Sweetie!"

Finally the girl looks her way, trying to catch the little girls attention she waves her arms, but suddenly loosing her footing, First her right foot then her left foot completely comes off. Time stands still, all sounds dies, she looks down and sees the floor coming to her. her arms flailing actually grip the side of the ledge. Able to catch herself she dangles for a while, then coming back to her senses she looks up to see a pair of Green eyes and freckled cheeks. Smiling Noel tries to sound calm.

" Little Girl, please, please pick me up. ok. can you not let me fall?" nodding the darling girl brings her soft childish hand from outside and grips the panicked doll, and sitting down on the ledge outside of the room, she holds Noel carefully.

Catching her breath.. looks at the innocent 3 year old, "Thank you very much...I am very could you be a dear and-" But before she could even finish her thought the girl was already calling down to the crowd of people below.

"Look this doll can talk!" She waved the slightly chubby fist that was tightly grasping Noel.

In the midst of this a group of men where get getting rope up to that level....trying to use the rooms above and gargoyles and get down to the ledge where sat the clueless child and the terrified Noel. Feeling rather green from the shaking and blue form the tight grip… Noel tries again to get the girls attention.

"Please! Please! Little girl what is your name?" " The green eyes peer down to her as she brings Noel close to her own face. Loudly she boasts

" My name is Annabel...what is yours?" Grateful for being able to communicate with her she calmly almost in a lulling tune

" My name is Noel. How old are you?"

Again the girl is please that someone has taken an interest with her, and loudly proclaims..

"I just turns 3!"

"Very nice! You turned three!" Noel sees men coming down on ropes over to the right of the little girl...Noel's left. It appears to be a young gentleman, not much younger than herself...yet rather strong looking...probably one they can lift easier that someone with the added weight of the girl if need be.

" you like Lord Kenzington Lord Koslin? Do you like coming to the Great Banquet? "

The little girl nodded her head violently...shaking Noel to the point of seeing spots. Dizzily Noel questions " Why?" Giggling the youngster answers " Lord Koslin is so funny! HAhahah! and he always is smiling!"

Keeping the girl occupied was Noel's only chance of keeping her still for the men to come...her efforts where just, but being only an inch or two tall the, and the little girl being a little girl could only stay still for a short amount of time.
Quickly before Noel had much time to understand her predicament Annabel stuffed the doll into the sash around her waist that tied into a bow in the back...and decided to look around.

Walking a few steps, the girl sees the young gentleman coming down from above her. Thinking this was a game Annabel starts to giggle and walks towards the corner of the ledge. However…the Young man was soon on the ledge and quick as a wink he grabbed the little girl who simply giggled and squealed with joy!

Noel was pretty much the same way during all this, as she was when they found her.

In the safety of the room a gentle Lord Koslin took the little girl aside and look at her very closely.

"Violet Told me someone came out to you Annabel…that Talking doll…where is she?" with a smooth peaceful voice.

Annabel smiled as bright as she could and pointed to her sash. There he found Noel Gripping onto the fabric, as if her life was still is danger. Her face was pale and eyes wide open, however rather glazed. Lord Koslin Asked Annabel if he could have the doll and proceeded to gently grasp Noel from the sash, pried her hands off the Forest Green material and held her in his palm as he stood to his full height.

Annabel’s Parents Rushed into the room above the one she locked herself in. With Scolding voices and grateful voices they insisted that she would not go to the great Banquet that night for her current act of disobedience. Noel could vaguely understand what was going on… a Soothing voice talked about letting her come to the banquet, and discipline her when they got back home.

The voice was familiar to her…but currently she was to dazed to figure out where from. Shaking herself back to reality….things began to clear up and she realized she was in a tremendous palm. Well….its safer than that of the little girls…she thought to herself. Green eyes soon came before Noel, with great joy and tears continuously streaming out. "Thank you! Thank you for all you did!" The Mother said overjoyed. "I believe that if you were not out there she wouldn’t have stayed still for so long."

A smile crossed Noels face, trying to stand on the uneven surface, she did her best to curtsied but with wobbly legs from this frightening experience toppled over onto the leathery surface. Lord Koslin being a wise man quickly excused himself along with Noel and took her back to the safety of the Lavender room.

Upon getting there, Noel just then realized who’s hand she had the gratitude of rescuing her from Annabel.

"Lord Koslin?"
"Yes Noel?" His voice warm and assuring.
"You? How? I am very confused! H - How do you know my name?"
"Domonic has frequently talked about you... As does Kenzington. You seem to be held in High respects with Phillup too."

Before she noticed, she was transferred from his hand to her bed. With bewilder bewilderment, she again looked up this mysterious man. "How did you do that?"

"Do What?" He smiled back
"That! You just moved me and I didn’t notice at all!" She was shocked…was she becoming accustomed to the world? She thought not…this man was skilled.

"I have dealt with a very delicate treasured items in my life." Was all he said.
And with that he bowed and standing to his complete height smiled down upon her and left the room. Leaving Noel Very confused.

Sooner than she thought, the three sisters Jenessa, Sandeera, and Trina all came in bubbly and in the middle of priming themselves up. There hair tied up in rags to have beautiful curls. Even though their Faces were covered in a white paste, Noel knew they where terribly excited to have a little woman they can pamper and prim to their pleasing.

Being whisked away from the Lavender Room to their vanity room the three took turns from pulling corsets tighter, to hoisting one upon poor Noel. From dressing behind the wooden certain, to messing with Noel’s hair. Finally, when all 4 where finished…they stood staring down at Noel’s tiny frame and cooed on how beautiful she was and congratulated each other for being a marvelous team.

Trina got a look on her face that Noel couldn’t read and race outside onto the balcony. "And to finish the look" She said proudly coming back in. "White Flowers…that will show up beautifully in your dark brown hair." These tiny flowers where carefully stuck into her gorgeous braid. Trina also brought one larger one for Noel to see. Indeed this was a beautiful white blossom, and she breathed in deep the lovely fragrance.

"This…Smell! It’s - - - - -"

"Noel? Are you alright?" Questioned Sandeera " What is that look on your face?"

"Oh! Nothing…It’s just the most wonderful thing I have ever smelled!"

However, Noel Lied, it was not "Nothing". For the moment she smelt the flower a soft female voice echoed in her mind. "Fear not my dear! And do not forget us. We Love you more that life!" Who was that voice? Noel wondered…instantly thinking I might just have been her mother.

Violet in her best garb came into the room with Noels Pillow. She started asking the three how she looked. All gathered and exclaimed, what a nice color of green she chose to compliment her hair color. And how lovely she look, all proud of her. Noel was ecstatic to hear that the servants where welcome to the Banquet….even though some where serving through parts of it, while they where not they had strict orders to be part of the fun.

The Banquet was a hit! The glorious Hall indeed danced with fire light, brightness everywhere to all could be seen. Many where dancing to the music while others drank merrily at the long table and conversed.

Seated at the head where both Lord Kenzington and Lord Koslin. Beaming with bright smiles and cherry laughing. Noel herself was seated on the table with her own chair and table in between Lord Kenzington and Domonic. Phillup was a few seats down…but Noel could clearly hear and see him, and him made certain she knew that he could see her.

In the middle of all the merriment, Lord Kenzington slapped his hand on the table (causing Noel to jump immensely.) "NOEL!!" His jolly voice bellowed. "Noel my dear! Entertain us!" Noels heart jumped to her throat. "M - me? Entertain? My Lord Kenzington … I am not a Lady! I can not Dance!" He peered down upon the minuet form, his smile broad. " Sing to us then!" He boomed.

Noel turned to Domonic " I have never done any sort of performance in front of people before" Seeing how frightened she was, he couldn’t refuse helping his absolutely beautiful friend. Leaning over he said in a hushed voice

"Father…Perhaps it is not wise for her, with her small voice who could hear her?"

"We have the magnifier from the wizard!"

"Father, please don’t pressure her!"

Phillup came up from behind Domonic and slapped him on the back. " Lighten up Dominic ! Lets hear the angelic voice I know she has" He cheerfully stated as he looked into the eyes of Noel.

" I know she can do it…and she will be marvelous." He gave her a smile, and she felt warm and confident…maybe she could do it after all. The next thing she new, she was picked up from he chair and table and placed on another table along with some odd item that she figured to be the magnifier. Looking up she saw the waists of Phillup and Domonic.

"Guys!" She shouted waving for them to come closer to her. " I only know one song! I don‘t even know how I know this song!" Phillup smiled at her and confidently whispered " Then sing your heart out!…What’s it called?" "I don’t know…it’s a lullaby!" "Well sing it then!" " Will you give me a couple of minuets to make sure I know all of it?" "No problem" Domonic said.

Walking to a corner of the small table she was on…her long dress trailing behind her rustling in any movement with all the petticoats underneath her skirt. Let me see….that Lullaby… what was it? Recalling it she closes her eyes and hums it softly.

" Sun sets…Rise Stars
I hold my love inside my arms
Peace my love Never part
Forever I hold you in my heart
For Home Away from Home my dear
Never Fear I am near
Home away from Home this nighe
Remember my Lullaby
My sweet, sweet treasure
Precious Pleasure
Forever I hold you in my heart
Forget me not Never part
Remember this sweet lullaby
So I’ll be with you this very nighe"

Now ready to sing, she joins the gentlemen and sets herself in front of the magnifier. Domonic waves his arms to stop the musicians, while Phillup announces to the guests that Noel was about to entertain them all with a song. Her heart was about to pound right out of her chest….her stomach in knots.

She kept ringing her hands making them sore. She looked up to Domonic who was standing beside her while Phillup took a seat to enjoy the show. Domonic looked back down to her ( he was so high up…could he even see me?) and smiled ( oh…I guess he can). "Don’t worry….I’ll be right next to you."

Taking a deep breath her voice at first started frail and weak, however pure. Soon her voice began to grow and she sang the best she could.

" Sun Sets….Rise Stars I hold my love inside my arms" At this Lord Koslin gets up for the very first time all evening and promptly leaves the Hall. Noel continues, however having the fear that she must sound terrible if one the kindest men just up and left.

"Peace my love Never part Forever I hold you in my heart For Home away from Home my dear" Now the musicians join in the melody and a few other people start singing as well. People here know this lullaby? It’s the only song I know! Noel looked up to Domonic to see if he had answers for her. Upon looking at his face…she only read many questions , Domonic’s eyes darted back and forth, his eyebrows furrowed deep in thought. The in a flash he left her to sing alone and fallowed Lord Koslin.

Panic filled Noel " Never Fear I am Near. Home away from Home this Nighe" Her heart raced, was she really singing that badly? She started to sway as she continued to finish the song. "Remember my Lullaby. My Sweet, Sweet Treasure" More and More people started singing, and she didn’t know if it was because they where simply enjoying it…or if she sounded so badly that wanted to cover her noise. Not being able to take it anymore… Noel Shook her head and walked to the corner of the small table she was standing on.

Phillup quickly jumped up and came to the table from where he was seated, and Noel was grateful and waited for a hand that she might walk upon so that he can take her away from this confusing time. However only the back of his massive hand came in contact with her…as he scooted her back in front of the Magnifier. He joined the song and encouraged her to finish what she started.

After the Lullaby was complete she rushed to Phillup with Anger filling up to brim of her heart. "WHY!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. She pounded her fists into his hand as he went to pick her up.

" Why did you make me finish singing?" Phillup’s voice loomed up above her " Because you sounded better than I thought…I didn’t want a little stage fright to get in the way of letting people hear your voice."

Phillup picked her up and let her slide from his fingers into his cupped palm. "You were amazing! Many people will say so." Listen to your applause! Indeed, it was a roar of people clapping their hands together for her.

Bringing Noel back to the table, Noel noticed Domonic coming back in. Domonic didn’t seem like the kind of guy to leave a friend high and dry…even if they sounded bad. Upset with him…she ignored his smile and decided to not look at him the rest of the night. Or until he gave her a satisfying answer to why he did leave her up there all alone.

As she sat down at her table Trina leaned over and with a beaming smile questioned. " How do you know that Lullaby?" Noel got a curios look on her face and questioned back "That is the only song I know! How do you know it?" Just as Trina was about to answer - Domonic interrupted.

" (clears his throat) She…uh…must have heard it around the castle….you know how popular it is!"

As quick as he could Domonic switched subject and the night continued with merriment and such. However Lord Koslin never came back…and this confused Noel. Well, shortly after Domonic had come back, he walked over behind Phillup and whispered something to him. Noel was baffled as the two of them both looked at her for a spell during the whispering, quickly Domonic patted Phillup on the back and strongly walked away.

Domonic rushed in getting a lamp, switching to a warmer cloak, fetched his sword and briskly set out into the night.

Chapter 9 Domonic’s Rescue

Domonic prepared for the long walk ahead thought over what had just taken place.

~ Noel Started to sing "Sun Sets Rise Stars" He instantly questioned to himself, How does she know Lord and Lady Koslin’s lullaby? He turned his head and saw Lord Koslin becoming very uncomfortable, a face mixed with sorrow and fear. Lord Koslin looked to Domonic’s Eyes and then quickly got up and left.

What is going on here? Domonic’s mind rushed with thoughts. " So....Who was the other before me?" He heard Noels Voice echo in his mind as he continued thinking of memories past. Think Domonic! Come on think! Mother told me to stay away from her, Domonic went back to that memories suddenly it became clear as it flashed back to him.
"Domonic " His mother said softly as she sat him down on her lap " Your still young, so you won’t understand this for some time. The doctors and wizards told Lord and Lady Koslin that they would never be able to have a baby, due to Lady Koslin’s health. But as you found out, they did! … now the baby isn’t healthy, well, let me take that back. The baby is healthy, she is just very different from us."

" Is that why she is so small?" The young Domonic questioned

"Yes" His mother smiled at him " Now, You mustn’t let anyone know about this…you hear? Not the servants, to your sisters, Not even the Phillup! Only your father and I where told about this. Lord and Lady Koslin don’t want other people to pry into this quite yet."

"Can I see her again?"

" Well…lets go ask Lady Koslin and see." His mother took him by the hand and they left to go find Lady Koslin. But, as they left through the front door of the room Domonic thought he saw Trina quickly shut the door in the back and ran off.

In the upper tower Domonic and his mother found lady Koslin sitting next to a baby’s cradle, Singing her lullaby and rocking it hardly at all. Lady Kenzington smiled at Lady Koslin and questioned her. "Domonic would like to see the baby again, may he?" Lady Koslin stood up from her chair and smiled at Domonic. "Of course he may, as long as he answers one question first. How did you find out about her?"

Domonic felt bad and guilty as he confessed. "I was coming in here to see if Lord Koslin brought anything back for me, when I heard you two coming back into the room, I hid. I heard you say something about the baby needing sleep and that you where going to lay it in the cradle. Then you walked into the connecting room over there. I snuck out and tried to sneak out of the room when I heard a baby crying far away. But it wasn’t far away! I stood on top of the chair and looked down. I saw the baby crying. Then I heard Lord Koslin coming for the baby, so I ran out of the room. I Didn’t mean to find out, Honest! I’m sorry Lady Koslin! Really I am! But I had to know…that’s why I went to mother and asked her."

Lady Koslin smiled at Domonic "That’s alright, I understand. I am not mad at you in the least. It’s rather nice to let someone know about the baby."

Lady Koslin then gracefully pulled the baby out of the cradle and lowered her cupped hands in front of Domonic’s face.

Domonic whispered softly, so as to not hurt the baby’s ears " This is closer than I saw before!" In Lady Koslin’s hands was the tiniest baby Domonic could have ever imagined, and she was just waking up. Her brown eyes blinking, she looked back up to Domonic and giggled as she squirmed about.

Lady Koslin gently laughed at her daughters reaction " I think she likes you Domonic." After thinking about it, Lady Koslin told Domonic to sit in the chair next to the cradle, after he had done so she looked in his eyes and said " Would you like to hold her?" Domonic could hardly believe his ears? "But I might hurt her!" he protested. "Not if I am with you, and if your very, very careful." Domonic nodded his head and cupped his little hands. Lady Koslin smoothly transferred the baby into his hands. He almost started to shake he was so excited and scared at the same time. But when the baby smiled up at him and giggled again he felt calm and looked down at her.

"So looks like she’s cold." He told Lady Koslin, never taking his eyes off of the tiny infant. "Well, lets take care of that." Lady Koslin took the blue lacey blanket from
The cradle and cut a piece from it. " There" she stated and she covered the baby girl in Domonic’s hands. "That should do it…don’t you think?"

"She’s so small! Why is she so small?" Domonic questioned with pleading eyes to Lady Koslin. She kneeled down so that Domonic and her could look eye to eye. " I don’t know why Domonic. Many think it’s because of my health. But did you know that there is a whole other land that has many people with babies just her size?"

Domonic shook his head for a moment, then nodded it once he remembered what his father told him about the dragons and the tiny people they hurt and took away. "What’s her name?"
"Lord Koslin and I haven’t decided quite yet. I almost want to name her Rosabella after this white rose. It’s always been my favorite. It smells so pretty, see?" Domonic smelled the flower and thought it was rather sissy, but it still did smell nice.

Lady Kenzington told Domonic that it was time to and to thank Lady Koslin for letting him hold the baby. After he gave the baby back and bowed to Lady Koslin, and she crouched down closer to him and whispered in her ear. "Don’t tell anyone about Rosabella, or that you did this today, ok?" He again nodded his head and left saying goodbye.

Domonic came out of his flash back to hear Noel’s Sweet voice purely sing. Momentarily he agreed with Phillup in her having an angelic voice, however more pressing things where on his mind. Without a moments notice he chased after Lord Koslin.

Leaving the merriment he entered the halls, filled with moonlight. Hearing Lord Koslin’s familiar footsteps Domonic raced in the dark blue light lit hall, to catch up with him. "Lord Koslin" He called with no reply back. "Lord Koslin" He called even louder. Seeing the form in front of him he again called out " Terrance!" Lord Koslin turned to Domonic with a question "When have you started to call me by my first name son?" "When you have information I need to know."

"Well my boy? What is it?"
"What do you mean what is it, I know you know! Why else did you leave the room! That is your and Lady Koslin’s Lullaby that I have heard for many years! How would someone like her know it? She has never been here before, or has she?"
"I don’t know what your talking about my boy" Lord Koslin turned to leave.
"What are you doing?" Domonic grabbed Lord Koslin’s arm stopping him. "Your not leaving here until we have this settled."
"What settled?"
"Noel! She is your daughter! She has to be! How else does she know that lullaby? That must be proof to you!"
"A lullaby has no proof. It could have easily gone around."

Domonic looked deeply into Lord Koslin’s eyes. Though it was dark he read something in them.

Coming to realization "You’ve know for a while now haven’t you? You’ve known before this, before tonight, that she was your daughter." Domonic thought more then smacking his head with his hand "Of course you did! Why else did you go into her room at night to check on her!"

Lord Koslin looked around, then pulled Domonic closer to the wall in the hallway. In a hush, low, hard voice he talked back. "Yes I knew boy! When you told me her story about being dropped off on a baker’s door step, I knew! You don’t think Her mother and I didn’t look into who we were leaving her with? We wouldn’t leave her with just anybody, She was our daughter! The baker seemed like a the kind that she needed. And when we checked in on her a couple of times before she got to old to notice us, she was very well taken care of."

Lord Koslin’s voice lowered even more and a sadness crept into it. " After her mother died, I wanted to go back and get her. She would have been 8 at the time. Then I thought it would be to much for the wee thing, Being taken away from her "Father". Had I known a few years ago he died, I would have taken her back on the spot! I thought I was doing the best for her."

Domonic looked at Lord Koslin’s face, but Lord Koslin would not look back. "Why haven’t you told her? If you have known all this time, why have you kept her in the dark?"

"Do you know why Lady Koslin and I left her in that land? Because we knew we wouldn’t be proper parents to her. Think about it! A child the size of a small button! It was to much for her and I. We where afraid that we would kill our only child, by pure accident. We wanted the best for her!"

"I don’t understand, why wont you tell her?"

"Don’t you see boy? She didn’t get the best! She was abandoned by the entire village! Taken advantage of! I left her there, do you think I can look her in the eye after all she has been through! If she finds out I am her father, she will have no respect for me. We are better off with her not knowing."

"I am surprised at you! First of all if you spent some time with her, you would see how much like lady Koslin she is! She never blames her parents for leaving her on the doorstep of a baker.

She doesn’t blame anyone! If anything she would rejoice in finding someone to love her, for she has missed out on many year that could have been filled with love. You truly need to see her Lord Koslin, she is so…gentle." Domonic began to drift into his own thoughts yet communicated them out loud.

" Like Lady Koslin, Noel has the beaming smile! No matter how dark and gray the day may be, she can brighten it, just with a little smile! I remember Lady Koslin having dark brown eyes that were very soft and loving. I know they are hard to see, but, Noel has them…the same dark brown eyes…whenever I look into them, it’s like I’m,…I’m safe , like I’m home! Noel has surprised me Lord Koslin, even though she is smaller than my smallest finger, she has a larger heart than most I know here in our world!"

Koslin smiled, remembering the way he felt when he fell in love with Lady Koslin, he Domonic had the same symptoms. Lord Koslin shook his head though and told Domonic " My boy, there is no proof that Noel is my daughter Rosabella."

"Yes there is! And I am going to get it now!" Domonic pronounced as he hurried back to the Hall to tell Phillup he had an errand and to keep an eye on Noel. ~

Domonic came back to the here and now, and stood on top of a hill and looked at the miniature village below. "This King has better pay up." He muttered under his breath and he stormed over to the Castle.

Chapter 10 Domonic’s Rescue Continued

Noel was getting tired as the night wore on, and was still very upset with Domonic. "He better have a pretty good reason." she thought. Yet she also admitted to herself that is wasn’t a life and death situation. He may have abandoned her, but he knew that she wouldn’t get hurt. It wasn’t like he just left her in the middle of a forest with a pack of wolves near by.

Slowly coming to Forgive Domonic, the Banquet began to dwindle. Guests started leaving for their rooms, Parents picking up their children that had fallen asleep during all the merriment. Noel smiled as she watched all this, and found herself yawning. No soon had she completed, Phillup was there.

" You surpassed my expectation tonight Noel, you tried not to get to intimidated with all the giants around you, you stood your ground. You sang in front of every one, and your still awake. I figured someone tiny as you would be sleeping by now."

With a grin Noel responded back " Your hand was to far away from me, and you keep going around talking to people. Otherwise I would be asleep by now."
She Again yawn, and Phillup took the small form up in his warm hands and taking his time, walked to the Lavender room.

Phillup set Noel down on the table next to the window to light a candle. After the flick of the match. Noel Caught a glimpse of something wonderful. All Laid out of the table were other clothes. Many different colors to. Dark hunter green, Sapphire blue, A rich purple, Pink with the pattern of flowers on them, and even a night gown for her to sleep in.

She picked up the night gown and exclaimed to no one in particular "This place is amazing!" She twirled around, getting a little dizzy from being sleepy, but stood straight as Phillup came near to see was the commotion was about.

"Phillup! This place, these people! Everything!! I have been treated so well here, more than any other place! I have never felt so safe in my life!" She thought about what she said, when an image came into her mind. A pair of Milky blue eyes, sparkling down at her. She then saw the eyes get sad, then again the emotion changed to a great happiness. "I feel safe with him." She whispered

Phillup bowed and took his leave, as Noel then dressed in the proper sleeping attire. Walked across the rope bridge and curled up into her bed. Even though she wanted to sleep very badly, somehow, she could not. Her mind was filled with thoughts. Thoughts of Domonic, thoughts of Phillup, thoughts of this strange place, and then thoughts of her parents.

Domonic had completed his task of retrieving Noels infant belongings that the king had "Taxed". The King was so terrified, he offered his son, his daughter, anyone this Giant so desired as long as he wouldn’t get hurt. Originally Domonic was going to leave the guy alone, but after this…he decided to give the guy a good talking to. Promptly he picked up the useless being and brought him directly to his intimidating face.

"Listen here you puny pathetic waste of blood! You know, I doubt you even have blood running through that tiny body, you certainly don’t have a heart. You have no right to be king here, I hope who ever rules after you is much more responsible. But there is one thing you can do. Stop Sacrificing! If you feel like you have to….use your own life for once you flea! What kind of King is willing to lose the heir to the throne so that they won’t get hurt?! What kind of Father does that??! The only thing you get for sacrificing all these people are dragons with bigger egos! So Stop it!"

Putting the King Down, Domonic carefully wrapped and placed the frail items in his pouch tied around his belt and quickly left the kingdom.

"Boy am I grateful Noel isn’t there anymore." He said in a huff, thinking he couldn’t get away from that nasty place any sooner.

When he heard a Mighty Howl. Domonic stopped Dead in his tracks, he knew this howl. Running back to the village he finds an enormous red dragon landing right next to it yelling to the people and burning it with his breath.

"You idiots!" It shouted " Where is my Sacrifice?!" It has been over the time due, I was lineate…but now you puny things have gone to far!" The Red Dragon Roared at the top of his lungs, as the tiny people below in petrified fear screamed.

Running as fast as he Could Domonic drew his sword, flung off his cloak, and placed the pouch and lantern down on the ground. Coming closer, he realized this had to be the Ruler over all the Dragons, for this was the largest dragon he had ever beheld in his sight.

(Ever Saw the movie Dragon Heart…. good movie by the way…Yeah, that was how it was for Domonic. So just think about people Noels size. Whoa that’s scary! Realize this was no ordinary Dragon.)

"So this is how a true dragon receives his power! By terrifying something that a prick of you claw to demolish! That is pathetic! This should make killing you a breeze."

(Domonic was no fool, he knew this dragon was strong and had no need of proving it. He just wanted to grab it’s attention away from the village in order to battle with it.)

Confident in his years of training, he skillfully held the sword as the dragon turned his reflecting green eyes to Domonic. "What does a giant have to do with these miniscule life forms?! Why show compassion to something you could easily step on? Who is the pathetic one?"

The dragon took a deep breath and exhaled a stream of fire toward Domonic, While Domonic Was prepared for this, leaped closer to the dragon, out of the line of fire. He then swiftly pulled one of the Shingle like scales away from the beasts arm and drove his sword into the soft flesh.

The dragon Roared in pain and anger, he grabbed Domonic up in his scaly fist and threw him the best he could with an injured arm. Domonic Landing in a field had no time to feel sorry for the loss of crop to the farmer, but raced again, sword in hand to the vile creature. The dragon wrapped Domonic in his tail and was about to pound him into the ground.

When Domonic’s Sword intentionally pierced the Dragons wing, and with the dragons own force pulling the one who held the sword, ripped a long tare into the dragons source of flying power. Dropping Domonic in shock, the dragon tried his wing out, to see how bad the damage was. Still able to fly, yet he had a hard time steering, and the dragon winced in pain with every powerful flap.

Noel was staring at the ceiling, thinking about so many things. Domonic, Phillup, and her Parents. With so much going on in her mind, she never had a chance to fall asleep... When she heard a roar of some type. She raced to the window and looked out wondering what on earth it could be. Searching the cloudy dark sky, again the chilling roar happened. She shivered in fear, hoping whatever it was stayed far away from here.

As she stared out the window, She heard Phillup’s voice shouting as he and his horse raced out of the gateway. What is Phillup doing! Why is he going to meet that thing!!? Is he crazy?!

Phillup raced as quickly as his horse could run. The trees becoming mire blurs as they went flying past. He stopped shortly upon a cliff and looked down upon the village, however, between him and the village was a terrifying monster and Domonic fighting to the death.

The dragon growled at Domonic, as both were becoming tired. Domonic eyed the Dragon right back. A lunge and gnashing of teeth, a blurry vision of red scales against the moonlight. Suddenly Domonic’s sword was taken away from his grasp. A splash of water by the nearby lake/pond confirmed Domonic’s fear.

Domonic raced to the lake water, wadding up to his thighs in some of the deeper parts, and fished for his sword. The dragon flew up high and came swooping down upon Domonic. The Dragon hissed fire down upon him. Quickly Domonic submerged under the water, letting the fire explode above him. Before he had a chance to come up for air, a great clawed foot turned him over and placed weight on his torso. Causing to Domonic to lose air even more rapidly.

Gripping for something, anything to possibly get this beast to let go, Domonic finds the tip of his sword. Gripping it (cutting his hand and fingers in the process) He pushes himself further than he has done before. And is able to rise himself above the water level and plunge his sword underneath the scaly armor and hit’s the Dragons throat.

The Dragon gasps for breath, however continues to fight and pushed the Feeble Compassionate giant beneath the water once more, this time piercing his flesh deeply with the hideous sharp claws.

Domonic looks up through the water and see vile creature smiling at him in victory. Extreme pain pulses all over his body, and he instinctively gasps for breath. However instead of air his lungs are filled with water. Still watching the Dragon…a swift arrow hit’s the dragons eye sending him to topple over in pain. Releasing Domonic free. Blinded and yowling in agony. The dragon flies off the best he could, and later dies in his dark cave.

Phillup, after hitting his target perfectly, races down to Domonic. Upon reaching him help him choke up the water and carries him up on his horse, and as fast as he could reaches to the Kenzinton’s Castle.

Chapter 11 Someone’s Broken heart

Still at her window, Noel heard the rhythmic beating of Horses hooves pounding into the ground. This caused Noel’s Heart to race.

"Awake the Castle! Awake the Castle! Lord Domonic is injured!"

"No!" She screamed in her heart…however whispered through her lips. She paced back and forth, trying to get the best view out the window. But seeing nothing, she gives up and quickly grabs a dress, any dress and in a rush changes.

Cautiously, she climbs down the ladder. And runs to the Lavender room’s Door. She crawls through the crack under the door. Promptly dusts herself off and Rushes off to see Domonic.

However…she suddenly stops finding herself at the top of a long spiral stairwell. Taking a deep breath… she reminds herself who she was doing this for. Noel stays close to the wall, sat down on the edge, turned around, gripping the edge and lets herself fall to the next stair top. Takes a breath and proceeds to do the same on the next step.

What feels like hundreds and hundreds of steps, and becoming more and more tired this night ( you must remember she hasn’t gotten any sleep yet!). Finally she reaches the floor and sits down for a rest up against the wall. The warm glow of candle light faintly flicker against the cold gray stones.

Seeing this, she gets up her energy and forces herself onward. Fallowing voices, and the sounds of busy feet… she turns a corner into another hallway, and is met with pounding feet and rustling skirts everywhere!

Black shoes, brown shoes, slippers and boots. Petticoat! Aprons! Nightgowns and Robes everywhere!! Plastering herself against the wall, she prays that no one will hurt her.

She tried to fallow with her eyes where everyone was going to or coming from. She had to find Domonic! Bound and determined, Noel presses on slowly. Then she came to be the busiest place she had yet encountered. Fortunately, the doorway was on the same wall she was (thank God! I don’t have to cross traffic!).

Inching her way into the room she stays to the right and keeping close to the wall, ends up on the opposite wall of the bed. She watched the hustle and bustled of maids and butlers constantly going to and fro.

A doctor was by Domonic’s side as all times, Lord Kenzington towards the head of the bed on Domonic‘s right, here Noel noticed something she had never seen before. The face of Lord Kenzington, he wasn’t smiling! Fearing the worst…and wanting to get closer Noel continues to travel as before, against the wall. Goes about the entire room, coming to the (if you were laying down in the bed) Left side. There she hid underneath a night stand, which only allowed her to see the Doctors knees and down. Plus the side of the bed.

As fewer and fewer people where coming in and out, Noel could better understand what was going on.

"Doctor! The Boy is turning blue!" She heard Lord Kenzington cry

"Turn him towards me…we need to empty his lungs of any remaining fluid."

As the doctor and servants did this and something else that Noel couldn’t see, More water spilled out onto the floor. Looking she saw that not only was there an amazing amount of water…but also fish! Noel Gripped her stomach from the gnawing pain in her.

"That was all in his lungs? Oh Domonic…hold on! Please!" She prayed

Then the good doctor started removing Domonic’s clothing, and dropping them onto the floor in front of Noel. Terror grabs hold of her even tighter as she sees blood stains on the shreds of fabric. Noel Places her hand over her mouth.

"Please! Please!" Is all she could think.

"Why are you holding your gut like that boy?" Asked the doctor. As the doctor Removes Domonic’s hand, he drops it! Letting it hang down the side of the bed. Blood trickles down his fingers onto the floor.

" Quick! Hot water! We must stop this bleeding now! Or we may not be able to keep him here!" The Doctor yelled…taking clean rags and pressing them onto Domonic’s Abdomen.

Noel, with wide eye watches with undeniable fear, the crimson liquid coming off of Domonic’s immense hand. A pool of it soon collects on the floor. Staring at it, she finds herself dizzy, unable to breath, then - nothing.

Noel finds herself on the floor, still under the nightstand, however it is darker now…and no voices. Creeping out from her shelter…she observes that there is no one in the room, except for Domonic. She could hear his raspy breathing from above her. The room had been cleaned…no more soiled clothes, no blood stain on the wooden floor. The moonlight poured into the single candle lit room. Giving a heavenly glow on the ivory bedding.

Searching, she is dismayed to find there is no lace on this bed, as she walks around the foot of the bed, she finds on the other side a chair. Upon that a blanket…it had no lace, however the material naturally had holes in it…perfect for hand and foot holds.

Climbing…she realizes, that though she might have been passed out for a while…she didn’t get any rest out of it. Her arms ache from all the activity that had happened this day. Her feet began to feel heavy. Her mind was becoming sluggish…however her heart pounded with determination.

Upon reaching the top of the chair, she had a three foot (to her) jump onto the bed. Landing next to Domonic’s hand She pays close attention to where his bandages where placed. White gaze was wrapped around his entire abdomen, and he spelled of herbs and ointment. She walked up the bed from the waist to his head on the right side of his body. The moon giving his dark silhouette a blue halo.

Dreading more climbing, she however got over it and slowly trudged up his pillow. Here she pulled herself onto his shoulder…and walked upon his chest. Looking upon the face that had saved her, her knees gave way and she collapsed upon his immense body.

Under her hands …she felt the slow, weak "thump-thump-thump" of his heart. She listened to his breathing. It sounded as if he was forcing it. It was harsh and raspy. She again looked to his face. His eyes where shut, in a deep sleep.

"Oh Thank God! Nothing Scratched his handsome face---" She thought to herself. "Wait…His face! Where is his mask?" This was the first time she had seen him without his familiar mask. Though she couldn’t get a good look at him, she saw that he was indeed a hansom man. This however meant nothing to her, It doesn’t matter how he looks to me, it’s how he has treated me.

Finding a new strength, Noel boldly stood up and started giving an unrehearsed speech.

"Domonic! I know you can’t hear me…but I am going to tell you any way! When I first saw you, you brought a fear in me I didn’t know I had! You scared me! You terrified me! I wanted to stay away from you at all times.

But now…I can’t stop thinking about you. When you left me this night, it felt wrong. I - I- I need you! You are always there to protect me…and if you leave me here than--?

Well…You can’t! You hear me Domonic Kenzington?! You are not allowed to leave me here!!! How am I to face your father? Who is to calm me down with" She thinks back and reminisces. " With eyes that tell me the world will be set right. That I have nothing to fear. That for once, I belong! I am no longer an outcast Domonic! Not when you look at me the way you do with those milky blue eyes of yours!

When I look back… I feel safe. Safer than anything I have ever known! This place you brought me to. For some reason Domonic…I am home! But this won’t be any home worth living in, if you leave me behind!"

Just now, tears begun to fill her eyes, and she curls up on the feverish flesh of his chest. Her miniscule tears falling onto his massive body.

" You can’t leave me here Domonic, if you go… Take me with you."

Silence fills the room, and before she falls into a much needed sleep herself, in a pure passionate voice, that was almost in a whisper says " I love you."

The room now ached in salience. No noises to make it warm or inviting. A pure silence of two amazing souls asleep.

When out of the Darkness of a corner, Phillup stands up from his chair and walks to the window, looking out upon the moon lit sky.

Chapter 12 You have won

Domonic opened his eyes, first his site was blurry, blinking a few times…he focuses, and sees Phillup standing by the Sunny window.

Domonic groans as soon as the pain kicks in. Phillup turns and sees Domonic now coming back to the world.

"Hey there, about time you decided to return to us."

"How long was I out?"

"Lets see" Phillup walk over to the bed. "About 5 days…that dragon nearly took you out."

Domonic tries to lift himself up to reposition himself, however is to weak and only make it a couple of inches. Slouching back into the soft feather pillows, he looks to Phillup as if to say ‘ I hate this’

"Ah - Ah- Ah-" Phillup said in a mock disapproving manner " I wouldn’t do that if I were you. First of all, you too weak, second…look on your chest."

Confused, Domonic looked down to find a tiny form in a pink dress curled up, and asleep upon him. Looking back to Phillup he questions "How long has she been there?"

"Since the night of the Banquet, the night you where injured."

"Why did they bring her down? I wish you guys didn’t do that."

"We didn’t…She came all by herself"

"She what?! She came all the way from the lavender room to in here?"

"Yep…she came down all those stairs by herself."

"Why?" Domonic questioned looking down to Noel.

"Don’t you get it?" Phillup was now a little irritated.

"Look, Noel came here that first night and stayed with you the entire night! Your father ended up finding her here on you, just like she is now, only to find out that Violet and the maid have been looking all over for her that morning.

You know what? The Doctor was ecstatic to find out that Noel was here, and he asked her, since she had such tiny hands and perfect eyesight for details, if she would do the stitching on your wounds.

She hated every second of it…but she did it. She did it for you. She even passed out a couple of times because of all the blood and such. You baby, you were groaning with the aches of the stitching job she was doing. It pained her to see you in pain, however, she knew you needed the stitches or else you would end up worse off."

Domonic looked in silence at the tiny form. "She did all that?"

"She did all that…How dumb are you Domonic? She loves you!"

For quiet some time, Neither of them spoke, until Phillup sat down in his chair in the corner and groaned.

"Yep…you won this one."

"If I won this one….I’ve won them all."

"Yelck! Listen to you now. "Mr. Romantic" Sheesh." Phillup said with a laugh.

"Hey! What are you talking about, you have always been the ladies man!"

"Yeah….But I limit my bad lines for when I’m desperate."

Looking down to Noel, Domonic became puzzled, and looked to Phillup for answers.

"Why is she asleep? It’s the middle of the day."

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head Phillup answered his question, feeling like he had to spell it out for the guy.

"She has been with you night and day! Do you know how hard it is to take care of you? You ended up with a slight infection, resulting in a fever. While the Servants ended up collapsed from exhaustion in chairs, she continued dragging up your huge, thick, dense head a rag drenched with cold water. Once you heated it up…she would pull it off you, landing it on the bowl next to you, and repeat the whole process!"

Shocked, Domonic stared at Phillup.
"But she is -"

"She might be small, but her will and determination sure isn’t. And you aught to know by now that her heart is far from small."

Domonic turned to look at Noel in admiration. There she was, sleeping soundly, needing a good rest after her constant care giving. Looking back to Phillup, Domonic thanked him for telling him all this. Knowing Noel, she wouldn’t had told him a thing.

The two simple enjoyed their friendship in silence for awhile, when again Phillup spoke up.

"You know…I’ve been doing some research. There is a Wizard not far from here…and he fell upon the correct ingredient combination to make a shrinking potion."

Domonic turn to Phillup in disbelief. However Hopeful.

"It’s true! He said that depending on the dose of the stuff, it should last anywhere from 4 - 19 hours. However to only use it on special occasions, one of the herbs is addictive. And beyond the possible addictiveness, Its symptom free!"

Domonic questioned Phillup. "How do you know so much?"

"I told you, I did some research."

"Yeah, but why?"

"Never mind that… aren’t you glad I found it? Or would you rather I didn’t tell you lover boy?"

"I’m grateful, trust me" Looking down again to Noel "I’m grateful."

After some time, Domonic remembered something important, in a desperate voice rushed the question to Phillup.

"Phillup….Noels belongings! It set the Lantern and the pouch down."

"This pouch?" Phillup lifted from what appeared nowhere

A deep sigh of relief, Domonic nodded his head. "You see, I need to Convince Lord Koslin that--"

"You convinced him."


"A couple of days ago, Lord Koslin told me everything. How Noel is really Rossabella, how you ended up putting two and two together. That is why you left that night. And that once you think that Noel is ready, to set up a time and place to meet. Not as Noel and Lord Koslin, but as Father and Daughter."

Domonic sank back further into the soft bed, again a sigh of relief came out.

After two great amount of movement and wind, Noel figured she had better wake up to see what was going on.

Seeing her stir, Phillup got up from his chair, bowed, picked up his chair and set it outside the door. "I’ll give you fifteen minuets, but people are bound to want to come and see the great hero! I‘ll hold them back as long as I can."

Nodding in response, Domonic then lifted up his hand and gently with one finger rubbed Noel’s tiny arm. At first she was startled, Then realizing who it was that was touching her, quickly stood up in disbelief and stared into his eyes.

A bright smile came across her face. Not knowing what to say, she only muttered his name "Domonic!" Great joy filled her heart, filling every part of her soul, she felt like she would explode in great happiness. Not able to contain it inside, she grabbed the finger that was rubbing her, and hugged it the best she could. Domonic tenderly looked down upon her with still more admiration.

Picking her up, Domonic, slowly found the strength to sit up slightly, and lean against the head board. Able to see her better now that he wasn’t flat on his back, Domonic smiled down upon her.

"Hello dear."

"Hey… How are you feeling?"

"Much better, Phillup told me everything you did for me."

Noel brightly blushed. Looked down and fidgeted with her dress, Noel was grateful that Phillup had, for she wanted Domonic to know. However, at the same time, She didn’t want Domonic to know about what she had done.

Looking back up, she got over her awkwardness. Stood up on his hand, and motioned him to get closer, no, closer. Baffled, Domonic was as close as he could.

Noel brought her arm far back and swung. Slapping his nose, hard.

Drawing back, Domonic was confused now more than ever. Rubbing his nose, for it did smart, he questions what that was for.

"You buffoon! What where you doing out there, Fighting a Dragon?! Do you not get enough kicks and thrills here?"

He had to admit, She was a intimidating sight, even though she was so tiny…her glare was powerful. He could feel the burning passion fuming off of her.

"I’m Sorry?" Domonic chuckled Hoping this was the right answer, weather it was or not, he got a good response when her faced changed and she nodded.

Sitting back down she calmed down. Her soft eyes blinking up at him.

This reminded Domonic of his flashback, how an Infant Rosabella blinked her dark brown eyes up at him. Knowing now that Lord Koslin had agreed to tell her, it was not his place to tell her. Domonic would just have to wait, and let her Father do his rightful duty.


"Yes Noel?"

"This is the first time I have seen you without you mask."

"My mask! Where is it?" Domonic panicked, searching around the bed.

"Wait, wait! What do you need it for?"

Domonic blushed, Ashamed …guess he might as well tell her. After all, she now has seen him. Hesitant, Domonic Began to tell her the painful fact as to why he wore the mask.

"Back when I turned from a child into a young man (teenage) my forehead and nose were covered in sores. ( acne) A wizard gave me something to apply on it after I washed my face, but after Appling it I would put the mask on so that people couldn’t see it."

"You hid your face? Why?"

"Well, Phillup was always getting the girls, and I thought if they didn’t see my face, perhaps they would become interested in me."

"But that must have gone away, I don’t see anything! So why do you still wear it?"

"I guess it’s old habit…I feel a little naked without it."

"Trust me, you don’t need it anymore. You are a very handsome man. No one should make you feel other wise!"

"No one makes me feel like the way you do. The way you make me feel important. Before you, Even though I knew I was a giant. I never felt like one."

"You however, do not treat me as I had earlier thought. You treat me with a kindness and respect that people I was even taller than didn’t give me. Here, I feel like I could be a giant! With all the care and kindness everyone shows me here, I feel many times my size!!! But the best feeling of all….Is that I am safe. I am wanted. I am protected, by you."

"Don’t you see? I have to protect you, I want to protect you. With you - I feel safe. And you may not be a giant in size - but in heart. I have never seen anyone immediately love so willingly as you do."

Looking down to her, feeling an connection Domonic leaned closer, Noel prepared herself. Just as he was about to place his lips upon her, a Loud bang happened when Lord Kenzington busted open the Door.

"Oh, Give me a brake!" Domonic said disappointed and falling back into the Head board.

"Hey! I held him off for as long as I could!" Phillup Shouted over Lord Kenzington’s Booming voice.

Lord Kenzington, being himself Cheerfully talked to his son, boasting to Noel about his son. Being injured didn’t seem to matter to Lord Kenzington, he still gave Domonic those hardy slaps on the back that always knocked the wind out of him. Now included with sharp pains.

Time passed and Domonic proved to be a quick healer. Still, Noel never left him. And their Relationship grew Stronger.

Chapter 13 A walk through flowers

Domonic, Fully healed and in great condition invited Noel to Join him for a walk through the Garden. He was so pleased when she jumped to the chance.

In the gray mist of the early morning part of dawn, the birds singing softly to wake up the world, Domonic walked slowly, with the quiet sound of the dew covered grass under his boots at every step he took. Peace and silence was enjoyable as he held her in his hand.

In her hunter green dress, she looked all around enjoying the view. Hundreds and Hundreds of Flowers. Bushes and trees, and rows everywhere with so many different colors.



"Do I remember correctly that you had a huge part in Making this Garden what it is today?"

"Yes, I did have my hand in it. It was my mothers inspiration mainly." He smiled down at her.

As they continued to walk, Noel spotted the flower that Trina had her wear in her hair a few weeks ago at the Banquet.

"Domonic, please.. That flower." She said pointing to the white rose like blossom.

Taking her closer to it he asked her why this one was so special to her. Knowing full well himself.

" I honestly don’t know. Something about it, brings me…..home."

She thought a little bit, then stood up on his hand and walked closer.

"Tell me, what is it’s name? Something so beautiful should have a name."

Before he answered she continued in a dream like state

"Oh, Domonic…Isn’t it beautiful? So White and pure. Bold…however fragile. Look how it stands out among the others, it may be different…not having as bright and brilliant of colors as the others. But look at it! It almost calls to you, Making you want to see it."

Domonic intently listened….only she wasn’t describing the flower…to his ears, she was describing herself.

"Domonic?" She looked up at him with her big brown eyes " Please tell me, what is it’s name?"
"Its called the Rosabella, Noel."

"It’s beautiful."

Domonic continued on their walk, now proceeding with purpose.

"Noel, Have you wondered where your from?"

"Actually, I think I’ve figured it out. She said, deep in though."

Taken aback…Domonic looks down at her as she Further describes her reasoning.

"I wonder if I might be from here! I haven’t had the chance to ask Lord Havinten to look at the Castle History, but I wonder if there where servants here at my size. That would explain why I have suddenly had dreams with my parents! Why I remember certain voices I have never heard before. Why I know the scent of the Rosabella! Why I even know the lullaby that seems so common here."

Domonic shook his head.

"I’m afraid we have never had servants of your size here before. Like I told you…you are the first."

Sinking down in disappointment…for thinking she was so close to understanding where she was from. Noel feels a deep sadness come over her.

Looking down upon her precious form, Domonic was quick on his feet.

"Now don’t get too sad! I have something to cheer you up!"

Bringing her to what appeared to be a sitting area encircled by hundreds of flowers and a beautiful cascading fountain, there on a stone bench were some peculiar objects.

Kneeling beside the bench, Domonic placed his hand up against it, letting Noel walk upon it. The cold stone beneath her shoed feet, she walk curiously to the objects.

There she saw an odd clay pot, coming closer, her heart leapt with joy. Turning back to Domonic she exclaimed.

"Domonic! That’s why you left! That is where you went! You went to go get my belongings!"

Tears of gratefulness fell over the rims of her eyes as she rush back to Domonic to show her gratitude. After fulfilling what she felt was necessary, she raced back and kneeled next to her "Basket" Inside was her blue lace and satin blanket, and a dried up Flower. Looking at it in wonder, she immediately recognized it.

"Domonic! it’s a Rosabella!" Giggling with delight, she continued to look into her basket…when she found that there was nothing else in there.

"Domonic, My name tag?! Where is it?"

A sudden rustle of leaves from bushed made Noel turn around, to be greeted with the figure of the mysterious Lord Koslin standing tall, the sparkling mist around his knees and feet. Walking through it, swirling the fog with the air currents, Lord Koslin comes up to Domonic and Noel, and properly bows to her.

"Good Morning Lord Koslin," she curtsied.

"Good Morning to you Noel." He replied with a smile.

" I wanted to apologies for how rude I was a that night of the great banquet. I should not had rushed out like that during you marvelous performance. It was highly inconsiderate of me."

Noel Nodded her head, still uncertain what to think of this constantly praised man. For she herself hardly knew him. But was more than willing to get to know him, many things happened that night that are still left unexplained.

"You see," He continued " Your voice reminded me of my wife, she had a lovely voice. And she sang that very same Lullaby to our own child."

"Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you in any way! It’s just that, that song is the only one I know!"

"That’s alright dear" He said as he picked a white Rosabella from the bush and sat opposite of Domonic on the ground, next to the Bench.

"The Rosabella" He sighed as he took a deep breath of it’s scent. "This was my wife favorite flower. She said it reminded her of new hope. To never let go of hope.

If fact, we named our little girl after this flower." He said looking to Noel. "Before she we let her go."

Noel…not getting any of the hints was flattered that he was telling this "strange girl" all about his late wife and child. How much trust he must have in her.

Seeing that he hadn’t broken through yet, Terrance Koslin continues with the hint dropping.

"Everyone believes she had died, but in fact…her mother and I left her with someone much more capable to be a good parent to her then we could ever be."

Noel was about to object, saying that she had observed the fact that he would have been a splendid father. When he pulled something small from his coat pocket. It was a blue satin blanket, with the trim of lace.

"We left her with this blanket, and a few of These flowers." He said, twirling the White blossom elegantly between his fingers. Noel watched it spin rapidly, and thought hard. " I have blue lace…just like that, I had flowers, just like that." It boggled her mind to think that this could be a possibility. But! It couldn’t! Not that easily could answers suddenly come from no where.

"Her mother sang to her that very lullaby you sang that night. You see, that was Lady Koslin’s Lullaby."

The only song I know was her Lullaby? Her mind rapidly asked questions as Lord Koslin notices she was on the verge of figuring it out, he pulled out of his pocket the missing piece of the puzzle.

"And to the Baker that we left her at, we wrote her name down as small as we could on this piece of paper." Between his huge finger tips was a tiny fragment of paper, with rope, or "thread" tied to it.

Noels Jaw dropped… this couldn’t be - could it? Things where becoming dizzy and hazy, her head felt light. She felt numb. Lord Koslin handed the name tag to Noel, there she looked upon it and read it out loud.


Noel Collapsed upon her hands and knees on the bench. This was all so much for her to take in at one time. Here was the only items she had of her home. Here she was home. Here she had a history. Here she had her father. Here she Belonged. Here she had a name.

Turning to Domonic, seeing him beam with inner pride. She whispered.

"I have a name."

Looking to Lord Koslin she again said it, only louder

"I have a name!"

Standing on her feet and looked down at her nametag and shouted with inescapable joy

" I have a name!"

"No longer am I an outcast! I belong somewhere! No longer do I wonder who I am! I have a NAME!" She shouted and danced and twirled, then promptly fell down again on top of the bench.

The two Gentlemen chuckled at the spectacle. She looked at the two of them, and tried to explain to them the feeling.

"Don’t you get it?! I am not missing anything anymore! I feel complete inside! I have been Called Noel for No - Name for so many years! But Now I have a Name!!"

Domonic Spoke up to this treasured girl.

"Something so beautiful should have a name. Oh, Isn’t it beautiful? So White and pure. Bold…however fragile. Look how it stands out among the others, it may be different…not being as big or tall or strong as the others. But look at it! It almost calls to you, Making you want to see it"

Noel smiled up at him and Blushed as he repeated her words. "Finally! I have a name!" She gasped to herself in disbelief.

"And what is your name my dear?" Lord Koslin questioned. Hardly waiting to hear it from his own daughters lips.

Jumping up onto her feet she shouted at the top of her lungs.


~ The End ~