Overlords of the Earthies

By Timothy

In 2007: War and stupidity had laid planet Earth in the shadow of death......................

Until..............................the coming of the Brotherhood.



We have no family. Only the Brotherhood.

We never speak of love. Just camaraderie.

We fight with no fear.

Brothers-in-arms fear no death


Stepping over several Earthie office buildings, Vynn went over to his fellow brother and friend Zynth who was reclined against an abandon Earthie skyscrapper with head hanging low. Stooping over his friend lost in thought, Vynn gently pushed on the side of his head, "Whats wrong?"

Zynth shook his head.

A litttle more foreceful this time Vynn again pushed on the side of the sullen youth's face, "Tell me."

"Soo's gang came last night from the Southern Sector." Zynth wipped his nose with the back of his hand as he continued, "They took half my population of Earthies away with them."

"What about the others?" asked Vynn.

"Their safe."

kicking away a dozen decaying cars and SUVs with his foot Vynn sat down next to Zynth. "The Southern Sector has been becoming bolder. We will have to teach them not to come on to our territory. I will increase the patrols." Vynn picked up with his fingers a toppled bus. Inside he could see the skeletal remains of Earthies. He then tossed it away. Looking over to Zynth. "Something more?"

"Yeah, I don't know if I can face them."

"You mean your Earthies?"

Zynth replied with a nodding head.

"Don't worry over that. Their grateful they have protection and food."

The two pals stood up. They both clapped their hands together several times and shouted; THE BROTHERHOOD!" Vynn and Zynth shot out of their fingers into the gray sky large thunderbolts that could be seen for hundred's of miles.

They seperated. Vynn went to his community of Earthies. And Zynth went to his.

Vynn's community of Earthies were formed to be an agricultural one. So the Earthies could learn to feed themselves. With an approving look Vynn surveyed the forest that Earthies have also been working on. Putting his hands on his hips he gazed down at the very small creatures that had gathered around his massive feet. He could hear their high pitching humming as they greeted him with hooting and shouting.

Hanging around Vynn's neck was a device designed to make his much louder alien voice audible to his humans. "The new trees have grown in as planned." As he moved and stepped over the Earthies and the forest the tiny swarm of humans followd behind their giant master.

Vynn took up his lazer-bio shovel and resumed work on a trench he plans in the near future to act as a new river once others in the Brotherhood could force rain from the now serile clouds.

Zynth entered the boundaries of his Earthie community. Sitting down in the center of what use to be a baseball stadium, Zynth waited for his humans to come to him. In a short period of time he saw the moving swarm of Earthies. He brushed aside one of his long bangs of purple and orange hair that the warm arid wind had swept into his eyes.

He placed his hand down before the leaders of his community of Earthies that he had trained to be the governing force. A rusted old fire engine pulled up and stopped with a screeching din. Extending the hook and ladder, the governing Earthies climbed up the ladder and on to the gigantic teen Overlord's hand.

Using his translating device Zynth said, "I feel shame over the attack of the Southern Sector on my community. I feel shame that many of your family and friends have been taken away. I thought I had designed a system of security for the community." Zynth gave then a quick nod of the head. "Having taken the oath of the ancient Galactic Brotherhood its my vow to see you flurish. And I am prepared to shed blood if needed to achieve this noble cause that many before me have done.' The Earthie leaders then had their audience with Zynth.

WE SHED BLOOD NOT TEARS-from the creed of the Brotherhood.

After their audience with their master overlord, the Earthie leaders of the community nest began to disperse. One younger leader named Hiro; stayed behind while the rest, going to the edge of the gigantic hand began to climb down the fire-engine ladder.

After the others were gone Hiro spoke to Vynn. "Master Zynth I know how the Southern Sector broke your line of protection."

Zynth's purple eyes glowed intently. "This is very serious in what you say."

"My lord I speak the truth."

Zynth smiled, "True, you are honest. And I have sensed darker souls among you."

"I believe it's community nest leaders Dick and Marcy."

Zynth replied, "If in reason of your safety, keep an eye on them. If you see anything or hear any more let me or one of my brothers know."

Hiro bowed, "Yes, my lord."

Zynth passed his other colossal hand over the human speck Hiro, "May the courage and blood shed from the flesh of the Brotherhood of past---guide and keep you." Zynth then gave leave of Hiro.

Shortly after, Zynth spoke with the Brothers who served under him. He explained the situation.

For the next several weeks Hiro kept an eye on Leaders Dick and Marcy.

One evening Hiro spotted the two leaving the community nest at the hour of mid-night. Hiro stayed in the shadows. Hiro didn't like the idea of sneaking around. He also didn't like the idea; two trusted leaders of his Earthie Nest were betraying their memebers and their Lord Zynth.

There was only a quarter moon and Hiro found keeping trace of Dick and Marcy a real tial. The two traitors only carriedbetween them one lantern. Following behind the bobbing fire light, Hiro moved arpound the jagged outlines to foundations of dwellings that had lay bare to war and decay. Like twisted fingers of phantoms from the deepest reaches of hell were the dark forms of stunted trees trying to cling to life in the wasted soil. Hiro fell several times over the mangled and deformed roots.

After a period the bobbing light stopped. Hiro could see Dick and Marcy in the faint orange glow of the lantern. Another bobbing light appeared. Hiro could hear the sounds of words though not their meanings.

Hiro went immediately to one of Zynth's brothers. In the great hand of one of the Brothers Hiro told all that had taken place on the outer-rim of the community nest.

Dick and Marcy were brought before Overlord Zynth. "I make no lies. You two are going to die. You do have the time to cleanse your act of treason to the Brotherhood and your fellow Earthies. If not, I will see you two are digested in the ancient galatic fashion. Zynth opened the center to his purple and red tunic. Coming out of a pinkish slit in his chest, a green tentacle that dripped a white pungent fluid slithered out. Marcy fell to her knees weeping. Dick went over to her to comfort her. "We will comply," spoke Dick.

Traitors Dick and Marcy told Zynth that an Overlord from the Southern Sector named Ithuluca was going to commit another raid. They gave the time and plan. Dick and Marcy was placed under house arrrest and locked up in the Earthie Nest.

Zynth had met Ithuluca and knew he was very strong in the ways of the Brotherhood. Therefore, Zynth enlisted the aid of his fellow Brother and friend Vynn to defeat Ithuluca.