Michael and Taylor

By Timothy

Michael and Taylor

For forty eight years Benny pretty much lived through life without making a ripple. He sometimes at night stretched out on his bed if he wondered if that was such a good thing. Benny thought of things maybe he could have done and should have done. He always marveled at those rescue workers pulling children out of mud-slides or fires. Or scientists who had found ways to better the conditions of man and their scope. Benny would then sigh before falling asleep.

Time after time on his way to work as he took the subway, he would see couples holding hands together. And dads with their children who seemed so eager so alert on every word their parent spoke. "Ah, what have I been missing out on?" thought Benny sadly to himself.

Near where he lived were two teens: Michael and Taylor both were best friends. From what Benny had experinced from the few times he had met them they seemed like decent sorts. Sure, they were jocks, however, Benny was impressed how they had taught many of the younger children on the block how to handle themselves in regards to bullies. "What nice teens," thought Benny.

It came to pass Michael who was your typical Chicago street tough and who attracted the eyes of the ladies with his dark, polish good looks and athletic build was a science major in high school. And Michael had won several school science projects. It was a pity thought Benny he didn't have a father to really foster this side of him. Though his friend Taylor seemed to be filling this void in Michael's life. Benny wished he could in some way be of help. Maybe it would make him feel he had a real purpose in life.

Oneday, Benny on his way from work was passing Taylor's house when he spotted Michael and Taylor in the front yard bent over in rapt attention over something. Michael then stooped down passing his hand over the grass. Taylor on Hands and knees took out of the pocket of his sweat pants a small netting like material. Benny wanted to help the two teens who were too involved to notice his presence.

"I found it!" exclaimed Michael to Taylor. With cupped hand Michael tipped his hand and let the object he held roll into the netting Taylor held open.

Benny's eyes widden as he said in astonishment, "A tiny elephant!"

Taylor turned around as the tiny elephant struggling in the netting made high pitch squeals with its string size trunk. "On man," said Michael who looked to Taylor.

"We may have to man," spoke Taylor to Michael. As they gave Benny a intense stare..................

Part Two

Benny was rather confused. Taylor slowly stepped toward Benny. "He's ok. Let him go," said Michael.
This statement was starting to make Benny wonder if he was in some sort of danger.

"Chill I wouldn't hurt him. I have known Benny since I was kid," replied Taylor smiling in a way that only showed his upper teeth;as he put an arm around Benny.

Even though he was much older than the fifteen year old, Taylor was close to six feet and a seasoned football player. Trying to gently break free of Taylor's grasp Benny said, "I-I-I don't understand the problem guys. We have always gotten along. I just came over to see if I could be of any---help?"

Taylor leaned in closer to Benny and whispered, "I know. But you saw something you shouldn't have."

"Taylor, its my invention. And I like Benny..."

Taylor cut him off, "I'm not thinking of squishing him. I thought we could see what a shrunken person could be like."

"You mean make him our pet?"

A broad smile appeared on Taylor's face. "Why not. He lives alone. No one will miss him. Anyway, he's kind of an odd guy. We'll be doing him a favor."

"Kind of cool idea," replied Michael. "And we would take care of him."

Taylor nodded his head and spun Benny to the ground. Making sure no one was around, Michael jabbed something into Benny's neck.

When Benny awoke he found all the joints in his body were throbbing. He was surrounded by a gray soft material that surrounded him. Still feeling weak Benny just laid on his back looking up at what he thought was a white ceiling. It was hard to fucus his eyes. It did seem to him that the ceiling had silver strips. As his eyes began to focus he realized the silver srips were bars. "Where the BLANK am I?"

Feeling secure his feet were staedy enough, Benny stood up. Indeed they were bars that made up the ceiling for he was in what he thought was a cell like in jail. With great difficulty Benny walked over the thick gray material that hand many rolling folds. Coming to the side of this cell, Benny grabbed hold of the bars and looked out. He was in a vast cavern. Benny gazed upon many objects. Objects he reconized. However, it wasn't right. No they weren't right. How can they be? "They are all too big," said Benny out loud.

Starting to feel freaked the poor soul strained his way over the gray material to the other side of what he now believed to be a cage. Once at the otherside Benny gazed upon a SUV size electric alarm clock.

"Those BLANKS---what the heck did you do to me?" shouted Benny feeling in a daze. As he turned his foot became caught on something and fell face down onto the soft material. "What the hell is this stuff," said Benny sending a fist down on the unyielding material. Benny found his foot had caught on a square light white material that had in giant lettering: SIZE LARGE. Benny was on a giant tee-shirt!

The sound of thunder commenced. That is what it first sounded like to Benny. As the deep bass, rumbling incresed, Benny could sort out words among the kettledrum din. The cage he was in started to shake. "CHRIST!" shouted Benny as two teens who looked as if they had just came down from Mount Olympus stopped and towered over the cage.

"Hey," boomed the earth rocking voice Benny could sive through the base as belonging to Michael.

"Man he looks even more tiny now that he is awake," commented the blond-haired, blue eyed Taylor. As Taylor moved his head in even closer Benny could feel the pressure of air from the immense object press down upon him. Benny gasped when two fingers the size of adult Oak Trees started to unlatch the front of the cage.......

Benny backed up as best he could from the titanic digits that with ease and limitless power (to benny in his shrunken state) contiued its path. An index finger wrapped around him, spinning Benny around into the other finger. Half his face was entombed in the warm, leathery feeling skin.

"Careful with him," said Michael as he watched his friend pulling has hand out of the cage with the three inch Benny trapped by his fingers. Benny gave out a few high pitch squeaks of terror. The fingers released him and Benny found himself tumbling out and over the pads of Taylor's gigantic hand.

Benny on hands and knees like a crab at the sea shore backed up quickly under the fingers that curled in over him. His breathing was short and labored.

Taylor brought his hand up closer to his face and squinted his eyes, "Man, I have never seen that look of utter terror on anyone. He reminds of a mouse I once saw cornered by a cat. I guess were're like God's to him."

Taylor then moved his hand over to Michael while making no attempts to quell Benny's fears. Taking a finger Michael as carefully as he could, touched the petrified man's chest. "His heart is beating a mile a minute. "Its ok Benny we ain't going to hurt you dude. In fact, we're going to look after you," said Michael gently. Michael gave Benny his trade-mark endearing smile that had melted the heart of many a girl at school. His smile and clear thoughtful dark brown eyes gave Benny the courage to crawl to the center of Taylor's hand.

Picking Benny up by his shirt collar Taylor brought the tiny man before his huge blue eyes. Benny could see his reflection in the eye. He looked comical and pathetic hanging there by Taylor's thumb and index finger. He looked down. Taylor's body seemed to expand and descend for miles to the floor below.

Then an island of a hand slid in underneath him. "Let me hold him," spoke Michael's bass rumbling voice. Benny's ears popped when he descended quickly down unto Michael's hand. Before him was a wall of dark brown material to Michael's tank top. As he looked up Benny saw Michael's gold neck chain that hung around the massive neck like a ships anchor. High above that the Mount Rushmore size face looked benignly down at him. Benny felt safe in the teen's hand......

"Are you starting to feel better?" asked Michael. Benny nodded his head. "I'll have him tonight and I can give him to you after school tomorrow. You cool with that?" asked Michael to Taylor.

Taylor replied, "Sure." Meanwhile, Benny looked back and forth as the titanic teens talked about him.

Michael didn't have a jacket so when it was time to leave, he lowered his hand and slid Benny down the pocket to his jeans. After tumbling down the coarse material in the warm and dark abyss of the inner-pocket, Benny came to rest. He found himself on his back with his legs up in the air. With great strain since the folds of the heavy material of the pocket closed in on him, Benny was able to get into a more comfortable position.

Benny picked up on an odor which he figured was Michael's smell. While in his mind he kept going over, "I trust Michael, I trust Michael." He still, however, wondered about his fate........

Inside the dark pocket full of that "Michael's smell," Benny found himself rocked back and forth which caused his head to spin. During his trip in the pocket, Benny could hear muffled sounds of the outside world.

In time and to Benny's relief the rocking stopped. Light poured forth into the pocket. This was followed by several tree size fingers of Michael's. With no effort, the fingers gathered the tiny body of Benny into its grasp. Once out in the fresh air and in Michael's hand, Benny took in the air of Michael's bedroom.

Back to his senses and mustering as best he could--- some courage, Benny asked, "Why?"

Michael looked down at the three inch size man in his palm. His high pitch shrill amused him MIchael. By the reflection of the squeak he knew it was a question. Michael being a smart teen and a practical one he knew what the question had to be.

"I guess, we did it because we could," replied Michael, starting to realize how he and Taylor had changed another person's life. And now this fragile person's life; putting aside the pun---was in their hands.

"Michael," Benny squeaked questionlly, "What was this I heard about no one missing me? And being an odd guy?"

"Ah---er---we just meant. It was clear you never was really a happy guy out there. So now you won't have to worry about people trampling over you," replied Michael not sure if he beleived what he had just said or not. Michael was honest in that he would watch over Benny and meant him no harm. However, Michael's practical teenage mind came into play. "Your shrunken now. So just enjoy the ride." Michael used the thought that Benny was going to be looked after by him and Taylor to supress the guilt he was beginning to feel from altering another person's life.

Benny sighed. He knew Michael was right. He had been trampled on in life. It always was that way. And he knew he was much to blame for it. Looking up at Michael who looked so God like now he hoped mabe he would find a peace he never had. Benny shook his head as he thought, "No thats crazy. Michael is just a teen. I am an adult. He's not God. But still," thought Benny sitting down on a large muscle pad before an index finger, "Still, I crave fitting in. I never have fitted in. I was an outcast all through my childhood. Damn it! Was I to blame for that. It wasn't my fault I had crazy parents. And I didn't have role models to show me how to act. I just wanted someone to know I excisted. Crap I was always the one last picked at sports. And most times the gym instructor would say,"Someone has to pick Benny" I have to pick Benny." Benny started to feel warm tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Dude are you ok?" asked Michael watching Benny with his chin on his knees. "I will look after you." Benny through eyes that stung from the salt in his tears looked up at the sincere handsome face of Michael.

Through the tears Michael's face with the help of the ambient light created a haze or glow around Michael. It gave the giant teen an etheral look. "I just want to go back to the source," said Benny weakly to himself. His old survival skills came back and Benny started to feel better. He then thought, "If I am destined to be their pet. I will be a great one."

Michael placed Benny on his computer table while he e-mailed a few friends and did homework for tomorrow's class. Benny looked up at the titanic teen and shouted, "What made you want to work on something to make matter shrink?"

Turning his sky filling face toward Benny he replied, "It really was suppose to be a bio-agent to increase size. Taylor and I wanted to become giants to set the world right."

Benny chuckled. However, the frown on Michael's face put a little dread in him and chased away his joval feelings. "I wasn't making fun of you. Its just that you can't force anything on anyone or on any culture if they don't want it. Look at the mess and suffering in Iraq. Still Michael---you are a genius."

"Me a genius?"

"Yeah, you found a way to change the size of matter. You my giant young friend are a full-blooded, and future Nobel Prize winning genius."

Michael lowered his head slightly and blushed. Benny was rather charmed by this street-wise youth who was really surprised by the idea. "I guess I never thought of it." Michael's face started to radiate a real joy. "I have always loved science. I know Taylor had always told me sports is where I will make my name."

"Sport players come and go. Scientists remain forever in the books of history. And your name is one that will shine," said Benny whose voice was becoming strained from all the shouting. Benny also cautioned Michael. "This can be a great boom to mankind. Think of the people it could help and save. It can too, be used to enslave others. And sadly destroy."

"Michael's eye brows seemed to dance on his forehead as he replied, "Yeah, I guess so. Taylor has a good head on his shoulders. He always told me if I have questions to speak to him."

"And listen to your own heart Michael. I think you can trust yourself too." Now Benny's voice was fast leaving him. Michael with a look of self-assuredness resumed to typing away on his keyboard.

When it was time for Michael to eat, he brought Benny down with him to the kitchen since his mother was out working late. Michael put a chicken tv dinner in the microwave oven. Laying out a napkin on the table, Michael placed a few pieces of food for Benny which consisted of pickles, fried chicken from his micrwave dinner and mashed potatoes. Benny had to use his hands to eat.

As Michael ate his meal Benny in his shrunken condition could hear the eating sounds of an immense giant. There were the sounds of the massive teeth tearing away at the fried chicken that Michael held in his Earth rendering like hands. He could hear the swallowing of the food down the car tunnel size throat. When Michael picked up his four story glass of milk there was a loud wet, gutteral slurping sound as the milk went down the throat....

Just as he was finishing up his food, Michael let out one huge burp which to Benny sounded like a fog horn.

For the remainder of the night Benny sitting on Michael's shoulder, watched television.

When it was time for bed Michael using a sponge and sock made a bed for Benny which he placed on his side table. He then took Benny into the bathroom so they both could wash up. Michael took a plastic cup and cut it in two so Benny could bath, while he took a shower. As Benny bathed he could hear the water-fall sound of the shower. The room filled with steam and mixing with the ceiling light created an other worldly atmosphere. When Michael was done and stept out of the shower, Benny observed how the colossal teen with the steam mixed with the defused light made Michael look like a God.

Michael handed Benny a few pieces of tissue paper to dry off with. When both were dried off Michael carried Benny back to his bedroom.

Before falling asleep Michael asured Benny he would be safe and added, "I don't know what kind of life you had dude but now you will have peace with us.

When morning came Michael placed Benny in the cargo-pocket of his pants since his mother would be home to prepare breakfast for him. Again Benny found he was enveloped in "Michael's scent." Michael feed Benny breakfast by dropping pieces of ceral in his pocket. Benny caught the basketball size corn-flakes.

Benny held on tight to the seam at the base of the pocket as Michael walked. When Michael had entered the school, loud voices and foot stepts of many giant teens filtered through the canvas like material.

As Michael was standing with a few friends, he thought it was cool that they had no idea that in his pocket was a living tiny person. A person so small he didn't even create a bulge in his pocket.....

After a few minutes of shooting-the-breeze with his friends, Michael went to his first class. To shrunken Benny inside the dark confines of the pocket the sounds of rushing, pounding, gigantic feet and the scraping sound of chairs being moved around by the titanic teens seemed to the very tiny man to be hearlding in the end of the world. The horrible scraping and dragging sound was so intense that Benny had to cover his ears. And it was to this tiny person...very scary.

Soon the scraping din and the loud thundering voices of the giant students died down. The noise, however, to the shaken Benny brought up from the deep recesses of his mind, a time he had hoped he had forgotten. One summer after he was finished with the third grade his parents for the summer sent hin to a day camp called: Camp Pow-Wow. Being shy and awkward Benny was the object of scorn and mean-spirited pranks. On one of these hellish days, one bully gathered close to fifteen of Benny's peers and began chasing him---throwing stones and sticks at this frightened boy. Benny ran as fast as his thin little legs could carry him through the woods. Meanwhile, all the while the distorded (in Benny's scared-out-of-his-wits mind) laughter and taunts echoed behind him. With relief he saw one of the camp instructors.

"AH! What!," screamed Benny coming out of his dark trip to the past. Sweat of fear had formed on his face.

A teen wearing backwards a blue Boston Sox cap tapped on Michael's shoulder, "What was that squeak coming from your pocket?" Michael glanced down at his cargo-pocket.

Michael slowly unzipped his cargo-pocket. Inside, in the dark, Benny heard the metalic sound of the zipper going along its tracks. He looked up as streams of light poured in on him which was followed by Michael's God like size fingers.

Michael gently touched Benny. He then looked up at the boy and told him, "Just my cell-phone. It has a crazy alarm." This seemed to satisfied the teen.

After that first class Michael went into the bathroom on into a toilet stall to check on Benny. Looking into his cargo-pocket he saw the very tiny man sitting up against the wall of the pocket. He reached in and with no effort gathered the frail form into his huge hand. With Benny now in his palm he asked in a whisper, "You ok dude?" The tiny man nodded his head. "I'll try to get something for you to eat later." Michael then lowered Benny into his pocket. Once more Benny braced himself for the rocking of his pocket world as Michael marched off to his next class.

On his way to class Michael gave the cool nod of the head to casual pals, while friends he raised his hand giving them the high-five in passing.

In the darkness, Benny swayed back and forth to the rythmn of Michael's stride. He could hear the loud pounding of his steps. Once more for Benny there was the earth-ending sound of giant teen voices and ear-piercing din of chairs being moved around by the legion of titanic teens as they prepared for their next class.
Strange Benny thought, "Here I am a shrunken adult in a fifteen year old's pocket Yet--- in a way never had I felt so secure. Michael was always the kind of friend I wished I had." Putting his chin on his knee, "I wish I had as a kid a giant I could have escaped to. Away from the nonsense of home."

At noon-time Michael went to the school's cafeteria. If Benny thought the classroom was loud; this was a hundred times that. The sound of temporally free students was off the charts! And the smell of food that invaded Benny's world made his own stomach rumble. High above him by many stories Benny could hear the laughter of the teenage Gods. The pocket swayed when Michael became animated in his conversation.

Joining Michael at his table was Taylor who gave him that: "We have a very special scret look." Michael as he talked to his pals, like earlier thought, "None of the others know right near them in my pocket is a tiny human." This kind of gave Michael a feeling of superiority. He looked over at one group of students who thought they were God's gift to mankind. Michael thought, "Ha, if I wanted I could make you the size of bugs. Your lives would be in my very hand. I would be your God." Michael then paused in thought about that---lives in his hand. And what Benny had said about the pros and cons of what he had discovered. He thought about the frail and yes---bug size person whose very life was dependant on him. "MAN!" thought Michael.

Michael looked around the cafeteria. At another table not far from Michael; a girl gave out a look of disguest as she screamed---half laughing, "Gross a bug." The guy sitting next to her which Michael assumed was her boyfriend sent a blue and white Airwalk down on the creature turning it into a mass of goo.

Michael could imagine the horror it would be at Benny's new size among all these giant, shoes and sneakers. Michael knew there would be those who would squish a person Benny's size just for laughs. Michael then chased away the thoughts and returned to enjoying his lunch and friends.

Before leaving the table Michael gathered as secretly as he could bits of food which he wrapped in a napkin. Getting up from the table Taylor slapped Michael on the back, "I'll see ya later." Michael shortly got up himself. He went to a stairwell that he knew would be vacant of prying eyes. Sitting down on a step he unzipped his pocket and pulled out his tiny passenger that he placed on his knee. Michael was fascinated that his knee made more than ample room for Benny to sit on. Opening the napkin, Michael said, "Heres some lunch for ya" Benny using both hands took the bits of hambuger and lettuce from the huge greasy fingers. Sitting cross-legged Benny began to eat. Michael couldn't help and grin watching the tiny person taking the food with little thin hands. Michael as he squinted his eyes saw the calmness in Benny's face. "So---ah---you feeling ok?"

"Yeah, Michael."

Michael realized this tiny person trusted him. Thinking to himself, "Why shouldn't he? I know how to take care of things. Always have." Still, Michael knew this man because of him and Taylor was more vulnerable than ever. And yet Benny trusted him with his life. "Another person trusting their life to me?"

When Benny was through, Michael placed him back in his pocket . On way to class Michael saw at his locker Clive Rimshaw: a rather nervous, thin, pimpled face dorky type that had become the pounching bag for the animals of the school. Michael thought and decided to go over to him.

A worried question went over Clive's mind when he saw Michael coming over to him. He had seen of course Michael many times in the hallways and had heard of the well like jock. Michael he observed had his usual, self-assured, world-in-my pocket swagger. Clive could feel sweat beading up on his forehead. "Hey," said Michael.

"Hey," replied Clive.

"Chill dude. Just wanted a word with you." Michael put a hand on Clive's shoulder. "Man---your shaking. Are you on something?"


Michael removed his hand, "I just wanted to give you some friendly advice."

"Yes?" responded Clive questionaly.

"I don't know why you are so nervous and weird. And thats not my business. But dude if you want to survive the rest of the school year try not to act it."


"What I mean," said Michael. "Even if you don't know what is up or down,at least act like you do. Don't walk or look as if your going to get it. Because if you act that way. Thats whats coming down. Just walk as if you really don't care but with some authority."

"I guess," added Michael, "If you don't respect yourself nobody else will."

"I'll try Michael."

"Cool. I'm not saying everything will change. But it could be a start for you."

Clive replied, "Man, it would be great not to be the total freak of school."

Michael gave Clive one of his classic smiles, which for the moment, made Clive feel at peace with himself and the rest of the world. "Ok dude. The ball is in your court." And Michael turned and went off to class.

After the last class of the day Michael met up with Taylor at his locker. Seeing no one around, Michael opened his cargo pocket and fished out many. He tipped his hand and Benny rolled out into Taylor's waiting massive palm. "Looks like I got you for the weekend," said Taylor giving him that smile which made Benny feel uneasy. Taylor looked off at a few teens talking. He then turned to Michael and told him, "Maybe we should shrink another person. We both than could have one. Wouldn't that be cool! We could race them. HEll! Maybe we could shrink a few cheerleaders."

"Yeah, we could have our own private group of shrunken worshippers," responded Michael grining. Benny strained his head back as he listened to the two titanic teens. He was wondering and was a bit worried if they really meant what they were saying.

Then Michael said, "I'll catch you later at practice. And see ya Benny."

Taylor dropped Benny into the pocket of his shirt and headed home. At the bottom of the shirt pocket, Taylor's body odor saturated the pocket. Benny found the scent to be danker and darker than Michael's.

Along the way home Taylor found his right shoe lace had become undone. He stopped and bent over to tie it. As he tied his sneaker, Taylor caught something moving out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head, Taylor saw a cricket caught in a spider's web. "Looks like your going to end up as dinner dude," said Taylor who then stood up and resumed his trek home.

Once home and in his bedroom, Taylor placed Benny on his computer desk. Taylor removed his sneakers and parked his huge teenage form in a chair in front of the desk. Benny started walking over to the edge when Taylor leaned back in his chair and placed his feet on the desk. Benny had to scramble backwards in-order from becoming crushed by Taylor's huge sock cladded feet that came crashing down in front of him. "Careful dude," said Taylor to Benny who moved away from the colossal feet that reeked of sweat and rubber.

Benny moved around the stinky, living obelisk like feet that rose above him. "Ah there you are," said Taylor in kind of a fake sweet sounding voice. Taylor was leaned back in his chair with his hands behind his head in a relax manner. "Come join me."

"What?" asked Benny.

Taylor chuckled as he told Benny, "I didn't catch that. So we can talk man to man. Er...I mean master to pet; come across to me." Benny walked over to where the white socks ended and the cuff to Taylor's denim pants began. He then looked over the edge of the table to the floor below which was a long ways down. "I don't like cowards," said Taylor in an almost threatening tone. Benny sighed. He tried to crawl up the side of the denim material but it was to smooth. The only way he could get on top of the leg was to climb up the side of the sock. Grabbing hold of the moist material, Benny began to crawl up the side of the giant sock. He used the bulge of Taylor's ankle to help boost him up to the top. He now was able to walk along the top of the denim leg.

Taylor had been watching this with gleefull fascination. To Benny the leg stretched about less than half a neighborhood block. After a couple of minutes Benny was on Taylor's lap as his huge torso expanded into the sky above him. A huge finger descended down from the sky and gently stroked the top of Benny's head. The deep voice of Taylor that caused Benny's body to shake said, "We'll have to do some fun stuff over the weekend. Anyway, I have football practice tonight. So before supper I want to hit the sack for an hour."

Picking Benny up by his shirt collar Taylor went over to his bed and stretched out. He placed Benny on his chest. While Taylor slept, Benny found himself rising up and down as Taylor took in deep sleepy breaths.

When Taylor woke up he asked Benny, "Did you keep vigil over me?"

"Oh sure," replied Benny.

Taylor placed Benny in that cage Benny had been in before. Benny was disappointed and rather angry that he was placed in a cage. Tapping on the side of the cage with a couple of fingers that caused the cage to vibrate, Taylor told Benny, "I'm going to have my dinner. I'll feed you later."

After Taylor had left, Benny looked around the cage. He saw Taylor had set up an area that had water. Two giant hand wipes cut in two for cleaning and another area for personal needs. Benny scratched his head and thought, "At least he set it up nicely for me."

Benny started to notice this scent. He looked around the cage trying to find it. He realized it was coming off his person. He had picked up Taylor's scent from climbing his sock. Benny laughed. "I'm like the animal at the lowest end of the herd that gets sprayed with the Alpha Male's scent."

When Taylor came back and even before Taylor entered the room, Benny could feel the approach of the giant by the minor quake that occurred by Taylor's foot steps, Benny saw when he did enter, Taylor was carrying something in his hand. Opening the door to the cage, Taylor placed down on the floor a napkin. Benny was surprised that Taylor had prepared a nice assortment of things for him to eat.

While Benny was eating his meal, the blond-haired, blue eyed giant watched him from above.

Taylor then left to get ready for football practice. Benny finished his meal. Done, Benny wiped his hands on the side of the bed size sheet white napkin and folded up the remains in a tidy square.

Benny nearly lost his footing when Taylor's deep rumbling bass voice thundered down, "What a neat pet. You have it all set for me to remove." Looking up Benny saw Taylor place a little finger through the top of the cage that descended down upon him and gently stroke the top of his head. "I'm real proud of you," said Taylor in an arrogant manner. Taylor opened the cage and his huge powerful hand came in and removed the napkin.

"Do I have to stay in here?" shouted up Benny.

Taylor bringing his face right up to the side of the cage told Benny, "I'm going to practice now. You'll be safer in there. When I come back later, I'll give you some desert."

Taylor with gym bag in hand (which to Benny could hold two dozen people his size) left the room. Benny walked around his cage for a minute then sat down.

At his home, Michael was getting ready to leave for football practice also. His mother just back from her job, was watching television. The program was a cartoon. Michael observed it had shrunken people. Michael smiled. He smiled until one character that was jumping all around, got stepped on. Michael's smile vanished. And he lowered his head.

Benny bored went to the front of the cage. He started fooling with the latch. To his surprise he was able to move the latch. Benny stepped out. Even though this was just a room, a room like any other teens, to Benny in his shrunken condition, it was an alien landscape. Taylor's computer screen rose before him like the movie screen at Nelson's Duplex Cinema. Benny started to explore everything. Benny walked around the back of the huge monitor. It was very dusty back there. Running down from out of the back bottom part was the thick gray power cable. Benny became giddy, "Should I do it?" Benny had lived such a apprehensive life. Afraid of people and new things. Slowly walking over, Benny made a choice and it was his---to climb down it. He felt like 007 from one of those James Bond films making an escape. Benny even out loud was singing the theme song. Tears filled his eyes because he felt so alive.

Reaching the bottom Benny let go of the cable and jumped to the floor. He lifted up his arms, "Yes! 007 Benny escaped!" He started jumping around. He then stopped. For stretching before him was the vast canyon to Taylor's bedroom floor. The place was littered with giant teenage artefacts. There was an older pair of stained white and faded red sneakers. They were several times the length of an SUV. Walking up to one of the legs to his colossal teen master was his aircraft carrier size bed over head. Under it was candy wrappers and to Benny's amusement a few Playboy Magazines. A draft of wind came shooting from underneath the door to Taylor's bedroom which caused a few balls of dust to roll by like tumble-weed in the out west.

Not too far off was a strange looking mountain of many colors. Benny started to walk over to it. Coming closer, he saw it was a pile of clothing. This mountain consisted of a pair of denim pants, socks, tee-shirts and near the top a pair of blue sweatpants. Benny started his climb. He found it wasn't as easy as he thought. And looking down he found he was up a good height. Reaching the summit of Taylor Mountain, Benny took rest inside the pocket to the blue sweatpants.

When he felt strenth returning to him, Benny started his descent down Mount Taylor. At its base Benny went to explore other giant objects. There were other artefacts of clothing; some Benny rather not get near.

It truly was a strange alien world. Soon the floor beneath Benny began to shake. He heard the deep bass voice of Taylor. He wondered how Taylor would react to his escaping the cage.

The huge wooden gate to the bedroom opened up. Like a titan back from a battle with other titans appeared at the entrance to his bedroom castle the gigantic form of Taylor.

The huge form of Talor in his football gear; his dark silver football pants glinting under the light, made his thunderous entrance. Before Benny knew it Taylor's huge dirty sneakers were almost on top of him. He jumped to the side as they came crashing down. After they hit the ground, it created a violent current of air pushing Benny back several yards. After returning to his feet Benny's peril wasn't over. Above him was the house size gym bag.

Not taking any chances Benny ran from under its deadly shadow. And Benny was right for Taylor had let go of it. BANG! Sounded the bag as it struck the floor.

"What the...?" sounded Taylor's tired voice. Benny looking up could see Taylor looking around the table. He knew now Taylor saw the vacant cage. Benny doubted if Taylor would hear if he tried to call to him from so far down he hoped to get the teen's attention when he turned his way. When Taylor did look his way, Benny gulped for Taylor looked really angry and the dark paint like stuff under his giant eyes made him look like a super, little people crushing giant.

With courage Benny jumped up and down and waved his arms. "So there you are," thundered Taylor who dropped to his knees. The blast from the descent of all that titanic teen bulk onto the floor shook both Benny's body and his nerve. Dirty, sweaty giant fingers picked up Benny. Benny in a weak voice tried to explain, "I was bored so I thought I would explore your room Taylor."

"Well my bug size pet you are in trouble. There was a reason I placed you in the cage. I could have stept on you by mistake when I came in. Dropped something on you. Plus I didn't give you my permission to leave the cage. I have to clean up. But I will decide what your punishment should be." Taylor placed Benny on his bed. He then took his jersy off and dropped it on Benny. The heavy material which was soaked with sweat made it very umpleasent for the three inch man.

Benny tried to fight his way throught the heavy material the reeked of Taylor's scent. He could hear Taylor and feel Taylor's movements. For a while it was quiet then there was the sound Earth quake movements of Taylor again. Benny tried to wonder what he was doing.

After a space of time Benny was released from his prison. A huge hand snatched him up. A clean body smell blew over Benny, Taylor had showered. Benny was placed on the floor before Taylor's sneakers. But then, Taylor's tree width fingers placed a small chain around Benny's waist. "What's this?," Protested Benny.

"Its your leash," replied Taylor

"My what!?"

"If my pet can't stay put, you will have to be on a leash."

Benny saw attached to the small chain around his waist was a black string that ran around one of the legs to Taylor's bed. Taylor knealt before Benny. Even kneeling Taylor was over ten stories high. Benny furious over the leash, started punching at Taylor's knee. Taylor was amused by this act of futile resistance. He couldn't even feel the punches. He took am index finger and pushed Benny back with it. That just made Benny madder and who started punching the finger tip.

Seeing a giant smirk on Taylor's face, Benny shouted, "You big jerk!"

"What was that my tiny pet."

"I said you are a jerk!"

Taylor brought his face right down to the angry tiny man. Benny found himself face to face with Taylor's white, car door size teeth. The teeth bagan to seperate and the full endless cavern of Taylor's mouth made Benny nervous. He started to back away from it when a loud vacum sound commenced. Benny started to run but the vacum sound incresed and he felt himself being pulled back by the current of air generated from Taylor's mouth. Benny grabbed on to the string to pull away, while bits of dust flew past him. The vacum was to strong. Benny was picked off his feet. Benny found himself crashing up against the rubbery like surface to Taylor's lips. The loud vacum sound ended and Benny slid down to the floor.

Taylor's huge face retreated. "Ok dude. This is what I want you to do. I have some water in cap for you and a rag. I want you to wash my sneakers. And I expect a good job." Taylor stood up and thundered off to his bed.

Benny sighed when he gazed upon the huge task before him

With a wet rag in hand Benny started to wipe down the several SUV size sneaker. As he was cleaning Taylor from his bed watched the tiny man wiping off the dirt to his sneaker. When he saw the leash and thin chain around Benny's waist pangs of guilt ran through Taylor. He thought mabe he went too far. "The little guy had to be taught a lesson." Taylor felt he should take it off. However, no way was Taylor going to let a three inch pet know how bad he felt in what he did. He would think of something.

Cleaning Benny found his mind going to a more happier period in his life. A time when he was ten and was sent to work on a family run farm that his uncle knew. At first Benny was scared at the idea. But the warmth of the family soon quelled those feelings of fright and of the unknown. Benny became friends with the youngest son---Kevin. They soon hit it off. And many times after they were done with their chores in the barm would run through the fields. They shared many thoughts. There was a spot that they went often to. It was a brook that had a small waterfall.

When the summer ended and Benny was to leave, the night before at a small pond on the property, they built a small fire. They promised each other to be friends for life. Kevin gave Benny a small wooden amulet that was attached to a leather chain. Benny always kept it on him.

He never saw Kevin again.

Taylor seeing Benny wasn't make much prograss, got off his bed. Benny who was standing on top of a sneaker when he heard his giant master coming said under his breath, "So the giant teen from Olympus deigns to visit one of his tiny people."

Looking up Benny couldn't help and again be in awe of the towering teen who stood over him. Above was the thick muscles to Taylor's California Redwood size legs. Above them was the gray fleece gym shorts that Taylor had on. Even though his chest seemed to narrow off high in the air, they still spoke of mountain tearing strength. The pecs hung like gentle smooth slopes. And crowning the broad feature face was the blond hair that sparkled from the light that was reflected off the jell that Taylor used to keep his hair in place.

Nonetheless, this was still just a teen finding his way to manhood.

When he stooped down, Taylor created a presure of air on Benny. With this huge powerful bulk above and round him and now cast in his immense shadow Benny had to wait for his jugdement. What came was, "I think you'll do better without your leash." Huge fingers unlatched the chain and released Benny. The impressive teenage bulk once more stood up expanding into the sky far above. Wanting to have fun with it all, "Benny made a profound bow. Taylor likewise wanting to have fun, extended his arm, "Arise my pet."

Taylor felt something more was needed to help Benny along. He had a can of sneaker cleaning. His huge bare feet thundered past Benny who had to hang on to a shoe-lace so not to fall off from the vibration caused by such a huge foot. When the gigantic feet returned a voice from the heavens told Benny, "I'll spray the sneakers with this stuff. It will make the job go by quicker."

Two fingers picked Benny up and placed them down in Taylor's hand. He heard the sound of a spray going off. Again, Benny had that strange thought as he stood in Taylor's hand as tree size fingers curled in over him, "I feel so secure."

When Taylor was finished spraying the sneakers, he lowered Benny down next to the sneaker he had been working on. Benny stared up at the building size teen who rumbled off back to his bed. Benny missed the security of Taylor's hand. Yeah, he was bug size, a pet, but he felt protected by something that seemed so God like, according to his shrunken condition. Back to his chore at hand, Benny found he was able now with greater ease remove the filth.

Taylor from his bed watched the little man rubbing off the dirt with his almost hard to see tiny hands. He thought how cool it would be if he had a whole group of little people pets who could climb around his sneakers cleaning them off. He thought, "I could have cleaning contests for my little people. The one who finished first or did the better job could rest on my pillow. Or I could give them to wear like a poncho a piece of clothing from a sport jersy I had wore during one of my winning plays. I would let my pet glory in his master's sportsmenship." Taylor smiled at the thought.

Taylor then turned his mind back to his pet who was just about finishing up the first sneaker. Benny looked so small compared to the sneaker. Yet his pet carried on. "He could have pleaded with me that he had enough," thought Taylor. He did observe how Benny was slowing down. Taylor was starting to kind of admire his spunk. Feeling generous Taylor climbed off his bed.

Taylor was rather impressed by his shadow as it engulfed his tiny pet. He could see in the darkness of his shadow Benny's tiny head trying to look up at him. Taylor crossed his arms trying to give more the impression of utter power. He remained this way in silence for a minute.

Stooping down he said, "I think you had enough." He placed his hand down before the human pet. Benny had to make a slight jump onto the massive fingers.

Benny who was elevated up to the teenage super power's face told him and have kidding, "That is very magnanimous of you." He then pointed to several large golden towers.

"Oh my trophies," said Taylor who walked over to the self. "I won them all during the years," spoke Taylor with pride.

"Man I had wish I could have achieved such rewards," said Benny really admiring Taylor's skill.

"Yeah, tell me about it my bug size pet."

With a disgruntled face, Benny went on, "Anyway, your folks must really be proud."

Under his breath Taylor replied, "Never seems to be enough for them."

"I think its pretty impressive. I know I'm just three inches but---well as you pet I can say I am proud of my master." Benny noticed how Taylor's blue eyes lite up.

"Let me show you something else, " said Taylor in a voice that sounded more like a kid's. Hanging on the wall was a blue jersey with the number twelve. "I won the football game when I was twelve with that. It was even in the paper!"

Benny really starting to feel tired from his cleaning the sneaker, his trek around the room and all the emotion of the day, sat down in Taylor's hand.

Taylor seeing Benny fading placed him on his pillow. "I have to leave for a minute to get something. I'll be right back." On the soft pillow Benny just fell asleep.

When he awoke he was confused to where he was. Slowly as his senses came back he saw he was back in his cage. He heard a deep airy sound. Looking to his right through the bars of the cage he saw the huge form of Taylor sprawled out on his bed. "Man, I must have fallen asleep right to morning.' Covering his chest up Benny found a blue nylon material. It reminded as his mind became sharper, like the material on the jersey that Taylor had shown him. "The big lug has a heart after all." Getting off his multi-layer sock bed, Benny spotted a brown square; roughly three by three feet. Going over to it Benny found it to be a piece of chocolate. Benny gave a weary smile.

When Benny woke up he was confused at first to where he was. As his mind started to waken more, he found he was back in his cage. He heard a deep airy sound. Turning to his right he saw sprawled out on his bed the giant form of Taylor. "Man, I was so tired from it all I slept right through the night."

Benny found his chest was covered by a blue nylon material. Becoming even more sharper of mind, Benny found it to be just like the piece of material from the prized jersey Taylor had shown him. Looking back over to Taylor Benny thought, "Why the big lug has a heart after all."

Climbing out of his multi-layer sock bed, Benny spotted a square brown object around three by three feet. Going over to it he found it to be a piece of chocolate. He also found pieces of a protein bar for him to snack on before he was feed breakfast.

Shortly after, the sound of giant sheets being tosed back commenced. The great giant teen was awakening! Benny's cage shook as two massive feet hit the floor. The shaking became more intense as Taylor lumbered by.

When Taylor's giant face appeared over the cage he told Benny in a rather haughty voice he would be feed breakfast after he had his and to fill up on the protein bar till then.

Benny was told one piece of happy news Michael would be coming over later!

For the remainder of the morning, Taylor let Benny out of his cage to roam around the desk top. When noontime came Taylor placed Benny back in the cage.

For a good length of the afternoon Benny was in his cage. Sitting on the side of his sock bed thinking, a rumbling sound commenced. It was the sound of giant eager foot steps.

Coming through his bedroom door was Taylor followed by Michael. Benny ran to the side of the door happy to this giant teen. Michael said to Taylor, "You have been keeping him in a cage?"

Taylor a bit uneasy replied, "Not all the time. Just when I'm not around. I felt better if he was kept in a safe place."

Michael opened the front of the cage and his huge fingers enwrapped themselves around Benny. While Benny found Taylor wasn't all that bad it was still good to be in Michael's huge hand. As the huge hand carried him Benny did think, Most people would be really resentful at being shrunken which in part Benny was, there was, however, a certain sense of belonging Benny felt he knew he really couldn't make other people understand.

As he was carried down the stairs Benny looked up and saw the giant underside to Michael's gin,the strong dark skinned nose that jetted out and his light black hair that made a gentle sweep just over his broad forehead.

Benny was placed on a brown sofa. Taylor told Michael since my folks are away we can have some beer. Help me get the other stuff." Michael and Taylor thundered off. Benny walked, the meanwhile, the street long sofa. The back of the sofa rose like a leather cliff.

The two teens returened. Taylor was holding a six pack of beer. Michael carried two plastic bowls and carried with his teeth two bags of chips and nauchos.

Benny moved to the side when the khaki cladded back-side of Taylor came crashing down onto the sofa. The impact caused Benny's body to be flung into the air. And when he came back down; rolled into Taylor's hip. Getting up feeling abit dazed Benny turned only to find a wall of denim crashing down, flinging him once more into the air and falling down upon the leather material where he rolled and smashed into Michael's side. Returning back to his feet feeling stunned, Benny sat down between the super size teens.

The sound Michael and Taylor made while eating their chips sounded like to Benny the crunching of metal. As they ate they also talked and Benny found himself in a shower of chips and a spray of wet droplets.

Taylor looking down at Benny as he tried to ward of the shower of chips with his arms grinned. Taylor said, "You may have the honor of eating from what falls from our mouths."

"Ha-ha-ha," shouted up Benny. Though he doubted if he could be heard over Michael's munching.

Michael did brake off a small piece of a chip and handed it down to Benny.

After more chumping the titantic teens opened their bottles of beer. Taylor using the cap from his filled it with beer and placed it down before Benny. Many stories above Benny could hear the loud rumbling gulping of his giant masters.

There came a loud ringing sound. "Cool its the pizza," said Taylor who got up.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked Michael.

"Oh yeah."

Michael said warmly, "I been thinking about you. And what you told me about my scientific skill. And---well---about you. I---I guess I---hope you---forgiv... I hope your ok."

At the door Taylor paid for the pizza. As he was looking at the delivery man he smirked. He wondered what it would be like to shrink him. He could imagine the shock on the guy's face as he suddenly found himself looking up at a God like giant. Would he try to run out of fear? Only to find his escaped blocked by a giant foot or entombed in a giant hand. Would he shake in terror? And would he lift his arms in a symbol of his smallness? Taylor loved to mull over these things.

When Taylor returned he placed the pizza box on the coffee-table. Seeing Benny, a sly smile appeared on his face. Taylor began to sit down as if he didn't see his tiny pet. When Benny felt the pressure of air pressing down upon him and saw the house size butt of Taylor's descending toward him, he squeaked in fear. He jumped to his feet. Trying to back away from the expanse of the descending khaki, Benny fell backwards. On his back he extended his arms against the great mass. At the last moment Taylor moved off to the side. With a chuckle Taylor told Benny, "Were you afraid of a rebuttal?" Benny gave a weak smile.

"Hey that was a good one," said Michael. Then they gave each other the high-five. "It was just in fun," added Michael.

The loud tearing sound began as the teens ate their slices of pizza. Taylor tore off a piece for Benny. It was hard to enjoy the food with the giant slurping sounds as Michael and Taylor ate and drank.

After some stretch of time, Taylor let one off. Michael soon followed with one. Laughing, the two gigantic friends started to see who could let off the most. Benny felt like he was caught between two rows of cannon fire. When it started to stink to high-heaven Benny started to climb up the side to Michael's hip vie his belt loops. He felt something grasp his left leg and he was hoisted up hanging upside down. He was brought before Taylor's face who told him, "You are my pet for the weekend." Lifting Benny further up into the air he placed Benny on the top of his head.

Taylor's hair was rather tough and pointed from the hair jell he used. Benny tried to push through it like an over grown meadow full of thickets. "Thats right. Play in your master's hair, " said a voice from down below.

The two giant teens started talking about various things that were important to them. Michael said, "Man! I had a chance to talk to Cindy Mason. She's really really hot. I would like to cuddle her in my arms."

"You know why she spoke to you?" replied Taylor.


"Cause she hadn't met me first," said Taylor with a big cocky grin.

"In your dreams," responded Michael who pushed on Taylor's left shoulder. Taylor shoved back.

Up in Taylor's hair Benny found the field of hair was starting to shake as the two teens started to rough-housing around. Soon Benny could hear the sound of pounching. When Benny found the ground beneath him moving backwards and forwards, he had to hang on tight to the roots to taylor's hair so not to be flung off.

After awhile of shouting, laughter and cursing the teens stopped their titan like playfulness.

Taylor said wiping the blood from his nose, "What a great shot. I din't see it coming."

"I really felt that jab to the stomach," responded Michael. "Man, I think I'm going to puke."

"Not on my parents sofa."

Michael ran out of Taylor's house into his backyard where he vomited.

When he returned Michael was all smiles. He and Taylor drank more beer and ate more slices of pizza.

Benny was getting of tired being stuck in Taylor's hair which after all the horse-play became wet with sweat. He started to pull as hard as he could on Taylor's hair. Feeling the tugging Taylor patted the top of his hair where he felt Benny and told him, "My pet you must be having a fun time frollicking around in my hair."

Benny shouted,"I'm not frollicking." He knew he wasn't heard. So he started to push his way through the thick clusters of hair pulling out any that his foot got caught on.

"Ouch! Watch it man. What the BLANK you doing up there?" When he finally pushed clear of the hair, Benny's stomach dropped. He was right at the edge of the scalp. He felt like he was in a scene from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film: North By Northwest---when the heroes at the end of the film find themselves on top of the giant statue heads of Mount Rushmore. Fear raced through Benny's mind when He felt himself falling over the cliff size forehead!

It all seemed to be happening in slow motion. As he tumbled over in mid-air for a moment his mind went back to that happy period of his life when he was ten and with Kevin playing in the barn and jumping off the top into a pile of hay below.

His mind, when he felt himself hitting something hard, blew Benny from his warm memories. He had fallen on and was now sliding off the tip to Taylor's nose.

Once in free-space Benny waited for the end. Instead, a huge dark object enwrapped itself around his body. He was in pain from the pressure that pressed in on him. When the pain subsided and he was once more in the light, Benny found he was in Taylor's hand.

"WHAT THE !$#@ MAN!" shouted Taylor at full volume. Benny had to cover his ears from the atomic blast strength of Taylor's angry voice.

In a weak voice Benny replied, "When I fell off your head, I thought I was going to die."

"Die?" questioned Taylor.

"I thought by the time you would have been aware of me it would be---too late."

Taylor was puzzled. "I guess it was lucky I did feel you hit my nose. But---I. Dude, I wouldn't let you die. I saved your life by catching you with my hand" Taylor knew if he hadn't felt Benny hit his nose maybe it would have been too late.

"Man, the main thing is your ok," said Michael.

There was silence for a couple of minutes.

Taylor then said, "Some friends are coming over soon. I guess I'll bring Benny back to my room."

"I'll see ya later Benny," spoke Michael who gently ran his index finger up and down Benny's back.

Taylor, instead of placing Benny in his cage, placed him on his pillow. "If you want to explore the top of the bed go ahead. But I trust you not to climb anywhere else." Benny promised. Taylor then left the room.

Benny standing on top of Taylor's pillow looked out upon the white sheets that made up this vast sea of cotton. Benny sitting down moved himself over to the edge and slid off. This sea of white whose waves of wrinkles made by the giant who had slept here stretched before the tiny man. The sheets, found Benny, still retained the scent of its giant owner. Benny walked over the rolling folds of material dwarfed by many of them.

Shortly, coming through the giant's door was the riotous sounds of many giant teens.

The sound of laughter and loud music went on for several hours. In time the noise faded.

When giants stepts could be heard behind the great door to Talor's room, Benny walked over to the edge. Taylor and Michael ambled on in. "I'm heading off home now Benny. But I'll see ya after school on Monday," said Michael in a sleepy voice.

"I'll see then Mike," shouted up Benny trying to contain his joy.

After Michael had left; Taylor cleaned up. In a white tee-shirt and gray sweat pants the gigantic teen stretched out on his bed. He picked up Benny and placed him next to his head on his mound size pillow so his little pet could speak into his ear. "Benny I sometimes hear you use the phrase Mount Olympus. I have heard of it. But what is it really?"

Benny liked how Taylor called him by his name. He then stood up and holding on to the side of Taylor's ear that was several feet taller than him explained, "Mount Olympus is part of a range of three mountains near Greece. And in Greek Mythology Olympus was the place where the Gods lived and watched over the mortals below. Sometimes the God's of Olympus were depicted as giants. And sometimes cruel ones. Many times the God's would come down from the mountain during special festivals in their honor."

"Oh yeah, come to think of it I have seen tv shows about God's from Olympus. Hey, Benny---you think I would make a hot God?"

"I couldn't see how you would fail not to be---a hot God."

"They wore those Toga threads right?"

Benny replied, "Yeah, I have them seen them dressed in Togas. Though I think that is more Roman than Greek."

"Whatever," responded Taylor. He then smiled when he thought how hot he would be to all the tiny mortal women in his Toga. Taylor let his mind wonder:

TAYLOR of OLYMPUS: He saw himself as a hot dude God of Olympus. When the tiny mortals where holding a festival in his honor, Taylor God would order his flying limo to bring him down to Earth. All the tiny people would swarm to the Sacred Temple and field of Taylor. The young chicks would be there waiting see and have the honor to touch a thread to his devine Toga. The tiny mortals would dance in delight when from the cloud shrouded Mount Olympus came the shiny black Limo. After landing, God Taylor would step out of his limo. He would take off his shades and throw them to the ground below. The tiny mortals would scramble and fight over who could touch it first. Standing over his people, he would smile as they all sang and made merry around his giant sandeled feet. Many would jump on and kiss his toes finding themselves cured at what afflicted them.

God Taylor would sit down on the cool green grass. An seemingly endless crowd of chicks would start climbing up his toga. "Ladies," would speak Taylor God. "Theres plenty of Taylor to go around." He would let many a maiden dance in his long flowing golden hair.

He would impress all when he flexed his mighty arms. And when the sun began to set the tiny mortals would surround him with their tiny torches while chanting his praises. And the maidens most attractive among his tiny mortals would then be chosen to come and serve him on Mount Olympus. God Taylor would pick them up and place them in the pocket of his Toga. His Toga would have a special pocket just to carry his loyal mortals on his devine person.

"Cool," sighed Taylor.

After his little mind romp Taylor found himself falling off to sleep. Benny thought, "Man, this guy really gets into this whole giant God thing."

When Benny heard the deep snoring sounds, he just curled up at the far-end of the pillow and wrapped a fold from the pillow case around him.

During the night Benny found himself jostled out of sleep when the giant teen shifted position. At one point the teen's cavern of a mouth was right next to him. It was like trying to sleep outdoors during a summer storm. And he had to hang on tight to the pillow case as not to be sucked into Taylor's mouth when he inhaled. Yet, another time Taylor's arm came and swept Benny near his arm-pit. And there was too the loud explosive sound as Taylor passed-gas during the course of the night. Later, he found himself pressed up against Taylor's cheek. He felt like a kid's Teddy-Bear.

After a while, Benny was able to peel himself off from Taylor's cheek. He then was able to get some sleep.

When he awoke he found Taylor was gone. Going over to the far-side of the giant pillow, Benny sat down and dangled his legs over its side. Lumbering through the bedroom door, still in a somewhat sleepy state was Taylor. The giant teen scratched his tummy as came over to the bed. "Man you really know how to do the zzzzzs. I thought you would never get up." Benny tired from a bad nights sleep just grumbled under his breath.

My parents will be leaving for church soon and I have to go with them, "You want to come along? I mean, I don't know if your religious or anything"

Benny shouted up, "Sure."

"Cool. After Mass I'm going to meet some guy's I know. I hope you won't mind hanging around my pocket."

"Nay, Im getting use it."

Taylor put on a pair of blue dress slacks and a blue and dark gray stripped shirt. After putting his wind-braker on he deposited Benny in its inner pocket. In his now common mode of transport, a teen's pocket, Benny settled in.

In the warm darkness of the pocket that had that "Taylor scent," Benny listen to the hymms, prayers and sermon of a giant church.

After Mass Taylor met up with three buddies he knew from school. They weren't close bud's; just people once in a while to hang with.

In the pocket Benny listen to the muffled conversations. Taylor's pals seemed to be doing most of the talking. And they way they presented what they talked about, Benny figured Taylor was the pack leader.

Going into a large city mall the four teens strutted their stuff. Going into an elevator, the teens pushed the buttom for the top floor. As they were ascending one of Taylor's friends noticed a middle-age woman who was in the elevator with them, staring. "Hey Taylor, that old "Blank" is staring at you. I think you has the hots for you." The woman just made a tight annoyed looking face. Taylor just gave the woman a cool glance. In the pocket Benny was fascinated by what he was hearing.
"She's still staring."

Taylor turned and told her, "What's your problem---never saw a hunk before." His pals laughed.

Another pal taunted, "You think he wants a dried up old "blank."

Benny just sank lower in the pocket as he thought, "Come on Taylor don't let it escalate---please."

The woman's cell-phone buzzed. Answering it she said, "I'll be there in ten minutes. I'm stuck in the zoo right now. Yeah, a real bunch of monkeys." When the door opened and they all walked out of the elevator, Taylor's friends made monkey noises.

"Glad thats over," said Benny outloud in the pocket.

The teens went into all sort of trendy stores. There was a group of girls in a mucic store who were thumbing through cds, when one of them with saucy eyes spotted Taylor. "Hey check out the hot blond dude."

Picking up on the girls furtive glances, Taylor and his followers swaggered their way past the girls who giggled. One of Taylor's buddies slowed down until Taylor pulled him away by the collar.

Benny meanwhile, just sat quietly in the dark pocket world as Taylor and company did their thing. It did, hearing all the lively voices, remind Benny of what he had missed out during his teen years. Still, in the warmth and scent of Taylor he could soak up being this "Cool Teen's" pet. "Man, how sad is that!" suddenly blurted out Benny in the pocket. He then punched at the invisible pocket lining.

Taylor feeling the pounch wondered if Benny needed something. "Hey dudes, I need to hit the bathroom." Taylor went to the nearest john. In a toilet stall, Taylor reached in his coat pocket and pulled out Benny. "Dude, you need something?"

"Taylor!" shouted Benny.


"I bask in your giant teen greatness. Thats all I have."

Taylor was confused, "I don't know what you're trying to say."

"Your right when you said before you and Michael shrank me: I'm an odd guy. I have no one."

Taylor's face became very tense, "I didn't mean it Benny. Your an ok dude."

Benny just went silent.

Taylor gave out a sigh of conflicting emotions about what had just transpired. He placed Benny back in his pocket.

Taylor joined back up with his friends. However, his mind was on the tiny guy in his pocket. At one point walking between stores, one of his buddies spotted a cockroach. And slammed his shoe right down it. "Did, you hear it crunch!"

"My little brother likes to catch frogs and crush them with his hands," spoke another pal.

"What kind of world is Benny in?" Thought Taylor feeling sick to his stomach.

When Taylor had finished with his pals he went home. In his room, he took Benny out from his pocket and placed him on his computer table. He seemed more, frail, more tiny. Taylor sat on the side of his bed. He was troubled. He was confused. He was worried and fearful for Benny. Taylor picked up his pillow. As he placed an arm on it as he thought, he looked up at Benny. "Have we placed Benny in real danger? Are we making him suffer?"

"Here I sit on my damn butt hundred times bigger than that suffering guy and I can't help him," thought Taylor to himself clenching his teeth.

Looking up at the teen mountain, Benny walked over to the edge of the table and shouted up to him, "Sorry Taylor. I'm ok. Just got a little freaked I guess."

"Dude you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Taylor was still worried. He hated to, but going out of his room for a moment Taylor called Michael and explained what happened.

Sitting at his desk Taylor and Benny surfed the net when there came a knock at the door. It was Michael. While Benny was happy to see Michael, he felt whimpy in having caused a problem for everyone.

Looking up at the two titanic teen faces that stared down intensly at him from the heavens Benny felt tiny. "Sorry for whimping out and spoiling your Sunday."

"Benny," spoke Michael with authority. "You have every right to feel that way. And its not whimpy. I 'm the one causing you all the suffering."

"Mike," said Taylor, "If anyone is to blame its me. I'm the one who pushed for it."

Michael gave his pal a look of admiration. "I mean what we both are putting you through. And again you have a right to feel as you do."

"Yeah, Benny. Anyone who would say your a whimp for feeling freaked from being shrunken is a liar. And I would pound the #@!% crap out of them."

Michael nodded his head, "And he would too."

Benny took a deep breath. "But guys, still, to be honest; I do feel a sense of belonging more than I have ever felt before in my life."

"Cool," said Taylor.

Taylor opened the window to his bedroom. And put a fan infront so he and Michael could smoke without his parents from finding out.

Stretched out on the floor Michael and Taylor with Benny sitting on Michael's chest, took big drags on their cigarettes. Benny said, "Well, we make a weird trio of friends." Michael coughed with laughter.

"Hey Mike did I tell you what happened at the mall."


"I was hanging out with several of those dudes I know from school. You know who I mean."

"Oh sure."

"There was this old bag on an elevator who kept staring at me. So I told her, Haven't you seen a hunk before?" Michael chuckled. "Yeah, we were rude to the old toad. She told whoever she was talking to on her cell phone, that she was at the zoo with with a bunch of monkeys."

Taking a cool long drag Michael then replied, "That sounds about right."

Taylor pushed the side of Michael's head with his hand. "Warren made monkey sounds after the old blank got off the elevator."

"Yeah, that Warren is a nasty dude."

Benny was starting to feel much better know as he hung out with his two gigantic pals.

Michael spent the night over at Taylor's as the two teens looked after their tiny friend. Taylor was slow to really seeing Benny more than his pet. He knew he was a person, however, because of Benny's shrunken size his mind tended to regard him in a more master to dependent creature; than person to person. He still was slowly trying.

Before going to school the two teens had their breakfast. Since the parents were also present at the kitchen table, Benny found himself back in a pocket. This time it was back in Michael's pocket who he really felt at peace with. As it had been before, Michael was wearing pants with side-cargo pockets so they provided much more comfortable ride.

Benny was starting to get the hang of riding in a pocket. He was finding ways of bracing his legs against the inner-pocket material to reduce justling to a minimum. There still was the heat and stale air to contend with.

Once more in school Benny braced himself for the atomic blasts of teenage voices to come.

In the warm, Michael scented darkness of the pocket, Benny thought how more alive he had been feeling. He thought of all the times he backed away from taking risks.

Benny noticed a slight ray of light breaking through the darkness. Benny on hands and knees crawled over to it. Forcing his fingers through it Benny was able to enlarge the hole. After removing his hand Benny gazed out into a whole strange world. A world of titanic teen giants in study. It was a vast endless stretch of pure youthful bulk only now on a planetary level.

Benny started to remember the thrill of when broke out of Taylor's cage. He wondered what it would be like to be observing close hand these gigantic maturing young adults.

Michael as he was answering a few questions on a test started to feel movements in his pocket. He glanced a few times, yet couldn't see anything from the outside. He hoped Benny was ok.

Benny slowly seperated the injured material. As light and air filled with the scents of many giants Benny started to push himself through the opening.

Benny had pushed himself out as far as his shoulders, when the material in bad repair, even under his light weight---tore. Benny found himself falling out head long. As he was passing the light green material, he grabbed on to a rope which in reality was a piece threaded pants material.

Michael feeling this slight tugging, glanced down and had to supress from making a startled sound. There hanging a few inches below the pocket was Benny. "What the #$%@ are you doing," thought Michael. So not to attract any attention Michael slowly moved his hand down toward Benny.

Looking up Benny to his relief saw Michael's hand. However, he felt a jolt when another pair of hands wrapped around him. "Where did you get this cool action figure," whispered a voice. Benny remained motionless. However, fear broke through him when he thought, "Surely, the teen will feel my heart beating?"

Michael trying to remain cool replied to the light brown close shaven-haired teen named Nathan, "My cousin when his father went to Japan bought it for me."

"Japan?" asked Nathan.

"Yeah, you know how clever they are with stuff. Its very life like."

The teen lifted what he thought was a toy to his face. Benny, across from two huge green scrutinizing eyes, remained motionless.

From front of the class the teacher told the two teens to get back to their test. "I'll give it back to you after class," said the teen who shoved Benny down his pants pocket. Michael was both worried and mad at Benny.

The front pants pocket was very tight found Benny trying not to move. He found to his diguest, that his face had become entangled in something that felt like tissue paper. He also hoped the air would hold out in this cramp pocket.

Michael waited for the damn class to end. And hoped Benny could hold out in the teen's pocket.

When the bell rang Michael stayed right on top of Nathan. Outside of the classroom with a few of his friends, Nathan put his hand down his pocket and pulled out Benny. Michael tried to remain cool. "Michael's cousin's father picked this up for him. All the way from Japan.

"Can it do anything?" asked a teen.

Before Michael could answer Nathan gave a poke to the back of Benny. Fearing another poke may break his back, Benny started to walk in robot like motions. "Cool!" said the curious teens.

"Its so life like," said another.

Nathan added, "Wouldn't be cool to have your own tiny person as a pet."

"Idiot," spoke Benny in his high pitch voice. All the teens laughed.

"Did it just call me an idiot?"

Snatching Benny from out of the teen's hands, Michael replied but directing his words to Benny,"No, it just makes stupid sounds."

In the privcy of a toilet stall, Michael asked, "What were you trying to do? Get yourself killed?"

"No. During these last few days I have felt so alive. And having been afraid of things and being alone, now I wanted to start living and take risks."

"Hey, I understand about pounding through a challenge. But dude, are you taking a risk or jumping into something like a spaz."

"Yeah, your right Michael. I was thinking too much about making up for lost time."

"And Benny, your not alone. Not anymore." Michael then placed Benny back in his pocket.

In the darkness Benny thought, "A teen giving an adult fatherly advice." He then remembered the passage from the Bible, "...and a child shall lead them." A sharp stabbing pain suddenly shot up Benny's right arm.

After school Michael met up with Taylor and they went to Bryan's Best Hamburger. Seated at a booth, Michael pulled Benny from out of his pocket. Benny found himself next to an orange French Fry container that was twice his length. Gliding over his head was Taylor's gigantic powerful fingers. Pulling out a pole size fry, Taylor tore a piece off and handed it to Benny. "Here you go bud."

As Benny reached for the greasy, salty fry from between the giant finger tips, Benny felt another stabbing pain in his arm.

The pain Benny felt soon vanished.

Seeing Benny trying to pull off piece of Hamburger Michael tore it off for him. To show Benny he was now his and Taylor's buddy took his drink and took a sip. He then handed it to Taylor who took a sip. As carefully as he could, Taylor tipped the drink so Benny could take a sip. Instead, Benny found himself drenched in soda-pop.

They all had a good laugh over it.

When Michael returned home, he placed Benny in a soap dish where he could clean himself off of the sticky mess.

As he was cleaning, Benny developed a crushing like pain in his chest. After several minutes it passed.

Back in Michael's bedroom, Benny watched with deep affection his giant boy typing away on his computer.

Later, in the evening there were things Benny wanted to tell Michael. On the titanic teen's pillow as Michael was about near falling to sleep, Benny said, "If life had been different for me, I would have felt blessed to have sons like you and Taylor."

Michael blushed. "Man, ah---thanks. I think you would make a very caring dad." Michael's eye-brows started to dance around as he thought. He then said, "Don't you, I mean, maybe you don't hate us, but have some kind of anger at what we did to you?"

"Maybe I should. But before I was shrunken, I wasn't really living."

"I hope out of this mess something came good out of it for you. And now lets stop this thousand violin conversation before I puke," responded Michael giving Benny his classic smile.

Smiling Benny pulled his double handkercheif blanket over him.


In the middle of the night Benny was awaken out of sleep by another stabbing pain to his chest. Looking over towards Michael, he could see in the gentle glow of moon-light that filtered in through the bedroom window the outline of his giant. Benny tried to reach out to him.

"Benny," called a voice.


"It's time for you to go."

"Must I?"


Benny thought about Michael and Taylor. "I can't have more time with them?"

"No your time is over with them. But where you are going you will still be able to keep watch over them---just like I have done with you all these many years."

"I guess your right."

"We can play again and run in beautiful fields."

Benny felt the last death-throws of his body. He then whispered, "Be great men." He closed his eyes.


Michael and Taylor stood over the grave they had placed Benny in. Taylor full of guilt over his treatment of Benny, shouted out, "I was too hard on him wasn't I? Did I cause his heart to fail."

With a weary voice Michael replied, "I think Benny was placed in a situation that was much too active for what he was use to. Not to mention what medical implications to shrinking him could have caused."

"I hope he forgave us. He seemed to."

Michael replied, "He did. And he told me. I think in his own way, he was starting to think of us as his sons."

"I had placed a leash on him."

Michael placed a hand on Taylor's shoulder. "I don't think you did it to be cruel. Yeah, we did steal him from his life. And lets face it we made him a pet because we loved the power of it which was wrong. But, man, I don't know---somehow he became alive again from it."

Taylor gave out a deep sigh. He looked up, "Looks like its going to rain. I guess we better get to school. We are late as it is."

"I'll catch up with you later." Taylor nodded and left. Michael stooped down. Rain drops started to fall.

Michael ran his hand gently over the wet earth to Benny's grave. "I know you told me you felt more alive from what happened. Still, I can't stop feeling guilty in what I did." The rain started to pour. "I don't know much about God and that stuff. But I hope where-ever you are, your happy. And away from all the @!#$% who should have shown you love. And I promise I will use my talent that you said I had, for the greater good."

As Michael was about to stand up, he noticed out of the corner of his eye something moving. Caught in a spider's web was a cricket. Very gently, Michael removed it from the web and placed it on the ground where it hopped away.

On his way to school, in the pouring rain Michael became mad at it all, "Its not fair! He was starting to become happy. And then dies? Where is the mercy in that?"

As Michael neared the school, the rain started to ease. And the sun began to shine through.

Going up the stairs to the entrance of the school, Michael didn't see it, but a tiny rainbow had formed over his head.


This story is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Slate (1961-1994)