Mandil and April: Giants and Tiny People

By Timothy

This is a short spin off of Pilot Companion.

In her Earthie living quarters, April was showing a gift she had made for Commander Mandil to her roommate. "So what do you think Ellen?"

"I think you’re very talented with clay. Its very life like."

Turning her sculpture around, April commented, "I hope he will like it."

"April he will. So, when are you going to give it to him?"

"I’m going to have it sent to his quarters as a surprise. Of course, he’ll need a magnifying glass to look at it. You don’t think its vain of me? Making this likeness of myself."

"No, I think he’ll really appreciate it. Your seeing him today right?"

April’s eyes lighted up, "Yes."

Commander Mandil, was in the Academy Sports Fitness Center performing fighting exercises with a fellow pilot. "You have really approved Mandil," said his fighting partner Akor. Jumping up and spinning; sending a leg into Mandil’s chest, "Still not fast enough to beat me."

"I guess your right Akor," replied Mandil who in a flash, shot into the air, somersaulted over Akor and knocking him to ground as he landed behind him.

Immediately returning to his feet, Akor asked, "Where did you learn that move?"

"From Commander Yalor. And I still have the bruises from that match."

"I bet. Oh, hey-hey speaking of which," said Akor. Coming over to Mandil and Akor was Yalor who was in his fighting tunic.

"I see from across room your impressive fighting techniques. Me like to suggest, if you think worth you hear?" Both Mandil and Akor were sincerely eager to hear his advice. "Joking in fighting exercises useful to release. Remember in serious combat, opponent never should know your attitude even if jest. Once they open to your emotions enter they will in sensing your strikes. Why many opponents heckle. To try and read other. If they can’t read, they frustrate becoming weaker."

"Thank you Commander Yalor," said Mandil.

"I thank you too Commander."

"Me happy to share. Would you both like to spar with me?"

Pushing on Akor’s back, Mandil replied, "Akor has told me how much he would like to train with you."

Giving Mandil a hard annoyed look, "Yes, but Mandil I know would like to further his techniques that he has already been taught by you."

Yalor eyed them for a moment. As a twinkle began in his eyes, "I see not right time. Lets at least shake hands at parting." As Mandil and Akor extended their hands to Yalor, he grabbed them and lifted them off their feet as he twirled them around three times before placing them back down on the exercise mat. "You never know is coming. So in stream of life." Yalor bowed and walked off.

A little Earthie companion walking up next to the house size giant heads shouted up to his Betheran friends, "Damn, where does Yalor learn those techniques?" Mandil and Akor looking at each other, lifted their shoulders up in a questioning posture.

April on a hover disc, flew her way over to the Betheran area of the fitness center. After landing, she asked an Earthie fitness instructor, "I’m looking for Commander Mandil."

"That’s him over there getting up." The instructor handed April a brightly glowing orange belt to place around her waist. .

"What’s this for?"

"Its just for safety measures. We have had several near mishaps of Betherans almost stepping on Earthies who have come over to this section. Oh, would you also like cream to put under your nose. The giants give off a strong scent when working out," said the instructor.

"Not Mandil. Its perfume to me," replied April.

Walking cautiously past the giants, April made her way for Mandil. April stopped and made a slight gasp as she put a hand to her mouth. when her eyes fell lovingly on her giant who was only wearing a support strap. Under her breath as April gazed up at her colossal love said, "He’s spring. He’s sunrise. All brought together in one gigantic handsome form. And what a heart."

Mandil was beginning his fighting exercises again with Akor when he felt his index fingers starting to tingle. A smile crossed his face. "I think that will be all for today."

"Ok, thanks Mandil," replied Akor.

Turning around, Mandil stooped down and began scanning the floor with his eyes. Seeing his miniature darling, he knelt down before her. Mandil reached a hand down to April and extending his index finger; stroked gently the side of her face. April cooed. Suddenly realizing, he was just in his strap, Mandil’s face turned bright red. He reached over and pulled a towel off of a chair and quickly wrapped himself with it.

"Oh Mandil," squeaked April. Mandil placed his hand down. April climbed up on to the moist hand. Mandil lifted his hand up close to his face. "You’re the best reason to look forward to a new day." Lowering his face right down to April, Mandil nudged her warmly with his nose. April giggled as she kissed the tip. A few bucket size drops of sweat from Mandil’s hair fell on top of her. She gave a few quick coughs. Moving his hand away from his face when he heard the high pitch coughs, Mandil asked, "You ok?"

"I am when I’m with you."

Seeing April dripping wet, Mandil began to blow warm air over her. The air was dry, with just a hint of staleness. Shortly, April felt dry again. "I have to clean up. I’ll meet you as planned at building Four; then we can go to the gardens." Mandil gentle pressed April against his lower lip. Mandil placed her on the floor. Before April was Mandil’s toes that rose about to her hips. Sliding her hand over the smooth surface of the nail to his big toe, April gave it a kiss.

Slowly backing away, Mandil gave April a wave with his fingers. And he even wiggled his toes as sort of a wave. April laughed and blew Mandil a kiss.

April went back to Earthie reception and returned the orange belt. Getting back on her hover disc, she went to building four to wait for Mandil. On her way she had to set the hover disc down for a moment. Thinking of Mandil, she began to cry. They were not tears of sadness; one of real joy and completeness.

After Mandil entered the shower/steam room, he saw pilots with their tiny Earthie Pilot Companions. Commander Kelp was their on a table as Ted at the base of his neck was freeing up tense and strained neck muscles.

As Yalor was getting into his uniform in the main dressing room, a new cadet was next to him changing into his athletic wear. Another pilot came by with his companion sticking out his vest pocket. He stopped and said hello to Yalor. The new cadet after the other pilot had left told Yalor, "Those Earthies are like bugs. I mean, I could easily squish one with my big toe. I have thought after we defeat the enemy, I might give my companion to my brother as a pet."

"What you called?" asked Yalor.

"I’m Cadet Pungt. It’s a real honor to meet the great Betheran Warrior Yalor."

"You have companion?"

"No, not yet."

"You must know without them there would be no Bethera. They small yes, no bugs." Yalor was feeling anger growing inside of him from the young cadet’s arrogance of life and lack of respect for ones he holds dear. And for the Earthies who died and suffered for others.

"I could show this cadet what bugs can do," spoke Will coming around from behind one of Yalor’s large cone shaped hair protrusions.

Cadet Pungt was startled. "Oh! I didn’t know you had one in your hair."

"Companion Will always with me. Not just Pilot Companion be he. Deep soul friend."

"Yalor let me show him what Earthie bugs can do to egotistical giants."

"Its ok Will," replied Yalor.

"Sorry," said Pungt trying not to chuckle. "I meant (stifled snicker) no disrespect."

Cadet Pungt, I free today, if you not I can arrange. I seriously want you to meet me in Medical Center; Earthie Ward. And this is a directive. In three quarters one."

Cadet Pungt straightened up. "Yes Commander, I will be there." Yalor nodded and left the room.

Going down the hallway, Will squeaked from the top of Yalor’s head, "Why didn’t you let me put that garncsh (betheran word meaning: idiot) in place."

"You I sense and you deserve, greatly troubled by his words. You just off a little, could get crushed. You too much pal me allow. Or risk. I have plan."

"If plan doesn’t work?"

"Me talk to Chief of Cadet Training Florx. Some individuals not clear in life and other life forms."

April waited inside Building four on a window ledge for Commander Mandil. Hearing the explosive steps of a giant and the quake that followed, April with heart quickening saw Mandil coming her way. As he came to stop before her, his scent gently flowed over her. "My little flower (mandil lowered his hand) your palm awaits" April made a curtsy and jumped on to Mandil’s giant fingers. He brought his hand up to his vest pocket were April crawled into it.

For a moment there was a rumbling sound throughout the building followed by a shaking. This lasted for several minutes. "Mandil, we aren’t under attack?"

"No, they are just doing maintenance on the buildings emergency elevation lifts."

"Oh, I see," responded April who leaned against the warm material to the vest pocket.

Mandil walked out of the building for the Academy Botanical Gardens. As he walked he passed other pilots and cadets with their tiny people. A few Earthies he passed, were walking on the sides of the Betheran walkways. Talking a finger, Mandil gently stroked April’s head, "I received your gift April. Thank you, its great. You never told me you were an artist."

"I didn’t think I was."

When they arrived at their spot in the gardens, Mandil took April out of his pocket and placed her on the ground. He removed from his belt a small pouch that contained a sandwich for him and one for April. Removing a handkerchief from a pocket to his shorts, Mandil opened it up on the ground for April to sit on.

After sitting down, April watched her heart’s affection stretch out on the ground. For a couple of minutes the two made lambs eyes at each other. Mnadil still making love eyes at April, pulled the food from out of the pouch. He near placed near April, a several foot tall, round tomato. April stood up and picked it up. With difficulty, April struggled as she moved it over Mandil’s lower lip into his mouth. After eating it, Mandil told her, "Thanks."

"Mandil, something has been on my mind."


"I love you with all my heart. And soul. But I-I…."

Sending a finger up and down her back, Mandil asked, "What is it?"

"I, we, I am limited because of my size. Have you thought about it?"

"Yes April I have. True, I can’t wrap my arms around you. However, I can wrap my little finger around you." April shook with joy as Mandil’s warm finger coiled around her.

"I can’t hug your chest, but I can hug your finger. April placed her arms over the sides of finger that was wrapped around her.

"I can’t explain it April. I do love you. Small or not, I just love you. Your everything to me. I feel like a real guy when with you. Call me crazy. But I really don’t care."

"Yeah, me too. Every single time I leave you I have to cry."

"April my Earthie flower." Mandil lowered his face right on top of April and once more nudged her gently with the tip of his nose. April laughed and playfully slapped his nose.

In Medical Center, in the Earthie ward, Yalor waited for Cadet Pungt. When he arrived, Yalor told him, "I have a few young friends me want you meet."

"Ok Commander."

Yalor took Pungt in a room in the room was a table. On top of the table were two rows of beds with chair, tables and monitoring equipment. There were Earthie children in these beds. One child was in a wheel chair. Another one on crutches. The children seeing Yalor all in unison began shouting with joy. "They really love you," commented Pungt.

One child in a wheel chair rolled it toward Pungt. Squinting his eyes, Pungt saw the boy had no legs. The boy began to raise his arms up. "What does he want Yalor?"

"He wants you to let him pick him up by him grabbing your finger. He can if you wish." Pungt looked down at the tiny Earthie child, he saw a trusting smile on his face. Gingerly, Pungt lowered his right index finger.

The boy gave out a soft sounding laugh of joy as he wrapped his arms around the finger. "Lift me up," spoke the boy in his high pitch muted Earthie voice.

"Even without his legs the boy seems happy," said Pungt lifting his finger slowly up.

"This boy near death when I found him. He very brave," spoke Yalor.

The boy called out to Pungt, "Ok you can bring me down." Pungt lowered the boy back down into his wheel chair. "I like you Betheran Warrior," shouted the boy. Pungt smiled.

When the boy released his finger, Pungt placed the boy’s tiny blankets back on his lap. Next he turned to Yalor and told him, "Why did you show me this?" His face began to turn red. And he stormed out of the ward.

"What do you think Yalor?" asked Will.

"I’m not sure. He now in deep emotions generated by heart. Me hope he listen to right feelings."

"Yalor?" spoke the boy. "Did I make the cadet mad?"

"No, he liked you. I saw. He I think mad at himself."

"I don’t understand."

"Nether does Pungt," replied Yalor.

After their lunch in the gardens, Mandil took April to his quarters to show where he had placed April’s gift. When they entered the room it was in shambles. "What a mess. I wish maintenance can solve this lift problem." On the floor, beneath the bottom of a shelf, Mandil spotted April’s sculpture. Holding his vest pocket, as he bent over and picked it up, Mandil found the front part was a little smudged. "Can you fix this?"

"Hmm, so this is what you think of how I look?" questioned April kidding Mandil.

"Of course not April. It fell off the shelf during the malfunction with the stupid lifts."

"I don’t know Mandil. I think. I really think, you think I look better that way."

Oh April. Well, how can I then make it up to you?"

Taking out a small piece of clay she had on her, April tossed it to Mandil and told him, "Make me a pretty nose."