Keeper of the Book

By shrank

It was a warm Thursday morning as five teens from Franklin
high was walking home from school.Janet,Bobby,Wanda,Tammy
and Joe.

They walked passing an old brick store building that had been the town library.It had been vancant for about fifteen years and
no one had ever been inside since.

Let,s go inside and take a look.Said Tammy.The group looked at one another and the agreed that it would be fun.Bobby and Joe
grabbed the door handle and gave it a pull and the door popped

The Teens all felt the warm stale air rushing out as they entered the place.The inside was musty and dusty, cobwebs filled the corner of the ceilings.And there was no books, Just empty shelves
was all that was left of the old library.

There was one old book left it was laying on a big green carpet in the corner of the room.Janet walked over and sat down on the floor picking up the book and setting it in her lap.

look what I found guys a book of spells.Janet yelled.Every one came over and sat down with her.What did you say?asked Joe.
Its a book of spells. she said, Holding the book up at him.

Joe looked at the group and said."Oh no! I don,t want nutthing to do with any of this!And he ran out the door. Whats with him?
Asked.Janet.Oh don't worry about him he is just a weeny.Said Tammy. Janet smiled and said Well lets open it up and see what kind of spells we can put on Bobby.

The girls just couldnt wait to find a spell for Bobby. Lets turn him into a toad!Wanda said.
No lets shrink him!Replied Tammy.So Janet looked for a spell that would shrink him.
Ok I found something that I think I can make work in dear ole Bobbys case.said Janet

They had Bobby to stand up while they sat close around his feet then Janet begain to read.
"There is one here amongst us four that we want to shrink down towards the floor."
And he will shrink forever more.First he will shrink fast and quick then it will be slow so we can enjoy our fun little trick."

The girls just looked at one another and Tammy said,"What was that crap?'It was all I could come up with!"Replied Janet. "Oh Girls"I,m shrinking!Yelled Bobby.The girls laughed and screamed after seeing their spell working on Bobby.He stood there and shrank in front of them.

He shrank smaller and smaller and the girls laughed louder and begain to chant,"Shrink!" Shrink!"Bobby was now looking up at his friends as they looked down at him.He was now 6inches tall and still shrinking but the girls were having to much fun to stop him.

"Uhm??"Girls I,m like getting to small here!He yelled."Yeah reverse the spell Janet"Said Wanda."I dont know how!"I cant find were the reverse spell are in this darn book.Replied Janet."Gimmie the book and let me try we just cant sit here and watch vanish!Cried Tammy

But before she could find anything Bobby vanished into the musty green carpet Crying and screaming.Then there was nutthing but silence. Bobby was gone.The girls slowly got up from the carpet realizing what they had just done."Bobby!!!!"Cried Janet. Dont worry girls I will take home the book and find a spell to reverse the shrinking.Tammy said calmly.

But we got school tomorrow!Repiled Wanda. Well I,m going to find a fix in this matter tonight
and be back here bright an early I,m not goin to let him be here alone while I,m at school all day!Tammy replied.

The girls knodded their heads yes and the quietly walked out side then Tammy secured the door.

Bobby was now shrunk and he was to scared to move.When he stood up he could just barely see above the carpet fibers.

He looked across the carpet and it looked like he was in a corn field.all he could see was a green field of fibers reaching out far and wide.

Bobby then saw in the distance a line of fire ants walking on the carpet and heading his way!He tried to crawl through the nylon jungle but it was to thick.He tried to run on top of it but he kept falling down.

He knew that he couldn't out run the ants so he decide to just hide down deep in the carpet. But then he noticed that he was in the shadow of some thing big!

It was now right over him and it was staying still.He looked up and it was a huge wolf spider!He then looked right over his shoulder and saw the ants closing in on him.Bobby climbed up the spiders leg and got on its back.

The spider took off running leaving the ants far behind.Bobby was now gliding across the carpet like a speed boat on water.
when the spider ran onto the hard wood floor the spider picked up even more speed!

Bobby saw a distant wall becoming closer and closer he knew at his size it would mean death if he jumped.The spider reached the wall and started upward.Bobby was hanging on for dear life now!

The ceiling was coming up next and very quick!The spider ran up onto the ceiling and now they were up side down racing to wards the center of the library.

The spider slowed down and stopped.Bobby climbed up onto its belly.He sat and waited for the spiders next move but it didn't move.

It just stood there upside down with him resting on its bottom. Soon the sunlight coming through the windows turned orange then a pink then a dark red then a purple then the room went to a dark blue.

Moon light was the only light that came through the windows now giving the inside of the library a Erie shade of gray.
The building was silent only the wind outside could be heard
as it blew through the oak trees.

It was quite peaceful and relaxing after having such a scare.
Bobby curled up on the spiders belly and soon he was asleep.

It was early morning and Bobby was still a sleeping but he was awakend by the spider moving around in circles.In the dim morning light he could see that another spider was had moved in on them.His heart started racing as he watched the two huge monsters display their aggression towards each other.

Bobby just held on for his life and hopped for the best.The room begain to fill with light as the sun begin to rise.Finnaly the offending spider gave up and ran down the wall escaping
through a crack in the widow sill.

Bobby took a deep breath and exhaled."Oh boy I,m glad thats over with."He said.
But then the his spider begain to move down the wall and across the floor again at a high
rate of speed.Bobby tried to get back on top of the spider but he lost his grip and fell to the floor.He rolled and tumbled a long way before he came to a stop with his face against the floor.

He laid there for a little bit and he rolled over on his side and saw that the room looked bigger!!He rolled over on his back and looked up and saw his spider growing bigger and bigger!!

He was shrinking smaller!"No this cant be!!He sceamed as he shrank smaller and smaller on the library floor.All Bobby could do was to watch the ceiling rise higher above him and the floor
expand under him. Then the shrinking stopped Bobby looked around and then looked up again to see that the spider looked ten times bigger to him now!

And the spider turned around around a headed back to its crack in the wall."No dont go I need you to protect me!"Bobby cried" But it was no use the spider was gone.

Bobby was now all alone he just sat and watched the room fill with light from the morning sun. He made a trek to wards the front door hoping to be spotted by Tammy when she returns.

But then he realized how small he was and he not be seen by anyone but maybe another bug. He waited and waited for Tammy. "Maybe she is coming after school."He said to himself.

But that thought was cut short by the villain spider who climbed back out of its hole in the widow sill.Bobby watched in horror as the angry spider headed his way slowly across the floor.

He knew that he couldn't out run it so he just sat there until the spider was directly in front of him.The spider looked down on Bobby with it many eyes and its fangs throbbing violently.

It moved so ever slowly to wards Bobby staring at him the whole time.It opened its fangs out as wide as it could and took a attack stance. Bobby wrapped himself up into a ball on the floor and waited for the worst.

He looked over his shoulder and saw the spider being crushed in the mouth of a humongous black snake!The snake slowly slithered by Bobby like a slow moving freight train.Soon the snake was gone and all was quite in the library once more.