Kayra's Journey

By Konaga

Chapter 1

At the age of 17, Kayra was an acomplished sorceress at her school and in her hometown. She made sure no one was hurt ever in her town even though she had to go on a trip to recieve a gem from another town. She wouldn't abuse her powers because she was taught to control herself.

"Cast Spell, Flying wind." she said.

She began flying into the air as she headed to a neighboring town to recieve the gem she was sent, in order to have healing powers as well. Once she was there, she walked into the store and recieved the gem she needed for her to gain healing powers. Once she acquired her healing powers, she was ready to head back to her town until she heard a loud plea for help. She headed towards the voice and she noticed it was a giant man who was wounded on his stomach and was alone. She remember her master telling her that the giants were evil and aren't to be trusted ever. Kayra knew that he'll die if his wound wasn't healed very soon, but that'll mean she'll have to do it in the air.

"Cast Spell, Flying wind." she said, flying in the air to the giant's wound. "Cast Spell, Healing wave."

The giant felt his stomach wound heal from the inside of his armor, from Kayra's powers and he saw her in the air. He gave her a smile and held his left gloved hand in the palm up position. Kayra looked at the giant's gentle face and she lowered herself onto his hand. He didn't look or acted evil, he was friendly and she noticed his sword next to him. He must be a knight. she thought. She felt him stand up to his full frame which was 300 feet. She saw his big brown eyes make contact with her, green ones.

"Thank you." he said. "I am Kadel. I was shipwrecked and seperated from my friends. I'm the only one here. I thought I was going to die from my wounds, but you saved me. Thank you."

Kayra looked at him as she felt a finger from his gloved right hand gently pet her.

"You're welcome, Kadel." she said. "I'm Kayra. I'm a sorceresss here. I did what I can to help. I was told of your kind being evil..."

"I'm not evil." Kadel said. "I wouldn't hurt anyone below me, not even you. I am a knight from my world."

"I know." Kayra said. "You need to prove it to my people that you have no intention of hurting us. Can you try to hold others beside me without harming them?"

Kadel nodded and she felt him walk. His walks were more of trembling earthquakes than how she and her people walk especially if they were on the ground. She didn't know how was going to explain to her former master that about her giant friend but she'll have to find a way soon. Camoira might be ok with Kadel. Kayra thought. But I still have to explain to her father, my master about him.

Chapter 2

Kadel continued to walk towards Kayra's hometown without crushing anything in his path. She felt him stop nearby the wall of her town. He then got inside the wall without trouble and he looked at her.

"Where are you going?" Kadel said.

"My master's magic shop." Kayra said. "My friend, Camoira, watches her father's store whenever he has to get herbs. She doesn't do it willingly, but she does get to practice her powers while he's gone."

"I just hope something doesn't go wrong." he said.

"Trust me." Kayra said. "There nothing that will happen. I'll introduce her to you."

Kadel looked at her as he gently placed his hand down inside the town. He then saw Kayra run into her master's magic shop and waited for her. Inside the magic store, Kayra notices Camoira practicing her future sight along with using her dragon element powers. Kayra wears bright colors which is sort of the opposite with her friend who has primarly blues and whites.

"Camoira." Kayra said.

Camoira turned around and faced her long-time friend. She pushed aside a piece of black hair from her unusual blue-gray eyes.

"Hello Kayra." Camoira said. "I heard that you got the Gem of Auorina."

"You know about it." Kayra said.

"I overheard dad tell us about it." she said. "Basically , I should've gone with you, but he tells me to stay at the store. So what can I do for you?"

Kayra looked at the the window thinking about Kadel who was waiting for her outside.

"I want you to meet someone." she said. "He's outside."

Camoira knew she wasn't to leave the store under no circumstances but she wasn't going miss this chance to follow Kayra to meet this fellow.

"Let me lock the store." Camoira said.

Once she did, she followed Kayra to where Kadel was waiting. She stopped looking up at the giant knight. Camoira knew Kayra could get into serious trouble with her dad for leading him here. But she continued walking forward to Kadel. She brought her dragons just in case he tries to cause trouble. She and Kayra saw Kadel sit down in the opening.

"Kayra." Camoira said. "You do realize we can get in trouble with my dad if he sees him. You remember what my dad said about the giants. They are never to be trusted even if wounded. They're evil."

"There nothing evil about Kadel." Kayra said. "He was gentle in holding me."

"But I don't think...." Camoira said.

"I won't hurt you or anyone else." Kadel said, putting his left gloved hand down.

"He won't hurt anyone." Kayra said, flying in his hand.

Camoira looked at her before joining her in Kadel's palm. She felt Kadel slowly lift his hand up to his face. Except for the fact she didn't see his helmet, she saw that he has blonde hair and brown eyes.

"I'm Camoira." she said, looking up it Kadel.

"My name's Kadel." he said. "You have nothing to fear form me. Your friend healed my wound on my stomach."

Chapter 3:

Camoira and Kayra sat on Kadel's gloved palm. She was confused at the fact her dad told them the legend that the giants were evil and did rampage on their homes and their towns. She noticed that the homes were not only intact but Kadel had no intention in hurting anything or anyone below him.

"I was shipwrecked." he said. "My friends and I were heading to another land to go to war until a storm hit us. I never knew what happened to them but I headed to your island and on there I sustained a wound from my stomach. At first no one wanted to help me because you feared me. Kayra ended up healing my wound."

"It wasn't just that." Camoira said. "If someone your size comes here, it's considered death for us to trust them and you. We feared you'd come to kill us."

"Like what happened to your twin sister." Kayra said. "You knew why she betrayed us."

She and Camoira remembered Koriana who was at one point one of the most powerful sorceress in her class. But one day she was caught practicng the Dark Arts against Terona policies which clearly stated that sorcerer or sorcereress should ever use his or her powers for darkness and Koriana did. She attacked the headmaster of the school and she was banished from her home to live on another island in loneliness.

"Kayra." Camoira said. "You were never to mention Koriana's name. She never existed, and the twin I once knew is now gone. That monster replaced her."

"I know that." Kayra said.

"You are now the most powerful sorceress." Camoira said. "I hope you don't become power hungry like Koriana did."

"I won't make the same mistake like Koriana did." Kayra said. "I only use my powers to help those in need."

Camoira nodded her head in agreement. Koriana, why did you do this? she thought. You were one of the top sorceresses of your time. You threw it all away for more power and this time there's no turning back. She knew sooner or later she'd have to return to the store if her father comes back.

"Cast spell, Flying winds." Camoira said.

She took to the air and faced Kayra.

"I'm going back to the store." Camoira said. "Try to hide Kadel until the right time."

Kayra watched Camoira fly back to the to the store. She knew her friend was right and that she needed to get him in hiding in order to keep Kadel safe.

Chapter 4

Kadel looked at Kayra and stood to his full height. _He looks concerned._ she thought as she saw another girl with Kayra's auburn hair color and green eyes. She took another look at her and turned to Kadel.

"Pumpkin." Kayra said.

"Hello Kayra." Pumpkin said. "My name is now Marnia. You missed my ceremony today."

"Well I didn't know it was your ceremony." Kayra said. "Marnia. Mar-Hensu for water, Nia-balance with wind. Balance between water and wind."

Pumpkin smiled at Kayra because she knew what her new name meant. Kay-Hensu goddess, Kayrena of light. Ra-sun. Pumpkin thought. Kayra meant Sun goddess, Kayrena. And it's because Kayra is a full flegde sorceress that's why. She floated upward to Kadel's palm.

"Pumpkin." Kayra said. "I want you to focus on your studies for a long time. You're already 13 years old and an apprentice sorceress must stay with her master at all costs."

"I will." Pumpkin said, turning to Kadel. "Kayra, who is he? I already know he's a giant human."

Kayra looked at Pumpkin and knew she found out about Kadel like Camoira did.

"He's Kadel." Kayra said. "He's not like any other Giant human I saw when I was on my way back from another town."

"He looks nice." Pumpkin said, feeling Kadel's baby finger gently rub her head. "My name's Marnia. I used to be known as Pumpkin."

Before Kadel got the chance to respond he felt himself get attacked by someone.

"Get out of here, ashona(giant)." Carebon said. "You don't belong here. Kayra, Pumpkin, Get away from him right now."

"No." Pumpkin said. "Sakuyo(older brother), you promised to stop it. Why did you lie to me?"

"Pumpkin." Carebon said. "He's a giant and he's not to be... Get off of his hand right now."

Kayra glared at Carebon in anger as she prepared a defense spell against the apprentice sorcerer.

"Carebon, Kayra." the head sorcerer said. "That's enough."

"I didn't even attack." Kayra said. "I'm sorry, Master Hasuko."

"You're a higer status sorceress than Carebon and Marnia are." Master Hasuko said. "You know more than to use your powers."

He then turned to Carebon.

"I thought I told you not to abuse your powers." he said. "And that's what you've been doing again."

"Master, we have a giant here." Carebon said, pointing to Kadel. "You always said giants were evil and were never to be trusted at all costs. Code is...."

"That's enough, Carebon." Master Hasuko said. "I want to see you in my office tomorrow morning. And Kayra I want a word with you as well later on."

Kayra and Carebon bowed to Master Hasuko before he disappeared. Nice going Carebon.she thought. Kadel didn't even harm anyone in the city. Carebon shook his head and headed back to the school. Pumpkin and Kadel looked at her.

"Kayra." Pumpkin said. "Are you ok?"

"I don't know." Kayra said. "Master Hasuko wants a word with me so I might as well get it over with before he deals with your brother. I think this has something to do with me bringing Kadel here."

"Kayra." Pumpkin said.

"Return to your dorm." she said. "I have to get him out of here before Master Hasuko decides to...."

Pumpkin soon left Kadel's hand and flew back to her dorm. It was like he felt that Kayra got in trouble because of him. He decided to comfort her as much as he can. He didn't think Kayra deserve to get in trouble just because she helped him when he was wounded.

Chapter 5:

Kadel then headed out of the town with Kayra sitting on his gloved palm. He then headed to someplace secluded so when no one saw him, he could comfort her to an extent that he doesn't fell like he's going to be attacked again.

"Ever since I was a girl." Kayra said. "I remember hearing my master tell me about how evil the giants were because they're destructive and that's what I was taught to do. But then I met you and you weren't doing anything wrong to us. You even made friends with Camoira and Pumpkin."

"You were taught to hate my kind." Kadel said. "But you didn't hate me because I was gentle to you and everyone else. I meant what I said when I had no intention of hurting anyone below me."

Kayra looked up Kadel's gigantic, handsome face as she felt him lift her gently to his lips and kissed her as gently as he could. I don't want her to feel bad about it. Kadel thought. He looked at Kayra as he saw her smile a little bit. She has a very beautiful smile. I guess I should explain myself to them why I'm here shipwrecked. He then used his left hand to touch the wound which Kayra healed from the time he arrived here on her island.

"How do I explain you to my master?" Kayra asked.

"We'll find a way." Kadel said.

I hope he's right about this. Kayra thought. I don't want him to be attacked again. Still Carebon shouldn't had attacked Kadel in the first place while he was holding me and Pumpkin in his hand. I know Kadel didn't do anything wrong to any of us. He's even shown it around me, Camoira, and Pumpkin(Marnia). She then felt a drop of water on her bare skin and she knew it was raining. Despite being in trouble with her master, she was relieved that Kadel was there to comfort her as best as he could. What am I doing? she thought. Am I really falling in love with Kadel? He's 300 times bigger than I am. Still he did kiss me without eating me. She turned away from his sparkling dark eyes and then she remembered the house where she currently lives, mainly in the outskirts of her hometown and next to it was a house big enough for Kadel to live in until she could get this sorted out with her master. Fortunately Kadel saw the house and looked at Kayra who was not only wet from the rain but he was as well

"it's refreshing." Kadel said.

"The rain." Kayra said. "It's refreshing to you."

Kadel nodded his head as he remembered hs twin brother, Sandet and his younger sister, Bernel playing in the rain as kids. One day, Bernel gotten sick from being in the rain and his mother yelled at him for getting his sister sick. Then three years later, she died in his arms. Just losing Bernel wasn't hard for him, he, Sandet and his friend, Kaman, were aboard the ship to supress the rebellion of a leader when they were attacked by the storm. He survived the fury of the storm, but his brother and his friend weren't so fortunate. He ended up here, shipwrecked and wounded from a gash.

"If you want, I'll stay with for the night." Kayra said. "You may need some company."

Chapter 6

During the night, Kayra casted a fire spell so both her and Kadel can dry up from being wet in the rain. She looked up at him wondering why he was feeling sadness.

"What is it?" Kayra asked him.

"It brought back some painful memoires about my family." Kadel said, taking off his armor and gently set it down. "I had a sister named Bernel and a twin brother named Sandet. We used to play in the rain as kids and I noticed something went wrong with her."

"What happened?" Kayra asked.

"Bernel got sick and I was blamed for it." Kadel said. "It was three years later that she died of her illness."

"I'm sorry about what happened." Kayra said. "But it wasn't your fault."

Kadel set her down gently on the pillow.

"It wasn't it too." he continued. "My brother, Sandet, my friend and I were among the the people sent to go supress the rebellion leader and we ended up in a storm..I was the only survivor. Everyone else..."

A tear dropped out from Kadel's left eye and he was on his knees. He was crying out of anger and sadness. Kayra looked at him and floated towards him and comforted him the best she could at her height. Poor Kadel. she thought. I mean it's tough losing one's family but being stranded for a day on Terona without anyone helping him. This is too much for anyone to bear. He helped me out when Carebon and I got into trouble with Master Hasuko. He wasn't like the other giants out there who tried to kill us. Kadel was sweet and he didn't hurt anyone below him. Still I have to explain to my master about him. Maybe I'm in love with him. I haven't been with anyone else in years.

She snuggled next to his neck and reflect how hard it was for her and her sister, Kayuko to lose their parents. She pretty much wasn't aware that Kadel used his hand to pick her up and sat her on his hand.

Chapter 7:

During the night, a woman dressed in all black spied on Koriana as she completed her most deadly weapon that will attack. It's the black virus. Kayuko said, jumping down from the roof to confront Koriana.

"What are you doing here?" Koriana demanded.

"In the name of the Teronan Empire." Kayuko said. "You're under arrest for treason and expanding your teachings of the dark arts, Koriana. This time, you will suffer your fate."

"Is this what you want?" Koriana said. "It's treason for you to start a war against us."

Kayuko glared at her with her piercing brown eyes and stood her ground. She and Koriana began their fight.

"Cast Spell, Fire Mandolin." Kayuko said.

"Dark Ice." Koriana said.

Sheets of black ice attack but got melted away by fire. Koriana continued to attack Kayuko. She ends up losing to Kayuko and dies. It didn't go without her former aprentice, Kaison attacking her.

"I knew you'd come." Kaison said, menacingly.

"Kaison." Kayuko said. "You traitor."

Kaison activated the dark virus spell and used it on his former teacher. Kayuko screamed from the pain and passed out. He then leaves with two more of his apprentices. During the time, her friend, Sinbel picked her up and headed home.

"Kayuko, don't die on me." Sinbel said. "Cast Spell, Flying Wind."

He flew home carrying the passed out Kayuko in his arms.

"Sinbel." Kayuko said.

"Just hang on, Yuko." Sinbel said. "We'll be home in a few minutes."

Meanwhile Kayra looked at Kadel, confused on why she was on his hand and stood up on his palm. Despite seeing Kadel's tears falling from his eyes and on his cheeks, she felt him lift her to his lips and planted kisses on her oval face. She saw him smile a little bit. I guess it didn't matter as much. Kayra thought, realising that Kadel had an affection for her too.

Chapter 8:

Kayuko continued to heavily breathe as she and Sinbel returned to Terona. Master Hasuko looked at him and to Kayuko.

"Who did this?" he asked Sinbel.

Carebon and the other apprentices peered out of their room in confusion and curiosity. They noticed Master Hasuko turning around to face them.

"Get back in your dorms." he said. "And go to bed."

One by one the doors shut and he turned to face Sinbel who was still holding Kayuko in his arms. Only Carebon continued to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"Kayuko defeated Koriana." Sinbel said. "But not without paying the price for it. Kaison infected her with the Black Virus. I witnessed the fight."

"You didn't help her out." Master Hasuko said. "Why Sinbel? I asked you to go with her and help her out."

"She told me not to." Sinbel said. "What do we do until then?"

Master Hasuko looked at him and Kayuko.

"Take her to my store and treat her first." he said. "Then after that, take her home. And since Carebon is spying on our conversation, he'll stay with her until he learns not to do that again."

Carebon went pale right away as Master Hasuko spotted his door open.

"Nice going, Carebon." Sinbel said.

"Oh shut up." Carebon said.

He and Carebon left to get Kayuko treated at Master Hasuko's store.

"Tell me again why I have to stay with her." Carebon said.

"Master Hasuko ordered you to do so as your punishment for spying on out conversation." Sinbel said. "Personally I don't think you're up for the challenge."

Carebon glared at him.

"It must because I'm too emotionally unstabled." he said. "I'll prove to you I'm not. She'll be like every other woman I dealt with."

"You're wrong." Sinbel said."There's a difference between Kayuko the other girls. Kayuko can keep her emotions in check and not reveal them to anyone else. But what do you know? You're only 15 and she's 22."

Carebon continued to glare at him in anger and continued to look at Kayuko.

Chapter 9:

During the night Kayra laid awake on the pillow and blanket. She then got up and tried to keep the fire going. She hoped it could keep her and Kadel warm as they slept. She turned to face him as he slept peacefully.

"He's a sweet guy." she said to herself.

She felt tempted to touch his face, but decided against it. She feared he would be upset with her. After much thought she could touch the bottom part of his huge, sweet pink lips. She then turned her attention to his huge, handsome face. As quietly as she could, she climbed up the pillow and took a peek at his face. She hoisted herself on top and took a closer look at him. Then she managed to put one hand on his lip assuming he couldn't feel it.

Kayra removed her hand off of Kadel's lips and kissed it. Then she looked up as she saw him open his eyes and sat up. He turned to face her and held his hand towards her. He felt her climb in his palm and carefully lifted her towards his face.

"You felt me didn't you." Kayra said.

Kayra noticed that he didn't answer but she still couldn't think what he was doing. Or what he planned to do with her. This thought of him hurting her, made her shudder in fear and did her best to hide it, but he saw it. His dark eyes told her that.

"Easy, easy." Kadel said, gently rubbing her back with his baby finger. "I'm not hurting you. And to tell you something though, I did feel you touching my lip. No one else, your size has done that and not be brave about it. I won't have plans to do so."

"Thank you." Kayra said, relieved.

He moved his baby finger to her face and gently caressed it. Then he moved it out of the way and faced her. He gave her a small kiss on her forehead and lowered his hand onto the pillow. When he saw Kayra get off his hand, he lied down on the bed. Instead of returning to the pillow, she slept on, she wrapped herself with some of Kadel's long, loose blonde locks, and snuggled next to him. They both went to sleep soon after.

Chapter 10:

Next morning, Kayra awakened to find herself on the bed all by herself. She wondered where Kadel was as he wasn't next to her. I wondered if he... She thought as she sat up on the bed wrapping herself with her robe she took off from last night when she wrapped herself some of his blonde locks.

"Who's here?" she asked.

She then heard footsteps coming closer to the bed. She took her stance to fire a warning shot at whoever is in here. She turned around as she sees Kadel staring at her in confusion.

"Where were you?" she asked. "I mean you scared me."

"I had to find a place to wash up." Kadel said. "I mean it wouldn't be wise if I go out feeling dirty."

"You might have to wear clothes." Kayra said. "Ours don't fit."

"I found some inside the closet." Kadel continued. "But it's a little to ahead of the Knight era. But at least they fit me."

He got up to get dress and as a good, if not curious sorceress, she turned around so she wouldn't look at him as he got dressed. Kadel walked back towards her in a suit with knee breeches and black shoes. He lowered his huge hand next to Kayra and let her climb in. Kayra shaking told him everything that monster did to Terona, even explained to him he was responsible for the death of her and her sister's parents.

"I saw the remains of that man's body." Kadel said. "Before I arrived here. It wasn't right at all to see you hurt by him. Your people did the right thing by getting rid of him."

"You're not going to end up like him." Kayra said. "Are you?"

"No." Kadel said. "I'm not a monster. I'm a giant to you and the others but, I'm still human."

Kayra nodded her head. Maybe he was one of the rare giants who weren't self serving monsters She thought. No matter what happens, I'll explain to Hasuko about Kadel.

Chapter 11:

Kadel walked out of the house and made his way to the city, careful in not stepping on the villages or the people below him. The villagers were amazed to see him not crushing anyone below him.

"Look at that." Kayra said, sitting on his shoulder. "You haven't crushed anything which is why they haven't feared you."

"I don't want them to fear me." Kadel said. "You didn't fear me when you helped heal my wound and therefore I have no reason to hurt you or anyone else."

One man tapped on his shoe and he saw Kadel kneel down and lowered his hand next to him. He looked up at him to see kindness in his dark eyes and climbed onto his palm. The man was surprised when he felt him lift his hand.

"Hello." the man said. "I'm Makuro. Who are you? And brought you here?"

Meanwhile Carebon walks in with more soup to give Kayuko as she is bed ridden with the virus Kaison implemented on her. He set's it down on a table and took a look at a photograph with her and Kayra and feels ashamed. I should've known better he thought. Kayuko puts herself on the line for Kayra since she was only nine. I feel like I've taken her for granted and torn her from her sister. And what of that giant that was here last night. I know it was wrong, but I thought he was going to kill us. He didn't do so and I should've known that. He wasn't trying to hurt us. I just can't take more of this.

"You feel guilty for what you did." Kayuko said. "You can't hide it from me, Carebon. I can see in your heart and others and it's filled with guilt."

Carebon looked at Kayuko and nodded his head making no attempt to hide it from her.

"Yes it is." Carebon said. "Last night, a giant came here to Terona and he was holding Kayra and Pumpkin in his palm. I thought he was going to kill them. That's why I attacked him without knowing if he was dangerous.."

Kayuko looked at him for a moment and then ate some of the soup.

"You could've asked Kayra." Kayuko said, anger filling in her eyes. "He wasn't hurting her. Didn't that give you an idea. Carebon, you do frustrate others and me."

"I know." Carebon said.

"Didn't you notice the building were still intact." she continued. "He washed ashore here with an injury and I know we're not to trust his kind. But Kayra did heal a wound on his stomach with the Gem of Auorina and he was grateful to her. I've been watching you while I was away and you know I'm part of the Teronian Senate. You will get severly punished for this."

"I know the consequences at hand." Carebon said. "I know Kayra will too, but there's a chance they could forgive her."

"Yes." Kayuko said. "Let me tell you one thing, Carebon. You cant keep judging a book by it's cover."

Kadel smiled at Makuro and lowered his finger next to him.

"My name's Kadel." he said, with his gentle, booming voice. "And I was washed ashore here.

Chapter 12:

Makuro looked up at Kadel who has a strong, gentle and sweet, despite his huge frame. He managed to touch his finger and shake it. Kayra could tell the villagers weren't afraid of him. I hope Master Hasuko is the same way. she thought. Knowing her master, he'd tell her that he's evil. Until Kadel shows his sweet side to him.

"We need to go soon." Kayra said.

"I know."Kadel said.

He gently set Makuro down and continued on his way. Kayra was still worried on how her master will take in account of Kadel. I hope it works out. she thought. For both me and Kadel. I don't want him to get defensive just because of what happened years earlier. Besides he's real sweet and strong.

"Kayra, are you ok?" Kadel asked, concerned.

"Yes." Kayra said. "It's....."

They smelled smoke from within the town.

"What is that?" Kayra asked.

"We're about to find out." Kadel said.

They headed into the town and noticed a dragon around Kadel's height was attacking the village. Her master along with the other sorcerers and sorceresses were trying to fight off the dragon but no avail.

"No." Kayra said. "This can't happen."

Kadel looked at her on his shoulder and gently set her down on the ground. He can't risk placing her in danger and her losing her life.

"Kayra." Kadel said, unsheathing his sword. "Stay there."

"But." Kayra said.

"I'll be back." he said. "I'm not going to risk your death."

Without another word, Kadel headed towards the dragon. It was a good thing he remembered all his training from his early years. That dragon needs to be stopped and he won't allow anything else happen. With the first slice on the dragon's chest, it snarled at Kadel. It pushed him aside, but it didn't stop him from fighting back.

Chapter 13:

Moments later, Kayra looked up to see what happened. I need a better view. she thought. I can't see where I'm at right now. I hope Kadel is all right.

"Cast spell, flying wind." she said.

She took to the air and noticed the dragon was slained. Then she noticed Kadel wounded but he was still alive. She headed towards him despite his cuts. It was clear he fought for them and she and the other sorcerers and sorceresses knew it.

"Kayra." Hasuko said.

She bowed and nodded her head.She knew what was coming to her and prayed that Master Hasuko goes easy on her.

"We'll talk privately." Hasuko said.

Kayra and Hasuko headed towards the school and asked her to sit down.

"We need to settle this matter right away." he said. "Carebon was already punished for what he did last night. You did understand why we couldn't risk another attack from another ashona."

"Yes." Kayra said.

"We had a hard time with the dragon." Hasuko said. "It seems like this ashona was different."

"His name is Kadel." Kayra said. "He didn't do any damage when he washed ashore here."