Joseph and One Tiny Army

By Timothy

Joesph heard only the buzzing of mosquitoes and the supplications for help of a fly making a spiders dinner. Except for the sounds of the hidden wild-life the forest was quiet. He leaned up against the side of a boulder. The coolness of the stone surface felt good to his hot body. Joseph had been out jogging. He wanted to get into shape before his new season of soccer practice began.

It was early Saturday morning and the town had yet to fully come alive. Reaching into the side pocket of his shorts Joesph pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from off of his face.

Down below standing next to his left foot was another lad. However, this young teen was three inches tall. Blinking his orange eyes Okun stared up in awe and some fear of the giant boy. Orkun had seen of course giant boys before. However, this was the first time he had come so close to one of these huge creatures. The giant boy observed Orkum; was of a slight olive complexion. He had a kind of a round face. And a field of wavy black and brown hair that created a series of swirls over his forehead. Orkun couldn't see his eyes. If he could get a glimpse, it would give him a little insight in what kind of character this giant was of.

For a long time Orkun wished he could make contact with a giant his age. Though, he had heard many frightening and sad stories of those of his people who had mad contact with these lumbering people. Orkun was warned that in groups, boys of his age could be deadly. Orkun sighed.

Feeling rather rested and peaceful after his jog, Joesph not having anywhere special to be, decided to take in more of the atmosphere of the forest. He slowly began to sit down.

When all that giant bulk began to slid down sending with it bits of lichen from the mammouth back that still remained pressed aginst the boulder Orkun began to move backwards. The massiveness and great weight of the boy's backside as it hit the ground, send a shock wave of debris and air pressure that catapulted Orkun into the air and back down again. Fortunately, the ground was covered with pine needles that cushioned his fall. Not wanting to be spotted, Orkun strted to get up.

Joesph drew his legs up as he thought about things. Scratching his head Joesph happened to turn his head. He noticed movement among a patch of pine needles. At first Joesph thought it might be a toad or a grasshopper, he wasn't going to pay it any mind, except, when he saw it stand in an upright position. He leaned in closer to investigate with a pure innocent curious mind.

Orkun hearing the sound of movement turned around. Seeing the boy's huge face filling his vision, orkun gave out a startled yelp. With a deep feeling of fear burining through him Orkun began to run away. A gentle whooshing sound commenced followed by a current of air that rustled orkun's long brown hair. A wall of skin shot down before him.

Joesph closed his fingers around around the creature. For a moment he brought his clenched fist before his face. As he felt the tiny creature squirming in fist, he questioned the thought. The thought he had just caught a tiny human.

Orkun in the warm, sweaty darkness of the giant hand tried to wiggle free of the thick muscle pads to the giant boy's fingers that pressed in on him. His mouth went dry when he wondered what this boy was going to do to him.

Joesph crossed his legs. Placing his hand down on the ground he opened his hand up. Rolling onto the forest floor Joesph with wide eyes and an excitement saw he had indeed caught a tiny person. The little guy saw Joesph seemed to be having great difficulty standing up. "Man, I hope I didn't hurt the thing," thought Joesph. Leaning in closer Joesph saw what part of the problem was. The tiny had only one arm. Where there should be another only swung a small stump.

Once standing, Orkun surveyed his situation. He was trapped in a canyon created by the boy's huge powerful legs. He turned back toward the boy and bending his head back looked up at the giant face. This time Orkun could see the boy's eyes. They were a clear, thoughtful dark brown.

"Me Joseph," spoke Joesph with slow, deliberate words, while pointing to himself. "A friend. Do not be afraid."

A question went across Orkun's mind. "Why is he talking like that? Maybe he's an idiot." Orkun in a voice that kept cracking from out of fear shouted, "I'm Orkun son of Dorsak."

Joesph couldn't help and chuckle from the high pitch, muted sound of Orkun's voice. He was also pleased that the little guy could speak. Joesph couldn't see why he couldn't speak. But yet, he never talked to such a tiny person. He didn't know what to expect. Extending a finger down to Orkun, Joesph said, "Hi."

Orkun stepped back. As he did, Orkun tripped over a stone (pebble to joesph) and fell onto his back. Using his one arm, Orkun with difficulty tried to get up.

"Are you ok?" asked Joesph extending his little finger down to Orkun to grab onto. Orkun slapped it away. Joesph's black eye brows knitted together in concern as he watched the little teen struggling. With more authority in his voice, Joesph told Orkun, "Come on let me hekp you."

Getting back on to his feet Orkun hollowered up, "I don't need your help!"

"I was just trying to help," echoed Joesph's voice all around Orkun in the giant teen's leg canyon.

The two were silent.

Joesph started to recline slightly and placed his hands down on either side of his hips. Orkun figuring the giant is starting to let down his guard, began to slowly move toward his left sneaker. Orkun stopped when he saw Joesph staring down at him. The teen had a peaceful smile on his huge face. Orkun wanted to trust the giant and start really talking with him. Being trapped by his legs, however, made Orkun suspicious of the boy's intention.

When Joesph closed his eyes to wipe his eyes with one of his hands, Orkun ran for the left sneaker. Orkun went up to where the sock was stretched out before him sideways and started to climb the sock. It grossed out Orkun when he had to grab the sock that was wet with sweat. He was nearing the top of the ankle when Orkun felt the sides of his chest being put into a gentle grasp. Orkun found himself hoisted into the air. And was placed down in the boy's giant hand.

Joesph looked down at Orkun who sat in his palm looking rather bewildered. "Why were you running away? I'm not going hurt you I told before," spoke Joesph with irritation in his voice from the fact it appeared Arkun didn't trust him.

Orkun was almost starting to believe that Joesph meant him no harm. "I guess its your size Joesph. I mean, you catch me and trap me beteen your legs. What was I to think?" Orkun didn't know if expressing his fears was such a good or bad thing. But it was out now.

Feeling a bit Sheepish Joesph replied, "I guess." Joesph stopped and gave out a chuckle of embarrassment. "I mean, you being so small. I wanted a better look?" Joesph felt stupid for lack of a better response.

Orkun was starting to feel a little more at ease with the giant. "I wanted a better look at a giant. So when I saw you I sneaked up around te back of your sneakers."

Joesph was enjoying talking with the tiny Orkun. He then asked, "How did you hurt your arm?"

"When I was much younger I was playing around some machinery and-and---"

Joesph picking up that Orkun didn't want to go on changed the subject. "Are there many of you?"


Joesph rustled up his face into a question, "Why haven't I or most people seen you guys?"

"We like to keep hidden for the most part from you giants."


"Our safety Joesph."

Joesph face went sad. "I guess I can understand." He then asked Orkun, "Its hard for me to tell your age. But how old are you?"

"I'm fouteen."

"WOW!" said Joesph in a louder voice that shook Orkun's body. "I'm fourteen too!" Joesph got an idea. "Let me take you back with me. I can show you my stuff. Hey, even my close buds. They'll be so freaked!"

Orkun became worried again as he thought, "Didn't this guy hear what I was saying." Orkun became sad when he continued to think, "I guess since I'm so small I'm nothing to him."

Joesph started lowering his hand toward the pocket to his shorts.
Orkun started to scream as he saw the lip to the cavern size pocket engulf the tips of the giant fingers. Orkun started kicking as hard as he could the palm of Joseph's hand when the inner-lining of the pocket started to slide over him.

Hearing and feeling the commotion in his hand, Joesph pulled it back out of the pocket. Bringing his hand up, Joesph asked, "Whats wrong?"

"Joesph, I have family. I have parents. They would worry sick if I went missing. I'm not a pet."

Joesph didn't say it, but in away Orkun was right. He was going take him home and keep him. Joesph felt sad over this cause he was starting to like Orkun. "I guess I wouldn't want some huge creep to haul me away in their pocket." Joesph started to lower his hand with two regrets. One he would still like to keep Orkun kind of like a pet. And the other as a friend too. Joesph was confused.

"Wait!," shouted up Orkun. "Is it possible for us still to be friends? Maybe later I could visit you at home. If you want me as a pal that is."

"I could would want to see me again?" asked Joesph.


"Cool. When?"

Orkun replied, "When can you come back?"

"Sunday is out. And then I have school. Next Saturday?"

"I'll be there. At the rock where we---lets say met."

Joesph placed Orkun back on the ground. "I'll see you next Saturday."

"Hey, Joesph."


"You could have still taken me away. But you didn't. Maybe you deserve to be a giant." Joesph smiled.

The two friends then said goodbye.

Orkun looked up as Joseph walked off in all his huge being. The ground beneath Orkun shook with the retreating teen's giant stepts. They soon diminished as his living mountain friend faded away into his world. "I made a friend with a giant! Wait til my pals hear of this." thought Orkum with excitement. His mind went serious as he wondered, "What will the Elders think? What will grandpa?"

Pressing a red colored stone on his belt, Orkum stepped into the circle of light that appeared.

Walking down the street Joseph couldn't help and smirk at the fact: he just made friends with a three inch person. "Maybe I could be the first one," thought Joseph with pride. "Its like something out of a movie or one of those Nelson comics I see being sold at Bryan's Comic World." Still, it was like a dream for Joseph. And he had to keep reminding himself it did happen.

Walking down the sidewalk Joseph would glance from-time-to- time down wondering if there might be a tiny person hiding behind a bit of trash or behind a light pole or a mail box.

A pair of years-worn orange eyes, glowed brightly with wisdom beneath a thick pair of gray streaked eye-brows. "So you trust him?"

"I think so...I mean yes.," replied Orkun to questions from his grandpa. "He could have just taken me away as his pet. Instead,---I think he wants to be friends."

Orkum's grandpa tilted his head. "My dear Orkun your still young. And so is Joseph. And friendship is a special bond. It takes a special maturity to go beyond appearences. Even some adults never mature to that point."

"Your losing me grandpa."

"Is it friendship with Joseph that you are seeking? Or is it that you can say you made contact with a giant? And the same can be said, maybe, for Joseph."

Orkun's face twisted up into a knot of deep thought.

Joseph as he entered the center of town was passing Michael and Taylor's Pet World. Joseph stopped and then entered. There was the scents and sounds of many different animals. And the cedar shavings from the rabbit and mouse cages that gave a pleasent odor to the establishment. Joseph saw a group of teens marveling over a rare bird from South America. He could imagine there surprise and envy, if he had Orkun in his shirt pocket and would tell them as he pulled his little person out, "What do you think of this?"

Joseph's mind went back to the tiny teen with the one arm struggling to get up off the ground refusing his help. Joseph smiled inside at Orkun's resolve to get up on his own. And the trust of wanting to be his pal.

A small boy's enthusiastic pointing to a cage that housed a black and brown hamster broke Joseph's train of thought. The mother that was with the child nodded to the sales associate. He opened the cage and picking the hampster up by the fold of loose skin around its neck handed it to the child.

Joseph turned and found he was next to a shelf lined with mouse and hampster cages. The more expensive cages were of plastic and had all mannner of tunnels, wheels and padded ladders for its occupant to play with. For a moment his mind went day-dreaming; he could see a tiny person climbing the multi-colored ladder. Or smiling as it slid down the plastic pink slide. Joseph frowned as he thought, "No that wouldn't be right."

"Well I'm waiting for a response," said Orkun's grandpa with a warm smile.

"Yeesssh grandpa," responded Orkun plainly and with some agitation. "Part of the reason of wanting to be friends is the fact Joseph is a giant. And I would be the only kid with his own."

"Is that really friendship? And would that be fair to Joseph?"

Feeling sheepish, Orkun was becoming aware of his motive behind looking to be a friend of a giant. Though, Orkun did feel there was something likeable about Joseph.

"Orkun we need also to becareful in who we let our presence be known to. There have been very unfortunate dealings with giants in the past. And while we have made friends with others, it is a situation not easily crossed," said grandpa.

"I promised I would see him next Saturday," replied Orkun starting to see the selfishness of his action.

Grandpa looked at Orkun. "Why don't you think about what we have talked about. And by looking at your own heart; decide is it friendship you want? Or the novelty of having a giant for a friend."

Later that day, during dinner-time, Joseph's mind went back to Orkun. He chuckled when he thought how the little guy refused his help and wanted to get up on his own. And didn't seem to show all that much fear in the face of someone the size of building. Joseph chuckled again when the little guy tried to get away and all he had to do was reach over and pick him up with only two fingers.

"Whats so funny?" asked the father.

"Oh its nothing its Ork.." responded Joseph who then suddenly remembered what Orkun said about the little people's safety.

"What was that?" questioned the father.

"Er---I met this kid called---ah---Orkun. Kind of a fiesty guy. I think because he has only one arm."

"Orkun, is that an Amish name?" asked the mother.

Joseph lifted his shoulders up in a I-don't-know posture.

The father said thoughtfully, "He may feel then, the need to show he is no different from anybody else."

"Yeah, I guess so," replied Joseph looking down at his plate.

"Weren't you scared?" asked one of Orkun's pals.

"Well," spoke Orkun enjoying all the attemtion he was getting from his encounter with the giant boy. "I guess."

"Come on," said another teen. "You had to be scared."

"Yeah, I guess I was at first. After he had spotted me, he trapped me in by making a wall around me with his huge legs."

A younger child with wide questioning eyes asked, "Did he try to eat you?!"

"No. He wasn't like that at all. He was curious. And he was planning on taking me home with him. I think as his pet."

The gang of teens looked at each other and shivered. A teen with long black hair wondered, "How did you escape?'

"I didn't. I told him I had parents who would miss me."

"But you don't have any parents."

With a weary voice Orkun replied, "I know. But I was trying make him understand I'm part of a family too. Even if its just me and grandpa."

"And he let you go?" asked another friend confused. "I don't get it. He's a giant? Yet, he let you go? Must be pretty good guy."

"Thats what I kind of felt at the time. I even told him he deserved to be a giant," said Orkun who was starting to see Joseph as a person, rather, not just a giant. And maybe a person who is worth trying to get to know.

In his bedroom, Joseph took off his wall a mirror. He placed it on the floor. He wanted to try and see how he might had appeared to Orkun. "Kind of look spooky," thought Joseph to himself. He then crossed his arms. Made a few faces. He then went over to a dresser drawer and pulled out an action figure. He placed it on the mirrow. He reaced down for it with an opened hand. "Man, I would crap my pants if I saw a giant reaching for me."

He picked up the action figure which was more or less the same size as Orkun. He sat on the edge of his bed. "Kinda of neat to have such a small friend. Man, must be a brave dude. Being so small and having one arm. Hmm," thought Joseph.

The week went by slowly for Joseph and Orkun. Part of Joseph wanted to tell his close buds about the tiny teen. He however, didn't want to betray Orkun either. Orkun thought he could charge his pals admission to watch him inter-action with a giant. Orkun later felt that was, "Just plan creepy."

It was a cloudy Saturday morning. Joseph walked into the Forest reserve. A strange thought entered his mind, "What if I never really saw Orkun. "Maybe I'm having psychotic episodes? But if I was would I be aware?" thought Joseph. He chased those thoughts out of his mind.

Joseph rubbed his hands together with anticipation as he neared the boulder where he had met Orkun.

Orkun told his grandpa that he would be seeing the giant Joseph. And Orkun knew it wasn't just for the novelty of it.

Joseph looked at his watch. Twenty minutes had passed and no sign of orkun. He started to think, "Maybe, he changed his mind. He could be afraid of me?"

Orkun stepped out of the inter-space gateway. Standing next to the several hundred foot boulder, Orkun made his way around it and through the patches of tall thick grass that grew around it. Coming out of the meadow grass forest, Orkun saw Joseph's huge white and black stripped sneaker. For a brief second, the sight of the colossal sneaker caused Orkun to shiver. Giant shoes, feet are a very scary thing to his people. For they found giants have a bad habit of stepping on anything small they see. And then asking questions later.

Bending his head back Orkun with his orange eyes followed the blue denim pants that rose far up. Not able to bend his neck any further Orkun began to shout up, "Yo Joseph!"

Joseph started to hear a high pitch sound. A smile crossed his face when this very weak, pipping sound carried with it---words. Looking down at his right, he saw standing next to his sneaker Orkun's tiny figure waving his equally tiny arms. Slowly, Joseph sat down on the ground. Even though he thought he was being careful, his bulk as it came to rest on the ground, did cause a slight quake and a burst of pressure that caused Orkun to fall on his butt.

"Orkun you ok?" asked Joseph extended his index finger out to Orkun and not thinking about the last time he tried to offer him aid. To Joseph's surprise, Orkun sat up and wrapped, part way, his arm around the finger.

Orkun was rather surprised himself since he never liked accepting help from anyone, but this time he didn't think about it.

Joseph felt rather big inside. Not an inflated kind of "big" feeling, the type that makes you feel warm and human.

Once on his feet, Orkun climbed up onto the giant hand. Joseph could feel the little tapping sensations Orkun's shoes made on his skin. And the rather comical sight of one so small.

"Hey, its good to see again. For a moment I wondered if it was all a dream," said Joseph.

Orkun replied, "Yeah, I kind a felt the sameway."

Out of sight, Orkun's grandpa had minutes before stepped out of the inter-space gateway. He was moved that his grandson had accepted help from someone---let alone a giant. Joseph from what grandpa could tell was a normal teen, except for his great size of course. And other things which enlarged humans hadn't discovered yet. Grandpa liked the look Joseph had when helping Orkun. It was pure.

Being the only son of his now deceased daughter, grandpa felt very protective of Orkun. "Oh my," he sighed. "Dear, dear. I could lay down the law and forbide Orkun to develope a friendship with the giant. But would that in the end be an answer?" Grandpa pressed on his red, highly polished stone and re-entered the gateway.

"I was wondering. I have good friends that I trust. Could I tell them about you? Or even meet you!?" asked Joseph.

"Maybe later. It took me a long time just to get the nerve to view up close one of you. I-I would feel better if it just remains you and I."

Giving Orkun a sliver of a smile Joseph said, "So thats what you like to do. Secretly spy on giant boys."

Orkun wide-eyed hoped Joseph was kidding. Feeling awakward Orkun replied, "No. But I had to be carefull."

"Chill, I know. I'm just raking you. I would want to be careful too if dealing with giants. And there would be some who would mean you harm. Gives me the creeps thinking about it." A thoughtful look went across Joseph's face. "Do I look like a monster. Ah, I mean, I know we look alike putting asides our size differences. I tried at home, using a mirror to see what I looked like from your angle."

"You don't look like a monster now. Maybe at first. From my view point everything near me seems way out of proportion; while your upper-chest and head seems to narrow off. And the sound you make. Your stepts sound like muted thunder. And the ground shakes from when you move. And the air from you giants always upsets the pressure of atmosphere around people my size."

"Wow," responded Joseph slightly shaking his head.

Shouting up Orkun asked, "I guess I look kind of funny. Something to make a pet out of."

Joseph's face went a little tense for a moement. "I'm sorry about last time. I guess because you were small..."

"Please Joseph you don't have to explain. And I didn't mean that. But it is interesting how size at first, right or wrong makes us decide how we should act."


For the next hour Joseph and Orkun chatted on a whole lot of different things. They did find they thought about many of the same things. Orkun was fascinated by this sport called Soccer Joseph said he played. "You never saw Soccer?" asked Joseph.

"I heard of it. But never watched it."

"Gee, tomorrow I'm practicing at Pine Banks Park. "

Orkun replied, "I know where that is."

"Would there be a way you could come? I could meet you here and take you with me," Joseph said with excitement in his voice.

"I could get myself there."

A little disappointed Joseph responded, "Ok, practice begins at noon."

Orkun picked up on Joseph's disappointment, as he thought, "He probably would love to carry me."

After a minute pause Orkun hollowered up to Joseph, "After the game you could; if you want, carry me back here."

"Ok," said Joseph feeling cool that Orkun trusted his person to him.

Orkun didn't know if he was ready to be carried by a giant. Its such a personal thing. Plus there was, well, giant scents that enlarged humans gave off. But he did say it. And he would never change his word. A word made to a friend.

Joseph was about to place Orkun on the ground when he stopped and brought his face down to the tiny teen. "Orkun there'll be a lot of people around. I don't want you to get caught or trampled. Maybe this isn't such a good idea," he said worrying about his one armed pal.

Orkun, who almost lost his balence from the draught blast of air that came out of Joseph's cave of a mouth replied, "I'll be cool. I know how to keep hidden from you giants." Joseph couldn't help and smirk at the three inch guy in his hand who spoke with such confidence.

"Ok pal," responded Joseph who lowered Orkun to the ground.

Joseph stood up, creating a rumbling sound with all his bulk. He then waved down to his pal and with cannon-fire sounding footstepts walked off.

Orkun was looking forward to seeing his giant friend playing this game called Soccer.

Joseph was looking forward to Orkun watching him play but still hoped the little guy would be ok.

Joseph that night made sure his burgandy colored Soccer uniform was clean. In a way Joseph felt like an ambassador of teens to tiny people. Plus he wanted to impress the three inch person. Looking over at his dresser he saw his tiny action figure that was no bigger than Orkun. "Hmm, some of my pals wouldn't care about impressing a three inch person. Just catching them and throwing them into a cage---dorks."

Orkun that night cleaned up his tan leather outfit he wore when out and among the enlarged humans. He oiled up his waist and chest belt. Orkun smiled when he felt kind of like an ambassador for his people. Though, he wasn't the first to make friends with giants. He heard the tales of tinybro and his pal Giant Mike. And his grandpa had a giant friend for many years. Orkun knew some of his own pals would view Joseph as a huge lumbering clod. No better than a beast. "Idiots," thought Orkun.

It was a warm sunny Sunday. Pine banks Park was alive with the voices of parents and their children. Joseph with his dark blue gym bag hoisted over his right shoulder met up with his pals and fellow team-mates. He began squinting and scanning the ground for Orkun.

Stepping out of the inter-space gateway Orkun who had to swallow from the sight he observed of all the playfull youthful giant bulk got hold of his senses and decided where to view the game.

A smile appeared on Orkun's face when he spotted the black and brown haired giant. The boys seemed to be milling near a wooden green bench. It wasn't too far. But to sure of not being seen he would have to approach it from behind where there was a few bushes that would make good cover if needed.

Orkun spotted Dragonflies in the area. Reaching into a side pouch he had on, Orkun pulled out a living rope. This he could lasso a Dragonfly---without damaging it. Spinning it around with precision, Orkun caught a large Dragonfly. The wiings of the insect beated the air madly. "Take it easy. I'm not going to hurt you," said Orkun petting the purplish hair on its back. Once it was on the ground Orkun climbed on. Pulling on the rope, Orkun was able to maneuver it toward the gigantic bench. Once hovering behind the bench and not too far off the ground, Orkun jumped off and removed the rope.

He then proceeded to walk under the small hill size bench. Under the shadow of its seat so many stories above him, Orkun gulped for before him was a row of four pair of colossal legs. The huge form and curves of the muscles to the giant legs bulged beneath the dark purple knee socks. And they rose with great suggestion of power, giant-Earth pounding and soil-spurting black and white sneakers. Walking up behind one pair of sneakers, then stopping cold when the tree-size leg moved Orkun could see at the bottom of the imposing looking sneaker silver kleats. Shoes, sneakers and flip=flops always a scary thing to his people but metal kleats made them look like sneakers from hell.

The skin of the giant legs that rose out of the knee-socks and vanished up into the air shinned with sweat. The whole area beneath the seat of the bench reeked of enlarged human scent. The wooden ceiling above Orkun creaked under the weight of the giant backsides. One loud blasting sound came from one of the giant's backsides above. The giant teens thundered with roaring laughter over the burst of gas. Orkun had to cover his ears from the explosive sound of their voices.

Scratching his head, Orkun was trying to figure which of these giant butts over head belonged to his pal. Attached to his chest belt was a metal sling-shot. taking a small stone (very tiny pebble to the giants) Orkun aimed it at one of the butts he saw betyween the giant planks. "Hey? What was that?" questioned one giant putting his huge hand under his butt.

"What happened?" asked a giant voice that brought joy to Orkun. For the voice was that of joseph's.

Orkun ran to his left and up behind his friend's sneaker. For a moment Orkun felt odd. And thought, "The back of his sneaker is almost as tall as me. His leg is big enough for me to scale like the side of a boulder. What am I thinking? I'm no bigger than bugs to them. Or small animals they tear apart in their schools." Orkun felt heavy of heart. And he felt pathetic standing beneath a group of towering teens.

Joseph was wondering if Orkun was around somewhere out of sight. He was thinking how brave he was to come to a place of so many big people. Joseph then began to wonder, "Is Orkun getting cold feet?" Joseph was beginning to feel disappointed. His mind went to his pal who felt something hit his butt. Hope began to fill him and oust disappointment. bending over and looking between his legs Joseph saw the tiny figure of Orkun in the shadows. The figure was walking away. "Hey," whispered Joseph.

Orkun turned around and saw the huge face of joseph. The huge brown eyes gazed upon him benignly. Those clear trusting eyes gave him courage to start walking back. The giant face glided away when someone asked, "Whats up?"

Joseph responded, "I was just stretching my back." Joseph lowered his right hand down and started waving his fingers.

Orkun smiled as he went up to the fluttering-his people size fingers. He started to slap the index finger with his hands.

Feeling the tiny hands Joseph felt relieved his pal was staying.

And Orkun as he belted the giant finger was glad he didn't leave.

"Ok you girls out onto the field," hollowered the giant coach. Joseph's colossal fraternal hand retreated. Light filtered on down through the divisions between the planks as the enlarged teens got up. Orkun ran right up toward the front of the bench peering over a candy wrapper. The sight was impressive as a whole group of giants in a royal burgandy colored soccer uniforms ran toward to one side of the field. Meanwhile, Orkun's body vibrated from the shaking ground pounded into submission by the giant sneakers.

Orkun felt his chest strengthen up and out in a rather brotherly affection when he saw the whole group of titanic teens gather around the coach with Joseph by his side. It was clear Joseph was the star player.

While listening to the coach, Joseph made a quick glance toward the bench. He was to far away to see Orkun but tried to look so ever cool for his pocket size pal.

With a sound of a herd of sneakers against the ground the team ran into position. From Orkun's low position he wasn't getting a clear view of the players. Surveying the scene with his sharp eyes Orkun found an area he should go un-noticed. He figured no-one in the team and in the bleechers will be expecting a three inch person out on the field.

Orkun ran to a clump of grass. And settled in the middle of it. Spreading apart the long blades of grass Orkun watched the game. Admiring the quick moves of his friend Orkun also picked up weaknesses Joseph made at certain plays.

During one of the plays the wind picked up. And one lad with wavy brown hair missed the ball with his crater making foot. The ball came rolling his way. And behind it the enourmous boy. Orkun backed up from the ball. And all at once the boy quickened his prograss and ran infront of the ball. Orkun found every muscle and joint in his body shocked into freezing from the impact of the boy's huge mass as it moved infront of the ball. And by the pressure of air created by the lad.

Orkun was literally only seperated from the back of the giant boy's sneaker by his nose. Gaining composure Orkun slowly stepped backwards. The powerful living mass of the boy expanded above him. Huge limbs streaked with dust and dirt rose up into the baggy leg openings. And Orkun found himself lost in the dark shadow created by the boy's burgandy drapped backside.

The boy moved his shaggy wet hair back and forth like some great titan. Orkun found himself in a rain of hot sweat. "Oh, !@#$," said Orkun as he wipped the boy's sweat off of his face.

A new fear ran through Orkun making him forget the buckets of warm sweat. His leather chest belt had come loose and was caught on a thick piece of twisted rubber sticking out of the back of the boy's sneaker.

About to free himself, Orken found himself being thrown and dragged on the ground as the boy began to move. Whoosh-Kaboom!---went the boy's sneaker as he walked. Orkun found it impossible to try and free himself since his only arm was holding on to the belt. At least Orkun was glad the boy wasn't running. However, that relief was short lived as Orkun heard the approach of other giants!

Joseph with the other boys ran into position for a play. he hoped Orkun was watching this.

The giant boy stopped. Dazed, Orkun pulled on his belt with his one arm and managed to get on to his feet. He started working at removing the portion of his belt stucked to the piece of rubber.

There was the high pitch whine of the coach's whistle. The back of the giant sneaker lifted up whipping Orkun up and against the hard surface of the sneaker. One moment his face is against the warm rubber, the second later its slamming down upon the ground.

Besides the loud thunder of the sneaker as it rocked and pounded on the ground; there was the sound of the giant teens screaming and shouting---it was bedlam!

The belt started to weaken under the abuse and strain from the violent giant movements of the giant boy's sneaker. Orkun felt a sudden thrashing sensation in his body as the belt broke free of the titanic bulk. He spun for a second or so in the air, though it felt longer to the frightened teen. Orkun came down onto to the warm embrace of the green grass. The newly cut but thick blades of grass cushioned his fall.

While the cool grass felt good on his sore face, the shaking ground and bits of soil that flew over and on him reminded him of his present peril.

Getting up on unsteady legs, on unsteady ground, Orkun found himself in the middle of a war between titanic sneakers. Huge Nikis and Airwalks smashed down all around him in a frenzy of rubber and kleats. High above him the burgandy uniformed teens battled for the huge white and black ball.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" shouted Orkun diving to the ground as he dodged a giant sneaker that passed right over head and smashed down a few feet from his face. "I wish I could spot Joseph," thought Orkun as he spat blood and dirt from out of his mouth. "Idiot!" he said outloud as he moved his hand to his red polished stone on his belt. A rotating circle of light appeared. With great difficulty Orkun got up on bruised legs. And with knees that acked, Orkun staggered his way into the light.

"You feeling better?" said grandpa who ran a loving elderly hand over his grandson's forehead. Orkun nodded his head.

"Joseph," said Orkun trying to sit up. "He won't know what happened to me."

After the practice and back at the bench, Joseph glanced around for Orkun. "Oh man," said a teen's annoyed sounding voice.

"Whats the matter?" asked another.

"I stepped into something. Its all messed in."

Joseph hearing that felt a knot developing in his stomach. He went over to his team mate who was sitting on the ground looking at the bottom of his sneaker with a very disgruntled face.
"So what do you think it is?" asked Joseph not wanting to look at the bottom of the boy's sneaker.

"Its dog crap," replied the boy angrily turning and lifting the sneaker toward Joseph..

With great relief and bit of a nervous laugh in his voice Joseph said, "Its only dog crap." His team mate gave Joseph a funny glance.

When his friends began to leave Joseph sat down on the bench. "Hey Joseph, my parents will give you a lift home," said a friend.

"Ah, I'm suppose to meet someone here."

With a big grin---his friend shoved Joseph's left shoulder with his hand as he questioned, "Whats her name---huh?"

Joseph just made a shy smile.

After his friend had left Joseph got down onto his hands and knees looking for Orkun. He looked under the bench. He crawled over to the back of the bench and started to seperate the branches to the bushes whispering, "Hey Orkun."

"Is their anyway we can let Joseph know I'm ok?" asked Orkun.

"Do you know where he lives?" Orkun shook his head. His grandpa then said, "I'll check or have one of your pals check out the park."

"Thanks grandpa."

Joseph sitting on the bench was both worried and angry. Part of him hoped nothing happened to his tiny friend. Another part of him was mad that Orkun would just leave. He was looking at his watch when he heard a tiny shrill sound. A smile then a frown crossed Joseph's face. Bending over he saw a tiny figure standing between his feet. Joseph stood up. The tiny figure stepped back. Joseph knealt down. Joseph noticed the hair was shorter and the outfit was different. The tiny voice was piping something. Too tired to try and strain to listen, Joseph cupped his hands and brought them together around the little person. He heard high pitch screams. Opening his hand up, he said gently and slowly, "I'm a friend. I'm not going to hurt you."

The tiny person who was sitting on a muscle pad, just put a hand to his mouth gazing up at Joseph with big orange eyes. Bringing his hand closer to his face Joseph, tried to put the frightened person at ease. "Chill. I'm not going to hurt you or anything. Is Orkun ok?"

Being just five feet below the cave size mouth and before a face that filled his entire vision, the tiny young adult just made nervous, wordless motions with his mouth. Tired Joseph said sharply,"If you can't talk. Then just nod your head. Is Orkun ok?" The tiny guy nodded his head. "Now we are getting somewhere. Why did he leave? Was he hurt or something?" The tiny nodded his head. Joseph's huge dark eye-brows came together. "Is he ok now?" Joseph recieved another nod.

Joseph then lowered the man to the ground. As the tiny man jumped off the side of his hand Joseph said, "Next time they should send someone not afraid of giants. And when you get home you better change your pants." Joseph rolled his eyes. Got up and thundered off.

"You weren't scared?" asked Orkun.

The young man replied, "No, Joseph was an ease to talk too. Minute I saw him I had no fears."

"Yeah, he's a great guy," spoke Orkun.

Being Sunday and having spent the good part of the day in Soccer practice and looking for Orkun, Joseph didn't have much free time remaining in the day. After dinner, he settled down on his computer and started his homework.

He stopped at one point and thought, "I wonder what happened to Orkun that he had to leave and send someone to say, or not say in the case of that scared tiny, he was ok." He continued to think, "Cool he did send someone to let me know he was safe."

Sitting in the living room, Orkun thought, "Yeah, Joseph's a great guy. He could have thought I was ok or something and just leave. Instead, he stayed to make sure I was fine." Orkun wanted to see Joseph again and explain. He knew where the middle-school Joseph attended was. And he once went there a couple of times to observe giant teens his age. Getting up and feeling the pain in his back and arm, he thought, "Not tomorrow I think."

After cleaning up and climbing into bed Joseph wondered when he would see Orkun again. They hadn't made any plans. Joseph figured he could wait till Saturday and see if Orkun appears at their meeting place.

Several days later Orkun felt stronger. He made his mind to go to the school and track down Joseph. He knew Joseph's scent. That scent giants give off. And Joseph he found also had a nice steady energy field that radiated around him. "I should be able to find him," decided Orkun to himself. After finishing his studies up in a hurry, Orkun was able to leave his classes early. He didn't tell his grandpa about his plans.

A teen girl with long red hair took a long sip from the gray paint faded metal water fountain. Way down below a flash of light appeared. Stepping out of the inter-space gateway, Orkun found himself beneath a thick plastic yellow water pipe. Going ever so carefully and slowly he looked around the corner of the cooler. There was a whole group of towering teens thundering down the seemingly endless school hall. He used his senses to see if he could pick up on Joseph.

WHAM! Slapped down a dark blue flip-flop. Orkun retreated quickly back and tried to get his breath back again. From way up high he heard the slurping sound of a giant taking his sip of water. Some buckets of water fell from the gaints mouth as he called over to a friend, "Hey, wait up!" The metal sides creaked for a moment as the giant walked off in quick steps.

After a few minutes the huge cavern of a hallway started to become void of giants. Orkun with some tension in his stomach started his way along the dark baseboard. He wore a dark outfit to help blend in. He stopped still when two gigantic teens thundered on by. Orkun then picked up on a scent coming from an open door to a class room. He thought how to get in.

A teen wearing very baggy denim jeans slowly walked by him. The fryed cuffs dragged on the floor. And there was thick folds Orkun observed. To his delight the teen was headed for the open door. He made his move!

Orkun seeing no one around or close enough to spot him, ran to the back of the black flip-flops that this boy wore. He had to wave away debris tossed up by the enormous sandle. The teen who had long brown hair rose majestically before Orkun. The faded blue denim folds made loud swooshing sounds as it swayed back and forth to the teen's steady and slow gate. Grabbing hold to a thick strand of thread Orkun pulled himself up with an arm that bulged from muscles that the one arm had to develope to compensate for the missing one. Orkun then grabbed a fold and hid between two that ran up the over one hundred foot tall pant leg.

Joseph sat down at the desk. "Hey," he said as the boy with long brown hair passed him and sat down two desks behind him. When the teen had seated himself, Orkun climbed down the pant leg. Orkun misjudged the distance and didn't see a tear in the material and found himself standing on the back strap to the flip-flop. Orkun using his hand steadied himself against the warm leathery skin to the back of the foot. He then jumped to the floor. A current of air pushed down upon him as the teen sent a hand down to scratch where he had felt Orkun's movements.

Walking pass the giant foot and giant feet always gave Orkun the shivers, he went into the safety of the shadow cast by the desk above. Orkun remained still till the enlarged human teens quieted down and concentrated on the teacher and their school work. Orkun began to pick up Joseph's scent. It was coming from ahead. He started his trek under the colossal desks.

In fron of him coming down in an angle from many stories was a thick pair of dark brown corduroy pants. Orkun ran over to them. Nearing the side of a gray and white snaeker Orkun picked up on Joseph's scent. The huge corduroy pant leg belonged to Joseph!

Orkun jumping up grabbed hold to a white shoe lace and hoisted himself up. He then stood up and walked along the length of the sneaker to the bottom of the corduroy cuff. Orkun couldn't decide to try and climb it or try to get Joseph's attention by pulling on it. He opted for the latter. After a few minutes of pulling on the thick heavy material and getting no results Orkun got on to his hands and knees and crawled under the cuff. In the darkness, orkun was met with the strong odor of Joseph's scent and the heat generated by his friend's leg. Orkun stood up and ran his hand up the warm material of the sock. He stopped when he felt the skin to Joseph's leg. He pulled a few times on a leg hair. Feeling movement, Orkun crawled back from underneath the pant leg. He heard the teeth hurting, grating sound of a chair pulling back.

Joseph almost gasped outloud when he saw holding on to the cuff of his pants Orkun. A loud ringing sound went off. "Great, a fire " said Joseph under his breath. Joseph didn't think this would be a safe place for a three inch person with giant people swarming about. So he reached down and picked up Orkun. With his hand shut, he placed his hand down the side pocket to his corduroys. He hoped Orkun wouldn't be mad by being placed in a pocket.

When the bell went off, Orkun was startled. Even the feeling of a hand wrapping around him didn't bother him as much as that ringing that ripped through his body. He was confused for a minute or two when he felt himself rolling down a warm material in a dark void---Orkun realized he was in Joseph's pocket!

"I got a friend in my pocket," thought Joseph almost not accepting the idea. Strange he felt, as he gently tapped the very slight bulge at the base of his pocket, for he felt a kind of loving calm. A calm knowing his friend was safe.

While the idea of being in a giant's pocket had always been repulsive to Orkun, there was a special warm feeling from being with one that you like and respect.

"Ok class single file. AND NO FOOLING!," said the teacher directing his authoritative voice to a group of teens not paying attention. Once out in the hallway there was loud screaming and laughing. In the warm darkness Orkun listened to the loud voices of teens his age. And he could hear the familiar ring of adult voices trying to keep their charges in control. "Ha! Giant or normal size some things are just the same," thought Orkun. Funny he also thought, all that was seperating him from them was a half foot of corduroy and and a few inches of cotton that made up the lining of the pocket.

"Wow!" blurted out Orkun who found the pocket swaying madly. It made him a little dizzy.

Joseph ran down the stairs to the front of the school. Reaching the bottom he thought as he felt the slight weight at the base of his pants pocket knocking against his leg, "Man, Orkun must be having a rough ride in there. Hope he isn't getting sick." When he was in formation with the other students, as the chief of the fire department gave his talk about fire safety, Joseph ran his hand over the tiny bulge and patted it.

In the darkness, Orkun felt the huge fingers of Joseph pressing in on him. He was pushed into the invisable folds of the pocket lining. Using both hands, Orkun pushed back at the huge swell that pressed in on him.

Feeling the tiny bulge that pushed on his hand Joseph smiled. Joseph, thought as he looked up at the blue sky, "I wonder if there are giants, so big we could fit in their pockets. Cause we would be so small, would they see us as funny little creatures to have fun with? Or as advanced people who have gone into space and to be respected. Would they use their size to help us?"

Joseph looked down at the hard to see bulge at the base of his pocket. "I know Orkun sort of. Even though he is as small as pets I had carried in my pockets I know he is people. I think I consider him people cause he is a friend and seems decent. So I don't want to place him in a cage."

Joseph saw Matt Flynn standing in line, Matt was a real creepy bully. He thought about what a jerk he is. Joseph then though about if Matt shrunk to three inches. "Man, if he was in my pocket, and I don't know if I would want him in my pants pocket. Seems a very personal space. But if he was, I wouldn't treat him as a person. Even though he would still be one. I wouldn't hurt him but keep him---maybe as a unique pet. Why do I change my perspective on Matt. Because of size? Or because he is a creep and needs to be controled?"

Joseph patted his pocket again. He smiled when he felt that tiny response back. Part of Joseph started to feel he liked the control he felt with Orkun in his pocket. Not any sick kind of control but kind of a loving fraternal one. "Orkun has one arm and is very curious; could be a deadly combanation for him. And he is so trusting. Would hate to see him in agony. In my pocket he is safe and warm. I look after him. Be so easy using friendship as a way to keep him under wraps." Joseph glanced down at his pocket again. "Is he really my friend or a---a---unique pet." Joseph frowned for a moment. "I care and he is my friend. I won't keep him against his will. Our psych teacher is right. We are comlicated people. My heart and even my pocket, if he needs it, is open to him. But as a friend."

Orkun was thinking in the darkness that was filled with Joseph's scent. "I kind of feel lost. Lost in Joseph's pocket world. I'm just this tiny thing. I talk and reason with him. But still I am so very small." Orkun wrapped his one arm around himself, "Has anyone felt so protectied? Man, he is my age but because of his size he can feel as a protector. A protector and what is he protecting? A small, I guess, he could see me as a person or a vulnerable little thing that needs his giant? And me what can I give this giant? I can be a cute little person. Can I give something to this---no--- I WILL NOT THINK GIANT! But can I give Joseph some of me? Some of friendship? If being tiny and dancing like a moron would brake him out of a slump if he was in one, I would gladly do. Cause this huge bulk here (orkun ran his hand up and down the pocket lining) is my pal."

After spate of time the students and teachers re-entered the school. Joseph as he went up the front stairs gently held in place the tiny bulge in his pocket.

Orkun when he felt the upward motion; prepared himself for more of that sickening swaying. Instead, Orkun found himself pressed gently against Joseph's leg. And he was spared the violent ride.

Once back in the classroom, Joseph settled into his seat. He was wondering if this would be a goodtime to remove Orkun. Meanwhile, the teacher was explaining to a bunch of bored faces the importance of fire drills.

Orkun was nodding off inside of Joseph's pocket from the heat and stale air.

When the teacher returned to the blackboard, Joseph reached in his pocket. He felt Orkun's little form that was stretched out at the bottom of the pocket. Carefully Joseph gathered the little teen into his hand. Bringing his cupped hand out and not wanting anyone to see what was in his hand, Joseph placed his hand over his lap. Orkun stretched his tiny arms and yawned. Joseph placed his tiny friend back in his pocket and let him sleep. He smiled to himself knowing he had a tiny pal that was sleeping in his pocket.

When lunch time came, Joseph who eats lunch with his pals in the cafeteria, instead, went outside. As much as he hated too Joseph knew it would be better for Orkun to get back home.

Orkun found himself rocked out of sleep and thought, "Joseph's on the move."

In an area near the bike stands that were next to two huge Oak trees, Joseph fished out Orkun.

In his friend's huge hand Orkun figured he should get going. "I guess I should be getting home Joseph," he shouted up.

"Yeah, I guess you should. I would love to bring you home for an over night sometime. Maybe you could."

Orkun replied, "I would like that. This might be impossible, but I would like to ask my grandpa and the elders if you could visit me."

"What! Is that possible? Really!?"

Yeah, Joseph. It has been done before."

"Hey Joseph, there you are---come on man. Lets eat, " shouted several of his friends standing at a side door.

"I have to go."

"I'll see you Saturday at the same place?"

Joseph replied, "You bet!" Joseph knealt and extending his index finger to Orkun let his tiny friend shake it

The huge bulk of Joseph as he stood up expanded into the sky. And he walked off shaking the ground as he did.

Orkun pressed his gateway key and entered the inter-space gateway.

"What were you doing there?" asked a friend of Joseph's.

"Oh, I spotted a baby mole caught in some roots. Just trying to help.'

"Cool man," responded his pal.

"In his pocket? No way. Get out of my face Orkun," said one of his pals.

"Honest guys. I was in his pocket." Seeing all the surprised and wide-eyed looks Orkun couldn't help and feel the big man.

"What pocket was it? His shirt or Jacket?" questioned a stocky teen.

"It was in the pocket of his pants."

Everyone gasped. Even a few adults. "Was it his back pocket," said another teen with a sneer.


His stocky friend looking around at the others remarked, "How gross. Did it stink?"

"No," replied Orkun tired of their silly responses. "Joseph is a clean enlarged human. True, there was that over-powering scent they all have."

A girl with curly golden hair going up to Orkun and running her hand thoughtfully up his arm said, "That is a very special moment. Very beautiful. Joseph must respect you as a living entity."

"Or as an oddity. Like the frogs and bugs giant youth like to shove down their pockets," said another teen with buck teeth.

"It was beautiful to be frank," said Orkun. "It was strange. But I felt protected and special." Orkun slapped his hand to his forehead. "I forgot to thank Joseph for the privilege of being carried in his pocket."

The girl replied, "Mabe Joseph wouldn't know anyway, what a special act he did by carrying another person on his person. A life kind of entrusted to him. Life as with him, a creation from the source of all light."

"He's an enlarged human. I doubt if he even knows of the creator of light," said the teen with buck teeth.

"He does," said Orkun in defense of his friend.

An elderly lad and one respected by the elders spoke, "I remember my first time in a giant's pocket. It was very special. And for many years I stayed in contact with the enlarged human called Wendy. She was a very sweet person. Driven but sweet."

"Yes, I remember my giant. He was around twenty five when we met." The thin man in his fifties chuckled, "He told me when he first saw me he thought he was having a psychotic break down. Interestingly he went in the study of mental health. Worked among the giants in poor areas. Could have made money in a private practice. But as he told me, 'I want to be there in the front lines where I'am needed.' Yes a good human."

Elder Shalo," asked Orkun, "Do you know what he is doing these days?"

The old man looked down, "He was jumped and beatened up by some youngmen fifteen years back for drugs. And died later in the hospital. I did manage to see him. He was a beautiful person."

The girl looked at the buck tooth teen and said, "All giants are brutes?" The teen looked away.

Orkun's grandpa came up, "Well, Orkun had quite a day. Needs to get home." Orkun knew what that meant---he was in trouble.

Orkun gave the girl a smale as he left with his grandpa. The girl smiled and said under her breath, "Orkun."

Sittting down in a chair with a hot drink and a biscuit grandpa told orkun, "This is a special event in your life. But you lessen it by not telling me and the elders what you wanted to do. Very disappointed in you Orkun." Grandpa stirred his drink slowly with a spoon. "Maybe I should forbide you to Joseph again."

"Please grandpa. I'm sorry. I will apologize to the elders."

"Yes you will. And what about Joseph."


"Joseph probable doesn't realize the significance of what he did by carrying you in his pocket. But would he like the idea you just ran off to see him without permission? Pushing an event that is special out of your own wants?"

"I don't know."

"Dear Orkun still so young."

Orkun felt out of place walking down the long grand corridor to the House of Elders. His footstepts seem to echo all around him. Once through the huge wooden doors, Orkun faced the elders. "You have something to tell us young Orkun," said one of the seven elders who sat on the council.

"I ask for forgivness. I wouldn't make contact if I thought this enlarged human would be a threat to me or anyone."

"Now we believe you," said a woman with deep orange eyes that spoke of wisdom. "Though, we know youth; for we have been there too. And making contact with a giant would be appealing."

Orkun was feeling confused inside. One of the elders seeing this asked, "What is troubling you Orkun?"

"Yes, at first it was to be big among my friends. But now I, I see Joseph as a friend. I really admire his good nature. A nature I think that wants to be good."

"We think so too," replied the elder who had spoke first. He looked at his fellow Elders, "Joseph sounds like a person I would like to meet. However, Orkun as you have been told it is important when dealing with giants to have supervision. You were blessed to come across a very enlightened one. It could have not been the case. Instead, a situation with which could have had very severe repercussions. We will allow you to continue to see Joseph." Orkun felt his whole being lighten up. "However, you will have to give a talk to our youngers on not jumping into a situation blindly. And what friendship should be. Once this is performed and we deemed satisfactory, you can see your enlarged human again.

Orkun bowed and left the council hall.

When Orkun left the Council chamber, he saw Uxia standing outside of the doorway. The light from a chandelier bounced off her curly golden hair. "Were they rough on you?" she asked.

"No. They were pretty understanding. I do have to do an act of atonemen."

Uxia replied, "They understand I think. Like we were all saying a few days ago, sometimes enlarge humans play a part in our lives. And we in theirs. My dad once spotted an over turned giant car. The giant had crawled out but was too hurt to get help. Dad used the communication device on the giant's belt and called for help. Of course dad couldn't speak for a week after all the yelling he had to do to be heard. "

Orkun nodded his head. Looking shyly up at Uxia. "Ah, I'm sorry for being a real moron. I didn't mean to push you away. I-I sometimes feel I need to prov...anyway I'm sorry."

Uxia took hold of his arm and rsted her head against his well developed arm. "I just want to be there for you." As she moved her cheek cheek back and forth slightly she thought, "I need you. Even as kids I knew you were the one." Uxia then lifted her head up.

"I better be going," said Orkun. Uxia watched orkun walk away. She knew life wasn't easy for him. Orkun had lost both his parents. Doesn't have a brother and sister. Then there is his illness.

Joseph was happy. It was Friday. School was over. And he would be seeing Orkun in the morning. When he went to his bedroom joseph saw an envolpe on his bed. It was from his brother who was fighting in the MIddle-East. As he read he became agiitated. His brother told him he was in the hospital.

Joseph read on, "I know squirt you are worrying. Don't, I'm ok. Their taking good care of me. I should be out in a few weeks. Love the rest. Don't know if they will send me home. If I told them what I saw before I fainted they may lock me away! (Ha!) After I called for help and started to blank off, I felt pressure being applied to my forehead. And a high pitch voice telling me not to worry. Then when a few of the guys from my squad came ---and this sounds crazy, I thought I saw something very small that looked like a person running away. Maybe it was an angel. Small one hehe."

Joseph with big eyes looked up. And a slight smile appeared on his face. He was happy his brother was ok and being taken care of. And he thought of Orkun and the tiny people.

Orkun went up to a buddy of his. "I thought I would ask you to do this favor. After getting permission of course."

"Sure Orkun. What you need," the friend replied with a happy face.

"Since you had no problem dealing with a giant, you can go give Joseph another message." His friend's face suddenly tightened up.

"Anything wrong?" asked Orkun.

"No-no," responded the friend quickly.

Joseph entered the park. He was looking forward in seeing his tiny pal. And wanted to tell him about the letter from his brother. Joseph went to their meeting place---the boulder.

Stepping out of the inter-space gateway, the tiny teen made his way around. He wiped the sweat from his foreheads and took a deep breath when he was face to face with the side of the giant sneaker. Above it rose the thick legs that rose into a pair of gray gym shorts. The tiny stepped around and tried to shout. Instead, only air came out. Picking up a few stones (to the tiny) threw them at Joseph's leg.

Feeling the little prick like sensations he looked down. "Orkun," said Joseph with joy in his voice. He knealt right down forgetting the environmenal change his bulk has on the area around a tiny human. The tiny teen was knocked back from the pressure of air and covered with bits of dirt blown into the air from the impact of Joseph's knees against the ground. "Sorry dude," said Joseph leaning his face over the tiny teen. "Hey your not Orkun." Joseph rolled his eyes and sighed. "Oh---its you again. Mr No-Words. So, wheres Orkun? He's ok? Or what?"

The scared teen just looked blankly up at Joseph's huge face.

"I don't get you. You meet me before. You know I'm not going to hurt you. So tell me."

The teen started to speak. Joseph leaned right up and turned his head so his left ear was right in front of the tiny. "He or someone else will contact you Thursday after school at the place you park your bikes."

Joseph turned his head back and ask, "But Orkun is ok?" The tiny nodded his head.

Joseph stood up and over the teen. He then lifted his sneaker and slowly glided it over the teen and held it for a moment over the tiny who began to cower beneath its shadow. Joseph then moved it away from the teen and started to walk away. He then stopped, turned and looked down at the tiny frightened teen. "There are those of your size risking their lives for giants. I know." Tears began to form in Joseph's eyes. He then ran off. The tiny just sat there being bounced up and down from Joseph's reciding footstepts.

"How did it go with Joseph?" asked Orkun.

Feeling a bit cowardly the teen replied softly, "It went well." He then added, "He did seem a little upset when he left. Like something was bothering him."

"Oh," replied Orkun concernd for his pal. Orkun then walked away.

"Who is this giant that commands such respect?" thought the teen named Golos. He started walking and thinking. He never liked enlarged humans. "Their mountains of death." He began to run after Orkun. When he spotted the one armed teen he yelled, "What's so special about this giant! What do you seek from him thats not here?"

"I can't explain it."

Golos with rage building over the simple reply screamed, "I hope he dies."

Orkun stopped. With that special energy and rage only found in a teen, turned and sent a high power emotion-morph at Golos who deflected it with his own. Orkun then ran for the teen. And Golos ran for Orkun. The two hit head on like two angry bulls and began to fight.

An adult came and pulled them apart. Golos leered at Orkun. After he let the two go Golos went home. Orkun said to the adult, "I don't know what this is about."

At home and in his bedroom Golos thought about that giant Joseph. "He's an enlarged human which makes him an enemy. My enemy." As darkness deepened inside of Golos, he remembered the Pole of Energy. He began to chuckle, "I know where to find this Joseph." His chuckle became a laugh.

Joseph out having fun with his buddies found his mind went to Orkun. "Hope the little guy is ok. Funny, I can't bare the idea of him being in pain."

Orkun out enjoying a concert of light with his pals thought of Golos and his weird out of the blue hatred for Joseph. Orkun's blood started to go cold. He started worrying about Joseph. And this troubled him. He then blurted out to his pals, "I need to speak to grandpa."

Joseph's friends went next to see a movie. As he was watching the previews Joseph's started to think about that other tiny. He felt bad scaring the little dude with his sneaker. "I'll say something to Orkun about it." Then Joseph's train of thought changed when he saw the coming attraction for the new Ingerson Film: Pathways.

Golos having now reconized Joseph's scent made his plans. Plans made out of deep buring hatred and sadness.

Golos was respected at school and by his teacher who taught history. Golos asked for special permission to have a weekend viewing of the Pole of Energy. When he was alone for a moment Golos studied it. The pole Golos found could be taken apart in two pieces.

Stuffing the two pieces in a backpack he had, Golos closed up the container that housed the pole. "No one will ever know."

Monday called in sick with his teachers. He then gatewayed himself to Joseph's school. His idea was to spot Joseph and figure away to follow Joseph to his home.

Hiding behind a trash can Golos felt his heart beating with fear with all these what he considered giant monsters around. A scent began to over come him which made his head start to spin.

Then a new idea hit him when he spotted Joseph was alone standing in the vast cold hallway. Golos took out of his backpack the two pieces of the Pole of Energy and assembled it. Next not believing it, he ran up to the giant Joseph.

Looking over some notes quickly before an upcoming test, Joseph heard coming down below a tiny voice. Moving the paper away he saw the tiny teen. Joseph stooped down. "What are you doing here?"

Golos couldn't find any words. Not out of fear but hatred. Golos took the Pole of Energy he held in his hand and pointed it between Joseph's two eyes...

Golos could hear his own rapid breathing. He could feel the blood rushing to his brain.

Joseph gazing down at Golos squinted his eyes. "What's that?"

"Your pain," replied Golos.

"Golos no!" screamed Orkun who ran out across the floor toward Golos.

"You," shouted back Golos aiming the Pole of Energy at Orkun. Jumping to the floor Orkun dodged the stream of light that burnt a hole in the wall across. Joseph was confused by the scene that was taking place down at his feet. Golos then aimed it at Joseph.

"Joseph look out!" piped Orkun. Joseph quickly used his foot and kicked Golos to the side where the little person slammed into a wall. Joseph then went over to Golos who was laying on the ground motionless.

Two girls came walking by. Orkun remianed motionless. Seeing the smouldering hole in the wall a girl asked, "What happend?"

"Nothing-nothing," said Joseph tersely and nervously as he stood up. "Someone is coming to fix it." The girls lifted there shoulders and walked on.

Joseph went to look around the corner to see if anyone else was coming. As Joseph was looking Golos started to regain consciousness. Orkun started to walk over to see how Golos was.

Seeing for the moment no one was around, Joseph came back. As he did he saw Golos get up and aim his weapon at Orkun who was stopped frozen in his tracks. Joseph jumped in between the two just as Golos fired. Joseph took a hit to the left shoulder. "Joseph!" screamed Orkun with panic in his voice as Joseph's huge back fell before him with a heavy crash.

A teacher came out of the classroom that was right across. "Joseph," he said as he went over to the teen.

"I'm ok," responded Joseph sitting up.

"No your not ok. Your bleeding." The teacher rushed back into the room.

Joseph felt blood coming out of in his shoulder. Just then a group of little people came rushing across the floor. They grabbed Golos and ran back across to behind a trash can.

Orkun went up to the side of Joseph's hip and called up. "Joseph, Joseph!"

"Its ok," replied Joseph.

"Orkun," said grandpa who ran up to his grand son. "We must leave." Shouting next up to Joseph, grandpa told him, "We will contact you. And you have my thanks and love Joseph." Grandpa then took Orkun back to behind the trash can where they entered the inter-space gateway.

Joseph put a hand on the wound. He then was trying to think how to explain all this. Not to mention why was this tiny called Golos trying to kill him.

Orkun said sadly, "He probably won't want to see another tiny person again. And never know..."

"And know how you saved his life too. How you felt in your gut Joseph was in danger," replied grandpa who cut Orkun off. "Don't sress over it."

"But what if its true?"

"Well, at least you can live with the fact you saved your friend's life. But I think its too early to worry about it."

Joseph's parents had just left the hospital room and he thought about the excuse he gave his parents and the police about how he didn't remember. "Hey big guy," said a tiny voice. Joseph moved his head quickly around and stopped when he saw Orkun coming around a plastic pitcher. "You feeling better?"

"Yeah, the doc said the shoulder will be ok. And hey, what was all the psycho-tiny-killer stuff about?"

Orkun jumped onto Joseph's bed. Crawling up his blanet sat down on his chest to explain. "Golos has real problems."

"No---Golos having problems---really?"

Orkun gave a weary smile. He then went on, "He hated you cause your a giant."

"But why me?"

"I think in his twisted mind Golos was also trying to get me too cause your my friend. What I heard was a giant stepped on his brother. And he saw it. And it destroyed him also."

Joseph nodded then asked, "What will happen to Golos?"

"He will be put away and looked after."

"How did you know?"

Orkun replied, "I had a fight the day before over you being my friend. And a giant. Later that day with friends I felt something in me. Something that told me you were in danger. So I told grandpa."

"Early next morning a powerful device called: The Pole of Energy was missing. Golos had asked the night before to study it. There had been no indications of any violent tendencys in him. Not until the fight I had with him."

Orkun stood up and walked up to Joseph's cliff high chest and placed a hand on it. Looking up at the bottom of Joseph's face, "If you hadn't met me. This wouldn't have happened. The thought of you getting hurt. I-I-love you Joseph." And he hugged with his one arm the living cliff.

Joseph wrinkled his face for a moment then relaxed it as he replied, "I love you too."

Another voice replied, "I love you both."


"You can't live your life hostage to what could or could not happen. Otherwise that's not living."

"Its funny I had the night before too had a feeling Orkun you would be in danger..."

Grandpa cut in, "Now for buisness. Joseph's its my great joy to inform you that the Seven Elders would like to invite you to a special ceremony on Saturaday the fifteenth, thats in two weeks from this Saturday among us. Can you come?"

Orkun spun around toward his grandpa, "Oh man this is great!"

"I guess. I mean yeah!"

Grandpa smiled and bowed, "The entire people are looking forward to meeting you. And Orkun we better leave our giant to rest."

"Ah Mr..."

"Call me Grandpa."

"Yeah, Grandpa, you think Orkun can spend a longer visit. Perhaps the night?"

Grandap put a hand to his chin. "Orkun can stay with you till you start to get sleepy."

"Thanks Grandpa," said Joseph.

Alone Joseph then told Orkun, "You saved my life."

"And you mine."

Joseph leaned back against his pillow. And Orkun against Joseph's chest

As Joseph was resting a nurse came into the room. "Time for your injection and medicine." Orkun quickly crawled under the blanket. He found himself on his giant pal's stomach. The skin was warm and firm.

"Ok Joseph just relax your arm." said the nurse.

Orkun heard the sound of something heavy (to him) being placed in a plastic container. He said to himself, "Ouch, must have had an injection. Poor Joseph." Feeling bad for his enlarged friend Orkun sent a fist down on the surface of skin.

Joseph jolted slightly from the tiny tap which both surprised and tickled him. The nurse asked, "Everything ok?"

"Yeah." She then proceeded to straighten Joseph's covers. Orkun under the blanket could hear the loud rustling movements of the vast material.

"Now take your medicine," she then said. Orkun heard the giant sound of gulping. "Someone will be in later to change the dressing."

Hearing the nurse leave, Orkun emerged from beneath the blanket. His tiny footstepts on the sensitive skin of the stomach tickled. "Hey, what are doing on my stomach?" asked Joseph.

"Sorry Joseph, when I heard the nurse coming I hid underneath."

Stretching his young tree size arms, Joseph yawned saying, "Thats cool." As he stretched, Orkun could see better the wound to his shoulder. The white wrappings had a few brown spots from dried blood. Joseph brought his arms down. He then looked down at Orkun and gave him a sleepy peaceful smile. "I'm glad your ok." Joseph then closed his eyes.

As Orkun looked up at the peaceful almost spiritual peace on his friends dark olive complexion face Orkun thought, "Its unfair you should have to had gone through all this pain." Orkun began to scale Joseph's reclined chest. Climbing the powerful looking visage of the chest, Orkun was engulfed by the heat of his friend's body. He headed for the wounded shoulder.

Once at the top Orkun sat down on a collar bone to gather his strength. And clear his heard---for he felt dizzy. There was a muted rumbling and rustling sound as Joseph changed position of his head. Orkun found himself partly covered by long rope width like strands to Joseph's black and brown hair.

Getting up Orkun pushed the hair apart as he went over to Joseph's shoulder. Kneeling down on the thick coarse material of the surgical wrappings, Orkun bent forwad and touching the material with the stump from his missing arm closed his eyes.

Opening his eyes Orkun then stood up. Feeling a fog come-over him, Orkun fell over the top of the shoulder. He rolled down Joseph's chest and into Joseph's hand.

Orkun found himself standing next to a runing river. He appeared to be in a forest. A forest of his people's size. The forest was made up of many and very green pine trees that scented the air with its pleasing aroma. The sky was blue. The sun bright and its light seem to twinkle off of the thin green needles to the pine and fur trees.

As he turned, he spotted another individual. A stocky built teen around his age. The teen had a large crop of black and brown---slightly wavy hair that fell over his forehead. The boy's face was dark or olive complexion. Orkun slowly walked over. Starting to smile the boy lifted his hand up. Right infront of the boy now, Orkun saw what the boy held in his hand---two crickets. They both chirped their song. The olive complexion boy placed his other hand on Orkun's shoulder. Orkun likewise did the same.

Waking up Orkun was confused to where he was. He then saw he was in a giant hand. Looking ahead he saw the massive chest. And a couple of stories above that Joseph's face.

It was getting late. Orkun pressed on his stone and entered the inter-space gateway.

The next several days, Orkun who hadn't been feeling well stayed home from school. Uxia had been bringing him his homework. Orkun feeling stronger was able to see Uxia when she came. "Feeling more rested?"

"Yeah," replied Orkun. She then bent over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She then whispered part of a song, "...tenderly we approach the light together. Why when its in our power to save someone we still struggle. Where there should be a flower-theres a fist. Don't you know your heart is your judge...the heart of true friend will gladly pour forth its light..." Uxia then hugged Orkun.

"Its hard to explain why I did it," said Orkun wrapping his arms around Uxia."

Joseph was discharged from the hospital earlier than expected. The wound had healed much faster. When he came home there was a small party for Joseph with his closest buddies.

Saturday, the week before the special ceremony Joseph was at Pine banks Park at soccer practice. One of Orkun's pals a rather playful tiny named Fusta stepped out of the inter-space gateway underneath the bench using the settings that Orkun had given him. In the air was filled the many scents of the teens playing out on the field. Fusta then saw what had to be Joseph from the description he was given. Joseph was heading in his line of vision kicking a huge white and black ball with his sneakers. Dirt and bits of grass sprayed up from underneath the awesome looking sneakers. Raising his eyes skyward, Fusta thought Joseph appeared almost God-like in his dark burgandy uniform and the way his dark hair flew up into the air from all his sharp turns.

As another giant tried to kick the ball from Joseph his moves were futile against the skill of Joseph. Fusta couldn't help and jump saying, "Go Joseph!"

After the game, as the teens were putting away their gear Fusta stayed underneath the bench. The creaking of the lagre planks high above from the bulk of the colossal backsides made him a little nervous. "Hope the bench is strong enough." Fusta was given a device that would pick out Joseph. Fusta aimed it at the rows of gigantic legs before him. The device started to sound when he came across a pair of giant legs sitting in the middle.

Fusta walked up to the back of the sneaker. For a moment Fusta had to get over the shock of how scary the monster of a sneaker looked. "Ok Fusta, get it together," He told himself. The tiny teen then started to climb the back of it. The white knee sock that he started pulling on was wet with hot sweat, "Geese," said Fusta shaking the sweat off his hands. He then gave the sock a few more punches.

After he jumped off the sneaker, they began to move. And the great legs of the titanic teen seperated. Long dark hair first appeared followed by a huge face. Fusta jumped up and down waving. The huge face of Joseph nodded.

Sitting back up Joseph wondered why Orkun hadn't come.

Joseph's team began to dispearse, but, there was still crowds of other people about. He had to act fast. Joseph lowered his hand down onto the ground opening it up.

Fusta was rather excited and a bit nervous. This would be his first time in a giant's hand. He climbed up on the warm surface and giggled.

Feeling the little person in his hand Joseph wrapped his fingers around the tiny frame.

"Oh-oh," said Fusta as he was wrapped in darkness.

Joseph placed his hand down a side pocket to his gym bag and released the tiny person. In the darkness of the pocket Fusta wondered what was going on. Everyone spoke highly of Joseph so he knew his life wasn't in danger.

Joseph left the park. He entered Brran's Best Hamburger. Hanging on the wall was this month's artist of the month a dude called Ivor. Joseph ordered a large ice-cream cone. After paying joseph took a plastic spoon and one of thoose small paper ketchup cups. He went to a booth that he knew would be out of the view of anyone.

Fusta covered his eyes when light entered the pouch. Two fingers that look like they should be reserved for judgement day came and lifted him out. Standing on the table Fusta with awe and a smile of, I-can't believe-one-can-be-so-huge just stared. Getting over the shock, Fusta looked into the clear, dark eyes that spoke of clearity of mind and heart. The lips that were huge and full spoke too, of passion of mind and heart.

"Sorry about the ride, but there was still people about. I thought this would be safer," spoke Joseph. He then taking his plastic spoon took some ice-cream off his cone and put some in the small ketchup container. Joseph then asked, "Hows Orkun?"

"He's fine. He had school work to catch up on."

Extending an index finger to the tiny, "I'm Joseph which I guess you know all ready."

Having started eating the ice-cream Fusta took a quick gulp and replied, by taking the tip of Joseph's finger, "I'm Fusta. A friend of Orkun who thinks you are really boss." Fusta then put a hand to his forehead, "Oh man---an ice-cream headache."

Joseph tried not to smirk. When the headache went away, Fusta had more ice-cream. Then he shouted up to Joseph, "Next Saturday is the special ceremony. We will pick you up at the park at that boulder you met Orkun at."

"What time?" asked Joseph.

Oh yeah, sorry. At 10AM. Does this work for you Joseph?"


After a short while Joseph told Fusta, "I can take you back to the park."

"No need," replied Fusta who pressed on the red stone on his leather belt. Before entering the circle of light, he gave Joseph a hardy wave. Joseph waved back..

It was getting near the middle of the week and Orkun was getting excited. His pal Joseph was going to be brought to his world. This was something that had happened very rarely.

Knocking on Orkun's bedroom door, Grandpa entered. "You look much better Orkun." With big caring and sad eyes he placed both hands on his grand son's shoulders, stroking them with his big and time worn hands, "That was a noble thing you did. I hope..."

Orkun broke in, "What Joseph did was pretty noble too."

There was silence

Then Orkun said, "I guess Fusta had a fun time meeting Joseph. He said it was really hard to get over how big he was. And later Joseph got him ice-cream. I wonder how he knew Fusta liked ice-cream?"

"Joseph seems in-tuned with the flow of light, and in his generosity of spirit was open to tha flow that lead him to getting something of pleasure for another." Grandpa scratched his head as he said, "Or as the young giants would say, I am full of crap."

Orkun smiled, "They wouldn't say that about you grandpa. Not if they knew you." He then went on, "Its too bad I couldn't be with Joseph the night before the ceremony. It seems the proper thing to do. Wasn't that the tradition?"

"Let me ask the council."

Joseph was at his locker preparing to leave for the day, when he heard a series of squeaks. He knew it meant two things; either theres a mouse at his feet or a tiny person. Stepping out from beneath the locker wrapped in strands of cobwebs that he pulled off of himself was Orkun. Joseph stooped down causing a rush of air to flow over Orkun. Placing his hand down, Orkun jumped onto it. Bringing his hand up Joseph said, "Orkun I missed you."

"Yeah, me too."

"What brings you here? Is it about the ceremony?"

Orkun replied, "Yes. I was wondering if I could sleep over tomorrow before the great day."

Joseph's eyes lit up. "Cool. I could show you my stuff." Then his eyes went deep into thought. "Orkun, my older brother is fighting in Iraq. He's now in the hospital."

"Joseph," said Orkun putting a hand on top of his friends thumb since he was too small to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Its fine. He's not in any dager. I was wondering if any of the tiny people could see how he 's doing or anything. Sometimes its hard to get up to date information."

"I'll see what I can do."

"I know its short notice."

Orkun then asked, "Where should I met you?"

"At the bike racks around two fifteen. Dude, its going to be awesome having you." Joseph then gave the information about his brother to Orkun.

Setting Orkun back on the ground he watched as Orkun disappeared into that circle of light. Joseph shook his head and smiled as he thought, "The tiny people sure know how to make an entrance and exit."

Uxia saw Orkun off before he entered the inter-space gateway. "Say hello to Joseph." She then gave Orkun a kiss.

Orkun stepped out between two huge roots of an oak tree. Before him stood in line a dozen giant bicycles. The rays of the sun bounced off the colossal chrome wheels of the more polished titantic teens mode of transportation.

There came a loud ringing sound. The great doors to the front of the school slowly opened as a few giant students dribbled out. The doors slowly closed again.

WHAM-BANG! They flew opened this time as a herd of teens rushed out down the stairs. The air was filled with their shouts and loud conversations. Orkun ducked down behind a leaf when two teens came and unlocked the chains that binded the enlarged students bikes to the metal rack. The current of air produced by the other giants that came for their bikes blew away Orkun's cover. Fortunately, he was somewhat in the shadows.

One sandy haired boy spat out a hocker that came splashing down on top of Orkun. The greenish goo oozed down his face. Orkun tried to shake it off.

Standing not too far off was two teens lost in conversation. One teen was wearing a baggy pair of sweat pants. Orkun staying in the shadows of the trees, went up to the base of the colossal teen whose sweat pants cuff hung over the back of his shoe. Orkun grabbed the light gray material and wipped his face, chest and arms off on it. Orkun made a smirk and waved up. He then went back to the bike rack.

Joseph's scent soon filled the air. And Orkun looked up warmly at his giant friend who came over to his bike. Going up to Joseph Orkun observed how his giant pal appeared to be expanding right into the sky itself. Joseph was wearing a pair of Khaki shorts. Orkun wanting to be with him scampered over to the side of his sneaker. However, another boy was approaching Joseph from the same side. To stay out of sight Orkun ran around and in-between Joseph's mighty legs. He crawled up the side of the sneaker and up onto his oatmeal colored sock and hung on. Feeling movement on his sock, Joseph figured it was a good bet it had to be Orkun.

Orkun hung on to the sock while Joseph talked to his friend. When they were through conversing and the enlarged human left, Orkun found himself plucked off the sock. "Hey buddy," said Joseph holding Orkun by the middle of his leather like shirt between his thumb and forefinger. "You can ride in my shirt pocket." Orkun gave him the thumbs up and was lowered into the pocket. He found even though it was more airy than Joseph's pants pocket, Orkun found himself surrounded with Joseph's scent.

Joseph bent over to unlock his bike. As he did Orkun found himself tipping over and out of the pocket. Orkun saw the top of the thick, wide black bar to the bike rack coming up. He closed his eyes. He next felt himself hitting with minor discomfort a warm surface. It was Joseph's hand. Both in unison gave out a sigh of relief. "Man, sorry for being so stupid."

"I'm just glad you thought fast."

"I'll put you in my a cargo pocket as I finish un-locking my bike." After coiling the chain around the bottom of his seat, Joseph took Orkun out of his cargo pocket and placed him back into his shirt pocket.

Orkun peered out the button hole to the pocket. This was Joseph's world he was viewing from a higher angle.

Feeling bad in what happened, Joseph rode his bike straight to Bryan's Best Hamburger. Orkun found himself back in the side cargo pocket as Joseph secured his bike. When he was done he pulled orkun out of his pocket. Feeling playfull in having his bud with him, Joseph placed him on top of his head. "Are you ok? asked Joseph. A high pitch muffled response from above said yes.

Orkun buried himself deep into Joseph's warm hair. it was easy to hang hang on to the ample amount of long dark strands. It was a soft, warm sea of hair.

As Joseph was getting the food he could feel Orkun's little body moving about. As he was getting his change back from the teen in the orange and white paper hat whose face was purple with acne Joseph thought, "Little does that dude know I have a person in my hair. Cool, if Orkun could pop his head out. Poor guy would be freaked."

Hearing the voice of the sales associate, Orkun feeling in high spirits from being with Joseph wanted to have some fun. Orkun moved toward the top of his pal's head and stood up and pretended to sneeze.

The sales associate, squinted his eyes at the little figure that appeared to be sticking its tiny pink tongue out at him. And he couldn't really tell because the figure was so small, but it looked like it had winked at him too.

Seeing the strange look on the teen Joseph asked, "Is there a problem?" When the teen looked back up the figure was gone. The teen just twisted his face and adjusted his paper hat And Joseph left for a booth.

Joseph went to the booth he had taken Fusta. Placing the food on the table Joseph removed Orkun from his hair. Orkun found himself standing next to a chicken sandwich that dwarfed him by twice his height

"I take it you had a little fun." said Joseph with laughing eyes.

"I shouldn't of---but its a time for fun and celebration."

Joseph pulled off tiny pieces of chicken, bread and lettuce for Orkun with his fingers. And placed down on the wax paper the sandwich was wrapped in. Orkun was very touched to be sharing food with a friend. "Is their any better way to eat?' Orkun asked himself.

Orkun had to turn his head to keep Joseph from seeing him laugh. The sounds and the way his mouth looked as he ate was funny. Though to some of his people, it could be very scary. The deep slurping sounds as the food and drink went down the throat. And the crushing, crunching sound of the teeth against the bread and meat. Then there is the food the leaks out the sides to the cave size mouth. Orkun turned back and looked up at his giant. If he hadn't known Joseph the sight would be scary and disguesting. Now---it is just charming and heart filling.

When they were done Joseph placed Orkun back onto his head. Orkun peering out among the thick strands to Joseph's hair saw that same giant sales associate wiping off tables. As they passed him, Orkun stood up and whistled. When the teen turned, Orkun gave him a wave. Then Orkun settled back down into the warm, comforting sanctuary of Joseph's hair.

Joseph asked Orkun if he would be safe in his hair as he rode home, Orkun replied in a squeak, "Sure."

Joseph rode home.....

When Joseph came home and placed his bike in the garage, he took Orkun out of his hair and placed back, again, in the side- cargo-pocket to his shorts. Orkun hung on in the darkness to the thick material of the pocket. As he swayed back and forth Orkun thought, "Its too bad Joseph's parents can't come to the ceremony. But it was deemed better not involve any other giants in this.

"Hi son," said a male voice.

A female voice spoke, "Your shoulder is it ok? Your not over doing it are you dear?"

"Ah mom. I'm ok," replied Joseph.

Orkun was thrilled hearing the voices. "Wow, the parents of Joseph."

Joseph entered his bedroom and shut the door. He turned his radio but softly. He didn't want his parents to think he was talking to himself.

Uxia was having dinner with some of Orkun's pals. "Boss," said Fusta. "Orkun spending the night with a giant. And a gaint friend at that."

"Hope he won't be disappointed," said another friend named Augen,

"What are you talking about?" questioned Uxia.

"Yeah," responded Fusta. "Joseph's a good bloc."

"But he's a giant. And spending a good amount of time with one so huge, I'm afraid Orkun may feel, well, may feel pathetic. And see what he is next to one so big---a tiny creature. Joseph likewise, who likes Orkun, may start to see him again in the light of a little creature. Maybe one who won't get his full human respect. He may even do foolish pranks to him."

Fusta crossing his arms leaned back in his chair. "You know how to sparkle up a party don't you."

"Look out below," said Joseph grining as he let go of a pair of boxers. Orkun tried to out run the descending mass of cotton but found himself covered by the white and red dot material. After a couple of minutes he found his way out from beneath them. "Hey, don't worry their clean," remarked Joseph who picked them up and threw them on his dresser.

"I don't agree Augen. Joseph sees Orkun as a friend; even if small by comparison. And the same goes for Orkun. My God they saved each others life. What more do you want?" said Uxia.

Taking his glass Fusta stood up, "To friends"

Orkun staying quiet and keeping a serious look on his face looked up at Joseph as he walked over to the edge of the bed.

Kneeling next to the bed, Joseph moved his huge face in toward Orkun. A slight sliver of a smile appeared on Orkun's face. "Your not mad I dropped the shorts on you. Are you? They' re clean. And it was in fun. Like the way my other pals kid around in the locker room."

Orkun then sprang up. And using his one arm grabbed the side of Joseph's right nostral tightly. "Ouch!" (chuckle-chuckle) "Ha-ha let go!" (chuckle-chuckle) "Come on." (chuckle-chuckle) Joseph put his fingers around Orkun who let go. Placing Orkun in his hand told him, "Now that was a good one. Your lucky my nose wasn't running."

"Well," said Orkun with a grin. "I would have, instead, thrown my shorts at you but I think their too small."

"And stinky too," replied Joseph.

Joseph then started to show Orkun things in his room that meant a lot to him. And was aprt of his young history. He showed him models of cars and planes he built as a child.

A tall golden struture caught Orkun's eye. "Hey Joseph whats that?" asked Orkun pointing to it.

Joseph brought him over to the object that had a gold figure kicking a golden ball. With real pride in his voice Joseph told Orkun, "Thats my trophy. I won it last year. Hey, the figure is bigger than you. Read what its says Orkun," said Joseph lowering his hand down across from the plaque on the side of the trophy's base.

Orkun read outloud, "TO JOSEPH..." Orkun looked up at the sincere face of Joseph who he could still see had the emotion over the reward. Orkun went on, "IN RECOGNITION FOR OUTSTANDING PLAYER OF THE YEAR. WINNER OF THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP." Orkun knealt down in the hand. "Maybe I should kiss the hand of one so great! But seriously," said Orkun standing back up. "i'm really impress. I mean it. Your the man. And your the man in my eyes."

Stretching out on his bed and placing orkun on his chest Joseph commented, "I wish my parents could come to this ceremony."

"I know," replied Orkun. "It's I think the council feels its safer to keep any giant contact down to a minimum. And this is a big deal for a lot of my people. I think with some to many giants at once would un-nerve them." Orkun then stood up on Joseph's enourous blue tee-shirt covered chest. "I am happy to tell you Joseph we were able to get news about your brother. First he is doing much better and is well. Now our citizen who gathered the information from the hospital itself, she told us it looks like they will release your brother back home."

"Oh man!" replied Joseph whose very body shook with joy. Orkun found himself falling down during the living quake. Taking two fingers, Joseph set Orkun back onto his feet. "I really owe you for this."

"The person you owe is a woman named Morella."

Joseph asked, "Will she be there?"

"I don't know."

Orkun's friends were finishing up dinner. Uxia said, "I wonder if Orkun and Joseph have eaten yet?"

Augan taking another bite from his desert and scratching his belly gave out one big burp.

"Oh you pig," responded Uxia in disguest.

While Joseph was having dinner with his parents, Orkun was enjoying the smells of the dinner from his pal's shirt pocket. Joseph when the coast was clear dropped in a piece of beef in his pocket. He dropped in a few basketball size peas which bounced off of Orkun's head.

After dinner, Joseph prepared a better supper for his friend. As Orkun ate Joseph was wondering outloud, "I wonder what kind of ceremony it will be? Man, how will I fit into your gateway?"

Wiping his mouth, Orkun said, "Don't worry about that. I don't know much about it. I do we'll will be sent to a very beautiful open space. Should really, as you enlarge humans say, rock."

later on Joseph and Orkun stretched out on the giant bed talked about a whole manner of things. Joseph talked about his brother and how proud he is of him. Also, how in a letter his brother thought he was dreaming about a very tiny person that stayed with him when he was wounded.

Orkun talked about his life and how he never had really a family. His father died in an accident when he was very young. And his mother to an illness. Then the accident that took his arm.

"So your grandpa is pretty much your family?" asked Joseph.'

Looking down at Orkun, "I hope, and this if you want to. See me as a brother."

"I kind of do already," shouted up orkun.

As Orkun was listening to Joseph he noticed light glinting off a few objects across the room. "What are those?" asked Orkun.

Joseph looked over, "Oh, those are badges I had earned in the Boy's Scouts."

"I want to see then." Joseph was amused by the somewhat authoritative manner of Orkun's request. Though he knew his action figure size pal wanted see all that mattered to him. And Joseph wanted to share them with him. Picking up Orkun he brought him over to his desk. The badges or some of them were the same size as Orkun. Orkun walked among them feeling very proud of Joseph. he then shouted up to joseph, "Your quit the achiever."

Orkun came upon a gold plated object. "Is this a ring?" asked Orkun as he bent over trying to turn it around with his one hand.

"No its part of my Boy Scout uniform."

Orkun also asked, "Whats that moulded on the front?"

"The Boy Scout's Insignia."

"What does this ring do?"

"It holds something like a scarf in place."

"Do you have it?"

"Sure." Going over to a dresser drawer Joseph took out the greenish scarf and put it around his neck and putting the two ends together; placed ithem through the gold colored ring."

Joseph then took it off and jokenly dropped the scarf on Orkun. He emerged out from under it shaking his fist in a comic manner. Orkun was has pleased that Joseph didn't make a fuss over the fact he had one arm. Though, after he dropped the sacrf Joseph felt stupid hoping not to make Orkun have to struggle. If he took it right off, Joseph was afraid of maybe offending Orkun in that regards.

Orkun then noticed encased in a glass container a silver metal. Obviosly this was of great value to Joseph. "What is this?" asked Orkun.

Joseph picked it up with solemn hands. "It is a badge of honor my brother recieved for his outsatanding service as a soldier."

"Sounds like a great guy."

Joseph replied, "Yeah he is. Maybe you can meet him." Orkun nodded his head.

The two friends talked some more. Joseph asked, "Your people seem to have special abilities. Anything, special you can do?"

"Having me as your friend isn't special enough," Orkun remarked.

Joseph picked Orkun up by his collar and told him with a grin, "Your full of yourself." Setting him back on the ground Joseph said, "No really, any special talent?"

"I can project music." Orkun then closed his eyes and several sounds commenced that joined to form one haunting melody. To Joseph it sounded like a combination of whale song and electric organ.

After a few minutes Joseph commented, "Its beautiful and sad."

The music stopped and Orkun opened his eyes. "Something I composed."

"Thanks for sharing it with me.'

The two buddies then prepared for bed. Joseph went to his dresser drawer and pulled out a plastic soap dish he used for camping. "This will make a perfect tub for Orkun," he thought.

As Joseph showered Orkun bathed in the soap dish. The room filled with Joseph's wet skin scent. Orkun could hear Joseph's huge feet echoing from the shower as he changed postion as he washed.

When the water stopped, Orkun observed how Joseph when he emerged from the shower, looked like the model of male perfection.

Placing a towel around himself, Joseph went over to the sink. The water made the plastic to the soap dish slippery. And Orkun was having trouble getting out. lowering his hand and extending his little finger, Orkun wrapped his arm around it and joseph lifted him up and down onto the surface of the sink.

Orkun looked so frail and very tiny next to the soap dish and bottle of aspirin that was just under his size. Joseph had that thought again that he would like to secure Orkun in his hand or pocket away from the dangers of the world. He knew sadly, that wasn't the way of the world. At least not right now, his brother's tour of duty in the Marines had taught him that.

Looking in the mirror Joseph saw how the scare to his wound was just a light pink circle. And as he moved the arm there was no pain or weakness in the shoulder. Orkun looked up knowingly at Joseph.

Back in his bedroom, Joseph placed Orkun on his pillow while he changed. When he came back Joseph was in a light gray tee-shirt and matching boxer-briefs which again found Orkun, gave Joseph that aura of male perfection.

Joseph climbed up onto his bed. For a moment he created a living light gray sky above Orkun. There was the loud yet muffled sound of the springs of the bed and the sound of the sheets as they yielded to the giant youth's bulk. He lowerd his head down on the pillow. Orkun stepped back as the huge mound of a human head glided by him creating a whooshing sound as it met the white material of the pillow case. The weight of his giant pal's head caused the surface beneath Orkun to incline. Orkun kept his footing.

Joseph turned his face toward Orkun. A three foot round brown eye gazed at Orkun. It blinked. There was a rustling sound then it stopped. Orkun suddenly felt himself rising up. The gigantic face beneath turned up and orkun found himself lowered onto the bridge of Joseph's nose. "That feels weird," commented Joseph who also said, "Orkun you don't mind. I mean, I'm just fooling. But if it bothers you I'll take you right off."

"I think for myself, its pretty cool. Some people out their might think its odd. Or worse. But we are buddies that can fool around yet respect each other."

"Sometimes, this whole thing with you seems like a dream," spoke Joseph.

"A dream?"

"Doesn't it to you?"

"I guess," replied Orkun.

"You guess? You guess while sitting on a giants nose? How many noses have you sat on?"

"Yeah, I know what you meant Joseph," replied Orkun who sat on the tip of the nose swinging his feet back and forth. "You who seemed at first like a living mountain or building. Maybe even kind of God like."

"God like?"

Orkun chuckled, "Yeah, I figured you would like that. But...maybe in a way you are."

Orkun," said Joseph firmly.

"No its ok, just musing about it all," rsponded Orkun who could see a star or two through the bedroom window.

Joseph spoke thoughtfully, "At first meeting you, a tiny person was incredible. And seeing you as a person was incredible."

"You didn't at first?" asked Orkun.

Joseph's brow wrinkled up, "I did and I didn't. Your were so small. Smaller than some pets people keep. And while I knew you were more than that, there was a part that still saw you in the light of something one could keep. Man, I had to wrestle with that. Then this personality appeared. And I kind of liked it," said Joseph giving Orkun a tap on the head. "And when I saw your people leaving and entering through worm-holes or whatever, It dawned on me life isn't the way we think it is. And back to you, I saw a person, small but a person. A person not unlike me either. Of course, being almost killed by that psycho-tiny wasn't a high light of all this."

"Did you have to struggle, with me being a giant?"

"Oh yeah. First it was cool. Meeting a kid my age but so massive and powerful. Then like you with me, I saw emerging from this giant a personality all its own. At times I felt funny cause you were so big. And I know there are bugs you people squash bigger than me. So I wondered how can he like me as a person. But you did. And I wondered that about myself. But I did too. And saw not just a friend, but a brother I would protect anyway I could."

"Samehere Orkun."

After a spell the two friends knew they needed their rest for the big ceremony. Orkun climbed up Joseph's face who couldn't refrain from giggling. Orkun then jumped off the face and onto the pillow. "If you want to stay up here on the pillow you can," said Joseph. "But maybe we should keep it a secret."

"For all the people out there who might not understand and mis-judge as people can."


Orkun stretched out and wrapped himself up with a fold of the pillow case. Later, he found himself covered by Joseph's hand. Orkun felt warm and at peace.

A loud roaring wind woke Orkun up. At least that's what he thought it was. He found Joseph's hand wasn't covering him. The pillow beneath him was shaking and was wet. And what he thought was wind roaring was Joseph. Orkun figured Joseph was dreaming. But his friend kept rocking his head back and forth and he sounded like he was in pain. He wanted to wake Joseph.

Orkun stood up he went over the huge rocking head. Orkun placed a hand on Joseph's temple. A blinding pain came over him. It was so intense it knocked him down. When the pain subsided., Orkun had a vision of a great dark mass deep in Joseph's brain. "Oh man. Not Joseph---please."

Orkun knew enlarged humans had accomplished many medical break throughs. However, this seemed so deep and tangled within many nerves. It broke Orkun's heart once seeing Joseph in the hospital for the shoulder wound. But something like this. Orkun looked toward the huge outline of Joseph's head. "Was this the reason I became friends with Joseph. Is this some part of a master plan?"

Grandpa sat up in bed thinking about Orkun. He had many of those he loved die around him and so young. Grandpa whispered, "It can't be my will."

Orkun stood infront of the giant temple. He was afraid. Afraid of the pain. His love of Joseph was stronger. Before placing his hand on it, he said, "How hard is the heart to bear." He gently kissed the warm skin of Joseph. Taking a deep breath Orkun slammed his hand against Joseph's temple and turned so the stump of his other arm pressed against the flesh too.

The pain was excuciating. Orkun screamed in agony. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Even though the pain burnt through him, he kept his hand and stump against the temple. Orkun fell to his knees still hanging on to gave that which was him to Joseph---his friend.

When it was over Orkun slumped over and said, "Play it well Joseph."

"Man, what is it with Joseph?" questioned a friend.

The coach responded, "I don't know. He's been like this for several weeks now." They watched as Joseph made aggresive moves against the other team.

Standing off to the side was Joseph's brother who had a week before returned from duty in Iraq. He watched his brother on the field. He was aware of the suffering Joseph had been going through.

After the game, instead of going with the team to get something to eat, Joseph's brother took him to get something. His brother took him to Bryan's Best Hamburger. "Oh !#@$ this is where I had gone with Orkun," said Joseph almost in tears.

"Orkun? Is that Amish?" asked the older brother.

"No, its not !@#$ Amish," replied Joseph with anger.

"He was very close to you I take it," said the older brother.

Joseph not listening spoke, "Christ. He said I was God like. Now he's dead. Some God."

"Whats this about being God like?"

Joseph snapped back, "Never mind! Its hard to explain."

"Joseph I know this is hard. I'm just trying to understand and be of help. Orkun was close to you?"

"Yeah he was. And I really hadn't known him all that long."

Joseph's older brother responded, "You don't always have too."

"I miss the little guy."

"Your friend was short then?"

Joseph looked up at his brother and with a smile, "Yeah, you could say that. But he had a big heart." Joseph slammed his hand down on the table, "Its not !@#$ fair. He lost his parents. his arm and now his life."

Joseph's brother asked, "How did it happen?"

"He was found dead. I guess he had an illness. But I know it had to do with me."

Feeling confused Joseph's brother asked, "How?"

"Its hard to explain."

"Was he your friend?"


Joseph's brother thought then said, "You have heard, no greater love a man has to lay it down for another."

"It still !@#$ hurts."

"It does for a while. But Joseph it will get easier."

"I have to go," said Joseph.

Joseph's brother grabbed him by the arm and pushed him back down into the booth. Holding on to Joseph's head with both hands told him, "If you respected and loved Orkun, you won't let his friendship be a waste. Two month, twenty years down the road his friendship you had may get you through some rough times. Just like the memory of friends have helped me in the battle field. So please Joseph, don't let his friendship be a waste."

"It just hurts so much."

"I know it does. And it will for a time."


"When is he coming?" asked Uxia.

Fusta replied, "Anytime now."

A few minutes later out on the sandy beach a huge circle of light appeared. Stepping out of the light was the giant form of Joseph. The children who had never seen an enlarged human before, opened their mouths in astonishment.

Joseph was wearing dark dress pants and a stripped dress shirt. Reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out grandpa and placed him on the ground. Joseph looked around at the beautiful blue sea. And turning saw a city of light.

A whole crowd of people started to run up to his feet. Many of the girls where dressed in bright colors and carrying flowers. The little people who could fly, put a garland of flowers on Joseph's head which made him blush.

A group of seven little flying people, each on both hands lead Joseph to a special tent made out of light. Once inside he was greeted by the seven member council.

Joseph sat down-cross legged on a mat they had made for this special occasion. Small children began to climb up Joseph's leg and sit in his lap. He smiled down at the children.

The snior council member spoke, "This is a time of celebration and remembrance. To remember a friend and a hero. Heros come in many sizes and from many cultures. We honor Joseph as a man and yes, a teen, who reminded us that it is possible to bridge the gap between personal and physical differences. And to show after all what truly makes us great is the human ability to love another. To love a friend more than ourselves."

Joseph put his hand up. "If you allow me. I think Orkun deserves that praise. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here now."

"True Orkun sacrificed for you. As you did for him Joseph. And this beautiful cycle will go on tiil the end of time."

Joseph stayed in contact with the little people. Joseph was in close contact with grandpa. He made friends with the lovely girl Uxia and Fusta. Fusta and Joseph had many adventures. But that is another story.