Joseph and his Tiny people Friends by Timothy

 Tip of the hat to Mike I. for his support of Joseph and The One Armed Tiny. And his inspiration to continue the Joseph story.

Joseph and His Tiny people Friends.

Fusta had just come throught the Inter-Space Gateway. He had made plans to meet his enlarged pal Joseph in a park not far from where the teen lived. Adjusting the backpack he had tangling off the side of his right shoulder, Fusta started pushing himself through the thick blades of grass. As he made his way through the grass which to Fusta seemed more like corn stalks, he came across a rusting Coke can discarded from a once thirsty giant. The three inch teen could hear from inside the echoing sounds of a wasp or two forging for any of the soda's sweet syrup.

As he walked on, Fusta passed a few grasshoppers. Fusta started to pick up the scents of many enlarged humans. Coming out of the thick grass, Fusta could see in the distance, the mammouth sneaker covered feet of many enlarged humans playing sports. Sniffing the air he caught whiff of a very familar scent---that of Joseph!

Sitting on the ground with legs brought up and massive arms resting on top of them and wearing a white tee-shirt and long baggy shiny red basketball shorts was Joseph. Ever the tease Fusta approached Joseph from behind.

Again, Fusta stopped and cleared his head. Even though Joseph was a trusted friend; not just of him and other normal size people, Joseph still was a mountain size human. And his size was always mind spinning.

Going up to the back of this human mountain, Fusta wondered what fun way to attract Joseph's attention. Walking up to where the tee shirt entered the waist band to the basketball shorts, Fusta found himself bathed in a red light from errand rays of sunlight that reflected off the shiny surface to the shorts. An idea entered Fusta's mind. Reaching up, Fusta took hold of the thick ribbed waisteband. "Man this is harder than I thought," said Fusta outloud. Straining evey muscle in his arm, and with a wrinkled up face, Fusta pulled back on the waistband. Pulled back as far his arms could allow, Fusta let it snap back. Nothing. "Oh come on," thought Fusta after all that struggling. "He had to feel something?"

Fusta was about to try it again when a shadow engulfed him. Turning around he saw a wall of flesh before him. This wall of flesh quickly surrounded him. Fusta knew he was in a giant's hand.

Joseph brought his clenched fist around. He regarded it for a moment. Bringing the fist close to his face Joseph said, "Hmm, I wonder what that was climbing up the back of my shorts?"

He next brought his fist up close to his ear. "I was not climbing up your shorts!" exclaimed a tiny, high pitch muted voice.

Smirking Joseph brought the hand back to the front of his face. "Maybe its a strange little bug. I hope it doesn't sting me. I wonder if I should squeeze it?"

Putting the fist back to his ear, "Wait! I'm no bug!"

Bringing his fist around again Joseph opened it up. The tiny figure in his hand put a hand across his eyes to let them get accustmed to the light again. When they were, Fusta on his back gave his giant pal one of his energetic and dopey wave of the arm.

"Fusta, its good to see-ya."

 Checking to see no one was in the immediate area, since Joseph didn't want to look like an idiot talking to his hand, he then asked, "How's Grandpa, Uxia and the others?"

Fusta in his sqeaky sounding voice replied, "Their good. Of course we're still morning Orkon's passing. I know he has left for a better plane of being." Fusta looked off to the side for a momet. Shifted his position on the twenty foot size palm and then looking back up at Joseph, "I'll see something that reminds me of Orkun and it becomes hard again. I had known him since we were kids."

"Yeah, me too," replied Joseph.

"Oh Clypatheia wanted me to pass her greetings to you."

Joseph's face went into a question,"Who?"

"She was one of the people who you talked to after the ceremony. She really was impressed by you."

Joseph responded, "My head was pretty still !@#$ with Orkun's death. I really don't remember." Fusta nodded his head.

Joseph then asked, "And Grandpa is doing ok you say?"

"As far as he is letting anyone know."

"Please let me know if anything changes with Grandpa."

Fusta replied, "I will. And is it still on for me to spend the weekend with you?"

"You bet Fusta. Hey, my brother Billy is home. He got injured in Iraq. Wish I could tell him about you guys."

"Take it slowly Joseph."

"I will."

Fusta stood up in his enlarged human pal's hand. He spotted a wound beneath Joseph's giant boulder of a knee. "Joseph what happened?" asked Fusta pointing to the dark purple and red patch.

"I got kicked by another player during a soccer game last week."

"Let me heal it for you."

Joseph's face tensed, "No---thats ok. Its healing."

"Joseph," said Fusta. "Why wait for it to heal. I can make heal within hours. Just let me..."

"I said no!" The force of wind that came out of Joseph's mouth, blew Fusta off his feet into Joseph's sapling size fingers. Sitting on a muscle pad, Fusta looked up at Joseph's intense dark eyes with an open mouth.

Joseph turned his had for a moment then turned back, "Fusta, I'm sorry. I know you just wanted to help me. But the last time someone tried to heal me---well..." Joseph stopped. Lifting a shoulder up he went on shyly, "Your a pal and I care for you too."

"Its ok Joseph."

Joseph sent an index finger down and rubbed his action figure's size pal's back a couple of times. "You still want to sleep over?"

"Yeah, I do!" responded Fusta excitedly who stood up quickly.

"Ok then," replied Joseph. He then wondered where he should carry Fusta. He hated to place him in his stuffy Gym bag. And his basketball shorts had no pockets. "Fusta you're a pal. Do you mind riding on top of my head?'

"Your head? Right on your person? I would be honored. And feel so. Feel so... ah-ah whats the word I'm trying to say?"

Joseph said with impatience, "Yeah-yeah, people are coming." Picking Fusta up by the back of his leather vest, Joseph lifted him up toward the top of his head.

Fusta who grasped his backpack in his hands watched as the field of wavy black and brown hair rose up to meet him. Fusta after the colossal fingers released him sank into the warm hair.

With some pain Joseph got up. He could feel the tiny wiggling form of Fusta as made him self comfortable for the ride.

"Ok here we go," said Joseph. Fusta surrounded by Joseph thick hair and his scent, watched everything through strands of hair.

Walking down the street and passing people, Joseph couldn't help and feel cool knowing they had no idea that he had a pal riding in his hair.

As he was walking, he suddenly became aware of being stared at. An Asian looking guy around in his twenties wearing a blue sports coat was looking at him. This made Joseph a little uneasy.
Looking back at the man in the blue sports coat, the stranger turned away.

Joseph hoped his involvement with another little person wasn't a mistake or too soon. He did like Fusta. In his mind, Joseph heard, "True friends are never a mistake. Everything in life is cheap. But a true friend and heart is not."

 As he neared his home, Joseph started thinking about that guy who was staring at him. "Maybe he had me confused with someone else."

"Ok, we're here," said Joseph to Fusta who pulled on several strands of hair to let Joseph know he heard him.

Fusta through the thick strands of hair saw Joseph's dwelling. Once through the great door, a face suddenly appeared. "Hey Joe."

"Hey Billy."

Fusta thought,"So this Joseph's brother." Billy observed Fusta, looked to be in his late twenties. He had the same olive comlexion skin. Even though Billy's face was thinner than Joseph's, it still had that quiet, steady look. Billy's eyes were of a lighter shade of brown. His hair was close shaven so hard to tell the color. When he left, Billy walked with unsteady stepts.

A current of air passed through the hair and over Fusta as Joseph turned a corner. He was entering a white and yellow room with a huge table and chairs. The room also contained many cabinets. Fusta figured this must be the enlarged human's kitchen. Joseph's giant hand opened a cabinet and pulled out a huge box. Joseph took several cookies out of it. Joseph then went to the massive refrigerator and opened the door. He removed a small container of juice.

Going up a giant staircase, even though it was lined with a blue carpet, Joseph's stepts still sounded to Fusta like thunder when it is heard from a distance away.

In his bedroom, Joseph placed the cookies and juice down on a table. He removed Fusta from his hair. Once on the table, Fusta started to traverse the table-top. Joseph gave out a stunted laugh when Fusta checked out a book, IPod and several cds of music that was on the table. Fusta came to rest by sitting on the end of a cd player.

Pulling up a chair to the table which caused a very loud and harsh sound to Fusta, Joseph reached over to get a crumpled up paper towel. Fusta watched the gigantic hand and arm glide over him and back. Joseph spread out the paper towel and placed the juice and cookies on it. "Oh, you need something to drink from, "said Joseph who stood up and left the room.

Alone in the room, Fusta though, "This was the last place Orkun was alive." It gave him an eerie feeling.

 When Joseph came back, he again made that awfull scraping sound with the chair as he pulled up to the table. Joseph placed down before Fusta the cap to a tube of tooth paste that he rinsed out. He poured a small portion of juice in it. He broke a small piece of a cookie and handed it to Fusta.

As Joseph ate his cookie, a rain of cookie crumbs the size of small stones(to fusta) came down before him. Fusta, feeling playful now, picked up a couple and started throwing them at Joseph. "Hey, what goes on," said Joseph as he was pelted with cookie crumbs. Fusta just kept throwing.

Joseph getting into the act, picked up a cookie; breaking a piece off, rubbed it between two fingers that sent a hail storm of chocolate stones onto Fusta who covered his head with his arms. After the cookie crumb storm ended, he looked up at Joseph who told him, "Well my tiny friend, what do you think of that?"

Fusta gave Joseph a big cocky grin. He turned around, bent over and started to shake his butt at Joseph. When he was done, he straightened up and turned back around. Fusta still had his cocky grin on his face.

"You want to see a butt, I'll show you a butt." Joseph turned around and bent over. Fusta's vision was filled with Joseph's oval shaped, red basketball shorts covered butt shaking before him. The loose material made whooshing sounds. When Joseph stopped, he turned around.

The pals were silent for a second. They then exploded into laughter.

A knock came at the door. Fusta quickly hid behind the cd player. Billy walked in. "Sorrry to disturb you sprout. But its good to hear you laughing again.

Joseph nodded.

"Ok I'll leave you to whatever it is you are doing." After Billy left, Fusta came out from behind the cd player.

Joseph asked as he spoke into a cell phone, "So how are you doing?"

"Not to bad. And you?" responded back Fusta into another but giant cell-phone.

Joseph who was sitting on the edge of his bed looked down. Fusta standing on the bed looked up at Joseph. They both said in unison, "Kidder."

For the remainder of th afternoon, Joseph and Fusta talked and joked around.

When it was time for dinner, Joseph placed Fusta back in his hair.
Billy commented at the table, "I heard Joe laughing."

"Really?" said the father.

"Oh honey," added the mother. "I'm so glad you're feeling better."

After dinner and helping in the clearing up, Joseph put bits of food together for Fusta that he put into a napkin and placed down his shirt pocket. Joseph didn't know this, but his brother had observed it.

Back in his bedroom, Fusta had his dinner. Joseph and Fusta returned to their musings. Joseph did go downstairs to watch a few hours of television with his family. Fusta was in his shirt pocket watching the shows through a button hole.

At bedtime, Joseph took a shower while Fusta bathed in the sink. To Fusta it was like bathing in a small pond.

For a bed, Joseph had set up for Fusta to sleep in, was a lined glove he wore during winter. Joseph thought it would be like sleeping in a sleeping-bag. Fusta approached it with some hesitancy. "Whats wrong?" asked Joseph.

"I have a problem sleeping at night. At home I hug a bolster."

Joseph thought for a moment. "I sleep on my right side or on my back. If you want, you can sleep behind my left ear and hug the top. If that would help."

"Thanks Joseph. I should have mentioned this before."

"Cut the crap. We're friends."

 Joseph picked up Fusta and placed him behind his ear. As he was placing his pal there he mentioned, "Your lucky I clean the back of my ears."

Reaching over to turn off the light, Joseph's heart kind of melted as he felt two tiny hands grasping hold to the top of his ear.

Joseph turned off the light.

In the darkness Joseph's eyes remained opened. He thought about Orkun. He wondered what it was that Orkun found that was so bad he had to give his own life up for. "I never had a chance to even thank him," whispered Joseph.

Fusta heard Joseph's whispering. He turned his head onto its side. He could feel the soft, warm peach like fuzz to Joseph's ear against his cheek. He wished he could comfort Joseph's heart. Pulling a clump of Joseph's hair over him, Fusta went to sleep.

Joseph just stared out into the darkness.

When the first rays of sun came through the bedroom window, Fusta began to stir. The deep steady breathing of his giant told him Joseph was still deep in sleep.

As carefully as he could, so not to disturb his sleeping friend, Fusta crawled down Joseph's face and onto his pal's boulder size shoulder. As the light filtered in Fusta saw that Joseph's left leg was sticking out from beneath the sheets. And he could see that wound below the knee that still caused his enlarge human pain.

Fusta began to walk across the long expanse of Joseph. He walked down the arm onto the top of the blanket covered hip, and on to the leg. Many of the black leg hairs felt like stiff bristles against Fusta's bare feet. Fusta walked to the end of the knee. Getting down on his knees, Fusta placed his hands on the top part of the wound. Fusta almost got sick to his stomach when his hands broke through the crust of the scab into the warm puss beneath. Fusta removed his hands and shook off the hot, putrid thick liquid.

Sure that his stomach had calmed down, Fusta placed his hands back down on the wound and on an area where the crust of the scab was thicker. "I hope Joseph won't be angry and understands." Fusta closed his eyes. When he felt the energy drain from, Fusta removed his hands.

Feeling a little spent, Fusta walked back up along the side of Joseph and onto his face. Fusta crawled up behind Joseph's ear and went back to bed.

Opening his eyes, Joseph felt really rested. He turned his head and his body. Fusta found himself rocked out of sleep from the massive movement of Joseph's head. He stood up, stepped over the collar bone and down onto Joseph's chest where he sat down.

Joseph asked, "Have a good sleep up there behind my ear?"

"Yeah, I did. And how about you?"

"I guess ok. To be honest, I really feel great."

As Joseph stretched his powerful huge arms into the air and stretched his half a neighborhood block size legs, Fusta couldn't help and be in awe of all this gigantic teenage male strength. As Joseph yawned it remonded Fusta when he heard once, a torrent of water coming through a cave. Fusta found also that his body was lifted up and down several inches by the beating of Joseph's heart.

Sending an index finger down, Joseph patted the top of Fusta's head with it. Fusta then made the high-five sign that he saw giants do and gave it to the tip of Joseph's finger.

The living Joseph landscape beneath Fusta began to move as Joseph sat up. Fusta grabbed hold with his hands the white material to Joseph's tee-shirt.

"BOOM-BOOM came a sound in rapid succession from the great bulk of Joseph. "Sorry about that," said Joseph.

Fusta shouted up, "Its the silent ones that are deadly." Joseph grinned.

Whipping the blanket and sheets off of him, which created a gale force wind that knocked Fusta down onto his chest, Joseph picked up his buddy and left for the bathroom.

Both did their duties. Joseph clowning, picked up a can of bathroom spray saying, "For such a tiny dude you create a big stink."

After he put the spray can down, Joseph looked to see how his knee was coming along. Seeing that it had just about healed, his face went stiff as he looked down at Fusta.

oseph looked down at the little face that stared up at him. He loved Fusta and cared about him. He knew his tiny pal healed his knee out of good will. Yet, Joseph couldn't forget the pain in losing Orkun and feeling guilt over it. Joseph sighed. He picked up Fusta and left the bathroom.

On the walk back to his Joseph's bedroom, Fusta looked up at the bottom of his enlarged human's huge face that was lost in thought---from what he could tell from that angle.

Joseph's Brother Billy was just coming out of his room when he saw his brother with a cupped hand going into his room.

With Fusta in hand, Joseph climbed onto his bed. He placed his hand down and watched Fusta jump off. Joseph looked sternly down at him However, Fusta thought the huge yellow smileys on his boxers kind of cut the mood. "What did I tell you about healing my knee?"

Fusta sheepishly turned from side-to-side. He then shouted up, "When I saw the knee and how red it looked and how it still gave you pain---I wanted to remove it."

"What about my wishes, huh. Don't friends respect each others wishes."

Fusta nodded his head. His hand started to reach for the red orb on his belt. A giant finger gently moved the tiny arm aside. "I don't want you to go," said Joseph. "Just please next time ask me first. It would break my heart again if another friend was too..." he stopped.

Looking down at his very tiny frail looking pal, Joseph couldn't express what he wanted to say, so fraternally he gently nudged Fusta with the side of his gigantic face.

Fusta lifting up his hand shouted, "Give me the high-five!"
Joseph extended the little finger of his right hand and lowered it down to Fusta who slapped his hand against the giant finger-tip.

Billy was standing outside Joseph's bedroom door that was slightly ajar and heard part of this conversation---just Joseph's replies. Putting a hand to his forehead Billy remembered the wound to the head he recieved during combat. And the tiny voice telling him he would be ok. Billy slowly left and went downstairs thinking.

"Hmm," said Joseph putting a index finger to his mouth, "Still, that is a wonderful skill you have. But what about the dreaded tickle virus?"

Fusta blinked his eyes, "Huh?"

"You never heard of the dreaded tickle virus?"

Fusta saw the laughter swelling up in Joseph's eyes. Putting his hands up, "Come on."

"I don't know Fusta. I think you are about to get the dreaded tickle virus." Joseph started to lower an index finger that he wiggled at Fusta. Walking backwards, Fusta fell over the thick material.

A giant finger started to tickle his chest. "Ha-ha-stop (chuckle) come on (chuckle) Joseph I'm not a (chuckle) kid."

Joseph pulled back his finger. "Nope your not a kid. Your my buddy and we're a team."

Sitting up and wipping the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard, Fusta replied, "We are a team."

 Joseph turned and started sniffing the air, "Hey, I smell pancakes and scrambled eggs." Joseph's stomach, to Fusta made a loud deep, rumbling wet gurgling sound.

Fusta's stomach, to Joseph made a high pitch, almost insect sound.

Joseph climbed off the bed. The release of all that weight caused the landscape of rolling hills of cotton and man-made fibers to shake under Fusta making him to rock back and forth.

Fusta looked up at Joseph who seemed to keep and keep extending into the air until stopping. His huge muscles to his upper-legs seemed to Fusta (from his position) out of proportion to the rest of the enlarged human's body. The upper part seemed to narrow off. Joseph would be an opposing looking sight of a giant, if not for, still, those huge yellow smileys on Joseph's boxers that tainted that mighty visage.

Joseph in his immense size found Fusta, could be so very, very scary, yet, what special beauty was given to the soul of such a creature from the Spirit of light. And a thought that entered Fusta's mind was, "Part of the beauty of Joseph is, he isn't even aware of it."

Fusta, with pride did observe how the wound to the knee had really healed up nicely. And while he would never again do something like that without Joseph's permission, he was glad to have helped release his titan of friend from pain.

Joseph looking down at his pal, and he always seemed to be looking down, because of their size differences, while still coming to terms with or trying to with Orkun's death, Joseph was in awe that this so fragile of a creature wanted so much to spare him pain, as did Orkun, just made him re-consder everything he thought about friendship.

Putting on a blue Terry cloth bathrobe, Joseph deposited Fusta in one of the pockets.

Going down the stairs, Joseph lightly kept his hand against the pocket Fusta was in to keep him from banging into his leg.

Entering the kitchen, Joseph saw Billy rinsing off his plate. "Did you all ready eat?"

"Yeah, I had breakfast with Mom and dad."

Joseph asked, "Where did they go so early?"

"Oh, one of their friends is having a child being Baptized today. So its going to be kind of an all day affair," replied Billy glancing down at the pockets to Joseph's bathrobe.

"I would have come down and had breakfast with them," said Joseph.

"I know you would have Joe. I told them you were still sacking in."

Billy and Joseph were silent for a moment. "Well, I 'm off. Going to visit a few friends. Don't mean to leave you hear all by yourself."

Scratching his head Joseph replied, "I guess I'll be ok."

"I think you will be too. You know how to make good friends." His brother then turned, taking a metal cane that was leaning up against the entrance to the kitchen and walked out. "Oh Joseph ," he called from the hallway.


"You'll find the food hot in the oven."

"Ok, thanks."

Joseph wondered what all that was about. When he heard the front door open and shut, he took Fusta from out of his pocket. And placed him on the table. Fusta asked Joseph, "You think he knows about us?"

Looking toward the front door Joseph replied, "I don't know."

Walking down the street, Billy figured he would go to a restaurant to eat. He hated to lie to his brother but he didn't know if he was ready and if he really believed the reality---the reality of tiny people.

Joseph took the food out of the oven and placed down on the table. taking the tin-foil off Joseph crooned, "Man on man, no one makes pan cakes like my mom. And she makes them from scratch."

"Hurry-hurry," said Fusta.

"Ok, just a second more. Let me tear up a few tiny pieces for my tiny pal. Hey, you know what just came to mind about you being tiny Fusta?"

"What Joseph."

"It means more food for me."

Joseph poured a little portion of syrup on the side of his plate for Fusta to dunk his pancakes. "Oh man!" said Joseph who suddenly pulled back his chair; during which time Fusta covered his ears. Going to a drawing, Joseph pulled out a few tooth picks for Fusta to use to eat his pancakes with.

"Hey Joseph," shouted up Fusta. "This is the first real meal we had together since the ceremony."

"Your right." Joseph placed a tiny piece of pancake on his finger and lowered it down to Fusta.

After Fusta took it and ate it, he took his tooth pick and after pronging a piece, lifted it up to Joseph who took the tooth pick and with his lips, removed the tiny piece of pancake.

Fusta remembered a saying, "The way food is most life giving, is when shared and eatened with a friend."

 Billy walked into a fast food place. He stopped and leaning on his cane tried to decide what kind of breakfast to get. The egg and sausage value meal looked appetizing. He placed his order. As he waited, Billy saw through one of the huge panes of glass a military jeep passing by on the street. He thought about his friends still in Iraq. "Please God they'll be safe." he thought.

With tray in hand, Billy went over to a booth. With a some difficuly, Billy seated himself down. Taking his plastic knife, Billy began to eat. A quick flash of light suddenly caught his attention. Looking across at the empty seat on the other side of his table he saw a flickering light. It disappeared as fast as it had appeared. Billy resumed eating.

Taking his plastic knife to cut a sausage with it, Billy dropped the knife. "Crap, said Billy leaning over trying to reach for it. A tiny woman with brown hair walked up to the white plastic spoon that was bigger than her. She pushed it with her foot toward the giant fingers. Seeing the giant fingers couldn't come down any further, she picked it up and trying to keep steady as she held it in an upright position; pushed it between two fingers.

Feeling it, Billy withdrew his hand. He looked from side to side trying to figure how it got pushed between his fingers.

The little woman walking up near a giant boot and looking up the massive leg and sniffing the giant's scent said, "I found you."

After finishing their breakfast Joseph and Fusta went back upstairs to clean up. Back in Joseph's bedroom and on the floor, the two friends were trying to decide on what to do. "Too bad I can't play a sport with you," said Fusta.

"Maybe you can," replied Joseph. "How about a one on one game of soccer."


"Yeah, I have been thinking on how to do it with a person your size. Since a lot of it involves kicking, I thought I could use a finger. By keeping it down on the tip of the nail and kicking from it---could work. We can try it. If its too boring we will figure something else to do."

"I'm gamed," said Fusta.

Joseph got up off the floor. Going over to his dresser, Joseph took off from the top a white plastic bag that had printed on it in blue letters: Toy Land. Joseph came back and stretched out on the floor. Opening the plastic bag he told Fusta, "I went to the store to get some things that a person your size could use." He took out of the bag, two plastic action figures still in their cases. One was of a skateboarder. The other a soccer player. Joseph opened the soccer package up. He removed the white plastic ball and placed it down before Fusta. He then removed the soccer jersey off the action figure and handed it to Fusta. "To make this offical, I'll put my jersey on." Joseph got back up again and thundered off while Fusta put on the very baggy green and white lined jersey.

Now in his Burgandy colored soccer top, the two friends were ready to play. Joseph had set the two halves from a paper cup as goals. Fusta had the honors of kicking the ball. Gliding thetip of his right index finger along the floor, Joseph tried to get the ball from Fusta.

Fusta made all sorts of turns trying to keep the ball from the sapling size finger. Joseph did managed to flick it away from Fusta who came in at different angles trying to get it back.

Fusta was working up beads of sweat on his forehead while Joseph's forehead was wrinkled up in trying to win the game and keep it fair.

 Fusta was determined to get that ball back. He started to slow down then sped up thus surprising Joseph; kicking it away from the huge finger.

At the restaurant Billy was finishing his breakfast. Down at his feet under the shadow of the table the little tiny woman gazed up at the huge mass that sat on the orange covered seat. She thought, "Silly of me to have come all this way." She reached up with her thin, slender arms and touched the bottom of the cuff to the pants. "All I can think about is you. I wish I had the courage to make my presence known." The light that came down from above the table top, revealed to her giant side-cargo pockets to the pants that Billy was wearing. "If I could stowaway in his pocket I would know where he lives. And maybe visit him when I am ready to make my presence known."

The tiny woman closed her eyes and concentrated. Several rays of light flowed out from her back and took form. They took the form of wings. Slowly, she floated up and landed on the material worn lip to the pocket. Gingerly, she used her wings to bring her slowly down to the base of the huge pocket.

Joseph rolled on his back laughing, "I was defeated by a three inch person."

Fusta while in a jolly mood in winning a finger soccer game against his mountain size pal, was, somewhat concerned, as his pals gigantic legs flung skyward on either side of him. He hoped they would come down back from whence they had started.

When the legs and sneakers did come back down, they created a quake and and a wind storm of dust over Fusta. Getting back up and wiping the dust from off his face; he shouted up to Joseph who leaned in and down, "Thanks! That was as you giants say---awesome!"

Joseph put his hand down and Fusta climbed on. Lifting his hand up to his face Joseph asked, "What would you like to do next?"

"I'll go along with whatever you want Joseph."

"We can do some skateboarding and I can take you to a mall me and my other friends go to. If being around many giants won't be too freaky that is."

"Lets do it," replied Fusta.

Joseph change out of his soccer shorts into a pair of baggy denims he wore when he skateboarded. He put on an equally baggy green military jacket that his brother had given him. Joseph opened up the package containing the skateboader action figure and handed the gray plastic skateboard to Fusta. "Gee, thanks Joseph," said Fusta in his high pitch, shrill of a voice.

"The pockets to this Jacket, which Billy gave me, has real deep pockets so you should have a comfortable ride," said Joseph with real pride in his voice.

"But I won't be able to see you skateboarding. I know! I can ride in the cuff of your jeans. Then I can see everything!"

"I don't know Fusta. Sounds risky." Joseph thought. "Heres what we can do. I'll clip a piece of string to the inside of my pant leg and you can tie the other end around your waist. This will keep you from falling out, when I make the moves." Fusta agreed.

Taking a safety pin, Joseph secured a piece of string to the inside of the cuff. He made several loops to increase its staying power. Fusta then tied it around his waste.

Opening his closet door with Fusta peering above the cuff, Joseph wheeled out his skateboard with his right foot and slammed down his his heel on the edge of the multi-colored skateboard which spun it up that Joseph caught in his hand. Fusta was impressed.

It was a bumpy, if not a swinging trip down the stairs in the roomy cuff. Once out on the sidewalk, Joseph got on his board and shot down the street. Holding on tight to the rather firm fabric of the denim pants; with wind pressing against his face, Fusta shouted in excitement as he watched, close to ground, giant objects pass him by.

Dumping the trash from his breakfast into a bin, Billy left the restaurant. In the darkness of the cargo-pocket, the tiny woman held on to the sides, while feeling rather light headed in being, even as a pocket stowaway, close to the giant.

Joseph headed to a small park that a lot of teens went to skateboard. Fusta watched with big orange eyes all these giant teens racing about on their skateboards. Many enlarged teens were quite good. While there were many more who landed up on their gigantic backsides.

Two giant teens walked up to Joseph, "Hey."

"Hey," replied Joseph. From the cuff Fusta looked up at Joseph's two pals. One teen wore denim pants like Joseph while another wore khaki shorts.

From over a hundred feet above, Joseph glanced down at Fusta who gave him that stupid looking wave of his which caused Joseph to crack a smile. "Hey, want to skateboard with us for a while?" asked one of his pals with short brown hair who wore a black sweatband around his head.

Glancing down at his cuff again, Joseph saw Fusta nodding his tiny head. "Ok," replied Joseph.

The three teens bagan skateboarding around the park. Joseph jumped over a few curbs to the stimulation and some scary fun for Fusta.

From the cuff, Fusta could see the turned up front of the skateboard cutting through grass, pieces of paper and between other giant skateboards.

From the dark cargo-pocket, the tiny woman listened. For a while she could hear the giant footstepts and the tapping of the metal cane. Soon she heard the sound of a colossal door opening and shutting. In the darkness of the pocket room, there was the scent of Billy that to her was like the perfume of flowers.

There was a brief moment of violent movements. The tiny woman lost her hold and slid onto her back. There was huge tired and frustrated sigh. After a few minutes of silence and no movements the tiny woman once more using her wings of light, slowly lifted up and with her hands took hold of the lip to the pocket. She peered out from beneath the wrinkled flap to the pocket. From what she could see the giant's head was turned away from her.

Wanting a better view of Billy she flew out of the pocket. What felt like several minutes of ascending, the tiny woman floated above Billy's head. Slowly she hovered just beyond the massive forehead. She could see below the area of the forehead that she had healed when Billy was injured in combat.

Billy who was lost in thought, started to become aware of a presence. "It was no dream was it?" he said.

 Fusta found himself flung to the bottom of Joseph's cuff when his pal made an abrupt stop. "This is almost as fun as going through the Inter-space gateway," thought Fusta.

Reaching up and grabbing hold of the thick denim, Fusta pulled himself up. Above him rose the tower size pant leg and far above that and into the heavens was his pal's face. Joseph was conversing with his titanic buddies. "I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow at school."

After they had left, Joseph removed Fusta from the cuff to his jeans. Fusta in Joseph's hand asked, "Could I try skateboarding?"

"I guess it would be ok," replied Joseph looking around to see there wasn't anybody nearby."

Understanding Joseph's concern, Fusta shouted up to him, "If anybody does come by, you can tell them I'm a toy and voice activated."

"I guess that would be ok," responded Joseph.

Back at home Billy slowly started to turn his head to get a glimpse of the tiny presence he felt. The tiny woman was at first confused in what she should do next; leave or reveal herself. Not knowing how the giant might regard her, she pressed on the red orb on her waist-belt and opened a gateway.

Billy caught the glimpse of the light, "Please don't go. I won't hurt you I promise." The tiny woman closed the gateway. She floated down before the immense face of Billy. Billy moved his head back in surprise and made a nervous laugh. For a minute or two he just gazed upon the pretty little female that hovered before him on a pair of brightly glowing wings. "I'm Billy?" he said not sure if the little person knew his name already.

"I'm Vuna," she replied; a cross from Billy's light brown eyes.

"Are you the one that stayed with me and comfort me when I was wounded in Iraq?"


"Thank you. I-I---thought it was just a dream or a reaction to my wounds." Billy then asked, "What brings you back to me?'

She lowered her head. Lifted it up and looked away for a moment. Turning her little face back toward Billy she told him, "After I healed your head wound and as I was staying with you I found I liked who you were."

"What? I don't understand."

"When your company contacted you on your radio, before you answered you had a thought, I don't know how I could see your thoughts since I don't have those skills, but before you answered you thought, 'This is a high risk insurgent zone. Would I be bringing... putting into.... danger or a trap... used as bait' You then disconnected your transmission. After you had done that I loved who you were. And ever since."

"My men and my squad mean a lot to me. But how did they find me then?"

"A passing helicopter spotted you."

"And you stayed with me all that time?"

"Yes, I used my skills of healing to keep you alive."

Billy lifted up his hand, "Please Vuna." Billy watched with both fascination and a tenderness the tiny little Vuna land on his hand.

Joseph had instructed Fusta on how to use a skateboard. Fusta, however, first wanted to try that technique he saw Joseph do back in his bedroom of kicking up the skateboard with the heel of his foot to his hand. Trying it, Fusta almost broke his nose. "You ok?" asked Joseph shaking his head at Fusta with disapproval.

"I'm ok," replied Fusta holding his nose.

"Thats not a trick you can try once and hope to achieve," remarked Joseph. Fusta feeling like an idiot nodded his head.

Once over the bruise of his pride, Fusta started doing little circles down around at Joseph's feet.

Several small children came up and watched. One little girl shyly approached Joseph and asked, "Is that your toy?"

Joseph replied, "Yeah."

"Where did you get it?" asked a little boy whose nose ran unchecked.

"It was a present from my parents. So I don't know where they got it."

Way down below Fusta was smiling from the conversation he was hearing.

All of a suddent a brown sandaled foot slammed down in front of Fusta, who ran into it and then fell backwards. "Where you get the cool toy?" asked a stocky teen in a white basketball shorts and a gray tank top. Two other older teens came up besides him.

 "Oh I don't know where it came from. It was a gift from my parents," replied Joseph to the teen. Joseph was trying to figure as fast as he could the best way to keep this situation cool.

Fusta remained motionless. It was hard for him not to want to inch away from the colossal sandaled foot that remained potentially a threat.

One of the teen's other friends a stocky guy with long brown hair stooped down and asked, "How does it work?"

Joseph remembering what Fusta had said responded, "Its voice activated."

"Ok, well do it," said the first teen.

Joseph bent over, "I have to set it upright." Joseph was thinking once he had Fusta back in his hand he could try to make a break for it. When the third teen moved in behind him, that spoiled that idea.

Joseph gently picked up Fusta and placed him back on his feet. "Walk in circles," spoke Joseph. Fusta began to walk in circles.

"That blows. Make him do that skateboarding trick." said the teen in the white basketball shorts.

"Ride on your skateboard. Fast as if going through a gateway," said Joseph to Fusta telling him what he needs Fusta understood.

Fusta made jerking walking motions and got on his skateboard. With as much strength as possible, Fusta tried to speed away.

Fusta was hoping to make it to the grass and once hidden he could use his orb to open the inter-Space gateway. Nearing the grass he heard Joseph's angry voice shout, "NO!"

A loud metallic sound which increased steadily in volume came from behind Fusta. Turning, Futsa saw the red and silver color of a Coke can bearing down right on top of him. It struck. Throwing him to the ground. The three teens broke into a tumultous, deafening cackle. "Good one," said one of the teens.

A deep, loud, thunderous sound exploded as the three teens marched right and over Fusta. The teen in the while basketball shorts stood of the fallen toy. Looking up Fusta saw the huge legs rise up above him; disappearing into the darkness of the shorts while the huge upper-body to the teen narrowed off into the sky.

"Aaaah I hope I didn't break your toy," said the boy mockingly. He lifted his sandaled foot over Fusta.

"What do you think your doing!?" Joseph was about to tackle the bully to the ground.

Pulling Joseph back with his hands the teen with the long brown hair told his pal, "Yeah step on it." Joseph knew he had no choice. He would have to tell them its a real person.

Fusta with wide eyes and sweat soaking his face stared up at the light tan colored sole in deep fear.

"Get away from that toy before I call the police," said an approaching voice.

The teen's sandaled foor came smashing down next to Fusta. Its heel lifted up as the teen turned toward the authorative and stern sounding voice. It remained and loomed dagerously over Fusta's head.

Joseph was surprised. The man coming up was that Asian guy he saw a couple of days earlier staring at him."

"Those toys are expensive. And if you don't want to spend the next couple of years paying it off I advise you to back away," said the Asian man.

Meanwhile, the heel to the sandal kept descending and ascending over Fusta's face as the teen listened.

The teen in the white basketball shorts made a muted grumble and backed away.

Fusta was still frozen in fear.

The Asian man stooped down and gathered Fusta into his hands. And walked over to Joseph. The two other teens went away with their friend. "Heres your toy," said the man as he tipped his hand over Joseph's cupped hand. When the teens were out of ear shot he asked, "Is your little friend ok?"

"I think so. I mean, I hope so."

The Asian man told Joseph, "Try rubbing the top of his head with your finger. That tends to calm them down." Joseph taking his index finger made gently rubbed the top of Fusta's head. Shortly, a peaceful smile appeared on the tiny teen's face.

"Yeah, he'll be ok. Oh, I'm Eric Cheng."

Extending his hand, "I'm Joseph. And the little guy in my hand is Fusta."

Taking a card out of his shirt pocket Eric handed it to Joseph. "Call me. And we can arrange a time we can come together and you can meet my little friend."

"How did you learn of the little people?"

Its a long story. Come over and I'll tell you."

Joseph replied, a bit astounded by the turn of events, "I will thanks."

Eric walked off.

Joseph looked down at the palm of his hand where his little pal had kind of a drunken looking face. The tiny face looked up at Joseph. And Fusta gave him his kooky tiny wave. Letting out a sign, "Well, lets go home." He then placed Fusta down the pocket to his military jacket.

 Joseph walking home thought about the fact, he isn't the only person who knows about the truth. The manifestation of a race other than his own, a race of little people.

Entering the house, Joseph heard Billy call from the livingroom, "Hey, Joseph come in here." When Joseph entered, Billy who had his right hand behind his back asked, "How's your little friend?"

Joseph made a blank face. "How's your little friend," repeated Billy.

Making a questioning face, "Little friend? What kind of joke is that?"

Bringing his hand from behind his back, Billy lifted it up before his brother. Standing up in the palm of his brother's hand, Joseph observed a tiny female. "Joseph this is Vuna. She's the one who healed me in Iraq."

Moving in closer Joseph said, "I don't know how we can ever thank you. Or how I can thank you for saving my brother. But anything I can ever do for you---you got it"

Vuna made a polite bow. She then asked, "How's Fusta?"

"How did you hear about that?"

From out of the kitchen was the sounds of stepts. "Are mom and dad back?"

Billy replied, "No its Mike."


"You must remember Mike Ingerson? He was one of your wrestling instructors at the after-school program a couple of years ago."

"Oh man, yeah." Joseph's face went serious. "What about our tiny friends here?"

Coming into the room was Mike Ingerson ,a slightly stocky man, with dark and blond wavy hair, who was around Billy's age. Joseph gave Mike a hardy handshake. "I hear you have become quite the soccer player."

"I guess."

Mike asked, "I heard from a mutual friend, who I believed you met today, your tiny pal Fusta got roughed up."

"Nothing too ba..." Joseph stopped. He then asked Mike, "You know Eric Cheng?"

"Yes, we sometimes do business with each other. Anyway, he mentioned what happened. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Joseph a little lose for words took Fusta out of his pocket. "Hey, how you doing?" asked Joseph.

"Not too badly."

Vuna from Billy's hand said, "He could use Ryake."

"Ryake?" asked Joseph.

"It just re-directs the energy to spots that had been traumatized." Turning to Mike Vuna said, "Mike will you do the honors."

"Joseph place Fusta in my hand."

Fusta looked up at Joseph and put an arm around one of his fingers, "I don't know about this."

"Its ok Fusta. I know Mike. Its cool." Joseph placed Fusta down in Mike's hand.

"Just relax Fusta, " said Mike gently to the tiny teen. With the index finger from his other hand Mike made a series of swirling motions on top of Fusta's head which placed him in sleepy state. He next made several sweeps with his finger from Fusta's left arm to his right arm. And back again. Repeating the movements he made for the top of the head, Mike did this with the soles of the feet. For a period of thirty seconds Mike placed his free hand over the tiny form.

Removing his hand Mike told Joseph, "Give him a moment to absorb the energy."

"Where did you, I mean who taught you this?" asked Joseph.

Mike answered, "From my tiny friend Gia who as with Vuna, is a healer."

Joseph shook his head and looked over at his brother. "I guess it's a small world," remarked Billy half joking and half serious.

Joseph when he saw Fusta coming around said, "Oh man, I'm sorry for all this Fusta."

Fusta gave Joseph a tired smile. Looking up at Mike, he nodded his head and gave the enlarged human one of his goofy waves.
Mike warmly smiled down and handed Fusta back to Joseph.

The three enlarged human's and two tinies stared at each other in silence. Mike broke the silence, "Well I guess I better be getting along."

"Mike thanks for helping Fusta." From Joseph's hand, Fusta also thanked Mike.

"You have to meet Gia sometime Joseph," said Mike.

"Yeah, I would like that."

"Nice meeting you Vuna." And MIke left the house.

Joseph looking at Vuna then his brother asked, "Where do we go from here?"

 "I'm grateful to Vuna for saving my life. And I'm her friend. I respect her wishes in that this is something to be kept among friends," said Billy.

Joseph asked, "Should we tell mom and dad? I hate to keep a secret from them."

"We don't want you to keep things from your parents. Experience has shown us, however, its best to keep our presence known to just our friends. Otherwise things could get sticky for all of us," replied Vuna.

"Yeah, I do understand that," responded Joseph.

"Joseph, Vuna and I have more---well---talking to do."

Joseph and Fusta went upstairs to the bedroom. Placing Fusta on his computer desk said, "So your looking better."

"Mike did a fine Ryake," said Fusta. "Joseph I would like to ask and only if you feel ready to enter into a plane of rememberance of Orkun?"

"You mean saying some prayers?"

"That's part of it."

Joseph stood up. And became very somber.

"It should be a time of happiness Joseph. Not sorrow. You may not be ready."

Joseph came back over to the desk. "I'm ready."

"We need an item of our friend that meant something to you," said Fusta.

Joseph went to his dresser and took something out of a small drawer. When he came back over, Joseph lowered his hand down to Fusta, "Grandpa gave me this vest that Orkun had worn."

"That will do. And we need a few candles to place around the vest."

"Candles huh," replied Joseph. "Birthday candles. We can use birthday candles that we put on top of cakes." Leaving the room, Joseph went downstairs to the kitchen.

Once Fusta was given the candles, he and Joseph surrounded the vest with the candles, Joseph lit them. "We now simply remember our friend. What comes to your mind Joseph?"

With eyes shut Joseph started to smile. "I remember when I caught Orkun and placed him down on the ground surrounding him with my legs. I remember how fiesty he was. He had this fighting spirit and..."

As Joseph talked another voice spoke words next to his, "I was drawn to his huge steady will. Will to listen to his gigantic heart...Ha! I wished I could have been that focused."

"Fusta," said Joseph, "I'm hearing another voice. Its kind of freaking me out."

"No, no Joseph don't be."

"I was going to take Orkun home with me. I guess as a pet. But the little guy protested and maybe it was the fact he had one arm caused me to be more open hearted toward him---But even after that, he still wanted to be my friend."

The other voice spoke, "I thought how cool to have an enlarged human for a pal. It would impress the others---seeing how pure Joseph was made me feel small and shown what a giant of a soul Joseph was."



Fusta had heard about such events happening. To see it was beyond anything he could ever imagine. Side by side at equal size was Joseph and Orkun.

Joseph with open eyes and an opened heart stared into the light Orkun occupied. As the two friends gave witness to each other, both saw the moment they first became life.

Sitting in Billy's hand, Vuna told him, "I wish I could stay like this with you forever."

Billy stroked Vuna's beautiful soft hair. "Strange, here you are a tiny person sitting in the palm of my hand. Yet, it seems it always has been that way."

As Joseph and Orkun saw their life, they glimpsed the Surpreme word that created that which was them.

After a couple of minutes it was just Joseph and Fusta in the bedroom. "Man," spoke Joseph. Fusta nodded his head.

 Sitting up against Billy's thumb, Vuna looked up at the giant face that brought a burning yearning said, "I know in the natural flow of life, it brings us across many people. Many we cross and move on. I have always understood that. After I knew you were safe, I still wanted to somehow cross your life's path again."

"I"m glad you did."

Vuna blushed, "I don't pretend not to see the differences in us that do seperate us."

"Yeah, I hear ya."

"My heart wants to keep telling me something else."

Billy ran a finger gently over one of Vuna's tiny slender arms. "I feel the same. Like I told you before, its like I have always known you . And when I see you so lovely in my hand I feel as if I'm looking at a tiny jewel that I want to hide in the inner-recesses of my heart." Billy broufght his hand up to his face and pressed Vuna against his cheek.

Vuna closed her eyes as she felt the warm skin to Billy's cheek engulf her.

Joseph and Fusta talked, laughed as they remembered Orkun. Joseph looking down at Fusta, "Thank you for all this."

Fusta told him, "I didn't do anything. Everything that happened was from you. Cause your friendship was and is real. And as it is with Orkun."

After a short space of time Joseph and Fusta were talking about the things people their age talk about. Joseph did hope the experience with the bullies wouldn't deter Fusta from doing another weekend sleep-over. "No, I would like to do it again. And Joseph you should do a sleep over with us.'

"What," replied Joseph with a chuckle.

"No kidding. It has been done before. It would be so cool to share more of my world with you."

"Yeah, I guess it would be cool."

Standing up in Billy's hand Vuna told him, "Must be getting back to my people."

"It seems no matter what in life theres always a hitch," commented Billy with mixed emotional thoughts.

"Before I go Billy. There is a joining that friends in my world do. I would like to share this with you."

"Ok Vuna."

Vuna instructed Billy, "Take your left hand and place the palm facing out, away from you; behind the right hand. That palm needs to be facing away from you also."

"Right," responded Billy after doing what he was instructed.

"Now keeping the palms outward place the back of your left hand against the middle of your forehead."

(chuckle) "This feels kind of weird."

Vuna using her wings of light, floated up and placed her hands in the same position. She moved herself in toward Billy touching her palms against his. "I will start to be moving to my right."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just turn with me. Keeping your palms up against mine."

"Man, I'm starting to feel this...whoa! Here it comes again."

Fusta sat on the edge of Joseph's shoulder dangling his legs. As Joseph was clicking away on his keyboard doing his homework, "I'm sorry to be having more fun with you. But school is tomorrow and I have a few papers due."

"I'm not board."

Joseph stopped for a moment. "Do you hear that?"

"Here what?"

"I guess its nothing. For a moment I thought I heard the crackling sound of fireworks coming from downstairs." Joseph went back to his studies.

Later, in the evening the parents came back. When they came into the house they saw Billy sitting on the sofa smoking a cigerette and who had a very, very peaceful look on his face. "Did you have a nice day dear?" asked the mother.

Taking another drag from his cigerette replied, "Oh yeah."

Joseph and Fusta started to get ready for bed. As Joseph was crossing the room to get something he let outa "Ouch! What the !@#$" Going over and sitting on the edge of his bed Joseph lifted up his right foot. A sliver of wood had jammed deeply under his toe nail. "!@#$ this hurts!"

"Stretch out on your bed. I'll remove it," said Fusta hurting himself from seeing his pal in pain.

Cradling his hurting toe, Joseph said in a strained voice, from the pain he was feeling, "I don't..."

Fusta cut him off. And in a very squeaky, yet, commanding voice shouted, "DO IT!"

Joseph stretched out on his bed. "Place me on your big toe."

"I hope you kno..."

Once again Fusta cut off his pal, "Shut up and let me do it."

Once on the huge, big toe, Fusta bending over the toe placed his hands on the nail and concentrated. "The pain is gone," remarked Joseph with a feeling of contentedness.

Fusta waved one of his arms madly at Joseph as a signal for him to remain silent as he concentrated. Fusta pushed his right hand under the nail which was moist. Moist with bits of lint from Joseph's sock. Feeling the sharp edge of the splinter, Fusta started to wiggle it out. A few drops of blood followed the end of the harpoon size (to fusta) splinter.

Feeling weak after his release of the healing energy, Fusta slid down the tall expanse to Joseph's foot. "Hey, that tickles," said Joseph, so relieved that the pain was gone. For a moment Fusta with hand up against the sole to Joseph's foot gathered his breath. Being the tease that he is, Fusta staggered around from behind the foot. He then put his hands to his face.

Joseph rolled his eyes. And his heart sank. "This was a mistake," he said picking up Fusta. "Are you ok?"

Fusta in Joseph's palm, removed his hands and looked down for a minute. Lifting his face up, that had a big grin shouted up, "Man your foot stinks."

Joseph cocked his head slightly to the left as he gave Fusta a weary look. Fusta thought, "Oh-oh." When he saw Joseph's huge dark eyes twinkling.

Reaching over the side of his bed, Joseph picked up his sock that he had worn all day. "I liked how you felt on my foot. Maybe, You could spend night there. The sock will keep you nice and snug up against it." Lifting up the protesting form of Fusta, Joseph placed him next to the opening to the sock.

Fusta crossed his arms. "Hey don't." Joseph gave Fusta a reply with a big devlish grin. Feeling the fingers letting go, Fusta found himself rolling down the dank, soft material of the sock.

Lifting his sock up, Joseph saw the tiny wiggling bulge of Fusta. "That will teach to fool around." Joseph's face and heart softened, he knew he was only joking out of friendship with Fusta. But seeing the tiny wiggling form; it again remined Joseph how very vulnerable Fusta is in his giant world. Tipping his sock over, Fusta rolled back into his hand.

"Sorry for the rase bud. Hey, thanks for healing my toe." He gave Fusta an affectionate nudge of his cheek against his tiny pal's face.

 Once Joseph was settled in bed, Fusta crawled up the side to his buddy's face and up behind the giant ear.

Joseph cracked a smile when he felt Fusta's tiny hands pressing down on top of his ear. He found it to be kind of a mystery or maybe a lesson, that his pal who is so very small, could heal him who is much bigger than him. Joseph's face went serious, he knew Fusta wouldn't have taken to heart being dropped down his sock. "I only joke with those I like and respect," he thought. "Hey Fusta."

Lifting his head off the warm skin Fusta replied, "What Joseph?"

"Again, I was just joking when I dropped you down my sock."

"As you would say Joseph, cut the crap, we're friends."

"Ok, thanks"

Having been away all day from her son, Joseph's mother came quietly into the darkened bedroom. She ran a hand over her son's forehead. And gave him a kiss. "Goodnight Joseph."

"Niiigght," was Joseph's sleepy response.

As the mother moved her head away, she thought she heard a soft, pipping sound say, "Goodnight." The mother looked around for a moment. Shook her head. And left the room.

In the morning, Joseph placed Fusta in his shirt pocket. During breakfast Joseph made a signal to his brother who moved the parents attention onto him. With the coast clear, Joseph gave Fusta several pieces of scrambled egg and a piece of bacon.

Zipping through breakfast, Joseph went off to school. Seeing that people were out of ear shot, Joseph told Fusta, "It was great having you for the weekend. I really hope we can do this again."

A high pitch, muted voice coming from the breast pocket replied, "I do Joseph! I had fun. Well, maybe not with those overgrown goons but still, I loved it! And you should spend the weekend at my place."

"I guess that would be fair. Though, when I go over to the otherside I kind of feel like a..."

"LIke a giant idiot," interrupted Fusta jokenly.

"Noooo you little creep---like an alien."

"Joseph, we all are aliens until we get to know each other."

"What are you? A pocket size philosophy now?" said Joseph who jiggled his shirt pocket.

Upon reaching school, Joseph took Fusta out of his pocket and placed him down at the old Oak tree near the bike racks. Reaching into his pants pocket Joseph said, "Before I forget, I got some stuff for you." Tied together with string was the plastic skateboard, soccer ball and the green soccer jersey. "You can practice for next time.'

Fusta took his gifts from between the enourmous fingers. "I will practice," Fusta shouted up to Joseph.

Several titanic teens started to come their way. Fusta waved. After he activated the Inter-space gateway, he vanished in the circle of light.

"He gave you that?" asked one of Fusta's buddies. "Yeah, I even skateboarded a little with other giants around!"

"Whoa!" the group of friends replied.

A preet teen girl with long flowing red and white hair named Clypatheia asked, "Did you send Joseph my greetings?"

"I did."

"What was his response?" she asked with big orange questioning eyes.

Fusta didn't want to hurt Clypatheia's feelings by telling her Joseph didn't remember her, "Ah, he said he liked meeting you."

Her big eyes lit up. She then started sniffing. "That's his scent isn't?"

"I suppose. He did carry me in his pocket."

"Mmmm, he's so devine. I wish I was in his pocket." She than ran over to a group of girls. "Joseph remembered me! He's such a Nova." They started to giggle.

Fusta made a disgruntled face, "I don't get it. Why should just the giants get all the attention. I dress well, I use all the girl noticing colognes. What am I not doing?"

"Have you tried taking a bath," responded a friend.

Fusta gave his pal a growl of a face.

After school, Joseph went with his buddies to play a few loops. "Hey, Joseph," said a friend. "Your leg healed up pretty quickly."

"Yeah, too bad for you cause the ball is mine," replied Joseph getting the ball away from his pal and sinking one.

Hot and covered with sweat the pals after the game went to Bryan's Best Hamburger. Joseph wished he could have gone somewhere else, even though he thought he had peace about the passing of Orkun. Still, a deep reget over the loss of his pal persisted.

As the pals where passing the booths, Joseph saw the one he had sat with Orkun. From inside of himself, Joseph heard, "Don't be sad. You know I'm happy. Honor me by just being Joseph." Joseph lightly nodded his head.

 One evning during the week, as Joseph was doing his homework, he noticed on his desk, next to several school books the card that Eric Cheng had given him. He was interested in hearing how Eric came across the little people. The whole idea that he wasn't the only one who knew of the little people really fascinated him. Picking up the card, he saw it included Eric's e-mail address. Joseph typed him a message asking if they could get together Saturday afternoon. Joseph was hoping for a response that evening.

Clypatheia during class, as the rest of the students listened to the teacher thought about Joseph. She knew in her heart it wasn't the most realistic of thougts---still she wished Joseph was her boyfriend. Her last mental image of the handsome giant was at the ceremony and Joseph on the beach. His head was adorned with the Garland of Honor crowning his wavy crop of black hair. She thought how heroic and what a grand sight he made. His strong and gentle manner enthrolled her. His dark clear eyes were like a well where she could fall into and never be saved. Clypatheia, not realizing it, let out a loud sigh. Several of her class mates around her laughed.

After class as she was walking down a corridor, Clypatheia thought about how she might see Joseph again. She recalled the scent she picked off of Fusta. And she was familar of the school Fusta spoke of. Last year her team group class went on a field trip to observe giant students in their educational enviroment. "I just have to find away," she said lost in her dreamy thoughts until she walked smack into a wall.

Early Friday evening Joseph booted up his computer. He hadn't recieved a response to his e-mail he sent Eric Cheng a few days before. Entering his account number, Joseph saw he had three new messages. Two were junk mail. The third was from Eric. Saturday replied Eric; at four in the afternoon worked well for him and----his friend. Joseph sent a reply confirming the time. Joseph sat back in his chair and thought, "Cool."

Joseph's brother Billy hadn't heard from Vuna since Sunday. They both left it that they were decide if they should continue the friendship; where they saw each other from time to time or friends from afar.

Saturdy, Joseph spent the majority of the day with his pals---his giant ones.

Near four o'clock walking down Hale Street, where eric lived, Joseph looked for number five. It turned out to be a three floor red brick apartment building. Mr. Cheng was Unit four. Joseph rang the buzzer. Several seconds later he was buzzed in. Climbing the dark wooden stairs Joseph was looking forward in meeting Eric's little person.

"Hi Joseph. Come in," said Eric. On a small coffee table Joseph spied a tray of soft drinks, a bowl of chips and plastic container of dip. The activity from the earlier part of the day had given him an appetite.

Placing a friendly hand on Joseph's shoulder, Eric told Joseph, "Park yourself down and help yourself to a soda and chips." Joseph went and sat down in a dark brown leather recliner. Eric sat down on the couch. As Joseph took a chip and made a sweeping movement through the onion dip Eric asked, "How did Fusta make out?"

Trying to swallow, Joseph caughed then replied, "Goo-od. Mike did a great job with that Ryake deal. Later, a piece of wood got jammed in under the nail to my big toe."

"Ouch," replied Eric.

"Yeah, well, Fusta removed it---all without any pain." Joseph made another sweep of his chip through the dip.

Eric nodded his head. "You have a real friend there. It always leaves them weak for a short period.

"Yeah I know," replied Joseph softly.

Joseph was about to ask Eric about his tiny person when he saw two tiny hands grasping and pulling down on the lip to the pocket of Eric's white polo shirt. Eric smiled, "Joseph, I want you to meet Hori." Reaching in with two fingers Eric pulled out the tiny man. Placing him down in his hand, Eric brought it over before Joseph.

Extending his index finger to Hori, Joseph watched the little person grasp both ends of his finger tip and give it a mild shake. "Hi Hori," said Joseph.

Eric retracted his hand and moved it up to his left shoulder. The little Hori climbed off and sat down on the boulder size shoulder.

"So hey, how did you two meet?" asked Joseph putting another chip in his mouth and washing it down with soda.

 "It was two years ago and..." Eric stopped when the sound of harp music began to fill the air.

"What's that?" asked Joseph.

Eric replied, "Thats Hori being funny. He can make music with his thoughts.'

"Orkun could do that too," replied Joseph with a warm memory grin.

"Ok Hori. Cut it out."

Hori chuckled, "I heard it done in a few enlarged human movies. Everytime someone starts to reminsce the sound of a harp begins."

"This is not a movie."

Hori lowered his head sheepishly.

Joseph smiling; got a kick out of the tiny Hori. His palyfulness reminded him of Fusta.

"Like I said, it was two years ago I was coming home from work and going through the park. As I was going past a park bench, I caught a flash out of the corner of my eye. I thought nothing of it. Then there was another one. I went over to investigate. I saw nothing but a red Frisbe. Lifting it up I saw this little toy like figure. Except it was moving. I stooped down and touched the figure a couple of times. It didn't registar at first I was looking at another person---a tiny living person. I heard these sounds of pain. I gentle lifted what I knew slowly, to be a living creature."

Joseph asked, "Were you scared or freaked?"

"I was when Hori started to move in the palm of my hand. I was almost about to drop him. But, when he turned his little face and in a frail voice I could hardly hear---asking me for help. All my fears vanished. Several kids started to come over, for their Frisbe. I placed Hori in the coat pocket of my over-coat."

Joseph asked Hori, "How did you get hurt?"

"I was flying trying to watch the enlarged humans at play; which I found interesting. Not paying better attention, I got hit by the giant kids Frisbe."

Eric continued, "When I brought him home. I could see he was bleeding. I did what I could. I took advange of a few sick days I had coming so I could nurse Hori. For a few days he seemed to be getting stronger. But then was started to become weak again. This is when I heard of Mike Ingerson. Hori whispered this name. A giant he heard of. There were six Mike Ingerson's listed in the phone book. When I tried the first number, I mentioned a very tiny person needs help. The person before slamming the phone down hollowered a few colorful expletives. The second one was the right one. An hour later Mike came and performed a few basic tiny people techniques that helped Hori on the road to recovery. Mike told me he had learned these medical marvels from his tiny friend, though at that time he had no way in contacting his little friend. Mike told me she was a healer."

"Oh yeah, right Gia I think is the name," remarked Joseph.

Eric replied, Right Gia."

"Sounds like you were lucky that a great guy like Eric found you Hori."

"I don't know about that," responded Eric.

"Stop it Eric. You have no reason to put yourself down."

Joseph looked back and forth at the two, "What happened?"

"I did what Mike had shown me. And I kept nursing Hori who became sronger. As he grew in strength his skills returned. He would create these pieces of mind music that always calmed me down after work. Or when someone really had gotten under my skin at work, Hori's music brought peace back to my soul as did his enlightened manner." Eric went silent for a moment. He resumed. "I had bought a plastic habitat for Hori to live in. I realized I like my new found tiny friend and what he could do for me. I saw Hori as kind of---a---a pet. I was going to be his master. I talked myself into this way of thinking by telling myself, how tiny and frail he is. Isn't he better off looked after by someone like me?"

"Hori," said Joseph. "You could have escaped by the use of your orb that opens the Inter-Space Gateway?"

"I didn't think that would have shown proper respect to the one who saved me. I also liked Eric. We are taught Joseph, people don't come across our path just by chance. There is a bigger purpose. A purpose of human growth between the two lives that intersect with one another. I knew Eric could over come this," spoke Hori who stood up and walked over to Eric's huge ear where he in a brotherly act of humor pulled on its lobe.

"So how long did it take?"

Eric blushed, "Close to a year."

"Wow," responded Joseph.

Our mutual friend Mike helped. He kept it low key but made me think more of Hori as a independant person rather a depedant person. And of course it was Hori's constant good faith in me, that made me wake up suddenly---look at the habitate where my friend, a three inch and quarter person was indeed---my friend. It made me think of what a gift a friend is. So thats the story."

"Thanks. So how is your friendship now? How often do you see each other?"

"We see each other usually once a week. Hori zaps in here and we talk and chill."

Hori asked Joseph, "What about you?"

"Fusta of course as you know was over my parents house for the weekend. And I hope to do it again soon. Oh! My brother Billy is friends with one of you little people. A healer who saved his life in Iraq." Joseph was about to say something but stopped.

"What is it?" questioned Hori.

Starting to fidget with his hands, Joseph said looking down at the floor, "I have nothing but love for you little people."

 "Thanks Joseph," replied Hori. "Many of us have enlarge friends we love also. Maybe, at a future cycle both enlarge humans and ourselves can really live side by side together as the ancient books tell us we once did."

"Cool, you mean there actually was a time we both lived together?" questioned Joseph.

"According to the ancient books. And the teachings of the mystic Omla Raanu who lived several centuries ago, we did.'

On the other side, beyond what the enlarged humans think of as reality, Clypatheia wondered if she should activate her Inter-space Gateway key. "Why am I spending my time thinking about this. Sure, Joseph's a great guy." She stopped her thoughts. Thinking about the giant made her heart beat faster. And it seemed the whole universe orbited around him. "No-no he must have many enlarged human females. Anyway, I'm just a mouse compared to him.' Clypatheia started to wipe the tears from her eyes. "If only I could just talk to him." Gaining courage, Clypatheia activated her key.

As she stepped into the circle of light another, little person ran up to the circle yelling, "Wait!" He entered the gateway.

"Man, strange to think we have a connection with you little people," responded Joseph.

Hori spoke on, "I'm of course not an expert on such matters. While it seems both our cultures are not ready to re-discover each other again, it does please the Spirit of light for some of us, anyway, to come in contact with you enlarge humans."

Pretty something isn't Joseph," said Eric to Joseph.

"Yeah, it really is awesome. I go to the park oneday. And meet a three inch teen. Become friends and my whole changes." Joseph's face became very directed and serious. "And from this pocket size friend I am given more time to live."

Eric asked thoughtfully, "How are you doing with that?"

"About Orkun. I feel better about it. Though, still hard to think he gave his life for mine. But the little rascal is still, and I have no clue how, is still with me." Joseph looked at his watch, "I'll have to get going."

"Thanks for coming Joseph."

Hori added, "Yeah, thanks. I have wanted to meet you. Your becoming something of a legend among my people."

Joseph replied, "Get out of myface."

"No, I speak the truth Joseph."

As Joseph got up out of his chair, he took another chip and covered it with a liberal amount of dip. He then left the apartment.

When Clypatheia stepped out of the gateway, she found herself on top of a wooden surface that had many giant objects littered about. She walked over to a ten foot long white and blue; somewhat crumpled up cylinder. She read the lettering on the side: "CLEAR AWAY. For Covering Unsightly Acne." She giggled. There where many other strange giant artefacts. Round metal wheel size objects with faces on them. Bits of giant paper that had writing on them. Picking up the side of a giant piece of paper Clypatheia looked at the hand written letters. "Letters drawn by Joseph," she thought to herself. Looking around she spotted another cylinder. This one was thinner than the acne cream and she could look inside to its contents. A black liquid filled, halfway up, an even thinner cyllinder inside of the outer cylinder. She knealt down next to it. It had a strong scent of Joseph on it.

"Clypatheia! There you are---you silly girl," spoke the male who looked somewhat older than Clypatheia.

"Shouta," replied Clypatheia.

The young man shook his head. "My silly sister. Why are you here?"

"I just wanted..."

Shouta cut her off, "You know you're not allowed to make contact with enlarge humans without approval of the council."

"I wanted to see where this Joseph came from."

As Shouta surveyed his surroundings, he started to become nervous. "Lets leave here. Giants creep me out."

Clypatheia who walked over to the edge of the struture she was on looked out at the vast canyon which was Joseph's room. "I guess it was stupid."

Joseph was coming up the front walk to his house and thought about what Hori said about giants and little people once part of a society.

Shouta nodded his head. Walking over to a small mound of white material, he told his sister, "I won't mention this to anyone. "

"Your're a great brother," Clypatheia said.

Shouta smelled a strong scent of the giant off the white material. Touching it, it felt thick and coarse. "This Joseph must really be huge if this is his handkerchief. Shouta went over to the edge to join his sister.

Shouta looked over the edge. The top drawer of the object they both were on was partly opened. The drawer full of clothing prevented his view of the floor. Turning around he told his sister, "Lets leave."

"Ok Shouta."

A distant sound of thunder or what sounded like thunder commenced. And this was followed by the sound of metallic moving parts and the loud whooshing of a huge object.

Turning around Shouta saw the giant Joseph entering his room. The shock of seeing one so incrediblly huge caused him to lose his balence. Shouta fell into the open drawer. The material he fell onto was soft and cushioned his fall. Standing up on the uneven surface, Shouta saw he was standing on a pile of gigantic shorts. A shadow glided over him. Looking up, Shouta saw the colossal underside to Joseph's face. Full of fear, Shouta hid beneath a pair of light gray boxers.

Clypatheia hid behind a clock radio. She hoped Shouta was ok. She didn't know if she should leave. She listened to the giant pounding of Joseph's stepts. The scent was very stronge. Clypatheia gave out a startled cry when she lost her footing when Joseph closed the drawer.

Shouta when the the giant cotton landscape went black wondered if he should leave.

Rolling out from behind the radio Clypatheia gave a surprised shout when she saw Joseph's huge face looking down at her from many stories.

 "You don't have to be afraid," said Joseph seeing the look of fright on the very tiny girl's face.

Clypatheia standing up and wiping the dust from her ankles and chest shouted up, "I'm not afraid Joseph."

Hearing the tiny squeak of a voice mention his name, Joseph asked, "So you know me?"

"You don't remember me?" Clypatheia asked.

"I'm sorry I don't."

Clypatheia's face dropped. "Fusta said you did."

"Where did we meet," replied Joseph not wanting to hurt the tiny and pretty girl's feelings.

"We met at the ceremony."

"That was a very heavy time for me. My head was pretty !@#$ back then."

"Yes, I guess it was." Clypatheia looked looked down for a moment then back up at the giant. "I guess I better be going. I'm sorry Joseph for bothering you."

"Its no bother. And who are you?"

"My name is Clypatheia."

Joseph moved his head in closer. As he did, Joseph sent a current of air which sent an even stronger odor of his scent down upon Clypatheia who secretly basked in its scent. "Why are you here.? No one is hurt or anything?' Questioned Joseph with some urgency.

"No, I---just wanted to see you."

Joseph felt rather flasttered. He didn't know what to say next.

"Oh, my brother!" shouted Clypatheia.

"What about him?"

"I think he is still in your drawer."

Joseph had a puzzled look on his face as he asked, "Drawer?"

"Your top drawer. When you came in he lost his balence and fell into it."

Joseph scratched his head, "So there's two of you?"

"Yes, he wanted to stop me from coming." Clypatheia looking shyly up at Joseph, "He didn't want me to get into any trouble."

"Oh man, you mean the counsil doesn't know you had come to see me?"

"You know of the counsil?"

Joseph replied, "Yes."

"Sorry Joseph."

"Then why did you come?"

Clypatheia said, "I wanted to see you. I was very impressed by you."

Joseph nodded his head awkwardly, "Thanks." He thern opened the top drawer. Looking up at Clypatheia he asked, "What's your brother's name?"


"Shouta, are you still here?" asked Joseph. "Its ok. I'm not going to hurt you." Joseph thought, "Its too bad many little people are afraid of giants like me." The tiny form of Shouta appeared from beneath a pair of boxer-briefs. When Shouta crawled out from beneath the waistband, Joseph reached down to pick him up.

Shouta, seeing the colossal fingers reaching for him; covered his head with his arms. Gently, Joseph picked up Shouta and placed him down next to his sister. When the fingers released him, Shouta was surprised how carefull Joseph had been with him. Clypatheia turned to her bother and said softly, "I told you he was special.'

"I hope you both don't get into any trouble over this," said Joseph. As Joseph finished his words another circle of light appeared. "No what," spoke Joseph a bit annoyed and confused.

A little person in a purple uniform stepped out of the Inter-Space Gateway. The Little person seeing Clypatheia and Shouta gave them a severe look.

Joseph asked, "Now, who are you?"

"Joseph," spoke the new arrival, "We need your help. And we need it fast."

"Whats up?"

"A group of people are trapped in a submerged ship. We need you."

Joseph looked down at Clypatheia who looked up at him with her big orange eyes. Looking back at the new arrival, "What do you need me for."

"To save their lives," spoke the new arrival.

Joseph thought, "Is this why I was meant to live?" Looking down at the new arrival, "Ok, I'll do what I can."

Putting her hands together Clypatheia said, "He's wonderful."

A huge gateway opened for Joseph. Talking a breath, Joseph enetred it. When he emerged, Joseph found himself on a beautiful sandy beach. Several people---including children ran up to the front of his black and white sneakers. Joseph knealt down before them. "Please save my father!" shouted one little girl.

An adult woman hollowered up, "My husband!" She stopped and sobbed.

"I'll do what I can," replied Joseph full of compassion for those people.

Several little people ran up to Joseph. One who stood in front of the rest; Joseph figured must be the leader spoike, "A ship has sunk. People are still trapped. We figure you with you great size can save them....It happened so fast Joseph."

"I'll do what I can." Joseph stripped down to his white boxers. The crowd of people ran away as the huge pieces of clothing fell down from the heavens with a mighty thud.

Clypatheia with hands together in prayer whispered, "Dear Eternal Spirit of light. Please save the lives of those trapped in the boat. And look after Joseph---please."

Joseph waded to a waiting vessel that would take him out to the sunken ship. Clypatheia knealt down into the sand and started crying. "Please, please bring Joseph and the rest back alive." Shouta knealt next to his sister and placed an arm around Clypatheia.

Joseph climbed aboard the aircraft carrieir like ship. However, to Joseph it was more like climbing aboard a children's raft.

 As the ship taveled to the danger zone, Joseph was having a hard time staying put on the little people's small nautical craft. He had to keep waving his arms to balence himself and the ship.

The skipper of the vessel told Joseph, "It was a special crusie ship that went under the water. A fault in the lift plane medium caused the ship to sink. There isn't much time. That's why we sent for you instead of a rescue craft.""

"I know I keep saying the same words, but I'll do what I can."

The captain but a hand on the tip to Joseph's big toe and shouted up, "That's all anyone can do.'

When the vessel was over the danger zone, a little person handed Joseph a device and told him, "The closer you get to the ship the quicker the red light will blink. And Joseph---they only have several minutes of air left. May the Spirit of Light guide you."
Joseph nodded, took a deep breath and dove into the cool blue water.

Back on the beach the family of the crew and of the passengers paced along the shoreline. Clypatheia held her hands together tightly. Shouta trying to comfort his sister, "I"m sure Joseph will succeed." Clypatheia just looked out at the waves.

Joseph burst down into the clear water. He looked down at the tiny device he held in his left hand. He hoped he could hold his breath long enough to find the ship. A school of oddly shaped red and pink fish swam along side Joseph. "I hope they don't have sharks," thought Joseph.

The device in Joseph's hand stared to blink faster. He was passing an out-crop of gray granite looking boulders. Passing the out-crop Joseph spotted the red and gray saucer shaped craft. his lungs were starting to ache. "I'm so close now---I gotta make it," he thought.

"Joseph, I'm with you," said a voice in his mind.

"Orkun," thought Joseph. "Please help me save them."

As Joseph came upon the ship, he could see people gasping for air through the observation windows. This included children. Wrapping his arms around the craft, Joseph started heading for the surface. "I feel so weak," he thought.

"Joseph, don't give up," spoke the words of Orkun.

Back at the beach Clypatheia prayed for Joseph. "I have faith in you Joseph. You can do it."

In pain, Joseph kept kicking his legs. "I must get to the surface. I must. For the sake of life I must! And for-for Clypatheia."

Everyone aboard the rescue vessal looked over the side down at the sea with baited breath.

A bubbling appeared on top of the water. Soon it turned into a gush of white foam. Like a God of the sea appeared Joseph springing forth out of the cool arms of the sea. All aboard the ship cheered. Once on the surface, Joseph tore off the top to the ship. The passengers lifted their tiny arms toward the sky as they breathed in life.

Back on the beach Shouta turned toward his sister, "I'm sure it will be ok."

"I know it will be," replied Clypatheia. "I don't know how. But it will be."

After lifting the crusie ship onnto the vessel, Joseph took in huge deep breaths. "Many lives are spared because of Joseph," spoke the voice of Orkun.

Joseph was too weak to climb aboard the ship. The crew attached a safety line to Joseph. Many of the passengers went and kissed Joseph's sampling size fingers.

Clypatheia placed her hands to her mouth and started to shake with antiipation when she saw the vessel returning.

Staggering to shore, Joseph collapased from utter exhaustion. Clypatheia ran to him. And started to kiss the side of his gigantic face. "Thank the Spirit of Light."

Many of the little people working together, created a blanket of light for Joseph.

Billy was in his room when a circle of light appeared. Seeing the light, he wondered what was happening. Seeing Vuna, Billy smiled, "Man, its great to see you."

"I have news about your brother Joseph."

Becoming serious Billy said, "Yes."

"Its ok, he's fine. Joseph was asked to save a sunken ship full of passengers---which he saved," said Vuna in tears of joy.

Waking up, Joseph saw a whole multitude of well wishers. Joseph removed his blanket of light. Seeing he was still in boxers, placed the blanket back over himself. He also saw Clypatheia. "I felt your prayers," he told her. Clypatheia just rubbed the side of his gigantic cheek with her beautiful hands.

Joseph then placed his head back on the warm sand as all the little people cheered him.

 With a sleepy smile Joseph looked out among what had now become a throng of people cheering and clapping for him. A little girl ran up to the enormouse face, "You saved my daddy." The child threw flower petals from a basket she was carrying at Joseph.

A muted rumbling sound began as Joseph began to lift up the huge bulk of his head. "My parents will be wondering about me."

"It has all been arranged," shouted up an official speaking for the council.

In BIlly's room another circle of light appeared on his desk. Two little tiny people in purple garb stepped out. Pressing the key to the gateway the circle of light vanished. Making a cup around his mouth one of the new arrivals spoke to Billy. "Joseph will be spending the night with us. He is very tired after his rescue. We would like to thank him in a public celebration also."

"Yeah, thats great. But what about my parents?" asked Billy.

"That is why we are here," replied the second new arrival. "We will create an image of Joseph."

Billy frowned for a moment. "I hate to keep doing things behind my parents back." After another space of silence. "I know you are honest. And Joseph's is being well looked after. And "blank," he deserves a celebration after what he did---I'm in."

It was getting darker on the beach. Light's were brought out and placed near Joseph. However, they were kept on a low level as not to disturb the sleeping hero. Clypatheia sat down beneath the eight foot long botton lip. Above her she could hear the deep, powerful sound of Joseph's breathing. Warm air rushed down over her. Turning the side of her face against the wall of warm flesh she whispered, "What are these strange enchantments that start when ever your near. I know our size differences prevent us from the things I long to be for you."

Joseph found himself standing next to a running brook outside of a lovely forest of Pine and Fur trees. He had been here before. He stooped down and placed his hand in the cool, clear running water. He spotted another image. An image that seemed to ripple in the current of water. It was another person. Standing up, turning and smiling Joseph said, "Orkun."

Giving him his huge cheek bulging smile Orkun went up to Joseph and gave him a hug. Stepping away Orkun clapped his hands. "Well done Joseph."

Joseph nodded his head slightly. "Ever since you gave your life for mine, I felt..." Joseph rolled his eyes as he looked up at the dark blue sky, "Not just guilty but afraid."

"Afraid Joseph?"

"Yeah, I was afraid I couldn't make up for the great thing you did for me."

"What I did, I did out of respect and love for you Joseph."


"My friend," spoke on Orkun. "Never doubt or second-guess love that is given up to and for you freely."

On the beach of the little people; children played around the great mass of Joseph's clothing. Many ran in and out the pockets to the pants. A few friends dared other to go into the dark caverns to Joseph's sneakers.

Mothers and wives of passengers Joseph had saved, came up to the huge bulk of Joseph's head. Taking shears; cut off little pieces of Joseph's hair.

After several hours Joseph began to stir. Clypatheia fell on her back as the great mass of the head lifted up. He was still greatly tired. Joseph lifted up his left hand that was bleeding. "OOOHH," echoed the sound of the little people keeping vigil around Joseph---seeing the injured hand.

"Let a pal heal that my big giant hero," announced a voice that even in his tired state---Joseph knew who it was.

"Hey Fusta," said Joseph.

Going up to the great outline of his body, Fusta hollowered up, "Put your hand down."

Groggy Joseph let his hand down. It came down with such a thud, it created a vacum that propelled Fusta backwards a good many yards. Shaking his head clear, Fusta went up to the giant hand. A tired index finger from another giant hand pushed back Fusta. "No, (yawn-yawn) get a healer. to do it," said Joseph.

"Its ok Joseph. It won't hurt me. I want to do it."

Joseph in a very tired and hard to understand voice, "Just-(yawn)-(garble)" Fusta bending his head back looked up at the sleepy face, said but just to himself, "Can't explain it, but would give you my life." Fusta concentrated. He then placed his hands on the moist wound to Joseph's hand. He did feel pain rushing through his body.

Fusta felt a hand latching on to his shoulder. It was Clypatheia. "Let me give you more energy."

"Thanks Clypatheia."

Joseph felt the pain leaving his hand. When they were done Clypatheia and Fusta stepped back from the gigantic hand. The drain was harder on Fusta who started to act like he was drunk. Clypatheia just stood silent. Joseph rubbed his hand that was all healed. He spotted Fusta kind of staggering around. He picked up his very tiny pal between two fingers. "You funny little guy. Take rest behind my ear. " Joseph and brotherly, placed his buddy behind his ear where its warm skin lulled Fusta off to sleep.

Joseph before falling to sleep, extended a hand to Clypatheia. Stepping up onto the finger tips, Clypatheia went and on hands and knees, crawled beneath several fingers the curled over. The heat too from the colossal hand brought her to a peaceful sleep.
 Billy brought the two new arrivals to Joseph's room. They created a hologram of Joseph that walked around his room and talked. "You little people are something," said Billy with admiration.

"I think you're pretty something," spoke Vuna to Billy as she stood on his shoulder.

In the morning, as Joseph was waking up, he stretched his huge legs that appeared from beneath the blanket of light. The crowds around him gave out a resounding, "Ooooohh!"

Seeing the beautiful form of Clypatheia in his hand Joseph thought, "What a lovely sight to wake up to."

Joseph carefully removed Fusta from behind his left ear. And placed him down on the soft, clean sand. He stretched his arms and yawned. To the little people who had stayed all night to be there in case he had needed anything, his yawn sounded like a roar. It woke Clypatheia up. As her eyes adjusted to the light of the new day, she gazed with starry eyes at the grand sight before her. Joseph looked like a God. His huge well formed chest. His huge mountain crushing like arms. His wavy crop of black hair. Clypatheia swooned---and dropped down in the warm palm of the hand thinking, "What a guy." Coming back to her senses, she returned to her feet and climbed off the giant hand.

Stepping out from beneath the blanket of light, and just in his white boxers, many of the young girls couldn't help and giggle. Attendants appointed by the council told the crowd of on lookers to disperese. "We are here to help you clean up," said the leader of the group of attendants. Many of them could fly. Eight of them flew up on their wings of light to Joseph holding a special cloth with oinments to clean and refresh his face.

"Open your mouth wide Joseph," said another attendant covered in a clear plastic outfit, who carried with him a long hose attached to a cylinder way down below. With this hose he sprayed the inside of Joseph's mouth and teeth with a chemical that cleaned them til they sparkled. "Yes, a very nice job if I say so myself," spoke the attendant with pride.

Joseph smacked his lips a few times. "Man, my mouth never has felt this clean before. Thanks."

A group of ladies flew up and landed in his hair. One rather plump woman flying up before Joseph's huge, dark brown eyes told him, "We are going to a little trimming of your hair."

"You don't have to do all this," said Joseph feeling uncomfortable from all the attention. "I'm not looking for any award or special treatment."

The plump woman replied, "We know that Joseph. This is why we want to do it." She then gave Joseph a kiss on the tip of his nose.

Clypatheia ran up to catch the strands of hair that fell from many, many stories. She rolled up a couple around her waist. Several young teen girls ran passed the attendants to get their own strands of hair.

Fusta gathered a giant strand of hair. Having healed Joseph several times, he knew he had a special bond with his friend the giant.

A little boy standing behind a guard wanted to see Joseph close up first hand. The boy tried to sneak in by crawling between the legs of the guard. "Hear, hear what are you trying to do little man?" asked the guard. The guard picked the boy up.

"I want to meet Joseph. He seems so kind," responded the little boy whose legs still kept moving as if he was running. The guard handed him back to the child's guardian.

When this grooming was done. Joseph put on his clothing that during the night had been cleaned by the little people.

As Joseph was putting on his shirt he saw two men from the council talking to Clypatheia and her brother Shouta. Joseph kealt down next to tiny group of people. The tremor he caused when he knealt; nearly knocked them all down.

"Please," said Joseph. "I know Clypatheia should have asked permission of the council first, could they over look it in light of everything."

From the Great Council Chamber, the seven member council saw on a monitor what was transpiring. "Even with his great size. He asks with respect."

Another member nodded her head, "This one is filled with enlightenment. His very being shines with a spiritual and matter transforming truth. How beautiful."

"Yes, a pure truth. A powerful truth many attempt to attain through force and darkness. And fail in the end," said thoughtfully another.

The guard contacted the council. After a few minutes he put away his communication device. "They will have to give account. However, the Great Council wanted me to assure you Joseph no arrests will be issued."

Joseph nodded his head. "I trust in the council."

A swarm of flying little people came and floated down around Joseph's massive head. "Please come to the gates of our city Joseph," said one of the little flying people.

Before getting up, Joseph gathered Clypatheia, Fusta and Shouta in his hand. Standing up, Joseph walked toward the city while the group of flying little people around his head began to play music.

Back at Joseph's home, the two little people sent by the council controled with several small brown ords attached to their waist belts an image of Joseph. Alone in his own bedroom with Vuna, Billy told her, "I wish I could see the celebration."

Vuna told him, "We can send you a disc, ah---what you enlarge humans call a Dvd to watch. In secret of course."

"You bet. And hey Vuna, while it only has been a few days since I have seen you. It seems more like years. I wish I could shrink down to your size. Or you to mine." Billy sent a loving finger over Vuna's long flowing hair.

When Joseph came to the great doors of the city which were just a few inches taller than him, Joseph heard an announcement: "Please Welcome in the tradition of our people Joseph!"

His head was starting to feel light-headed from all the attention the little people were giving him. The great doors opened. Tiny balloons of all colors were released. Walking through the entrance to the city, loud sounds of the little people resounded all around him. Not far from Joseph and directly infront was a chair of light. From his hand Clypatheia, Fusta and Shouta crawled to the edge and looked down at the great gathering.

Sitting down he placed his three friends on his knee. Down at his feet came a group of children who sang songs. And danced. A very thin flying little person came up to him and said, "As mayor of this great city I welcome you and adopt you as a citzen. Our city shall always be open to you." More music, balloons and flower petals followed. "Speak to us Joseph," spoke the mayor whose voice echoed through-out.

"Man, I don't know what to say. I guess---thanks." Joseph's face became serious. "I do want to tell ya. What I did, I did cause it was the right thing to do. And I wonder why make a big deal out of it?"

"Yes indeed," echoed a voice. Floating up to Joseph was the seven member Great Council. "We honor you Joseph as an enlarge being who without thought to his own safety or convenience did an act that in every part of creation shines. You put the lives of others before yours. And this sir we honor you."

Fireworks exploded over the city.

"We now ask you to stand up," said a member of the Great Council. Joseph picked up his three friends and placed them partway down the front right pocket to his jeans. The three little people with hands over the lip to the pocket waited to see what was coming next.

What at first looked like a gray cloud sailing over the city to Joseph, in fact was a large group of flying little people. The many little flying people grabbed hold on to his arms. A dozen latched on to the back of his pants. Joseph with wide eyes found himself being lifted up. With outstrected arms held by the platoon of flying little people, Joseph ascended over the great city.

Joseph marveled at the amazing workmenship of this silver, gray and blue metropolis.

 The little people's city even from an enlarge human perspective was on a glorious scale. Joseph found the buildings were not just functional in design, they were also works of art. Several of the larger strutures made sweeps and curves that intersected with other high rise dwellings.

From the roof tops the little people called up to Joseph. Many others clapped. Joseph felt at times rather impressed by his shadow the dwarfed many of the puffy white clouds below. Or how the little people became lost in its darkness.

"Speak to the people below," said the master of the flying platoon.

Joseph didn't know want to say. When he flew over another roof top of little people he called down to them, "Thanks for coming out to greet me." His voice echoed for miles. He chuckled and smiled. "Hello, hello down there my friends." Once more Joseph chuckled and smiled form the pure power his voice had in this little people's land and the joy it seemed to be giving them. Meanwhile, his three friends in his pocket covered their ears when he hollowered down to the populace. They were, however, very happy for their giant hero.

Clypatheia rested her chin on the thick lip to the pocket and thought, "He's so boss. And I'm in his pocket close to my love."

"He's a great guy and all but man, I want to get out of his pocket. And that giant scent, how can people stand it," said Shouta to himself.

Fusta looking up at the colossal face which was his friend's, "How blessed I am to have Joseph as one I can call a heart pal." Fusta grinned, "I bet I could even fit into his heart."

Joseph glancing down at the very tiny humans sticking out of his pocket mused, "How can people so small have such huge and beautiful hearts?"

Turning toward his sister who was lost in dreams, Shouta told her, "Sister, you know were we are?"

Clypatheia lifted her chin off the denim material, "Of course. I'm in the air."

"No, your not hearing me. I mean, what are we in?"

"His pocket?"

Shouta looked sadly at his sister, "Exactly. I wonder how many pets Joseph had he could fit in his pocket. How many bugs and creatures our size and even bigger he has crushed beneath his feet."

Fusta hearing this responded with a little anger, "What are you saying about Joseph?"

Moving her hair from out of her face, Clypatheia asked, "Yeah, what are you saying?"

"I'm not saying he's a bad guy. But he is a giant. And can't help maybe seeing us less than people."

"Brother how can you say that? He's not like that at all. Sure, maybe sometimes he may feel rather important because of his greater size and..."

Fusta interrupted, "We honor him not just because he saved a large number of people or he took a bolt of energy for his friend Orkun; we honor him for taking the leap from the very samething you accuse him of. And let me remind you of the many enlarge human friends we have."

Shouta looked at the angry face of Fusta then at the soft questioning face of his sister, "I'm sorry. I might have gone too far." Fusta nodded his head. "Still, Joseph's a giant and it will be a giant girl who he will choose. Its only natural." In a more gentle voice Shouta looked at Clypatheia, "Its only normal for Joseph to choose a giant girl for his mate."

"Shouta you don't think I haven't thought of that?"

Looking down again at his friends, "Enjoying the ride?" The three gave Joseph a wave of the hands.

Clypatheia put her chin back down on the lip to the pocket. Fusta waved energetically and happily down to the people. Shouta just stared blankly out ahead.

"Energy level point six," shouted the flying master.

Joseph found himself changing position and could feel the change of hight in his ears.

The master shouted, "Energy point two. And easy on the trim."

Joseph looked down as his feet descended toward the ground. It was a wonderful and exciting image for all the little people as the gigantic bulk of Joseph was brought back down to the ground. The flying little people holding onto the seat of his pants let go as did the ones who held his arms.

Joseph clearing his mind after such an unusual flight started to reach for his pals. Clypatheia let go of the lip and sank down below. Extending one hand, while hanging on to the lip of the pocket with the other, Shouta shouted, "What are you doing!?" He could only watch as his sister disappeared down into the darkness of the pocket.

Clypatheia in the warm darkness, felt herself siding over the thick material that lined the pocket. When she landed at the botom of the pocket abyss, she reached out into the darkness and grabbed hold to a fold of material. It was warm. Warm from Joseph's body. The black void was filled with his scent. "I keep telling myself not to fall in love. But I have. I wish Joseph you could whisper the things my heart are longing to hear." 

 Shouta gazed down at the darkness were his sister had let herself descend into. The heat and scent of Joseph rose out of it. "Why Clypatheia? Why let yourself be engulf by the giant?" thought Shouta. He then angrily wiggled between Joseph's fingers as he was pulled out of the pocket.

Back on the ground Fusta said, "What a ride." Seeing Shouta was upset, "Don't worry about Clypatheia. She's were she wants to be right now."

"In some giant's gross, smelly pocket," snapped Shouta.

"Shouta, its not smelly. And its hard to explain but enwrapped in our giant pal's scent is---I found comforting. Like being surrounded by goodness."

Squinting his eyes in disdain, Shouta told Fusta, "Your an idiot."

Fusta's face dropped. Feeling his blood boiling he stepped right up to Shouta. "What's going," said a voice.

Turning around Fusta smiled, "Grandpa! Man, I was wondering were you have been."

"Been feeling tired these past days." Grandpa then turned toward Shouta who was looking up at Joseph's tower of a pant leg. Shouta looked away and walked off.

"Whats up with that guy?" asked Fusta.

Grandpa replied, "Maybe hes afraid of seeing his sister hurt."

"Oh Joseph wouldn't do anything to hurt his sister," said Fusta.

"Oh Joseph's a fine enlarge human. Though, relationships as they form can be painful. Maybe that's what Shouta sees." Grandpa gave a weak sigh, "Part of life. No escaping it. There is pain."

Fusta nodded his head.

They both turned their attention back to Joseph and looked up with affection at the towering teen.

Feeling Clypatheia's movement in his pocket Joseph sent a hand and gentle pressed against her form. In the warm darkness, Clypatheia tingled when she felt Joseph's touch through the lining of the pocket.

Street musicians came and made merry. Jogglers entertained as they moved between Joseph's great legs. From apartments women and children opened their windows and called out to the mega-size teen. Joseph stooped and gently tapped their heads. He let the children and their mothers kiss the side of his massive cheek.

Joseph reached down into his pocket and with fingers that when they wrapped around Clypatheia sent an energy that warmed his very spirit. Once in hand he pressed her against his cheek. Clypatheia feeling her body engulfed by the warm flesh of his cheek thought, "Is this heaven?"

At the far end of the city in a hospital for the disturbed of mind, in a general recreation room, the patients were watching the proceedings on a monitor screen. One of them, Golos said under his breath, "I will get that giant. I WILL!!" His body started to shake and green foam began to drip from his mouth.

"Golos what have we told you about becoming agitated. You know that isn't good for your shield," spoke an attendant.

The lead doctor on that treatment unit came in. "I want to run blood and fluid work on Golos. We need to check his levels." The attendant removed Golos.

After more celebration, a memeber of the Great Council brought it to a close, "We thank you Joseph---a teen and a man. Most of all we thank you as a fellow human being who has made it possible for other human beings to live. We of course acknowledge the work of the Spirit of Light in this. All happens in his plan."

"Thank you. And I know if it was not for the sacrifice of my friend Orkun who saved my life, those people would not be alive now."

Everybody said, "Praise be the Spirit of Light."

Seeing Grandpa, Joseph lowered his hand. The old man climbed up over the top of the finger tips and walked to the center of the hand. Joseph brought his hand up. "Its been a while. Are you ok?"

"Its just age Joseph. I feel feel like a teen your age. My body, however, says otherwise. "

"Its great to see-ya anyway. I have---well---impressions of Orkun."

Grandpa gave Joseph a knowing look, "Be greatful of those Joseph. Not everybody has what you call, 'impressions' of one who has traveled to the next plane."

After a time of general talking to the citzens it was time for Joseph to leave. "I'll see you soon," said Fusta.

"Until next time Joseph---remember me," spoke Clypatheia.

Joseph smiled, "You know I will."

A great circle of light appeared. Before entering it, Joseph turned and waved to the people. Joseph entered it. "What a guy," said Clypatheia.

Joseph when he stepped out of the Inter-Space Gateway found himself back in his room. Billy was there. And Vuna was on his shoulder. The biggest surprise for Joseph was seeing his double. "Wh...what is this?" asked Joseph.

Two little people called up to Joseph from his computer table, "While you were gone we set up a hologram. To keep your parents from asking any embarresing questions." The tiny emissaries of the Great Council removed the hologram. They saluted Joseph and entered the gateway.

"So how was it?" asked Billy putting a hand on his brother's right shoulder.

"It was great. And that doesn't even capture my real feelings of it."

"We're proud of you Joe," said Billy.

Vuna added, "We really are."

Joseph jerked his head around feeling embarresed he then left for the bathroom. On his way he thought, "Clypatheia."

Hearing the thought, Clypatheia, replied, "Joseph."

When Joseph entered the bathroom, something in the mirror caught his attention. Leaning in over the wash basin, Joseph saw reflected in the mirror; his eyes were glowing orange.

 Joseph just stared opened mouth at his glowing orange eyes. As he looked into the eyes that appeared to stare back at him, Joseph thought of the little people and their eyes.

Sitting down with his family about to eat, Fusta's mind suddenly went to Joseph. He felt something. It wasn't bad, just a feeling.

"What's happeneing to me?" thought Joseph. The orange light faded and Joseph found hiimself once more gazing into dark brown eyes he has known since he could remember. "Hmm, maybe its a reaction from being around the little people a long time."

Joseph was going to tell his brother about this. Joseph decided to wait and tell Clypatheia or Fusta when he saw them next.

The next three days went smoothly and routinly. Joseph had seen, however, with a slight tug of his heart, a classmate named Helen. Joseph found her really great to be around. His heart did remind him of Clypatheia. Joseph loved Clypatheia and he was torn by the mind. Clypatheia's a little person. How realistic is it in pursuing a deeper realtionship. Helen is his own size.

Joseph felt conflict in his heart.

Clypatheia was in her room making a wreath out of several strands of Joseph's hair. She felt a presence behind her. Turning around she saw Shouta standing in the doorway to her bedroom. "Its a wreath made out of strands of Joseph's hair. I'm going to hang it on my wall."

Shouta gave her a slight smile. "He's a good friend. And he will always be a good friend."

"Yeah, I know."

"He will be nothing more than a good friend."

Clypatheia's hands tightened around the thick strands of black and brown hair, "Ok Shouta you made your point."

Shouta left his sister's room and felt, "Someone has to set this enlarge human straight."

Thursday started out as a usual day for Joseph. Before attending his first class Joseph was shooting-the-breeze with his pals. And On his way to class Joseph went over to a water font. As the cool, bubbling water entered between his lips, Joseph noticed a orange glow being reflected off the pitted and worn silver surface. His face tightened. Lifting his face away from the cooler he kept his head down. He didn't want anyone to see his eyes. Joseph was going to leave the school. A strange, sickening feeling came over him. Joseph knowing he was going to faint at any moment, entered an empty room. He ran for a couple of boxes piled in the corner.

Darkness came.

Fusta was in his class when a cold feeling ran through him. "Joseph?" he mumbled.

Waking up Joseph put a hand to his forehead for he had bit of a headache. There was a strong sent of cardboard around him. Rising up and well out of his sight was a wall of tan colored cardboard. Putting his hand against the thick cardboard as support, he stood up, Joseph looked down upon the floor. Huge black and scuffed up white squares spread before him. Joseph being a very smart lad knew what was going on---he had shrunk!

Shouta knowing Joseph's scent and the place of his schooling wanted to talk with him. It did mean going against the will of the council. Attaching a enlarge human tracking device to his waist belt, Shouta could enter the exact place where Joseph was.

Coming over the mountain size boxes were voices. Joseph felt nervous. He became honest with himself. He wasn't nervous---he was scared. Joseph slowly walked around the side of the box. Eyes widdened as Joseph now could understand the fear his little friends had about giant feet, and sneakers. Across the great gulf of the floor, were a dozen or more dump truck size sneakers and flip-flops. The surface beneath him shook as restless feet moved. There was the loud clump-clump sound as the teacher walked in between the rows of the twelve story high desks. There was a strange smell to this room that Joseph recognized. It was one of the science labs. Joseph though, "At least this not where they dissect frogs and bugs." Joseph ran his hands down his chest as he thought with fear, "Bugs. Bug size." He really could appreciate the bravery and trust of his tiny pals. Deep fear once more settled in.

Strong emotional sense of Joseph ran through-out Fusta's body. "Whats going on with Joseph?" though Fusta with growing concern.

Clypatheia was too having thoughts about Joseph.

Joseph looked at his watch, "Class should be ending soon. I wish I could see the faces. Maybe one of my friends are here."

A booming, screeching sounded across the floor. It made Joseph's teeth hurt. A thumping sound that quickly changed into muted cannon fire was thundering his way. The front to a pair of semi-dirty white and blue sneakers appeared. Joseph ran around the side of the box. He slipped on a portion of wax that hadn't been worn by gigantic soles. Turning over, Joseph frooze. Expanding and seemingly expanding into the air was a creature out of books, comics and films. It was a giant! Green khaki pants that seemed to Joseph, so many, many yards wide rose up to a powerful body that narrowed off in a kind of mockery of what a human looks like. A straggly forest of golden and brown hair crowned the top of this seemingly other-wordly creature.

Joseph let out a fearful yelp when the gigantic, other-wordly teen looked down in his direction. A pressure of air began to press in on Joseph as the titanic teen crouched down. The teen turned his head off to the side, to the deep rumblings of another giant. Turning his gaze back toward Joseph, the huge teen reached into his mouth and took out a huge mass.

Joseph tried not to move as huge tree size fingers descended down upon him. He also hoped he could keep from pissing his pants. The giant fingers pressed over the lower half of Joseph's body something that smelled like spearmint. The giant stood up and walked away. Joseph found he was stuck to the floor by gum. It grossed Joseph out to be covered in the hot, squishy substance covered with the teen's saliva. Joseph wondered, "Did he see me move?"

 Shouta emerged from the Inter-Space Gateway. He backed up against the side-board to the wall, when he saw all the gigantic giants. He shook his head in disguest at them. Checking his device, it was pointing to a series of building size boxes.

Joseph figured he was stuck here for a reason---the giant wanted him. Pushing on the wet, gelatinous like substance, Joseph hoped to work it off.

Shouta moved carefully and skillfully toward the great bulk of the boxes.

As the saliva cooled, and the gum became easier to handle, Joseph saw he was able, then, to make more progress. He smiled, when he was rolling it off his legs.

Shouta came around the corner to the box when he frooze. He had to blink his eyes several times. There working off his feet, that appeared to be gum that enlarge humans like to chew, was a normal size Joseph. Shouta became confused in what he should do. His mind changed to the many sounds of enlarge human movements.

Joseph out loud said, "Come on. Get off!" Class was letting out and it would only take seconds for the giant to come back. Free of the gum, Joseph stood up.

Shouta watching this, suddenly swung his head up quickly, when he saw the giant sneakers and pant leg appear infront of Joseph. He was stalled of mind and heart in performing any action.

Joseph turned and tried to run toward at stack of metal cans and rags. From several hundred feet the teen went over to a lab table that was up against a wall. Openeing several cabinets he found a butterfly net. Joseph ran and hid behind two cans. He listened. The foot stepts were slow and soft. Obviously thought Joseph, the giant was trying to be clever. His heavy weight still betrayed his prograss.

Shouta staying out of sight under the shadow of a stool was observing all this. He thought, "Should I help Joseph. He did save many of my people. But...but...maybe he will see what he is like to us. And how there is no future for him with Clypatheia."

The teen who was crouched over the cans and other debris was starting to become impatient. He began to move the stuff with his right sneaker. A huge dark shadow passed over Joseph. Looking up Joseph saw the bottom of the sole. Its light brown surface that hung above his head sent shivers through Joseph. As light returned after its passing above, Joseph felt better. His moment of relief faded as it returned and lowered Joseph jumped out of its way. Backing up from the side of this rubber monster, Joseph heard from above a deep, "You are so mine." There was that pressure of air again and a rustling sound. Joseph just ran as fast as he could. There was a loud commotion behind him. Still running, Joseph turned and saw the bottom of a giant net.

Shouta seeing Joseph run out into the open knew the giant would soon get him.

Joseph running and all heated up felt that dreaded pressure of air. His vision for a moment was filled with the white netting material. Next he felt himself running and tangling up into it.

The teen lifted up the net and gave out a quiet laugh, as he saw it shake from the struggling of the tiny person at its bottom. Joseph with horror looked up at the face that peered in at him. The blue eyes had kind of an animal frenzy about them which frightened Joseph. The eyes slowly changed from an animal frenzy to the look of a collector.

Shouta looking up at Joseph caught in the net smiled. "Your a good guy. I'm sure you'll make friends. " Shouta activated his gateway key and went home.

The teen with his free hand wiggled it nervously and with anticipation---anticipation to holding his fantastic catch.

Joseph closed his eyes as the giant hand reached in for him. He hoped the fingers would take in mind that he was small and a human. The great fingers pushed effortlessly Joseph around entombing him in warm flesh. The air was warm and smelled of pencil. When Joseph was released he saw the face of the teen filling his vision. Joseph had a feeling he might now this guy. The face softened as it said, "Hoe did you get so small? Are their more of you? My friends..."

When Joseph heard friends he squeaked loudly, "No please no one else."

"Ha-ha-you have a really funny voice dude and..." The teen stopped. He squinted his eyes. "Its ok dude. I better be going its almost time for my next class."

Sapling size fingers closed in around him. Joseph felt a downward motion. When the fingers retracted, Joseph rolled out onto a black, warm surface. The first thing Joseph noticed was this deep, almost rank scent. The lightless world moved as the giant walked. "So this is what it is like to be in a pocket," thought Joseph.

He started to feel ashamed of himself, "I can dive down into an ocean and save people. Become a great giant hero. I'm shrunken and feel nothing more like a little frieghtened creature. Man, its so sad I feel I have to hide from people who most are my friends. !@#$ does size really change everything. We have to be more than that. I hope we are. Or can be."

When Shouta returned home he went to his room. Sitting on the side of his bed, Shouta thought with a chuckle, "Joseph the once great enlarge human hero, now tapped in a pocket." Shouta put his elbows on his knees and thought more. "Maybe I hate him. I thought I hated him because I wanted to spare my sister any pain of a relationship that can't go any further. I read all sorts of writings on how love can transend limitations. Still, one has to have their feet on the ground." Shouta's thoughts deepened. "Joseph saved many people. He took an energy bolt for a friend. All things men should do. All people with heart should do. I left this guy?"

Shouta felt ashamed of himself. No, not ashamed---disgusted. "I wasn't a coward. I was worse. I was unmanly. I let my own feelings get in the way of doing the right thing."

In the darkness Joseph thought of his lettle people friends. "Its so scary like this for me. And my friends still wanted me as their pal. And trusted me. Man, I really do love them. They have the giant courage."

As the teen was sitting in class, excited over what he had trapped in his pocket, he became aware of someone. Behind the teacher who went on endlessly with his blah, blahs, a figure with glowing orange eyes floated past him. The teen knew in his heart, he was the object of the stare.

 The spectral image lasted for a few more minutes then faded. The teen after, tried to keep his mind on his studies.

In the darkness of the pocket, Joseph tried not to get anxious about what the teen might have planned for him. Still, Joseph knew this guy and was trying to figure who which also helped him in dealing with his anxciety.

Shouta went about his business, though it was with heavy heart. He wanted to tell someone, yet, pride prevented him.

A folktale Shouta's father use to read to him as a child came to his mind and heart. It was about his people. And how many centuries ago they were suppose to have teamed up with enlarge humans. It was told, they wondered the country-side in two's performing acts of healing and mercy. They were suppose to be very noble.

The air besides being strong with the scent of the teen, was hot and stale. Joseph kept falling off to a trouble sleep. He was broken out of one such nap by violent movements of the pocket. In the blackness Joseph braced himself by spreading his legs against the sides to his pocket cell and held tightly to the inner-lining. Joseph could hear the teen's heavy foot stepts. And coming through the thick material the distorted sounds of other giants. Joseph's blood went cold when he heard the teen say, "Hey Matt."

"Please may it not be Matt Flynn," said Joseph out loud. His heart fell even more when Joseph heard, even distorted by size and by the pant material the reply of the other giant. It was Matt Flynn's voice. Joseph really feared for his safety with the likes of Matt who was a bully in every sense of the word. Matt enjoyed hurting others for the sake of hurting.

Tapping the slight bulge at the bottom of his pocket the teen wanted to show Matt his find. The teen's face went numb. Appearing behind Matt was that specter thing again with the orange eyes. "Hey Chris. What's up with you?" questioned Matt.

"Chris! Thats the dudes name," said Joseph to himself.

"Ah nothing. I guess. I'll see you tomorrow?" replied Chris feeling freaked. The image which seemed to look like an old man once more vanished. Chris hurried home. Joseph found himself jostled about and slammed against the giant leg. It was very uncomfortable.

Chris entered his home by the back door. He poured himself a glass of milk. And after having several cookies went up to his room.

Joseph was feeling pretty sick by this time from all the violent jostling. It felt like pins pricking his eyes when light rained down upon him. From basic instinctual motivations deep in his being Joseph pushed himself away from the monstrous looking fingers. Pressed up against the lining of the pocket Joseph could escape no further. He was wrapped in the embrace of Chris's fingers.

Chris felt a tingle go through his body when he felt the squirming in his fist. Opening his hand he gazed down at the tiny teen. He started to move his index finger down to move the black wavy hair out of the tiny person's face. He stopped when he heard a high pitch yelp.

Joseph felt like a fool screaming as he did. The sight of such a huge finger and not knowing its intent was just too much for him. "Stay cool. Just stay cool," repeated Joseph. Looking up at Chris, Joseph remembered how he had talked to Chris from-time- to-time. He wasn't friends with him, just an occasional person he talked to. Joseph lost his footing and fell down when Chris moved his hand.

"Whats your name?"

Getting back onto his feet Joseph shouted up, "Joseph. We have talked sometimes."

"Joseph?" replied Chris who thought for a moment. A smile appeared on his face. "Oh yeah. I remember you. You once showed me how to improve my hoops."

Joseph remembered how last year before basketball season, Chris approached him for some quick coaching. "Yeah, I remember. How did it go?"

"Pretty good." Chris's face went into a questioning formation. "How did you get to be so very small."

"To be honest I don't know." And joseph knew that was the truth. He didn't.

Chris asked, "Does your family or anyone know?"

"I don't think so." Joseph tensed up his face in frustration. He knew that was a dump thing to tell Chris. Now Chris may not want to help him.

Chris felt light headed when he heard this. "You look so cute. You always been cute."

"Huh," responded Joseph.

Oh-ah I mean small you look cute. And your tiny clothing. That's what I meant," said Chris looking at Joseph with his big blue eyes. He watched with rapt attention as the very tiny form of Joseph walked to the side of his hand. When he saw Joseph lower his head, "Joseph I hope your not scared or anything. I'll take care of you."

"Are you a man?" Shouta kept telling himself. taking in a deep breath, he went over to a wall monitor. Shouta contacted the operator. "I want the main office of the Great Council."

Joseph was standing on a giant monopoly board. He had started a game with Chris. When it was his turn, he had to bend over and push hs pieces. A few times he nearly got knocked over when Chris through his dice. "I'm kind of tired could we do this later?"

Chris made a tight face. "I could call some of my pals. They could play with us."

"Ok, forget it," hollowered up Joseph as he moved his piece by kicking it.

Chris liked the power he had. But he also liked Joseph. "Ok lets stop for a while. Anything you need?"

"Oh man, yeah. I could go for something to drink and eat. I had nothing since breakfast."

"I'll go get something for you to drink and eat." Chris started to look around his room and at the table Joseph was on.

Joseph figured he knew what was up. Cupping his hands around his mouth, "I won't try to escape. How could I get out of here anyway."

Chris still surveying his room replied, "Ok, I trust you. But if you do try to leave, I'll put you in a jar."

"I promise Chris." For a moment Chris gave Joseph lambs eyes before leaving the room.

"He's not a bad guy. And why would a guy like that be friends with a creep like Matt?" Joseph asked himself. Joseph did scrutinize the room with his eyes. He wasn't near any phone or computer. The window was shut. No he would have to hope in Chris's better nature.

Billy was in his parents livingroom when something small and flying caught his attention. It was Vuna. "What the..." Billy got up and followed Vuna up the stairs to his bedroom. When Billy entered his room, he saw three more little people on his desk.

Flying down and joining the others, Vuna told Billy, "We have a problem."

 Joseph ate in the giant palm to Chris's hand. He drank juice out of a bottle cap. Many stories above him Chris looked down. The food made Joseph feel better. And he once more thought of how brave his little people friends were. Now he saw their perspective first hand. Joseph then asked Chris, "So are you good friends with Matt?"

"Aaah, not good friends. I guess being friends with him keeps other guys from bothering me."

"Dude, didn't know you got hasseled."

"Its better now."

After finishing a piece of deli ham Joseph asked, "Anything, I can help you with?"

Chris blinked his eyes and bit his lower lip, "No, but thanks for asking." He then sent a finger down on Joseph's head and gave him a gentle tap. When he removed his finger Chris shyly turned away.

Looking back down at Joseph, "I guess you wish you were big again. Or hope to soon."

"Yeah, I hope." Seeing the conflict in Chris eyes, Joseph said, "You're making it not so scary for me."

Chris's eyes lit up, "Really? I am Joseph?" Joseph nodded. Chris scatching the back of his head told Joseph, "Sorry for catching you like a bug in that net. It was I had never seen a tiny person before."

Joseph more and more was understanding the little people's great concern in how to approach giants.

"You just left him hanging in that guy's net. My brother caught like a bug in a net and YOU-YOU left him? What kind of man are you?" spoke Billy angrily at Shouta. Billy turned his great bulk away from the table. Turning back Billy made a fist. "Man, if Vuna wasn't here, I would crush you in a second!"

Fusta grabbed Shouta's collar, "I want nothing more than to... Aaah." He then let go.

The council guard told everyone, "We're not helping Joseph like this. We will track him down."

"How is this possible? Has it happened before?" asked Billy.

The council guard replied, "Not that I know of."

At bedtime, Chris had set up on a table next to his bed a pile of tube socks for Joseph to use as a bed. "You could just lock me away in a drawer for the night," said Joseph.

Chris turned sideways on his bed, his huge face filling Joseph's vision as he spoke, "Not with you Joseph. You may be tiny but you're a cool tiny." Chris chuckled, "Now with someone like Matt I might have to lock up and I mean in a cage."

"Hey, I thought you were kind of pals with him?"

"Yeah, I am. But he's also strange and scares me in what he talks about. I think maybe for his own and others safety he should be shruken." Chris reached over and pulled up the top of the white sock over Joseph's chest, "While your tiny I'll look out for ya."

"Thanks Chris."

Chris turned off the light. In the darkness, he suddenly said softly, "Why is it, when we find someone we adore, we must love them from far away?' He then turned his head to the otherside.

For a long while Joseph stayed wide awake. Slowly, he drifted to sleep.

Joseph was standing next to that running river in that beautiful forest of pines and furs. He noticed something. His manner of dress. Joseph found himself in garb that reminded him of drawings of Samurai warriors of Japan and what they wore in the seventh century. The garb was dark blue and trimmed with black. His feet were cladded in oatmeal colored sandals.

Another object caught Joseph's attention. It was that of a woman with long, silky like hair walking down a small meadow path. "Hey, wait up," spoke Joseph as he ran up the path. Reaching the woman he asked, "Who are you?" When the woman turned around---it was Clypatheia. A soft smile developed on Joseph's face.

Clypatheia said as she ran a beautiful delicate hand up Joseph's chest, "My hero giant." She then turned sadly away.

Gently turning Clypatheia back to him, Joseph told her, "Giant or not---its you I love."

In the morning Joseph felt top of the world. He wasn't scared. Though, a strange sensation seemed to be running through him. Joseph stood up while he put his clothing back on. Chris was coming over to see how he was, when a furry of air rushed over him. Chris's vision was blocked by a sudden upward mass. The mass caused Chris to fall backwards.

Chris's father from downstairs heard the heavy thud. He ran upstairs. Opening the door to his son's bedroom, he saw Chris on his back with Joseph on top of him. "What's going on?" asked the father as he cocked his head slightly.

"Nothing Dad," replied Chris. The father just slowly backed out of the room and closed the door. Dazed, Joseph rolled over onto the side.

Sittting up Chris shook Joseph, "Man, your big again! I'm happy for you."

As they walked to school Chris told Joseph, "I wonder what all our friends will think?"

Joseph didn't want this to go any further. And what could he tell them? "Chris you and I had a special event happen in our lives. If we try to explain it to others, they might lock us away or something. Maybe, its just a special thing best kept between us."

Chris shook his head in agreement. "If you do find yourself ever tiny again, I hope you know you have a pal who will look after you."

"I know that Chris. And thanks. "

Ah Joseph."


"If someone was to shrink again. I hope it would be me. I would love to be kept by you."

"Yeah, and I would take good care of you."

Chris smiled shyly, "I understood if you don't want to be seen with me. Its cool."

"I never ignore a friend," replied Joseph.

 When Joseph arrived at school, he knew he had to call his parents. Pulling out his wallet, Joseph hoped he still had his brother's cell phone number. After returning from Iraq, Billy had re-activated his account. Finding the slip of paper with the number, Joseph went to a pay-phone in the school's lobby.

Billy was in the kitchen with his parents when his phone rang. "Hello."

"Hey Billy its me."

"Joseph? Where ar...hold on." Billy got and left the room. "What the !@#$ happened? Are you ok? Are you stilll shrunk?"

"You know about that?"

"Yeah, yeah, so where are you?"

"I'm at schoo..."

Cutting Joseph off Billy questioned further, "Are you still tiny?"

"No, I'm back to normal. I wanted to let dad and mom know I'm ok."

"They think your sick in bed. The liitle people created another hologram."

"They did? Got to love the little people."

"So Joe what's your plan?"

"Go to class."

"Ok. Dad and Mom are going out later. When they come back I'll tell them you felt better and went to school."

Joseph chuckled, "You think they'll buy that?"

"I hope so. See ya later."

After hanging up, Joseph went to class. He did, however, have many questions on his mind he hoped his little friends could explain.

In Joseph's room, Vuna, the guard from the Great Council and Clypatheia were there after spending the night. Billy told them about his conversation with Joseph. "Oh thank the Spirit of Light he's ok," remarked Clypatheia.

"I think Clypatheia," said Billy. "Shouta should be here when Joseph comes back to apologize."

Clypatheia replied sadly, "I don't know why he did such a thing. I know he didn't approve of my friendship with Joseph."

"Yeah well, maybe when he's apologizing to Joseph he can explain to us," responded Billy still angry.

Looking down at Vuna his heart softened, "Was great to have you spend the night," said Billy who sent a loving finger down the side of Vuna's face.

When Joseph went to class, he wondered if maybe he should have gone straight home. What happens if he should shrink again? As he though, he spotted a shimmering figure next to the teachers desk. The eyes of the misty apparition glowed orange. Joseph knew in his heart it wasn't Orkun. The spectral being had a fatherly smile that set Joseph's mind at ease. His thoughts quickly went to Clypatheia. He smiled thinking of her.

In Joseph's room, Clypatheia felt herself smiling also when she thought of Joseph.

After school and to Joseph's surprise he was met by Eric Cheng. "Billy contacted me and explained the whole fantastic story. He thought maybe it might be better we met at my place otherwise your parents might find out."

"Sure." Joseph started to study the pockets to the jacket Eric was wearing.

Knowing what Joseph was looking for Eric said, "No Hori isn't with me. He's at my apartment. And your feeling ok know?"

"Yeah. The only thing, earlier back at school I did have a vision I guess you call it, of a normal size spirit but with little people eyes. That seem to make me feel everything is ok."

"Hmm," responded Eric.

Going down Hale Street Joseph arrived at Eric's apartment. Once inside Joseph had another surprise, Mike Ingerson was there and sitting on his shoulder was his little friend Gia. A sweet looking girl with dark red hair.

Joseph's eyes however, quickly scanned for one particular person. And standing on top of the television set was the object of his search---Clypatheia. He went over and placed his hand down before her. Clypatheia jumped on. "Joseph," said Clypatheia who started to cry. "I was so worried."

Joseph gave her a kiss on top of the head and pressed her against the side of his cheek. "Clypatheia, its you I love."

After giving each other the lambs eyes, they returned their thoughts to their friends. Joseph felt embarrassed from his outpouring of emotion and turned bright red.

"Its ok Joe," said his brother. "We're all friends here." Joseph nodded and placed his love---Clypatheia in his shirt pocket.

"Yeah!" squeaked a tiny voice.

Squinting his eyes, Joseph saw his close pal Fusta Jumping up and down and waving his arm on top of Eric's coffee table. "You little creep," said Joseph warmly. He picked up Fusta and placed him on top of his head.

After thanking everyone for their thoughts and support Joseph asked, "So what now?"

Reaching into his coat pocket, Billy told Joseph, "I have someone here that has somethings to tell you." Opening his hand up, Clypatheia's brother Shouta stood up. Billy handed Shouta to Joseph.

Looking down at Shouta who stood stiffly in his hand asked, "What you got to tell me?"

"Joseph I-I followed your scent to school."


Shouta went silent. "Brother tell him," said Clypatheia.

"Thats not the important thing. Joseph I followed you the day you shrank."

Joseph shook his head slightly, "And so?"

"Joseph you don't understand. I followed you the day you shrank. I saw you hiding behind the boxes. I saw the enlarge human trap you with his gum. And capture with his net. And I---told no one. Not for a while."

"Why Shouta?"

Shouta fell to his knees. Weeping he told Joseph, "Your a better man than me. Forgive me."

Joseph was filled with mixed emotions. He then directed his mind, "Before I can even think of forgiving you, I need to know why?"

"I didn't like my sister loving an enlarge human. It didn't seem natural. But the main reason was I hated you Joseph."

"But why?"

"Because you are an enlarge human. You are different from me."

Joseph thought for a moment. "Yeah, I can understand, I guess. I know in the beginning when I first met you all, you seemed kind of toy like. But I worked at being open to you all. And yeah, your tiny but your still human beings like I am."

"I know that now Joseph. Please forgive me." And looking up at the great face of Joseph that looked down upon him from many stories, "Theres something more to you I can't understand. But please forgive me." Shouta bent over and kissed Joseph's palm.

"I do."

Sitting back up Shouta wipped the tears from his eyes. Looking up at Billy he shouted, "Do you forgive me?"

Billy nodded.

Turning and gazing up at Clypatheia, "Do you sister?"

Joseph removed Clypatheia from his pocket and placed her down in his hand with Shouta. Hugging her brother, "I love you."

A circle of light appeared on the coffee table. Stepping out of it was Uxia.

"Uxia! Man, I haven't seen you for a while," said Joseph.

"I have news about Grandpa."

 Joseph removed Fusta from the top of his head and placed him down on the table next to Uxia. He asked, "Is Grandpa sick or something?"

"Grandpa died early this morning," Uxia replied sadly.

There was silence in the room.

Joseph broke the solemn silence, "That sweet old man. He was the first little person besides Orkun to take an interest in me. And saw the value of our friendship regardless of our size difference."

"He never complained about it. But I know losing his daughter, grandson and others members of his family was a heavy burden on his spirit. Yet, he was always there for others. Grandpa didn't talk about faith---he simply lived it," spoke Uxia.

Billy added, "Actions always speak louder than words."

"Uxia?" asked Joseph, "What happened?"

"Two days ago he went into a coma. Early this morning before he died, Granpa did say a few words."

Trying to keep back the tears, Fusta asked, "What did he say?"

"He mentioned his family." Looking up at Joseph, "And you."


"He mentioned your name. And said---I think it was Honurai?"

Joseph shook his head, "That word doesn't mean anything to me."

"It does to me," said Shouta.

Everyone looked at Shouta. "I could be wrong. It was along time ago."

"Just tell us," replied Joseph short on patience.

"As a kid my dad would tell me at bedtime, a folktale or more of a legend, about the enlarge humans and us. Sometiime ago it was said we and the enlarge humans worked together. Or a group did. This group called the Honurai, would brake off in twos, wondering the countryside of both our people and the giants."

"When you say in twos; you mean one of my people and you little people?' questioned Billy.

"Yes. They would use their own particular skills in the service of others."

Joseph went deep into thought, until he felt the intense gaze of everyone in the room on him. Looking back at them Joseph raised his shoulders into a questioning posture. "Look, I can't handle anything more right now."

"No one is expecting you to Joseph," said Clypatheia.

"What time will the service of rebith take place?" asked Fusta

"Service of Rebirth?" questioned Joseph.

"Its not just a service of saying goodbye to Grandpa as we knew him. Its celebrating his return to the one who created him---the Spirit of Light."


"Fusta," spoke Uxia, "It will be at noon. Joseph can you attend?"

"Ah, I want too. When is it, I mean what day."

"It will be in three days."

Joseph thought, "Hmm, thats Monday---I will be there." Joseph turned to his brother, "I need to be there. He was a friend."

"I know Joe. Vuna had told me. I'm sure our tiny friends can help."

Joseph took Clypatheia, Fusta and Uxia into his giant hand. "I would like to be alone with them."

Everybody understood. Mike, Eric and their little people friends told Joseph that their for him too. Joseph thanked them.

Putting his three friends in his shirt pocket, Joseph headed home. Clypatheia sat down at the base of the pocket and leaned up against the warm side of the chest. Joseph's strong scent comforted her.

Walking Joseph thought about the apparition he saw at school. And the kind smile that put him at ease. "Was that you Grandpa?" Joseph thought.

When Joseph was nearing his home he told Fusta and Uxia who werestanding up in his pocket to sit down so not to be seen by his parents. Joseph saw his pals were making somewhat of a large bulge at the base of his pocket and also thought it might be kind of tight in there. Removing Fusta from his shirt pocket Joseph asked him, "Do you mind riding and hiding in my hair again?"

"I don't mind Joseph."

Joseph lifted Fusta up by his shirt collar and placed him on his ample of wavy, slightly curly, black and brown hair. As Fusta sank into the living field, he pushed himself down even further by pulling on the thick strands of hair. Joseph made a slight smile as he felt his friend wiggling his way deeper in his hair.

When he reached home his parents wanted to know how he was feeling. Joseph told them he felt better. Joseph after went to his room.

Joseph placed his friend on his bed. "I haven't really had a chance to clean up for over a day. I'm going to take a shower. I'll be gone for about twenty minutes."

As Joseph was taking his shower, the three friends roamed around the half a block size bed.

Clypatheia left Fusta and Uxia and took a trek up to the front of the bed. Partway of her journey took Clypatheia over the white sheet surface that was saturated with the scent of her heart's affection. Clypatheia pulling up on the top of one large fold buried her face for a moment in it. Reaching her goal, Clypatheia bended her head back and gazed upon a rather large, white mound. A mound that was Joseph's pillow. She touched the surface. "This is where Joseph places his head at night. This is where he dreams."

Uxia and Fusta had slowly made their way toward the front of the bed also. Fusta commented seeing Clypatheia leaning up against the gigantic pillow, "Clypatheia, as the enlarge humans would say, 'really has the hots for Joseph.'

"She sure does," replied Uxia who looking around the great bed lowered her head.

Fusta put an arm around Uxia. "You ok?"

Uxia put her head on his shoulder, "I will be."

Coming back into the room, Joseph was in a clean white tee-shirt and gray sweatpants. Seeing the great mass of their friend approaching, the three little people moved to the side. They grabbed tightly the folds to the pillow case as the surface beneath them sank and trembled from the colossal bulk of Joseph.

Joseph picked them up and placed them on his chest. As he sat up placing the pillow behind his back Clypatheia, Fusta and Uxia had to hang on to Joseph's tee-shirt. When their enlarge human pal was set, they sat down on the warm, white surface. Joseph emitted a clean body scent.

Joseph and his little people began to talk about Grandpa and how much he meant to them in different ways.

 Rising up and down on Joseph's chest, Fusta, Clypatheia and Uxia listened to Joseph's feelings toward Grandpa. "What always comes to mind, was his acceptance of me." Joseph chuckled which sent a minor shock wave down to his belly causing his three pals to bounce up and down. "I never really thought of it. Here I was a teen, big as a small building and Grandpa saw the person, not just the big, giant, goofy kid."

"Yeah, he was like that. He accepted you. But he respected and loved you enough to tell you things he felt you needed to hear," added Fusta.

Uxia reflected and expanded on what Joseph said, "Even though I was just a friend of Orkun's, Grandpa made me feel part of the family. And what I said seemed to matter. He really made you feel at ease with yourself."

"I really never knew Grandpa though from your words I feel at least I do a little," spoke Clypatheia.

As they were talking a light appeared at the edge of the bed. Emerging from the circle of light, was a little person in a red and orange uniform. The tiny person fell when he tried to walk over the uneven bedding material. Joseph reached over and picked him up and placed him down on his chest with the others. "My, my what a massive chest this is. You enlarge humans are an impressive sight," said the little messenger. After several minutes of marveling at the living landscape, he bowed and announced, "Joseph, on behalf of the Great Council, permission has been granted for your friends to spend the night with you if they wish to do so."

Clypatheia started to say, "Oh this is wonderful..."

"Please miss if I may finish," said the messenger in an offficious manner. "If they decide to spend the night, they will be expected to be ready to be transported home at seven in the morning--- enlarge human time."

"Thanks. And send my thanks to the Great Council," replied Joseph.

The messenger asked, "Young Sir Joseph, if possible, I crave you, could you sign a small piece of paper; small enough for me to carry, with your initials on it. You have become something of a legend and I would be honored to have such an item."

"Gee, no one ever wanted my autograph before. And sure, I'll do it." Joseph reached over to his side table. Tearing off a small piece, he sighned his initials to it. "Here you go," said Joseph handing the piece of paper to the messenger.

The messenger folded it up as best he could and placed part of it under his chest belt. "Ah, if you could be so kind to place me before the gateway Joseph."

"Sure," replied Joseph who picked up the messenger and placed him before the Gateway.

After the messenger had left the four friends were happy they could spend more time with each other. Joseph's Parents were going out to visit friends which meant Joseph could bring them down to the kitchen. Billy hearing of the news ordered Chinese food. "I'll hope you will like it," said Billy to the little friends.

Vuna had gone earlier and Billy after paying for the food went out to see a few pals he hadn't seen for a while. He figured too, Joseph should be a lone with his friends. As they ate they remembered Grandpa and Orkun.

Having a little fun, Joseph picked up Fusta with his chopsticks. "Hmm, I wonder how you would be with duck sauce."

"I would curdle your stomach," replied Fusta.

"I bet you would."

Nearing the end of the meal Joseph told his friends, "I love you guys. And never had I enjoyed a meal more."

At bedtime, Fusta would take his place behind Joseph's ear. Clypatheia was going to sleep on Joseph's pillow. And Uxia would sleep in one of the sweatpants pockets.

Joseph noticed how somber Uxia was becoming. He took her out of the room to speak to her alone. "Uxia whats bothering you?"

"Oh its nothing. Just the passing of Grandpa."

"Yeah, I miss him too." Joseph thought for a moment. "Uxia."


"I do have very special feelings for Clypatheia. I also love you in another way. But a way that still is close to my heart. Whatever that maybe worth."

Trying not to cry, "I know. And being close to your heart does matter---to me." Uxia became quiet. Looking up at Joseph, "Could I kiss you. As a friend."

"I'd be honored." Joseph brought his hand up to his face. Walking over to the edge of the hand, Uxia kissed a portion of Joseph's lower lip.

"Thank you."

Joseph went back to his room. He gently placed Uxia in his pocket. Fusta took refuge behind the ear. And Clypatheia snuggled up against Joseph's chin.

In the morning, right at seven, the Gateway appeared. "I'll see you all on Monday." Joseph watched his friends enter the Gateway. "I really do love you all," he said under his breath.


Joseph put on his dark blue dress coat that was given to him as a gift for his Holy Communion. Billy waited with Joseph in his room for the Inter-Space Gateway. Billy didn't know why, though, he felt compelled to tell his brother, "Joe whatever decision you make, I'm behind you." Joseph looked at his brother, not sure what he was talking about.

When the large Gateway appeared several flying little people sent from the council appeared. They told Joseph and Billy they would create another hologram of Joseph.

Before stepping in, Joseph turned to his brother. "Your the best."
Joseph then vanished into the Gateway.

The service was located on a beautiful hill in the center of the great city. Grandpa's body was encircled by real and flowers of light. In four rows of circles were the congragation. Joseph knealt down and towered behind them. Fusta, who was in the inner circle turned and looked at Joseph. He moved from his position and pushed through the crowd. Everyone murmured at such an unheard of action.

Fusta in his long black morning robe stood before Joseph. Gazing down upon Fusta, Joseph nodded. He lowered his hand. Fusta climbed on. Joseph brought his hand up to his shoulder. Jumping off, Fusta took position on Joseph's shoulder. "I don't really understand it. Somehow, in a way---I do," said Joseph.

Clypatheia with love looked up at Joseph. She after, leaned over to Uxia, "After the service, we need to start making Joseph's and Fusta's new clothing.

Joseph with Fusta by his side looked out at the horizon. Slowly, very slowly, Joseph's eyes began to turn orange.