Four Little Bullies

By Timothy

Randy and Justin stood over the table with rapt attention. "Maybe we should put it in a box or something huh?" asked Justin.

"Yeah," replied. Randy. "My sister use to have a hamster. But I think she threw the cage out. Hangout here, I’m going to check the attic just to make sure."

As Randy left the room, Justin moved in closer, he licked his upper lip as he fixed his eyes down on the table..

Turning the single light on, Randy rummaged about the attic. "Plenty of ‘expletive’ around." Pushing boxes around, Randy wiping his nose as it ran from all the dust; searched. Not able to find the hamster cage, Randy emptied out an old shoe box and brought it back with him to the room. "All I can find is this old shoe box it will have to do. Tonight we should go get a mouse cage. They sell cheap ones at Mega-Pet.

Justin took a pen from off the table and poked holes into the box. "Here you go." As Randy scooped up the tiny horse in his hands, he placed it gently in the box. After placing the lid on, Randy wrapped it securely with string. The tiny brown nose of the horse pushed its nose through one of the air holes. As Randy took it to his closet it began to whinny.

Shutting the door, Randy turned around to Justin who was grinning. "What?"

"To bad we don’t have a rider for it," commented Justin. For a moment they stared at each other.

"Nah, too risky. And I don’t think the person would be too happy about it."

"I’m just kidding," said Justin. "How did you get the horse to the field?"

"It was already there. It had broken out of its pen. And when it reached the two points of those stones it shrunk. I passed old man Wilson on the road who was looking for it. It was so weird, there it was in the cargo pocket of my shorts as I past him."

Justin asked, "What should we do now?"

"Keep it a secret. I want to go back and see how it works. You in?"

"You kidding? Yeah!"

"I have stuff I have to do. I’ll catch you up at your house around seven?"

"Sure but I can’t stay out long because of school."

"Yeah, same here, then we can get that cage. And after school tomorrow we‘ll go back to the field." responded Randy.

Ten after seven Randy rang the doorbell to his friend Justin’s home. Putting on his jacket, "Ok lets go."

As they were nearing the mall, they past Melvin the homeless dude. A harmless, slightly simple guy who lived under an underpass next to the mall. As the two fourteen years old walked by, Melvin stuck out his dirty hand. "Sorry Melvin not today. If they have extra donuts, I’ll get you some after work," said Randy. Melvin nodded his head.

Entering the mall, Justin sighed, "Oh man, look whose up ahead." Several stores down the main walkway was Jim and five of his friends. They were the terrorist of Ludlow Middle School. "Quick, lets move before they spot us." Randy and Justin lost themselves in the crowd. "I see Matt is among them. I wish I could pound that guy into the ground. Or push his head into the toilet."

Randy joking replied, "Or shrink him." They both began laughing.

"Yeah Randy, we could make them our pets. They would have to do as we say or get stepped on."

"Or flushed down the toilet." They laughed even more.

Once in Mega-Pet they looked for an inexpensive cage. They also picked up a bag of cedar shavings. "I have a few old flannel shirts at home I can cut up for the horses bed," said Randy.

Leaving the mall Justin said, "We should tell the others about our discovery, I mean Bryan and Big Mike."

"Yeah their cool."

Nearing the underpass, Randy and Justin heard loud jeering. Jim and his pals were taunting Melvin. They threw pennies at him. Justin saw Matt threw food at him. The cruel jeering became louder. "Man we should do something," spoke Randy.

"I feel the someway. But there’s too many of them. There’s usually a police car up the ways we can mention it to the cop."

Randy replied angrily, "Their’re scum picking on a mentally challenged guy. Real bugs."

Justin and Randy reported to the cop about what they saw. "At least Melvin will be free of them. We have to face them at school," remarked Justin.

Back home, Randy made a more suitable place in the mouse cage for the very tiny horse. Later, as Randy stretched out on his bed, he thought more about telling Mike and Bryan about the find in Arkham Field. He then became angry thinking about Jim and his pals.

Justin, at his home, couldn’t help and wonder what it would be like to see the expression on Matt’s face if he was reduced to the size of a bug. Interesting and even dark thoughts passed through his mind. By nature, Justin was a gentle sort, however, his patience had been all but exhausted from Jim, and especially Matt’s almost sadistic bullying.

Meeting up with Justin outside the entrance to the school, Randy told his longtime pal, "Yeah, lets share our secret with Mike and Bryan."

Being Monday meant gym class. Justine always dreaded it for Matt was in his class. However, his pal Mike also known as Big Mike a nick name given him for his strength was also in his gym class and Mike could handle Matt.

After gym and as Justin and Mike were getting dressed, Matt was picking on a smaller kid while one of his friends looked on gloating. The smaller boy observed Justin, looked frightened like a mouse when cornered by a cat. Big Mike whipped down his towel. "Ill be right back."

Getting up Justin told Mike," I’ll come with you."

"Thanks bud."

The smaller teen’s eyes started to become red with tears. Like blood to a shark, this only excited Matt even more.

"Ok, cool it dude," said Mike.

Matt told Mike, "It ain’t your business."

"Can’t you leave the kid alone. He’s had enough." Mike pushed through Matt and his friend and pulled out the smaller boy. "You can get going now."

Narrowing his eyes at Mike, Matt just glowered for a moment. Turning to his buddy, "Lets blow."

"That was cool dude," commented Justin giving his pal a look of admiration.

Mike replied, "Matt should be put in a cage. What a freak."

"Maybe he can," responded Justin.


Justin smiled, "Its along story."

Randy couldn’t go to the field after school because something came up in his family. He and Justin decided to do it later.

The next several days went uneventful. Until, Thursday, after school as Justin was going to a store he bumped into Matt, Jim and two of their friends. Justin could feel the blood run to his head. He felt relief when they left the store. Still, Justin thought it would be a good idea to take his time and let the creeps move farther along. When he felt sufficient time had passed, Justin picked up the milk for his mom and a few things for himself.

Leaving the store, and as he turned was Jim, Matt and their entourage. Justin felt his stomach turn into one big knot. Matt grabbed Justin and swung him around against the brick wall causing him to drop his bag. "I don’t like anyone making a fool of me. Tell Randy to keep his nose out of my stuff. And since your big buddy isn’t here…" Matt slugged Justin in the stomach. Justin coughed. "Oh what is this?" asked Matt stooping down and picking up the bag. "Milk and cupcakes. You like cupcakes?" Jim and the other two laughed. Opening the box of cupcakes, Matt took one out and put it in his mouth; the other he smeared all over Justin’s face. There was more dimwitted laughter.

Picking up the milk, Matt opened it and poured it all over Justin. "Good one Matt," said Jim.

"Hey what’s going on?" yelled a voice from the street. Jim, Matt and their friends high-tailed-it out of there. Wiping the milk from his eyes, Justin saw two college guys in a car. "You ok kid?" said a guy with short brown hair. Justin nodded. "Want a ride home?"

"No that’s ok."

"We’ll follow you for two blocks then we have to get going."

Justin replied, " Thanks."

"No fun to be bullied."

For two blocks the college guys followed Justin. When they had to leave they honked. Justin gave them a weary wave of thanks.

"Calm down. We will fix this Justin. After school tomorrow, we’ll go to Arkham field," said Randy to his distraught friend over the phone. "No, I don’t think bringing the horse is a good idea. We’ll think of something. Try and forget about it. Ok, see ya tomorrow Justin." Randy was steaming, "It just doesn’t stop with those guys."

The next day before school started Randy tried to get a hold of Mike and Bryan. Seeing Bryan he told him he should could come with him and Justin to Arkham Field. It was real important.

Justin told Mike about the plan. And Mike was curious about it.

The four friends met up after school. "So what’s this all about?" asked Mike.

"Yeah," responded Bryan.

"Just wait till we get there," said Randy.

On their way, they past Melvin who had come into town. Taking his book bag off, Justin told Melvin, "I have a few donuts for ya. I think there still good.."

A big smile appeared on Melvin’s face, "Thanks."

Mike took a few dollars out of his pocket and gave it to Melvin. "Get some milk or juice to go with it."

"Oh lets get to Arkham Field while there’s still daylight left," pressed Randy

Melvin waved to the boys as they proceeded on their way. As he was eating a donut, Jim, Matt and the rest of their gang was walking by. Melvin over heard them talking, "We have to show Randy and the others who are the bosses. He’s been pushing in on my territory."

"Yeah Jim," responded Matt.

Melvin became nervous. "Oh what should I do. Randy is good to me. Think Melvin-think." Hitting his forehead with the back of his hand, Melvin tried to remember where they went. "Field-field. Something field. Arkham that’s it!" Melvin headed for Arkham field."

Randy, Justin, Bryan and Mike came to Arkham field. It was surrounded by a stone fence. Inside the stone enclosure, were six, seven foot tall slabs of gray stone that created an inner circle. Next to the entrance was an old apple tree. "So what is up? Besides these odd granite stones," said Mike trying to be funny.

"You should be saying what’s small," replied Justin.

Randy trying to contain his enthusiasm, "Guy‘s you won‘t believe this. I saw a full grown horse shrink down to several inches. I carried it home (ha-ha) in my pocket. Its in my bedroom in a mouse cage."

"Oh yeah, sure," said Bryan looking at Mike shaking his head.

Mike a bit annoyed, "Come on Randy, I didn‘t come out here just for stupid jokes."

"Its true. I saw the horse," spoke Justin.

"Well how then?" questioned Mike crossing his muscular arms.

"I’m not too sure. That’s why we are here. Justin and I want to share the secret with you and figure how it works."

"Justin," said Randy, "I saw an old rusty bike under that apple tree maybe we can experiment with that." Justin ran to the tree.

Justin picked up the old derelict bike and rejoined the others. The four friends entered the field.

Randy walked to an area near the center of the field, "It was near here when I saw the glowing light."

"Better be careful Randy. I don’t think the coach will like it if you show up for basketball practice only a few inches tall," commented Mike jokingly.

"I’m serious Mike."

"Ok, if its true what do you plan to do with it?" asked Mike.

Justin answered, "Bring Matt, Jim and the others down to size. Way down to size."

"Cool idea," aid Mike." Bryan and Mike smiled.

Taking the bike in hand, "Ok, stand back. I’m going to throw it where I think I saw the horse shrink." Randy threw the bike. It came down with a sharp thud. Nothing happened.

"Great," commented Bryan. "Now for your next trick."

Randy put his hand up, "Stay back. It sounded like it hit a solid object."

"Guys. Randy, Randy!" shouted a voice from the entrance."

"What’s Melvin doing here?" wondered Bryan.

"Randy, bad news, awful news!" shouted Melvin in an agitated state.

Tired and somewhat aggravated by the failure of the bike, Randy asked harshly, "Melvin why are you here?"

"I heard those bad guys saying they want to do something bad to you."

"Who Melvin?" inquired Bryan.

Melvin started shaking his hands nervously.

"Just calm down," said Randy.

"Its those hoodlums. Jim, I think is one of them."

"Oh," moaned Justin with anxiety.

"They are mean Randy. They threw things at me."

"I know they did."

Mike commented," Let them try something. I’ll pound them into the ground."

"That’s easy for you to say," replied Justin.

"Come on settle down," spoke Randy.

Melvin spotting the bike in the grass and moved over to it. "Looks like a bike I had years ago." he started walking over the spot. Several beams of light shot out.

"Whoa!" shouted Mike leaning back from the flashing blue beam of light that shot past him.

Stooping quickly down Bryan shouted, "What the…"

Justin laughed.

"You see I was telling the truth," spoke Randy.

Everyone with opened eyes watch Melvin rapidly shrink down. When the beams of light finished they walked slowly up.

Melvin with hands clasped together looked quickly around. A dark shadow came over him. Looking up he gave out a scream. "He sounds like a mouse," commented Bryan.

Melvin shook as he stared up at the tan khaki pants that rose over a hundred feet before him. Way above, appeared to be Randy who narrowed out way into the sky. Randy knelt down. As he did, he created a pressure of air that knocked Melvin down. Melvin sat up. Turning to his pals, "He can’t be more than three inches if that."

"What are we going to do with him?" asked Mike.

Randy responded, "We can’t leave him out here. Can one of you take care of him?"

"I have an old plastic hamster habitat I could put him in," said Mike.

The teens moved their faces in closer. Melvin backed up in fear and screamed. "Melvin its still us," said Mike as gently as he could. "We ain’t going to hurt you."

As Mike began to reach for him, Randy grabbed his arm, "Wait Mike.. Melvin, I want you to stand up and walk off that stone circle your on." Melvin got up and walked till he was on the wet earth.

"This is so cool!" exclaimed Justin.

Mike placed his hand down before the diminutive Melvin. With his other hand pushed Melvin all the way in. He cupped his hand. Mike couldn’t get over the sightt; a living person right there in the center of his hand, so small that the muscle pads of his hand pressed in on Melvin. Looking around at the others whose faces kept starring at the tiny man, "So this is the plan you have for Jim and Matt."

"One question. How are we suppose to get them here? I mean there not just going walk on in," questioned Bryan.

"I thought of that," responded Randy. "But it does mean one or two of you as bait."

Mike placed Melvin in the inner pocket of his jacket. Opening the lip up, "Don’t be afraid Melvin you going to be ok."

Justin said under his breath, "Its Matt whose going to have to worry."

The four friends left Arkham Field, amazed and thinking. "Mike you’ll look after Melvin?" asked Randy.

"Yeah, I will Randy."

"You can use me as bait," said Bryan. "But how? And how do we get them here?"

"I guess get them mad and make your way here. I still have to think more on it," replied Randy.

"The sooner and the better," interjected Justin.

"Isn’t it kidnapping?" questioned Mike.

"Look at this way, we are doing society and them a favor," responded Justin.

Mike scratched his head, "How so?"

"They’ll become a menace later on. God knows what kind of sadistic crap they’ll end up doing. And if we shrink them we protect society. And them from ending up in prison or killed."

"Good enough for me," said Bryan.

Justin on the way home with his friends began to form a plan of his own in how to get Matt out to the field.

Over the weekend, everyone met over Mike’s house. In his bedroom, Mike brought out from under his bed the small plastic habitat. Placing it on his bed; the contents were scattered and Melvin was on his back. "Sorry Melvin, I thought I was moving gently," said Mike apologetically. Turning to his friends, " I have to be careful. Movements I think are slight are like earthquakes to Melvin."

"Hey, you fixed him up with some furniture," spoke Bryan.

"Yeah, last night went to Giant Toys and found these. Melvin seems happy with them."

Reaching into his pants pocket, Justin pulled out a pack of gum. "I think you might like this Melvin." Breaking it in two, Justin opened the top latch of the habitat and gently placed the half stick of gum before the tiny man.

Melvin stood up and waved a teeny-tiny hand at Justin.

"This is probably the cleanest and safest place he has had in years," remarked Randy.

Later, the friends left and went out. Going to a favorite teen hangout, the four pals chilled. Coming up to a pet shop, Bryan suggested, "Lets go in. Might give us ideas for our special pets." They went in.

"Hey, look at these cool plastic habitats," said Randy. "They have tiny slides and even tiny pools. If my pet behaves, I might let him have a pool."

"Or look at this mouse cage. It has one of those metal exercise wheels," responded Mike. "Can you imagine seeing Jim using it." They all laughed at the different things they would make their human pets do once they had shrunken them.

Once back home, Justin thought about not waiting for the others to shrink Jim’s gang. Justin wanted Matt.

Monday, on his way to homeroom, Justin passed Matt. He could feel his stomach tighten. "How to get him to the field and without letting the creep’s pals know of it," thought Justin.

The last class of the day was science and Matt was in that class. They were dissecting frogs. Justin felt bad for the frogs especially now with all the computer aids and simulations did they really have to do it? Justin began to chuckle to himself. He was thinking how good he was with small creatures. How well he took care of his pet mouse or friends pets when they left them with him on their vacations. Now when he thinks about Matt being tiny, dark thoughts enter his heart and imagination.

Laughing, Matt holding his scalpel said "Lets ripe." As he was cutting away at the frog Matt added, "This class I like."

"I bet you do. Sadistic "Blank" idiot.," said Justin under his breath.

All at once an idea struck Justin.

After the last class had ended, Justin walked by Matt who was at his locker and better still--- alone. Slipping his hand in his pants pocket, Justin punched in a code on his cell-phone that would make it ring. When it began to ring, Justin pulled it out from his pocket. "Hey, yeah I’m going to Arkham Field. right now. They have interesting bugs, I want to catch and study one. "Ill catch up with you tomorrow."

Taking the bait Matt turned to Justin, "Wimp, is that what you do?"

"Man in a couple of years people will think you’re a girl."


"Your hips Matt. And your butt. There’re like a girls. Maybe you need to take male hormones. Disgusting freak. Half woman half something." Now came the hard part. Justin slowly walked up to Matt. "This is what I think of you." Justin spat out a large gooey hocker at Matt that splattered all over the creep’s face. Justin turned and ran on out. He knew if his plan fails, he will be dead meat the next day.

Justin headed for Arkham Field. It was a ways. When he came to the field, Justin entered through the opening. He spotted the area where Melvin had shrunk. "He’s not going to come. He’ll wait to destroy me back at school tomorrow," thought Justin mad at himself for trying such a stupid idea. Going over to an old apple tree, Justin reached up and grabbed a green apple from a time worn branch, when he heard, "Justin!" Turning around, he saw the stocky shape of Matt at the entrance to the field.

Justin dropped the apple. He gave out a nervous laugh as he thought, "Is this going to happen? Is it really going to happen?"

Walking over to the other side of the gray stone disc, where he saw Melvin shrink, Justin hollered back, "What do you want!"

"I want to beat the crap out of you!"

Justin just stood there.

"Your not going to run?"

In a mocking voice Justin replied, "Oh man, where can I go!?"

Justin with heart racing watched as Matt drew closer. "Find any bugs?" questioned Matt with clenched fists.

"Actually I have."

Matt’s thick brown eye brows wrinkled up. "Where is it?"

"I’m looking at it."

Justin’s eyes widened as Matt’s tan Timberlands walked onto the spot Matt stopped. And Justin waited.

What seemed like an eternity of waiting, nothing happened. Matt began to walk off the spot. "Nooooo!! Screamed Justin who pushed Matt back on the spot. Matt looked down at his chest and slapped off the two hands from his chest. He began to walk off again. Justin sent a fist to Matt’s stomach. "Why don’t you shrink?" Justin sent a punch to Matt’s nose. "Shrink damn you!"

Matt putting his hand to his nose, wiped the blood that began to run down from his nostrils. "Man, I’m going to murder you." Stepping forward, three beams of light converged on him. Justin jumped up and down in an almost primitive ritual . Smaller and smaller Matt became. When the beams vanished a very tiny object moved about the center of the slab.

Matt was confused. He heard a loud, deep rumbling sound. Looking up in the direction of the thunder like sound, Matt saw a dark blue material. It had the appearance of denim. Looking further up, Matt saw what resembled a brown belt. Only this belt was many feet wide. Further up, Matt witnessed what he could only understand to be a face. A face of vast proportions.

"That’s right you creepy bug. Its me. I shrunk you."

Justin heard a very faint, "How?"

"It doesn’t matter."

Matt was totally confused. He walked in a daze not knowing what to do. He began to feel a pressure of air pushing down on him. Gazing upward, he saw two fingers reaching for him. He screamed. Way, way above the fingers, Matt heard a deep, rumbling chuckle. The fingers stopped their approach.

Justin was afraid maybe he could inadvertently activate the shrinking beams. Moving his head in closer, he took in a deep breath and blew on Matt.

The shrunken teen thought he was in the middle of a hurricane with the loud rushing sound of hot wind that blew on him. He was pushed down and tumbled and tumbled over.

Justin watched with satisfaction, the tiny bully being blown off the stone disc by his breath. Standing up, Justin walked around the stone circle. He stooped down over the area where he had blown Matt into.

Matt on his back still couldn’t believe what was happening. A vibration that changed into a shockwave began to engulf him.

Justin couldn’t see Matt among the thick long blades of meadow grass. He began to gently press down. Hearing a squeak, Justin separated two thick green blades. There on his back was Matt. Justin reached down and with two fingers picked Matt up by his right leg. He heard that faint voice again. Only this time the faint voice was screaming. Justin rocked Matt back and forth. The screaming persisted. "I better stop. I don’t want to pull out a leg," said Justin playfully with a hint of menace.

Matt found himself lowered on a puffy warm surface. Turning himself over. Matt began to crawl over the puffy warm mounds that had grooves imbedded in them.

Justin with glee watched the helpless Matt crawling around his hand. "Hey!" shouted Justin. He watched the teeny Matt cover his ears with his tiny hands. "Hmm, I guess we better be getting back home. By the way my home is now your home." Picking the very frail Matt up between two fingers, Justin studied him for a moment. He knew it would take not effort at all to crush him. Matt made all sorts of faint pleading sounds. Justin dropped him down his pants pocket.

Matt screamed as he rolled down the coarse, very warm inner-pocket material. He landed on the bottom. Face down. Matt’s face was against the bottom seam. Pushing against the material, Matt turned himself around in the pitch black darkness .
Walking back home, Justin felt very good. He also felt very scared. He had done it. He shrank Matt. And soon the school would be buzzing with the news of Matt’s disappearance.
Before going right home, Justin picked up a few things at the store.

Matt in the hot darkness of the pocket still had a hard time accepting what happened. He was shrunken and in the pocket of Justin.

Upon arriving home, Justin went to the kitchen and removed a small bowl from a cabinet. He then went straight to his bedroom. Going over to his desk, Justin pulled out from the brown bag a small cartoon of milk and a package of cupcakes. He patted his pocket.

Bright streams of light poured down upon Matt. The bright light hurt his eyes. Following on the streams of light, was Justin’s huge fingers. Matt backed up as best he could, against the faded white inner-pocket material.

Justin felt Matt’s now pathetic tiny body squirming between his fingers. Pulling his hand out, Justin in a rather comforting voice and with a sincere face asked, "Matt, I imagine your hungry. Can I give you something to eat and drink." Matt nodded his head. "Good," responded Justin. "I have a cupcake and milk for ya."

Justin placed Matt on his desk. Taking a little piece of tape he fastened Matt’s feet to the surface of the desk. "I guess my question was wrong Matt. I should have asked, would you like to be part of my food?" Matt began to whimper. Justin unwrapped the cupcake. Using his index finger, Justin poked a hole in the middle. Moving his face right over and close to Matt, he placed his finger in his mouth and sucked off the chocolate cake and filling. Matt continued to whimper. And tried to block out the loud, wet, sucking sound.

Pulling the tape off, Justin picked up Matt and shoved the squealing teen in his cupcake. "I have been looking forward to this for a long time Matt. I hope your taste will make it worth it."

Matt tried to move around the spongy cake substance. He tried to yell. Every time Matt did, cake fell into his mouth. Justin made a loud, "Mmm." sound. Justin slowly began to eat tiny bits from the cupcake. Soon Matt’s head was sticking out.

Matt began to shout to Justin, "I’m sorry Justin. Don’t kill me. I’ll do anything you want."

"Do anything I want." repeated Justin.

Matt replied, "Yeah, yeah."

Justin squinted his eyes. Matt’s face was contorted in fear. And looked so pathetic and extremely helpless stuck in the cupcake. Justin began to feel guilty. Blurting out at Matt, "If you hadn’t been such a creep I wouldn’t have done this. You made me do this." Justin pulled Matt from out of the cupcake and placed him down on his desk. "I’ll get something for you to clean yourself up with." Justin stood up and went across to the other side of the room. As he walked over, the top of the desk vibrated. His steps sounding like loud, deep cannon fire to Matt. The objects on the desk dwarfed him.

When Justin came back, he placed a tarp size, white handkerchief down before Matt. "Whatever will I tell the others?" thought Justin.

Justin was absorbed with fascination as the diminutive Matt struggled to wipe himself off with the corner of the handkerchief. When Matt finished, he began to aimlessly walk around in circles. Justin thought he could hear high pitch mutterings. The hot air that flowed over Matt from Justin’s giant nostrils unnerved him. He felt as he was in the presence of gigantic monster that at any moment was going snatch him up and eat him..

Stopping his nervous circles, Matt stopped and began shouting up to the face of Justin that filled his vision. In a shrill squeak, "Look buddy I…"

Justin cut him off, "Lets make one thing clear from the beginning, your not my buddy. You’re my pet. And I’ll take care of you as humanely as possible which I think is pretty generous after the way you have acted."

Matt began feeling intense feelings of frustration. He began babbling nonsensical words. Spotting a fifteen foot long cell-phone, Matt made a dash for it. Justin just watched with mild amusement. Matt madly began pressing down on the giant buttons with his right foot. Hearing a tone, Matt fell to his knees and began yelling into the mic, "Help! Help! I‘m a prisoner."

Justin began to laugh. "Where do you think you are? In the witches castle in the Wizard of Oz? Help, Auntie Emm." Justin trying to sound like the witch in the movie spoke in a raspy voice, "Auntie Emm. I’ll give you Auntie Emm my pretty."

Matt feeling a cold desolation running through him, slowly lifted his head up. He next slowly stood up on Justin’s giant cell phone. An anger began to serge through him. "You, blank, blank, make me big again!!"

When the shadow from Justin’s approaching fingers engulfed him, Matt covered his head with his arms. Justin picked Matt up by the back of his shirt. Justin smiled at how cool it was to be holding a living person that was so very small between two fingers. And a tiny person who was his former enemy. When Matt uncovered his head, Justin spoke to him, "Such big words from one so small." Justin shook Matt back and forth by the thin piece of material he held between his thumb and forefinger.

Matt looking down at the enormous denim covered lap that to him was fifty feet below, squeaked in fear, "Oh my god! Please, please don’t drop me."

"Don’t worry your tiny fool head. I won’t drop you. I have always taken care of my pets."

"Justin, I’m not a pet. I’m a person. A PERSON!"

"I don’t know about that one. But, (justin brought matt right up to his mouth) you’re my pet. My pet. Your Justin’s tiny teeny little pet. I was thinking maybe I should give you a new name like Spot. Or Rusty. I’ll think about it." Justin lifted Matt further up and placed him on the bridge to his nose. "Better hang on tight." Matt moaned as he pressed his hands and legs hard against the sides to Justin’s nose. When Justin stood up, Matt whined in terror.

Walking over to a mirror Justin said, "Oh how cute you look. Can you see? Lift your head up and see." Matt was too afraid to move a muscle. He kept his face down against the warm, and slightly oily skin.

Justin took Matt from off his nose and placed him down in his hand.. "It will be time for dinner soon. I have to place you in something. I haven’t finished your cage up yet."

"My cage?" squeaked Matt.

"Habitat really. Now, don’t worry. Its new. I just have to set it up. And need to get a few things for it." Opening a dresser drawer, Justin deposited Matt in among his socks. Matt found himself sinking among Justin’s sports and dress socks. The twenty foot long socks created a sea of cotton for Matt. "I’ll bring up some food later." Justin shut the drawer, though left it open a sliver to let in light and air.

Justin as he went downstairs wondered if he should call Randy up. He decided he would wait until he saw him at school the next day.

As he ate his supper, Justin thought about his tiny prisoner and pet trapped in his drawer among his socks. He wondered what Matt might be thinking. Justin’s mind went to Matt’s new home. He still needed to get a few items for it. There was an Arts and Crafts store that sold miniature items.

Up in Justin’s bedroom, Matt climbed over the thick socks. Matt had to remind himself that these giant socks belonged to an even much bigger owner---Justin. Sitting down on a gray and blue sock, Matt thought, "Justin’s not a violent guy. I hope he meant what he said in treating me humanly. Man, he could waste me and nobody would know. And he calls me his pet. As if I was a mouse or something." Matt began to sweat and rock back and forth on the sock

After dinner, Justin put a few things together for Matt. Putting them in a sandwich bag, he stuffed it down his shirt pocket.

With chin on his elbows, Matt could feel the drawer begin to tremble. Justin was coming. Matt lifted his head off his elbow. The trembling intensified as Justin entered the room. Loud deep thuds commenced as Justin made his way for the dresser. Matt was knocked over backwards as the drawer opened. Justin smirked as he saw the diminutive Matt trying to sit up on the uneven surface of a sock. Getting himself straightened out, Matt looked past the wall high front to the drawer and up to the colossal Justine who looked down at him from so high up. Matt gulped as Justin reached down for him. The room size hand engulfed him in warm moist flesh. Matt felt his body spinning around within the coiling grasp of the fingers. His face was pressed and sank into the muscles of the fingers. Matt feared it would take nothing, whether on purpose or by accident to squeeze him to death.

Removing his hand from the drawer, Justin gazed with fascination at his clenched fist. Justin felt the tiny, squiggling movements of Matt. Once a teen who sent fear and loathing through him and others, now a fragile runt who if he choose too, could simply apply a little pressure and crush him. Justin went over to his desk and placed his fist down. Slowly opening his hand up, Justin watched as Matt cautiously stepped out from the fingers that dwarfed him. Reaching into his shirt pocket, Justin took out the bag of food and placed it down before Matt. Long tree width fingers came down before him as it opened the bag. Fingers that Matt was beginning to understand belonged to the giant who held his life in his hands now. "Thanks," squeaked Matt. Justin just nodded.

After Matt had finished, Justin told Matt, "I’m going out to get a few things for your cage. I was going to leave you here but I thought my pet would like to be with his master." Picking up Matt between two fingers; deposited him down his pants pocket. Extending the lip with a finger, Justin saw Matt with his knees curled up, holding with one hand a white fold to the inner pocket. "Enjoy the ride." Justin quickly went down the stairs. Matt found he had to hang on with both hands as the pocket swayed and banged against Justin’s leg. Justin told his parents he was going out for a short bit. He was rather excited by the reality of the situation, that as he stood with his parents they hadn’t a clue to the fact, he was carrying his own living person in his pocket. Justin’s parents told their son not to be out long since it being a school night.

Walking down the street, Justin reflected on how he was thinking of Matt now in terms of ownership---as his own. Justin wrinkled his brow in thought, "Matt forced me to do this. There’s so much a guy can take. Anyway, he’s better off this way," thought Justin justifying once more to himself his actions. Under his breath Justin said, "I think a lot of guys in my situation would have squished Matt. I’m letting him live. I’m a cool guy."

In the warm darkness, Matt clung to the fold of material. He could make out different distorted sounds. Mainly, all he heard was Justin’s giant pounding steps. Matt remembering what he had done to Justin with the milk and cupcake began to laugh. He continued to laugh thinking now he was at Justin’s mercy, shrunken and in his pocket.

Once in the store, Justin looked for a few items he figured Matt could use. There was an isle full of things for people to decorate their dollhouses with or make tabletop displays. Justin spotted miniature chairs. A battery operated street light. He picked up two of these. Justin even found a miniature table. Justin also picked up two action figures. He thought they would make good change of clothing for matt. After picking up the items, Justin went to check out. Paying for the items Justin thought, "What a day it was."

Back at home, with Matt still in his pocket, Justin pulled out the mouse habitat. For the evening he would keep the cage next to his bed. Taking Matt out of his pocket, Justin set him down before the new plastic habitat. Matt pulled a few strands and balls of pocket lint off of himself. "I bought some cool things for your new home. I haven’t a bed. But you can use a sock. Hold on."

As Justin went to get the sock, Matt with wide eyes looked at his new home---a plastic cage. Matt started to feel frantic. "I not living in there," he said out loud. Matt quickly glanced around. He ran over to the power cord to the table lamp and proceeded to shimmy down it..

When Justin came back and didn’t see Matt, he sighed and shook his head as he spoke in a real calm but authoritative voice, "Matt come on. I’m too tired. Be a good pet and come out Don’t make me look for you."

Climbing down the cord, Matt saw Justin’s huge, tower size, baggy denim legs. Nearing the floor, Matt let go and hit the floor. He fell down and rolled down onto his side. He found himself; with a growing knot in his stomach, he was right next to the thick ribbed, rubber heel to Justin’s sneaker. There was a warm rubbery, sweaty smell emanating from it. The greatest emotional stimuli it was introducing was fear. The great monster sneaker was lifting up and down on its end from Justin’s impatience. Just one foot or two in his direction and Matt would be squashed beneath it. With a scream, Matt shot to his feet and began to run away from it.

Way above, feeling his anger rising, Justin looked under and around everything on the table. Justin eyed the cord to the lamp. "You stupid idiot," spoke Justin angrily. To the tiny teen on the floor, that angry voice sounded more like a roar of a destroying giant. Justin turned around and stooped. Matt, as he was running across the floor could feel the floor shaking from the movements of the teen giant. Justin spotted his new tiny pet. Lowering his voice for affect, Justin shouted at Matt. "You can’t escape from me bug. I’m coming to get you."

Matt was afraid to look behind him, instead, upon hearing the ominous voice, squealed in a whimper, "Oh man, oh man."

Justin called after Matt, "Run bug. There is no escape for you, ha, ha. You are MINE." Justin got down on his hands and knees and started to crawl like a cat after Matt. When he saw Matt finally turning around, Justin made an exaggerated smile and opened his eyes up wide.

Seeing the huge, many stories high mass and that awful facing bearing down on him, Matt just simply screamed, "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!" His vision was beginning to become blurred from his fear and the violent shaking of Justin’s gigantic, moving bulk against the floor.

Justin was just about on top of Matt. He lowered his face and opened wide his mouth. Matt who was screaming; felt hot clammy air rushing over him. Looking up, all he saw was Justin’s cavernous mouth descending on top of him. Matt fell to his knees. Justin closed his mouth. "Its ok, you can get up now." Matt was shaking. "Matt you can get up." Matt wiping the tears from his eyes stood up.

Going over to Justin’s giant hand, Matt started sniveling, and shouting in his hard to hear shrill of a voice, "Please don’t hurt me. (sob-sob-sob) I won’t run away again. Oh man, please Justin." Matt knelt down before the index finger and started kissing it. "I will be good please, please, please."

Justin rolled his eyes and told Matt, "Glad to hear it." Justin, picking Matt up by his shirt collar brought him back over to the table and placed him in the habitat.

Opening one of the action figure packages up, Justin removed the short sleeve shirt and blue shorts. Two gigantic fingers with clothing in-between them lowered before Matt. "This is sports wear but you can wear them as pajamas."

Justin changed out of his clothing and put on a pair of white and blue, checkered flannel pajama bottoms. He stretched out on his bed to play a few computer games on his cell-phone. Before he began, Justin, reached over and removed Matt from his cage and placed him down on his leg. As Justin played his games, Matt crawled over the warm flannel surface. Walking on to Justin’s house size lap, he bent his head back and looked up at the Mount Rushmore size face, shouted up, "How’s the game going?"

Hearing the high pitch squeak, Justin lowered his cell-phone. Matt was almost lost among the folds of the flannel. He told his new pet, "Pretty good." And he returned to his game.

"I’m glad Justin. Really I am." Justin just smirked. Matt walked off the giant lap and began to traverse the over a hundred foot long leg. As he was walking and climbing over folds of the pajama material, Justin would gaze down to make sure Matt wasn’t up to any mischief.

Upon reaching the end of the pant leg, Matt saw the thick gray sock begin. Matt, still nervous after what happened and trying to get on Justin’s good side, had an idea. Matt began crawling up the foot. While standing somewhat erect, Matt pulled on the thick, warm material as he climbed up the huge foot. Justin put his cell-phone down and watched with keen interest, Matt’s tiny form crawling up his foot. "Yeah, he’s going to be real proud of me and respect me," thought Matt as he reached the summit of the foot. Holding on to the sock covered big toe, Matt waving one tooth pick size arm at Justin hollered, "Watch me Justin." Matt crawled on top of the big toe. He slowly stood upright and extended his arms. "Justin are you watching me?"

"Yeah, Matt, I’m watching you."

Matt began to walk across the toes. When Matt reached the middle of the toes, he stopped and shouted, "Pretty good huh? I hope you’re liking this." Justin didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Matt looked rather comical and pathetic as he walked across the tops of his socked covered toes.

As he was nearing the little toe, Matt’s foot sunk in-between the toes and he fell on top of it. Matt let out a sigh and sent a fist down on the top of the toe. With the side of his face against the warm fabric, he whimpered, "I’m sorry Justin. I wanted to make you laugh. And impress you."

Justin whose mind was deep in thought over what was happening, decided to cut a little slack for Matt. He clapped his hands, "Hey Matt, that was a very professional comic fall, thanks."

Lifting his face off the sock, "You think so?" squeaked Matt. Justin nodded his head. Justin leaned forward and placed his hand down near Matt who jumped into it. Justin couldn’t help and feel rather God like as the tiny teen sat obediently down in his palm.

After placing Matt in the cage for the night, Justin himself went to bed. It had been the start of a new experience for him. And for his friends. It was just the beginning.

In the morning and before going to school, Justin fed Matt breakfast. He placed the habitat under his desk and slid the chair in front of it..

When he entered the school, spotting Randy near his locker, Justin went up to him. "Hey Justin." said Randy.


Randy knowing Justin, could see by his stiff body movements and pallid complexion something was up. Something big. "What’s going on?"

"I did it." replied Justin solemnly.

"You did it?"

"I-I shrunk Matt."

"What!" shouted Randy who quickly looked around at a few of the other students who looked at him as they walked by. Getting a grip, "Well-ah when?"

"Yesterday. I tricked him into going to Arkham Field."

"No one saw you or anything."

Justin responded, "No."

"How is he?"

Smiling, "He’s fine. A bit freaked. But ok. You can come over and see him."

"Yeah, would like to. We’ll have to tell the others. I guess now its getting the other four," said Randy. "You’ll have to tell me how you got him there."

During lunch break, Randy, Justin, Mike and Bryan met up. Justin told his pals what he did to lure Matt to the field of wonders. "Dude you are amazing," remarked Bryan patting Justin’s back. More serious, Bryan asked, "You don’t have to tell us but did you think of killing Matt." Everyone became quiet as a tomb as they stared at Justin.

"I did scare him at first and teased him. I wanted to show him whose boss. But, seeing him all tiny and helpless to be honest---no. And besides, its cool having him as a pet. I still need to break him in. Eventually I will."

"Randy, you think you can trick Jim the same way to Arkham Field?" asked Mike.

"I can try."

Bryan commented, "I haven’t heard anyone mention Matt yet. But, it has only been one day." The four friends began planning operation: shrink Jim.

In his next class, Randy had Jim. There was a new student from Singapore who had recently emigrated here to America.. Randy could sense Jim, like a Vulture was waiting for the kill. Jim didn’t go much for anybody who fit outside what he considered the norm. During class when the teacher wasn’t looking the red haired Jim with his other pal, an idiot named Nathan taunted the teen. As Jim was teasing him, Jim would come out with this cackle of a laugh he had. "Man, if I get to shrink Jim, I hope I can keep from squishing him," Randy thought to himself. He was finding it hard not to tell Jim to stop bothering the new kid.

When class was letting out, Randy waited near the exit. The teen from Singapore came out, stiffed lipped and red faced. When Jim came out, Randy grabbed Jim by the arm and swung him around against the wall. Smiling and laughing, Jim told Randy with eyes that blazed with anger, "If you hit me, I will make your life hell. I’ll squash you like a bug. Ha-ha (cackling laughter) ha, crush you like a bug."

Randy pulled Jim from the wall and slammed him back against it. "You’re the bug," replied Randy wanting so much to belt and knock that stupid grin from off his face.

Bryan who was watching all this from around the corner, called Randy on his cell phone. Hearing his phone buzzing, Randy let go of Jim and pulled the phone from out of his shirt pocket. "Yeah, cool. No, I have to go to Arkham Field after school to collect some specimens for a class protect. Yeah, talk later dude." Randy clicked off his cell. A slight smile appeared on his face.

As Randy was walking away, Jim shouted after him, "I’ll squish you like a bug, ha-ha-ha (cackle and diabolical laughter) ha-ha."

Bryan clicking the cover to his cell-phone shut shouted in a whisper, "Yes!"

Before the last class of the day Randy met up with his pals. "I’ll leave for Arkham Field right after. Wish me luck."

"Be careful, Jim’s a nut," said Mike. All the others agreed and told Randy to be cautious.

Justin suggested, "Let us come with you. Chances are, if Jim comes after you, he won’t be alone."

"No, if he sees any of you he might back away."

Mike added, "If you don’t call me by four forty five, I’m going to the field." Everybody nodded their heads in agreement.

"Thanks guys," responded Randy strengthened by his pals concern.

Bryan still didn’t like the idea of Randy facing Jim alone. He decided he would take another route to Arkham Field and hide.

Randy watched during the last class---the clock. He also formulated different scenarios in his mind on how to get Jim on to the spot. "If need be, I’ll throw him on it."

When the bell rang, announcing the end of the school day, Bryan slipped into one of the school’s science labs. And took a butterfly net.

Randy made his way for Arkham Field. He chuckled to himself, thinking on how he’s hoping to shrink someone. As he took the obsolete logging road, now over grown with grass and bushes, Randy could feel the enigmatic atmosphere of the area. Several toads jumped out of the way of his feet as he walked. He could hear off in their sanctuary among the tall grass, the songs of the crickets. Somewhere out in the untended fields, a fly was buzzing its lament or supplication for help as it was prepared to be the dinner of a spider.

It was an over cast day and when Randy neared Arkham Field, a mist was blowing past the circle of granite obelisks. The mist, mixed with the mournful sounds of the wind rustling throw the branches of the century old trees gave a strange ethereal ambiance to the place. Walking through the entrance Randy wondered, "Who constructed such a place? And why?"

Randy walked near and around the half covered circle of stone. He looked at his watch it was already after four. "Hey Randy," echoed a voice. Randy crossed his fingers for good luck.

Turning around he saw Jim and behind him was Nathan. "This will make it difficult," thought Randy wish he had taken Justin’s advice.

Bryan was hiding behind several Oak Trees not far from the field. When he saw Jim and Nathan going through the entrance he as quietly as he could followed behind.

Smacking a fist against his other hand Jim told Randy, "I have waited for a day like this for a long time. I’m sick of you and your pals. "Ha-ha-ha (stupid cackling laughter) I’m going to enjoy this."

"Yeah, me too," added Nathan smacking his fists together.

"Hey, can I join in," echoed another voice.

"Bryan!" shouted Randy with both surprise and relief.

Bryan ran toward Nathan as Randy went for Jim. The four teens began battling it out. The sounds of fists hitting against flesh filled the air. Randy found Jim a pretty powerful opponent. Standing up, Randy walked backwards a bit. As Jim lunged for Randy, Randy tried to spin Jim toward the circle. Instead, Jim threw Randy on to the ground and started belting him in the face.

Bryan and Nathan pretty much were of the same weight. Freeing himself of Nathan who also kicked as he fought, Bryan backed up close to the circle.
Jim glancing up and trying to see how Nathan was making out, observed how Bryan was doing a similar maneuver that Randy had tried. Sensing something was wrong, Jim shouted, Nate!"

As Nathan turned toward Jim, Bryan grabbed both opportunity and Nathan; pushing him on to the stone circle. Nothing happened at first. Nathan just stood there. As he began to walk off of it, the three blue beams of light shot out. Nathan quickly began to shrink.

Jim seeing this fantastic occurrence, got off of Randy and began to runaway. Randy got back up and ran after him. Randy made a football like tackle and threw Jim to the ground. Jim kept laughing as he tried to throw Randy off of him.

Nathan, after the light had faded, looked around at the great expanse of stone he was on. Far at the ends were high, thin green stalks of some sorts. Leaning over, Bryan saw the bug size Nathan. It sent a chill and thrill through him. "Hey Nate," said Bryan. He observed the tiny figure turning. He saw the surprise in Nathan’s body movements as he spread his arms and stumbled backwards.

Nathan gurgled incoherent words as he looked upwards at a bona-fid giant. The thick tan Khaki material to Bryan’s shorts made a whooshing sound at the leg openings to the giant’s movements. Above the huge shorts was Bryan’s body that tapered off high in the sky.

Not far from Nathan, a toad jumped on to the slab. Nathan shrieked in horror at the site of the bulbous headed giant toad. He ran off the slab into the jungle of meadow grass. Bryan pulled from his back pocket his butterfly net.

Jim sent a fist to Randy’s face. And breaking free of his grasp ran in laughing hysterics toward the stonewall. As he began to climb it, Randy grabbed his foot. "Ha-ha-you can’t get me," shouted Jim as he tried to wiggle himself free.

Nathan in fear and confusion pushed through the giant blades of grass. Stories above him, Bryan bent over, concentrated his eyes down on the grass for Nathan while keeping his net in a ready position to swoop it down.

Pulling Jim down off the wall, Randy summoning all his strength, picked Jim up by the seat of his pants and began to drag him toward the circle. Trying to grab hold on to the grass, Jim shouted, "Stop! What do you think you’re doing man?"

"Try and guess," responded Randy between huffs and puffs.

Nathan with sweat of fear and exhaustion running down his face, stopped and stooped over to catch his breath. A deep airy rumbling sound began. BANG! Sounded a great thud behind him. The concussion of air that followed, propelled Nathan forward and into the thick blades of giant grass. Turning his chubby body around on a particular wide blade, Nathan saw the dirty white front to a pair of giant sneakers. On his back, Nathan looked up above the front of the sneaker where he saw the top part of a pair of white low rise athletic socks. Above them, a tan colored tower which Nathan knew was a leg. The tan tower size leg disappeared into the dark leg opening to the tan Khaki shorts. And higher still, the colossal face of Bryan smirking down upon him.

Bryan looked down with amusement at his new unique pet. The tiny pet waved his very thin arms around madly and making high pitch squeaks, rolled off the blade of grass.

Nearing the stone slab with arms arching, Randy threw Jim on to the stone surface and fell to the ground with fatigue . Jim wiggled from side to side nervously. Finding nothing had happened, he began to crawl off the slab. "I’m going to put you on the slab. And wait till you see what I will do to you, said Jim half talking and half laughing. As he neared the fallen teen, Randy suddenly lifted a leg up and pushed Jim back on to it! Before Jim could move, three rays of light converged on Jim.

Nathan pushed through the grass while Bryan enjoyed the hunt. Coming out to a bare patch of earth, Nathan suddenly screeched when he found himself engulfed in white netting. Bryan mad a triumphant, "Gotcha!"

Randy wiping the dirt from off the seat of his pants stood up. Weaving back and forth toward the edge of the slab was a bug size Jim. Randy moved till the front of his sneaker was right in front of Jim. Looking down at the "bug" Randy thought, "What a scum bag you are. Its people like you who "blank" the world up. I sometimes wonder if you would pull some violence in school like those creeps you hear about in those school shootings. Innocent people are your targets." Randy lifted up his sneaker and over Jim.

Jim fell to the ground with terror and placed his arms up at the thick rubber threads right above him. He could see stuck in-between the thick treads, pebbles as big as rocks. And a dried piece of pink gum.

Bryan, enjoying watching Nathan struggling in the net looked over at Randy. He saw his friend looking down with his sneaker close to the surface of the slab. "Randy!" shouted Bryan.

Looking up and over toward Bryan, Randy yelled back, "What?!"

"I have always admired how you have been the level headed one among us."

Randy looked down at the top of his sneaker. He moved it to the side. Looking back towards Bryan, nodded his head. Bryan nodding back. Picking up his net, Bryan walk over to Randy.

Jim made many deep breaths of relief. His relief was short lived as two enormous fingers picked him up. Randy kept Jim securely wedged between his thumb and forefinger. On either side of his fingers, Jim’s thin arms and legs flapped about. "Hey, thanks Bryan."

"Don’t worry about it."

Randy placed Jim in the bottom of the net with Nathan. "Looks like Justin isn’t the only one with a new pet," said Randy. Bryan and Randy then laughed.

Randy and Bryan were spellbound by the two tiny bullies fighting futilely against the netting that held them fast at the bottom of the butterfly net. Bryan chuckled as the net slightly swayed back and forth from their frustrated actions. "There’s no escape for you two," said Bryan who then shook the net; causing Nathan and Jim to tumble over each other.

"Their voices sound so funny and faint. What cool pets they’ll make," spoke Randy. Hearing the word pet, the two teens began to squeak and squeal. "We better be going," suggested Randy. As they were leaving the field, they both saw Mike and Justin running up the overgrown logging road. Bryan lifted up the net as Randy shouted, "Look what we caught!" Jim and Nathan covered their ears from the explosive sound Randy’s voice made as he shouted.

"Oh man, we were worried about you. Hey Bryan ,what are you doing here?" asked Mike.

Bryan replied, "I didn’t trust Jim either. So I snuck through the woods unseen."

"I’m glad he did, I could have been the bug size one," responded Randy putting a hand of appreciation on Bryan’s shoulder.

Going right up to the net, Justin exclaimed, "Cool! You shrank two of the creeps. Way to go!" Nathan and Jim squeaked in pain from Justin’s loud energetic voice.

Mike tapped Jim and Nathan from outside of the net. Tiny pathetic, angry squeaks shouted, "Cut that out! Please return us to normal. We will never bother you again. We didn‘t mean to hassle you."

"You should have thought of that a long time ago. Just be glad Randy and Bryan are such cool guys. Others back at school, must likely would have wasted you," spoke Mike. Randy looked at Bryan sheepishly.

The teens left Nathan and Jim in the net as they walked home gloating over their tiny prizes. Nearing the town, Bryan reached in and pulled out Nathan who screamed and wiggled frantically between his giant thumb and index finger. Bryan placed his new pet in the right cargo-pocket of his shorts. Nathan found himself lost in a giant room of burlap like Khaki material. He huddled up powerless against the side of the pocket as he heard the zipper going alone the metal tracks encasing him in darkness. Randy took his cap off and placed Jim on top of his head. The teens laughed. He secured his tiny passenger by putting his cap back on. Jim found himself sinking slightly in Randy’s straight hair. "This can’t be happening," said Jim in the darkness of the cap. He tried sending a fist down on Randy’s head. However, he was just too small to break through the cushion of hair.

"Now how to figure how to get Jonathan to the field," said Justin.

Patting his cap, Randy told Justin, "There’s been enough excitement for one day"

"Oh Justin, how’s Matt making out?" asked Bryan.

Justin replied, "Pretty good. He seems like he wants to please me."

"Well, I would want to please even a runt like you, if I was just a couple of inches tall," spoke Mike jokingly putting Bryan in a headlock. The two roughed house for a couple of minutes.

In the darkness of Bryan’s pocket, Nathan hung on and curled up to a seam wondering what will happen next to him. Jim trapped in Randy’s hair too wondered his fate. "What will he do to me?"

Nearing their homes, the friends were about to say goodbye. Bryan asked Randy, "Do you have a cage to put Jim in?"

"No, not yet."

"Say, how about after we eat we go to the pet store and get what we need."

Randy replied, "Cool. I‘ll call you when I‘m ready. We usually eat around six."

The four friends with their very special secret headed home. Bryan as he walked to his house, glanced down at his side-cargo pocket. He couldn’t believe he had a real person in there. Bryan also was realizing the responsibility that now was his.

Randy once in a while though he could feel Jim wiggling around in his hair. He past a few neighbors as he neared his house. It was strange for Randy to pass these people knowing he had real life tiny person. And none of them would ever suspect that in a million years. He thought about what Mike had said. About other students from school might have done to them. He couldn’t forget the strong impulse he had to do Jim in. That now was out of his system.

Entering the back door to his home, Randy entered and out of habit he removed his cap, just as suddenly placed it back on. Jim was struck with bright light. And just as fast placed back in darkness.

Entering his room, Randy took off his cap. Half submerged in Randy’s warm, slightly sweaty hair, Jim closed his eyes when the blurry image of tree size fingers reached for him. His thoughts raced with every conceivable horror that could happen to him. The main being, and this caused Jim to moan, if Randy wasn’t careful in how he was picked, he could pop like a grape between Randy’s fingers.

With eyes of a collector, who just came across a rare find, is how Randy looked. Between his forefinger and thumb was Jim, one of the terrors of the school. Who now was one of the most vulnerable persons on Earth. Randy began to feel guilt rising up in his gut as the teen with abject misery on his face, flailed about out of instinct between his fingers. He started to remember what Justin had said about doing the world and them a favor. Randy thought, "Yeah, most likely this creep would have ended up in jail or hurting others. So doing society at large a favor and this bug." This made Randy feel better.

A tiny pleading squeak began, "Please Randy. Return me to normal."

"Sorry, no can do. But look, I will try and take care of you. You behave yourself, you will be ok."

Bryan licked his lips with excitement as he entered his home. In the kitchen, he poured himself milk and made a peanut butter sandwich for himself. Going over to the table, Bryan pulled out a chair to sit on. In the dark pocket cell, Nathan covered his ears as the chair was pulled along the floor. He tumbled forward and sideways as Bryan sat down. As he ate his sandwich, Bryan chuckled to himself about his new pet.

Justin upon returning to his home, once in his bedroom pulled away his desk chair and brought out the cage. The tiny form of Matt ran to the side and waved up at the enormous face of Justin. Tapping on the side, Justin asked in a slight patronizing voice, "So how was your day."

"It was good," squeaked Matt.

Taking the cage over to his desk, Justin opened the small door. The tiny teen stepped out. "I was working on the project you had me do. Want to see it?"

"Of course I do," replied Justin. Pulling over a piece of paper, Justin scribbled a few letters in ink. Picking up part of an eraser that Justin, the night before had broken up, brought it over to the paper. Placing it down near one of the letters, Matt proceeded to move around on the huge letter and remove it. "Hey that pretty good."

In a high, piping, comic sounding voice, "It is? You pleased with me?"

"I am."

Matt made a big smile and shouted, "Thanks!"

Justin wasn’t really convinced Matt was really totally given over to him. He wondered if Matt was up to something. He figured if Matt was up to something, he would have to correct him.

In his bedroom, Bryan removed Nathan from his pocket. He watched as Nathan, like a bug crawled aimlessly around his hand. The muscle pads to Bryan’s hand were like large pillows to the distraught teen who made strange airy sounds as he kept crawling around the palm. "Nathan," said Bryan in a low and commanding voice. When Nathan stopped crawling and looked up at him, "Just relax and know, you are now mine." Nathan just froze realizing the immense Bryan meant what he said. Looking down at the giant hand again, Nathan began making those strange airy sounds again.

Randy watched Jim walk around on top of his dresser. "I’ll be going, or should say we’ll be going out later to get your new home." Jim was walking to the edge when Randy heard his mother calling up for supper. Opening a drawer full of handkerchiefs and scarf’s and socks, Randy placed him in.