Beyond The Legend by Timothy

This is an offbeat spin-off of Pilot Companion and sequel.

Nestled in among the many rolling hills; the peaceful sprawling village has remained at peace for many, many centuries. There is a legend that has been passed down from generation to generation of a time that was not so serene. And about the giant who restored peace and saved the village from destruction. It is said if you enter the valley of Yalor, you can still feel his presence.

Many centuries back the people of the village were under the tyranny of a group of three giants. When they came, they destroyed everything in their path; from livestock, dwellings and people.

The side of one of the villages revered mountains was destroyed by these cruel giants as were the families who tended the fields and the scared temple.

One day the elder of the village went to pay homage as he was ordered to by the cruel giants. The huge giant sat just outside of the village; one of his legs resting between two large meeting houses. The elder tried not to look at the bottom of the sandal that dwarfed the dwellings. For it had been also, the instrument of death for many. Taken up in the hand of the head giant named Enuk, the elder spoke, “We have given you praise as you requested.” The elder bent over in supplication and lifted up his arms, “May you release the food now my lord for many are sick and dying.”

“Simpering wretch I’ll think about it.” And Enuk flicked the elder off his hand with his enormous finger. The elder landed in a field. Several shepherds came to his aid. The elder died shortly after.

That evening, a young orphaned shepherd boy called Enna, while tending his flock of sheep found the field he was in aglow. He was baffled for it was night and the time was not right for the shinning of the moon. Enna gazed upwards. A glowing red and white glowing ball was crossing the starry sky. Putting his shepherds staff down, Enna hoping the great ball of light was a spirit prayed. “Wondering spirit please hear my prayers. Save my people from the mercilessness of the giants.” The brightly glowing object increased in size and brightness settling down behind a forest. The light vanished.

Before the sun began to rise, the boy rounding up his flock placed them safely in a pen. The boy decided to go where he saw this spectral light come to rest.

The next day the three giants thundered into town grinning as they scared the populace. One kicked over a market sending both food and customers into oblivion.

A cold wind rushed into the valley. The giants just dressed in simple garments became cold. One giant not standing the cold told his fellow callous friends he needed to get adequate wrappings. His pals made sport of him; saying his was weak like the tiny inhabitants. Kicking a few carts over the giant left.

The camp for the giants was in another valley. As the giant was entering the valley surrounded by mountains of granite, a shadow appeared before him. Cast on the dirt trail pounded by the giants feet was kind of a star shaped silhouette. Four or more thin shafts jetting out on a rounded surface. The shadow began to move. The giant knew what he was looking at was another giant. “Come on you guys stop the kidding,” said the giant as he turned around.

When he turned around; another figure, lost in the shadows of the morning sun that glowed brightly behind him said in a calm voice, “Leave tiny ones lone. They helpless against you and friends why terrorize?”

“We found them first. Their ours. If you don’t want to end up dead you better go.”

“They not yours or mine. They children of creation too.”

The giant made a sweep of his hand against the shadowy figure. A hand caught the giant’s fist, twisting it; causing the mindless brute to fall to his knees. “I wish no damage you. Will you go peace?”

The giant looking down at the ground and shaking his head slightly, “I guess I have no choice.” The giant reached in under the huge silver belt he was wearing. Slowly standing up, he turned toward the stranger lunging at him with a rotating knife.

In the village, an echoing cry was heard. Enuk turned toward the mountains, “That sounds like Miz. What has that fool gotten himself into?”

“Would you like me to go and see?” asked the second giant.

Enuk replied, “No, we will go later.”

When the two giants did go back to investigate why their friend hadn’t returned, they found hanging on the front entrance to their makeshift hut a silver belt. “Its Miz’s belt,” said Enuk looking around with stealth like eyes.

A group of families had left the valley for fear of the giants. Snow had set in trapping the frightened fleeing folks. They huddled together in their wooden wagons. As they kept close together in the bitter cold, a loud, muffled rumbling sound commenced. “Oh please, oh please may it not be the giants,” hollered one woman. With the rumbling sound that caused the wagons to shake was the sound of stone against stone. Soon after an orange light appeared which was followed by a warm heat. Very slowly, the men began to peer out of the their wagons. A large fire was blazing. The fire was surrounded by boulders that kept the fire contained. “You be well now. Fire feed on fuel that will last many hours. You stay warm. You best stay here for time. I will check you all soon,” spoke an echoing voice.

One of the wagon team leaders, a man named Rugest, ventured forth much to the protest of those in his wagon. Through the bright glare of the flames, the man made out a pair of gigantic purple shoes. “Its a giant,” he whispered to himself. Bending his head back he followed a pair of enormous legs that raised up bigger than any of their finest and grandest trees.

The snow had stopped falling and the sky cleared. The face was to far up into the darkness for the man to see anything. All the man could make out where a series of dark spike shaped objects that protruded out blocking the stars.

The gigantic phantom walked off. The man went back and told all he had seen to his friends.

The two giants in their camp saw the glow of the fire. “Totae, investigate that blaze.”

“Why do I have to go?”

“Because I’m telling you to do it,“ replied Enuk with menace in his voice.

Angrily, Totae did what he was told. Stepping over a few young trees he made his way for the orange glow coming from a nearby hill. As Totae drew nearer to the glow, he spotted the silhouette of another. Not sure, he said “Miz is that you?” The figure remained quiet. Totae placed a hand on his laser whip that he kept coiled around his waist. “Miz is that you?”

The figure replied, “No.”

“What do you want stranger?”

“I want you and friend who you stay leave.”

Totae tried to understand the stranger’s odd manner of speech. “Do you mean Enuk?” Silence. “Do you mean Enuk!?”

“Yes. You friend go. Please go and peace between us.”

Slowly uncoiling the whip around from his waist, Totae told the stranger, “You did something to Miz didn’t you?”

“Your friend was a victim of his own fear and violence.”

Whipping out the laser whip, Totae wrapped it around the stranger sending him to the ground. “Not so strong are you,” said the cruel giant sending a charge through the whip.

With pain, the stranger grabbed hold of the pulsating whip and pulled on it with all his strength causing Totae to fall.

From the group of wagons, the tiny people could hear the fighting and feel it, as the ground shook under the giants immense weight.

Wiping snow, dirt, parts of trees and a few deer off his face, Totae lunged for the whip. With lightening speed he flung it across the face of the stranger.

An echoing scream filled the air. Team leader Rugest from the opening to his wagon said to a group of scared members, “That sounds like the voice of the giant who is trying to help us.”

“Ha-ha, Totae must be having some fun. I hope he made them suffer,” said Enuk to himself as he heard the scream.

Totae leered down at the motionless figure. He slowly walked over. Kicking the side of the fallen victim, Totae started a body search to see what he could find. All at once a hand grabbed his ankle and pulled him to the ground. Another fight ensued.

The tinies in the wagon once more had to hang on tight to each other or the side of their wagon’s as the ground shook from the violent, seismic producing fighting of the giants. Rugest went back out of the wagon and soon other men joined him. Up a ways they could see the gigantic outlines of the two giants rolling about. There was too, the cracking sound of wood as the giants in their fight were crushing part of the forest with their immense bodies and legs. “I wish as the Mighty Spirit is my witness, I could help our giant friend.”

After a period, the echoing sound of angry voices and the din of quickly shifting bulk ended. Only the silence spoke. It was absolute.

Hearing footsteps heading toward his camp, Enuk drew a blade. A figure lost in the night and out of reach of the feeble camp fire, kept the unknown visitor in darkness. Before Enuk’s feet the body of his friend Totae fell. “Who are you!?” screamed Enuk.

“I am a warrior. I buried your first companion. I suggest you do the same with the second. I ask you as I had ask them---please leave these valleys in peace.” After the stranger had left, Enuk roared with anger. “I swear I will make those puny bugs pay for this. Someone must pay for this.”

Rugest paced back and forth around the fire. He was anxious over the fate of the friendly stranger. He quickly turned around. And felt his stomach tighten as giant steps came his way. His children ran up to him upon hearing the sound and hugged his legs. “Father we’re frightened.

A current of air rushed over Rugest and his children. In the orange flickering light, Rugest could make up many stories in the air a pair of gargantuan knees. “Fear not tiny ones. Your tribulation of horror and much sadness almost over. I too still ask you stay. But soon can return to village.” The children still cried in fear. Another current of air descended down upon them. Gently and powerfully appearing down next to Rugest was the side of a giant hand. It was tall and wide as a wall. Strangely, Rugest was not afraid. He slowly went up and touched the warm skin of the giant hand. Seeing it was safe, other members of the wagon group came up. They all with their minuscule hands touched the giant palm. “Me warm of soul you trust. For this giant hand is one to you of friendship.” Rugest tried to see the face. All he could see was a dark outline and the silhouette of those cone shaped protrusions.

In minutes the whole crowd of tinies gathered around the enormous hand that generated a strength and peace. Children began to climb up the sides of the fingers.

At break of day, Enuk stormed down the side of the mountain that faced the village. He destroyed trees and animals beneath his sandaled feet.

Before the arrival of the giant, the young shepherd boy Enna ran into town. Many people questioned the boy where he had been. “I have seen a great giant.” The towns people murmured in fear. “No, this giant is our friend. He is a great warrior from the stars. I told him what has happened. He will save us.”

“The boy is mad,” commented one town member.

“I tell you truth,” insisted the boy. “I give you good tidings. This giant like an angel of The Spirit will protect us.”

Enuk glowered upon seeing the village below.

“He’s coming. He’s coming,” shouted a sentinel.

“Where is your giant angel Enna?” said many town’s people.

“He will come,” replied Enna.

Dogs, cats and livestock ran madly about the village under the quake caused by the giant. Enuk’s shadow like a foreboding of evil glided over the roof tops of the village. “Two of my companions are dead. Now many of you will die,” snarled Enuk.

Lifting up a foot ready to trample a group of villagers, A huge moving shadow past over Enuk and the village. Placing his foot back on the ground, Enuk witnessed the purple and white object that landed not far from him. With a huge smile, Enna shouted to the people, “I knew Yalor would come. I just knew.”

A middle aged couple came up to Enna, “Yalor?”

“Yes that is the great warrior’s name.”

The couple moved Enna to a distance of safety.

The towns people bended their heads as the great giant stood erect. The great warrior from the stars was dressed in a pair of low rise purple boots. Powerful muscular legs rose into a pair of white shorts that came down above his large knees. The giant wore a purple vest lined with white. The vest had sleeves that were opened at the shoulders and elbows. The most striking feature of the giant was his black wavy hair. Black hair that formed eight huge cones.

“You killed my pals (almost spitting the words out and with contempt) great warrior from the stars.”

“We need not fight if you leave in peace.”

Enuk charged at Yalor with his knife. Just before Enuk struck, Yalor jumped and somersaulted in the air coming down behind Enuk. As Enuk turned around, Yalor slapped the knife from his hands. The knife came landing and crushing a small hut.

The enraged giant charged Yalor, throwing him to the ground. The two titans rolled on the ground. The tiny town folk scattered from the fighting. Pushing on Yalor’s face, Enuk told Yalor, “You can’t beat me.“

“I already have,“ replied Yalor.

Pushing Enuk away, Yalor stood up and slowly moved away from the village. “You running away,” mocked Enuk.

Yalor put his two hands together and closed his eyes. The giant Enuk just stood there not quite sure what Yalor was up to.

Opening his eyes, Yalor lifted his arms toward the sun. Moving them slowly to his side, Yalor brought them back up again across from his chest. “Me ask you one more time please go and forget your violence and rage in you destroy it will.”

“I won’t leave till I revenge myself,” replied Enuk

Yalor shook his head sadly. He brought his two hands together. Separating them slowly, a line of yellow light appeared between his hands Yalor moved his hands in a circular motion; creating a ball of light. Yalor shot it at Enuk. The yellow light engulfed the hateful giant. The yellow sphere floated up into the sky until it disappeared from sight.

A crowd of villages began to swarm around his massive feet. Yalor stooped down. Smiling gentle at them, “Your enemy is gone not to appear again.”

Enna shouted up, “What happened to him?”

“That is up to The Great Spirit of Light.”

Soon the very tiny people began to make merry around Yalor who sat on the ground. “You have released us from a terrible enemy. How can we ever thank you great warrior from the stars?” spoke an elder.

“Your happiness, as shallow could sound but true---my reward.”

Yalor using his great size and skills helped the villagers rebuild. He tiled their fields. Repaired waterways. Yalor used his innocent ways and heart to repair the spiritual damage caused by the three cruel giants.

When it was time for Yalor to leave, Enna wanted to go with the great warrior. “Please take me with you. I have no family. I can find away to be useful.”
With Enna in his great hand, Yalor told the boy, “You are useful. You my friend. In my heart beats are you. As this heart of mine beats so does your love for me and you be.”

Enna curled up beneath a finger, “I want to go with you. I won’t leave.” Enna wrapped his arms around the finger.

“You can come me to stars Enna my brother. First I question you have no family here?”


The middle-aged couple that was standing near Yalor’s hip shouted up, “We have no children. We have always been fond of Enna. We would take him into our family if he would want to be part of our family.”

Yalor stared intently at couple his heart told him they were true. “You Enna can come with me. Or if you heart tells you. Can have normal family here.” Yalor lowered his hand down. “Go to them and think. I will delay my leave.”

Yalor stayed for another week. At the end of that time, Yalor returned to the village. Taking Enna up in his hand, “What you decide my young brave brother?“

“I love them Yalor.“

“I glad cause feel you love of them not one to be lost upon.“

Enna fidgeted with his right foot. “I love you too. Wish we could all come with you.“

Yalor smiled, “Yes be best solve your heart pain. You happy hear. And one who be big help to village.“

“Not without you Yalor.“

Yalor placed his other hand over Enna. “I give you my spark Enna. If village ever need big help again. You or your from you can give.” Enna felt a warmth enter into himself. “Now I go. Both us feel pain of separation. I tell you truth Enna. We are heart beats true.”

The whole town followed close behind the gigantic heels of Yalor as he left the village. Enna stayed and kept waving till the giant Yalor vanished.

A short time later, a loud clap of thunder or at least that was what the villagers thought at first it was sounded throughout the valley. Talking to those who were scared from the loud deep sound, Enna assured them, “Don’t be scared. Its Yalor returning to the stars on his flying bird of metal.“

A second sun appeared in the sky. “Safe voyage home Betheran Warrior,” shouted Enna to the receding circle of light.