Beautiful Love

By Mikano

Reese woke up the first morning to find herself at four inches. Somehow she didn't remember what she did last night or why, but she has to figure it out soon. She and James Vargas has been dating for four years and were in love.

"What's going on here?" she asked herself keeping a strand of her short dark hair off of her dark eyes.

Apparently she remembered James fighting with a drunken guy for forcefully pummeling her at his party. In his anger, he splashed a red liquid at her, intending for her boyfriend. She remembered feeling sick to her stomach and passed out on James' bed. No, I'm shrunk to four inches. Reese thought, reality setting in. What am I going to do? Crikey, I can't live like this. I have a family and my life ahead of me. It was her worst nightmare, and now her worst predicament. She didn't want to be tiny. She sat up on the pillow and started to cry. She felt James wake up and gently scooped her in his hand. She found herself, raised up to his face and sitting on his palm. She was face to face his dark, blue eyes.

"Reese, what's wrong?" he asked, concerned for her.

"I might never get back to my height." she said, in tears. "You might dump me for someone else. I don't want to feel alone."

He shook his head and leaned his hand slightly to his bare, dark chest. He was comforting her and Reese knew that. She was still afraid he wouldn't see her like he used to when she was 5'8", he's 6 foot 4 inches, yet he looks to her 64 feet.

"No." James said. "You're still the beautiful, sweet girl that caputred my heart. I could never reject you."

Reese had to smile at that knowing he'd never leave her the way she is. It helped knowing he'd never hurt her like this.

"Is it ok for me to kiss you?" he asked

"Yes." she said. "I know you're not going to eat me."

James shook his head and gently raised her up to his lips.

*Nina was i think 3 feet. Reese is 4 inches tall.*

He planted a small kiss on her forehead. It continued for minutes, then he stopped kissing her and rubbed her back. James remembered the doll house his sister has in her room.

"What is it?" Reese asked him.

"I just remembered." he said. "Marjorie's doll house. I can bring it in here and you can use it."

"What about my family?" she asked. "How are we going to deal with this?"

"I'll figure out a way." James said. "It doesn't mean we still can't do the same things we enjoy."

She nodded her head, although James had to keep her hidden at all times. It was ok for her, they both live in London, not in America. She heard of some kid who bought something in a flea market and used his once bullies as his toys and it scared her to some extent. James wouldn't do this to her and she knew that. It still made her sick especially when she knew this has happened before. She felt him rub her back gently.

"You're worrying me." James said.

"I know." Reese said. "It's just that I'm afraid of being treated like an animal."

"That's the last thing I'd do." he said. "I wouldn't want you to be treated like that."

Reese relaxed thoughout James rubbing her back. She loved him and he knew it. Before he could set her down, his younger sister Marjorie came in and notice him holding her tiny form in his palm. Reese knew at one point that she towered her by an inch, making her 5'9. To her, his younger sister was 59 feet tall. She knew her dark eyes were looking at her curiously.

"Reese, what happened?" she asked.

Reese looked up at Marjorie unsure how to answer her with what happened.

"Some drunk pummeled me at your brother's party." she said. And he got into a fight with James for it. In his anger, he splashed some wierd liquid that at me. I got into his room and passed out on his bed. Only I didn't realize I shrunk until I woke up."

"Do you remember what color it was?" Marjorie asked. "I mean I can get the reversal liquid for it."

Resse nodded her head and it started to be clear to her.

"It was red." Reese said. "The liquid was red."

"Thank you." Marjorie said.

Then she turned her attention to James.

"You need to be careful with her." she said. "If you even take her into a public place, she must remain hidden at all times."

"I think I already know that." he said.

After Marjorie left his room, James stood up, still holding Reese in his palm. She looked up at his beautiful blue eyes, his handsome face and his shoulder length black hair. She couldn't help it, but smile up at him. He smiled back at her.

"So what can we do today?" Reese asked. "I know I have to stay with you at all times."

"I know." he said.

Reese never needed to ask her boyfriend what they should do together since he was the one in charge today. She never even thought about it before. It didn't matter though as she noticed some of the doll dresses on the nightstand left by Marjorie. She knew James wasn't the only one trying to make her diminutive size enjoyable for her.

"We'd better get dressed soon." he said.

She felt him gently lower her onto the nightstand and stood up to his full height. He walked towards his closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and grabbed a muscle tank. Reese was looking through the doll like dresses. She managed to find something she likes and get dressed in it.


He broke the kiss and gently tilted his hand. He let her slide into the pocket and left his room. She peeked out once in a while, but for most part she remained hidden. Especially when James was talking to their friends. During one of the trips to the Soho District of London, he came across the potions store. Resse peered out of the pocket and noticed it right away.

"Oh my god." she said.

"What is it?" James asked.

"That's the same shop label that was on the red bottle." she said. "The night I got splashed with it."

He nodded and went inside after Reese hid back in the pocket. He looked around and noticed an assortment of potions. He grabbed two green ones and a blue one and paid for them. He left the shop and peered at the two green ones. He'd save those for later and pulled out a blue bottle. Then he walked away knowing he didn't want her stolen and headed back into his house. Marjorie went out to a movie with her friends so he and Reese had the place to themselves. He used two of his fingers to fish her out gently and placed her in his right palm.

"You bought the blue one."she said. "I noticed two green bottles on the table. I wonder how Marjorie will feel about this."

Still being held in her boyfriend's palm, Reese looked up at him as he turned on the television. Expecting to see a fame show and a personal favorite of theirs, James sat down on the couch and leaned back so she can relax on his chest. Instead Bronze Star, they got the news and the color drained on their faces.

"Reese Carlson has been missing." the reporter said. "Since she hasn't called home. If anyone's seen her, you are to contact your local police."

Reese began to feel nervous about this and looked up at James. He knew the feeling too, his blue eyes told her. He turned off the t.v., and scooped her into his hand. He got up from the couch and took her into his room. Once inside, he grabbed a chair, sit down, next to his desk and lowered his hand onto the wooden desk. He felt Reese get off his palm and sit down on a chair big enough for her to sit on.

"The reports have begun." Reese said. "I feel worried about this. I don't know if..."

James lowered his huge index finger next to her and watched her hug it. While she was hugging his finger, she was amazed in how he barely moved it.

"We'll find a way to get through this." he said. "Marjorie and I are the only ones who knows what really happened to you."

"I know." Reese said. "Umm. James. Can I ask you something though?"

"Sure." James said, withdrawing his finger from her.

Reese thought for a moment before blushing again.

"Can I have a kiss?" she asked, clearly blushing.

He nodded and lowered his huge hand hext to her. Reese climbed in and he lifted her to his face. Once she was face to face with his huge lips, she felt him kiss her on her tiny lips. This time he continued kissing her, getting her and the school uniform she was wearing with his wet kiss.

*Marjorie is a freshman. She has three years to wait. Also they wear school uniforms in England*

By the next morning, Reese noticed James getting ready for school. That shower she had from last night worked wonders with her and she got ready. It was her first day as his pocket pal and she wanted to be on her best behavior. It was their final year and it should go well.

"James are you ready?" Marjorie asked, putting on her shoes.

"I'm almost ready." he said.

James turned to Reese and lifted her to his face.

"This is our final year." She said. "I'll try not to move."

"I know." James said. "I just don't want to leave you here all by yourself. I just don't want people stealing you."

He and Marjorie left and Reese kept herself hidden. She was grateful that they washed the uniform she worn from yesterday. She went with him to his classes as to not draw suspicion to anyone who might have the indecency to steal her. The bell rang and they left for lunch. During this time, James encounter Chelsea, the new senior girl at their school. She was eating by herself, obviously upset and Reese peeked out of his pocket and felt sadness. She noticed him sitting down with his friends, not too far from her. Quickly, she snuck away from James and headed towards her. Once she got there, Reese looked up at Chelsea and noticed how beautiful she was with her dark hair and wished she was bigger to talk to her. Chelsea looked down in curiousity and faced her.

"You look hungry, little one." she said. "I can share with you if you like."

Resse nodded her head and noticed her tearing off a piece of dim sum. She ate the tiny piece of it and noticed Chelsea lowering her hand next to her. Reese climbed in and felt her new friend lifting her up gently to her drink.

"What is this?" Reese asked.

"Capri sun." Chelsea said.

Reese drank some of it in miniscules drops.

"Can I get your name?" Chelsea asked. "My name is Chelsea.

"I'm Reese." Reese said.

"Were you born this small?" she asked.

"No." Reese said. "This was a result of mme being exposed to some liquid. Besides are you by any chance half-Chinese? Because I am, from my mum's side. She was born in Beijing. My father is an American."

Chelsea nodded her head and smiled. She clearly likes Reese talking to her, despite her small size.

"Yes." Chelsea said. "From my dad side. He was born in Shanghai. My mom is from France and I lived most of my life in the U.S. I got bullied here because of my accent."

"You don't deserve it." Reese said. "I don't think you're different. You're a nice girl, just don't let them bother you all that much."

"Thank you." Chelsea said. "I appreciate that, Reese."

By that time James noticed the note she wrote to him and moved away from his friends. He found her and Chelsea together and sat down. Chelsea thinks she's going to be bullied and expects the worst of it.

"I'm not here to bully you." James said.

Chelsea looked up at him and nodded.

"Thank you." she said, holding Reese in her hand. "By any chance, is she your girlfriend?"

James nodded his head and darted down at Reese, sitting in Chelsea's hand.

"Reese." he said.

"James, please." Reese said. "I know I should've told you, but you were chatting on with your friends and I didn't want to interrupt. You have the right to be......"

She was interrupted when James lowered his finger to gently rub her head. Chelsea saw this and noticed his hand in the palm up position. She gently tilted her hand and Reese slides off her palm to his.

"Did she hurt you?" James asked her.

"No." she said. "Chelsea's real nice. Just get to know her."

James looked over her and then Chelsea and back to her. He nodded his head.

James cupped his hand over Reese and stuffs her back in his pocket. Then he turns his attention to Chelsea and held his hand out.

"I'm James." he said.

Chelsea took his hand and shook it.

"I'm Chelsea." she said. "Well I got to go. I have class."

"Yeah." he said. "Well I need to go."

He leaves and Chelsea noticed how beautiful his eyes were, but she didn't want to interfere with his relationship with Reese. Instead of finishing up his last two classes, he headed to the courtyard and sat down on the bench. He used two of his huge fingers to pull her out of his jacket pocket and sat her down on his palm.

"What's wrong, James?" Reese asked him.

"I don't know. "he said. "It was something about that kid in my fourth that creped me out. I'm not talking about Chelsea. I don't think she's a bad girl."

"No." Reese said. "Was he at the party four days ago?"

James nodded and all of a sudden the same guy came out with a sense of remose in his face. Reese could see it and didn't know what would happen.

"You were the girl I shrunk by accident" he said.

Reese nodded her head. She knew him from her French class.

"Why Dominic?" she asked.

"I didn't intend it for you." Dominic said. "It was supposed to be James."

James got enraged with him. He put her in his pocket and knocked Dominic down.

"Why, me?" he asked.

"Your brother had bad intentions for you." Dominic said. "But I had a couple of beers that night after I called off the deal with him."

James calmed down, knowing his twin brother was a lunatic. But here was Dominic, remorseful for what he did to Reese, picked her off his pocket and set her gently to the ground.

"What are you doing?" James asked him.

Dominic didn't answer as he placed a red bottle in his hand and proceeded to open the blue one. He splashed it on Reese and she felt herself growing. As James watched her grow back to her normal size, he turned to face Dominic, who backed away from him and splashed himself with the red liquid. By that time, Reese returned to her normal size.

"It's good to be back to my size." she said, hugging James. "Where's Dominic?"

She didn't look long enough as she found him at four inches. He was trying to erase his bad deed. Reese thought. That's why he grew me back. She noticed him walking away from them and turned to James.

"Dominic doesn't want us to follow him." he said. "He doesn't wants to live with what he did to you."

"I know." Reese said.

She wanted to return home and rest up from her shrinking expirence. James knew it and was glad that she was back to her normal size. No matter what size she'd be, he'll love her for who she is.

Each night, Reese laid in her bedroom and thought about Dominic's well being. She didn't want to think he's dead. Maybe Chelsea found him and gave him a home with her. she thought, remembering how she met her when she was tiny. I'll find out tomorrow. By the next morning, Reese dresses up in her school uniform and headed to school the same way as she always goes. This time she kept one of the green bottles, James bought along with the blue potion. She walked into the school and noticed Dominic popping out of Chelsea's jacket pocket. This made her smile, knowing he's all right.

"Hi Reese." Chelsea said.

"Oh hi, Chelsea." she said. "I see you found Dominic."

Chelsea nodded her head.

"Just yesterday." she said. "I didn't want to leave him here. I was glad I didn't get rid of the dollhouse. It was a perfect place for him to sleep."

"I see." Reese said.

She turned her attention to Dominic and gently rubbed his tiny head.

"Hi Reese." he said.

"Hi Dominic." she said. "How are you doing?"

She wondered how will she would be able to talk to him. It didn't take long as Reese lowered her hand down and let him climb into her palm.

"Im fine." he said. "Chelsea hasn't stop pampering me since last night."

Can you tell me what happened?" Reese asked him. "I was worried about your well being every night. I think James was too."

Dominic looked at her and then Chelsea. Then he turned his attention to Reese again.

"After you and James left." he said. "I began assesing on how I should defend myself form the elements and from birds and bugs. I found an old paper machete that was in sturdy condition and tried to build a home with it. As I was building the house, I looked up and noticed Chelsea looking at me."

Flashback four days ago. Dominic was assesing in how he was going to build the house until he felt the ground tremble.

"What is that?" he asked himself.

He didn't wait too long as he looked up into Chelsea's beautiful face as she kneels down next to him. He looked fearful of her and was to frozen to move.

"What's wrong?" Chelsea asked him.

Dominic still looked nervous around her. Especially when she lowered her hand near him.

"What is it?" Chelsea asked him. "Are you nervous little one?"

Dominic looked up at her, nervously.

"Yes." he said. "What if I climb in and i slip?"

"I'd catch you." Chelsea said, calmly. "You have nothing to fear from me."

Dominic nodded and climbed into her palm. She carefully lifted him to her face and slowly stood up. He was feeling a little bit more comfortable around her.

"Well." Dominic said. "I should introduce myself. I'm Dominic."

"Hi." she said, lowering her finger down next to him. "My name is Chelsea. You may look like you need a place to stay. You can stay with me."

"Do you have pets?" he asked.

"No." Chelsea said. "I don't plan on having one.

"So I did." Dominic continued, narrating. "Chelsea stuffed me inside her pocket and left the school. As soon as we got inside the apartment, she went inside her room and set me down on the dresser next to her dollhouse. I found out it was better than staying outside against the elements."

"Oh." Reese said. "I get it no......... What was that?"

"I think we're going to find out." Chelsea said.

Reese and her friend felt the ground shake. At one point it look like their tiny friend was going to fall off. Chelsea cupped her hand around Dominic as to avoid letting him fall off her hand and got down.

"We need to get to higher ground." Chelsea said.

"I agree." Reese said. "You ......"

Before she got the chance to finish, she saw Chelsea make a run for it, inside the school. Then Reese turned around and felt the trembling stopped.

"What the hell is happening?" Reese asked.

She didn't wait long as she looked up and found herself in between a pair of black dress shoes. She looked up further from the familiar school uniform up to the giant's shoulder length black hair and his beautiful blue eyes. It's James. Reese thought, realizing who was making the tremblings.

"What happened?" She said.

She saw James look down at her from his new size. He can see her and she knew it, but he didn't hear her. Realizing he couldn't hear her, between his shoes. He knelt down and lowered his hand next to her and let her climb in his palm, so he can talk to her better. Reese did climb in and felt him lift her towards his huge, handsome face.

"I ended up growing." James said. "While I was walking to school, I headed to a remote area so no one can see me and pulled out my green bottle. I splashed on myself and I became a giant."

"Oh." Reese said, pulling out hers. "You could've waited for me. Then we could've done this together."

She blushed and noticed James smiling. He always loved the idea of them being giants in a city, not evil ones. Before he could do so, he decided to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. He lowered her to the ground and let her become a giantess. After a while, she found a safe place away from the school and splashed herself with the green bottle. Then she grew into a giantess.

Major burnout. But here we go

The growing process stopped and Reese found herself as a giantess. She looked towards another buiding to admire herself, whilst not trying to scare anyone below her and crush on any car and people below her. As she was heading towards the building, she noticed James following her. She stopped and turn around to face him.

"What is it?" Reese asked him, confused.

He didn't answer and decided to kiss her. It felt good for Reese to return her kiss to him in a normal matter. Rather than being tiny and and drenched.

Reese thought. This isn't bad. She remembered seeing this school uniform, except the sweater, from the anime series Colorful. She'd never thought she'd be wearing it while she's tiny. At least it was comfortable for her to wear. But it felt odd for her to be changing in her boyfriend's room, especially when there's a male present. I need to talk to him about this. she thought. A girl's got to have her privacy when it comes to changing clothes. She noticed James walking in the room in his outfit.

"I changed in the bathroom." he said. "I wanted to give you, your privacy while you changed in here."

"Thank you." Reese said.

He lowered his left hand next to Reese. She climbed into his palm and sat down. She watched him lift her gently to his face and slowly stand up.

"I know you're still adjusting at your size." James said. "It'll take you a while for you to get used to riding in my shirt pocket. I promise you it wouldn't be so bad."

"As long as you don't let me fall." she said. "I'll be fine."

"Of course." he said. "I won't let it happen."

She managed to stand and face him or rather his huge lips. She smiled and planted a small kiss on his lips.

"I know." Reese said. "I love you, James."

Even James had to smile at that. He touched his own mouth with his index finger from his right hand. He returned the gesture and plants a soft kiss on her tiny lips.