At The Ocean

By kristine

Chapter 1

I laid back on my towel in complete rest and peace. I absorbed the warmth of the Sun on my bare skin, listening to the crashing waves of the ocean hitting the sandy shore. Children giggling, mummers of the old folk complaining how things are no longer the way they used to be. Guys gawking at the barely covered girls in two pieces. I turned to see what they where are talking about, and I had to admit, she was not lacking in anything, but modesty.

Clearly she enjoyed the attention, deep inside myself, I wished Guys would stare at me and want me. I scoffed at myself for thinking the thought. Guys wouldn’t ever look at me, not hardly glance, here I was overweight, and covered my self in a modest one piece with a wrap around my waist. I didn’t let myself get caught up in it to much, I was fairly used to the fact that I would never be something someone wanted, no need to fuss over it. So I laid back down and prepared myself for a well deserved rest.

I had just graduated High school, and went with my friends from school to our Sr. Trip. I was going to enjoy this to the ultimate. While the rest of them decided to use their first night to romp around the city. While I got myself settled into my room, then went out on the beach a block away from our hotel. "Sigh, this is the life! Nothing to do but enjoy!"

Another hour continued as such, and as the sun began to set, the crowds started to leave, though many stayed for the sunset, and the emerging of stars, course, it mainly consisted of couples thrusting their tongues into each others throat. I felt rather disgusted at this appalling sight, and then again envious. I turned over onto my back from my stomach, and stared at the sky above me, hues of Purple and pinks cast on the few clouds made it rather romantic, and the one guy that is constantly on my mind, appeared ever more vividly.

The one guy I had stared at constantly through American History (hence why I all really know is the Revolutionary war, and nothing else). I was Friends with his older sister, she was sort of a mentored to me, and I found his family hilarious. Yet it was just this year that he captured my attention. I was ecstatic when I found out he came on the Sr trip also, he and the other guys went to a game this night, oh how I wanted to tell him. Then again, since we already had a friendship, I didn’t want to ruin it, so I kept my mouth shut.

Still hundreds of people where gathered at the beach, however a considerate few compared to the thousands that where here earlier. I let my eyes slowly drop shut, and I was content once again listening the Waves rushing, rushing, and crashing. The Children gigl- Wait…..My eyes flew open as I concentrated. The Children, they where quiet! I sat up in concern, they kids just stood there, still. Everyone was still, looking at something in the distance. I tried to fallow their stares, but couldn’t find what they where look at. I curled my knees underneath me and frustrated sat on my legs, looking at everyone else. Trying to read their faces.

It seemed like a mix of Fear, Awe, and Doubt. The crashing waves became inconsistent, and a great shadow blocked the light from the disappearing sun. Some of the people (girls mainly) Got up with gasps and ran away, with their boyfriends or families soon to fallow. Most however stayed in shock and awe. I turned my head and found myself looking towards large pillars.

I paid closer attention, and found them to move, my gaze move upward, and slowly I found the pillars belongs to none other but a Giant! His face was young, and he wore nothing more than a small tight Speedo , I found him to seem about the age of 14,15. He took steps farthing into the shore as he smiled gazing down and the tiny people who dash out of the way. His feet where still fully submerged into the ocean and he already stood taller than most buildings. ( I would find out later that a 6 foot person seems a mere 2 inches to him, that would make my 5 foot 7 frame slightly over and inch and a half to this immense giant Teen)

I stayed on my towel, finding my own face with Mixed emotions, Fear of what he might do, Awe that a human could amount to such great stature, and doubt that this wasn’t some dream, Doubt that I wasn’t going insane. My Legs now falling asleep underneath me, I shuffle them from my weight, yet kept them close to me, meanwhile I never took my eyes away from the towering being.

While other people ran in fear, others stayed put. As for me, well now you won’t believe this but I had the strangest feeling that he would look down right at me. I’ve had these feelings before, raising my hand to answer questions along with about 20 others, I knew I was to be picked. When the phone Rang, I knew it was for me. Again I got this feeling, almost the calm before the storm. I stared up at his face, Waiting, and just like I had predicted, his Sharp Blue eyes turned, and cast down right upon me.

Nothing I could have ever done would prepared me for those eyes starting right through me. As if I wasn’t there, yet he and I both fully knew I was there. Quickly I smiled, and suddenly began to shake from fear. I told myself to get up and run! But I stayed. I told myself to slowly stand up, I still stayed. I told myself to blink! Nothing. Was this a part of fear I had never felt before? Was this shock? Can I even feel? I didn’t seem to care about any of these questions my mind posed. Neither the boy or myself moved, I wonder if I even breathed, for after what seemed a lifetime I found myself gasping for air, yet still kept my eye contact with him.

I don’t know weather I was one of the few people who was still on the beach, or if It is because I never lost my eye contact with the kid, that I once again got this feeling. "he is going to pick me up in his hand." No…he couldn’t! Yet the feeling kept pushing me, and the moment he leaned over onto his hands and knees, I was on my feet in a blink of an eye, ready to run……but, I didn’t run.

"Run you idiot Run!" I yelled at myself in my head. Yet I couldn’t find the way to tell my legs to move. He was close now, to the point that the gallons of water (drops) rolled off his body and splashed down on the sand, the droplets from them sprayed up and hit me at times. He wasn’t right over me, yet both of his hands where roughly about 30 feet away from me.

I bit my lips together, trying to gather enough courage to at least say hello. Just when I was about to, this boy tilted his head slightly, and got a curios look on his face. Then, my next prediction came true, he shifted his weight to one hand, and lifted the other one right at me. Time slowed down, and I could feel my heart pounding. While my mind raced with questions.

" Why does he want me? I’m not very pretty, there are tons of other girls much, much more attractive than myself, why doesn’t he want one of them? Well, those girls do have a life, while I pretty much don’t, maybe it’s better that he takes me. Maybe He take me somewhere wonderful! Maybe He will take me away from all my troubles. Wait…Maybe he is trouble. What will he do with me once he has me. He is a boy after all, is he going to hurt me? Oh my goodness, he may not pick me up after all, he might just kill me right here and now. Maybe he wants to keep me, as a toy or pet! Oh dear! Run! Run! Run!"

"Run! Kristine, Run! " I heard voices behind me bringing me back from my boggling mind.

I turn around and started to race away, only to collide with fleshy tree trunk sized fingers. I find my voice and scream, kicking my legs as I find the ground leaving my feet, and my waist being wrapped around with an enormous hand. As I push against the hand to see if there was any squirming room( there was none), I look down to see some of my dearest girl Friends watching in shock. They were the ones shouting at me to run. Quickly they fall beneath me as he stands up and I am lifted up to his face, slightly over a Hundred and 85 feet in the air.

I turn my head around, and I feel his grip loosen so I may turn my body around to face him. Biting my lips, I don’t have the courage to look into those Sharp blue eyes again. But catching my breath, I hear him mutter the words

"Well, hello there."

I Had lost some of my fear when I found him more humanistic. Speaking words that made sense. I saw a large smile cross his face. This fourteen year old didn’t seem like much of a threat any more. Again finding my voice, I questioned.

"What do you want with me?"

" I don’t know, I guess I just wanted a closer look, I never came this close to your shore before, I thought I would take you back with me, want to prove to my friends I really came here."

What? Was I just a souvenir to him? I look back down to my friends for help, Leaning over, I could see there was the police just putting up the caution tape. I now also saw News vans and the public looking up at me. My friends where talking with the police, and the swat team was coming down the street. ‘dear God please save me!’

I nervously smile below, as I could feel tears come to my eyes. The Cameras where tightly focused on me. The giant moved slightly, shifting his weight on his bare feet, getting in a more comfortable standing position.

"Why do you want to take me? Please, won’t you put me down?"

"I want proof that I came here, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’

"Don’t you see, I’m just like you, except I’m a girl and quite smaller than yourself, but I have a family, friends too. Please don’t take me away from them."

" Stop your fussing! You’ll be fine, I’ll take care of you."

With that, I took my last look of my friends, Tears freely falling out of my eyes, as he brought up some sort of clear tube. Twisted of it’s lid, and promptly dropped me into it. He then twisted the lid back on sealing me in it.

As he stuck the tube into his mouth, where I got a good view of what he was seeing, plus the fact that he hadn’t brushed after dinner, the outside of the tube fogged up with the humidity of his breath, his tongue rested on the bottom of the tube, and I soon felt the warmth come through the plastic, I started to wonder where this tube came from. He was only wearing a spe- ….. Oh.

Suddenly I was discussed with where I was contained and thanked God he didn’t put me back in there. Maybe I wasn’t just a pet or toy to him. As he continued to swim I was Farther and farther away from Home, I began to fear the outcome. But I was constantly distracted with the boys tongue. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own. I remember whenever I lost a tooth or got a new one, my tongue couldn’t leave it alone. It seemed that the tube in the boys mouth had caught this muscle’s interest, it acted as though it wanted to break the tube I was in and capture me. It was utterly terrifying it I thought of it as some creature. But when I remembered it was just about part of this larger being, it helped calm my nerves.

Soon reaching the deep parts of the ocean, the boy had a hard time keeping his head above water, and I found sea water constantly coming into his mouth. Resorting to plain swimming, he sped very quickly through the water. It seemed to me he was a pro. However, this wasn’t in the least a smooth ride for me, and as the boy soon found out, it was awkward to breath through his mouth with a tube in the way, and it was even harder to remind himself to breath through his nose.

Treading water, he took the tube from his mouth, and pulled it away from his face so I could get a good look at him.

" This is going to be really awkward, but I don’t want to get you sick if I hold you in my hand or mouth while swimming."

He twisted the lid off of the tube and a gust of sea air rushed in, I shivered for the contrast of the warm plastic when being in his mouth. However it was splendid to have fresh air in there. Before I knew it, the Cap was back on and again sealed me, trapped.

"Wanted you to have a breath of fresh air before I put you away."

‘Put me away? ….No…, no, no, He wouldn’t!’ I thought.

But I was suddenly submerged in the ocean and headed straight for the Orange Speedo.

"Not good! This is so Gross!!!!!" I covered my eyes blocking out anything that would burn into my mind forever. I felt a shuffling of skin and spandex, and with a sudden jolt was crashed into the opposite side of the tube. Instinctively I steadied myself putting a hand on either side of me as I curled up on the bottom of the bottle. That when I noticed, I couldn’t see a thing, the Suggestion of orange was available, but other than that, it was complete absolute darkness.

Thus I spent the rest of the trip in this tube/bottle, in a content warmth, from his body, yet not to warm with the ocean on the other side of me. I felt emotionally exhausted, and drifted into a much needed sleep.

Chapter 2

Bright Light landed on my face, and noises of Anger and Relief rang through my ears. As I was tightly held in the boys fist, inside my sanctuary of a tube, I heard a man yelling at him.

" Samuel! What where you thinking Swimming so far away? I called the police to search for you, Next I was about to call the Coast Guard! I knew you went Swimming, I know you Love it, but you disappeared! What is Mother going to say about this?! She put you in my care, do you know how much trouble I am going to get in for your prank?"

"Sean, chill, I’m fine! Look, I’m in one piece! Besides, you won’t believe it, I went to the other side! I swam all the way over to the opposite shore! Can you believe it?!"

"No, I can’t believe it! Now get in the car before I fall into one of your other pranks."

"Sean, I’m serious (Car door opens, Rustling and jerking movements mean to me that we had entered the automobile) Look I have Proof!

"Give it a rest!"

"Sean Really I do! Just -"

"If you really have something to show me, wait till we get to my house, then show me."


Beeping and certain tones sounded like phone buttons when "Yes, Officer? This is Sean Carpenter. I would like to report that Samuel Carpenter has come back home. Yes, he had gone swimming….yes sir. Thank you for everything. Bye."

After much silence, the engine stopped and the doors opened again. After some walking, there was a light on the other side of the boys fist. Suddenly the sound of running footsteps came louder and louder, a hard impact and a squeal of delight made me instantly think of a child running and Hugging another person.

Adult mumblings could be heard in the back ground, but right here was a little girl and her older brother. Clearly she was happy he was home, and must have gotten worried that he showed up rather late. The door was shut, and the Hug released, then the confrontation began.

"Sean I really have something, you need to look"

"What Samuel? What is it? Huh? Could it possibly be so important! That you had to stay out past dark? That you had to leave me to worry? That you just had to go get this thing?"

"No it’s not like that! I ended up there and wanted to bring something back….see I knew you would never believe me unless I had proof!"

The shouting Was becoming to much for me to bare, I have always hated shouting, the way it churned my stomach, made me nervous and scared. I began to breath deeply, and start to cry, not knowing what I was in the middle of.



With that, the tube I was contained in was shoved into someone else’s hands. Gasping for air, and trying to get stabilize from all of the movement, I regret to inform you I found myself being stared at with another pair of Sharp blue eyes.

First the eyes where glazed over, like they could care less for what they where seeing, than a great amount of shock hit them as they widened, I could feel these eyes searching me for answers, but all I could do was stare back. Quick like a blink of an eye, the Cap of my tube was twisted off, and I slid down onto the fleshy soft surface of a hand.

Gathering together my bearings, I turned searching for the eyes that where piercing through me. Finding the face that belonged to the eyes, I began to search for answers on him. His was older than the boy, but not by much. Maybe 21, 22. So this could only mean that this was the boys older brother. I could see the similarities in the face, but, there was something much more charming, and appealing in this Giant than in the boy.

Trying to stay civilized, and wanting to make certain this Giant knew I wasn’t just a pet, I stood up the best I could, smiled the best I could considering my circumstance, stuck out my hand and Introduced myself.

"Hello, My name is Kristine Gomery, and I live in the United States of America."

This man just covered his mouth with his other hand, and continued to stare at me, when I realized he probably didn’t hear me, due to my nervousness I might have whispered than spoke. With a deep breath and biting my lip, I smiled again and Said

" Hello, I am Kristine Gomery, I come from-"

"Yes I heard you before, so sorry for my manners, umm (gasps for breath) I am Sean Carpenter, it appears you already met my Brother Samuel, and this is our little sister Vivian."

A pair of pale blue eyes startled me as he said this, my only guess is that they belonged to Vivian. When I looked back up to face Sean, I could feel his hand shaking, and ended up losing my balance and toppling onto my back. Seeing this, Sean blinked, as if to make sure he really was seeing this, then quickly set off to put me down upon a table.

But, it wasn’t a coffee table, or a kitchen Table, a bedroom side table. Vivian hopped onto the bed next to the table, and promptly sat down and looked me over. Her dark blonde curls where different than the Brunet that her brothers had, she was a very pretty girl, easily you could tell she would be the talk of the town when she was old enough to date.

Her pale blue eyes turned to Sean, while he told her to keep and eye on me while he and Samuel talked. But that she should also curl up in bed and try to get some sleep since it was so late.

"Will you sing to me?"

"No, you know I can’t sing, and right now I need to talk to Samuel. Alright? K, Good night"

With a kiss on her forehead, he left, shutting the door behind him. Vivian pulled up the covers to the bed and curled up underneath them. When shouting began to come from behind the door. The loudest shouting I have heard in a long time. I knew they where yelling about me, I just couldn’t make out any sentences through the door.

I looked back at Vivian and could see that Tears had started to come to her eyes. Instantly I knew how she felt, and my heart felt for her, my mothering nature brought itself out and I decided to try and comfort her. Softly and gently, I spoke to her.

"Vivian….." she turned to face me and her eyes sparkled with fear and sadness in the light the table lamp shown from the end table I was on.

"Vivian, how old are you dear?"


" My, that is a marvelous age!"


The shouting continued and the rage was clearly heard in their voices.

"You don’t like it when people yell do you?" I asked


"I don’t like it either, it ties my stomach in knots." Quietly she nodded in agreement.

"Do you want me to sing?"

What the heck am I doing here? Sing? Me? Sing? I’ve lost it! But the moment her head bobbed up and down, I could see in her eyes that she wanted it more than anything right now. My doubt went away, and Instantly I thought of a few lullabies that I was darn proud of singing. Turns out that not only did she drift off to sleep while I sang, so did I. All this adventuring around is hard work when your 2 inches tall.

Drifting into that stage of half asleep half aware of your surroundings, I found myself being pulled away from the comfort of the blankets and pillow that I had curled up upon along with Vivian. Her soft slow breathing reminded me that it must be late and that I was sleeping.

The cold hit hard and I curled up around myself trying to stay warm, but only being in a swim suit and wrap it was hard to control my comfort. Soft, warm, flesh covered me and took the nip out….yet I still shivered.

Gentle swaying and a slight breeze told me I was moving from room to room. Floor boards creaked, and light from windows passed over my closed eyes, a blanket covered over me and was tucked in around me… when I started to feel safe and secure I fell back into sweet slumber.

My only thoughts where " Your safe now, please don’t be scared. No one here will hurt you. Soon you will go back home. Just Sleep, with out any fear miss Kristine."

Chapter 3

Hours must have passed by and I turn over onto my other side, blinking my eyes open then shutting them to have a really good stretching. I smile as I again open my eyes to be greeted with reality.

Oh, &%$* !

Finger tips loomed over head…and beyond them was a distant figure of a chest, then shoulders, then a broad chin. I fall back deeper into the hand with disbelief.

"Great…just Great! Here I am the only person in this world my size! What is going to happen to me? How will they treat me?"

Laying there thinking those thoughts…I remember the words I fell asleep to.

"Your safe now, please don’t be scared."

Don’t be scared??? ! Please explain that to me! How can I not be scared?? Sitting up I wrap the blanket around me and huddle close to myself.

"Stay calm now Kristine….Things could be worse! These seem like decent people…..they could have killed you already. They could have put you into a cage, but they didn’t! They are treating you very nicely….so lets just calm down."

"Please do….I wouldn’t want you to be scared of me." A voice above me loomed and boomed out.

With a shriek of being startled I buried myself under the blanket and shivered. I covered my face with my hands…as I felt the blanket being lifted off. The warmth and safety taken away, the cruelness of the cold air made me shiver and I curled up even tighter.

As I shivered from the chilled air, and fear…I thought to myself …well, what else is there for me to do? Slowly I lift my eyes up, towards Sean, his sharp eyes keen on me...heh, no pressure. I don’t know what was going on…I lost everything, my home, my friends, the guy I liked, my world even GONE! All gone!

I suppose this was clearly stated on my face…when looking upon Sean’s face I watched as his warm greeting turned into a Sad concern. It almost broke my heart to see him with this face. Apparently his heart did break from seeing mine. His eyes where full of such sympathy, love engulfed his entire body as I felt him shift from a bright shining day…into a passion of protection and concern.

"There, there…please, don’t cry" He softly whispered as his large fingertip surprisingly gently rubbed my face in attempt to remove the tears that where falling freely as they pleased. "Things aren’t so bad here. I promise you, we will return you home. We will try later today…alright?"

I nodded in agreement….Home sounded amazing! I didn’t care about much anything else, I just wanted to go to a place that I understood! Things being a normal size to me My family…my friends! Ha…you know if my friends didn’t see it with their own eyes, they would never have believed me! All those news cameras and Press plus the Swat team…they can all vouch for me. Holy Cow! My face might be plastered all over the front page! I never thought about that…. America must be in a wurr of panic of war or terrorism, to environmentalists thinking some strange stuff.

Wait….If I go back…what will they do to me? Will they put me under needles and such, treat me like I got kidnapped by aliens? Have I? This is not good! I can’t go back home now…..I need to wait for a few days…let things calm down before I go back. Still….I want home so much, More than anything! I wanted home…but I might not get to go home after this.

"Sir?" a worried face peered down upon me. Timid….I bit my lip and decided the only way I was going to get anything here was to be bold…and if they don’t like it…Tough!

"Sir? … If you return me back today…I will be treated like something that came off of the moon!" Sean’s head turn slightly to the right….clearly he was deep in thought.

" I had wondered about that…hoping your world wasn’t like ours, if that is the case though… I don’t know what we can do"

Sean got up from the easy chair he was sitting in and walked over to his kitchen table. I could see that the sun was still over towards the east, however it had fully risen. The warm glow hit the kitchen, giving it a charm. Gently placing me down he walked about the kitchen getting breakfast and coffee for the morning. As he did all this he continued to talk about his concerns.

" Samuel and I where talking last night -"

I scoffed knowing full well they were not "talking" Glancing over his shoulder to me, Sean commented "So….you heard us then?"

"Clearly you where not talking….I am surprised your neighbors didn’t call the police for domestic disturbance!"

"I see… You don’t light yelling then I take it"

"Nope…and neither does Vivian….that poor girl looked like she about to cry a lake with those sad eyes!"

"That’s odd….She looked rather peaceful when I went in to get you…as a matter of fact you both did."

"Well…. ( honestly I don’t want him to know I sang to his little sister…I Don’t know why, I just don’t! He might think it weird that a stranger sang his sister to sleep.) well…good, I guess."

I turned my back to Sean so he couldn’t see my face, not that he would be able to see it from his view, but I just didn’t want him to go seeking the truth. Wringing my hands together from being nervous, I had this strange feeling that he was looking down on me from behind….I sensed he didn’t believe me. Shoot!

"Well…Anyway" Sean began "As you were sleeping in my hand last night, ever so soundly I have been pondering. Since your world seems very much like ours, I am afraid your stuck here than."

I swung around fear gripping my soul, nearly choking it.

" What?! We go from ‘ We Will try to get you back home later today’ to ‘ your stuck HERE??!!!’ In a matter of minuets?"

" I know that sounds like the end of the world for you" He gently said as he sat down at the table, before he continued on with his statement, his tone softened and almost sounded painful…as if he didn’t want to say any of it.

" You see….I’m afraid Samuel has created a problem in your world now. If my world had someone kidnapped by another being that was hundreds the size of her, we would immediately go up in arms waiting for him to appear again to either replace or most likely take another.

Your world might be on the brink of war with us. And who can blame them?! We are enormous compared to your frail bodies! If I go to return you I could be putting myself at risk…and my world.

But Honestly, that is not what I fear… if your world gets on high defense and basically state that they do not want war with my world…my world will sit up and take notice. If people find out that there is a civilization much smaller in comparison, they will take advantage of you. I am certain you have some sleazy people in your world…as do we.

Other Teenage guys like Samuel might just decide to swim out there and destroy the cities! The best thing right now…is to keep you a secret, not let anyone know you exist, and we will try and find a way to get you back home."

I sat down on the huge table top, and curled my knees under my chin…I guess he is right, after all, I wouldn’t want to put my world at risk. As I thought this…Samuel showed up. The bed hair was out of control, and his eyes barely open. He was a comical sight, and it brought me out of my worries, even if just for a second. It reminded me of home.

"Not a morning person I take it?" I commented…Samuel groaned as if in response…but I couldn’t tell for certain. He then poured himself a huge ( even for him) Mug of Coffee. Put a little cream in it…plopped at the table hard enough to send me up in the air a few inches ( in my measurements) and toppled over. Sean quickly took notice of Samuels carelessness and smacked him of the back of his head…hard.

"You have to be careful!" Samuel grimaced at the yelling, like he didn’t want his older brother to rule over him…but he consented cuz he understood the reasoning.

As Samuel gulped the coffee, larger amounts of coffee was clearly heard flowing down his throat. As he released the mug from his lips…he gave a great sigh. Setting the coffee mug down he looked down at me blankly. Samuel still gripped the sides of the Mug as if he would never let go, as if it was his only treasure. I suppose in the morning, it was.

Sean also went to get a cup of coffee, a normal cup. Not a huge mug like Samuel. As he sat back down, Sean suddenly remembered his manners and Spoke up.

"Kristine…would you like any coffee?"

" thank you! I hate the stuff! Yuck! But thank you kindly for offering!"

Sean nodded and he drank some coffee….but not nearly as desperate as Samuel clearly needed.

"You know Coffee Stunts your growth right?"

I commented to Samuel after he had another gulp. He looked down at me and cocked his head to one side.

" And you don’t touch the stuff?"

Took me a little bit to get the joke…once I did I gave him a nod stating he won that round. Soon Vivian came bumbling up and sat down on the chair behind me. Sean forced himself to perk up a tidbit, needing to be of good presence to Vivian.

"Good morning Vivian…how did you sleep last night?" She blinked her pale blue eyes a couple of times as if to understand the question this early in the day. Quite plainly she gave her response as Sean set about getting her a bowl of cereal.

" Well with all the yelling you two did I hurt a lot…like umm" She leaned over to me and whispered very loudly ( it was so cute how she wanted to ask me quietly but everyone in the room could understand every word she said. )

"Uhh…What’s your name again?" The sharp wind of her words threw me off a little bit, I still wasn’t used to all this yet….and it was going to take a long time before I became accustomed to this world. Regaining my bearings, I smiled and responded back to her.

" My Name is Kristine, Vivian"

Still in a loud whisper Vivian vocalized that she remembered "Oh! Right!"

She cleared her throat and went back to plainly stating her sleep last night.

" I hurt a lot like Kristine with your yelling." Sean placed the bowl in front of his little sister and patted her head

"Sorry little one"

She quickly raise her voice proudly " But I don’t remember anything when she started to sing to me."

"Great Vivian…Thanks a lot!" I thought to myself as I watched Sean quickly looked over his shoulder to me. I dreaded whatever he was going to say or do, I waited…only to be surprised with his reaction.

His face was at first hard to read…but I think it was awe…and possibly affection. He then Smiled at me, a warmth about him made me comfortable for at least a few second…if not longer.

I smiled awkwardly back to him. Not certain what to do.

Vivian loudly munched on her cereal, while Sean went back to his seat placing his chin in his hand and stared at me…however had a far off look on his face. Not able to take the constant look, I turned to see Samuel actually looking like he was alive, the warm rich coffee finally taking affect.

When Samuel notice my tiny brown eyes, he smiled and posed a question to me.

"How would you like to meet some of my buddies today?"

Buddies? I didn’t like the sounds of that. It was hard enough to understand what was going on with the three of these giants…I didn’t think I was able to handle more. I never had the chance to have my say in the matter. Sean quickly defended me.

After hearing what his little brother had said, Sean’s looks of admiration to me quickly stopped as he sharply turned to his younger brother glaring with burning eyes.

"Do you not remember anything we talked about last night?" His tone of voice was hard, and sharp. I got the feeling from him that he was tired of constantly having to tell Samuel what the right thing to do was.

Vivian stopped eating, her and I both waiting for the shouting and fighting to happen. I backed away from the men towards Vivian. My stomach went up in knots again the moment Samuel slammed his hand flat on the table in response to Sean’s controlling statement.

"What is your problem? I was asking her not you!"

"No offense, but I do not trust Your friends as much as you do! Especially with Kristine!"

"Oh! Is this your whole "War" Fear? Relax! They only brought their Swat team on me! Their technology is far behind us! I bet the last thing they have created was the Lap top computer and in war the A - Bomb. They could never do any real damage to us!"

"You idiot! You still see them as things! These are people! Just like you and me! How many times do I have to repeat myself?! I don‘t care about the minimal damage to us - Its what we could do to her! - Eh - To her kind! To people her size! You are not allowed to tell anyone that you where there last night."

"Don’t call me an idiot! I’m not stupid!"

"Well then start acting smart! And think about other people before yourself!"

"If you where so Selfless - Why don’t you figure a way to get her home instead of stalling because you think she is cute!"

My jaw had to have hit the floor/table, this was totally unexpected! I was only hear for a matter of hours, and someone thought I was cute? Maybe this place isn’t’ so bad after all. I’ve spent my entire life in America, and no one thought I was cute back there.

Sean never took his eyes off of Samuel, but his face turned into a scarlet shade. There was a period of an awkward silence, Vivian and I cringed underneath the pressure. The stare between them felt as though the whole room was about to explode. I couldn’t take it anymore, I buckled under the pressure, I wanted out of there.

Remember how Vivian didn’t like fighting either, a light bulb went of in my mind as I thought of a way for both of us to get out of their. I got up on my feet and quickly walked to the little Girl.

"Vivian? Do you have any toys that we can play with?"

With a sudden spark of light behind those pale blue eyes, she nodded her head at me.

"Can you take me to them?"

With a glorious smile she grabbed me into one of her small hands ( small hah! ) and hopped off her chair and rushed into the bedroom we where in last night. That room had a few of her toys in it. She showed off every piece to me ,Explaining to me who gave it to her and what it was to here. She also told me more where at home, and wanted me to go back with here someday so she could show me.

Wanting to understand more about this family, I started questioning some of my thoughts.

"Vivian? Is your Mother and Father on Vacation?"

Her golden locks of hair bobbed up and down along with her head.

"Sean is watching us for the whole week!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Wow! The whole week!"

"Yep!…Samuel thought it was stupid…but I love it here!"

Samuel thought it was stupid huh? I thought to myself. Probably thought that he could look over himself. He could be at the rebellious stage. That’s not a easy time to live in. Wanting to make decisions for yourself, however throwing wisdom to the wind. I saw my older sister go through that. I did not was to be that way with my parents. I chose to listen, even thought most of the time I didn’t like it. It proved to be the smarter way to go. Many people had told me I was wise beyond my years, Another reason most of the guys at school didn’t like me. But, the guys at school aren’t here…Sean is.

Is what Samuel said true? Or did he say that to get a rise out of Sean? How would Samuel know anyway? Sean didn’t seem to be the kind of guy to just tell his younger brother who he liked or didn’t. Also, cute has a wide range of meanings. Vivian is cute! That doesn’t mean I want to form a serious relationship with her! It’s probably because I’m something different and tiny. Lots of people think something small is cute!

Vivian continued to play with her dolls and other nick - knacks while I sat on the bed and continued thinking. When a burst of shouting was heard and a door slammed shut. A pounding fist upon wood rang through my ears, more shouting until the final "I GIVE UP!" could be heard all over the house.

Vivian and I looked at each other, Both of us thinking the same thing.

" I needed to go home."

Chapter 4

I again curled my knees under my chin as I sat on the bed. This place was so daunting, I was having a hard time keeping up with it. Again tears started to fall as I remember my family, and how much I missed them. How I would never see them again. The thought of being stuck here for the rest of my life didn’t seem to set well on my heart. The fighting scared me to pieces! I wanted out! I wanted out from this place so badly.

I continued thinking of the people who took me in. Not like they had much a choice since Samuel "Kidnapped me" wow- I was taken against my will! That means I was kidnapped. Samuel was a typical Teenage guy, only thinking of himself, but what of this Sean?

This ‘Sean’ was interesting. I honestly felt like he wanted the best for me, but other things conflicted with that. If the technology was better here, why wouldn’t he take me home? Was it because he truly thought I was cute? This was quire flattering, as I blushed at the thought that someone actually took interest in me. Then again he insisted that I be kept a secret, was that for my own good? Or was it for his?

This boggled my mind, as I continued to silently cry. I was wrapped up in my own thinking that I never notice Vivian leaving that room, not until she returned with her older brother Sean.

"Look, she’s crying." Her pale finger pointed to me.

Immediately I wiped away my tears, I felt like an idiot. Here theses people have been taking great care of me, and I’m still sitting here feeling sorry for myself. They showed me no rezone to fear them, however there I was, scared! I was scared about everything here! As Sean stepped closer to me fear gripped tight and I started to shake and shiver.

"You have very right to cry." His deep voice soothingly rolled down to me.

A warm finger pressed against my back, being supportive. I broke! I couldn’t control myself! All the shouting, and yelling, all the eyes peering, Anything I new back home was now towering over me, everything was so different to me! I wanted to go, I wanted to leave! I just wanted Home!

I wanted to wake up from this nightmare and leave it all behind. I wanted to hear my mother voice, and my fathers laugh. I even wanted to hear my sister’s cruel jokes at me. I wanted to look out my window and see grass. I wanted to hear the kitten’s little mews. I wanted what I knew and understood, here I was so confused.

Sean gently picked me up, I didn’t care who this was, giant or not! I curled up against his hand, gripping on to it, sobbing loudly and just spilling out my heart. He took a moment to tell Vivian to continue playing, and to not worry about me, that I would be fine.

He walked out of that room, into another bedroom. I figured it was his, as he shut the door behind him for privacy. He sat down on his bed, and was about to put me down upon it when I objected.

"No, Please…..I actually want to be held."

I could tell Sean was in a moment of bewilderment, but he didn’t argue and held me more securely. I couldn’t see a thing, my eyes where constantly blurring with the water works. I had no idea I could cry that hard. I babbled about all the things I missed as I clung to him.

"I’ve never done well with change! (sniff) I am always getting so stressed out! I am constantly having panic attacks when something new is going on and I have no idea what I am to do. (sob) So this is just to immense for me to deal with!

Every change that ever happened before I could handle compared to this! All the stress I have ever felt was nothing compared to this!! How am I supposed to deal with this? I was kidnapped! That is terrifying in and of itself! But I was kidnapped by a GIANT! That is 100 time worse!!! I could easily die and disappear in this world! No one would notice, and I would be gone!"

Fear held onto me tight, and it continued to grip tighter and tighter on my very life. I have no idea if he understood a word I said, but he was so very kind to me. Offering me a tissue to wipe my eyes and blow my nose.

After a great amount of time, I eventually calmed down, to tired to bother crying anymore. I felt dizzy and light headed with exhaustion. But I didn’t want to sleep, I refused to do so! Who knows what could happen to me while I am off my guard. My head nodded a couple of times, as I tried so hard not fall asleep. When a soothing voice came down upon me with wise and comforting words.

"You need sleep and rest. This place has zapped everything out of you. I’ll think of a way to keep an eye on you, even though I have things I need to do."

Even though I was extremely drowsy, I knew he was thinking hard. I also knew when he had an idea hit him.

He temporarily placed me on the pillow as he quickly changed shirts over at his closet. I wondered what good that would do him or me. He came back to me, and wrapped the comforting fabric/blanket he had over me last night around me.

Then I was lowered into some soft place. It was supportive, however, similar to a hammock. I didn’t know where I was, but I didn’t care. I was to tired to care. Before I had a chance to get comfortable, I was out like a light.

Chapter 5

Waking up, I felt increasingly better than I had before. I suppose releasing all that stress and fear does good. I tried to sit up, but couldn’t very well, this place was rather peculiar. It was supportive, yet…not! It felt like a hammock of sorts, Swinging back and forth at times. Looking up, I saw the soft fabric keep going up and up, never ending.

AS I gave myself a rest from being clueless, I listened to things outside of this strange room. A inconsistent pounding/clicking was what I first noticed and recognized as someone typing on a computer keyboard. Beyond the keyboard tapping, I Faintly heard music, at least they have something good to listen to, I thought. What confused me the most was a rushing of wind of sorts, In a constant rhythm. Kind of like breathing. Duh! I smacked my forehead.

Finally, coming out of my groggy state of mind, I put together the pieces of the puzzle and figured out where I was. I felt like such a dork for it taking so long. Pulling myself up using the side of the pocket, I was able to slide over to the corner and sit against the seam of the comforting pocket.

I must have moved enough for Sean to take notice, a huge thumb pulled the left side of my shelter away from the top and his gigantic face appeared far above me. His blue eyes sparkled seeing that I was awake.

His large fingers then squeezed into the pocket, blocking my view of outside. I knew they where reaching for me…I curled up into the corner of the pocket even tighter. Trying to become one with the material.

His fingers retreated, again Sean pulled open his shirt pocket and in a confused voice asked me. " Don’t you want out?"

"No, not really." I answered in all honesty. " I feel safe in here."

I saw his large head nod, and after letting the pocket go, went about doing whatever it was he was doing.

" I was worried about you there for a while" I heard his voice not only above me, but also vibrating to my right, must be his body I mused.

" You’ve been asleep for a good five hours. I guess that little break down you had really must have taken it out of you."

I rubbed my eyes with my fingers and agreed, " It must have."

"Vivian missed you, she kept on asking when you would wake up."

"Aww… she is such a darling." I chuckled

"She is isn’t she."



"What are you doing? You don’t happen to be on the computer…are you?"

"Yes I am…I looking up ways to possibly get you back home."

"Really?" The Hope that I banished earlier came rushing back into me.

"Yeah, Once Samuel said that your technology was limited, I had no idea your world was that primitive. I figured that our increased knowledge would give us an advantage to return you. "

"How so?"

"In war, we found it effective if we sent them into confusion. We have been able to chemically induce amnesia. Having a temporary effect of forgetfulness, or possibly permanent.

We have had this weapon for years now… and I might be able to get one off the black market."

Hearing familiar words, I perked up. "Black Market?" I tried to stand up, but toppled over in the pocket due to the uneven surface. I felt large amounts of movement and Sean carefully placing his fingers upon me, Putting pressure on either side of me, I was lifted up.

Upon emerging out of his pocket. Sean set me down on his desk. I looked at the huge screen, and saw the words "Black Market" In huge letters. ( I know, everything is huge to me) There I also saw photos of what must have been the Black market. It looked like an actual building, with what appeared to be full of many things from Military objects, to fine jewelry.

"I’m confused…your government allows Illegal Purchases to happen in plain sight?"

"That store is owned by the government. It’s not illegal. What are you talking about?"

I explain to Sean about our Black Market and he starts to laugh.

"No, no, no. You see, when one of our weapons loses it’s full effectiveness…it can be sold to raise money for the government to make better, less violent weapons. You see… Doctors have also created a way to counteract the induced Amnesia. So what ever someone forgot, they would go to the Hospital get an injection of some serum and remember again.

So that Weapon in now useless for us. Now people buy it for kicks, go to their Doctor and remember everything again. Others Collect it as a piece of history. It might be strange for you to understand, but that is how things work over here."

I nodded my head in comprehension.

"So, since your world doesn’t have anything near this, we could use it and make them think that Samuel coming down was just a dream. Just like they did many, many years ago."

"Many years ago?" I started to question

"See, There was an Olympic Discus Thrower. He was showing off to a bunch of girls on the beach one time being the jock he was. As it turns out the guy threw it pretty far. Government found out he ended up throwing in onto another land. So they used it this weapon hoping the people over there would forget."

"Sounds like Roswell New Mexico, and area 51, Back in 1947." I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing!" I giggled back…thinking I might actually know what all the hubbub was about. It was only a giant metal Frisbee.

The Day continued Slowly, dinner that night was particularly interesting. I had just noticed that I was starving! I hadn’t had anything to eat since I was taken off the beach. Turned out Vivian wanted Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. I was originally given a part off of Sean’s sandwich when Vivian insisted that I had a portion off of hers. Sean complied and took back his part, and cut off a part of Vivian’s grilled cheese.

Vivian beamed while we ate, she mentioned how she wanted to play with me while I was taking my nap. She was so cute! During dinner she kept on telling me everything she wanted to do with me. The girl had a huge list! Most of it consisted of playing with Dolls. It baffled me a little bit, I didn’t know if she wasn’t thinking that I wouldn’t be able to lift up any of the dolls, or she wanted me to act as if I was one.

Samuel Came out long enough to gulp down the soup and inhale his 3 sandwiches. Then simply returned to his room, before the rest of us where halfway through our meal. I was momentarily disturbed at the image of so much intake on his part. A slice of bread Came up to my hips, and was about as large as my home’s floor plan. "Teenage guys" I rolled my eyes when A thought flashed into my mind. It wouldn’t be to hard to mistaken me for food if he didn’t know better. Started by the mental picture of a dark, moist, cavernous mouth headed right for me, I vowed to myself right there and then to avoid anyone’s plate of food.

After Dinner, Sean put Vivian’s Favorite Movie on,( and this is what tickled my funny bone) The wall! I am not joking….it is the wall that is their Television! Making her princess live size at times, other times even larger when it was a close up. Vivian was delighted that she would be able to share this with me. She Set me down upon her lap while she sat on a huge couch. I tried to pay attention to the movie, as Vivian told me every 7 minuets that this was her favorite part of the movie. But being that the Screen was so monstrous I had a hard time watching without getting sick. Besides that, I tried to pay attention to Sean. After cleaning up the kitchen, he went back onto the computer doing more research.

I found myself just staring at him in Awe. He had a life, but took time to watch his baby brother and sister. How considerate of him, but I wonder what he does as a form of employment?

As he was Walking back and forth across form the Television room I got a better look of the guy. He wasn’t necessarily tall ( I know ha hah everything here is tall ) , but he had a long look about him. His face was broad, and as he smiled at me and Vivian when checking up on us, I saw large dimples lined both sides of his face. His dark hair complimented his peach skin tone. He wasn’t pale, but he wasn’t tan either.

Once her movie was finished, Vivian didn’t bother waiting for Sean’s Instructions. She promptly picked me up, took me to her bedroom and after placing me on the bed wriggled into her night clothes. She happily bounced onto the bed upon her knees, shaking the tremendous bed violently as she did. Vivian quickly stopped upon taking notice of my panicked state and in a meek manner peeped out how sorry she was.

Vivian than scampered to turn off the light, leaving the warm glow of the table top lamp on the familiar side table on. She curled up under the covers and intently looked at me with a gleam in her expecting eyes.

"You want me to sing again don’t you?" I asked hesitantly

Her bright smile crossed her face as she nodded her head excitedly.

"Why?" I asked in a comical tone of voice that said I didn’t really want to, and what the heck is wrong with you that you want me to?

"Because I never heard those before, and you sing pretty." Vivian exclaimed as if she rehearsed that compliment.

Looking into her pale blue eyes, I caved. It felt wonderful to be wanted! I hadn’t had that feeling in such a strong form before. It seems to me that when someone truly wants to be with you and want you a part of their life, It makes you feel as though what you do could actually make a difference in the world. It makes you feel valuable.

As I sang to her those few lullabies Her eyes slowly drooped and her head finally plopped into the awaiting pillow. After my last song, I paused for a little bit, making certain she was asleep. She curled up to get even more comfortable on her side, this was a sight I enjoyed. Here this enormous being wanted to be with me. Wanted me to sing to her. It humbled me and yet filled me with pride all at the same time.

Behind me a large about of rustling occurred, I spun around startled out of the silence of my thoughts. Sean was Getting up from his sitting position he had taken earlier unknown to me. It looked as though he sat against the wall next to the open door out in the hall way. Had he been their the whole time while I was singing. I looked down to my feet at the thought, rather embarrassed.

"Children never lie when it comes to what they like and don’t like." He whispered down to me. It was as if he knew what I was conversing with myself just moments ago. How she wanted to be with me. How she wanted me. That I was wanted.

I looked back up to him and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile, I felt a warmth all around me I hadn’t ever felt before. I cherished the feeling, and wanted to share it. Even if it was only through a simple smile. But sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

Sean gentle placed his hand before me, this was the first time anyone had given me the choice to come upon their hand. The rest of the time I was always being picked up. It lifted my heart to see this jester, as I trustingly climbed on. Once I was in the middle of his palm and safely seated, Sean lifted his hand and started to his room.

Once in his room, he placed me on his side table and walked into his closet where I couldn’t see him and he must have changed into his night clothes. Coming back out, he held in his hand one small box. I immediately knew what it was for. Once setting it down beside me, he walked about getting other items, such as a few handkerchiefs, and the blanket he used on me last night and this afternoon.

He folded the Handkerchiefs one on top of the other and placed them into the box. He then rolled one that looked to be softer than the rest and placed that at the head of the box/bed as a pillow. After he was through with getting ready for himself, he cautiously placed his index finger down against the rim of the box. He graciously led me to the box and told me to use his finger- to use it like a step stool. So I was able to climb up and over the lip of the box after using his finger.

Lying down and resting my head against the softness of the fabric around me, I felt like a queen. It may not be the kind of bed I would want to use for everyday, but for tonight - this was nice! Sean then gingerly covered me up with the blanket and tucked me in snuggly. I tried to hold it back, but I started to giggle, and he made it worse when he looked down at me in confusion.

"I’m sorry (giggle) I haven’t been tucked into bed since I was around 5 years old (snicker)."

Sean blushed in a sweet manner, as he embarrassingly apologized.

"No, don’t be… I just find it funny, that’s all." I said sitting up and paying attention to him.

"I’ve been noticing how we have been doing so many things for you, and you’ve been quite patient with us. We pick you up, and put you down, pick you up again, and put you down once more. We move you here and there not letting you make choices for yourself."

"Is that why you didn’t pick me up in Vivian’s room, and let me use your finger to reach the lip of the box just now?"

His large head moved up and down "Yeah, I’m sorry about all that."

"You know what….it’s fine. My head was and is so full of thoughts and questions, I don’t think there is any room in there to make decisions."

Smiling down at me, Sean once again nodded.

Getting into his own enormous bed, I watched him as he eased into the comfort of rest. His head sunk into the pillow with a look of peace on his face. Pulling the blanket over his shoulder, he turned onto his side for more comfort. Opening his eyes, he smiled once again to me in the darkness. I don’t know if he saw, but in the blue glowing light of the moon, I smiled back.

Laying down, I stared at the ceiling, I wasn’t tired at the moment. My mind wouldn’t shut up it was so busy thinking. Hopes of home filled my heart with energy, when a realization came over me.

"I would have to say goodbye to Vivian, Samuel, and - -"

I rolled my head over to view the sleeping Giant. His bed was high enough so that I could clearly see him, even though the lip of the box I was in was fairly high in and of it‘s self. In his deep slumber, Sean shifted onto his back and breathed deeply. His chest went up and down, Slowly, up and then back down. It became a hypnotic sight to me, I couldn’t look away from his content face, and his mammoth body expanding and contracting.

I must have fell asleep to this comforting consistency. The next thing I remember was seeing my family waving at me from far , far away. As if I was in the middle of a dark tunnel and they where at the end of it. My heart leapt with joy, I shouted at them, that I would be coming home! Then looking behind me at the other end of the tunnel was Sean, and Vivian.

Vivian was crying on her big brothers shoulder, while Sean was trying to keep a stiff upper lip. It broke my heart to see them this way. But it’s not possible! I have only know them for a day, and I have had my family for a lifetime. Why do I want to be with both? Why would the Carpenters want me? It doesn’t make any sense!

Vivian’s sobs were becoming louder as the tunnel closed them off. I started running to them, but all in vain. It was as if I was on a treadmill, even though I ran my hardest to them - I was still going backwards, to my family and the world I left behind.

I rolled over curling up on my side and wrapped my arms tightly around me, making certain I was now awake. I wiped my face that was covered in tears. Why is saying goodbye so hard? Upon thinking this thought, I noticed my surroundings were different then when I fell asleep.

Whatever I was lying on was much more comfortable than the Handkerchiefs in the box. It was like a cloud. I became startled once my new area started to quake, sitting up and looking about me, I see Sean’s face much closer than before. I was on his pillow.

How the heck did I get up here? Did I sleep walk?? Why on earth would I? Was I looking for comfort? What on earth is going on with me?

I flopped back into the pillow dismayed. How can Heaven and Hell be in the same place? I pondered.

Sean’s groggy blue eyes slowly opened, looking directly at me, I gave him an apologetic look of "sorry I woke you up" and proceeded to get my blanket and carefully started down the immensely soft pillow.

"You don’t like it up here?"

"No, not that, I just though you would be more comfortable if I was in my box."

"I was plenty comfortable with you here, originally you seemed to be too."

"You knew I was on your pillow?"

"I put you there."

"Why?" I was taken aback. All this time I thought I had moved myself, well this made much more sense!

Yawning, Sean sleepily gave me his answer " I was watching you sleep, and saw you started to cry. Nothing terrible, just silent tears. I guess I wanted to keep better tabs on you. Now come back to bed. You need your sleep."

With his eye completely shut, Sean lifted his hand from the warmth of the blankets he had and forced me to lie back down. Though I must admit, he didn’t need to force me, I was completely willing to just go back to sleep. After Sean’s hand drew the covers onto of me once more, he then laid his hand down over me, as if it was another shield of protection.

I felt myself drift off into sleep once again. I didn’t have another dream, but maybe my mind was to tired to come up with anything new.

Besides, I finally had only one thing on my mind.

Chapter 6

Waking up on Sean’s Pillow, I widen my eyes to see that Sean wasn’t there. Sitting up, I looked about the room, still no sight of him. I listened carefully and heard from far away sounds that meant to me that he was up and about doing more research and almost sounded like he was getting ready to leave.

I pondered about moving from the pillow I had comfortably sunken into, but from what I had seen of Sean - he would be in soon to check up on me. My prediction again came true as he causally walked into his room. Peering towards the Pillow, Sean caught sight of me and observed that I had awaken.

His good morning smile was fresh and inviting, reminding me how wonderful it felt to be here. Even if it is terribly frightening, this place does have it’s perks!

Walking to me, Sean cupped his hands underneath me and lifted me up. I thought I wouldn’t have liked being taken away from the warm pocket I had made over night in that little nook of the pillow, yet was quickly reminded of how warm and safe his hands felt.

Things have definitely changed, I noticed that my heart wasn’t pounding hard as it normally did. I wasn’t biting my lip nearly as much. Was I actually enjoying my time here? Or was I enjoying my time with a friend? Was I enjoying my moments with a new person who has proven himself trustworthy to me. Has just one day changed my mind on how I see things?

Taking me to the kitchen table, Sean placed me down as he did yesterday morning. There was Samuel already gulping his desired form of caffeine. And to me he seem more alert this morning, his eyes had more clarity than they did yesterday. But he still showed overplayed movements of groggy bones. I watched Samuel while Sean continued getting ready to leave the house. I finally concluded that Samuel was acting tired and groggy, probably so he wouldn’t have to deal with his older brother to much.

Since Sean was ready to go now, he came over to the table and gave Samuel Instructions.

"Samuel, I’m going to the Black Market. They are reserving one of the fully operational contraptions form me. You need to take care of Vivian, getting her breakfast and see to it that she takes her nap today, unlike yesterday. Alright?"

Coming closer to Samuel, Sean tried to look into Samuel’s Eyes to see if he got though, yet Samuel counteracted his attempt and shifted so his hair blocked any sight. Placing a hand on the table, Sean leaned slightly more in, his body movement meant that what he was going to say next was very important.

"Keep a kind eye on Kristine - You hear me? Don’t neglect her, and don’t let Vivian over rule her either. Kristine isn’t some pet or toy at Vivian’s whim, or yours for that matter."

Patting his younger brother’s shoulder, Sean gave me a radiant smiling nod and left to find me a way home.

I observed Samuel watching his brother leave, once Sean had shut the door, I looked to him and decided to converse.

"He is just scared, that’s all."

Samuel sharply jerked his head in my direction, his clear eyes now fully awake and intent on what I was saying.

"That’s why it seems he is being hard on you, it’s because he is scared. - You see, Once you grow up a little bit more, soon you will be out of his umbrella of safety. He doesn’t want you to get hurt, and he doesn’t want you to hurt others."

"Doesn’t want me hurt" Samuel scoffed in sarcasm.

"He can control how much pain he delivers on you, he can control how much he hurts you. But he can’t control how much the world and others could hurt you. That’s why he wants you to be on your guard! He is scared because he can’t control any of that!

I think what scares him the most, is that he doesn’t have any control on how much you could hurt yourself! You know your brother better than I do - Has he ever done something he regretted? Guilt is some of the worst pain out there. Because it is self inflicted.

He doesn’t want you to have to face each day of your life regretting something you did and letting the guilt eat you alive. From the inside out."

Samuel eyes drifted away from me as he contemplated what I said. Taking another gulp of his rich coffee he set about getting Vivian’s bowl of Cereal ready and gave me a piece of Lemon Poppy seed muffin (yum!).

As he sat back down, to further drink his elixir of "bright eyed and bushy tailed" I took this opportunity to ask a question that had been pressing on my mind. And seeing how It was just him and me, This was the best time in the world.


Still holding his cup very close to his mouth, with his elbows propped on the table. His Bright blue eyes blinked and looked down to me, I bit my lip and proceeded with my wonderment.

"Samuel? Why did you take me? From the beach that is."

Samuel shrugged his shoulders and talked into his mug.

"I told you why - I wanted to prove something. I wanted proof that I had did something that no one else had done."

"No, I know that! But why me??? There where still hundreds of people on the beach when you picked me up. So even after seeing all those other people, even the prettier girls, why did you take me?"

Samuel’s eyes again drifted away from me and stared off into space. I could tell he was looking in his mind for something. After a moment of silence, he shrugged his shoulders once more, in a manner of carelessness.

"Psh - I don’t know. whatever."

I felt he was hiding something from me, why did it take so long to come up with that answer?

Vivian soon came in, bright and beaming. Crawling up onto her seat she glared at me with eyes that had a mock mad tone behind them. As if she was upset with something, but still happy to see me.

"Where did you go last night? Why weren’t you in bed this morning?"

"Well, Sean wanted me to sleep in his room last night."

I noticed out of the corner of my eye Samuel’s head perked up and raised both his eyebrows in interest. I continued with my statement to notify the Teenage boy the reason behind why Sean wanted me in his room last night.

"He felt that I would be safer there with him, so that he could keep an eye on me instead of walking all the way to your room and check up on me."

"Did you sing him to sleep too?" Vivian questioned in her sweet childish voice.

"No, I didn’t sing to him."


"Sean is old enough to not need anyone sing him to sleep."

"But I thought -"

"Sean’s a big boy now, he can take care of himself" Samuel said in a deep tone of authority as he got up and went to his room, however this time did not close the door.

I smiled at Vivian and shook my head at the sweet child. Vivian eagerly gobbled up her breakfast and quickly got dressed for the day. As I was still on the Kitchen table, away from the little busy body, I heard a great ruckus occur in her room. Soon she came our with her a giddy spring in her step and walked right over to me.

With her small ( compared to Sean’s and Samuel’s) hands, she cupped them and surrounded me, edging me closer and closer to the table, until I fell back into her hands due to not being able to keep up with her speed.

Watching the ceiling fly past her golden curls and young round face, I had no choice but to stay on my back in her hands until she set me down. I was set down on a hard plastic with a sent that reminded me of my childhood toys. As I looked about I could see I was in the passenger side of a toy convertible. It was rather big for me, I felt like a child in need of a car seat in this huge car.

"Buckle up!" I heard a giggling voice instruct me. I looked about and found a plastic seat belt. I tried to move the strange item over to click into safety, but the thing was to stubborn. I heard Vivian sigh and roll her eyes as she pushed me back into my seat with one of her large fingers, while the other hand buckled me in. The thing was this car was not made for someone my size, including the Seat Belt. With my feet stretched out they didn’t even reach the Lap belt, and the shoulder belt stood over me. As I again heard a giggle come from above I immediately wished she has tape to stick me to her car.

"On your Mark…"

"Vivian please, I don’t know if this is"

"Get set.."

"Vivian- that look in your eyes, I haven’t see that before."



I was shoved into the corner next to the "Door" of the seat. There I clung onto and indentation or handle my tiny fingers could find. I couldn’t see a thing things where going by to quickly. I believe she raced by Samuels room, for I heard him shout her name and then come after her.

Her giggle rang louder as she quickened the pace, due to her brothers pursuit behind her. Things went on this way for a few more seconds, When Samuel must have turned a corner and surprised Vivian by suddenly being in front of her. Her childish gasp and sudden stop was to be the end of it. But as things turned out, the plastic car slipped out of her hands. And an object in motion, stays in motion. The last thing I remember seeing was The car zipped between Samuel’s legs and a wall got closer and closer.

Chapter 7

I woke up with a massive head ache. It throbbed over and over and over again. Cupping my head in my hands I turned to lay on my side…but something was different now. Something had changed. What happened? Where am I? It smells different here, the sound where comforting.

Opening my eyes-I found myself in my own room. In my bed! Everything was as it should be. I - I- I was home!

I turned to see my Alarm Clock was reading 7:43 am. I threw the covers off and ran out of my room, heading into the kitchen where I was met by my mother about to leave for work.

"If you could please do some laundry today, and change the cat’s water bowl I would greatly appreciate it." I ignored what she said and wrapped my arms around her tight.

"What is this for?"

"I am so glad to be home!"

"Well - I am glad too. Did you have fun on your S.R. Trip?"

"It was much bigger than I had planned" I joked.

"Well Good - I will see you when I get home tonight. Love you."

With a small peck on my check my mother was out the door and off to work. As I got myself breakfast, I though about the strange dream I had. Isn’t it funny how I wanted a Giant to want me. I shook my head in disbelief. Dreams are interesting things - that is for certain.

But then I continued to think back, and I muttered to myself "Dreams can be a wonderful thing too. For if there are no Dreams to live for, then there is no life to dream in." As I put a spoonful of yogurt in my mouth, images from my dream came to mind.

Sean’s Smile, Vivian’s Giggle, Sean’s gentle hands, Samuels Smirk, Sean’s Gleaming eyes. Vivian asleep, Sean Asleep, Sean checking up on me. Samuel gulping down coffee, Sean Protecting me. Sean’s Pocket. Sean Telling me how I will get home.

Upon that last image, I thought back …

"So, since your world doesn’t have anything near this, we could use it and make them think that Samuel coming down was just a dream. " A soothing voice echoed in my mind.

"No - The couldn’t have. Could they?"

Was that dream real? Did those events actually take place? Did they use the doll car accident to their advantage? Naw- It had to be a dream. What person , what giant, in their right mind would want with a girl like me.

I sulked back into my bedroom, Sad and perplexed. The Friends I had where now gone, I was forced to come back to reality. Curling back up in my bed, I continued to think about things. I turned on my music and stared at the ceiling.

Was it a dream?

Was this all just a dream??

Was it?

Chapter 8

As I shuffled around in my bed, my sheets became a familiar satin feel, the music morphed into a voice deep and beckoning. It seemed to say my name. Over and over and over and -

"What" I groaned, blinking my eyes rapidly wanting the light out of my face.

"You’re alive! Thank God! Sean would have killed me!" Samuel said in an excited tone I never thought that kid could get.

As my head spun I Look around and saw I was in Samuel’s hand wrapped up in one of Sean’s Handkerchiefs. It looked to be that I we were in the Living room, with Vivian asleep on the Couch. Sitting up , I cupped my throbbing head in my hands.

"Wh - What happened?" I asked, trying to come to grips that this wasn’t a dream, but me going back home was.

"The car slammed into a wall, you where thrown out of it. Viv and I where really freaked seeing you just lie there still. You didn’t move, you - you just stayed still. I - I was -I really sc-. I’m so glad you awake, you’ve been out cold for about 3 hours. I - I- Are - are you ok? How do you feel?"

"Like I want to cry, regurgitate, pass out, and die, all at the same time." I slurred being blunt with the truth.

"I wanted to look up information on what could be symptoms and such - but, I didn’t want to disturb your sleep. I know that doesn’t make any sense after just telling you that I’ve been on pins and needles to wake up. But I didn’t want you to wake up before you were supposed to, and then you having to pay the price for it."

I wanted to nod my head so he knew I understood him, but I thought I better not due to my possible concussion.

"You take an easy, Sean should be home soon, but - you really need to just relax right now."

"You try to be #&@^ Relaxed after being slammed into a ^#%$& Wall! Right now I’m about as relaxed as if I had a hedge hog stuck in my sock."

"Ouch - that was harsh."

"Sorry - I only say mean stuff and cuss when I’m edgy or sick. Right now I’m both."


Silence fell between us - It was awkward… but at the time, I didn’t care. My head was no longer spinning (hurrah!) but still kept a consistent throbbing beat along with my heart (bummer). I was about ready to call it a day and try to get some sleep when Samuel spoke up again, this time in a serious tone.

"I’m sorry I lied to you."

"You lied to me? When?"

"Today - This morning. When you asked why I picked you."

"I’m still a little bit confused…" I admitted rubbing my head to ease the pain.

"At Breakfast when you asked why out of all the people to take back with me, why did I choose you? "Instead of the prettier girls?" So you said."

"Yeah - now I remember."

"I lied when I said I didn’t know."

"Oh… may I ask, why did you take me?"

"Because you smiled."

My eyebrows furrowed as I thought back to all that happened. I don’t remember smiling. Everything happened so fast…and he was terrifying. Why would I smile?!

"I smiled?"

" Yeah… It made me feel good. Everyone was scared and running away screaming their heads off like I was the grim reaper coming for their lives, and there you where. Just sitting on you little beach towel. I looked down at you, and you smiled."

"I smiled?" The concept was foreign to me. When facing something that made my very soul tremble, how could I smile? I looked away from his colossal face, down to the Immense hand I was placed in.

"I guess when I think about it from your point of view, the thought of smiling wouldn’t make any sense. Even though I am huge in comparison, I was nervous when seeing all of you for the first time." He replied.

Looking back up to Samuel Our eyes met, both with uncertainty.

"My father always has his saying, one of them being" As he continued, Samuel puffed up his chest, sitting straight up, and lowered his voice with authority "Actions speak louder than words"

I laughed slightly as the comical sight, and at the fact that some fathers seem similar in more ways than one. " My dad says the same thing! If it’s not that one, then it’s "There is a time and place for everything" I said, shaking my finger.

"That right! My dad says that one all the time too."

We laughed at the similarities, and for a moment bonded. Samuel looked down at me with a form of admiration. I blushed and turned away my gaze, I could feel him still looking at me. I started to fidget. Playing with my swimsuit wrap.

"Thank you." I heard in a soft whisper.

Confused I quickly looked back up at him. Samuel must have been able to read my face, for he continued on with his thoughts.

"Thank you for tolerating all of this. Thank you for not being a complete pain in the neck. Thank you for looking over Viv. Thank you for being reasonable, when things aren’t reasonable around you. J - Just…(sigh) Thank you."

I was still baffled, but took his thanks with gratitude. For I now know at least one more person sees me more than just an object. The warmth of his hand, and for the moment his heart, was soothing. Things would eventually be ok. Things could work out.

Chapter 9

Moments later, a door opened and shut telling me Sean was home. My heart skipped and the thought that I would get to see him again, instead of being home as I was in my dream.

Smiling he emerged with a strange contraption in his arms.

"Well, We got one, and they even tested it out for me, well, I should say on me. Apparently they told me some secret and I can’t remember for the life of me what it was."

Sean looked around the room and was slightly baffled at the sight.

"What happened while I was gone?" Sean’s voice wavered with the familiar serious tone, as he eyed Samuel.

"Now keep your head on," Samuel started as he gently placed me and the handkerchief down on a coffee table. " Vivian was simply playing around with Kristine when an accident occurred."

Sean’s eyes flared up with a fire within them, as he then quickly set down the contraption and made his way to me, looking me over with eagle eyes. I cringed under his searching eyes, not enjoying the feeling of being intently looked at.

"I’m fine now, really!" I coaxed, trying to calm him down. "And it’s not Samuel’s fault in the least! He tried to stop Vivian! She was just wanting fun.

"She cried and cried when we thought for that Kristine had died. Even when I told her I could hear Kristine Breathing she continued crying until she cried herself to sleep on the couch. I think she has punished herself enough and learned her lesson…unfortunately the hard way."

Sean listened to Samuel’s every word, looking back down at me, his eyes softened from the fury to protective and concern, then that of sorrow. Releasing a sigh from deep within him, that sounding as if it came from the very depths of his soul he nodded his head in agreement with his thoughts and whispered.

"It’s time for you to go home now"

He instructed Samuel to get his swimming gear, and then gently woke up Vivian telling her they were going on an outing and that she should get ready. After his to younger sibling had left, he came back to me. He stopped at the edge of the coffee table, and just stood there. This great colossal man towering high above me, to the point that I could not even see has face.

For what seemed the longest of times, he just stood there, at his full height, looking down at me. Slowly, I began to hear great amount of fabric folding into each other. A breeze came over me, as he lowered himself to look at me.

The Great expansion of his face filled my view, but I no longer feared it. Or I should say, I no longer feared him. He brought forth one of his gigantic hands next to me, and with the gentleness of a feather floating down to the ground, he caressed my face, and stroked my arm with his titian fingers. The warmth of his flesh and the thickness of his leathery skin lead me to believe he wasn’t able to feel me, but on the contrary, for his focus was intently on me and my every move, he was able to feel the warmth of my skin and each breath that I took.

Tears began to fill his eyes as I could see the water about to overflow the rims of his eyelids. Quickly he blinked them back and took a breath, bringing himself out of whatever thoughts he was in. Clearing his throat he explained to me what was going to happen.

" Apparently the Government already knows of your kind’s existence, and have been tracking our moves since last night. They helped me track down your home and your location. Giving us full advantage of taking you back without a single glitch.

Now Samuel will be the one who takes you back to stay consistent with people’s memories, however there will be some officials who will join him for the swim, yet stay in the water awaiting for any trouble.

You will not remember us at all, the Government will coat your entire world in forgetfulness. These past two days never happened, Samuel never came to your world, and you never came to ours. Things will be just as they always are, your life will continue as you left it."

Sean looked away, rubbing his nose and sniffing back more tears. I knew there was more that what he had told me, for these weren’t just tears of letting me go back home, or where they? He slowly looked back down to me and saw my look of concern, he chuckled and continued with what he was saying.

"It’s interesting how even though you are so tiny, you still care about us…(sigh) I wasn’t going to tell you this, but it looks to me as if you already know something is up.

After Samuel safely returns home, the Government wishes for us to forget about you as you will forget about us. We will not remember a single moment you where here. Fortunately we haven’t told anyone about you, so we are the only ones who will need to forget."

Saying these words out loud almost made it real for Sean almost as if he was deigning it. In his face was a good front of bravery, but I could see beyond that mask that inside his heart had crumbled.

Nodding my head in acknowledgement of what he said, with tears in my own eyes I stepped forward towards him and lifted up my arms slightly, just enough for him to understand the jester, the jester of wanting to be held.

Without hesitation Sean willingly swooped me up in his immense hands and held me against his chest. As I felt emotion sweep over the both of us those questions started to come once again into my mind.

"Why is he sad about forgetting me? Would he rather loose yet still keep the memory over just never knowing I was alive? Wouldn’t that cause more pain? Having the memory still available to haunt you over never knowing who I was? Why would he want to remember me? Do I mean that much to him?"

All to soon Samuel and Vivian came back ready to see me off. Wrapping me up in that satin handkerchief, Sean handed me over to Samuel as they walked out of the house. Tall men in suits walked over to the family, Sean shook their hands and talked to them as if they had met before.

Sean soon call Samuel over so the men could see me, I was to say the least, intimidated by their stares, they were cold and without emotion at first. Then one of them broke a smile and winked at me in a comforting manner.

Sean set about putting Vivian in her car booster seat as Samuel got in the front passenger seat. The two men must have their own car for they were no where to be found. Once Sean was finished with Viv, he walked around the car and slowly got in the driver’s seat. For a few moments he just sat there staring at the wheel, fingering the key to the ignition. With hesitation he started up the car and started driving his way to the shore.

Chapter 10

Upon reaching the shore, Samuel willingly stepped out with me in hand. I could see the other gentlemen’s car parking , and was able to hear the men get out of the vehicle. Samuel look across the ocean as if mentally preparing for the long journey ahead.

Smart little Vivian didn’t bother waiting for Sean or Samuel to help her get out of her car seat, with ease she undid the safety belt and hopped out of the car running towards Samuel and I. She stopped beside the teen and looked up at me from below as I looked down to her from Samuel cupped and secure hands. I smiled down at her , as I then Saw tears begun to build up in her eyes. "She knows" I said to myself feeling an overwhelming sadness for the girl.

"Where is Sean?" I questioned, bringing Samuel to realize he and Vivian where not accompanied by their older brother. Turning we saw Sean still sitting in the car rapidly drumming his fingers on the Steering wheel. Staring off to the horizon of where the Ocean met the sky. He just starred at the line of the world, blankly, and almost angrily. His eyebrows where furrowed and a sadness was in his eyes, I tried to get my mind off it, but it hurt me so to see him this way.

The Two government Officials had suddenly appeared in snorkeling gear, ready for a long trip ahead. They talked into what looked to be a radio and the motor of a boat roared toward us. The Two Gentlemen boarded the boat and with their hands gestured for the family and myself to accompany them.

Samuel was just about to step onto the boat when I saw a enormous hand grasp onto his shoulder and held him back. Samuel turned back with a start and looked to his brother, Sean. With out words Sean held out his hand obviously wanting to hold me. As I was transferred from one large and into another even larger hand it hit me. I was going to have to say Good bye.

Uncontrollably tears where filling to the rims of my eyes - For I never day good bye, I always say see ya later. But I am going to have to say good bye, and forget. Forget all of this. I wanted to look on the bright side as I always do, but what would be the bright side of this???

I wouldn’t remember them? So if I never remembered, then how could I feel sad about leaving them? But I wanted to remember them!

Samuel took Vivian by the hand and led her up the rape onto the motor boat, Dean holding me was close behind.

Sean never said a word, he was dead silent and stern. It scared me to see him this way…he was almost at the verge of becoming a mad man. For all I knew he could suddenly grip me tightly and start yelling at the top of his lungs "If I can’t have her, no one shall!" But my wild imagination was proven wrong when he sat down, sheltering me from the fierce wind from the movement of the motor boat gliding across the ocean.

After some amount of time, Sean looked around and then handed me a ripped off piece of his handkerchief, small enough for me to hide from the Government men, yet large enough to be 4 handkerchiefs to me. His eyes grew dark as he instructed me in a hard whispering tone.

"Just try to remember… whatever you do, just try to remember."

I tried to blink back the tear, yet I failed miserably, I folded up the cloth as small as I could and held on to it tightly, covering it underneath my swimsuit wrap when the Government Men appeared.

"It’s time for her to go home now."

One of those two men picked me up and stood in front of the family for our finally goodbyes.

First Vivian grabbed the wrists of the one holding me and made him bring me down to her level, whereupon she gave me a kiss. Samuel patted my head as said "It’s been quiet a couple of days"

Sean looked down at me sternly, and I could read behind his eyes exactly what he was thinking "Remember, Just Try to Remember." I guess Sean wasn’t very good with good byes for that is all he did. The two Government men then placed me in one of those beakers from a lab, that had a water tight lid on top. There was fortunately a string on it that was placed around Samuels neck..(Thank God no more orange Speedo!!! Cuz that was totally awkward ).

With ease Samuel dived into the water and started swimming with speed and ease. Through the muffled sounds of the water, I was able to make out to other splashes that must have been the government men in their snorkeling gear making certain things go smoothly.

It was taking a long time for Samuel to swim to my shore of the ocean, and I started feeling groggy, and after nodding my head a few times I must have fallen asleep.