Angel and Commander Ujim

By Timothy

With hands clasped together in prayer, April watched as the great robotic fighters returned to their under ground bunker. On the monitor in the Earthie Dietary section, there was one particular craft she was waiting for; that of Commander Mandil’s. With a sigh of relief, April watched the slightly scorched craft descend into maintenance holding. Shortly, news was released all pilots and companions were unscathed in their military engagement with the enemy.

April went back to work feeling as if a great weight had been lifted. A tingling sensation began in her right index finger, "Mandil," said April under her breath with joy as she kissed it. To her assistants who began appearing in the kitchen, she clapped her hands together, "Right, we have a group of brave Pilot Companions to feed after their battle; lets give them something nice tonight."

At noontime, a friend of April’s from Earthie maintenance named Angel came in, "Heard Commander Mandil had to be sent to Medical Center."

"What? The reports said their were no casualties."

Angel going up to April, "Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew. Its nothing serious. Just something happened after he had left the fighter. Again April, it was nothing serious."

"That’s probably why he didn’t tell me. Still, during break I’ll go and visit my giant hero."

Angel smiled, "You both have such a beautiful relationship."

"Yeah, I guess we do," replied April slightly dreamily.

Mandil crossed his arms and told a laughing April, "I’m glad you find this so funny."

"I’m sorry love. Its just my giant brave Betheran Warrior returns from fighting a vicious adversary and what happens? He breaks two of his toes in the changing room." April who was sitting on a slanted angle beneath the huge toes turned around and kissed the injured ones.

"Oh, its nothing," responded Mandil giving April big affectionate stares as he looked at his heart’s affection sitting on his foot.

"Your such a big brave warrior, said April who pushed her hand in-between the good toes and began to tickle Mandil by running her finger tips up and down the sensitive sides of the toes. Mandil gave out a few goofy chuckles.

Coming into the ward on a transportation disc, Angel came and hovered next to Mandil’s gigantic face, "So how are you doing?"

"Not bad."

" Flying over to April, "Glad to see our Betheran Warrior is (yawn) mending."
"Yeah, he is. Angel you look beat. If you want to wait, I can fly you back to maintenance."

"No, that’s ok. Well, see you kids." And Angel flew off down the colossal expanse of the corridor that connected Medical Center with the main Academy buildings.

Angel had to shake her head to stay awake. Closing her eyes for a moment, Angel was startled back to alertness from a loud screeching sound. She had flown into the side of the wall. The transportation disc turned to its side. Screaming, Angel found herself falling off the disc toward the floor many stories below. She closed her eyes. Suddenly, she fell upon a warm, firm surface. Opening her eyes, Angel found herself staring down upon the calluses and crevices of a giant hand. "Are you all right?" questioned a deep and sweet sounding voice. Turning around on the mammoth hand, Angel looked up. The chest that was many stories high and covered with a red and purple vest rose above her. Near the top of the vest were the well formed pectoral muscles that shown beneath the opened part of the vest. And way above the powerful chest was a rather boyish round face that gazed down upon her with two olive colored eyes that slightly glowed. And above the broad forehead, a short crop of brown and reddish hair. Angel was going to say something, however, she was still greatly shaken up.

"Ah, my name is Ujim. Do you need a doctor?" asked the colossal Betheran Warrior. The tiny Earthie woman in his hand just shook her head. The Earthie’s long black hair was thrown in front of her face. Using the tip of his left index finger, he cleared it away. The face was strong and delicate. "You sure your ok?"

Managing to muster up strength to shout up to the giant "I‘m ok, just feeling ridicules" Looking over the side of the enormous hand, Angel saw the smoldering remains of the transport. "Oh great," she tiredly squeaked.

"Don’t worry about it. I’ll think of something. Oh, where is your station?"

"Maintenance. Kind of funny when you think of it. I work in program and repairing equipment and I total a transport," replied Angel.

"Not funny if I haven’t been here. You could have…well your safe now." Looking rather sheepish, "What’s your name?"


"Greetings Angel." Studying the lovely Earthie in his hand, he said, "Not to sound arrogant or anything but as a Betheran Warrior, I recommend, (his voice became very sweet found angel) next time your tired report in for extra sleep status. I hope you will. I don’t want to worry about you." Angel looked up at the giant handsome face and smiled. Carefully, Ujim placed Angel in his vest pocket. "Sleep now Angel and I’ll think of something to tell maintenance. They’ll be satisfied. I mean, one of the perks of being a Betheran Warrior."
Angel in the warmth of Ujim’s pocket snuggled up against the inner-pocket material and closed her eyes. Before falling asleep, she thought how amazing she had been in the hand of a great Betheran Warrior. "Cute too," Angel whispered to herself.

Angel was given two days rest period upon the request of Ujim, who had told the Earthie department heads in Maintenance that he had been in a rush and walked into Angel’s transportation disc.

Angel never properly thanked Ujim for saving her life. And covering up her mistake. For several days after, even with baths she still, to her joy, retained a small remaining fragrance (to angel) of Ujim’s scent. And the handsome and youthful, earnest face stayed with her.

Ujim thought about Angel and how beautiful and delicate she looked in his hand. And how he admired too the slight toughness in her. One night before going to bed, he studied the hand that both saved her and held her. He kissed the palm. "Angel, I hope you’re doing well." A rush of energy ran through his right index finger. Pulling his covers over him, Ujim wondered, "Do you think of me?"

On a free day, Angel inquiring about the giant Betheran Warrior was told he was in Sports Fitness Center. In the center, were many Earthies and off at the other end of the massive room; sounding like a war among titans were taking place, were the Betheran giants. Angel went over to the giants side. An Earthie attendant gave her an orange safety vest to wear. "Would you like to place nullifying cream beneath your nose? Our giant brothers can give off quit a scent when working out."

"No that’s ok," replied Angel. Following the orange safety walkway, Angel made her way for the giants. She passed one colossal giant as his Pilot Companion who on a giant knee; massaged it. She did give out a few coughs from the intense body odor of the giants. Soon she was crossing the bare and socked feet of the giants. A few sitting on their work out benches seeing her, leaned over and wished her greetings. Many of the giants had their companions with them.

Among the many strong scents, Angel began to pick up on one she recognized as Ujim’s. She felt rather light headed for she was looking forward in seeing him again. Angel approached, perhaps too closely, the back of a pair of giant bare feet. The giant was just in a pair of tight blue work out shorts. Angel had to bend both her head and back Expanding into the sky was Ujim. She couldn’t help and say under her breath, "He looks like a warrior God."

Ujim talking to a fellow pilot felt a tingling in his right index finger. He turned around. "Whoa!" shouted Angel as the thirty five foot length foot turned around.

Down between his feet was a tiny form. The tiny form of an Earthie. Seeing the long black hair a smile appeared on Ujim’s face, "Angel." The sound of the giant deep bass voice brought a glow to Angel’s heart. There was the sound of an incredible amount of bulk as it descended down. Angel was caught in a wind storm of air as all the handsome mass lowered in front of her. She was bathed in blue from the ceiling lights that reflected off of Ujim’s shiny gym shorts. Way above her, Angel could see bucket size drops of sweat moving and hanging off the edge of his nose. Several huge drops rolled down and off the gentle curves and slopes of Ujim’s pecs. A few hot soccer ball size drops of sweat splashed down before her. They made a muted sound that reminded Angel of water exploding against the rocks at the seashore.

Angel felt both lost and so very protected as Ujim’s huge form stood before her and his legs that jetted out on either side of her. Tips of the leg hairs capped with sweat sparkled under the lights. A powerful hand descended down gently before her. Angel jumped on to the tips and walked to the center of the hand where she sat down.

Lifting his hand up, Ujim brought the Earthie female before him. "Hi. Its good to see you again. What brings you here?" Ujim thought how lovely Angel looked as her long black hair fluttered under the wind that rode on each word he spoke.

"I wanted to thank you again for saving my life and my ego."


"I mean, saying it was your fault." Thinking to herself as she looked up at Ujim, "God he is so cute."

"Gee, it was nothing." Looking down at the tiny Earthie who touched his heart. "Would you like to have lunch with me?" Just at that moment his stomach rumbled for food. Angel chuckled. "Sorry about that. Wrestling makes me very hungry." His huge brown eyebrows knitted together in thought. "If you don’t having anything pressing maybe you could wait for me here. A pilot could take you back to the Earthie side and after I clean up and change we can go to the main cafeteria."

Becoming distracted, Ujim turned and stooped down. Near his left foot was a Pilot Companion who was having problems with his legs. Handing Angel over to another giant he told her, "I’ll see you soon Angel. I have a little one whose legs are in spasms I’ll give him relief." Ujim picked up the earthie who became lost in his powerful hands.

Angel watched Ujim walked toward the shower door. As he walked, Ujim scratched his backside with his free hand. Angel blushed. Also a group of Earthies from the giant benches shouted hi to Ujim as he walked by. And thanked him for various favors.

The giant took Angel to the Earthie side of the fitness center. Going over to a chair, Angel sat down. She was touched by how gentle and caring Ujim was with the Pilot Companion. Once again she noticed that how being in his hand, Ujim’s scent had saturated her clothing.

In the shower/steam room, Ujim proceeded to massage and relief the muscles that had knotted up on the Earthie companion by touching key nerve points. They had really knotted up severely found Ujim. Rubbing a finger behind his ear, he took the skin secretion and rubbed it gently on both sides of the Earthies face which acted as a sedation for the tiny person. As he continued to work on the Earthie, Ujim thought about Angel wanting to see him in person to thank him. "She could have just sent a communication. I guess in person was the right thing to do. Gee, she really makes me feel good inside."

After a while, Angel stood up and went over to a fount to get a drink of water. Turning around, a pair of highly polished red and purple boots were before her. Looking up, she saw Ujim in his uniform. She dropped her cup of water gazing upon the handsome and heroic visage of Ujim.

As he stooped down, "Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long Angel."

"No, not at all. How’s the companion?"

"He’s better. I left a message for his pilot and explained what happened." Extending his hand, "You transport awaits." Angel smiled shyly and stepped up on. Placing her in his vest pocket. "I have to stop off and drop off a few fellow warriors at embarkation if that’s ok?"

"Sure Ujim. But where are they?"

"Oh, their in the side pockets of my shorts. I wanted to keep the vest pocket just for you.."

"Thanks Ujim. Hope their comfortable in your pockets."

"I always keep a few Earthie pad chairs in my pockets with a few lights. And the pockets are plenty roomy for your kind."

As Ujim walked, along the Betheran Corridor, Angel and Ujim talked. "How long have you worked in Earthie Maintenance?"

"Two years now. And how long have you been a pilot?"

"Four years. Are you use to us here?"

"Yeah, it took some adjustment. And of course your great size. Come to think of it I don’t think I have ever ridden in a giants pocket before."

"Hope you don’t mind."

With a kind of passion and reverence for this huge living person, "No, not at all. I wish I could do something for you after saving my life."

"I’m not looking for anything Angel. A really great Betheran Warrior named Commander Yalor once told a few of us, we are always given something by people we meet. Especially ones we let enter into our heart. He says if one enters the heart as a true friend, we are given something special for life. And size doesn‘t matter."

"That’s beautiful Ujim."

Entering embarkation, Ujim reaching into his pockets; removed his fellow warriors and friends. "Enjoy yourselves on your vacation. Try and not as you Earthies would say; get wasted." A group of tiny miniature people in their high squeaky voices thanked him.

Ujim and Angel proceeded on to the main cafeteria.