A Point of View

By shrank

chapter 1.

It was a hot summer morning.After being out of work for a week
and needing some spending money I decided to ask my neighbor
Mrs Vann if I can do some work around her house.

Since her husband a very successful inventor had died her yard
for several years needed some TLC.

So I walked next door and asked her if it would be ok to cut her lawn and trim her bushes to help out on my money problems.

She said yes and I walked to her shed and got out her mower
and mowed then I found a gasoline hedge trimmer up on a shelf
with alot of other stuff like tools and a old can that was full of some kind of liquid.

I carefully removed the trimmer from its hiding place fueled it started it and begin to trim the bushes back. Mrs Vann and a
lady from across the street checked on my progress and then
they walked around to the pool behind the house for a swim.

By the time I got around to the back yard the to women were
sitting on the back patio under the shade of the awning.

Nice job!yelled Mrs Vann.Thanks I replied and I returned to the shed to get a rake.As I entered the shed the heat was awful.

I walked in side and the old can on the shelf above me exploded!
A warm substance covered me like a wet blanket and I noticed
that the sheds ceiling was becoming higher!Right away I Knew something bad was happing to me.

chapter 2.

As I stood there and saw everything rising higher above me I decided to make a run to the patio.The liquid most of been something that Mrs Vann,s husband developed maybe she will know what to do.I was now 3 inches tall and still getting smaller!

I made a dash for the patio I was now 2 inches tall and running through the fresh cut grass was getting harder to do. By the time I climbed up on to the patio I was an inch tall! I ran under the table where the two ladies were sitting.

At my size every thing was huge! The table the chairs every thing!How was I going to get help? I ran to wards Mrs Vann,s friends feet hoping to grab them maybe she would feel something.When I made it to her toes I hesitated and just stared up at her legs that just seemed to rise up above me forever!But before I could grab hold of them she pulled them
up off the floor resting them on the chairs rungs.

Now her feet were way above me now much to high for me to ever reach.So I turned to Mrs Vann,s feet.But before I reached them I started to shrink even smaller!

(No!!!!) I yelled as I watched her huge feet become even bigger right in front of me!They were now humongous!! I was scared that I was to small now to be felt at all.

But I grabbed a hold of her toe anyway.Mrs Vann then pulled her foot up off the floor setting it on the top rung of her chair.Holding on I looked down and saw that I was a long ways from the floor if I let go it would feel like I was falling off a four story building!

As I sat there in my shrunken state a feeling of horror took over me as I watched her
foot grow by leaps and bounds!I was shrinking again!! I Begin to cry wondering if I was going to survive or shrink to the death.

Chapter 3

As the minuets go by I saw Mrs Vann,s foot double and triple in size!! I was shrinking smaller with no stopping!Every thing around me was getting bigger to big to even imagine.

Then I heard her tell her friend good bye and then every thing Begin to move as she Begin to walk in side her house.Every step she made was a big Boom to me.

Then heard her say Ouch! I stepped on something!Ever thing was a blur to me as she moved to her coffee table.She propped her foot on the tables edge her foot making a huge boom sound
as her sole made contact.

Then she held a big magnifier glass above me I looked up and saw huge eye looking down on me! I Begin to wave my arms and jump up and down tiring to get her attention.

(What the?) I mean Who in the world is that on my toe?She exclaimed. Boy I was relieved that she saw me!

chapter 4

Mrs Vann made a dash to her husbands old Lab equipment as I held on for dear life.
She then dashed back to the coffee table laid down a glass slide then tapped her toe nail
on the slide.I screamed as I slid of her bright red toenail on to the slide.

In a blur I was set under a microscope. Then I heard her yell my name out loud. "David!" It,s you on my toe! Miss Vann ran out side to shed where she found the ruptured can laying
on the floor. Mrs Vann came back into the living room and peered into the microscope looking down at me and said.I got to find the can that has the growth chemical in it to bring you back
SO just stay put."Yeah right" like I can really go any where I said to my self.

But just then I got a very sick feeling in my gut as I saw the glass slide I was standing on
had a huge growth spurt! Becoming bigger and bigger!I was shrinking again!

chapter 5

As Mrs Vann searched for her husbands growth chemicals, my shrinking continued.I was now becoming microscopic the glass slide became as big as a airfield!!

I was now feeling chilly maybey because the glass I was on was very cold.Then Mrs Vann
appeared she poured the liquid in to a thimble then she sucked it up into an eye dropper.Now I knew that I was going to be OK now just as soon as she doctors me with the growth potion.

Mrs Vann looked into the microscope and franticly adjusted it trying to see me!I got you in view now so don't worry it wont be long she said.I felt a great relief knowing that I,m going to be OK.But then I felt that gut wrenching feeling again I was shrinking even smaller! "No!" she screamed as I shrank out off the microscopes view.Mrs Vann quickly moved the glass slide and me from under the scope to the top of the coffee table.

Then she put the droplets of the growth chemical right on top of me! I was now swimming in ocean of fluid which caused me to slowly grow bigger!! I grew and grew until I was back to my normal size!I was now sitting on the table when Mrs Vann gave me a big hug.

Your OK! I,m so sorry I should of moved that can along time ago.She said Thats OK I replied.
No it wasn't you would of shrank and shrank until of know return you would have disappeared!
She said.Well lets talk about it later when I Finnish your yard.

chapter 6

After I got done with Mrs Vann,s yard she tried to pay me but I just told her no.I owed her for saving my life. But I had to ask "What was that stuff for?" To shrink weeds with and it did and it was sold on the market until a woman took a walk in the grass and found her husband in her sneaker.She replied.

So it wasn't a good idea after all then?I asked."Nope "she said I only save it to use around the house to shrink weeds I just never thought it would ever hurt my neighbor she added.

Hurt? Shucks no!It was kinda fun to see every thing from a new point of view.I said
Well come look at this she said and she lead me to her storage room where I saw a bunch
of cans on a shelf. "Then she asked" You sure you don,t want anything for your hard work and after every thing that happened to you to day?Well yes there is I want to do it again.I said.
Mrs Vann looked at me with a funny look on her face and then grabbed another can of the shrinking liquid.