A New Start

By kristine

Kristine’s Eyes flittered, everything was so blurry and bright. Uncomfortable with the sight she then closed her eyes. Gathering her bearings she could feel she was lying down on her back in a bed slightly propped up with pillows. Something was in the back of her right hand that felt cold and strange when she moved it. Aching in her entire body was faint, however was slightly growing stronger. A brisk breeze flew over her with the smell of outside fall air.

A low vibrating thunder that was unfamiliar to her came closer and closer. Weakly she turned her head as she tried to open her eyes again to understand what might be going on. Still only blurs of dark moving forms and shapes against light. Again she shut her eyes when a comforting deep cheerful voice came down to her.

"And how are we this morning Kristine? Are we still stable?"

A rustle of what sounded like papers - only hundreds and hundreds of them came to her ears.

"What is with these readings?" The voice questioned. "hey - Your not in the same position."

Squinting her face, Kristine again rolled her head away from where the voice was coming from.

" Holy *%#! Your awake???? This is amazing!!"

Rolling her head back to the voice, she tried to open her eyes once again. As her eyes focused, she sees a pair of light brown almost amber eyes looking back down at her. Only they where huge!

Gasping for breath from the shock of seeing this gigantic being, Kristine sits up and cowers away from the face before her. As a result ended up falling off her hospital bed. The I.V. in her right hand yanked. ’Ah!’ Her body went to the familiar squeamish place she always went when it came to needles. With hesitation she brought herself to pulling the I.V. out of her hand and weakly squirmed away from it and her bed. And stood up on very weak ,weak legs. Nearly buckling underneath her.

"Oh my gosh - Kristine!!! Your standing! Your walking! That amazing!!!"

A confused and worried look came across her face as she stared back to the Man in a white Lab Coat. She looked at him in bewildered awe and fear, in this fear she slowly started backing away from him. As she shuffled under her own weight, taking step by step backwards, nearly limping and babying both legs. Flinging her arms out to keep balance. Yet never took her eyes off of this man.

"Kristine - Relax, I need to explain things to you."

She shook her head, she didn’t like where things were going. Where was she? Why was she surrounded by giants and gigantic items? What was going on? How does he know her name?

Against her hopes, This man who appeared to be a Doctor of sorts lifted up his hands and started to reach for her. She quickened her awkward pace, in doing so she felt colder and colder in her thin white scrubs outfit she was wearing.

"Kristine Please, do not back up any further, your going to fall." The Man said as his eyes widen and his reach for her was taking sudden speed.

Kristine may have heard him, but it didn’t registered. Things where to mind boggling to understand anything right now. But she did see his hands making a lunge for her, and she turned on weak wobbly legs and made a limping mad dash. Her dash didn’t last very long. For as she turned, she fell out of a window.

Falling in the crisp freezing air, she gave out weak feeble cries of shock and pain and fear as she landed on one scratchy orange leaf, then another, then another. Bringing them all down with her. Another Yellow one, then a brown one. All crunching on point of impact. Finally, she reached the cold hard ground.

Shaking from the fierce cold that bit her, she shivered in the pile of huge enormous fall leaves that came along for the ride, shaking them with slight noise as she did. A Yellow lady bug came out from under the pile and made its way closer to Kristine.

Never a fan of Bugs she let out a yelp that croaked and cracked. Her throat screamed at her for using it, in fact - her body was completely shrouded in pain. Dizzy, Kristine tried to crawl away from the intense insect that came towards her. Midway her arms gave way beneath her. Looking down towards her bare numb feet, she saw the beast crawl up on her. Sat there for a second, then flew off. She was momentarily astonished that she could feel the beating of the wings as it left, until large voices came within earshot.

She saw two more Giant men, both in White lab coats underneath unbuttoned outerwear. with Her heart beating rapidly, she tried to calm herself down by taking deep breaths. This only caused more pain as her scratchy throat again told her to stop using it. Coughing a couple of times, Kristine doubled over from the incredibly immense pain, and curled up from the cold. Shaking violently from it.

The two Neared her in conversation.

"What are you doing? It’s freezing out here Colin!!"

"Quit your whining, you’re the one who said it was to stuffy inside - even after they opened up windows! Besides, I thought I heard something over here."

"So it was some leaves falling - big deal!"

"It didn’t sound like that. It was like a scream, but incomplete - you know what I mean?


Colin the titanic man crouched down on his knees and looked around the plants and shuffling dead leaves that where laid upon the ground. Kristine Still shaking furiously, a sudden cry of pain pierces through her fearful body and she vocalizes it, Her breath visible in the cold air, bringing the unwanted attention of the Giant towards her.

Searching for what could have possibly be the owner of the clear sound that came out. The Giant eyes spotted amongst all the oranges and reds and browns something that stuck out like a sore thumb. A little ball of white. Leaning in closer He observed that the little ball of white shivered, and two dark brown eyes glittered in fright back at him.

"Holy Cow!" He shouted -making Kristine flinch at the Volume.

"What?? What is it?!" Nathan hovered over his friends shoulder to try and glimpse at what his friend found.

"Back away Nathan - give us a little space here."

After Nathan did so Colin focused on Kristine. Slowly and very carefully Cupping his warm bare hands around her frail weak form, he gently picked her up and brought Kristine close to him. Hunching over to block the bitter wind.

"Shhhh - Don’t be scared of me. Whe- When did you wake up? Oh ! Gosh your cold! This isn’t good - How did you get all the way out here little one? Oh -shh, shh. It’s ok, It’s ok. I won’t hurt you in any way."

Shriveled up in pain and clinging to anything that was warm Kristine never moved during her unexpected ride. She didn’t bother looking up, but listened to all the surrounded her.

"What did you find Colin? What is it?"

"Settle down Nathan, we need to go inside NOW! - It’s one of the Girls!"

"What?! One of the Girls woke up? Is it Ann?? Cuz she is hot!"

"Shut up will ya?! No - It’s Kristine."

"She was the one that her friend reported sweet right?"

"Yeah, poor thing. It Must have come to a great shock to her."

The Sound of doors opening and closing, along with warmth came over her. Still shaking and shivering, Kristine’s muscles did not relax but stayed tight. This didn’t help matters any, for she was still in so much pain. She had never felt so much pain all at once before. It didn’t take much to get her out of breath, she hadn’t stopped gasping since the sight of that other Doctor.

"Nathan - Go find Doc. Hanson! He is her Doctor after all."

"What about you?"

"I need to keep her still for a while, This is probably grinding on her nerves. It might help if she was in one place for a while instead of on the move, she is still so pale! But she is starting to turn a little green."

"K - I’ll be back as soon as I can."

Rapid Thunderous steps where taken by the Giant. Still confused, Kristine thought about all the possible answers to why she was here. Aliens? Hostage? Bomb?

Dizzy and lightheaded the world once again change when she was set upon a cold table top. Trying to focus something with her eyes, anything! She came across a large hand, that was placed far away from her. She focused on it intently, not taking her eyes off of it. It’s was something that she could look at and not conserntrate how terrible she felt. The hand was a brownish color, as if fading from a tan. The fingers where tremendous! How Terrible it seemed that she was in a hand, as frightening as it was - There was also slight comfort in it.

"Kristine? Are you alright? Keep breathing…take in slow deep breaths."

Who on earth was this Colin? Who was Doc. Hanson? Why was she under his care? Getting up from her hands and knees, she managed to standup, getting in a position that would help her run if need be. Kristine still doubled over in pain, willing to die just to be rid of it.

"Your Standing??!! That’s Amazing!! How?"

"What are you talking about Colin?" A female voice crept closer.

"Blaire! Look - it’s one of the girls!"

"What?? No way! That’s wonderful!" Kristine could feel another pair of eyes looking down at her.

"She is so pale!"

"I Know, at least she isn’t green anymore. I can’t believe she is standing."

"I know!" Her voice soon was directed to another direction. " Hey Guys get over here! One of the girls woke up!"

Rushing movement and sudden sounds and many voices brought Kristine into high alert. Lifting her head she looked all around her. So many faces circled her. Her view consisted of Eyes that peered down at her. Huge gigantic eyes. Panic griped her and she turned this way and that. Twisting her head back and forth. Blue eyes, Brown eyes, Green eyes, Gray eyes, Hazel eyes, Amber eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes everywhere!!!

"Oh my goodness, she is totally freaked!" A sympathetic voice softly spoke.

"Someone - Go get Tim! He can help her." Said Blaire, not letting her eyes leave the tiny frightened girl.

Tim? Oh great! Some new Giant! But to Kristine surprise, one of these many young faces came back in a rush and pushed his hand through the mob. Unclenching his strong fist, a man the size of Kristine quickly hopped out and came towards her. Though she was in so much pain, someone was her size, something was safe! And she lunged towards him, gripping his shirt in tight fists and burring her face in his chest.

The kind man wrapped his arms around her in support. For the first time Kristine let her guard down, causing her to lose her strength. She buckled and fell down. The kind gentleman willing fallowed her down. Still sitting, and not releasing her grip on this new person she looked up to him for answers.

"Your going to be just fine Kristine." He smiled down back at her. And then took another feel of her. "Your freezing! Hey! Can we get some blankets over here???

A Giant rushed off and brought back a large soft fluffy blanket and carefully wrapped it around Kristine warmly. And then retreated.

Still looking up to this ‘Tim’ Her eyebrows furrow confused. With a quivering lip she questioned with a voice that cracked from not being used for a long time.

"Why does everyone know who I am here?"

"Oh boy (sigh) we have a lot to explain, don’t we. - Well, what is the last thing you remember?"

Thinking back She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. Wincing she then regretted both movements due to the pain it caused through out her body.

"Do you remember the Air Plane?"

Thinking back, and image flashed before her eyes, there she was sitting in an air plane, looking out the window watching he ground leave in take off. Excited to meet her family on the other side. She was going home from a vacation in June. Then - nothing. Nothing at all - not until now what just happened in the past half hour.

"Yeah, I remember the Plane…It was June."

"That’s right - do you remember the crash?"

"The crash?" Horror filled thoughts entered her mind. Screaming voiced echoed, Faces flew by her of passengers still in their seats. Flight attendants clung onto anything for their lives with no prevail. The falling sensation came back into Kristine’s stomach as she remembered the terrifying moments, up to point of impact.

A cry of emotional pain came from her dry mouth as she again buried her face into the stranger’s chest.

"You do remember? Wow! Only 3 others can. Well, then you know that only a few of us survived." She nodded her head within him, not wanting to lose the safety she felt with something familiar, someone her size.

"How many?"

"Originally 14 where alive from the crash. When The rescue crew found us this way. You were one of three women, then rest of us where men. That’s part of why everyone knows your name, because you are one of a few that is part of a fewer group. And you are definitely known around here - you’re the youngest survivor."

Absorbing what he said, Kristine thought back to what had happened. The Doctor in the bedroom, Colin who picked her up, Blaire who insisted on ‘Tim’ coming, and the very way his arms where holding her, all where protective of her.


"(sigh) Unfortunately, over the past 3 months one of the women and 2 men have died within their commas."

" Died??"

"Yeah - It’s terrible. We are now 11 - and only 8 of us are out. Out of our commas that is. And you’re the only girl thus far."

"3 months?"

"Yeah - it’s October now."

Her eyes watering, and still shivering from the cold she looked up at him.

"I’ve been in a comma?"

This kind man nodded his head down at her. Tightening his grip around her.

"It’s tough to understand, I know I had a hard time a couple of months ago. But give it time, you’ll see."

Nathan came back out of breath, "Doc. Hanson is here." Lifting her eyes away from her sanctuary she saw the sight she woke up to. While the others made way for him, he leaned in closer to the two.

"Hey Kristine, I see you’ve met Timothy. How much do you know?"

"Pretty much all of it." Timothy answered when Kristine curled up tighter to him in fear.

"How is she handling the fact?"

"About as well as the rest of us. Except she is out of her bed.?"

" I am as surprised about that as much as you are. All I can say is a rush of adrenaline. It might have festered with in her since the crash. She was one of them who was conscious when they found you all like this."

That was the second time they said that, what did they mean? Not as cold anymore, but even more pain mounted on her. She again looked up to Timothy and asked a question.

"What do you mean by found like this?"

"When the rescued team came to us - we were already like this. The 94 foot 737 airplane was found looking like a model airplane about 3 feet 11 inches long. Not quite 4 feet, Making us about 3 inches to them."

"Wait…." She brought out her timid index finger from the shelter of the warm blanket and pointed at Timothy and herself.

"So , We are not normal?"


"They are not Giants?" She asked pointing up at the rest of them.


"That means …."


"They are normal? And we -?

"Your correct."

"We shrunk?? But how?"

"No one knows" Doctor Hanson interrupted. "It’s a phenomenon! We think it might have happened before the crash. It might have been the cause of the crash due to different air pressures and unaccounted winds with its sudden loss strength."

In light of the new information, Kristine felt again her dizziness, when something heavy came over her mind with darkness. Passing out into the gentleman who was holding her.

A stench filled her lungs with a pain that made her sick. Coughing and turning on her side she gasps for breath. Clutching her Hospital bed she flops back onto her back. Doctor Hanson smiled down at her along with Timothy by her bed side.

"Ammonia can be pretty nasty, even if diluted."

She tried to lift her hand up to grab Timothy’s, needing support, yet found her entire body would not respond as willingly as she hoped. It felt like a huge anvil was pressing upon her. It’s hurt to breath, it hurt to blink, and it was hard to do anything. Everything felt … heavy.

"Why can’t I move?"

"You’ve been out for 3 months, give yourself a break. Your mussels haven’t needed to move and you’ve lost your strength. It’s a miracle that you did all that running around this morning."

Timothy took her hand in his and gave it a fraternal pat. While Doctor Hanson reached his hand over and gently petted her head, with his enormous finger tips.

"Things will be alright, Kido. Just hang in their with us. Ok?"

Kristine nodded her heavy weary head, she didn’t want to face the next day, or the day after that, or her life for that matter. But figured that with the start of relationships with friends possibly great friends, how bad could it be?

Chapter 2

As the Day Continued Doc. Hanson explained what was going to happen with her.

"Since you are no longer in a comma, we removed you from that room. You are in the same room as the other 8 men. However, We will be putting you on a different side since we still need to monitor you and keep you hooked up on our machines. Also - being that you are of the opposite sex as the others, We figured you could use the extra privacy."

Kristine Nodded her heavy head in agreement.

"We will schedule your physical therapy to start tomorrow with very little things. You clearly demonstrated your strength already, now we just need to teach your mind to remember how to do these things. If you have any questions or need anything simply push that button next to your bed and one of us will come in as soon a possible."

Again Kristine Nodded her head. Taking a deep breath, she watched as the kind Doctor smiled down to her, give things one final check around her then took his leave.

Timothy Pulled up a chair beside her and leaned comfortably into it. Turning her head to face him, still resting in the soft pillow, she questioned him.

"What is this place?"

"It’s a medical University, Apparently it’s a rather "Hush - Hush" Kind of place where research and medicinal experimentation can take place without even the media knowing about it. The Doctors and Nurses here are the Best of the best. Don’t worry your little head - your in the best place possible."

Kristine Sighed Deeply. "I understand that…it’s just -"

"I know, It’s daunting at first. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust. First, waking out of a comma is not the easiest thing to get over. Plus the fact that you found out your entire way of life has changed makes matters worse. But they treat us wonderfully here. We aren’t lab rats or items. We are still people, heh, they treat us better here than I have ever been treated by a Doctor."

"It’s just…They are terrifying, they are huge!!!"

"Yeah, they are. But the greatest comfort is that we are not alone. We have each other. There is a group of us, not just one lonesome person."

Kristine and Timothy were silent for a little bit as Kristine absorbed everything he said. When another Question came to mind.

"How do you deal with them being so huge?"

"It helps to see them not at Giants or Monsters, or a creature for that matter. It took me a long time, I was the 4th to wake up. Neal, Trent and Isaiah woke up before I did, fun guys, You’ll like them. But to what I was saying, You know when you have to get up in front of people and your nervous?"

Kristine Nodded her increasingly growing heavy head.

"Well every one gives you the advice to see the audience in their underwear. Well, what worked for me was to look inside of them. Look and see their huge hearts. They all care about us, it’s not like we are just their patients. It’s become a family or sorts here. Ignore their outsides and watch their personalities. Strange I know, but you will soon understand."

Kristine once more nodded her weary head with in the pillow, deep in thought.

"I can see your getting tired, you need some sleep." Timothy said as he got up from his chair. "Tomorrow you’ll meet the guys, and Tomorrow we will answer all those questions your bound to ask. "

With that, Timothy took his leave, walking from the white sterol table to the wall. Attached to the was a blue trim at table height. It was wide enough for at least 3 men Kristine’s size could walk abreast. There he walked around on the trim over to his and the other men’s living area. He disappeared behind a drawn curtain that most Hospitals have to give guest privacy, Kristine then lied there in silence, watching the autumn gray sky become darker at the sun set. And Drifted into a simple sleep.

~A Jolt woke her up from her sleep, violent shaking and rattling brought her full awareness. Jittering up and down she saw she was back on the plane. Tightening her seatbelt, the oxygen masked fell down before her and everyone else on the plane. Doing what she was instructed to do all the Hundreds of times she was safely on an Airplane Kristine pulled the mask over her face, Pulled the string around her head. And tighten the mask, securing it against her pale nose and mouth by pulling the little stings on either side of the mask.

The sweet mother that was sitting next to her after helping her child’s mask wrapped her arms around him as they bent down in the emergency position. Kristine was about to do the same as she looked around one last time. All the passengers where either screaming, crying, or Pale with fright. Bending over she prayed the prayer that was on everyone’s mind. "Keep us safe, and let our loved one‘s know we love them."

Suddenly, the plane began to spin in it’s descent. Kristine Held herself together as best as she could, however the centrifugal forces pushed her back up into her chair. Giving her a clean view of the cabin, and all the horror it beheld.~

Timothy woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of hospital alarms. The familiar noises reminded him of Kristine, and what her heart monitor sounded like. Jumping out of his bed, along with the other men who woke up with the same sounds ringing loud and clear emerged out of their sleeping area and rushed to the end of the table to see what was going on.

Doctor after doctor rushed in and surrounded Kristine. The Men couldn’t get a clear view, they couldn’t see a thing beyond the white lab coats.

Doctor Hanson came sprinting in, his hair slightly messed up, as thought he fell asleep on a couch still in his coat. All of the doctors shouted out medical terms and reasoning that basically stated that Kristine’s heart was beating uncontrollably rapid due to her dream. One Doctor Injected something into her I.V. that would sedate her, Doctor Hanson Began to try and wake Kristine.

~A Sudden impact tore open a part of the roof of the plane, as they continued to rapidly fall. The suction and powerful winds pulled at everyone, and due to the violent shaking, screws, nuts, and bolts became loose. Causing chairs to become free. As the plane still was spinning, passengers landed on the ceiling, then flew out of the plane, reaching their arms out to grab anything as the fear and reality of their lives became clearly known to them.

Kristine Cried for the loss of their lives, her tears flew up and away from her eyes instead of the usual streaming down her face. The screams of the fellow Passengers rang in her ears. Along with their Feeble cries, a calm voice echoed.

"Kristine, wake up - you need to wake up for me."

Looking out her window that she was seated next to, The Green grass of summer was closer now than ever, meaning impact would be soon.~

Doctor Hanson looked down at her face, a stern and determined look on his own. "Kristine, wake up" Now his voice was more desperate than calm. Kristine’s heart monitor went up another octave in pitch, and beated faster and faster. Kristine’s gasps for air now became hyperventilation. Leaning closer to the frail tiny form, Doctor Hanson deepened his voice into a disciplinary, stern tone.

"Kristine, you need to wake up - now."

~More people flew past her and away from the plane, she was becoming dizzy more and more with the "g forces" Just as she looked out her window, The Air plane hit, the impact threw Kristine forward, screaming.~

As Kristine Screamed she threw herself forward in her tiny bed, Opening her tear filled eyes. He entire body was still aching, as she came to grips that she was in the Hospital. She Gasped for breath, feeling as though she was about to die with how fast her heart was beating. A soothing voice flowed down to her.

"Shhh , Shhh, it’s ok, it’s ok. Your alright. It was just a dream. Nothing more, your alright. Shhh - it‘s ok, your safe here."

The voice was familiar, The way it was hushing her and calming her down. She looked up to greet it, finding it to belong to none other than the man who rescued her from the cold, Colin. Colin Smiled down at her in a sympathetic manner, but his eyes searched her for any damage. Colin Leaned in closer to Kristine, concerned. He took his right index finger and lightly placed it upon her shoulder. "Things are going to be just fine."

Doctor Hanson watched her intently in silence from the moment she had flung herself forward. Observing her every move. He listened to her Heart monitor eventually slow down, noticing the verbal consoling clearly helped. Righting down on his clipboard, he dismissed many of the doctors with instructions. Colin didn’t take his leave until the rest had gone, and he was certain that she had calmed down enough. Doctor Hanson walked him towards the door, and hushly stated that He wanted Colin to be available 24/7 for a period of time. Giving him the title of being his assistant to Kristine, and That if anything was to happen with Kristine, he was to be by her side as soon as he could. Colin agreed to the orders, and left to go back to his living quarters.

Kristine Flopped back into her bed, exhausted. Wanting to sleep now more than ever, but fearful to. Not knowing what else her dreams had in store for her.

"Part of why you are so tired is due to the sedative we gave you. You will go back to sleep no matter how hard you fight it. But rarely do dreams come with sedatives. Don’t fear about that now."

Kristine nodded her head understanding what the Doctor said, as her eyes became heavier, and heavier. Until she gave in and let her body go into complete rest.

Chapter 3

Next morning, Kristine woke up with a dreary headache. Tiredly she tried to prop herself up in her bed, but only to weakly flop back into the softness. Grinding her teeth, Kristine lets her frustration visibly show through her, however no one was available to observe.

Slowly turning her head about, Kristine finds herself within one of those common hospital curtains for privacy. She couldn’t see the clock above the door way to see the time, nor could she look out the window. Letting go of a large withheld sigh, Kristine begins to drum her fingers on the mattress…only to find out that she can not due to the muscles’ weakness and joints’ stiffness.

Finally a shadow casts itself upon the curtain, and a pair of gentle calm eyes peek around and look down to Kristine. Immediately she recognized the eyes to be none other that Doctor Hanson. But she didn’t care if it was the "Grim Reaper" At last she was no longer alone.

"I see your awake, right on time too. It confirms to us the proper dosage for your body’s size."

Doc. Hanson pulls the curtains away, giving her the view of the entire room, except the men’s living area/table. The sun was bleakly hidden behind the fall gray clouds, giving a cold hue to the world. As Doctor Hanson continued with his work, writing down information on his clipboard, Kristine tried her hardest to do what Timothy had suggested to her.

"Look beyond their physical size, look into them, look at their hearts, their personalities. Try Kristine, just Try!"

"Looks like things went better for you after your sedative, tell me, do you have any of these symptoms? Head ache? Dry mouth? Nausea? Abdominal discomfort? Drowsiness? Dizziness?"

"I am slightly dizzy? And my mouth is pretty dry." Kristine managed to croak out.

Nodding his head, Doc. Hanson saw to it that someone would be in soon with something to drink and promptly left for his other duties.

So after, Blaire who was the first female Kristine had seen since her waking up came in with tiny glasses of Orange Juice and Water.

"Doc Hanson wants you to drink the OJ for your Vitamin C, but being orange juice, you will probably be even thirstier afterwards."

"Thank you Blaire." Kristine managed to get out as she took the glasses and proceeded to sip on the fluids.

"You know my name?"

Nodding her head, Kristine reminded Blaire that they had met once before, however not properly.

"You remember that?"

"Sure I do, I have you to thank for getting Timothy."

"Well, if you saw your face, how pale and terrified you were, you would have done the same. Each and every one of our hearts were breaking seeing you on the brink of tears. Colin told me after Doc Hanson and Timothy left with you how you truly do remind him of his little sister. Since he left for Medical school, and then got accepted here, he has missed her more and more. Many times at lunch he has told me how you reminded him of her. All the reports about you, and the interviews from your friends and family, plus the video, audio, and picture documentaries. You seem like a very sweet kind hearted girl. Colin took a shine to you, rather protective in a brotherly way. It was sweet to catch him making middle of the night walks to the "comma" room to check up on you."

"He did that?"

"Absolutely, I think he was grateful that he was the one to find you over anyone else, even me! He has been dieing to have a higher ranking in your division, instead of a simple "help" and now that he is an Assistant, he feels he has more freedom to keep an eye on you."

"That’s why he was so protective over me?"

"Yeah, you scared him once he realized you fell out the window, it was only from the first floor, however considering your size, that enough to kill you easily. After you passed out and were placed in your new room, he couldn’t stop pacing, he wanted to constantly check in on you, however there where strict orders that Doc Hanson wanted to be alone with you. Doc Hanson didn’t even really want Timothy there, but after Colin and I convinced him that once you did wake up again, you would want some support."

Kristine nodded her head eagerly. "Thank you, I was grateful for his presence."

"Well, before I let my tongue run away with me, how is your pain medication? Is it wearing off?"

"That might be it, I was wondering why I was growing stiffer and aching more and more."

"Sounds like it, let me get ya another does. I’ll be right back."

Blaire left quickly to retrieve the medicine. Leaving Kristine in the mid morning of day 2, her life amongst the colossal beings. As she was finishing her thoughts, Something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. Glancing over, Kristine saw a group of gentlemen, making their way across the rim attached to the wall to her table.

Six men walked over to her bed, another in a wheelchair all with comforting smiles and generous eyes. Kristine tried her best to be someone worth visiting, by trying to sit up and appear attentive. However she still could not seem to get enough strength to do a simple task.

"Now, now…Don’t try and do things you can’t do yet. We all were in your shoes at one point., please don’t feel any pressure on our account. You just relax, if you need anything you just tell one of us, we will take care of it." One of the unknown men assured her, placing a hand on her shoulder in comfort."

Nodding her head, Kristine looked toward Timothy for the introductions, wanting to no longer be clueless about everything. Could she at least know one thing? Even if it’s just the names to these men…that would be at least something.

Timothy caught her glance and fallowed through with her hopes.

"Kristine, let me introduce you to these men in the order they woke up.

First there is Neal" ( short blond 28 with broad shoulders and a large square smile that you couldn’t but smile back to.) "Hey there" Neal nodded in his slight Texan accent.

"Here is Trent"( An auburn average tall man about 47 years with a rectangle face and green eyes that sparked with cleverness.)

"Next we have Isaiah, the one who just now gave you that piece of wisdom.( Graying brunette with a nicely trimmed goatee. Around 54 years old, and had a fathering glow about him)

"I was Number four as you know" Timothy smiled then moved on to the next.

"We got the youngster who we can’t play jokes on anymore because your up now, Patrick (another blonde with a thick head of hair, about medium length, not quiet hitting his jawbone 24 years old Tall and long built.)

"Then we have Grant ( Black haired only a couple of grays and dark-skinned a young man at 52 with a classy charm few posses, a true gentle man)

"And Lastly he woke up about 2 and a half weeks ago we have Clark ( Dashingly handsome with raven black hair and a honest smile. 32 years of age and the memories to prove it)"

"Now you’re here to join us" Said Grant in a calm, comforting manner "Timothy has told us your fear of the Doctors here. Don’t be, all of us have and found it to be useless. It will take time to adjust, but don’t let your emotions hold you back from progress."

"Easy for you to say, As we all should know - we girls tend to be a bit more emotional than men can be." Kristine responded with a smile and a chuckle.

"That may be true, but take comfort in not being alone" Timothy piped up "If you need anything, we are right here for you."

"You mean your way over there." Kristine giggled nodding towards the men’s living area/table " Just a scream and shout away?"

The men smiled at her slight humor, knowing she would soon be fine. As Blaire quickly stepped back in with a syringe in hand filled with what must be the pain medication. Blaire’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the men visiting Kristine, knowing she would be taken good care of by these fine gentlemen. Injecting the medication into the IV vein Blaire stepped out once more to be rid of the empty needle and returned to check up on things.