2007 Liquid Plastic, by Timothy

Due to the rapidly changing magnetic-electrical field surrounding earth, prematurely accelerated by human communication devices, and environmental causes---mankind set into motion its own death. Cultures were too busy hitting its brothers over the head with every new weapon it could conceive. Short sighted, greed and power lust of leaders diminished the dangers that was rapidly looming. Instead, the cries and suffering of the Earth as with the people wailed to deaf ears.

Earth in 2007 exploded. Many people’s life forces were transformed into high radioactive frequencies that shot into the endless void of outer space.

Micca and his best friend Kuna placed the receiving dish into position. Micca holding the container in solemn hands, poured the liquid into the molecular re-copular. Micca scratched his head. “I’m ready. Are you?”

Kuna replied, “Yeah, seems the humane thing to do.”

Traveling beyond the speed of light, two human minds communicated. “I can’t see. Yet, around me is the pulsating of light.”

“I see it too.”

“What happened to us?”

“I remember standing with my family as the sky turned yellow. And that intense pain as my body began to fry. Then---this.”

“My name is Carol.”

“Hi Carol, I was called Burt.”

“Burt will our voyage ever end?”

“I don’t know.”

Micca turned on his apparatus. Both students crossed their fingers.


“Yes Carol.”

“I feel strange.”

“How?” Silence. “Carol are you there? CAROL!?”

Both Students looked at their device. “Its starting to register!” exclaimed Micca.

“Settle down, I can see it too,” replied Kuna The re-copular began to activate.

“Kuna, the moment has arrived.” Micca opened the side panel to the apparatus. Standing amidst a steamy vapor was a three inch figure. It was pale blue. “Can you hear me? And please don’t be afraid.”

“Yes, I can hear you,” replied the muted voice coming from the plastic figure.

Kuna asked, “What are you called?”


“Hello Carol. Can you walk?”

The tiny plastic figure began to rock back and forth. It stopped. “Try again Carol.” The figure began to shake slightly. It slowly made more pronounced movements. Tiny legs started move one after the other. “There’s a lot we need to explain to you.”

The great round building of learning stood in the center of the highly active city. In one of the thousands of classrooms, young twenty year old Micca introduced the human Carol to his class. “This is Carol. She was one of many humans that had transformed into particulars of high frequency light. It was of course an adjustment for her to adapt to her plastic body and this civilization. She has modified herself to this. There was the expected trauma of re-integration. I am happy to say she has adjusted.” The entire class applauded.

It soon became very popular to try and capture the human frequencies that drifted through their section of the galaxy. Children began collecting humans. There were laws set up for humane treatment of humans. Young adults under the age of eighteen needed a license. Children were supervised.

It was a new start for humanity that had brought its own destruction upon itself through inhumanity and cruelty.