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Available from Universal Pictures. Below presented for commentary.

A scene from the Incredible Shrinking Man. Scott is one half his previous weight and one eighth his
former weight (more like 22 pounds, not 52 as it says in film). He's a media sensation now, despite his
desire not to be. A puny man who used to be average sized, and getting even smaller. (Note here
that actor Grant Williams has rings around his eyes, as if his character has been having trouble sleeping).
In the book when he's that size he's chased by teen boys who realize he's "that shrinking guy" and
humiliate him. Here, he tells his wife Louise he's become "one more joke for the world to laugh at".
One can imagine how big a story he'd be in today's media world. But he had to become "famous" to help
pay the bills.

He takes out his frustration on Louise; he apologizes and suggests they get out to somewhere else,
where they won't be pestered. Yes, any day they may find the cure to his shrinking, but can he
grow again? (Note also that his voice doesn't rise in pitch, as one would think it would in someone getting smaller.)
He's losing control of his life, despite Louise's sympathy and support. More than just the notion of being
too short to reach things, made fun of, and so on, is the idea that he could shrink so small that even a cat
or insects would threaten him. Scott is used to being 6 feet tall. He doesn't want to be the size of a young
child. To him, height means power and control. Even if he does manage to publish that book (would he live
long enough?), even if it means having financial support, he's living in a world growing ever bigger.

Some time later, he's not three feet tall, he's three inches tall...chased out of his dollhouse home by
the cat; clawed by him (in a scene later spoofed in an I Dream of Jeannie episode). He runs across the
floor to escape...a man no bigger than a finger, fearful the cat's piercing teeth could tear him apart... More commentary later, and reactions?

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