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"...this is exactly what a walking, talking man deals with when
he is the size of an average bunny pellet. The near-fatal attack of Butch the Cat
affirms the worst fears of what our pets really would do to us if we were not able to pick them up."
A cinematic horror

New: A World Unseen-- A short story from 1936 that actually predates Fantastic Voyage.
A scientist and his helper shrink to microscopic size and wind up
in the body of the scientist's wife to save her life.

NEW-- Getting tiny in movies with visual effects

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New-- Boys Who Vanished, teens become insect sized

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New-- 58 examples of the Fantastic Voyage plot in cartoons

New-- Remembering Land of the Giants

New-- Peter's Pocket Grandpa--UK comic
The inspiration for Grandpa In My Pocket--being uploaded gradually

Older clean fiction

New--Prof. Popper's Problems (thanks to Fredster)
Pt 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- and 6

More UK comics coming soon, thanks to Fredster
\ New-- Star Trek: To Swiftly Go


The Boy From Lilliput an old UK comic
about 6 inch tall Lilliputian adventures in England. Very special thanks to Fredster of Coiled Fist.p>

The fascination of giant-and-tiny, micro and macro in TV, movies, fiction, cartoons/art, advertising, real life; for all ages.
World of Giants The Complete Series, is now available. Here's a clip

many pictures and videos

Gulliver lands on Brobdignag

NEW! Shrink and explore the human body in Die Insider Mikro Podroz

Pt 1..... Pt 2..... Pt 3.....

Pt 4..... Pt 5..... Pt 6

Note: part 6 is recommended for adults or teens with guidance

Shrink to less than an inch tall with Nigel Marven and 2 others in Micro Safari

Test Of Time: Fantastic Voyage podcast

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Giant or Tiny Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)

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