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New--a great scifist article on the film The Incredible Shrinking Man


New-- Inc Shrinking Man sci fi classic horror review

From six foot two inches tall, to two inches tall--then even smaller.
Menaced by a gargantuan cat. Fighting a horridly huge spider.
"...this is exactly what a walking, talking man deals with when
he is the size of an average bunny pellet. The near-fatal attack of Butch the Cat
affirms the worst fears of what our pets really would do to us if we were not able to pick them up."
A cinematic horror

NEW-- Getting tiny in movies with visual effects

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New-- Boys Who Vanished, teens become insect sized

Or .pdf

New-- Remembering Land of the Giants

New-- Peter's Pocket Grandpa--UK comic
The inspiration for Grandpa In My Pocket--being uploaded gradually

Older clean fiction

New--Prof. Popper's Problems (thanks to Fredster)
Pt 1----- 2----- 3----- 4----- 5----- and 6

More UK comics coming soon, thanks to Fredster
\ New-- Star Trek: To Swiftly Go


The Boy From Lilliput an old UK comic
about 6 inch tall Lilliputian adventures in England. Very special thanks to Fredster of Coiled Fist.p>

The fascination of giant-and-tiny, micro and macro in TV, movies, fiction, cartoons/art, advertising, real life; for all ages.
World of Giants The Complete Series, is now available. Here's a clip

VERY TINY: An inch tall or less

NEW! Shrink and explore the human body in Die Insider Mikro Podroz

Pt 1..... Pt 2..... Pt 3.....

Pt 4..... Pt 5..... Pt 6

Note: part 6 is recommended for adults or teens with guidance

New: A World Unseen-- A short story from 1936 that actually predates Fantastic Voyage.
A scientist and his helper shrink to microscopic size and wind up
in the body of the scientist's wife to save her life.

New-- 58 examples of the Fantastic Voyage plot in cartoons

Shrink to less than an inch tall with Nigel Marven and 2 others in Micro Safari

Test Of Time: Fantastic Voyage podcast

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New-- Incredible Shrinking Man Telegram Group

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Review/info about the Criterion collection blu ray of Incredible Shrinking Man

Incredible Shrinking Stiltons-- full episode

older short stories

Giant or Tiny Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)

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